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LADIES, I’m not sure if this is for you, but hear me out... . . How would you feel if your back and arms were more toned and firm? . . For Val (@happy_dawgs_and_catz), it’s a new feeling and look for her that she is completely embracing. A new level of joy and confidence has taken over her being...she’s loving the grind and lifestyle of becoming more fit. . . How open minded would you be to becoming more toned? Just imagine what your best self would look and feel like, then aim higher📶. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

GOOD DAY🌞// How open minded would you be to trying a Beet Root Latte☕️? I tried one and it’s actually pretty good, and #plantbased. . . Do something this weekend that intrigues you to step outside of your comfort zone. Just imagine the growth you can create for yourself by stepping outside of that “SAFE PLACE” more often📶... . . How you could discover more of what you like and dislike. . . How stronger of a connection you would have to your strengths and weakness. Step outside of that comfort zone. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

AVOCADO 🥑 Toast for the win. . . Many nutrients(vitamins and minerals) we eat are fat soluble, which means we need the presence of fat in our system to absorb them. Avocado is a fruit which can help your body do it’s job properly. They also inhibit cancer cell growth🤙. . . Bust it open, don’t cut yourself lol, and spread it on some sprouted grain bread. You’ll have a nutrient dense snack that may surprise your taste buds😋. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem #nutritionalcoaching

This Upper Body HIIT workout was fueled by Plants 🌱🍃. #plantbased . . Try this routine next time your in the mood for a quick and efficient workout. Short on time? No biggie🤷🏾‍♂️. . . 🔸3 ROUNDS 🔸30 Sec On; 20-30 Sec Rest 🔸2 min rest after 1 round ➡️1A: Alt Sled Push ➡️1B: DB Renegade Row ➡️1C: Spider Man Push Ups ➡️1D: Burpee To Wide Grip Pull Up ➡️1E: Jump Jack Jump Rope . . Enjoy y’all, make sure you eat some plants for post workout fuel😉🌊. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

💦 Fruit Highlight: Mango🔸 #plantbased . . My favorite fruit of all time #goat. What’s yours? . . A plant based diet calls for roughly 3-5 servings of fruit per day. Mangos are sweet, dripping wet with juice and natural sugar (emphasis on natural). They register low on the glycemic index which makes them safe for diabetics😎. . . The flesh is filled with dietary fiber which can aid in weight loss and lower cholesterol. . . Mangos are also great for efficient digestion, sex drive, and clearer skin. Not too bad right? #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem 🌊

Fueled by plants 🌱, and sometimes pizza 🤷🏾‍♂️. What is a plant based diet? . . A plant based diet is exactly what it says. The base🔺 of your diet consists of food sourced directly from plants, minimal to no processing⬇️. . . Everyone is different; my food intake is about 90% Plant Based, the other 10% is whatever I want. Sometimes I will eat meat, lately is been roughly 1-3 times in a month. . . I’ll still eat cookies, pizza, and donuts because I’m not aiming for perfection and I still enjoy them right now. I listen to my body while applying discipline to keep my health in check based on what I want for myself. . . My goal is to simply share info with you guys so that you can find your own way with the plant based lifestyle💪🏽. It’s very different because if you’re like me you’ve been raised to eat a standard way. Just be patient with yourself. Don’t stress and aim to eat more plants 😉. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem 🌊

#PlantBased Breakfast🥣 . . So many ideas to choose but here’s a simple breakfast that’s satisfying and nutrient dense. . . 🥣 Organic Maple Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal (2 packs) ➡️ 1 Tsp Maca Powder (great for hormone balance, energy, and amino acids) ➡️ 1 Tsp Cacao Powder (one of the highest sources of Magnesium found on the 🌍) ➡️1 Handful of Pumpkin Seeds (healthy fat, great source of amino acids) . . I will add that I do eat fruit before anything else for breakfast. When you do this, the fruit will gently wake up your GI Tract, act as a cleanser, and give you incomparable energy. Give it a shot and feel free to save this to refer back to🌊🌊. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

