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Commencer la semaine par un jour de congé quel bonheur. Ce matin, le temps est un peu cotonneux et moi aussi. Je suis endolorie et fatiguée de mon tournoi et encore un peu au ralenti mais ravie. Au programme cette semaine. 💕☁🍑🔥😴🌄 L : cardio March it out ! @jennyfordfitness + étirements M : repos et étirements M : cardio dance @keairalashae J : cardio dance + kickboxing @keairalashae V : repos WE : Badminton + renfo . Im begining the week nice and smoothly with a day off. Today everthing is calm and cloudy and so am I. Still tired and sore of my tournament but happy as possible. Heres my schedule for the week : 😁👟👊💕🎉🔥☕ M : cardio March it out ! @jennyfordfitness + stretching T : rest + streching W : cardio dance @keairalashae T: kickboxing @keairalashae F: rest WE : Badminton + strenght #monday #mondaymotivation #quotes #mondaymood #newgoals #newweek #motivation #workout #train #training #trainlikeagirl #trainhard #getstrong #getfit #workhard #sport #sportaddict #happy #ahappyphotoaday #healthyisthenewskinny #selflove #peace #progress #breathe #relax #focus #workoutcomplete #fitgirlsdontquit #weightwatchersfrance #workout

𝕊𝕠𝕦𝕝𝕗𝕠𝕠𝕕 🍤 Gestern Abend haben wir uns diese Jungs hier schmecken lassen. Gemäß einer fairen Arbeitsteilung hab ich gepult und mein Mann hat zugeguckt, ihm war es zu heiß 😉 Wir haben die Riesengarnelen mit Chili- und Knoblauchöl in der Auflaufform in den Ofen mit Grill geschoben und fertig war nach 12 Min. das Festmahl 😋 Danach dann das Fitnessprogramm (s. Story) 😊 Guter Abend! Heute ist wieder ein Tag Recovery angesagt, hab auch genug zu arbeiten und käme ohnehin nicht dazu... Wünsche allen einen guten Start in die Woche! 🤗

▫️ 𝓔𝓪𝓽 𝓰𝓵𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓫𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝓯𝓪𝓼𝓽 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓮 𝓪𝓵𝓵 𝓭𝓪𝔂▫️ . . . #fotd #food #goodmorning #breakfast #startyourdayright #instafood #cleaneating #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthyisthenewskinny #fitgoals #fitgirl #fitgirlmotivation #fitinspiration #fitfood #fitfam #gesundessen #gesundeküche #fitnessküche #kitchenqueen #kitchenstories #lowcarb #lowcarbrecipes #foodlove #foodography #foodblogger #foodstagram

#healthyisthenewskinny . Black Label Gourmet uses only 3 ingredients! 100% #USDA certified ORGANIC seaweed, 100% USDA certified ORGANIC olive oil, sun-dried sea salt and nothing else! . Declious is just an added bonus! 💯👍🏻😍 . Top rated seaweed on Amazon! ☑️ Link in Bio

So yummy! @feliciafitnesshealth French onion chicken recipe! Only 1sp!!! Baked potato with spray butter and rf sour cream 5sp! This dinner was so filling and only 6sp! I will definitely be making this again! #weightwatchersrecipes #weightwatchers #ww #wwfreestyle #wwsmartpoints #weightlossjourney #wwdinner #wwfooddiary #wwlifestyle #wwcommunity #beyondthescale #healthyisthenewskinny #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #wwfood #smartpoints #weightloss #wwstrong #thisismyjourney

Besties 👯 ice cream and our Bum Candy undies... #funtimes😎 #yumbumundies

My wireless earphones died 5 mins into my workout this morning. I feel completely distracted and like the earphone #withoutpower Halfway through my bike ride and willing myself with the gyms bad music playing! #NoExcuses #weightlosstransformation #accountability  #healthyisthenewskinny #youcandoit #thisgirlcan  #weightlossgoals #weightlossstory #cardio #weightloss #bodytransformation  #healthyfamily #gym #caloriecounting #exercise #weightlossfamily #weightlossjourney #keto #ketodiet #ketotransformation #ketoweightloss #food #foodphotography #englandrugby #myprotein #lowcarbhighfat

