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|| T Ü R C H E N • 14 || . . ~ Werbung ~ Hallo ihr Lieben, gestern ging es noch rund. Wir haben bis in die Puppen Kekse gebacken. Mal sehen wie lange die halten 😂 Irgendwie haben wir beide so einiges gemeinsam. Beispielsweise sind wir gleich groß, haben die gleiche Schuhgröße und und und... Fast hätten wir auch noch im gleichen Monat Geburtstag. Aber trotz dessen haben wir das selbe Sternzeichen-Element. Nun zu unserer Adventskalender Frage: Welches Element haben wir gemeinsam? Allen einen schönen Start ins Wochenende, Just us ❤️ . . #astrology #astrologicalsigns #astrologicalart #starsign #fashion #fashionblogger #blogger_de #bloggerstyle #makeup #makeupaddict #art #artwork #friends #friendshipgoals #twins #americanstyle #hairsandstyle #cyberfashioninspiration #prettylittleiiinspo #fashiongoals #ootdgoals #fashionactive #anajohnsonpreset

I haven’t been posting my paintings lately, because they are all Christmas surprises. Here is a recent commission of a sweet little Scorpio who got this custom Celestial Silhouette painting for her birthday. Pink, purple, and sparkles... all the things a girly-girl dreams of! #customart #commission #birthdaygirl #giftideas #childportraits #scorpio #celestialsilhouette #astrologicalart #astrology #watersign #watercolor #constellation #oneofakind #pinkandpurple #swarovskicrystals @swarovski #workingartist #sidehustle #wisconsinartist #madisonwi

Scorpio 🦂 Love experimenting with my collages digitally after theyre finished. On Etsy now. Link in Bio

Scorpio 🦂 Love experimenting with my collages digitally after theyre finished. On Etsy now. Link in Bio

This week’s bead mosaic is Sagittarius. Sagittarius is represented by fire, light blue, purple, and tin. The 5 inch by 3 inch by 3/4 inch wood box was painted with light blue soft body acrylic and features metal elements, agate gemstones, assorted purple and blue glass beads. The finished box was sealed with a gloss acrylic sealant. Sagittarius is currently available for purchase. The price is $15 USD plus shipping. If you are interested in obtaining Sagittarius, please contact me. #mosaicmonday #beadmosaics  #artsyart #gemstones #agate #agategemstones #astrologicalart #zodiacsigns #sagittarius #zodiacart #astrologicalsignart #zodiacsignart #beadsandmorebeads  #beadsandpaint #beadsandcharms  #mosaics  #beads #mosaic #artsy #art #acrylicpaint #signofsagittarius

The 3rd to add to my zodiac goddess portraits series. Never quite ready to call one complete though.. ♋🌊❤ . . . . #goddess #zodiac #starsign #redhair #watercolorartist #watercolorart #watercolorportrait #underwater #ocean #stars #astrology #astrologicalart #goddessvibes #space

Leo the Lion. A Fixed Fire sign, The 5th sign of the Zodiac, Leo is ruled by the Sun. Since the sun rules our sky, Leos often have a regal demeanor about them too. They are the Kings and Queens, the benevolent rulers of their own kingdoms. They are the heat of Summer, with the sun high up in the sky. Why did I post this now, in the coming winter, in the middle of Sagittarius? Cause its what Im working on. Rainbows coming up! If you want to support this type of work, Dont forget to shop for your gifting needs on my website gnarwhal.com . Order ASAP for holiday delivery! ❤️🌈🚀 #astrology #art #zodiac #Leo #Leothelion #astrologicalart