Mindset➕Experiences = You (Swipe left to see an embarrassing pic of me) #millennials . . I’m extremely passionate about a specific mindset and how it can completely dictate your ability to transform your health and level of fitness. . . I’ll continue to share and express this passion because I understand some of you may be struggling to figure out how to get this fitness thing🤔. . . FACT ABOUT ME: I was never an athlete. I did run 3 months of indoor track in high school. But I quickly realize I sucked at sports lol. Which was good. Less time spent on things I just wasn’t good at. More time spent on discovering myself. . . However, I was apart of the JROTC program at my HS. Drill practice, weekly uniform inspection, and so much more that I hated. I now see where some of my discipline came from. Through the experiences of being apart of that program. Do you feel discipline is something you can develop over time? I do. . . Take away from all of this ➡️ You are the sum of your experiences. Want a different sum (YOU)? Start changing your experiences. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem #coaching

Write these Affirmations Down. They can help you become more in tune with your thoughts and reverse not so favorable self talk...over time. Write them on post it notes, place on a mirror or somewhere you lock your eyes on everyday. . . • I AM everything I need to be happy. • I AM healthy. • I AM a handsome/beautiful person. • I AM a person who understands failure is nothing more than a learning experience. • I AM capable of receiving everything I desire to have. • I AM a person who does not give up on a goal I really wish to accomplish. • I AM calm, at peace and stress free. • I AM not going to let one minor negative situation govern my emotions. • I AM a great communicator. • I AM the reason some should and could smile more. • I AM _______________ *fill in your blank*. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem 🌊🌊🌊

The upper back can be a tricky area to engage🤨. Poor engagement can lead to poor posture and less than ideal muscle and strength gains. . . Here’s a quick tutorial on the Reverse Delt Fly. Try this👀: ➡️4 Sets of 12-15 ➡️ 60 sec Rest Period ➡️ No need for heavy weight for this exercise. Light load, focus on muscle contraction. . . I’m slowly but surely working on more in depth video tutorials for you guys, thanks for being patient🌊💪🏽. Let me know if this quick tutorial helped you in any way! #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

😁#Smile for 20-30 seconds straight. It will literally trick your brain into being happier, eliminating many thoughts of anger, sadness, or pessimism. You may end up laughing like I did. . . You woke up today which is a blessing. Seize the damn day🌊. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

Here’s a quick “Blitz Tutorial” explaining the set up for the Barbell Deadlift🌊💪🏽. Audio included, trying to something new. Let me know if this helped you. . . 🤾🏽‍♂️Guys, want back and shoulder gains? Learn to deadlift. 🤾‍♀️Ladies, want a toned mid section and booty gains? Learn to deadlift. Beginner/Intermediate Deadlift workout structure: 🔴Make sure you do a thorough active warm up ➡️4 Sets 8 - 12. ➡️1:30 min Rest Period ➡️Moderate Pace Tempo ➡️60 - 80% 1RM ➡️Progressive Overload last 2 Sets

Pomegranate 💦 one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. Left it on my window seal for a few days to ripen in the sun. The seeds are sweet, slightly crunchy, and savory. . . This fruit is great for digestion, lower cortisol, and helps your blood latch onto more oxygen. If you had to choose between fruits or veggies, which one would it be🤔? #plantbased #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

Let someone else tell you that you can’t do something. . . The worse thing you can do is stop yourself first. #dontstopyourself #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem 🌊

Whhooo that boy was dripping 🤣💦! I enjoyed the holiday and I’m looking forward to utilizing this extra fluff to fuel my workout tomorrow at @oldschoolironcle. . . Hope you guys enjoyed the holiday also. Get right back on the grind tomorrow and try a few sets of Renegade Row💪🏽💪🏽🌊🌱. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem 📹: @kylehammondsvisuals

Made a decision today that I don’t want to be known as being NICE🤷🏾‍♂️. Yes you read that correctly. . . I want to be known as being REAL. Much more impactful, and sometimes needed. NICE is great, but expressing your true self is excellent. However, this isn’t an excuse to be less empathetic. That’s not cool. . . Sometimes being NICE blocks your level of self expression, and others around you can suffer because of this. . . Be NICE, but be REAL when the situation calls for it. You’d be surprise how many people will thank you for being REAL and transparent with them. #coachingmoment #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