Always sitting humbly between Success and Failure 🧘🏾‍♂️

I absolutely love that I can eat delicious food at a fancy restaurant and stick to my 80/20 lifestyle without having to sacrifice flavor and quality. #CleanEating #HealthyLiving #HealthyIsTheNewSkinny #EatTheRainbow #Arbonne30

Hi guys! ✨ Would you believe me if I said that I attempted to create/run a blog, without a laptop? I just purchased my first MacBook and I’m MIND BLOWN! 🤯🤯 y’all have a lot of blogger nonsense coming ya way! Link in Bio ✨♥️ • • • • #effyourbeautystandards #boldncurvy #plusmodel #healthyisthenewskinny #bodypostivity #plussizemodel #curvemodel #blackgirlmagic #blackexcellence #thickerthanasnicker #fullfiguredfashion #psblogger #blogger #plussizeisbeautiful #plussizebeauty #losangeles #mixedgirl #curvesarein #curvesarebeautiful #goldenconfidence #celebratemycurves

3 months with this wonderful man ! Not a lot of time, but I look forward to every day I get to spend with you! Thank you for being my best friend 💜 @thetrueryguy #relationshipgoals

Ya’ll, I am THE WORST at asking for help. 💔 I have this tendency to push myself until my absolute breaking point - which usually ends up being a meltdown in front of a lot of people 😬 So to all my Thanksgiving hosts and hostesses this week, I want you to know that it is OKAY to ask for help. ✨ It doesn’t mean you can’t do it on your own! 👑 It just means you don’t HAVE to. 💕 Don’t miss A SELF CARE THANKSGIVING on the blog this week to catch more ways to take care of yourself this holiday season 🦃 {link in bio}

Flexible dieting is the best. I calorie banked 952 calories this week to spend on wine and these loaded baked potatoes tonight for thanksgiving we hosted early. I didn’t end up using all of the calories or even close, but it was great to have the option and not feel guilty! And little man helped make them 😍 Shout out to my coach @coreymacrosinc for helping me have a positive thanksgiving experience and not feel guilty for eating some of the good stuff. Normally I’d just call it a cheat day and eat whatever I want and feel sick. Not today!

Ok, can you believe theres only SIX weeks left of 2018?! Because I can’t!! 🙋🏼‍♀️ . When I think of the holidays, the first things that often come to mind are the decorating 🎄, the shopping 🛍, the parties 💃🏼 & of course all of the FOOD🍗 + DRINKS🍷 . (SO much eating & drinking that most people will gain EIGHT to TEN pounds over the next 6 weeks alone 😳) . I can tell you, this is one time I do ✖️NOT✖️ want to fit in with the crowd! . Want to go against the grain WITH ME this holiday season & end 2018 feeling INCREDIBLE?!? 🙌🏻 . Why wait another 6 weeks to start your New Years Resolutions when you could start NOW & be well on your way, if not AT your goal by January 1st!! 🎊 . Well be focusing on progress, NOT perfection, BELIEVE ME, I look forward to all the family baked goods 🍪 and popping that champagne! 🥂 . I will provide you with EVERYTHING youll need.... . 30 minute daily at-home workouts 💪🏻 . Super simple eating plan to follow in between your holiday events 🍴 . 30 day supply of my fave superfood shake 🌱 --> my secret weapon to combatting cravings . Support & accountability from a bunch of ladies all working on ending 2018 better 👯‍♀️ . Tips to make healthier choices over the holidays🎅🏻 . A ton of holiday inspired recipes 🥧 . Prizes!!! 🎁 . ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• . Its time to kickstart those resolutions NOW & end this year BETTER!!! 😘🎉 . EARLY BLACK FRIDAY 💵SALE💵 STARTS NOW!!! . Comment below with 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ or DM ME FOR MORE DETAILS (spots are limited & will fill up FAST!!) . #weightlosstransformation #upliftersunited #beforeandafter #amazingtransformations #onedayordayone #christmas2018 #healthyholidays #healthyholidayrecipes #newyearsresolution #holidayweightloss #newyearnewme #fitnessaftered #balancedliving #happyandhealthy #fitfam #healthyisthenewskinny #strongisthenewskinny

