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#100DaysOfRunning #3/100 ARE YOU STRETCHING, POST RUN? Did a 6k today - 3k run and the rest brisk walk. What’s your fitness routine today?

6 miles today for day 33 of #100DaysOfRunning ... This is farthest Ive run in over a month! Its weird to think you can run at least a mile every day and still be in a funk with fitness... But I truly just havent really been enjoying running over the past month-ish. Because Ive set my mind on this 100 day streak, Im following through, and Im glad I set a tangible goal because Im quite certain I wouldnt be doing any exercise at the moment otherwise, but I still really havent been enjoying the running. Its mostly due to the fact that I just havent been making great eating choices, and although Ive been totally avoiding the scale, I know Ive gained some weight. I feel heavy, lethargic, and it makes the running that much harder. I guess Im hoping that putting it out there will either help me to get over it or encourage someone who might be dealing with something similar. Anyway... Today was a good day. I was able to do the 6 miles and feel good. And I mostly enjoyed it! And I wasnt counting down every hundredth of a mile until I would be finished 🙈 Heres to hoping the new year will be that extra little push I need to keep going!

#day92 бегу 💪🏽 #100daysofrunning #8togo 🔥🔥🔥

#100DaysOfRunning #2/100 Monday mornings are bit of a struggle. It may all be just in your mind but it’s pretty much that guy who governs your life - doesn’t he? Managed to do a quick 4K post a short session of upper body workout though, this morning If you have started your runs, please stay hydrated, folks! 200 ml per km is recommended. I saw this baby (boy, no less) during my run, in his temple attire and seems to have done a bit of vegetable shopping too, post temple visit. I loved the vibrant colours on him and his dedication. Have a lovely week ahead and don’t forget to sweat it out!

Day 33 of #100DaysOfRunning ! 67 days to go.

These shoes came with 2 different colored laces... Decided to switch out the darker ones for the bright pink to switch it up a little bit. 4 miles tonight for day 32 of #100DaysOfRunning ! 68 days to go.

My #100DaysOfRunning Challenge has finally come to an end, but my fitness journey will still go on lol I thank God everyday for giving me strength to attempt & finish this challenge. Shout out to my friends, family & social media followers for tuning in; supporting me & cheering me on throughout my journey! It was definitely challenging but I’m proud to have accomplished & to have made it this far! #100DaysOfToning Challenge I am ready for you! Lol #100DaysOfRunning 💪🏽💯 #StayLitGetFit2018

#100DaysOfRunning #100ConsectiveDaysOfRunning #1/100 another thing that I am passionate about is fitness (apart from travel and cafes and sarees and books)! I am challenging myself to run everyday for 100 days; 2-4 km is all I am targeting per day. I am excited - today was #1/100. It will be a great way to ring in 2019. Do you want to join me? :)

The start of offseason run focus. 1/100 #100daysofrunning #rescueproject #rcc #foreverfaster #running

Who got their long run in today? 🙋🏼‍♂️ 🏃‍♂️ #100daysofrunning #othsxc

#day91 начинаю обратный отсчёт. #100daysofrunning #9togo 💪🏽🏃🏻‍♀️👟🔥

#day84, #day85, #day86, #day87, #day88, #day89, #day90 обнаружилось, что бегать каждый день все таки можно. Особенно когда на горизонте уже всерьёз и отчетливо виден Новый год, а с ним и все неисполненные обещания. В этом году помимо многих других «новогодних резолюций» я пообещала себе закончить сто-дневный беговой челлендж. Год промчался так быстро, что в декабре я обнаружила, что вроде и можно бы, но на это нужно упорство. Ну а как известно, упорства у меня много. В общем, начинаем конечный отсчёт. Две недели до нового года, даёшь оконченный челлендж? #100daysofrunning #10togo

3.5 miles tonight for day 31 of #100DaysOfRunning ! Just a few days away from surpassing my last attempt. Now Im settling in for a very relaxing night at home with my husband after 2 weeks of being out of the house almost every evening. Ahhhhhhhh 🙌🙌🙌

