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Woke up this morning excited and fired up AF 🔥🤸🏼‍♀️💃🏼 — wanna know why?!⁣ ⁣ Because this coming week there are some EXCITING things happening FOR YOU in the world of Authentic Pursuit Wellness! {Seriously, though....stay tuned 😏} AND we are doing member-only fit club giveaways this week to our rockstar challengers 🎁 [which is probably one of my FAV parts of coaching - spoiling and recognizing people for their hard work🙌🏼]⁣ ⁣ I have been brainstorming and trying my hardest to find ways to help YOU crush your health, happiness + wellness goals DURING the holiday season. [I mean honestly, who doesn’t want to crush some goals while still enjoying pumpkin pie 🥧, Christmas goodies 🍪🥛 and ringing in the new year 🍾]. And I am SO excited to share them with you!⁣ ⁣ If you’ve been watching from the sidelines, saying “I’ll wait until January” or “I’ll start next week” — would you do me a favor and keep an eye out for my posts this week? I TRULY think you can create the lifestyle you’ve imagined, but only if you’re committed to yourself, willing to go on this journey WITH me, and put in the work every day {and hint: you will not be depriving yourself of holiday treats this season 🙌🏼}⁣ ⁣ Deal?⁣ ⁣ Hope to be hearing from you this week as we dive in to one of the GREATEST holiday seasons EVER 🙌🏼🙊🍁🎄🎉🎆⁣ ⁣ But for now, go CRUSH your Monday and own your day like your life depends on it, because let’s be real — it does 😘💛⁣ #MONDAYMOTIVATION #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #TISTHESEASON #FINISHSTRONG

Thankful for friendship, wine, good food and crisp fall weather✌🏼🍷🍁🍂 #wineaboutit #blondefitpharmacist #authenticpursuitstrong #saturyays #blondebombshell

I used to say “I’m too busy” 🙅🏼‍♀️ or “I don’t have enough time” ⏰ almost any time I was asked to workout.🏃🏼‍♀️ I was a full time pharmacy student💊, part time pharmacy intern, and amidst balancing that and time with family and friends👯‍♀️ I felt like fitness, nutrition and “me time” were next to impossible to squeeze in. And now, as a full time pharmacist👩🏼‍⚕️, part time health and wellness coach👩🏼‍💻, and taking care of my new apartment🏡, I’ll be honest I’ve had similar feelings arise.⁣ ⁣ BUT Today I was reminded of something I didn’t know until I discovered home workouts. >>> I CAN squeeze in a workout that fits my schedule and I CAN have options to adjust my normal routine if my typical workout didn’t “fit in” to my day.⁣ ⁣ Whether I do my normal 30-40 min workouts or if I need to opt for a 20 min or less because of schedule changes (like today) I now have OPTIONS that work for ME instead of saying “I’ll do it later”, “I’ll double up tomorrow” or “I’ll try to get to that class on time next week” {which we ALL know...never happens🤷🏼‍♀️}.⁣ ⁣ At the end of the day, you have to find a solution that works for you and really ask yourself if your health, happiness, and overall well-being is a priority. Because if it is a priority - you’ll find a way 👊🏼 and if it’s not, you’ll find an excuse ✌🏼⁣ ⁣ I’ve OFFICIALLY opened enrollment for my people who are TIRED of making excuses and are ready to dive in to #NOEXCUSENOVEMBER head on 👊🏼 (with the help and encouragement of me as your coach and the community of our fit club of course!!) so if you’re ready to ditch the excuses or want to chat to see if this is for you 👉🏼 Drop your fav emoji below, shoot me a message OR fill out the fit club application using the link in my bio!💛⁣ #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST #HOLIDAYSEASONISHERE

Wishing I was back apple picking with this hunk instead of getting ready for work at the pharmacy today ✌🏼🍎 Don’t get me wrong. I love being a pharmacist and helping people every day, but I also know that these moments and memories are the reason I work so damn hard every day to build my side biz and hustle toward my dreams.✊🏼💃🏼 Life is SO short and we often take the time we are given for granted. My biggest dream/goal in life? To be able to take more days off like this to make memories and enjoy life for everything that it brings. Today - I want to encourage you to stop going through the motions. Sit down, be honest with yourself, look at WHY you are living the way you are, and write down what DREAMS AND GOALS you want to accomplish in YOUR lifetime. Because I PROMISE when you get clear on your goals and dreams, you can start making an action plan on how to turn those dreams and goals into your reality 😘💛 #LIVINGONPURPOSE #EVERYDAYIMHUSTLIN #DREAMLIFESTYLE #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST

Have you ever reached a goal or accomplished a dream only to take what feels like 20 steps backward?⁣ ⁣ I know I have 💁🏼‍♀️ - with my health, school, leadership positions, personal life, etc. but the truth behind it all? Before I started coaching, I was afraid. Afraid of having to build + imagine a life greater than the one I had known for the last 20-something years✌🏼⁣ ⁣ >>>We self-sabotage because in our minds, Change is scary👻<<<⁣ ⁣ I M A G I N E if, instead, you chose to dream a bigger dream? To enlarge your vision and get outside of your comfort zone? Imagine how your life would be different?⁣ ⁣ Would you set higher goals and standards for yourself?⁣ ⁣ Would you live a life by design instead of a roller coaster of emotion?⁣ ⁣ Would you try something new to challenge yourself more?⁣ ⁣ Coaching became my bigger dream. My enlarged vision of my health, confidence, leadership, and friendships. Because I was tired of living in the status Quo + going through the motions. I wanted to feel good about myself + help others do the same.⁣ ⁣ It is because I enlarged my vision that I am where I am today. I found my passion. I found my voice. & I found a way to inspire others to enlarge their vision of life for themselves!⁣ ⁣ So next time you feel like you’re backtracking, hit pause, & ask yourself if it’s time to enlarge your vision ✊🏼 And remember you’re capable of ANYTHING you set your mind to. You just may surprise yourself 😉 #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST #BELIEVEINYOURSELF

Trust Him in the journey Trust Him in the highs AND lows Trust Him in the seasons of self doubt Trust Him in the seasons of confidence Trust that He knows you are capable, even when you feel you are not >>>Despite the doubt, fear of failure, circumstances, emotions, and more - TRUST that it will all work out in HIS timing.<<< #YOUVEGOTTHIS #MOTIVATIONALMONDAY #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG

This, my friends, is a photo of a goofy, nerdy, fresh pharmacist who gets excited to give 101 year olds (yes, 101) their flu shots on a Saturday morning. ✌🏼 It is a photo of a woman who is totally digging her new kicks (shout-out to @dansko shoes and @thewalkingcompany for hooking a sista up) It is a woman who is STOKED to share her story and coaching opportunity with many men and women online tomorrow 🙌🏼 (which seriously, if you’re not in there - you need to be) It is an outward expression of my inner confidence and self belief that I am exactly where I am meant to be in this moment and I LOVE every quirky, goofy side of me. This. My friends. Is CONFIDENCE. JOY. SELF LOVE. PASSION. DRIVE. And so much more. But you know what? I didn’t get to this place overnight, and if it wasn’t for my community and lifestyle changes, I wouldn’t have been able to come this far! 🙌🏼 Want to know how I got here and learned to love and embrace the skin I’m in? Shoot me a message babe! I’d love to chat! #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #STAYWEIRDFOLKS

So today I did a thing...⁣ ⁣ Something that I often forget to do, because I am a total perfectionist + over achiever who likes to do ALL the things all the time🙈⁣ ⁣ ...I sat down, looked around me and just decided to 🌬⁣ >>>>>B R E A T H E<<<<<⁣ ⁣ Crazy how something so crucial to living is often forgotten in today’s hustle and bustle.✌🏼⁣ ⁣ This time of year + season in my life can get overwhelming. >>>Trying to do all the holiday things, run a business, keep up a home, maintain my health, remember to eat while I’m at work....it all comes crashing down at once. But the secret to not getting overwhelmed? As simple as looking out the window at the trees 🌲 + sunny skies ☀️ and just taking a moment to breathe.⁣ ⁣ Honey, Rome was NOT built in a day. And chasing your dreams to build your “Rome” doesn’t have to be done in a day either. Be realistic and be tenacious, but don’t put yourself on the back burner in the process.⁣ ⁣ I promise. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to, but only if you find balance and stillness among the noise 😘💛⁣ ⁣ #BREATHEOUTTHEBULLSHIT #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG

I know I know...you’ve been seeing this radioactive yellow looking liquid in my posts, my stories and beyond and are probably wondering what the heck it is, and why on earth do I drink it so much 🤔🤣⁣ ⁣ You’ve probably heard me call it my liquid gold🍋, go go juice⚡️ and many other quirky things because it’s essentially just that - the one thing that gets me up, energized and motivated to CRUSH a hard sweat sesh. {I mean, surprise! - I don’t wake up ready to crush my workout as soon as my feet hit the floor 😂 and I betcha I’m not alone🤦🏼‍♀️🙆🏼‍♀️}⁣ ⁣ It took me YEARS to find a pre-workout that was NOT jam packed with fillers, artificial ingredients and other chemicals that made me feel like my heart would beat out my chest, anxiety go through the roof and like I would pass out if I attempted cardio. In fact, I was scared of preworkouts for the longest time because of those experiences.⁣ ⁣ But then the magic happened. I was introduced to my liquid gold. My all natural source of caffeine that tastes like lemonheads and helps me go longer and harder in my workouts (even cardio) without feeling like I’m going to crash✌🏼⁣ ⁣ So yes. I know it’s an oddly bright color. But it is literally my saving grace 👊🏼 and I don’t plan on stopping it until I die 🤣🙈⁣ ⁣ Off to put this breakfast down the hatch and get sweaty! Happy Thursday Babes!⁣ #LIQUIDGOLD #MYSAVINGGRACE #HOMEWORKOUTHACKS #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG

Deep down inside, you KNOW the truth.⁣ ⁣ The truth is that you CAN do this.⁣ ⁣ The truth is that if you gave it 100%, you’d get 100% from it⁣ ⁣ The TRUTH is that it is entirely up to YOU!⁣ ⁣ And the ONLY thing standing in the way between you and a life of doing epic Sh!t + impacting other’s lives with amazing people is YOU and your limiting beliefs.⁣ ⁣ We’ve ALL been there. 1,000x over.⁣ ⁣ Saying we could never do ____ because We didn’t have x-y-z.⁣ ⁣ But at the end of the day, we proved ourselves wrong. We said no to our fears and doubts and took a chance on us!⁣ ⁣ This life? This business? It took work. It took motivation. It took support from one another. And there are definitely days (and months) that are better than others.⁣ ⁣ But the benefits? The friendships gained, Trips taken, vacations earned, health reclaimed, confidence built? It’s all⁣ >>>>>>P R I C E L E S S<<<<<<<<⁣ And I would have never experienced it if it wasn’t for asking a blonde girl in my school what she was doing and how I could do it too.⁣ ⁣ I know the women following me have been scared to take the leap. They’ve been letting fear and feelings of inadequacy determine their steps. But it’s time for that to stop. Because I PROMISE when you choose you and you put in the work, magic freakin happens, babes.⁣ ⁣ You’re one step away from an amazing life. Don’t waste it, k?💛 #AUTHENTICPURSUITWELLNESS #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST #MYGIRLGANG #BESTFRIENDSFOREVER #NOWHIRING