Today I participated in my first 5K. I went & ran by myself. The whole car ride to New York, I cried. Today has been SUCH an emotional day. To think, a year ago today was my last shift in the bar scene. Later that night I went back with my boyfriend to continue the celebrating. I kept getting up & “going to the bathroom” but really I was hiding in the server station taking shots. When my boyfriend asked what took so long, I would say “oh I was talking to someone.” I hid how much I drank from him. I never liked to admit it. Long story short, I blacked out (as per usual) that night, & when I got back to my boyfriends house I ended up falling down the stairs (10 of them to be exact) & smashing into a fan & closet at the end of the steps. LUCKILY I didn’t get hurt, the worst of it was a giant bruise on my ass the next morning. I am so grateful that I never smacked my head on the stairs. Truthfully, I could’ve easily died that night. My boyfriend asked if I was okay & my response was “yes” but he said he saw this look in my eyes that I’ve never shown before, a look like I’m really not okay. I swore off the booze for a little while since I was pretty scared after what had just happened. I ended up making it through all of the holidays without alcohol, & realized that it wasn’t a necessity in my life. It only made matters worse. So after getting sober, I really started to focus on my health. I started working out regularly, changing my eating habits, & really started to become the person I’ve always wanted to be. I masked so many emotions for years under alcohol, & it was finally time to set them free. This last year has been one of the absolute best. I’ve grown SO much, experienced SO much, & learned what my priorities in life are. I’m so grateful to be alive. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve been through because it’s a constant reminder of how I DON’T want to live my life. That was just a few rough chapters. I’ve turned the pages now, fresh blank pages & I’m creating a positive story. I’m proud of myself. Never in a million years did I think I would have the courage to run a 5K by myself, but I did it. I can do anything (Donuts are also a good incentive to run)😉

That’s my kinda Sunday, especially as winter comes around the corner ☕️❄️ 10 points if you didn’t even leave your bed... #HTFIT #lazydays #sundaymood #myonedayoff

Last night I laid down in bed and “every worrier is a warrior” popped into my head. “Oh, I should put that on a cake,” was my immediate reaction, which was quickly followed by wondering if I’d made it up or heard it somewhere before. I Googled it and found no matches — a relief to me, as I’m always worried I’ll run out of things to say to you. ... This idea that every worrier is a warrior is something I believe with my whole heart and I hope that maybe this will help even just one person feel it, too. It takes grit and courage to live with anxiety. That means you’re strong, even when you feel like you aren’t 💖

✨Takes less than 1 minute to enter! ✨ 💪 Head to @myshopcrushgiveaway One of our followers will win this amazing prize!  Included is an Apple Watch, Nike Shoes, Water Bottle, Exercise Ball, and an Amazon Gift Card. (Other color options and PayPal cash option available) Entering is Fast and Simple: 1️⃣ ‘Like’ this giveaway photo above ❤️ 2️⃣ Head to @myshopcrushgiveaway for directions to enter in less than one minute! . 🍀Optional Bonus Entry: Tell us below what your favorite workout is and tag your workout partner below. 👇 . Winner will be picked randomly, account must be public, ends 11/21 11:59pm EST. Open internationally but additional cost may apply. DISCLAIMER: Per Instagram rules, this is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc, Nike, Apple, Amazon or any other brand in this package. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited. By entering, entrants confirm they are 18+ years old, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagrams term of use.