Change 9: Daily Giving - I added 100 days of giving and joy to my 100 days of running challenge. Its this experience that affirmed by decision to quit law completely. . Instead of keeping it limited to personal goals wanted to do something beyond just me. So inspired by @bijaynair to make this bigger than ourselves I got the idea of giving. . So earlier this year I posted about each day of the 100 days challenge, the giving as well as the run. If you havent followed it earlier you can still check out the posts and the link in the bio. . The experience cannot be expressed in words, everyday was a new learning. It made me grateful for everything I have and ignited the spark to keep doing more. To serve more, spread more smiles, give more time and contribute to making this world a happier place. . A lot of people expressed how the posts motivated them, inspired or simply made them smile and that helped me to keep going. That was the intention behind the posts, to show that it doesnt really take much to do something good, to be kind and also that there are so many ways to do it. I did 100 different gives on each of the days so really you can find a way to do your bit. . I also came across the wonderful Jaqueline @365give.ca whose doing amazing work with her 365 days of giving initiative that she started with her son. Shes been truly inspiring and am glad we found each other! . After this experience I knew I couldnt spend my life in a corporate and decided to quit as soon as my contract expired in 6 months. Life has a bigger purpose than making money. So decided to follow my heart. More about it in the next post. . Everyone should do what they can for whatever cause they wish to support. Giving doesnt necessarily have to involve a lot of money or time, it can also be a simple smile or a few encouraging words. So be kind and do your bit. #100daysofgiving #100daysofjoy . . . . . . . . . #100daysofrunning #100DaysChallenge #giving #joy #joyofgiving #smile #bekind #veganathlete #kind #spreadjoy #spreadhappiness #AbsoluteJoy #experience #inspire #goals #life #lifepurpose #learning #friday #flashbackfriday #flashback #children #memories #dogood #runner #runnergirl

3.2 miles tonight for day 30 of #100DaysOfRunning ...70 days to go!

Change 8: Running for 100 days - I took up the 100 days of running challenge this year. The rule was to run a minimum of 2km everyday for 100 continuous days. I set personal target of 500km for the 100 days. I ran here, there, everywhere from roads to beaches, national parks to national highways, parking lots to airports, building compound to parks. I learnt 3 main things from this experience . 1.Its all in the mind! This challenge was not about running or physical fitness at all. Its all about training your mind to not give in to excuses. To get out and lace up instead of staying in and sleeping. I anyway run on the days that I feel like running, no big deal there. The challenge is to run on the days when you dont want to. You learn how good the mind is at tricking you to be lazy. Once you realise that the power of your mind and its tremendous potential you can achieve anything! Training your mind is essential to succeed at anything in life. . 2.Planning is useless without proper execution. When I decided to do 500kms I had planned the mileage across 100 days I didnt stick to it. I ended up with having to run about 100km in the last one week. Did I do it? Definitely! Was it easy? Not at all. Was it smart to push that much? Stupid for the body but excellent for the mind! Now by mind knows the consequences of slacking at execution and is getting better at sticking to plans. . 3.We are never too busy for the things we want to do. Its all about priorities. If we say Im too busy or I dont have time its almost always a lie. When we really want to do something we make time and when we dont want to do something we make excuses. Next time you find yourself saying Im busy ask yourself if its really true. . I highly recommend taking up a challenge like this, not necessarily running but simply any activity that you enjoy. #challengeyourself #VeganAthlete . . . . . #100daysofrunning #100DaysChallenge #runningneverstops #runner #adidasrunners #running #runnergirl #noexcuses #Finisher #adidas #adidaswomen #run #marathongirl #marathoner #happy #happyrunner #AbsoluteJoy #runnersofindia #mumbairunner #loverunning #mind

3 miles today for day 29 of #100DaysOfRunning ... 81 days to go!