NEW M●●N in S A G I T T A R I U S ♐︎ “There will be a #newmoon in #Sagittarius tomorrow, Friday, December 7th. As per the ancient traditions, the phases of the moon, along with the general growth & decline of plant, animal, and human life, will forever go hand-in-hand. The new moon phase is considered the most potent for planting seeds & setting intentions. Furthermore, if you pay close attention, you can actually witness those seeds come to fruition, whether be actual plants or personal goals you make for yourself, within the next six months. Given that this is new moon is in the sign of the archer, setting intentions related to this particular lunar theme is typically suggested. For instance, anything along the lines of traveling, exploring, schooling, teaching, learning, taking risks & venturing into the unknown. Sagittarius wants opportunity, thrill, and adventure. (P.S. adventures dont always have to involve the outdoors.) You can be adventurous in a lot of ways & for this particular event, itd be a good idea to see where Sag is located on your chart for more clarity, as this is where you will be setting goals for yourself & ultimately taking that Sagittarius-like risk, or in better terms, leap of faith. ●♐︎ On another note, however, this lunation will be squaring both Mars and Neptune in dreamy Pisces. This is a powerful & perhaps testy energetic influence, but there are ways to work around this. For instance, Mars and Neptune in Pisces can bring haziness, confusion & general ambiguity. So, lets be mindful of our decisions & surroundings. You wouldnt want to be deceived or forget your personal boundaries in the process of manifestation, right? Communication is key, and luckily for us, Mercury will be direct. Remember, theres always a dark side, and for Neptune, its the endless fog. Yes, sometimes its mysticism could be totally dreamy, but with Mars in the mix, there could be some restlessness, deception & unnecessary ego trips. Stay grounded and focus on your intentions.” -Words by @valeriemesa, art by me

Seeking Inspiration #newmooninsagittarius is tomorrow

Venus ♀in SCORPIO ♏︎ “In astrology, Venus is the planet of that governs love, relationships, desires, abundance, pleasure, and prosperity overall. This planets personality is likable, charming, and affectionate. Scorpio, on the other hand, is smoldering, passionate, and extreme, in every sense of the word. So, what happens when these two astrological energies become one? Well, for starters, we will start to desire depth, intensity, and experiences that affect us on a soul level. We will no longer go with the flow like we did with Venus in Libra. On the contrary, Scorpio is all or nothing, and with Venus here, we will experience raw passion. Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, right? Well, imagine seductive Venus but with an erotic edge, and irresistible lure. In Scorpio, its as if the goddess Aphrodite morphed into an intoxicatingly gorgeous vampire. She is alluring, magnetic, and mysterious, but on the dark side, she can also be obsessive, vengeful, and extremely toxic. In powerful Scorpio, the goddess of love expresses herself with deep passion and intensity. Venus in Scorpio is all-consuming, as it prefers love to be a merging of mind, body, and soul. Here, Venus adds charm to the dark side of our relationships, which isnt always charming, per se. For instance, jealousy, obsession, and vengeance are key themes of Venus in Scorpio energy. Although, one things for sure: this is a time to look beyond the surface in terms of our relationships. Imagine, when in Scorpio, Venus desires the truth, and nothing but the truth. The planet of love wants to become one with its partner, despite all consequences. Like I previously mentioned, its all or nothing with Venus in Scorpio, and this could very well spark unnecessary drama within our current relationships. So, beware of toxic exes, friendships, and romantic partners that dont serve your highest purpose. Venus in Scorpio knows no mercy. This Venus in Scorpio transit is asking us to dig deeper, in terms of our spending habits, relationships, and self-worth.” -@valeriemesa