😂🤷🏾‍♂️Change is hard and it’s something we don’t take very well. In my experience, we bump our head a few times before things actually click. . . I understand this, which is why my coaching program #TheBlitzSystem is structured to help you build better habits. Better habits will help you maintain your results. Is that something you would like? To maintain? I have 3 open slots for coaching, DM me for details. #EBreezyFit

If you love the cannabis plant 🌱 or new foods, you’ll like this post. Did you know that you can acquire all 9 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS💪🏽 from Hemp Seeds alone? #plantbased . . Hemp seeds come from the Cannabis Sativa Plant, but do not get you high as a kite 😤lol. Besides the amino acid profile, they also contain extremely healthy and beneficial fats Omega 3 & 6. . . These fats are essential for the proper absorption of vitamins and minerals you consume. They also support endocrine system vitality, ensuring hormones get produced and distributed efficiently. Trying to lose weight? Build muscle? Just feel better? Decrease bloating? Better skin? Making sure your hormonal balance is on point by intaking healthy fats is a great starting point. . . HOW TO USE HEMP SEEDS? ➡️Put in a smoothie. ➡️Sprinkle a few teaspoons on a salad. ➡️ Sprinkle on yogurt. Not my favorite 🤢, but it may work for you. ➡️Sprinkle on cereal 🥣. . . For coaching guidance or health & fitness questions, feel free DM me🌊. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

If you look close enough, you can see the look in my eye🐅. . . I’m terribly focused. Unbothered. Unbound. Relentless in my pursuits. . . I took a mini break this weekend to unwind and remind myself of my bigger picture. Meditation, long drives, and time outdoors to recharge. . . I hope you all take the time to do this as well. We get so caught up in life and get into this tunnel vision. Step outside the tunnel and look at the bigger picture. Whatever it may be for you. #TheBlitzSystem #EBreezyFit 🌊

Them: Don’t you get tired of sharing and talking about positivity and self development? . Me: Nope. I know when I speak or share things about it, it will click with the right people. Those are the people who I want to connect with. Because they get it, or want to get it. . Them: .........well ok damn lol. #comeridethiswave🌊 #TheBlitzSystem #EBreezyFit

Here’s my personal tip on how to stay injury free as best as possible: ⚖️Balance Out Your Training. How can you do this? ⬇️ . . Incorporate different forms or cardio and resistance training. . . Change your programming from time to time to minimize overuse of a movement pattern. . . Train you core. Extremely important! . . Incorporate time to work on flexibility and mobility🔥. . . Prioritize form over heavy lifting if you are a beginner. Don’t rush the process. . . Don’t lift “heavy” every time you step into the gym. Work with percentages based on your goals. . . Eat well and get adequate rest🔥. . . Adopt the approach of training like an athlete. It’s more well rounded and fun as hell💪🏽🌊. Maybe you can consider this tip? Let me know if you have any questions about injury prevention. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

Man...if this isn’t the truth🌊. Everything that goes on outside of your health & fitness goal, is going to impact your ability to reach said goal. . . Sometimes it can be: Limiting beliefs about yourself. . Toxic relationships with people or food. . Bad habits. . A coach is someone who can help you become more aware of the “dead weight” you may be carrying. Maybe you can benefit from having one in your life. Feel free to message me with your questions regarding my coaching process. #TheBlitzSystem

(THOUGHT TANK 🧠) The first time we read a book, we only retain about 10% of the information. Which is one reason why it’s recommended to read again. . . Relate this to a skill you wish to acquire or a goal you want to reach. . . Repetition is the mother of skill. Repeatedly expose yourself to something in order to master it. Be patient, and be willing to put in the work. #comeridethiswave🌊 #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

(TAP FOR AUDIO) Self Love ❣️🌊🌊 #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