🌻 L A S T C A L L 🌻⁣ ⁣ To all those who’ve been watching, waiting, and wondering if now is the “right time” to start your journey toward health, happiness and confidence — your time is NOW 🙌🏼😉⁣ ⁣ The deadline to join my November Harvest Your Health Challenge is FRIDAY, 10/26/18! I am aiming to really work one on one with challengers who are serious about taking ownership of their health, so I want to make sure we get you set up for success in time to start on 11/5 🙌🏼 ⁣ ⁣ 🏋🏼‍♀️Quick and simple workouts that you can do at home OR at the gym picked specifically for you!⁣ 🌱A daily dose of dense SUPERFOOD nutrition that tastes like dessert👌🏼 OR all natural workout supplements (like my favorite - LIQUID GOLD🍋⚡️)⁣ 🍴Meal plans and simplified nutrition to help you fuel your body and feel your best⁣ 📖/🎧 Daily personal development to work on the BEST version of you from the inside➡️out⁣ 🤗Me (your coach) and the rest of the group, CHEERING You on EVERY STEP of the way.⁣ ⁣ I only have ONE SPOT LEFT! Are you in? Drop an emoji 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼, shoot me a message 💌 OR apply to the fit club in my bio! Let’s conquer the holidays together, k?🙌🏼💛⁣ #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST #HARVESTYOURHEALTH

Imagine looking at life through a different set of lenses. What if...⁣ ⁣ 🌻Instead of self-criticizing, we practiced self-love⁣ ⁣ 🌻Instead of comparison, we focused on building each other up and supporting one another⁣ ⁣ 🌻Instead of saying why is this happening “to me” we started viewing it as happening FOR us⁣ ⁣ How would your life be different? Would you be happier? Would the fear and worry of what if’s and the thoughts of “woe is me” wash away to uncover the best version of you? I think so 💛⁣ ⁣ Working on yourself, your mindset, and how you view the world around you is a choice and it is a conscious, ongoing effort, but I PROMISE you, it is entirely worth it.⁣ ⁣ I challenge you to make the shift and change your perspective so you can change your life. Not sure how or where to start? Let’s chat girlfriend😘 Life is way too short. Let’s enjoy the journey, k?⁣ #MONDAYMOTIVATION #LIFELESSONSWITHLAUREN #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST

I remember a time when grocery lists and meal planning seemed so overwhelming. I thought I’d “never be able to eat healthy because it’s SO expensive” and “I don’t have time to plan out my meals or meal prep” sound familiar?🙋🏼‍♀️⁣ ⁣ It wasn’t until a few months ago that I FINALLY found the routine that works for me. And believe me when I tell you it took a lot of trial and error.⁣ ⁣ Now, thanks to approaching food from a mindset and lifestyle focus instead of just portions, I’m able to whip out my meal plan like a boss and save myself SO much time throughout the week. [I mean think about it. How much time do you spend deciding on what to make for dinner when you get home when you’re already 50 shades of hangry?]⁣ ⁣ I’m seriously thinking about hosting an informational group on what exactly I do, how I meal plan, and what the program I follow is all about! If I was to throw a group together, would you want in? Drop your favorite emoji below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 or shoot me a message!📨 I’d love to hear from you!⁣ ⁣ #MEALPLANNINGLIKEABOSS #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG#SUNDAYFUNDAY #LIFELESSONSWITHLAUREN

They often say stepping out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow💛 And I’m here to tell you that it’s 1,000% TRUTH. Working at a 24 hour pharmacy and having to cover some overnights this weekend? WAY out of my comfort zone ✌🏼 Building a business with no business background or major social media presence...yeah. Way out of my comfort zone. Investing in myself and doing my workouts at home? COMPLETELY past my comfort zone. But the outcome from all three? GROWTH. I am a better pharmacist, better health and wellness coach, better girlfriend, daughter and friend...ALL because of taking chances on me and rolling with the punches. I’m here to tell you to take the chances and FIND YOUR GRIT babes 💛 because when you get down in the trenches. When you choose to put in the hard work day in and day out? That’s where the magic happens💛 #KEEPSHININGGIRL #YOUVEGOTTHIS #GROWTHROUGHWHATYOUGOTHROUGH #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST

Friday mornings are for Reflection☕️✨⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ This weekend marks the (almost) end of week 3 out of 8 of my lifting program, 1 full month of being “on my own” as a licensed pharmacist, 2 years and 7 months of helping women change their lives through mindset, fitness and nutrition, and 2 days since Ive ate sweets 👀 >whoops<.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I know, youre probably like, okay, lauren, so whats with all the random facts,⁣⁣ Right?⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ My point is this: after reflecting on this past day, week, month and year of my life - despite the struggles, the mishaps, the shortcomings - I am working on becoming a better me in some way, shape, or form EVERY single day through mental/confidence, physical, nutritional or educational means. Sure, they may not ALL happen on the same day every day - I am human. But that is what I LOVE about my journey and who I get to do this journey alongside/with 💕⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I am not perfect, nor do I try to be. I know Ill slip and I will make mistakes, but at the end of the day, I am trying my best, I am working >slowly< on becoming a better me, and thats all i can ask of myself and those around me. And the encouragement and support I get from my accountability partners on an off day is simply unreal. ✨ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Is it always fun, no.⁣⁣ Is it always easy, hell no.⁣⁣ But...⁣⁣ Is it always worth it, ABSOLUTELY.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Love yourself.⁣⁣ Love your tribe.⁣⁣ Love the journey.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Life begins at the end of your comfort zone ✌🏼️⁣⁣ #CHALLENGEACCEPTED⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Ps - if you want to join me on this journey toward happy, healthy and BALANCE, the deadline to join my November group is 10/26! I can not wait to transform our lives TOGETHER 💛 {📸 @whitkim }

Whenever I talk with people about my fitness journey, or when they’ve seen pictures, the first comment I usually get is “well you weren’t overweight to begin with, so why did you even start in the first place” 👈🏼 I get it. I didn’t have a huge 30, 50, or 100+ pound weight loss🤦🏼‍♀️. BUT for me, this journey is far more than the change in weight + pant sizes, because my MENTAL transformation on this journey has been LIFE CHANGING.⁣ ⁣ The girl on the LEFT:⁣ -would self sabotage her own self worth through negative thinking, constant criticism of herself + telling herself she wasn’t ____ enough (smart, skinny, talented, etc - you name it, I was the queen of thinking it)⁣ ⁣ -had the lowest self esteem on the planet + spent countless amounts of time trying to find clothes she felt comfortable in, only to cancel her plans & stay home instead when nothing seemed to fit⁣ ⁣ -had zero energy, and looked to food (especially sweets 🍫🍪🍦) for comfort after a stressful day⁣ ⁣ -apologized for EVERYTHING even if it wasn’t her fault ⁣ ⁣ The girl on the RIGHT:⁣ -Finally feels happy + CONFIDENT AF in the skin she is in, knowing she is working on herself from the inside 👉🏼 out every day⁣ ⁣ -Enjoys fueling her body with solid nutrition, but isn’t afraid to try new beers🍻, eat an extra cookie 🍪 or have tacos 🌮 for dinner once a week✌🏼 {Moderation, not deprivation}⁣ ⁣ -fills her mind with positive thoughts daily so she’s better prepared to sit with the negative ones when they come along [Which sometimes they still do]⁣ ⁣ -Never apologizes for being intentional about taking care of herself + making this life a priority👊🏼⁣ ⁣ So yes. I may not have a massive weight loss transformation. But the idea that I actually learned to LOVE myself for me?💛 That’s priceless. And I want to EMPOWER other women to do the same.⁣ ⁣ My next group, the same type of group that transformed my life, starts November 5th. Are you ready to transform your life WITH me?⁣ #CHANGEYOURMINDCHANGEYOURLIFE

I used to think healthy eating meant bland foods, cutting out food groups and never enjoying my favorite meals....⁣ ⁣ ✖️I had tried the fad diets.⁣ ✖️I had tried depriving myself of food groups⁣ ✖️I had tried what I now call the “quick fixes”⁣ But nothing seemed to work😔⁣ ⁣ It wasn’t until I sat down to start my first challenge group that I actually started to learn about BALANCED nutrition🍽. How to lead a lifestyle that allowed me to reach my goals💪🏼, be healthy, and STILL splurge on my favorite foods✌🏼{I mean let’s be real, #TACOSARELIFE 🌮😎}⁣ ⁣ Yes I eat relatively healthy throughout the week, but I also have either tacos🌮, pizza 🍕and/or some delicious halo top 🍦 once a week - because let’s face it, life is way too short to not enjoy it, and a life of restriction is not the way to go✌🏼⁣ ⁣ So let me tell you - THIS. this lifestyle. Is entirely worth living. BUT it is a just that - a lifestyle. No quick fixes to just go back to old habits, no depriving yourself of foods and making you overly hangry, and no BS⁣ ⁣ This November we are getting INTENTIONAL with our eating habits and changing our lifestyles for the better, and I am SOOOO excited to go on this journey with all my November challengers! We start November 5th, and I have 4/5 spots left. Are you in?!😍🙌🏼⁣ #GIRLSTHATEAT #TREATYOSELF #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #THEBRIGHTERTHEFOODTHEBETTERTHEMOOD

The ONLY thing standing in your way is YOU.⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✌🏼️MOST people quit a workout program before even completing one week⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✌🏼️MOST people dont want to try something out of the norm because they find change is scary⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✌🏼️MOST people dont have the opportunity to have a virtual community of AMAZING people encouraging and motivating them on their fitness journey⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✌🏼️MOST people ARENT YOU.⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Im here to tell you that you CAN beat the odds, you CAN reach your goals, and you CAN find an amazing support system that doesnt require intimidation, competition, or the gym environment, and you CAN achieve what you once thought impossible. You simply must TAKE ACTION and BELIEVE.⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We start fresh NOVEMBER 5th! Message me, comment an emoji below, or apply to my fit club using the link in my bio if you want to beat those odds TOGETHER 👌🏼💕⁣ ⁣ ALL that you need is WITHIN You.⁣ ⁣ XOXO, Lauren (Authentic Pursuit Wellness)⁣ #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG

When one of your best friends comes to town, you catch up and you get sweaty ✌🏼💦 Meghan got certified to teach CRX classes, so I got to have an in house class with this cutie and I have to say it was pretty fun! I LOVE trying new workout styles and challenging myself in new ways when it comes to health and fitness, so it was really awesome experiencing something new with a great friend! 💛 Now it’s off to get some groceries for the week to set myself up for success. 🙌🏼 what are you doing this beautiful, Fall Saturday? #SATURDAYMOOD #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST

This is your Friday Morning Reminder that you are strong, you are loved, you are more than enough, and you can do absolutely anything you set your mind to👊🏼✨ Go out and #GETEMTIGER #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST #MORNINGMOTIVATION

Remember that time as a kid when your mom said you couldn’t eat chocolate for breakfast because you needed to fuel your body with something good for you? And you’d get SO frustrated, because all you wanted was to eat that brownie or chocolate cake with a tall glass of milk in the morning? 🍫🥛 {Any other born and raised #chocoholics out there?} WHELP. I am happy to say as a young, thriving 24 year old I have found the BEST of both worlds [seriously - the holy grail and #chocoholicsdream]. The breakfast that tastes like dessert, but gives you nutrients, vitamins and minerals to help regulate digestion, give you energy, maintain healthy bacteria in your gut, fight off those pesky cravings for junk food throughout the day ✌🏼 AND it costs less per serving than that smoothie, breakfast sandwich at Panera or that coffee from Starbucks 🙌🏼💃🏼 #WINNING⁣ ⁣ So yeah...if you remember feeling like that as a kid and you’re still eating bland breakfasts or feeling sluggish throughout the day - we need to chat 💛 because eating healthy and fueling your body should NEVER be boring 🙃🍽🥤 #CHOCOLATEFORBREAKFAST #SMOOTHIEBOWLFORTHEWIN #ALLIDOISEAT

You know those people that just GET you? The ones who just KNOW the right things to say to cheer you up, who aren’t afraid to give you tough love when you haven’t been showing up for yourself, who love you like a sister for EXACTLY who you are in the present moment?⁣ ⁣ If you answered “no”, I get it. I’ve been there. I used to feel like I’d never have girl friends who I’d want to spend ages with - laughing, sharing food {lots of food} and pitchers of long islands talking about travel and our futures as boss babes ✌🏼⁣ ⁣ And the scary truth is, I would have NEVER met MY person. My girl who simply gets me. If it wasn’t for my side hustle as a health + wellness coach.⁣ ⁣ We live hundreds of miles apart, in two separate career fields {seriously, who else knows a pharmacist and architectural technologist who are besties? - if you do, you need to send them to us 😂} BUT we had a common goal of wanting to help others and create the lives WE imagined. Almost three years of friendship and entrepreneurship down, and many more to go!⁣ ⁣ If you’ve been watching from the sidelines the last few years, your time is NOW babe. We want to welcome you to our circle with wide open arms, mentor you one on one to build a life of your dreams, and travel the world together💛 Sound like a dream come true? Drop an emoji, shoot me a message or apply to become a coach in my bio! Can not wait to hear from YOU ✨⁣ #WHATAREYOUWAITINGFOR #MYRIDEORDIE #ALLWEDOISEAT #ADVENTURESOFLAURENANDLIVV #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG

For the energy🤗⁣ ⁣ For feeling confident in whatever I wear💃🏼⁣ ⁣ For the feeling of accomplishment after doing something hard🙆🏼‍♀️⁣ ⁣ For the self love💛⁣ ⁣ For the mental transformation 🧠⁣ ⁣ For the strength 💪🏼⁣ ⁣ For the women I inspire {and for those who inspire me} day in and day out👯‍♀️⁣ ⁣ For ME🙋🏼‍♀️⁣ ⁣ Next time you lace up, ask yourself what and who are you getting sweaty for?👊🏼✨ are you showing up each day because other people are telling you to? Or is there a bigger picture? Dig DEEP. Find that soul wrenching WHY as to why you want to be happier, healthier, stronger, more confident? Is it to show up as a role model for your kids (or maybe your parents)? Or because you feel you have to impress someone? Is it to be around for a long time and experience more with those you love? Or because you are torturing yourself after eating that extra slice of pizza 🍕?⁣ ⁣ Transformations don’t happen overnight. It takes hard work and discipline. But if you get down to the basics....the deeper reasons you’re starting your journey in the first place? That’s where the magic happens and THAT is what creates a life that is sustainable. 💕. You won’t always want to get it done. But when you remember WHY you are doing it in the first place, it will give you the strength to power through.⁣ ⁣ I believe in you, and you should too, babe! My next challenge starts November 5th...are you in?! Let’s get clear on our goals and keep each other motivated TOGETHER. 😘⁣ #STRONGERTOGETHER #MORNINGMOTIVATION #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG

When I found out I’d be working some Sundays at my new job, I have to say I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it. I had my routines already - rest day, church, grocery shopping, and a good cup of coffee with a good book {especially when fall weather kicks in and it’s time to throw in the fuzzy blankets 🙆🏼‍♀️} ⁣ ⁣ So needless to say the transition to adding in more of a work life balance wasn’t on my top favorites list. But then I’m reminded on mornings like these that I have a choice. I can waste my time complaining about what I cannot do, or I can sit down and intentionally still make time for some of my favorite things ☕️🌱⁣ ⁣ So today, despite not feeling 100% and having to go to work this evening, I am choosing to sit down, relax with my fuzzy blanket and superfood pumpkin spice latte (yes...I did say superfood 😎) and enjoy the moments I have with Colton before I head in to work at the pharmacy.⁣ ⁣ Life is short y’all. We all have the same amount of time each day, and even if our hours are being allocated differently, we can choose to make the most of the free time we do have.⁣ ⁣ So I challenge you to take some time today - recharge😴, fuel your body🌱, and soak up some moments with loved ones 💛 I promise, you won’t regret it☺️⁣ #ENJOYTHELITTLETHINGS #LOVETHELIFEYOULIVE #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST

I used to be the girl who’d scroll through social media staring at these women who were happy, fit and healthy, and still seemed to manage EVERYTHING else with their crazy busy lifestyles. Pharmacy students, pharmacists, moms, teachers, designers and many more. All being successful in their personal goals as well as their careers, and I desperately wanted THAT. My problem? I was a skeptic.⁣ ⁣ I thought “that would never work for me”, “I don’t have enough time”, “I don’t have the money to invest right now”...⁣ ⁣ But at the same time i felt like I had tried everything🤦🏼‍♀️ I was wasting time scrolling through social media comparing myself to these women💃🏼, and I was spending my money on fast food🍟, coffee☕️ and quick fixes to simply “get by”🤷🏼‍♀️⁣ ⁣ And honestly? It wasn’t until I changed my perspective and viewed a one time fee as an investment FOR ME that I realized I had the POWER and the GRIT to change my life and change my circumstances. I simply had to be willing to TRY.⁣ ⁣ Stop waiting for permission to change your life. Take a chance on you. I promise. You won’t regret it!⁣ ⁣ My November Challenge Group starts on November 5th, and I am looking to help 5️⃣ women like myself chase their dreams and learn that work/school-life balance! I want to show you that you CAN reach your dreams and enjoy life along the way {and heck even learn to love yourself again}. So if this sounds like you at all? If you’re fed up of going through the motions and comparing yourself to other people, it’s TIME to TAKE ACTION 👊🏼 Drop an emoji below🙋🏼‍♀️, shoot me a message📨, or apply to my fit club using the link in my bio! 💕⁣ ⁣ Let’s go on this journey toward loving ourselves TOGETHER okay?😘 ⁣ #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #CHALLENGEYOURSELF #TRYNEWTHINGS

My heart is so F U L L 💛 . When I started my journey to healthy and happy almost 3️⃣ years ago, I had no idea I would be where I am now. I was tired, I was worn out from being a full time pharmacy student, I was stress eating subway cookies like it was my job (because who doesn’t shove three chocolate chip cookies down the hatch before an exam. Umm hello ✌🏼), I had the LOWEST self esteem and confidence you could imagine, and I was simply unhappy. . I joined my very first challenge group in March 2016, and my life was forever changed! All of a sudden I was surrounded by positive uplifting people👯‍♀️, I had a workout program that fit in to MY busy schedule💁🏼‍♀️, and I learned how to have balance in my daily nutrition🌱🍪🌮🥗🍕🍻 . And if I’m being 111% honest?! I don’t know if I would have made it through the last few weeks if it wasn’t for my community, my fit club. Transitioning to full time pharmacist, balancing a new apartment and home life, stress, and more would have CRUSHED the old Lauren. In fact. The old Lauren would have been a tub of ice cream and sleeve of cookies deep each night to try and combat the stress. . It is times like these that I am SO effing grateful for my fit club, and the resources I discovered 3 years ago. And you want to know the best part? I have the privilege of paying this forward and hosting my own challenge group! {The same type of group that saved my life a few years ago 💕 } and I would love for YOU to join me 💛 We will start November 5th, and I have FIVE spots available! So if you’re ready to take OWNERSHIP of your life and go on a journey to happy and healthy TOGETHER?? We need to chat babe! You’re one step away from leaning in to the person you were MEANT to be 💛 Drop a 💙 below or message me for details! 😘 . All my love -Lauren #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST #HEALTHYANDHAPPY

I used to look at life & simply go through the motions. I’d do the same thing over and over again, wondering why on earth I wasn’t getting closer to the goals, body weight/image, mental health, etc that I DESPERATELY craved. 🤔⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ Long story short: I talked a BIG game, but never followed through with the actions I needed to get me there. I self-sabotaged through negative self talk,I wasn’t showing up for myself in the manner I needed to, I wasn’t fueling my body the way it needed to be.⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ Then one day it clicked. If I wanted to see a change, something had to change within me first. I had to make the DECISION to choose me every day.⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ When I started choosing me - making my first one-time investment EVER in a coach and challenge group {even though I didn’t have extra spending money at the time}, surrounding myself with a positive, uplifting community, and fueling my body with dense superfoods each morning - THAT is when the magic happened.⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ Choosing you is NOT selfish. If anything it is the most selfless thing you can do. Sure, I had to save and cut back spending on other areas at first, but in the end I was better for it. I saved more money by not needing coffee every day, not grabbing breakfast on the go, and not paying for a gym membership to classes I commonly missed. And at the end of the day?? I created a healthy lifestyle on MY terms and my schedule ✌🏼 which to me, is pretty freakin priceless.⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ Stop waiting for the perfect moment, the money to magically appear, or a “new week/month/year” to start choosing you. Stop going through the motions, and start LIVING. 💛 because on the other side of your fears and complacency is the life you’ve been craving all along. ✊🏼✨💕 Xoxo, Lauren #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST #CHOOSEYOUTODAY #LIFELESSONSWITHLAUREN

