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Picking up heavy shit and putting it back down to Party in the USA. #nohomo #mileycryus #metoo #partyintheusa #deadlifts #captianamerica #c17 #dependant #afaf #charlestonafb

A friend asked me, how do I escape my constant stream of thought while meditating. How does one stop thinking? We dont escape our thoughts, nor can we turn our thinking off; it is impossible. we can put a little space between our awareness and our thoughts. We use our awareness to see that there is a separation between our consciousness and our constant stream of thinking. And as we do this we are able to finally break free from the illusion that we are what we think. We are far more than our thoughts can conceive; the depths and wonder of me, and of you, is boundless. 🌈 #thoughts #awareness #meditation #freedom #truth #conceptualize #depth #wonder #you #i #me #riseabove #light #illusion #reality #allthewayup #IAM #AFAF #sharpie #freehand #illustration #sloppy

You are the star to my burst.. But most importantly you are the best to my friend #afaf #sameen #sameen #marwa #marrium

I hit the pink cloud at around two weeks sober. Apparently, not everyone in recovery experiences this, but I did. Somehow, I had not lost anything as a consequence of my drinking and life was smooth sailing. My work contract had ended, the kids were still in daycare and I was able to spend my days sleeping in, jogging, going to yoga classes and lying on the beach. I felt euphoric with wellness. I was still attending meetings and had managed to find such a deep connection in those rooms, it almost felt like a spiritual experience. The consciousness of a group of people from all different walks of life, with the common goal of sobriety, was powerful. I felt more buoyant every time. But, I knew, deep down, I didnt need them. I didnt identify as an alcoholic. And when people talked about their crazy heads or madness in sobriety, I didnt see that in myself at all. I felt relieved - I wasnt one of them. At 5 weeks sober, we packed up our house in Sydney to move back to England for the next chapter in our lives. I remember saying goodbye to some of the women at my favourite meeting and feeling excited to start my sober journey alone. The meetings had served their purpose as far as I was concerned. We landed in England and for the first time in over a month, I was surrounded by wine constantly. It flowed freely from lunchtime onwards and was a lot harder than I expected. By the middle of the second day, I thought I was going mad.  Every cell in my body was screaming as I fought my overwhelming compulsions to drink.  I called a woman From AA in Sydney and cried.  She told me to get to a meeting. Begrudgingly I did. And after about 10 minutes of the familiar shares, I started to feel better. Fuck. Maybe I needed AA after all. I went home and cried to my husband, “I don’t want to be an alcoholic”. That was the start of my very reluctant, painful and slow surrender to the programme of AA. Coming off the pink cloud was brutal. It was like waking up to my reality and believe me, it wasn’t pretty. For some people in sobriety, the pink cloud never seems to leave - things just keep getting better. For me, I had to work for it. But it was so so worth it ✨

makeup by Mee #makeup #artist #afaf

احلى زهرات ال معي لايك 😘😘😘😘 #Afaf albarge 😙 elham aldojan 😙 khadija atfal😙 احبكممممم

Still one of my favourites, even more so since finding my sober sisters. ✨💗🍀🌈 @elizabeth_gilbert_writer

#afaf 😎🤘🏼

After a few weeks of the blahs, I’m back on my pink cloud. Life just looks glorious today 😍 The work will never end. It’s up to me to be mindful of my behaviours, address my fears and resentments, try to remain unattached to outcomes, help people who need it whenever I can. Kindness, tolerance and forgiveness are my recovery filters; my starting point for every day. It doesn’t always happen, I’m only human after all, but it’s where the magic is. Progress not perfection ✨🌈🍀💗

thank you @la_passionate brush that dirt off your shoulder keep your head up child all the way up ☝ dont sweat the small stuff #life #negativity #moveon #live #86400secs #everyday #IAM #AFAF #andeverythingelse #seeyouatthetop #teamgenesisfresno