(TUTORIAL) What’s up guys🌊? Here’s one of my favorite exercises and one I get many questions about: Incline Dumbbell Bench Press . . A key aspect of performing this exercise effectively is keeping your scapular (think shoulder blade mid back area) engaged. Shrug shoulder down & back, keep shoulder blades slightly together. . . Chest should be slightly elevated to the ceiling which will create a slight space in between the bench and your lower back. This is safer on your shoulders and helps you produce more power and strength. . . Think of your upper body forming a “A” shape instead of a “T” while pressing and bringing the weight down. Once again, safer on the shoulders and more efficient for strength and power output. . . When you press, make sure your squeeze your pecs for efficient energy transfer and activation. Be mindful of your breathing. Belly full of air before you push. As you push, exhale; inhale on the way down. . . Let me know if you guys liked this tutorial and if you would like to see more. I’ll also be sharing nutritional tips soon. Stay wavy🌊🌊. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

(LINK IN MY BIO) 🌊I get many questions regarding body goals such as: “How do I get abs?” “What foods do I need to eat?” . . Best believe guys, you can’t get something for nothing. There are real trade offs. Millennials have a rep for being impatient. Overall, I don’t think we are. We’re just misinformed. . . What you have to do, give, and commit to..is entirely up to you. Just make sure you are healthy😎. This article with a detailed infographic can help put things into perspective. *link in my bio* #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

I don’t solve problems 🌊 I help you fix the energy around the problem & the problem solves itself🌊. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem . . With help, I fixed many things that I did not enjoy about myself. Things I felt were holding me back from being who I wanted to become. When you improve your fitness and body composition, higher levels of confidence and self love can develop🤘🏾. . . It looks and feels different for everyone. I would like to help you find your own way, by getting out of your own way. Message me with your questions about coaching, nutrition, and personal training.

*Insert Spell Name 🧙‍♂️* . Weight loss becomes easier when you choose more Whole Foods instead of processed foods. Aim for a simple ingredients list (no more than 7 ingredients). If you can’t pronounce it, Google it. . . But hey don’t get me wrong, I still have my treats and drinks 😬. What works for me and my clients is referring to the 80/20 rule. . . 80% Whole Foods. 20% whatever the h*ll you want. This lifestyle is all about balance guys. But, be kind to your body because it loves you more than you may realize. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

You may look at my page and think I have it all together. . . That I never fail. . . I failed a lot, and still fail; which is why I succeed more now. I don’t take my failures personal. . . If you are afraid to fail, you already lost. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. Make a fool of yourself. Get hurt. Lose. This is how Champions are born. #comeridethiswave 🌊#EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem #ChampionMentality👑

3 Sets in. It’s all love and it’s going to help you😂💪🏽. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem #fitnesshumor

Don’t limit yourself to one style. The universe has much bigger plans for you. #comeridethiswave 🌊 #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

Workout Tools of The Day: Landmine Setup & SAQ Ladder 🌊 #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem . . SAQ Ladder for a change of pace from traditional cardio. It’s extremely versatile, portable, cheap, great for HIIT, and sports performance. . . Landmine setup for core and back. Great for anyone with shoulder limitations and adequate core engagement throughout the designated exercise. . . Landmine Exercises 4 x 12: 📶Row 📶Single Arm Row 📶Bus Driver

Quality always wins. Do you agree? #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

Teaching and guiding is my calling. Millennials are who I can connect with the most. . . I hope to inspire many of you to take your mind, body, and health seriously through my actions and lifestyle. We’re next up on the throne👑. . . I’m available to coach you towards obtaining a higher level of confidence and physical fitness. Contact me for details📲. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

What’s your favorite fruit 🍐🍉🍇🍓🍋🥝🥥🍑? . . Eating fruit first thing in the am will gently wake up your digestive system and cleanse your organs. It will also provide a clean charge of energy which can replace that caffeine kick we usual go for😅. Go straight to the source. . . I’m not quite ready to give up coffee lmao. Maybe one day. I will however always aim for balance that beneficial to my overall health. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

“You can tell I’m about my business by my conversation.” . . I know you are too, that’s why you follow me😉. Your internal conversation matters deeply. We can sabotage ourselves without even knowing it. Going into the weekend, think about your self talk. Can you do better? #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