**Long (but meaningful) post alert**⁣ When I graduated then started working full time, I have to say I imagined my transition to be a little different. New seasons, new stages of life, new city, and many new goals - an exciting time right?⁣ ⁣ The truth is, life has a funny way of throwing us curveballs, messing with our preplanned agendas, etc. We can plan until we are blue in the face, but sometimes we just need to sit back and be present in the moment. Sitting with the challenges, adjusting our course, and continuing to press forward giving life our best shot.⁣ ⁣ And if there’s one thing I’ve learned the last few weeks is that I’m human and that is 1,000% okay. I’ve missed some workouts, I’m still figuring out my routine with my ever changing schedule, and adjusting with food until I can get my blender for my superfoods in the mornings 🙏🏼 and finding time to eat when you don’t get a break at work #Pharmlife am I right? 🙃⁣ ⁣ But at the end of the day? I know I can look to my people in my fit club and coaching fam, my personal development toolbox, and the lifestyle I’ve been leading the last 3 years for support, encouragement, and that pat on the back that says “it will all work out in God’s timing. Be patient. Keep pushing. You’ve GOT this.”💛⁣ ⁣ I say all of this because I KNOW deep down that someone out there is going through the same or a similar season of life right now. And I want to be that voice. That gentle reminder to you that at the end of the day, as long as you’ve done your best, “it will all work out in God’s timing. Be patient. Keep pushing. You’ve GOT this.” 💛⁣ ⁣ I love and appreciate ALL of you and I am supremely grateful for your support in this stage of transition! I am planning and so anxiously awaiting our new challenge coming for November 💛 it is my hope I can help people like myself find balance in this craziness of life on their journey to a healthier version of themselves 💪🏼⁣ ⁣ So stay tuned for some deets, and if this resonates with you at all, let’s chat babe. Let’s work through the crazy together, k?⁣ ⁣ All my love⁣ Xoxo, Lauren (The Blonde Fit Pharmacist)⁣ #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST #LIFELESSONSWITHLAUREN

“No time”? No problem ✌🏼 have a very busy day ahead due to some last minute things coming up, so I could have easily skipped my workout this morning. BUT after moving furniture all weekend and standing all day on the days I work, my body was craving something restorative.⁣ ⁣ So I walked into our spare bedroom, found some space, opened my virtual workout library {A Netflix for workouts if you will}, picked a shorter yoga session, and worked on my lower back for a bit before we head out today.⁣ ⁣ Seriously SO effing grateful we have access to such a variety of workout styles, lengths, and intensities to truly fit our needs in every moment. This ish is GOLD ✌🏼⁣ ⁣ I’m off to get things done for the day {And if you’ve been messaging me about the fit club, I promise I’ll get back with you as soon as I can!} Hope y’all have a bomb Tuesday!⁣ #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST #NAMASTERIGHTHERE

To the one soul reading this... I know you’re tired. You’re fed up. You’re so close to breaking. BUT there’s strength within you, Even when you feel weak. _ Keep F I G H T I N G💛 #YOUVEGOTTHISBABE #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST

A good friend recently reminded me that nothing beats a funk like Gratitude and GRIT👊🏼✨ And MAN was she spot on! These past few weeks are just the beginning in this new season of life and the chaos that it continues to bring - so much cray, that I began to fall back into old habits and a funk myself. BUT yesterday, I put it to the test. I dug deeper, spent some time in gratitude {bc let’s face it, gratitude and suffering cannot co-exist✌🏼}, challenged myself physically and mentally [with my home workout of course 😬] to reignite that GRIT mentality & decided to launch myself forward as a leader, coach, mentor, friend, pharmacist, girlfriend and more. REMEMBER: At the end of the day you write your story, you choose to chase or fold on your dreams, and YOU choose to keep grinding. FORWARD IS FORWARD - whether that’s through failure or successes - so never EVER give up. #DIGDEEPER #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST

I had ALL the E X C U S E S this morning✌🏼 _ 😴 I was up late last night doing laundry and planning for this hurricane evacuation ⏰ I slept past my first alarm which meant I had less time (yes, I still set multiple alarms 😅 I’m working on it, ok 🙈) 👩🏼‍⚕️ I am going to have a long day at work followed by packing up to evacuate, did I really want to spend time working out before work? Why not just push it to later right? _ But guess what?! Regardless of whether I got up and worked out or not, those excuses would still be there. 🤦🏼‍♀️ But if I D I D get up and crush it? I’d gain SO much.🤗 🙆🏼‍♀️ I’d be more relaxed thanks to the rush of endorphins 💃🏼I’d have more energy to get through my day ⏰I’d have more time later to do what I need to do for evacuating + whatever else comes up 🙌🏼I’d be running my day instead of my day running me 😎 >>>So Lauren was GOING to own her day this morning ✌🏼 No bullish!t 🙃 _ The lesson in all this? Next time you start to have excuses rising up 👉🏼 take a breath, think about what you’d gain from moving past them, and then get shit done babe👊🏼✨ You decide how your day will go. Why not start off strong. 💛 #LIFELESSONSWITHLAUREN #BLONDEFITPHARMACIST #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #GETERDONE

It’s SUNDAY! Which means today is the LAST day to be entered into my GIVEAWAY for this month! 🙌🏼✨ 👉🏼 seriously though, cinnamon is wondering why you haven’t entered yet 😂 {must enter by midnight tonight!} & I am SO pumped to bless someone with one of my fav cleanses/detox to get their fall groove started right! Missed out on the deets? Check out my “wellness Wednesday” giveaway post (wearing a blue sports bra 😎) for the deets and enter y’all! You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain 🙌🏼 Best of luck and #MAYTHEODDSBEEVERINYOURFAVOR #FITNESSGIVEAWAY #FREESWAG #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG

It’s #WellnessWednesday, so I think that means it’s the perfect day for a.... G I V E A W A Y🎉🎁✌🏼🌻 [does that word get anyone else super stoked, or just me? Like I loveeeee some free Sh!t 💪🏼] . . . . . . . . Side note >>> If you’ve been watching from the sidelines, now is YOUR time! And I wholeheartedly believe in YOU! _ OKAY! So this is how it’s going to go. . •If you do steps 1 and 2, you’ll have ONE entry •If you do all 3 steps 👉🏼 You’ll have FIVE entries . 1. Like this post 2. Tag a friend you’d want to go on a health + fitness journey with in the comments below 3. Join our fit club by purchasing a personalized challenge pack from me that meets YOUR needs/goals (if you message me, I’ll help you find one for you!) _ And if you win? You’ll be the proud owner of my FAVORITE detox/cleanse to kick off your fall right and help you get closer to your goals BEFORE the holidays 🙌🏼 [At a whopping $70 value I might add 👊🏼] _ At the end of the day, I want YOU to succeed. But in order to do that, you have to take that first step! _ The opportunity to enter will END on SUNDAY, 9/9/18, and I will announce the winner on Monday!🙌🏼 _ So what are you waiting for? Choose you today, fall back into fitness WITH me, and may the odds be ever in your favor 🙈🌻✌🏼 #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #Fitnessgiveaway #Blondefitpharmacist

It’s T A C O T U E S D A Y🌮 which means all is right with the world, and delicious (and nutritious) Barbacoa taco salad is on the menu for tonight 🤘🏼😬 >>>Yes, I eat some form of tacos at least once a week. {In this house we serve tacos. #Margaritas 24:7} Because when I started on this journey I knew if I was going to keep it up long term? I HAD to make it fun and flavorful. Healthy eating and weight loss does NOT have to mean bland chicken, kale and depriving yourself of your favorites. Find healthy alternatives to your favorite meals, change it up, and never stop learning. I promise you, if I can keep up with this for more than two years + counting, you can too✌🏼 want nutrition help? Drop an emoji and #LetsTacoBoutIt 🙃😝 #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #FOODPORN

Believing in myself, my dreams, that I am worth the investment, that I am enough...it didn’t happen overnight. But what sped up the process? Community, positive uplifting accountability, moving my body daily, challenging myself, and getting outside of my comfort zone. ✌🏼 I get it. Changes can be scary. Taking a leap/chance on yourself can be nerve wracking. But you know what? If you don’t challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and take messy action toward who you want to be or how you want to feel, you’ll find yourself in the same place, year after year, simply going through the motions + wanting and wishing things would change. YOU have the power to change your life, you just have to believe in yourself first. You’ve been watching from the sidelines for weeks, months, heck maybe even years, so what are you waiting for? Give yourself permission to reach out, take that messy action and BELIEVE in yourself wholeheartedly TODAY ☝🏼 Our Fall Back into Fitness Movement starts September 17th! Are you ready to change your life WITH me + believe in ourselves TOGETHER? 💙 Drop an emoji below, apply in my bio or shoot me a message 😘 Because you deserve a life of more - embrace that 🙌🏼 #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #STARTWHEREYOUARE #BELIEVEINYOURSELFTODAY

Lauren’s Tips for becoming a Healthy, Happy + C ON F I D E N T version of yourself 💃🏼🦄✨ _ • Let go of the Negative Nancy’s and surround yourself with a community of positive, uplifting people. • Set goals for yourself, find someone to share them with, and go on the journey toward reaching them TOGETHER (believe me, as a coach, I see power come through when my challengers speak life into their dreams when sharing them with me) • Open your mind - stuck in the “norms” or your past ventures, but still not getting anywhere/seeing results? Try something NEW! You just may surprise yourself with the outcome 💕 {I know I was insanely against home workouts before I started and now I’m HOOKED 🙌🏼} • Get out of your own head ✌🏼 umm. HELLO. If you could believe in Santa Claus for 8 years, you can believe in yourself for five minutes. No if’s, and’s or but’s ☝🏼 • Eat like you love yourself {#Balance not deprivation, k? We alllll know your girl loves her veggies, but also throws down for a taco night or beers and pizza 🤘🏼} • Embrace your flaws 👊🏼 they make you uniquely you 😘 • If you don’t know the answers, ASK! {I would have never figured out what true balance in my life looked like if it wasn’t for reaching out to my (now) coach + asking questions. Crazy, isn’t it?} . OH! And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, babe. So have patience, keep grinding, and you’ll be there in no time 😘 _ All my love 💙 Xoxo, Lauren #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #CONFIDENCEBOOST #CHANNELINGMYINNERTYRA