When I had kids, my drinking took an ugly turn. What had been social, fun, and carefree suddenly became a lonely, isolated, very very necessary pursuit. I was a new mum, in a new country, with a screaming baby I wasn’t ready for & no idea how to look after. And wine felt like the only ally I had. The transition into Motherhood isn’t easy, that’s for sure. I had gone from being a successful, fun and popular 20 something, to a stay at home Mum, stuck in a mundane routine that felt like a punishment. I completely lost myself in the wilderness of early Motherhood and alcohol was the only thing that made sense. I thought I was alone; turns out most mums feel the same. They just don’t talk about it. There’s a lot of discussion on social media about the narrative around Motherhood and alcohol needing to change. I totally agree. But also, I can’t hold the alcohol & advertising industry and wine o’clock memes entirely responsible for a problem that would exist anyway. Mother’s Little Helper (Valium) far outdates the current spike in alcohol use disorder among mothers, afterall. I believe that Mothers have fundamentally been let down by a (patriarchal) society, that expects them to become a Mum whether they’re ready or not and then fucking love every second of it or shut the hell up. The pressure to be conform to the Disney ideal of motherhood is intense and when it doesn’t materialise - because it never existed, the disappointment is just heartbreaking. No wonder Mums want to escape. No wonder wine time is so alluring. There’s a saying in the sobersphere that you should build a life you don’t want to escape from. I completely agree. And for Mums, that requires help. And love. Understanding. Support. A network. Empathy. Time off. Compassion. Sleep. The knowledge that they’re not alone. Sobering up and doing the steps improved my relationships with my kids x a million. I love every inch of my little humans. I just wish someone had told me my feelings in the early days were normal. That the perfect Mother doesn’t exist and we’re all just muddling through in the best way we know how. That’s the narrative that needs to change. Pic via @findmydoula

That’s a wrap.🍪🎬♥️ — Thank you @mbchamsa for the wonderful feature. It was nothing short of a total pleasure working with such a team, @chefmimissa you are an absolute treasure. — @mbc1 @kitchenaidlebanon @inkedmag#love #afaf #justbecause #filming #mbc #kitchenaidlebanon #chef #thetattooedchef #tattoo #cheflife #lightscameraaction #dessert #yummy #foodie #beirut #livelovelebanon #cafe #nofilter #picoftheday #goodmorning

you cannot make a mistake you see...everything is going to be alright. just go with the flow. life is beautiful!! isnt it? #quotes #alanwatts #cloud #wave #life #intuition #trust #AFAF #IAM #amorfati #andeverythingelse #hahahaha 🌈🔥

Free mop for clean freaks in Covent Garden. Let us wash them dirty pavements! #makkapakka #afaf

Avoiding all things Finals week by posting this selfie instead 🤣 but on a side note I stole the husbands jacket because I miss him so much it hurts. Oi. Also wearing a creation by @blessedbybelonging because its the coziest shirt I own and I didnt want to be THAT wife and also steal one of my husbands shirts. #AFAF have I hit pathetic yet? #Cozy #SelfieSunday #HusbandAndWife #HappyDays #HappyLife #GymLife #CollegeLife #FinalsWeek #StudyHard #GrowingUp #Adulting #Tattoos #Brunettes #CouplesGoals #DreamLife

Xx🦋 #BellaHadid #queen #versace #AFAF

14 months of clarity, truth, healing, forgiveness, connection, feeling, learning, progress, friendship, family, love, compassion, fellowship, serenity, happiness, peace, courage, strength, hope, calm, running, yoga, health, acceptance, surrender, growth, understanding. 14 months of becoming myself, just as I am: whole, enough, imperfect, real. No longer afraid, no longer alone. Everything I have today is down to my sobriety. I could not be more grateful. 🍀💗🌈✨