.....ITS TIME ...BLESSINGS AND MORE BLESSINGS.... LETS GET IT ..FAMILY..🙏🌎🙏🌎💯📰📰📰📰✈📽🎬📣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥@Regran_ed from @dirty_dome_records_ - @therealdankeryharv313 of Frank n dank ! x @tranzformer x @smashbroshiphop “ late night labour “ dropping nov.23rd! Stay Tuned to hear these nasty flips ! Ft @cashusking @hiqtnk @goldinibagwell and more ! - . . #technews #newstart #breakingnews #newsong #news #goodnews #entertainmentnews #newseason #newsingle #instanews #sportsnews #web #magazine #worldnews #site #hiphopmusic #article #newspaper #musicnews #sportnews #celebritynews #fashionnews #healthyisthenewskinny #marketing #newsletter #social #artnews #foxnews #ecommerce #sneakernews

It never fails. Why is it that the batteries for the fire alarms always go off during the night, when everyone is sleeping instead of 2pm in the afternoon? Amiiiright? The only upside to being woken up at the ass crack of dawn was that I used that time to get a long strength session in without feeling rushed. After surviving a trip to Ikea and managing to still be married, I had an easy paced 6 mile run. The true test of a marriage is surviving the maze through IKEA without losing a child or your mind. I also believe that anyone thinking about marriage needs to buy anything requiring assembly and build it together as a couple. If you can survive that experience, proceed to say “I do”, lol! Happy Sunday RunDay or Funday Friends!!

Feeling zen AF thanks to Graham at @yogalifestudios and our Warm Yin class tonight 🙏🏼✨ The first of my @lululemonyeg Practice Membership workouts, and a year of growth and visits to different studios around the city 😊 Feeling so blessed to have sweat in between these two beauties tonight! . Fun fact: Graham was actually the instructor that made me fall in love with yoga many, many moons ago, back in 2012 (?) when I practiced almost daily. 🌙 It’s been years since I’ve had a practice with him but today reminded me of why yoga held such a special place in my heart back then, and why I always turned to his classes ❤️

thinking about bae ( @starbucks ) like 🤤


Crazy to think they’re only 8 weeks left in 2018! 😳 I am looking for 10 accountability partners to end 2018 feeling amazing! This does not mean you don’t get to enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas and the holiday parties in between. Let’s be real... I plan to enjoy all of those things too! 🥂 🦃 🍪 Here’s what you can expect for FREE... 🎄One on one coaching with me 🎄All of my tips for staying on track during the holidays. 🎄 Access to all of my go-to snacks and easy meal ideas (2 of your meals are taken care of each day with delicious, nutritious meal replacement shakes) super convenient 🙌 🎄$200 product coupon when you complete the isabody challenge! 🎄FB Support group & accountability. and 🎄 Natural energy to get you through the holidays with ease! ❤️ Grab your friends and let’s get skinny for Santa 🎅🏾 together! #nutritionalcleansing #nutrition #beautyinsideandout #healthandwellness #doitfortheafterphoto #diet #weightlosstransformation #cleaneating #healthylifestyle #transformationtuesday #healthyisthenewskinny #superfood #nothingtolosebutweight #fatburningcleanse #guaranteedresults #weightlossjourney #weightlossprogram #weightlossgoals #weightlossmotivation #weightlosstips #30dayfatburningsystem #detox #weightlossadvisor #cleansing

They say confidence is sexy, but then they call you vain if you dare to smile at the sight of your body naked in the mirror. Fuck humble. Vanity is only a sin because a woman who believes she deserves good things is harder to commodify. Humility is the virtue we were taught to keep us quiet... Glori B. (Gloria C. Adams) Stay loud, babes. Be raucous. Be vibrant. Be self-assured. Never, ever silence your shining sense of worth. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #SaturdayFeels #SelfLove #SelfConfidence #BeYourOwnHappy #WildAndFree #Growth #WorthyAF #Vancouver #VanWA #HealthyIsTheNewSkinny #StrongNotSkinny #FitAndTattooed #LooseSkin #KnowYourWorth #LoveThyself #PNW #PDX #FitAtAnySize #Sparkle