☀️STOP YOUR SCROLL 👉🏼 BIG NEWS!!☀️⁣⁣ ⁣⁣. A 48 HR END Of SUMMER FLASH SALE on all of my favorites! 🤩⁣⁣ . People ask all the time if there’s ever a “sale” on my challenge groups/fit club or the nutrition and fitness products that I use on a regular basis. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣. Normally NO because we already keep the prices so affordable and accessible in my opinion!⁣ 👌🏼⁣ ⁣⁣. BUT lucky for you, it’s the end of Summer & Back to School time ☀️📚🍎 so our squad Team Authentic Pursuit is hosting an EPIC END OF SUMMER FLASH SALE to celebrate! 🎉⁣⁣ ⁣⁣. ⚡️Want to try out #Liquidgold ? ⁣⁣. 🌿 How about a detox/cleanse to get you back on track and curb those sugar cravings?! ⁣⁣. 🍫How about some delicious snack bars with 10g of protein & only 150 calories? ⁣{They are seriously bomb + I shamelessly eat one almost every day 😅} ⁣. 🥗Or do you just need a simple meal plan to help you get your nutrition back on track?⁣ ⁣⁣. The END OF SUMMER FLASH SALE has literally all of my favorite products that I use daily (including the workout program & meal plan I’m following right now!!) and it’s starting TONIGHT, Thursday, August 30th at 9pm EST! 🎉⁣ ⁣⁣. 👉🏼This sale is for new customers OR my current customers looking to grab something at a discount! 😘 ⁣⁣ (as long as you aren’t already working with another coach 💕) ⁣⁣. I have never done this before and who knows what will happen 🤷🏼‍♀️🤪 but I’m excited to help people FINISH the year STRONG! 💥 & We have some incredible back to school bootcamps starting! It’s the perfect time to get back on track and focus on our most important asset in life >> OUR HEALTH!! 💗💪🏼⁣⁣ ⁣⁣. Want in?⁣ Want to check it out? 👀⁣ ⁣⁣. Drop an emoji below and I’ll send you access to our private group! 🦄🌈✨⁣ ⁣. Ps. Don’t let your friends miss out! Tag a friend in the comments below! 👭⁣ #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #SUMMERSTEALS #GETFITDONTQUIT

When little girls with dreams become women with a vision - AMAZING things can happen! I am blown away by the love, networking, and soul searching work I experienced at this entrepreneurial tech + innovation event with an amazing speaker from Harvard😍 _ So many ages, backgrounds, beliefs and visions ALL under one roof, collaborating toward a common goal: changing the world and meeting a need! _ Super stoked to take what I’ve learned today, implement it in my own business adventures and maybe collaborate with this beautiful soul in the future! {Want to know the craziest part? We went to high school together and then were reconnected through this event. So obsessed with how social media works and connects us with these opportunities. Seriously. Mind = blown} _ Watch out world. I’m coming for ya 😬☀️😎 #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #INNOVATEANDCOLLABORATE #WOMENPRENEURS #WOMENEMPOWERINGWOMEN

Excited would be an understatement😬💙👫 Today we took the first OFFICIAL step toward our next chapter together {and before anyone gets too excited, this is not an engagement announcement 🙈 sorry babes 💎 - it’ll happen. Just not today 💕}. _ Today, after much search, tours, and such we decided on an apartment complex we want to build a “home” in. And the BEST part? All my application fees [and eventually the security deposit] will be covered by my coaching paychecks from the last few weeks✨ instead of having to wait until my first paycheck as a pharmacist or dip into my savings ✌🏼 {I’d call that a side hustle win 🙌🏼} _ We are extremely excited about this next step and I cannot wait for many more firsts together as we go through the next chapters of our lives 💙 _ So listen, if you’ve been watching from the side lines, wondering how on earth a full time pharmacy student was able to build a business at the same time? Now’s your time! We OFFICIALLY started our FREE informational group sharing all the ins and outs of what I do and how I got to this point 💙 drop your favorite emoji or shoot me a message ✨ #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG

I remember going into pharmacy school wanting to work ONLY in retail pharmacy, later to fully discover my love for compounding and critical care, which led me to applying to residency, being rejected and feeling lost once graduation came around. _ My mentor, who is like a father to me, always told me to never say never in my pharmacy career, because God has a funny way of taking our “nevers” and turning them into opportunity and stepping stones in our lives. And damn if he wasn’t right. _ After months of studying, officially receiving my pharmacist license, soul searching and job applications - This weekend I accepted my FIRST pharmacist position as a pharmacist at Walgreens {one of those things I swore I’d never do}. And while it wasn’t what I had in mind to start, I know in my heart this is where God needs me to be in this moment. I am so excited to try new things, gain experience and make an impact on my patient’s lives regardless of what setting I’m in. {Besides, the beauty of pharmacy is that it’s always changing and there are many paths you can go. So while compounding or critical care may not be in the cards for me to pursue at this moment, that doesn’t mean I won’t have those opportunities later in life.} 👈🏼 seriously one of the reasons I love pharmacy. You’re never “stuck” in one setting 😎 _ As I go through this new season of my life, I will be learning how to adjust to a new city, a new schedule/routine, etc, but I vow to still show up, put my health first, and lead by example for my community of amazing fit club challengers 🙌🏼 I am so blessed to have a support system from my immediate family, but also my fit fam 💕 (they keep me going on those hard days). _ So I hope you will continue to follow and support me on this journey of the healthier and happier me 💙 and hey, maybe you’ll join us here soon 😉 I love and appreciate ALL of you. Cheers to this new chapter 😬🎉🙌🏼 #PHARMFIT #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #NEVERSAYNEVER

I remember having a carb-heavy meal 🍕🌮🍻 for dinner and waking up the next morning already thinking I ruined my progress with that one “treat” meal. 😢🙈 {And let me tell you right now, if that’s you right now, that’s NOT living your best life}. Do I still wake up questioning some days? Sure, I’m not perfect. But these days, thanks to mindful eating and embracing BALANCE in my life, I’ve been able to lose the weight, tone up, and still feel amazing in my skin [even when Mother Nature takes her toll ✌🏼 TMI? 😂] Stop wasting your life away on fad diets, wraps, pills, teas, and other quick fixes, and START LIVING. This body is made entirely on balance {Exercising 4 days a week, mindful eating, beers at a country concert, pizza after a long day, and tacos at LEAST once a week} not plain ass chicken and kale and hitting the gym for hours each day like some people think 👋🏼 We are going to be getting back to the basics and CRUSHING our goals after a long summer of enjoyed cookouts, beers, and beach days, and we would LOVE to welcome you in to our community and accountability group! Want the deets? Drop some emojis, slide in my DM, or fill out the fit club +/- emotional eating application(s) in my bio so we can chat! Your life of balance starts NOW 👊🏼😘💕 #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG #BACKTOTHEBASICS #GIRLSWHOEATMOVEMENT

Cheers to the women working hard on themselves by themselves to FEEL confident AF in their skin.💕 _ Cheers to the early mornings before a shift or late nights after studying all day, to the workouts done when kids are napping, to the meal prep completed while partners rolled their eyes at your yoyo diet patterns, to the shakes blended outside or in the bathroom downstairs so as not to wake anyone.🌻💙 _ Cheers to the sweat dripped, the swears yelled at the trainers, the excessive water bottles drank, and the incessant checking for progress. 🙆🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️💕 _ Cheers to the mindset shifts, to the confidence and self-love gained, to the determination to NEVER EVER give up no matter what was tossed their way.✨👊🏼 _ And cheers to the realization that you were ENOUGH all along. You were LOVED all along. & You finally feel that for yourself now 🙏🏼❤️ _ You ladies know who you are. My kinda people.👯‍♀️ _ Share this with your wellness-loving, hard working BFF and give her some love. 💕🙏🏼 _ #WOMENEMPOWERINGWOMEN #LIVINGONPURPOSE #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG

At the end of the day YOU decide how your day, week, and life are going to go. Yes, YOU. No one else. . . . . . . . Are you going to sit around and give permission to other people - your boss, your family, friends, etc - or your circumstances to determine who you are or who you will become? Or will you give yourself permission to get up each morning with a fire 🔥 under your butt, have discipline, do the hard things, and create the life you crave and deserve to live? Despite what you may think at this stage in your life, your days are numbered. We have limited, PRECIOUS time on this Earth. Which means we have limited time to build our dreams and make an impact in the world around us. So please...choose wisely. Two + a half years ago I CHOSE to give myself permission to invest in myself, show up for others and chase wholeheartedly and authentically after MY DREAMS, no one else’s. NOW? I’m looking for women who want to do the same. Who don’t want to live life going through the motions and want to live life on their terms! So if any of this resonates with you and you’re ready to stop allowing other people and situations to control your life - let’s chat. Life is way too short to not take that leap, try new things and truly find what lights you up inside! 🌞💫🌻 #LIVINGONPURPOSE #TEAMAUTHENTICPURSUIT #authenticpursuitstrong #workfromhome #womenempowerwomen #jobopportunities #nowhiring #healthandhappiness #pharmd #pharmacist #pharmacystudents #medicalstudents #healthcarestudents #liveyourlife #enjoyeverymoment #blondehairgirl #summerlovin #livingmybestlife #blondehairblueeyesgirl

I did not wake up like this ✌🏼️ . . . . . . . . ⁣_ I changed my lifestyle for this.⁣ I workout consistently for this.💪🏼 I changed what I eat for this.🍽 {but dont be fooled, I still enjoy my favs 😏🍺🍫🌮🍹🍕} I sweat for this.⁣💦 I cried for this.⁣🙈 I lift heavy for this. ⁣🏋🏼‍♀️ _ I MADE this.⁣🙋🏼 ⁣. And this is WORTH it! 🙌🏼⁣ ⁣_ This didn’t happen over night. But I want you guys to know that if I can do this👆🏼...YOU CAN TOO! _ And I’m here to help you! If you need guidance, need a solid workout program and/or nutrition help, need support, need motivation...whatever it is...I am here to help! 💕 _ It’s never too late to get started! My inbox is always open and I’d love for you to join us on this journey! 💪🏼🌻✨ #YOUCANDOITPUTYOURBACKINTOIT 😎

Call it a biz - ...a side hustle - ...a hobby - whatever you want to call it ✌🏼️ but to me? Coaching the most amazing people, being able to work on MY terms throughout pharmacy school, having something to pour into and still bring me a steady paycheck while looking for a pharmacist position now that I have my license? That all means the WORLD to me. I am a PASSIONATE and tenacious pharmacist {seriously, I could probably give you fun facts about meds all day 🤓💊}, but Im also a DRIVEN, EXCITED health + happiness coach who LOVES helping people feel confident while becoming the healthiest versions of themselves! _ And if Im being honest, sharing my journey and having that responsibility deep down in my gut to pay it forward to other people has been the ULTIMATE accountability in my own journey (seems almost selfish doesnt it?). _ If it wasnt for taking a chance my P2 year of pharmacy school, Id probably still be overweight, still have super low self-esteem, and be financially stressed while waiting for a pharmacist job to magically appear 🙈 _ A few of my favorite boss babes and I will be hosting a FREE (no obligation) sneak peak into what we do as coaches. So if you want some info on how you can change YOUR life forever (and maybe even some of the people around you), you NEED to get in this! 💕 _ Cannot wait to share this with YOU 🌟👊🏼💕 ___________________________________________ #workfromhome #sidehustlerlife #womanpreneurs #pharmacist #pharmd #pharmacystudents #pharmdtobe #jobsearching #payitforward #dowhatyoulove #growthroughwhatyougothrough #girlgang #squad #lovemygirlssomuch #gratefulheart❤️ #jobopportunity #joinus #womenempoweringwomen #beachbodycoach #coachlife #flexibleworkinghours #hardworkpaysoff #getfitdontquit #teamauthenticpursuit #authenticpursuitstrong #blondehairgirl #simplysouthern #virginialiving