When I was trying to quit booze, I’d always say to myself, I’ll do it after the wedding that’s coming up. That party, festival, that celebration. I’ll quit after Christmas Day, New Year’s eve, Saturday night. And guess what? The elusive day just never came. Until finally, it did. The day I managed to put down the bottle for good, I knew full well I’d have drinking occasions to get through. I was leaving Sydney after 6 years of friendships, had a family wedding, several airports, a long haul flight and welcome back party’s to navigate. Not to mentioned Christmas in 2 months. It was a booze fest all round. But the thing is - it always is. There’s always a reason to drink. The excuses will keep you drunk forever if you let them and the motivation to quit might never come - it never did for me. If I’d waited for the right time, for my absolute rock bottom, I’d probably be dead. I’d almost certainly be living alone without my kids or husband. I had to grit my teeth and quit even though I desperately wanted to drink, to push through the cravings and the pain and believe - just believe - that it would eventually get better. Am guess what? It did. And it was totally worth it. When I say that I was a total lost cause and had resigned myself to a slow and painful alcoholic death, I promise you, I’m telling you the truth. But I managed to hoist myself out of the abyss. And If I can do it - you can too. How about now? I can’t think of a better time to quit drinking 💗 Via @healthy_discoveries

Quitting drinking has been a lot like breaking up with a bad boyfriend for me. The first few months were a struggle. Lots of emotions, lots of missing the good times, lots of shifting relationships that changed because of the breakup. Over time things improved, I thought about drinking a lot less, until eventually I got to the point where I hardly ever thought about it- and better yet I stopped glorifying drinking or remembering it in a positive way. I started seeing the relationship for what it really was- destructive. Every once in a while though, you run into the old boyfriend unexpectedly (or for me, a favorite old drinking spot) and you just kinda stop in your tracks. This is my second alcohol free holiday season and it is SO MUCH EASIER this year. I truly no longer fantasize about how great drinking was- it really wasn’t ever great for me. The things that were fun were the time with friends and loved ones, the laughs, the experiences. Wine absolutely never enhanced those experiences, in fact it took me out of them, made me less present and erased a lot of memories. Drinking (even when “under control”) always left me feeling like an anxiety ridden shell of who I really am the next morning. If you are struggling this holiday season just know that it gets easier. Just like a bad breakup, time gives you valuable perspective. ❤️ #teetotaler #afaf #winebar

Early this year, we went on holiday to the Lake District. I went for a jog one evening and though I didn’t know the area, had a feeling I was headed in the direction of something spectacular. I ran for a long time. I almost gave up. But something inside me told me to keep going. 5 minutes later, I found this. 🌅 It made me think of the well used recovery mantra: don’t stop until the miracle happens. While I’d found my stunning lake that day, my sobriety miracle hadn’t materialised. But I had started the steps, was no longer a dry drunk and finally felt like I was headed in the right direction. Everyone’s miracle is different in sobriety. But if you do the work (therapy, steps etc) you’ll get there - sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But you’ll get there. My miracle hit me the day after step 7. I walked down the street and was hit by a promise that I felt in my gut, so powerful I had to stop walking. It said: you never have to drink again. I was 10 months sober, had been tormented by an obsession to drink the entire time and had resigned myself to a lifetime of cravings. When I woke up the next day, they were completely gone. I still cry thinking about it. I never ever thought the steps would work for me. I thought I wasn’t deserving enough, not spiritual enough, too damaged, too shitty of a person. But they did, and now I’m free. And I never want to let that feeling go. I’m just not prepared to let it slip through my fingers. The work will last forever and it’s worth every second. #wearetheluckiest ✨🍀🌈

My Rock!! Through his pain and sorrow and 😢!! He remains the 👑! I call you my King not as a term of endearment or a pet name but as a reminder 🔱! #Nonstop My baby looking snackish #afaf

Aqiqah adek Rayyan👶... dan yg di foto blm ada yg mandi🙈🤭🤭@purnama_jhumry #afaf #farza #zidan #aqiqah #sepupubaru

✨Friday feels ✨

Ein Spital in den Schweizer Alpen, ein Künstler, ein Architekt und eine Zeitdauer von 16 Jahren - was daraus entstehen kann, ist zu sehen im neu erschienen Bildband ARCHITEKTUR FARBE LICHT! #architektur #farbe #licht #vexer #vexerverlag #afaf #serainawirz

What do you need to know in order to catch the attention of that special person? The Ten of Cups indicates that dropping fully into your happiness and confidence is all you need. Take a moment to appreciate your life, your family, and your blessings. People will be drawn to you like bees to a flower. #tarottherapy #tulumtarot #tarotista #tarotcommunity #afaf #tarotreadersofinstagram