100 days of running!! 🙌🙌 I cant believe I did it!! But I am so excited to have come this far and hope to continue the streak as long as possible. 😊😊. . A few things Ive learned during my 100 days of running: 1) Slow and easy wins the race. Okay, no, I wont get a medal or 1st in every (or any LOL) race I run-- but when I take my easy runs EASY, I can push further and harder when I am racing or doing a speed workout. Take 👏 it 👏 slow 👏. . 2) A mile wont always be just a mile-- some days are tough and I dont feel like running. But when I go out and do it anyway? Thats where my strength is. . 3) Breathing is SO important!! Like DUH but really. I started doing 3-2 breathing (in 3 steps out 2 steps) to help me slow down and prevent injury. And guess what? NO INJURIES!! And my slow runs are somehow creeping up in speed! 😜😜 I started out doing easy miles at 10+ min paces, and today my easy pace was 9:20!! Breathing correctly has helped me tremendously. Also, 2-1 breathing for races and speed workouts-- I want to stay in control always. . 4) Find friends to run with! With my busy schedule, the majority of my runs have been on my own, but when I do get to run with my running group? My heart is full, I have more energy, and I perform better. I raced my 5k PR (since 2011) with a friend in November, and I know it wouldve been impossible without her!! 👯👯 Find a group, your running tribe, and you will continue to excel. . 5) Morning workouts arent so bad. I cant believe Im saying that 🤣🤣 but its (mostly) true!! Now that its colder its been more tough but the early morning aspect of running is no longer something I dread. . 6) I have so much to be thankful for. A running community on Instagram, a group to run with (when I can) in Bristol, a safe neighborhood to run in, and much more. ♥️♥️. . 100 days of running? Check. Lets see how many more days I can go. ✌️✌️ #run #running #runner #runnergirl #instarunner #runningstreak #runningtips #100daysofrunning #inspiringwomenrunners

Today’s 5 mile run was sponsored by creepy scenery and murder podcasts. Specifically @happyfacepod

Run 42 DONE ✅ Indoor run 3k... felt good! Another big one on Friday! It’s hard to track the real timings on a treadmill but to be honest, I’ll just be happy to get round the 13 mile course in March! #100daysofrunning #vitalitybighalf #58left #empoweredpt #thisgirlcan

Yesterday and today were days 27 and 28 of #100DaysOfRunning ... Both 1 mile runs! 72 days to go! I can and I will!!!

Today, it was my first day spent without running and I feel weird. I feel like I totally missed something very important in my life today. In the evening, I was close to making myself accept to wear my shoes and go out when I pricked my calf muscles and succumbed to accepting that they need rest. This challenge was indeed very interesting and pushed me to my limits. Some of my runs were really tough. I ran in fever. I ran after I vomited. I ran in stomach ache. I ran with a blocked nose. I RAN IN DELHI. The sad news is, after completing this challenge, I believe I was more fit and better as an athlete before I began this on 1st September. The challenge gives you hardly any time to rest. I had to run one day before and after my ultra run, a day before and after my duathlon, my body literally screamed for rest every day but I had to go on. I am happy that I completed it but I think that I will highly discourage anyone to take a challenge like this up. Your body needs rest. Listen to it! Also, your body needs a plate of Gol Gappe every day. So, thank yourselves if you get to live in Delhi every day. Not everyone gets to enjoy this little piece of wonder. #running #runningmotivation #runningwomencommunity #irunlikeagirl #fitness #100daysofrunningchallenge #100daysofrunning #delhilife #delhifood #golgappe #golgappeislove #golgappeisbae #liveforgolgappe

Finished day 26 of #100DaysOfRunning 💪

Went with a hoddie on!! However it was cooler than yesterday with Occasional drizzle and temperature of 4°c hoddie certainly helped but cold ❄🍃😨was still bringing the worst out of me 😞 however I was stronger than yesterday (my only consolation) #runforlife #runfit #runhappy #100daysofrunning #sketchersrunning #houstonrunning #mumbairoadrunners #mumbairunners #bombayrunning #rcprunners #stravarunning #adidasrunning #nikerunning #kalengi #kalengikiprun

Another day where I stupidly waited until the evening to run. Although today was a weirdly structured day.. Im not sure when else I would have done it. Either way... Its done now! Day 25! Quarter of the way finished with #100DaysOfRunning !! This time I WILL see it through.

Hi. It’s cold as balls. #100daysofrunning is about to go indoors.