Lauren, Im not really into that whole home workout thing - I cant keep myself accountable doing it by myself . . . . Thats honestly one of the most common objections I hear these days, and it blows me away, because you truly arent doing it alone. . YES. Most days you workout at your own home or take your workout to stream at the gym. . Sure, its not really a class environment at your local gym {but honestly, how many times have you signed up for or planned to go to a class and had to bail because something came up? BEEN THERE 🙋🏼} . BUT guess what? This online fit club is full of REAL, raw people all on a mission to a healthier and happier them ✌🏼 . We share when weve done our workouts💪🏼, if we are struggling + need encouragement😫, funny memes after a heavy leg day😅, recipes 🍴and SO much more. . And today, we even got together for a local live workout with some of my local fit club members to socialize and continue crushing our goals together. . And you know the funny thing? I used to say the SAME thing. But the truth is, this home workout thing has kept me accountable on my journey the last 2.5 years AND brought me numerous workout buddies from all over, best friends, and my people 🖖🏼😎💕 . So next time youre feeling stuck in your own journey, dont be afraid to try something new, k? It just may be the solution youd been praying for all along 💕 #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG _____________________________________________ #trysomethingnewtoday #youneverknowuntilyoutry #strongertogether #fitclub #fitcommunity #fitfromhome #homeworkoutsforthewin #busylifestyles #alwaysonthego #strugglebussaturday #saturdaysareforthegirls #challengeyourself #workhardplayharder #weekendvibes😎 #beachbody #beachbodycoach #blondehairgirl #pharmacist #pharmd #newportnewsva

I remember a time when being skinny was my top priority. . . . . Id try quick fixes, deprive myself of the things I loved, and eventually made myself miserable - yet I STILL didnt see results. That was the girl on the far left. Stuck in the yo-yos of dieting & drowning her sorrows with alcohol on the weekends. [Not my proudest moment by any means, but hey. Im human] . After finally choosing to invest in my health + fitness, I really buckled down, and I decided I didnt want to be skinny, I just wanted to lose the weight I gained from stress eating in college + feel confident in myself. I worked with my coach, we found a fitness + nutrition program for me, and I reached that goal. I lost the weight that had been haunting me for years + my confidence started to increase. That brought me to the girl in the middle. . And while I reached my goal, I quickly realized something. This journey was just that, a journey. Not a destination + I was missing my strength. The image of that strong, confident women played over and over in my head and I wanted to build STRENGTH. Which has now brought me to the girl on the right. . Both girls in the middle and the right were healthy, but I cannot express the JOY I feel when I pick up a heavy set of dumbbells that I wouldnt have been able to pick up a year or two ago. So many women are afraid of using weights, but the truth is if you want to tone up, you have to build muscle. And if you want to build muscle, you need to lift some weights babe ✌🏼️ . My #GirlsWhoLift wave for our online accountability group starts MONDAY and I am SO EXCITED to do this together✨ if youre feeling like I did in the far left or even the middle and you want to feel GOOD + strong? You NEED to get in here babe! {4 days a week, 30 to 40 min workouts, and a cheat meal included each week. ✌🏼️ - seriously. What are you waiting for?} DM 💌 me, comment a 💙 or apply to the fit club in my bio 😘 #STRONGISTHENEWSKINNY #STRONGERTOGETHER #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG

Rome wasnt built in a day Your goals wont be conquered in an instant You may not feel like getting sh*t done 24/7 - BUT - You WILL get there You WILL reach your dream/goal/etc You WILL CONQUER _ But first, you have to ask yourself if youre truly taking action and doing the steps needed to get there ✨👊🏼 #TRUTHBOMBCOMINATYA ✌🏼️💋💎 . . . . . . . #foodforthought #thoughtfultuesdays #thoughtoftheday💭 #keepgrindingandnevergiveup #refusetosink #authenticpursuitstrong #goaldigger #dreamchaser #pharmacist #pharmd #pharmacystudents #pharmacyschool #fitness #beachbodycoach #beachbody #onedayatatime #hustleandheartwillsetyouapart #blondehairgirl #muotd #topbunandgetshitdone #coachlife #inspiration #encouragement #motivation

Man it feels GOOD to be back! The last few days have consisted of a lot of sleep 😴 , staying off my phone due to headaches😖, and trying to get through this weird stomach bug that came out of nowhere😷 🙈 Not sure if it was something I ate, or what, but I was zapped in the energy department 😴 . So many times we get caught up in the mindset of I fell off track instead of realizing that LIFE is part of the journey and sometimes Sh*t happens ✌🏼️ . The truth is, we are all HUMAN. But what will make or break you is how you treat your mind and how you fuel your body. - •I allowed my body to rest instead of pushing myself toward injury. - •I really honed in on my nutrition and fueling my body with leafy vegetables, pre and probiotics and superfoods to help get my gut and immune system back to where it needed to be - •I dove into personal development to help keep my mindset strong and remind myself that fitness is a JOURNEY, not a destination. - Life will throw you curveballs. You wont be perfect. You may not reach your goal in YOUR timing. But you WILL get there. - Still not convinced? Surround yourself with people who believe in you 111% so maybe youll start to believe in you too 😉 {Shoutout to my fit club babes! Yall are the real MVPs} - I hope you all have a blessed Monday and that you know you are strong, you are loved and you are CAPABLE. 💕 and if you need some extra oomph to believe that yourself, hit a sister up. Id love to go on this journey of believing in yourself WITH you ✨ XOXO -Lauren {Authentic Pursuit Wellness} . . . . . . _____________________________________________ #progressnotperfection #closereveryday #authenticpursuitstrong #sickdayssuck #backonmybullshit #keepgoingforward #failforward #lifehappens #whenlifegivesyoulemons #drinkliquidgold #allinmyfeelings #blondehairgirl #letsdothedamnthing #strongertogether💪 #onedayatatime #recoveringperfectionist #pharmacist #pharmd #pharmacystudents #pharmacyschool #doctorlifestyle #beachbodycoach #workoutfromhome

Nobody tells you its okay to call yourself beautiful, its okay to smile at mirrors and its perfectly fine to say your own eyes are pretty. - It is wonderful to love your waist and your legs, regardless of their size, and you are not conceited if you use your fingers to list everything you are good at rather than pointing at all your own flaws. - You can acknowledge you are smart and that you will go places and you will be someone greater than your mistakes - You cant always expect other people to believe in yourself for you #OWNITGIRL #BELIEVEINYOURSELF

I spent years questioning myself, doubting my capabilities, wondering if I was good enough, and never feeling like I measured up. . . . . . I get it. Life is a crazy roller coaster, & there are many days when you simply dont know which way is up. And. If you let it. The standards and opinions of those around you (past and present) can cloud your own vision of who you are + who you are meant to be. . I was caught in that cycle of stepping into this space of not enough, questioning my worth & always playing it safe for YEARS. But I got to a point where I was tired of feeling STUCK. I was tired of going through the motions + getting the same result. ✌🏼️ . Because of that breaking point & because I reignited the flame + passion in myself to TRULY, AUTHENTICALLY + WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe in myself AND my team.... #TeamAuthenticPursuit has reached an incredible milestone today. . We are now a beautiful, fiery, passionate diamond team 💎. -We are not at our goal weight -We are not business/sales people -We are not spending bookoo hours on our phones every day to make ends meet. . But what we ARE? . -AUTHENTIC 💁🏼 -Passionate💙 -Driven😏 -Givers💋 -Doers💃🏼 -Dreamers😍 -BELIEVERS ✊🏼 . And THAT is what has made all the difference. . Im so proud of my team + I wouldnt be here without their hard work and support. And thank YOU for either supporting + believing in me, or for hating on me/forcing me to prove you wrong ✌🏼️😎 because of yall, I found the drive to keep pushing EVERY day toward my goals, & I am PUMPED this is only the beginning. . Stay tuned for some EPIC announcements coming your way in my insta stories here soon 💕 Some BIG things are happening in 2018. & Remember, a dream without a plan, is just a wish. So stop talking, + start DOING 👊🏼 . Ps - if youre still reading this + want to know what we do/how we do it? We are running an ONLINE FREE sneak peek at the end of August to share this with YOU! Let me know if you want in! #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG

I dont have time I dont have the money I dont have the resources I dont have the energy I dont have the motivation . What if instead of saying these phrases you said, I am not a priority for myself?Would your mindset + perspective shift? Or would you stay in the same space? . Not sure? Be honest with yourself - When is the last time you made yourself a priority? . Have you been brushing off self-care to serve others, give & give of yourself, your time, your money, etc without filling up your cup first? . Have you been refusing to spend money on quality food/your health/exercise programs, but wont think twice about buying an expensive handbag or shoes you dont really need? . Do you make excuses of not having time to exercise or cook a healthy meal, yet give all your time away to others or scroll through social media news feeds for hours on end? . Have you bent over backwards & dropped everything you were doing to help someone, but you wont take five minutes to do something that lights you up or makes you FEEL good? . Guess what?!? Ive been there. 🙋🏼 Ive been on the side of not making myself a priority. Of wanting to buy that cute bag instead of the workout program, or giving my time away to social media or Netflix instead of being intentional + scheduling in that much needed me time. And at the end of the day I was always left feeling exhausted {mentally + physically}, I wasnt healthy, my migraines were horrific, I felt anxious & had low self-esteem, + I did not feel comfortable in my own skin. >>> And NEWS FLASH💥 It sucked. . But guess what? You dont have to stay there. You dont have to keep putting yourself on the back burner to please the people around you. You CAN feel good about yourself, maintain a healthy lifestyle + serve those around you in a way that feels GOOD, you just have to get your priorities straight ✌🏼️ . I said no more to putting myself on the back burner almost 3 years ago by investing in a challenge group (like my current fit club) with a coach (like I am now) + work on myself INTENTIONALLY every day. . Stop waiting for permission to put yourself first. Take the leap + invest in you. Youll be better for it💙