Começa nessa sexta feira a Semana do Humor de São Paulo. O projeto é uma parceria do @ideiacoletivacultura com a Mercúrio Produções, realizado através do ProAC com patrocínio da @pancooficial e apoio da Afaf Consultoria. Confira a programação dos espetáculos gratuitos e os horários deste final de semana. ➡️➡️➡️➡️ #teatrosp #teatro #teatrosim #culturasp #cultura #semanadohumor #panco #afaf #ideiacoletiva #mercurioproducoes #producaocultural #festival #festivaldehumor #risada #comedia #climax #trairecocar #ocircodapatrulha #patrulhacanina #matheusceara

I told a colleague I don’t drink today. She said, oh. How does that work then? And we had a little chat about life without alcohol and how hard it is to stop at one and how bad it is for you, how she wishes she didn’t drink so much but how impossible it feels to quit. Always a conversation starter, sobriety. I’ve worked at my company for 10 months and this is the first time I’ve outed myself as sober. And it made me feel so weird. I started this job just 3 months after my last drink. I was an absolute quivering wreck and since then have been through a total transformation, which has seen me turn everything I thought I knew about myself on its head - but I doubt any of the people I spend most of my waking time with even noticed. It’s like when I see friends who ask me what I’ve been up to lately. I shrug and say, not much, which couldn’t be further from the truth. - I’ve been questioning myself about this IG account today. Why did I start it? To help other people who are struggling with booze? To share my story? Ego? Vanity? Validation? All of the above? I haven’t told any of my real life friends and family about this account, besides my husband. One person I know in real life has found me. But other than that, it’s you, the anonymous, supportive, kind, non-judgemental sobersphere and my daybreak friends. So I feel quite safe on here. But what if more people from my real life found me. Are my before and after pics too much? Would it change my friendships? Would future employers be wary of me? Does it really matter? The truth is, I started this account because I wanted to be seen - really seen. As myself, which - for better or for worse - includes a 5 year battle with alcoholism. My dirty little secret, which I don’t want to hide anymore. I know a semi anonymous account isn’t exactly owning it - but it’s a start.

afaf in a bed and the little one said .... “new video of Sunday” ;) #afaf #girlgroup #sorrymax #christmas

Sem palavras, só sentimento e gratidão a todos os meus pequenos amados! #Lorena #Linda #AFAF #FuturodaNacao #jiujitsukids #oss

Sobriety is about so much more more than the physical benefits, but the progress shots are good motivation to keep going✨This is a wine weekend in the Hunter valley vs 423 days sober. If you’re trying to quit booze, start taking pics now - you’ll be blown away by the difference to your face quite quickly. Alcohol ruins skin as well as lives - fact ✨🌈🍀💗

all day, everyday...make each moment count #quotes #muhammadali #days #count #now #teamgenesisfresno #limitlessfresno #IAM #AFAF 🌈🔥

ITS OPPT NIGHT!!! WHOOP-WHOOP #IAM #AFAF #opptnight #firedup #onfire #seeyouatthetop #teamgenesisfresno #limitlessfresno team campos

By me 🙈.. in my pencil.. 2018/12/5.. #drawing #arts #art #painting #paintings #pencil #afaf #afaf_sankar

Afterall, Its the only one I’ve got ✨ Cards by @theyesmummum 🌈🍀

هذا مونتاج لحبيتي عفوفه #afaf albarge 😙 😙 😙 😙 😙 😙 😙

I used to love the feeling of being busy. It made me feel so important, tricked me into thinking I had a full life, but was really just another way for me to hide from myself. Now, I make time to honour the part of me that needs to be still; the part that needs to be creative. The part I didn’t know existed until I got sober. The more I get to know myself, the more I see that the magic and the fullness of my life comes from within me. I can’t connect with others or get any real enjoyment from anything if I don’t know who I am. And I’m not going to find that out unless I take the time to nurture that relationship. I’m a working mum of two, so yeah, I’m still busy - but that’s not an excuse anymore. Time spent with myself is a self care priority and a daily reprieve. Big love to the sober crew 💗✨🌈🍀