Yesterday and today... 3 miles and 3.2 miles... Days 23 and 24 of #100DaysOfRunning ! 🙌🙌 #runstreak 76 days to go!

Day 100: just a mile, up and down and round in circles! Clever that!!! #runstreak #100 #100daysofrunning #feelingclever

Another 3k 🏃🏼‍♀️today with this beaut 🙌🏼😍 Day 36 DONE ✅ #100daysofrunning #64left

Yesterday was 2.8 miles and day 21 of #100DaysOfRunning , today was 1 mile and day 22! 78 days to go!

DAY 25 ⏱️🏃🏻‍♀️ #100daysofrunning #fitterin2018 #fitnessmotivation #ketogenicweightloss

Forgot to post my run from yesterday because I was busy living precious moments like this... Thankfully I did run my rest day mile before I left the house, because I was with the family the whole day and didnt get home until late when running would have felt atrocious. Isnt this the cutest thing though?!? Yesterday was day 20 of #100DaysOfRunning ... 80 days to go!

Day 33 DONE! An easy 4k for us both! We’re running a lot easier even tho it’s dark and cold. Breathing is regulating easier and we’re not dreading it as much! Maybe today was just a good day?? Friday we’re aiming for a 6k run 😍 Well done @lucycrowther06! Those new trainers seem to be doing the absolute trick! #100daysofrunning #vitalitybighalf #day33 #67left

Day 70/100 🏃🏻‍♀️ #100daysofrunning #runeveryday

Today is day 33 of the 100 days of running challenge. If only it was like the 24 days leading up to Christmas where you got to open a door everyday and a little treat greeted you! It’s been hard going and I’m still only up to 5k max distance because at the minute that’s all I can fit in! I reckon I’ll keep it under the 8 mark until the new year then we’ll start getting some more distance running in. Run 33 will be tonight with @lucycrowther06 and I think we’ll go for a decent little 4k’er #empoweredpt #100daysofrunning #vitalitybighalf

Day 19 of #100DaysOfRunning ... 81 days to go! 3.5 miles tonight.

Sunday Fun!!! Back to the running ways after a month long break post ADHM2018!! Beautiful and safe route suggested by #homewoodsuitesbyhilton in nearby areas of the hotel.. Early morning low temperature took the experience to a different level!! #100daysofrunning #adidasrunning #mumbairoadrunners #bombayrunning #jaketrunningadidas #runfit #runcool #runforlife #stravarunning #garmin #beatyesterday

I never advocate being lean or skinny is fit but I always promote women to take out time for themselves.Any woman can be fit & in shape at 30. It takes commitment to take 30-45 mins from the busy schedule every DAMN day. I may not guarantee how much time it will take until running feels natural to you but I swear that you would lose all the baggage you carry (in body or mind or soul) ♥ LHS is after completing 2nd #100daysofrunning challenge in Aug 2018 and RHS is todays picture. Every run is an accomplishment. I thank Waheguruji for granting me an opportunity to run and squat everyday. #fitwomen4fitfamilies #live2inspire #hargharmeinpinkathon #pinkathondaychandigarh #goactive #ShareYourSweat #SweatMore #2018goals #Waheguruji #Ardaas #Life #Truth #Introspection #Gratitude #Selfmotivation #Runtastic #Noexcuses #IamFit #HumFitTohIndiaFit #IamFitMag #SukhsTransformationChallenge #Fitwomen4FitFamilies #jsohactive #Fitnessmotivation #Fitnesscontest

Day 18 of #100DaysOfRunning ... 3.2 miles tonight! 82 days to go!