An open letter to all the women feeling lost + uncomfortable in their own skin: hey there! Lauren here. I want you to know that you are not alone. I was once in your shoes - feeling like I was existing, spending hours picking out what to wear only to tear myself apart when I saw someone I thought was beautiful at the event/place I went, & feeling like I was simply not enough. But I also want you to know that you CAN overcome if youre willing to take the action steps needed to do so. When people tell you youre not worthy, that you dont have the money to invest in yourself, that you dont have the time, or that whatever you are trying wont last - bless + release. ✌🏼️ {Most of the time, those who are criticizing you, are the ones who wish they had the courage to chase what you are chasing. And the truth is. Their opinions are none of your business!} At the end of the day it is you against you. So why not work together with yourself. You are CAPABLE. You are ENOUGH. & you are WORTHY of the life you desire. The possibilities are endless. You simply have to decide enough is enough and choose yourself. EVERY day. Because the choice to choose you doesnt stop when you decide to start. You keep choosing you every day, even after you reach your goal. & #BlessIt Its a beautiful thing when as a woman you take ownership of your life. Youll show up more confident, more passionate, and stronger than ever. You simply have to make that choice to start. So stop waiting - for the money, time, blessings, etc. You CAN achieve your dreams. One step at a time Love + appreciate you wholeheartedly 💕 & I get so fired up when I see women owning their journey/dreams. So if this resonates with you - please reach out or fill out the app using the link in my bio. Id love to connect, chat, and OWN our lives TOGETHER 💕🔥 #TRANSFORMYOURMINDTRANSFORMYOURLIFE #TRANSFORMATIONTUESDAY

I remember a time when Id hide behind larger clothing and never want to take photos that showed more than my face. I was embarrassed, had low self-esteem, and felt miserable despite the fake smiles plastered on my face. . . . I remember going out with friends on the weekends to escape the stress and mile-long to-do lists, only to find it still there when I had a nasty hangover the next day😖 . I remember turning to food as comfort when I felt ANY kind of emotion - happy, sad, nervous, angry, stressed [need I go on?] . I remember overanalyzing EVERY inch of my body in the mirror anytime I got dressed or put on something short or sleeveless . I remember convincing myself I couldnt eat past 6pm just so I could lose weight {even if I was staying up until 1 or 2 am to study} . That girl on the left? She was lost. Unsure what to do or where to turn, seeking all sorts of ways to cope, which led to more weight gain, more stress, even LOWER self-esteem, & simply existing/going through the motions of her life without a sense of direction. . The woman on the right? She is CONFIDENT in who she is and who she will become. She walks to the beat of her own drum, loves the skin shes in and knows how to better cope with stress. She enjoys a good brew 🍺 - not to escape what life is, but simply to enjoy the taste + savor the moment. She CHOOSES to move her body so she can get STRONGER not skinny💪🏼. She doesnt go on fad/crash diets or drink fat-slimming waterconcoctions she found on Pinterest ✌🏼️ & she no longer reaches for the quick fix because she knows she is worthy + capable of creating a lifestyle that FEELS good + is sustainable! . What changed? I joined a group...a community of positive, like-minded woman who all had a desire to feel confident + had failed doing this journey on their own. They were tired of viewing a healthy lifestyle as punishment, and wanted to create a life they desperately craved along with a sense of team and accountability. . March 2016 I joined my very first challenge group (which is now my fit club), & it COMPLETELY changed my life for the better. . We start FRESH on Monday. Are you in? #TRANSFORMATIONTUESDAY

So many times we get caught up in this lifestyle we think people lead. We scroll + scroll in awe of people whos life looks perfect on IG, or always looks put together 24/7, yet we dont stop + ask ourselves if that is really an accurate representation of someones life. . . . Are they posting pictures from when they were leaned out months ago to keep you interested without sharing the seasons where theyre building muscle/feeling fluffy? . Are they sharing those REAL LIFE moments when life gets crazy, they dont feel on top of the world, or they want to go out & have fun with friends? . Most of the time (in my experiences) the answer to those Qs is no. They are showing up + sharing what they feel people want to see instead of being HONEST & providing CONNECTION through the victories AND the struggles. . It is my MISSION to be authentic + share with you ALL my ups & downs + lessons learned in my journey. . Because the truth is, Im no different than you. {YES. You read that right} . This isnt a highlight reel. Or a fitness model page. This isnt the girl who has her life together 24/7. THIS IS ME. The REAL, Raw, Authentic version of me ✌🏼️ . •Im not always put together. {most days I LIVE out of workout clothes, my favorite jacket, dry shampoo and either no makeup or yesterdays smokey eye ✌🏼️} •I have my moments of stress and anxiety. •I have my moments of complete overwhelm. •I LOVE pizza 🍕 Margaritas 🍹 Beer 🍺 Tacos 🌮 Chocolate 🍫 & a hell of a good time 💃🏼 •I love to binge watch Netflix (especially anything crime/CSI or medical drama *cough cough #greysaddict **) •I dont always wake up itching to workout, but I grab my liquid gold ⚡️ & get it done because I love the way it makes me feel AFTER its done. •Ive struggled with weight + low self-esteem •Ive struggled with body image from a young age •I stress ate ALL throughout pharmacy school until I finally found my solution that works. . You see. Im no different that you at the core. The only thing thats different, is I decided to embrace me + make the changes I desperately needed (but resisted for years because I was afraid to try something new) . Stop fantasizing and start LIVING 😘 XOXO

L E V E L U P 🦄✨ >>> Imagine what would happen if you actually decided to step up your game. To shoot for the stars for once in your life... . . . . . What would your goals be? . What would your life look like? . How would you FEEL? . How would you look at your business/career or that opportunity thats been dangling in front of your face like a carrot the last few weeks/months/years? . What would your attitude be? . How would you carry yourself? . Based on my experiences? Its an AMAZING space to be in, and my confidence has SKYROCKETED because of it 👏🏼 . So, by all means, please do yourself a favor. . STOP imagining. And START doing ✨ . LEVEL THE EFF UP + CHASE THOSE DREAMS. . So your goals are big and scary? GOOD. That means they will challenge you to step up to the plate and make the necessary changes. . So youre not confident in yourself? LEVEL UP, & Take the action you would do if you were already there! {act as if you were a badass, confident woman 😉💋 because I know its in you girl} . So youre tired of not having spending money or working 9-5? COOL. Grab that opportunity youve been watching on the sidelines and RUN with it babe. The only thing stopping you are your limiting beliefs✌🏼️ . I get it. Change and challenges are all scary things. But you know what is even more scary? Going through the motions only to end up in the SAME place you are now a year from today. THAT $h*t is scary. . So I am begging you. Take a real hard look at yourself and your life. If you arent where you want to be, then take that action. LEVEL up. And chase those dreams like your life depends on it {because lets face it. The reality you crave actually DOES}. . And if youre too scared to do it alone? I GOT YOU BABE 💕✨ never sell yourself short because of fear. . Love and appreciate you all 💕 #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG _____________________________________________ #levelup #stepupyourgame #riseandgrind #dowhatyoulove #enjoylife #enjoythemoment #bossbabe #beyourownceo #ownyourlife #jobopportunity #nowhiring #laughteristhebestmedicine #motivation #thursdaythoughts #thursdaymotivation #inspiration #fitness #getfit #workfromhome #beachbody #beachbodycoach #pharmd

Even though shes thousands of miles away and is Team #Canada, shell always be my best friend, biz partner and my partner in crime 💕, but hey babe, do me a favor and move closer, k?💋 . If you need me, Ill be over here, Representing Team #USA 24/7, 365 days a year ✌🏼️✨🇺🇸🎉 . Jealous? Maybe next time you should join us 😉😘💋{We will be taking Indianapolis by storm again next year 🙌🏼 + wed love to have ya!} ________________________________________ #DYNAMICDUO #thatsmybestfriend #happybirthdayamerica #americathefree #murica🇺🇸 #thatshowwedoitroundhere #keepinitclassy #redwhiteandboom #dreamteam #authenticpursuitstrong #authenticpursuitwellness #feelingsassy #pharmd #pharmacist #doctor #pharmacyschool #healthcarestudents #indiana #proudamerican #fitness #getfit #jobopportunity #blondehairgirl #gap #hollister

Yes. Thats legitimately a TEAR under my eye, not sweat. I am SO freakin overwhelmed with pride in myself for FINALLY effing finishing my 80 day program (which pretty much turned into about 180+ days 😅). . Doing an hour long workout every day while finishing school, studying, working, etc. has NOT been easy. I decided to do phase 2 of the program a second time through because I missed so many days and wanted to fully finish this program to the end. . It was mentally challenging and Physically challenging, but Im proud to say Ive come out stronger on both ends! . I am so freaking excited and cannot wait to make the shift and transition to my new, shorter lifting program 😬 while I take my board exam, find a job and move 💕 {and if youre also in a crazy busy time in your life/cant workout more than four days a week, you NEED to do this with me🙌🏼} . Everyone is in a season. Everyone has different circumstances. But we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Use them to your advantage. Be RELENTLESS in chasing your goals. And NEVER. GIVE. UP. . You are only a few steps away from that next milestone. Dont you DARE give up now 😘 . All my love. XOXO -Lauren #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG . . . . #happytears #soeffingproud #crushyourgoals #nevergiveup #relentless #youcandoit #thestruggleisreal #progressnotperfection #keepgrinding #getfitdontquit #refusetosink #fitfromhome #homeworkouts #positivevibesonly #workhardforit #onedayatatime #pharmacist #pharmd #pharmacyschool #pharmacystudents #medicalstudents #doctor #nursingstudents #busylifestyle #alwaysonthego #quickworkouts #geterdone

I know what it feels like to go out with friends, feel like you have to micromanage your food and be super self-conscious about what you decide to eat. . I know what it feels like to get super stressed out and want to immediately reach for the chocolate, beer or tub of ice cream. . I know what it feels like to indulge in your favorite treat(s) only to feel hella guilty afterward. . I know how hard it can be to eat healthy when those around you want no part in it. . I know how mentally draining it is to try and count calories or what makes up a portion of something while trying to balance a hectic lifestyle, studying, etc. . I know what it feels like to overanalyze every decision I made in regards to food when I look in the mirror at the end of the day. . I get it. 111%. . But you know what? These days... . I also know how it feels to have food freedom. . I know how it feels to go out with friends and truly enjoy the moment without being in my own head about how long of a workout I need to do later. . I know how to get results and still embrace every season, joy, and hardship that life brings. . Thanks to one decision, I am now FREE from emotional eating and I am seeing results while enjoying the foods I love and crave! . I am looking for TWO women who are seeking food freedom and the life they truly crave! So if this is you. If you desire to enjoy the moment, be present and not be chained down by the holds of food and emotional eating - you NEED to do this with me! . And I know. Change can be scary. But nothing is scarier than staying where you dont belong 👊🏼✨ . DEADLINE to join me is TOMORROW NIGHT! . Drop an emoji below👇🏼 Comment Im in OR Message me 💌 . Whos ready to be free? 😍🙋🏼🍫🍺🍦🍕🌮🍹🍾 #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG . . . #goodbyestress #givemeallthecarbs #givemeallthefood #foodie #stresseater #stresseating101 #pizzaisbae #craftbeerenthusiast #chocoholicsanonymous #allidoiseat #humpdaymotivation #transformation #cleaneating #healthyfood #busylifestyle #onthego #studentlife #pharmacyschoolproblems #pharmacyschool #pharmacy #medical #doctor #pharmacist #pharmd #collegelife #studystudystudy #blondesdoitbetter