... house of the pigs : ANIMAL FARM: One night only, tomorrow night, work by Michael Chapman and Chris Tucker, from six, UoN Gallery 🐖🐖🐖🐖 #AFAF #animalfarm #uon #architecturaldrawing #art #newcastlensw #architecture #australianarchitecture

We can have a thousand friends, but , in that thousand we just have only ONE BESTFRIEND.. the truly ever after💕 #appreciate #afaf #memberparokk #halfyearsmaybe😉

This was me back in January, around 2 months sober, trying to read The Big Book (my copy is actually very small 🤷‍♀️). As you can see I was less than thrilled to be reading it. In fact, just after I took this photo, I threw it across the room for around the 5th time that morning. For those who don’t know, the Big Book is the AA text book, written by Bill W, one of AA’s founders. It tells you how to recover from alcoholism. I hated everything that was written in that book the first few times I read it. It made no sense to me, I found the language sexist, archaic and I didn’t understand why I was being mansplained to by a guy called Bill. I didn’t identify with a lot of his story and hated the thought of having this mental obsession he kept banging on about. I hated being in AA and was desperate not to be alcoholic. I knew I couldn’t drink safely, I’d accepted that, but what I couldn’t get my head around was the fact I was just as fucked in sobriety as I had been while drinking. It took a few more months to hit my emotional rock bottom, which came around April, when I realised I was blowing up my life again, despite having not had a drink in 6 months. I realised I couldn’t carry on like this and eventually, gave in. I went back to AA with my tail between my legs and while the stubborn, self sabotaging part of my character screamed, I asked the nearest woman for help. - Going through the book with a sponsor was amazing. I read it aloud to her and as she told me which parts to highlight and which to underline, I realised I was reading an instruction manual. Around step 2 I had this really weird thought that maybe the big book bashers and step mafia had it right: maybe this was going to work afterall. For me, the steps have been the best gift I’ve ever given to myself. They weren’t easy, in fact the level of honest and rigorous self examination was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But the strange thing was, I came away with more compassion for myself that I’ve ever known. I know AA isn’t for everyone - it certainly wasn’t for me for months. But if you are in the rooms - why not give them a go. #itworksifyouworkit ✨✨

Please don’t stop before the miracle happens ✨🌈🍀 Via @sobermomtribe

You’re embarking on a new journey. What do you need to know in order to make the best of it? Wow, this one is going to be a game changer! This move is good for you emotionally and it will benefit your relationships. Things will go in a fair, just manner, and the outcome will bring you around to everything you truly desire. #tulumtarot #tarottherapy #tarotista #tarotreadersofinstagram #afaf #tarotcommunity #tarot

This is one of the most important things I’ve learned since getting sober: I am more than the sum of my feelings. They are part of me, but not all of me. Just like my addiction doesn’t define me, neither do my feelings. Another thing I’ve learned is that while my feeling aren’t me, it’s important to allow them in; to really feel them. Only after you’ve done that, can you let them go. I drank to numb my feelings. Then when I got sober, I pushed them away through other forms of numbing (my god, there are so many 😱). But it didn’t work. You can’t bypass your feelings and expect to live a peaceful life, I don’t think. You need to learn to process them instead. This weekend we moved house and at one point I felt incredibly overwhelmed and stressed. I expressed this to my Mum, who in her typical English way said, well, you just need to stay happy. Pretend everything’s okay. The truth is, everything was okay, but that didn’t mean the stress and overwhelm weren’t valid. So I took a moment to feel them, breathed into them, told the part of my brain that was fearful it was all going to be okay and then handed them over to the universe and got on with the move. I don’t always practice this perfectly, but when I do, it helps. Sometimes feelings hang around for a little (or a lot) longer and I have to do the same: allow them in, bare witness to them and remember they’re not me. I need to call people. Talk honestly about how I feel without fear of being told to snap out of it. Do my inventory, call newly sober people, do service. Run, yoga - anything to get out of my head. Feeling feelings can be terrifying. But it can also be amazing. You cannot have joy, peace, serenity and happiness if you’re numbing; not allowing yourself to experience the goodness. Happy Monday 🍀🌈✨

hay guys,,, Assalamualaikum.. 😘😘😘😂😂😂 #afaf #farza #babygirls #thesister #kakakadek #akurterus #korbannussarara #nussarara