NATIONAL BRENDA MONTH 2018 has officially come to an end 💕🤣 thank you all for celebrating ya girl 🤣 God is good 🙌🏽 #QueenB #NationalBrendaDay2018 #NationalBrendaMonth2018 #100DaysOfRunning #StayLitGetFit 💪🏽💯 #NovemberSelfies

If you set your mind to it, you can do it. Neither of us ran in high school or college, but we accomplished a great running feat today, and you can too. I might have not hit the coveted sub 4 hour goal people aim for, but I ran the best race I could run today. I’ll take my 4:07:10. Today was more than just running, it was running for St Jude. Our team raised over $2500 and that is pretty awesome #100daysofrunning #day70 #26point2forstjude #StJudeMarathon #weranforKorie

Hallo meine Liebe #instarunners und #läufer 🤗. Heute bin ich das erstemal 32 km gelaufen 🏃🏻‍♀️, oh man bin ich Feddisch 😂 aber auch sowas von stolz. Meine Beine fühlen sich an, als ob da Blei drin ist und jetzt noch mal 10 km mehr, ich heul gleich 😭😭😭😂😂 aber was mut dad mut und ich habe ja noch genug Zeit zum trainieren. Ist aber eine verdammt super Leistung 42 km zu laufen und ich ziehe echt mein Hut 🎩und dann gibt es ja noch die ganz verrückten 😉 den das nicht reicht aber da bin ich sowas von raus 😂😂😂. Ich habe heute noch zu meinem Schatz @uwe.alex.60 gesagt, der mich wieder begleitet hat 🚴‍♂️, warum tun wir Menschen uns sowas an, morgens ganz früh aufzustehen, los zu laufen und sich hinterher nicht mehr bewegen zu können 🙈, weil wenn man fertig ist, es einfach nur ein super klasse Gefühl ist, es geschafft zu haben. In diesem Sinne wünsche ich euch noch ein schönes Wochenende 😍, macht es gut 😘. #runnerscommunity #runforlife #runningday #runningblogger #runninggirl #runhappy #runningofinstagram #ruhrpottkind #runrunrun #runningofinsta #runningmotivation #runnersheal #laufenimpott #laufblogger #laufenmitasics #ohnelaufenohnemich #runrunrun #garmingirl #asicsrunning #longrun #teamearlybird #gogirlrun #teammiiego #100daysofrunning #werunthis #in30tagenumdiewelt #laufenistmeinleben #marathon

My entertainment for tonights run was watching Michael and one of our friends playing the old school Lion King video game 😂 Today was 3 miles for day 17 of #100DaysOfRunning ... 83 days to go!

Miles change you. . . If youre a runner, you know what I mean. . . If youre not, have you thought about starting?? . . I know not everyone likes it... but I love it. . . Running can be different for me on different days. . . Sometimes its an active meditation. Its a chance for my mind to have a break from the rest of the world. A chance to focus only on my breath and my body. . . Sometimes its a chance for me to untangle the thoughts of the day. To go through everything and analyse (cause I do a lot of this). . . Sometimes its an amazing chance to chat with a friend, while also taking care of our bodies!! . . Sometimes I just go out there to clear my head, enjoy the sun, get a tan, breathe fresh air, spot some wild life, FEEL the elements, absorb nature. . . And not once have I been upset about putting on my shoes and getting out there... . . You will never regret taking care of your body and mind. . . Every day I run, I come home stronger. . . When youre alone out there... you know you only have you. . . Once you get out there, its up to you to get yourself home. . . Even when I feel weak... the fact that Im doing it is a consistent reminder that I am strong. . . Thinking of some challenges for myself for next year.... . . Any ideas? Comment below!! . . Last winter I did #100daysofrunning and this year is #1000kmin2018 ... . . Whats next?!

Thank you @lucycrowther06 for my lovely flowers 💐 , not only to say thank you for my help but also a well done for a whole month of running! Very thoughtful of you... I 💕 them xxx #empoweredhero #100daysofrunning #empoweredpt

Day 16 of #100DaysOfRunning ... 84 days to go! Tonight was 2.8 miles.