This is the reality of things guys. Sometimes unrealistic expectations are set when aiming for a transformation. . . You have to be brutally honest with yourself in order to change your life. It’s going to be uncomfortable. . . You have to accept that you made not so favorable decisions in the past and now you will have to put in the effort over time to obtain better health. . . I’ve seen it all and done a lot. I don’t preach or teach quick fixes. They do not work. You have to take time to develop and replace bad habits with good habits. Stop rushing. You are a masterpiece, so this will take time. . . I will add in that eating more plants can drastically help your transformation goal😎. I can guide you on how to do this with custom menu guides and a structured workout program via my online coaching #TheBlitzSystem. Much love. #EBreezyFit

(MORNING GRIND) Work ethic is a skill. It’s something you can improve, if you are willing. You really have to be willing to work harder than your old self. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem . . @andrej_paunovic meets with me Mon - Fri @ 5am or 6am for training and is also apart of my coaching program. Today we weighed in at 297lbs. No more 300’s my friend, keep up the solid work. The Browns could use some help lol.

Sometimes doing the things you don’t heavily enjoy, will take you to the next level📶🌊. . . Every so often there’s that one exercise I don’t enjoy and dread doing. As of now it’s squatting. So I make sure I do it first lol. . . Beside squatting, I cycle to Barbell Lunges and Stiff Leg Deadlifts for lower body compound movements. After an efficient warm up, these 3 exercises alone can ⬆️ your body and performance goals. . . Barbell Squat • Lunge • Stiff Leg Deadlift. . ⏩ 4 Sets 8 - 12 reps (Hypertrophy) ⏩ 4 Sets 12 - 15 reps (Strength Endurance) ⏩ 4 Sets 3 - 5 reps (Maximum Strength) #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

Can I solve this Rubix Cube in 1 minute 🎲? . . I doubt it? I’m no @logic lol. But I will continue to try until I get it. . . The Rubix Cube is kind of like our life. You’ll have to go through a series of twists and turns until you match up with YOUR path and destiny. . . It won’t happen in a day, a week, or a month. It may take years🤷🏾‍♂️. Growing pains and patience are apart of the process, they build character. Whatever you do don’t stop, keep going. Keep twisting, keep turning. You’ll get it right. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

Part of the reason we procrastinate is because we don’t take the time to break a task down into smaller steps. . . Whatever goals you have set for yourself need to be broken down into smaller steps you can wrap your head around. . . Remember, this thing we call life is a marathon, not a sprint📶. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

💦 Staying hydrated is essential. Which one is your go to choice? Spring Water or Coconut Water? I used to hate the taste of coconut water, but it grew on me📶. . . How much water you should drink per day varies based on the individual. Climate and daily activity needs to be put into consideration. But for reference, men should aim for 13 cups per day, and women 9 cups. . . Note that coconut water doesn’t need to be consumed like regular water. It’s great for replenishing electrolytes (essential if you workout), but drinking 9 - 13 cups of it per day would be too much for your body lol. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

Simple salad before my leg workout🥗👇🏽 #plantbased . . ▶️2 cups of Spring Mix ▶️ 1 Avocado ▶️1/2 Bell Pepper ▶️ 3 tbsp of Hemp Seeds . . I also added 2 tbsp of Italian Dressing (not shown because it would have taken away the aesthetics for the gram lol). . . You may be wondering, “where’s the damn protein”. It’s all here, in the veggies, avocado, and hemp seeds😉. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

It is my purpose to utilize health & fitness to enhance the mental and physical performance of individuals around the world. . . Since 2016 I’ve been blessed to guide 102 people. Actively serving 31 through personal training and online coaching. . . My main focus is to share my experiences and knowledge with you, because I know what it feels like to be unhealthy, confused, and uninspired. Let’s make the last 3 months of 2018 life changing. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