The holidays can be a be a special time to spend with loved ones and be a beautiful time of year. For others, it can a time that is filled with stress, anxiety and hurt either from strained relationships or pain from the past. For me, growing up as a child, my holidays were spent divided between my parents who were divorced, which looking back, was the beginning of my anxiety and insecurity. I honestly dreaded going in between homes because unfortunately, the ugliness and bitterness from the divorce was used as a weapon against us as children. I can remember the awful things that were said, feel the hostility, was weighed down by anxiety, consumed by shame and most of the time felt *responsible* for animosity that permeated the atmosphere. I remember hiding underneath my grandparents pool table for hours, making a pretend home filled with my favorite toys to escape the chaos. • As much as it was ground zero for so much of my insecurities and feelings of insignificance, it was also the birthplace of my resolve to NEVER create a life or future that resembled my childhood. At the age of 7, I had no idea how to achieve this other than always gravitating towards the complete opposite of my childhood experiences. It was definitely a burden that was hard to navigate, especially when I was consumed with so much guilt and fear that no child is equipped to handle. It wasn’t until I had children of my own that many of the burdens I was carrying for so long resurfaced and I finally had the strength to let it go. • My sweet friends, we may not be that 7 year old who was used as pawn in a bitter divorce hiding under a pool table anymore but that doesn’t mean the pain isn’t still raw or real. It’s time we give back that baggage and let go of that burden that was never ours to carry. We all have different stories but share the weight of the pain that it’s held in our life. The holidays can definitely trigger painful pasts and I’m truly sorry. My wish for you is to find a way to start the healing process, unpack all that baggage and use that new space to fill it with strength, love and resolve to relentlessly pursue inner peace. Once we understand our past, we can heal from it.

Cheers to the friends in our lives that we can really be ourselves with 🤸 . The ones that embrace our weird, goofy tendencies. . The ones that are there to celebrate the good times. . And the ones that are there for you during the downs. . They are the support network that helps to motivate and inspire. . They are the glue that holds things together when sometimes it feels like all the pieces are falling apart. . Your friends should be valued by quality over quantity . Two best friends are stronger than a thousand acquaintances. . I keep my friends circle very tight. . They are my family. . And I wouldnt change that for the world. . Who do you have in your circle to support you? . Tag someone in your friends circle to say thanks for their friendship! ✨💓🤗 . 📷 featuring my lucky charm 🌈 @maurs11 . #fitfeminist #fitfemales #healthyisthenewskinny #fitfemales #strongisthenewsexy #fitgirls #powerofpositivity #dietitianofinstagram #nutritioncoach #empoweringwomen #selflove #friendsforever #girlfriendsbelike #friendshipgoals #girlsquad #friendcircle

#Repost @healthyisthenewskinny with @get_repost ・・・ Let’s go get her.❤️ #healthyisthenewskinny #girls #magic @positive_vibe_tribe

Shot with @semaj.shuttersnaps today. Wait until you see what we created together!!! (Obviously) we had some Rosie The Riveter action — but can’t wait to share the rest!!! 💪🏽😍🍩🍭

Are you ready to be inspired? Mike from Herbal One Cobourg has lost 53 lbs. and 51 inches in 5 months with Herbal One! He did it! So can you! Get started today and become one of our next success stories! Message us to book your FREE CONSULTATION! . . . . . . . . #HerbalOneSuccessStory #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #gethealthy #accountability #commitment #healthyisthenewskinny #youcandoit #weightlossgoals #weightlossstory #losingweight #weightlosscoach #oneonone #support #motivation #inspiration #bodytransformation #healthylife #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #healthyfood #healthychoices #healthyfamily #freeconsultation #noobligation #exclusive #herbalsupplements #proudlycanadian