Sometimes the smallest steps in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. . << November Challenge Done >> . #dailychallenge #100dayschallenge #day60 . ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #ig_dyanography_2018 #run #dailymotivation #runningman #running #runner #runes #runescape #runrunrun #runningmanchallenge #runningterritory #runnerlife #runningworld #runningclub #runningday #runninginspiration #challenger #challengeyourself #daily #runhard #100days #100daysofrunning #60day #200km

Dabar yra 23:40 ir einu namo jau po 90-tos bėgimo dienos. Keista žinoti, kad liko tik 10 dienų ir padarysiu tai, kuo ir pati abejojau. 🙈🙊 #100daysofrunning #run #runner #runforlife #runfam #nrc #ownthenight

She came! She conquered!!!! Her furthest run ever....5.1k on challenge day 29 DONE! There were no death stares, no moaning, just a constant pace and slightly slower up the hills. 36 mins is a smashing time for someone who has never run 5k before! We’ve redone measurements too and the numbers are coming down! The hard work is paying off... work hard and you’ll achieve what you want! Sit on your arse moaning, you’ll get nowhere! @lucycrowther06, you have amazed me... you absolute BEAUT! #empoweredhero #belikelucy #100daysofrunning #day29 #71left

I don’t know if I was gonna say “just” or “are” 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣 so I ended up saying “JER?” 🤣 #FOB 🤣 today’s DAY 8️⃣6️⃣ of #100DaysOfRunning 💪🏽💯 super excited to finish strong but I will be back with another 100 Days of Something Else Lol #StayLitGetFit2018 💪🏽💯 #AmouliBeachFales #TheBeautifulSunset

2.5 miles tonight for day 15 of #100DaysOfRunning ...85 days to go!

Переглядала фотки в телефоні і натикнулась на оцю. В ній немає нічого особливого..крім того, шо це було після однієї з перших моїх пробіжок.. а я тоді навіть не була впевнена в тому, шо пробігаю всі 100 днів..))) #100днівбігу #happy_moments #memories #memory #momentsofmine #спогади #воспоминания #100днейбега #100daysofrunning #justdoit #ididit #icandothis #язробилаце #ясделалаэто

🏃100 дней бега🏃 Для чего и как я бегаю уже сто дней подряд ⠀ 😺Предыстория Вообще люблю бегать. Это кайф. Но каждый день? Серьезно? Всего этого не было бы, но. Я пообещал себе год бега с 20.08.2018. И веду отчёты в сториз аккаунта @run.v1ktorov ⠀ 🙈Сложно? Да Серьезно. Это сложно. Не знаю, что скажут всякие там фитоняшки или суперспортсмены. Это капец сложно — выносить свое тело на улицу и бежать, когда был очень тяжёлый день. Сложно, когда ты проспал утреннюю пробежку, а домой возвращаешься в 2 ночи. Сложно, когда ты в другом городе без формы и бежишь, в чем есть. Короче, да, это сложно. ⠀ 🐯Стоит того? Да. Для меня стоит. Слушайте. Ну чем меня напугать теперь? Я очень ленивая задница. Могу откладывать дела до бесконечности. Да и с бегом. Иногда сидел до 3х ночи, откладывая пробежку. И, когда понимал ну все, сил нет вообще выходил на улицу и бежал. Я бегал пьяным. Я бегал больным. Любым. Я бегал домой из города в обычной одежде. ⠀ 🐶Кстати. На самом деле 97 дней, а не 100. Два дня я не бегал специально, 1 день был в Минске без формы. И каждый пропущенный я по полной отработал. И бегу дальше. ⠀ Ну что, я пошел на свою 101-ую пробежку 😉 ⠀ #беги_викторов #гродно #беларусь #бег #running #100daysofrunning

🏃100 дней бега🏃 Для чего и как я бегаю уже сто дней подряд ⠀ 😺Предыстория Вообще люблю бегать. Это кайф. Но каждый день? Серьезно? Всего этого не было бы, но. Я пообещал себе год бега с 20.08.2018. И веду отчёты в сториз аккаунта @run.v1ktorov ⠀ 🙈Сложно? Да Серьезно. Это сложно. Не знаю, что скажут всякие там фитоняшки или суперспортсмены. Это капец сложно — выносить свое тело на улицу и бежать, когда был очень тяжёлый день. Сложно, когда ты проспал утреннюю пробежку, а домой возвращаешься в 2 ночи. Сложно, когда ты в другом городе без формы и бежишь, в чем есть. Короче, да, это сложно. ⠀ 🐯Стоит того? Да. Для меня стоит. Слушайте. Ну чем меня напугать теперь? Я очень ленивая задница. Могу откладывать дела до бесконечности. Да и с бегом. Иногда сидел до 3х ночи, откладывая пробежку. И, когда понимал ну все, сил нет вообще выходил на улицу и бежал. Я бегал пьяным. Я бегал больным. Любым. Я бегал домой из города в обычной одежде. ⠀ 🐶Кстати. На самом деле 97 дней, а не 100. Два дня я не бегал специально, 1 день был в Минске без формы. И каждый пропущенный я по полной отработал. И бегу дальше. ⠀ Ну что, я пошел на свою 101-ую пробежку 😉 ⠀ #беги_викторов #гродно #беларусь #бег #running #100daysofrunning