I woke up this morning, curious about how off track I got from fully leaning in and enjoying this week. And to my surprise, I wasnt so far off after all 🤔 I thought, HOW is it that this year I indulged WAY more than last, but managed to not get as off track as I did last year? . . . Despite a long {but so fun} week of drinking [practically every night] eating all the pizza and tacos, and enjoying every minute of that girls trip and work conference, I only came back about a pound off from where I was when I left on Tuesday?! So what was the difference?! >>MINDSET<< . I know that 👆🏼 sounds a little crazy, but it s so true! Last year I walked around feeling so conscientious about what I ate that when I did indulge I had to fight off the guilt trip of eating those things. 😖🙅🏼 This year? Thanks to my new nutrition program and learning how to have that balance, get results and STILL enjoy my life, I am able to truly enjoy myself in EVERY aspect of life {including my favs}🍫🌮🍕🍺🍾🍹🍦 . The whole point of a journey is that you are NOT going to be perfect. And you will have moments where you slip up. But the whole point of life is to effing enjoy that, babe! You cant go through life analyzing and critiquing your every move {been there, and its NOT fun}. You need to know that you CAN get those results and live the life you crave, you simply have to conquer your mind first! Want my help? Id love to continue on this journey WITH you and show you how my life has been changed forever! Drop an emoji below 👇🏼 or slide in my DMs 💌. Youre one decision away from a life of food freedom, so why not choose you, k? 😘 . XOXO -------------------------------------------- #foodfreedom #liveyourlife #livingonpurpose #progressnotperfection #foodie #beerenthusiast #coffeeaddict #starbucksaddict #pizzaisbae #allidoiseat #girlstrip #ohheyvacay #enjoythemoment #positivevibesonly #positivemindpositivelife #pharmacist #pharmd #medical #healthcarestudent #instainspo #inspiration #motivation #coachlife #beachbody #beachbodycoach #lifeshouldbefun #timetoworkout #getfitdontquit #fitforeverybody #authenticpursuitstrong

Working out at home, does not mean you have to go on this journey alone.✌🏼️ This morning we worked out with 30,000 + people in the middle of the streets at 6am. ALL different fitness levels, body shapes, seasons of life (saw many a pregnant women crushing it this morning 👏🏼). And the positivity and overall feel of this community is amazing. But guess what? It does NOT end when I leave Indy. Our virtual fit club is such an empowering and safe space to go on our journeys TOGETHER and encourage each other through all the struggles AND victories. & I would not be where I am today without all of these people 💕 Want some crazy amazing workout buddies, but also get to workout on your time and your terms? You NEED to get in here girl! We are here for you 111% 😘 {Drop an emoji below or apply in my bio so you can become #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG too 💕} XOXO 💋👯✨ . . . . . . #getfitdontquit #fitforeveryone #fitforeverybody #fitnessjourney #fitnesscommunity #workoutbuddies #positivevibes #positivepeopleonly #enjoylife #onthegoagain #busylifestyle #motivation #inspiration #pharmacist #pharmd #doctor #medical #blondesdoitbetter #nikepro #victoriasecretsport #thestruggleisreal

This new nutrition program is bringing back my fire for finding new foods/trying new recipes 😍 and I have to say it feels SO good to get back into it! {Would you believe this meal is 75% Veggies? 😱🤗} Oh, and the fact that Ive been eating HUGE portions AND seeing weight loss day to day? Freaking unreal 🙌🏼💕 Want the recipe for this Cajun Cauli Rice? Give me a heart or drop an emoji below!😘💕 #ITSWHATSFORDINNER #cauliflower #cauliflowerrice #newrecipe #recipeswap #eatcleangetlean #givemeallthefood #foodporn #instafood #humpdayvibes #humpdaymotivation #cajunsensation #healthyeating #healthyrecipes #authenticpursuitstrong #fuelyourbody #weightlosshacks #eatlikeyouloveyourself #getcreative #trynewthings #busylifestyle

After the first few 0.00 paychecks I had when I started this business, I remember looking at my bank account at the last pay week in march and getting so excited I made $100.00!😱 I figured if I could at least maintain my shakes🌱 and workouts🏋🏼‍♀️, afford a manicure💅🏻, or pay for dinner out with friends 👯 each month with my monthly earnings, Id be set! Because lets be honest, pharmacy school 📚 was no joke and I didnt have all this free time to work at the pharmacy 24/7 AND study (at least not with maintaining my sanity 🙃) . >>>And if you havent caught on yet, we are about to get super vulnerable and chat income 💰 so if you dont want to hear it or it makes you uncomfortable, please keep scrolling ✌🏼️<<< . When I started coaching, I couldnt fathom making the money I am now by using my phone, a wifi signal + working on my health every day. And if you had told me I could build this business while making my own business hours, getting healthy and strong, spending time with loved ones, AND getting my doctorate of pharmacy degree?? I probably would have laughed (obnoxiously) in your face. . Because of THIS, in the last two years I have been able to travel out of state to conferences, earned a trip to go to Haiti and the Bahamas next year, invest in online courses to grow my mindset and move from a space of fear to a space of clarity, treat my man on a date night here and there, pay for Christmas gifts, the list goes on... . I say all this not to brag, but because I want YOU to know its possible. You can build a business on the side, you can be successful, and your dreams dont have to be singular. Find your passion(S) and chase them hard! I am doing a SNEAK PEAK into what exactly I do as a coach and how we make an impact and build a business LIVE FROM INDIANA! 🔥 If youre remotely interested in learning (free info) about this opportunity comment below or message me! . *My company does not guarantee any level of success or income. Each coachs income depends on their level of effort and skill* ____________________________________________ #youcandoit #goaldigger #riseandgrind #humpdaymotivation #happyhumpday #helpwanted #jobopportunity #nowhiring

Laurens Secret To Moving Past Anxiety/Feeling In A Funk ✌🏼️🙃✨ 🔷Wear Bright Colors (my go-tos on a rainy day are usually bright blues, pinks or greens) ✨Seek out positive sources of encouragement every morning (I love diving into a few pages of a new personal development book while drinking my breakfast or listening to a podcast while I get ready) 💃🏼Pamper yourself. (Its easy to let yourself go if you arent required to dress nice or put on makeup each day, but sometimes its nice to clean up a bit, do your hair and make yourself feel a little more confident💕 and put together) ☕️Enjoy a warm beverage (theres something so comforting and inviting in the warmth of a cup of coffee or hot tea) 👯Find a tribe of women (or men) who lift you higher and encourage you to be the best you that you can be {my coaching fam is SERIOUSLY the bomb dot com} 💪🏼Get MOVING! Today I chose a 30 minute yoga practice at home instead of my normal heavy lifting and sliders routine and it was JUST what I needed 🙏🏼 . Life is short. Fears, anxiety, and depression will come or manifest itself in other areas of your life just when you think you have it mastered. But that doesnt mean that those fears and worries are your truth. ✋🏼 Acknowledge the fear, redefine the fear, and step into who you are meant to be, one self-care step at a time 💕 ____________________________________________ #youvegotthis #onedayatatime #focusonthegood #anxietyrelief #anxiousmind #depressionisreal #depressionisabitch #anxietyisabitch #loveyourself #takecareofyou #enjoythemoment #focusonthepresent #lifelessonswithlauren #livingonpurpose #encouragement #motivation #inspiration #positivevibes #blondesdoitbetter #longhairdontcare #helloitsme #findthesunlight #lifeisshort #authenticpursuitstrong

Yes, I love fitness and eating to fuel my body. BUT, I also love a drink with some coconut rum or tequila on the beach ✌🏼️ The truth is, I thought Id have to be perfect {giving up everything I enjoyed - nights out with friends, drinking on the beach with Colton, eating out, etc} in order to be a successful coach and lead others in their fitness journeys. And man...was I wrong lol 🙃✌🏼️☀️ . What it ACTUALLY takes to be a successful coach? Kindness. A love for helping people. Authenticity/Showing up as you are. A Big Heart. And hard work.👊🏼💫 And if I can do this? You can too! . Yes. Working out at home and delicious chocolatey superfoods CHANGED my life. But when I reflect on my coaching journey? My life has been changed in SO many beautiful ways, and I am SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL for it. . Now? Its your turn! I want to mentor & reach YOU on how to grow a business with nothing but a wifi signal + being yourself ✌🏼️✨ Link is in my bio to apply for 1 of 3 spots open on Team Authentic Pursuit! 😘 . Happy FRIYAY babes!🔥😎💕 ____________________________________________ • • • • • #nowhiring #helpwanted #jobopportunity #workfromhome #makeyourownschedule #beyourownboss #healthandwellness #fitnessinspiration #fitchicks #enjoylife #givemeallthetequila #illdrinktothat #beachdays #paradiseoceanclub #livingonpurpose #beyourself #summerready #beachplease #authenticpursuitstrong #authenticpursuitwellness

The ONLY thing standing in your way is YOU. . ✌🏼️MOST people quit a workout program before even completing one week . ✌🏼️MOST people dont want to try something out of the norm because they find change is scary . ✌🏼️MOST people dont have the opportunity to have a virtual community of AMAZING people encouraging and motivating them on their fitness journey . ✌🏼️MOST people ARENT YOU. . Im here to tell you that you CAN beat the odds, you CAN reach your goals, and you CAN find an amazing support system that doesnt require intimidation, competition, or the gym environment, and you CAN achieve what you once thought impossible. You simply must TAKE ACTION and BELIEVE. . We start fresh EVERY MONDAY! Message me, comment an emoji below, or apply in the link in my bio if you want to beat those odds 👌🏼💕 . ALL that you need is WITHIN You. . XOXO, Lauren (Authentic Pursuit Wellness) #AUTHENTICPURSUITSTRONG _____________________________________________ #dontgiveup #getfitdontquit #transformyourmindset #transformationtuesday #morningmotivation #fitspiration #fitnessinspiration #lifestylechange #beattheodds #beattheodds #progressnotperfection #withoutstrugglethereisnoprogress #workhard #pharmacist #pharmd #dr #lifeisshort #chooseyou #beachbodycoach #healthandwellness #beachbody

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