Cukup kami berdua saja dulu. Permisi.. 🤣🤣🤣 #bidikankamerahp #BuatHebohSaja #afaf #anakkuAfaf #afifanahdarafanda

Everything is a miracle! 🌈 #alberteinstein #quotes #live #life #miracle #amorfati #AFAF #IAM #love #andeverythingelse

M-ercury à la carte: Just Because it was a perfect morning.☕🍰 . #MercuryALaCarte #afaf #justbecause #thecakelounge

When I found out I was pregnant around 7 years ago, my world came crashing down around me. I’d just moved to Australia with my newish boyfriend for a year of sundowners on Bondi beach, boat parties on the harbour and travelling around the country to perfect my year round tan. Becoming a mum, laying roots, settling down was not part of the plan. My drinking had been getting out of control just before I found out I was pregnant and while I justified it as “something people do when they move to a new country” alarm bells were going off. After the initial shock wore off, I wondered if my unexpected pregnancy was something of a sign; a gift from my guardian angels to save me from the clutches of alcoholism. A chance for my body to reset. I craved alcohol throughout my pregnancy and when I found out that getting blackout drunk while breastfeeding wasn’t recommended, I felt like I’d been ripped off. But I still, somehow, thought that this pregnancy was going to magically fix me. Once the baby came, my drinking started again. Slowly at first, but it gradually picked up pace and before I knew it I was drinking more than I ever had before - as if I’d never stopped at all. I’ve heard people say that your addiction never weakens; that it’s doing push ups out the front, waiting for you to start drinking again. That was definitely the case for me. I don’t think that once you’ve learnt to anaesthetise your thoughts and feelings (and in my case PND) with alcohol, you can ever reverse it, however much you try. I desperately wrestled with moderation and it beat me every time. If you’re at the point I got to: where alcohol is starting to take things away from you and the numbing is only bringing you pain, you have to find another way. And the great news is, it exists. It just takes time to believe it. ✨🌈🍀

Saturday night feels😴

I went to a party last night. The first I’ve been too since getting sober - up until now I’ve been actively avoiding them. It was... not bad. Good company, fun atmosphere, face painting👌But not really my kind of music and I felt a bit forced - found it hard to relax. I wondered for quite some time whether the drunk people around me had it right afterall. They seemed to be having a blast, doing weird shit like dancing in circles around smashed glass and laughing hysterically about it. I texted my husband and asked, is life without alcohol boring? He said no. Then someone bought me a vodka and coke by accident. I took that as my cue to leave. The thing is, I would have felt a bit awkward whether I was drinking or not. Why? Because I am awkward. Sure, drinking would have disconnected me from that awkwardness and eventually changed the way I felt, but it wouldn’t have been real. And today I would have felt like shit. I felt pretty empowered walking out of there at 11.30, while my friends queued for overpriced drinks and declared their undying love for random strangers they’d met in the loo and will probably never see again. As I walked to my car, i remembered how long it takes for drunk people to get their shit together at the end of the night, find a taxi and get home without throwing up. And as I tucked myself in to bed happy, content and with a clean face, I remembered the hours I would spend drinking alone on my sofa after the night had finished, crying, completely broken hearted that I couldn’t seem to stop killing myself this way. Today, I am happy and I am grateful. I’m glad I went and even more glad that I’ve woken up hangover free, still liking myself, with a clear memory and a long Saturday stretched out in front of me. #wearetheluckiest 💗✨🍀🌈

شورايكم في التصميم #حبيبات عمري وقلبي عفوفه وهوما😘😘😘😘 #elham aldojan😙😙 #afaf albarge 😙😙