Trying to get more creative with my #runstreak pics.. Because you can only post so many #SweatySelfies before you get annoyed with yourself 😂 This is something new and lovely I get to look at running in the basement now! We normally only put one tree up in the living room upstairs, but we have this second (albeit Charlie Brown-esque) tree and I decided we needed to put it up because we use the basement as our main hang out space! And oh boy does it bring me Christmas cheer 🎄🎅❤ Today was just a simple mile for day 14 of #100DaysOfRunning ... 86 days to go!

I didnt get my mile for the #runstreak done until late this evening because the hubs and I were doing something very important... Decorating gingerbread houses. We currently have a FB poll going to see whos is best. 😂 Today is day 13 of #100DaysOfRunning ... 87 days to go!

Hoy llegamos a los 100/100 con un total de 603.5 km, recorridos entre calles, montañas, plazas, miradores, trotadoras y hasta un stadium; recorridos en días soleados, nublados y lluviosos, en mañanas, tardes y noches; recorridos que iniciaban con distintos estados emocionales y que generalmente terminaban con tranquilidad y satisfacción. El movimiento libera, limpia, calma y cambia. ✨ . . . #100daysofrunning #desafio #challenge #movimiento #moveon #running #run #freedom #calm #justdoit #mujeresquecorren #ifyouwantyoucanmakeit #challengeyourself #grateful #runnerwoman #challengeyourselfeveryday #berunner #behappy

Hallo ihr Lieben #läufer und #instarunners . Erstmal, ich will wieder Sommer 🌞🌞🌞. Nicht gleich 35 Grad🌡aber es ist kalt ❄, nass 💧 und dunkel 🌚. Ich möchte jetzt mal mimimimimi 😂😂😂. Wir laufen 🏃‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️ los und peng dunkel 🙄🙄🙄. Gut das mein Schatz @uwe.alex.60 dabei war, weil da ich Höhenmeter sammeln wollte, muss ich entweder zur #haldehaniel oder zum #tetraeder, wir hier im #ruhrgebiet haben da nicht soviel Auswahl aber da ist es halt stockdunkel aber wir hatten Licht 💡am Kopf 💁🏻‍♀️. Egal wir haben es voll durchgezogen 🤦🏻‍♀️😉😂😂😂😂😂 und da müssen wir jetzt alle durch, nicht zu #laufen ist auch keine Option 🤩. Wünsche euch noch einen schönen Abend und macht es gut 😍 . . #runnerscommunity #runforlife #runningblogger #run #runningofinstagram #runninggirl #runrunrun #runningmotivation #runningofinsta #laufenfürdengutenzweck #laufblogger #laufenimpott #laufenmitasics #laufenmitschatz #garminfenix5 #garminteamrunning #gogirlrun #teammiiego #teamgogirlrun #werunthis #ohnelaufenohnemich #asicsrunning #in30tagenumdiewelt #100daysofrunning #läufer

DÍA 100. Termina con una carrera regular, comenzando a las 6:00 antes de todas las responsabilidades y compromisos en el día. Así era normalmente cada día en el #100daysofrunning . Me ha dado felicidad. Solo puedo decir Gracias a todos los amigos, familiares y desconocidos por todas las charlas, amor y los mensajes de apoyo; cada uno de ustedes ha aportado en cada paso con la decisión de dar el siguiente. No hay fotos de transformación. La verdad es que la Gran transformación no puede ser visualizada porque pasa en la mente. Sorprendámonos nosotros mismos, es una invitación. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuPLxQD4akQ Ps. Hemos recorrido 1039,09 km en 100 días. En promedio una carrera de la CAF cada día.