Cooking tip for the day: 🗣 When cooking in the crockpot, don’t forget to plug it up 🤦🏽‍♀️ I “started” dinner in the crockpot, turned it on high and an hour later realized that I never plugged it up 😩 So, this is my quick dinner. 2 points for the hot dog and 2 points for the bun. Swipe left to see 👈🏽 #weightlossjourney #weightloss #staypositive #ificanyoucan #iamaworkinprogress #healthyisthenewskinny #healthjourney #fitfam #wwfreestyle #wwcommunity #wwmoms #wwjourney #healthyliving #wwfooddiary #wwfoodjournal #wwlifestyle #wwigfamily #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #healthylifestyle #inspire #fitfam #healthjourney #healthyisthenewskinny #staypositive #motivate #healthychoices #lifestyle

It isnt the clothes that make the farmgirl. Its the attitude and heart. If you live in western Canada then you know what an insane fall this was with rain and snow and everyone giving it their all to get the crop off when they could. Farming is risky👨‍🌾👩‍🌾🚜. Theres no guarantee🚫. But theres zero guarantees when it comes to careers and jobs either. Ive never been a fan of putting all your eggs in one basket. 🥚🥚🥚And neither is my hubby. Beyond farming he also has his trades. Beyond my 9-5 I started doing brand strategy + website design👩‍💻. Now beyond being a Mom + Farmwife Ive got this amazing health + wellness biz with @Arbonne 🌱. So grateful that this biz allows you to learn as you go, grow at your own pace and do it in the nooks and crannies of an extremely busy life. I may not be where I want to be yet, but I know where Im going 💃. Whats your backup plan?

I’m terrible at posting consistent content, so here’s the final shot in my Halloween series 😂👻👽🎃☠️ | 📷: @heytjletsplay #thisishalloween #halloween #betterlatethannever #carrie #duh #impromptuphotoshoot

Today is day 7 of our #21daychallenge and I wanted to keep you all motivated to start week two! So, I called my digital trainer @chasetucker who I have officially done 50 boot camp classes with on the @onepeloton app! He had so many great insights on the importance of your mindset! ”You dont have to hate the process!” Is one that stuck with me. Why do so many of us have this automatic negative response to even the idea of working out? Watch our call and join the conversation to learn the three things @chasetucker says will change your relationship with health for good! 👏🏽💪🏽❤️ link in profile! #healthyisthenewskinny #21daychallenge #katiehwillcox #day7 #trainertips

One year appart and I cant believe the difference in my face shape! . . . The biggest change though is my mental health , when this first photo was taken I was deep in depression after losing my twin sister and I was trying to prove to everyone that I was ok , that I was strong , this was not the case , I was at my heaviest, dropped out of study and wasnt going to work most days. . . . But I did get through and starting to move my body again was a game changer for me. . . . Find your type of training and one day you will love it , one day you will feel better, you dont have to be strong every day, if anyone wants to talk to me about depression, grief or weightloss , flick me a message, much love from your not so perfect personal trainer oxo . . . #facetoface #weightloss #mentalhealth #selfloveisthebestlove #mentalhealthawareness #facetofacefriday #strongwomen #strengthtraining #girlwholift #womenwholift #womenshealth #womenimpowerment #workingonmyself #selfcare #septumpiercing #selflove #fitgirl #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fit #fitnessgirl #justmove #bodypositive #bodytransformation #bodypositivity #girlswithtattoos #StrongNotSkinny #HealthyIsTheNewSkinny #FitAtAnySize

Sunday’s are for girls days 🙌🏼 And @redcowmn

New day, new week, new feels 💫 did you wake up dreading the week? Or pumped for a fresh start? Either way you have the choice to make it a positive day or a negative one. The choice is yours as soon as you wake! . . Turn your moody Monday into a motivated one!! 💪🏽 Did you know exercise in the morning can boost your endorphins for the rest of the day - the natural happy hormones!! . . . #gym #ec #enlivencoaching #grouptraining #brookvale #manly #deewhy #northernbeaches #fitnessmotivation #sydney #healthyisthenewskinny #health #strong #fitnesslife #fitspiration #fitspo #eatclean #fit #workout #motivation #healthy #fitness #run #yoga #crossfit #realmuscleisheart #positive #musclerepublic