وہ عصر کی نماز کے بعد حرم پاک کی سیڑھیوں پر بیٹھی تھی اور پاس ہی موجود کچھ لوگوں کو تصویریں بناتے دیکھ رہی تھی... یکدم ہی اسکے ذہن میں ایک خیال آیا اور اس نے بیگ سے موبائل نکالا... سیڑھیوں پر وہ اس طرح کھڑی ہوئی کہ اسکے پیچھے خانہ کعبہ تھا وہ خانہ کعبہ کے ایک طرف کھڑی ہوگئی اور اس نے سیلفی لی اور اسے ایک گروپ میں بھیج دیا جو ان چاروں سہیلیوں کا تھا اور وہ مسکراتی ہوئی واپس بیٹھ گئی... یہ پہلی تصویر تھی جو اس نے یہاں لی تھی اب وہ اس تصویر کو دلچسپی سے دیکھ رہی تھی…. یاد رکھنے کے لیے ڈھیروں تصویروں کی ضرورت نہیں ہوتی لیکن کچھ اپنوں کو دکھانے کے لیے ایک تصیویر بھی بہت ہوتی ہے… آینور پاس ہی لوگوں کو دیکھ رہی تھی جنکا فوٹوسیشن ہی ختم نہیں ہورہا تھا.. موبائل پر‫میسج آیا تو آینور نے ان پر سے نظرہٹا کر موبائل اسکرین کو دیکھا ماشاءاللہ سب سے پہلے عفاف کا جواب آیا تھا بہت پیاری لگ رہی ہو ماریفہ کا بھی میسج آگیا تھا نور کیا یہ تم ہو؟ ریحاب نے حیرانگی سے پوچھا تھا ہاں تو کیا میں کسی اور کی تصویر لے کر بھیجوں گی؟ آینورنے منہ بنایا تم نے نقاب کیا ہوا ہے نا تو پہچان میں نہیں آرہیں.. ریحاب کھسیائی ہاں بس… آینور نے بات ادھوری چھوڑ دی اور تم لوگ یونی میں ہو؟ آینور نے پوچھا ہاں ساتھ ہی بیٹھے ہیں کال کریں؟ ریحاب جھٹ سے بولی نہیں بعد میں بات کریں گے اس نے موبائل سے نظریں ہٹا کر ایک نگاہ سامنے خانہ کعبہ کو دیکھا تمہیں پتا ہے صارم تو بالکل سیدھا ہوگیا ہے اب ہمیں تنگ بھی نہیں کرتا…لگتا ہے تمہاری بات کو اس نے کچھ زیادہ ہی سنجیدگی سے لیا ہے عفاف خوشی سےچہکی اپنی بہن کے جانے کا غم لگا ہے اسے… شکر ہے کچھ دن سکون کے گزریں گے ریحاب نے شکر کا کلمہ پڑھا اور آینور جواب میں بس ہنستی ہی رہ گئی بعد میں بات کرتی ہوں اس نے میسج بھیج کر موبائل بند کر کے واپس بیگ میں رکھ دیا باتوں کے لیے تو ساری زندگی پڑی ہے لیکن یہ وقت شاید پھر لوٹ کر نہ آئے... وہ سوچتے ہوئے سیڑھیوں سے اٹھ کر نیچے طواف کی نیت سےسیڑھیاں اترنے لگی کاش تم تینوں بھی یہاں ساتھ ہوتیں…. وہ تصور میں عفاف ریحاب اور ماریفہ کو لاکر بولی #friendshipgoals #bff #aynoor #Afaf #Rehab #Marifa #Nidamat_K_Ansoo #Anabiya_Ansari #AnabiyaAnsariNovel #alif_writes

Frisch im Atelier eingetroffen! Der neue Bildband über die Kunst von Benno K. Zehnder im Spital Schwyz, erschienen im Vexer Verlag, ist ab heute erhältlich und bestellbar im Internet www.vexer.ch oder im Buchhandel. Gestaltet wurde das Buch von Anne Hoffmann und Jörg Schwertfeger, mit Texten von Erwin Koch, Gabriela Christen, Silvia Henke, Alfred Suter, Benno K. Zehnder, u.a. #vexerverlag #vexer #spitalschwyz #afaf #architektur #farbe #licht #alpacameras #alpacamera

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