💯дней Бега ✔️ #100daysofrunning #каждыйденьбег #nike #nikeruning #nrc #run #runner #justdoit @yusupov_oleg

El amor tiene infinidad de manifestaciones, una de ellas es el amor a la naturaleza, son bastante reconfortantes los momentos que podemos pasar en medio de la naturaleza ... salir a los espacios abiertos, donde se respira otro tipo de vida, donde es más fácil pensar con profundidad, sentir que somos uno con la naturaleza, y que ésta nos conecta y nos lleva a estados de conciencia más nobles. Una de las satisfacciones que me ha traído el desafío de los #100DaysOfRunning es disfrutar más de los espacios abiertos y hoy que llegamos al día 99 apreciamos la belleza del Chacaltaya. 🏔😌👌🏻 #Bolivia #LaPaz #Chacaltaya #Montaña #Naturaleza #BellezaNatural #Paisajes #Vistas #Llamas #Caminos #Verde #Represas #Panorama #Running #JustDoIt #99 #RompeAguas #Running #Colors #MujeresQueCorren #Domingo #Sunday

Hallo meine lieben #läufer und #instarunners 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃‍♂️🤗.Heute mal mit meiner Freundin @eymoda11 ein paar Höhenmeter gesammelt. Schön die Halde hochgelaufen 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️⛰ und was haben wir gesehen , nichts 😭. Wir hatten heute den Nebel des Grauens und Matsch aber es hat trotzdem Spaß gemacht. Wünsche euch allen noch einen schönen Sonntag Abend, macht es gut 🙋🏻‍♀️ #in30tagenumdiewelt #runnerscommunity #runforlife #runningblogger #runningday #runningofinsta #runningmotivation #runnersheal #werunthis #runninggirl #runningofinstagram #garminfenix5 #garminteamrunning #garmingirl #gogirlrun #laufblogger #laufenimpott #longrun #ohnelaufenohnemich #asicsrunning #teamearlybird #teammiiego #teamgogirlrun #100daysofrunning #laufenfürdengutenzweck #marathontraining

Day 💯/ 💯 accomplished my first Half Marathon and I feel humbled to everyone who have been part of my running journey. This one came by fluke, as I had registered for a 10k.. When I went to collect my bib I was told that my name is under 21k, initially shocked at the blunder, later i realised that I always wanted to do a HM but felt hesitant to register so I thought of trying it at least... Being a tribute to the heroes of 26/11 the cause was close to my heart too... For first 5 km, it was easy and great but later on I was nervous thinking that 21k is a long way to go, I looked behind and one aged fellow was running too.. At our first u turn, I befriended him and told him to be with me as it will be difficult running alone, a first timer like me, he agreed to the idea and we kept motivating each other to finish, #100daysofPinkathon #Pinkathonforever #100daysofrunning #Deivee #MilindSoman #AjitRajaniPathak #runnersofinstagram #fitnesswomen #health #strength #atleastamile #RunningMotivation #RunningWithFriends

3 miles today for day 12 of #100DaysOfRunning ... 88 days to go!

Este ha sido uno de mis lugares favoritos para recorrer durante estos 98 días del desafío #100DaysOfRunning 😌 ... ahora que ya casi llegamos al final, recuerdo con agrado cada instante que me detuve para apreciar el avance de la vida y la relatividad/ilusión del tiempo. 🍂🍃🌤 🙂

Day 11 of #100DaysOfRunning .. 4 miles tonight. Once again, it was a late night run. Maybe I can get my act together tomorrow 😜 But the #RunBet Im doing keeps me from quitting! And I really do enjoy late night runs, so that helps. These 4 miles came a lot easier than I thought they would, though! I put on a long YouTube video and just zoned out. It was actually quite enjoyable. 89 days to go!

Running off my turkey and drinking some hot cocoa on day of running number 62 in a row for a total of 303.75 miles over those runs 🏃🏼 #100daysofrunning #runningisamindset #youarestrongerthanyouknow

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