Back with the @healthyisthenewskinny girl gang trying out Boxing at @mayweatherfitla ! Swipe through to see what the class looked like! And peep your girl’s awesome shadow boxing movement! I practice Muay Thai so attending this event was a blast and super exciting! But for some it was a first time experience and we all know new experiences can make us nervous or uncomfortable. Take a look at Katie Willcox speaking about not missing out on experiences that are good for our bodies but may be out of our comfort zone! We have the ability to create a safe space with wonderful people when we go forth and jump into something crazy like boxing! With all these supportive and amazing women by our side we kicked ass! Shoutout to the awesome coaches at that helped us through the workout, check them out fam! Join HNS for the next event and take a chance on something new! You will feel aliveeee!! #healthyisthenewskinny #bodypositivity #boxing #mayweatherfitla #werk #werkout #shadowboxing #fitness #positivity #strength #persevere #alive #training #badass #girlgang

One of the secrets to longevity is maintaining a healthy diet. Consuming the right foods is a major key to the foundation of good health. News feed: : 💊 There is no magic pill to health, there’s simply not one pill out there that can give you all that you need every single day! . . I’ve had people talk to be about taking this supplement or that and that’s great and the more goodness in meant greater output !! . But it’s more than that- . There are numerous foods that contribute to a positive wellbeing. . However, not all of them have superpowers and healing properties. There are many foods on my food for mood check list, a list that contains various nutrients, but they all share a few common benefits – they help prevent disease, strengthen the immune system and contain the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for proper bodily functions... . . Here’s the shock 😮 they are all real, no pills 💊 no magic potion just real food. . If you’d love to know more and be part of a supportive healthy community pop on over to my healthy FB tribe, we’d love to have you there. . 💊 💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊. 🍌🍉🍏🍒🥑🍇🍍🍓🥝🍋. . . . #foodformood #foodforthought #healyourhealth # #healthyisthenewskinny #happyandhealthy #happyandhealthylife #wellnesscoachforwomen #womenshealth #iin #mindset #nutrition

The kinda tacos your vegan friends will be TACO-ing about for weeks ✨ Pun game weak, plant based taco game strong 🤘🏼 Recipe in the new bloggg, ooooo FIRST RECIPE BLOG POST EVAAAA!!! Lank in bioooo! ⛓🌮👩🏽‍🍳 #plantstrong #veggielife #everydayistacotuesday

💚This mama said “YES” to herself 5 months ago and is never looking back! I stopped using the excuse of not having time (average 25-45 minutes for these programs) and stopped telling myself I’ll start next week...5 months ago I made the best decision of my life and joined an incredibly motivating team!! 💚Yes, I still modify moves and do the workouts at my own pace. Yes, there are days I am sore and just not feeling it in the beginning, but there has never been a workout I regretted doing! 💚I don’t stress about food anymore because I have an easy to follow meal plan specialized for me without restricting myself. Making one healthy decision has lead to another and another and have now gained a support system, strength💪🏻and confidence! 💚In the season of giving, NOW is the best time to give to yourself. Be PROUD of your decision to live a health life, guilt free. Message me, I am here to chat!

Amazing what a little bit of eyeshadow can do... On another note, I got my morning cardio in. Lifting shoulders after work and then another 30-60 more minutes on the treadmill... Appetite is next to nothing today but I am stuffing my face to meet my macros. Made a conscious decision to go mostly plant based due to not liking meat hardly at all anymore. Supplements all taken today (burn and define vitapak, hair skin and nails gummies, biotin) and on track to stop eating at 7 pm. Overall Id say Im ending/starting my week off right (however you want to look at it)! #progressnotperfection #healthyisthenewskinny #selfmade #iifym #iifymgirls #girlswithtattoos #workoutmotivation #girlswholift #fitspo #fitsporation #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosscommunity #fatloss #happiness #balance #foodforthought

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