Have you ever gotten so anxious about a situation or goal that you are working on, that you kinda sabotage yourself? . . You get sloppy. You overlook fundamental details and habits. You rush a step because you just want it done instead of taking time to do it right. You don’t value yourself enough. You focus more on the outcome than the journey. . . We self sabotage a lot. A lot of the things that end up getting f*cked up, are things we can control. If only we just relax, let go, and do one thing at a time. And whatever happens next...just happens...in your favor📶. #TheBlitzSystem

(SWIPE LEFT) Next time you feel discouraged or in lack of the drive to push forward....I want you to read my Champion Manifesto. . . Your mindset and attitude will determine your physical reality and will direct your actions. Be proactive...it’s time to level up 📶. #TheBlitzSystem

So you want a bigger butt 🍑, bigger arms💪🏽, or a bigger chest 🦍. What would you like to see grow? . . Hypertrophy Training is specific for muscle growth. I feel it’s beneficial to mention that you can build muscle with other types of training; Hypertrophy is strictly specific to increase in muscle size. This type of training usually comes after you take time to build a solid foundation (⚠️avoid injury and an aching body). . . Do this... ▶️ Barbell Deadlift ▶️ Use 70% of your max for lifting ▶️ 8 - 12 reps ▶️ Controlled tempo moving the weight ▶️ 60 - 90 sec rest period (⚠️ important) #TheBlitzSystem #EBreezyFit

I know you heard it before, but I’ll say it again. Health is wealth💰! #secureyourlifebag #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem . . My cabinet will stay stocked with these, especially during the colder seasons👌🏾.

Before you think that you aren’t one, stop and acknowledge your life. You have it in you...yes you. . . If you don’t think you are a champion...well we have some work to do😉. #TheBlitzSystem #EBreezyFit #ChampionMentality

[Questions] What would you do differently if you lost 20 or more pounds? . Would you go on a shopping spree to buy new form fitting clothes? Maybe walk with your head held higher? . Or, like Keesa (down 10lbs in 2 months), take a vacation to the Caribbean Islands🌴? The possibilities are endless. . DM me for weight loss guidance. I want to help you take your life back. #TheBlitzSystem

Keep going...don’t try to skip the struggle. It’s worth your effort⚡️. #TheBlitzSystem #EBreezyFit

This is my body... . . It been running non stop for 28 years. I used to take my health for granted. Until I noticed what can happen decades from now if I didn’t value what God gifted me. . . This is me. I’m not perfect. I try not to compare myself to others. The pressure to feel that you have to look a certain way needs to stop 🛑. This is bigger than looking a certain way. . . Do not look at this photo and compare yourself to me. Instead, think about your body and how strong yet fragile it is. Think about what you can do to love your body more on a daily basis. This is your moment to reflect...and then, take action. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

Honestly, if you never have moments of discouragement, you aren’t working hard enough. It’s apart of the lifestyle. . . Better habits will be the glue that keeps you together as the journey unfolds💪📈. Curious? Ask me how. #TheBlitzSystem #EBreezyFit #ChampionMindset

How to set a proper goal? . . Make it BIGGER THAN YOU. Separate yourself from it being “all about you.” . . Once you genuinely find that WHY, the grind won’t discourage you. It will empower you⚡️. #TheBlitzSystem #EBreezyFit

A deep desire for change is how it starts... #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

Pull Day. Life is like tug of war.... . . Dreams against fear • Sedentary against active • Positive against negative • Action against laziness . . You’ll never win that war if you put skates on, thinking you’ll breeze by. Let’s put in the work😤😛. #mindsetmonday #TheBlitzSystem #EBreezyFit

I don’t need a weapon🚫. I am one... . . Said by no one in 2018🤣😎. . . Seriously though....your mind is your most valuable weapon. YOU will either build or destroy your ability to prosper with your self talk and with the minds of those in your circle. . . Whether it’s online fitness coaching or personal training, I always make it a priority to equip my community of #champions with the thought process of “finding a way” versus “finding an excuse”. 99% of the time, “a way” is available for you to seize and create🔐. #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem

Even when I wasn’t in the mood, I committed to smile more. Changed my whole vibe⚡️⚖️. #habitbuilding #EBreezyFit #TheBlitzSystem #championmentality

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