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By @daviddoubilet the movie, released 41 years ago June 20. The writer, my late friend and colleague Peter Benchley reached deep into peoples psyche and connected with their primal fear of . Peter spent the last half of his life as a shark advocate and conservationist who worked tirelessly to dispel the myths and hysteria surrounding them. 25 years after Jaws broke box office records we joined forces with @natgeo to explore around the world to educate, celebrate and better understand the world of sharks. Now as underwater photographers and journalists promoting shark conservation we really have to think about what an image portrays about a subject. This particular image of a in is a non bait driven image behavior at the surface that may attract attention but it does NOT dispel fear. We must be careful and make editorial decisions that balance education, awareness and conservation. Our journalistic choices will impact public perception. Media should be truthful without dramatization. This is critical now more than ever because some Shark species have been reduced nearly 90% for a bland tasteless soup that signifies status and wealth. Sharks have become mere ghosts in the sea in many corners of the world. They need our protection to remain swimming in our oceans and not be demonized by fear and loathing generated by sensationalism Via: @doseofsharks #shark #sharkbait #sharkie #sharkbay #prilaga #sharkeez #sharkattack #sharkfacegang #sharkbite #sharkcity #sharkdiving #sharklife #sharkteeth #sharktooth #sharky #sharkfishing #sharktank #sharkfin #sharkhelmet #sharkies #sharks #sharkweek #sharktattoo #sharksquad #sharksterritory #sharknado

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