✧Astrology for December, 2019✧⋯”The month of December is an exciting one, astrologically speaking, and presages a startlingly intense year of 2019 ahead. It features the continuing retrogrades of two inner planets, Mercury and Venus. The Mercury station to direct motion takes place on December 6th, the same timing as the Sagittarius New Moon, while Mercury does not escape its shadow period until nearly Christmas Day. Venus, even though she is in direct motion as the month begins, is still recovering from her mid-November station, only recovering from her retrograde period by December 16th. Venus additionally is in recovery for the first part of December from her late November timing of outer planet connection, being conjunct the new planet Haumea for most of the preceding month and opposite Uranus just as December begins. This implies a certain degree of introspection and spiritual impetus remains on our emotional horizons for at least the first half of the current month, with also an attempt to understand the underlying motivations of relationship in our lives. With Uranus involved, the realizations of this initial time period could come upon us rather suddenly. Then, too, as Mercury stations on December 6th the messenger planet is in partile tine to Chiron, and also inconjunct to Uranus, indicating that old wounds could come up for renewed attention and steps toward at least partial healing. There is also a definite pull toward an action orientation, because Uranusand Eris are both involved with an opposition across the zodiac to Haumea and the station degree of Venus, in late Libra. We are enjoined at this time to discover where our deepest values lie, representing our own unique viewpoint, independent of consensus concerns, and to act constructively from this place within us, and from no other motivation. This is the true road to freedom, because you have articulated and taken a stand for what you most sincerely believe, and therefore no longer have any reason to feel powerless.” -@astrographastrology

“Ah, Mercury. The gossip-loving, shady trickster, and mischievous messenger planet. Whats not love? In Roman mythology, Hermes, aka Mercury, was considered the most clever of the gods. He served as a swift messenger, traveling in and out of the underworld. Which reminds me,  #mercuryretrograde enters Scorpio on Dec. 1, and this cosmic switcheroo will be one for the books. For the record, were all entitled to have our own astrological perspective; although, I have a feeling you wont disagree with me on this one. However, before I give you the 411 on this shadowy retrograde cycle, lets start from the beginning. On Nov. 16, just hours after the love planet Venus stationed direct in Libra, #Mercury began its backward journey through the sign of the archer. As many of you know, Mercury rules all things related to our cognitive function, communication, and thought process. It governs technology, transportation, commerce, and all types of exchanges, in general. When in spontaneous Sagittarius, Mercurys thoughts are swirling with optimism, let alone larger than life. Put it this way: Sagittarius is constantly questioning the universe, while Mercury simply relays the message. Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, on the other hand, definitely changes things up a bit…. Remember how I said this transition would be one for the books? Well, its simple. Sagittarius has no filter; therefore, its verbal exchanges are outspoken, optimistic, and spontaneous. Scorpio, on the other hand, is shrewd, jealous, and intensely secretive. See the difference? Im sure you can just imagine the wrath of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. Heres another example: If youve been gossiping, airing someones dirty laundry, or who knows, maybe you decided to exchange Instagram passwords with someone in your immediate circle, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is here to teach you a thing or two. Something else to consider is, Sagittarius is mutable fire, as opposed to Scorpio, who is fixed water. The term, you get what you give, couldnt be more appropriate for this transition. Watch your words, stargazers.” - Words by @valeriemesa

The edge of Malibu Canyon, moon over the hillside in the early morning. New markings. Blackened burn, dark green and light brown vegetation, and our new friend fire retardant glowing orangey red. What have you survived? In what ways does it made you more beautiful?

Self-portrait….a blend of the real and the artificial…the wheel in the middle is the Starboard….it is for astrology sessions/ceremonies…DM if interested in a session…the cat’s name is Olive #lancasterpa #astrology #starboard #astrologicalart #sacredtools #lancastercity #susquehannaalchemy #selfportrait #yorkpa

Full M◯◯N in GEMINI ♊︎ “First things first: Gemini rules the mind. Its the sign of the twins, but it also represents are siblings, relatives, and immediate community. The energy of Gemini is a symbol of all thats familiar to us, let alone close enough for us to grasp. As Ive previously mentioned, full moons are a time of completion, harvest, endings, in general. Now, Im sure youre thinking, what Gemini situation is going to end in my life? Well, with the sun, Jupiter, and Mercury in worldly Sagittarius, this full moon is pushing us to leave all thats familiar (Gemini) behind us, in order for us to explore (Sagittarius) the unknown, and ultimately grow from our experiences. However, its up to us to take the initiative, and expand our horizons. Alright, what would this fellow Sagittarius do? Ill be honest, this full moon isnt so focused on relationships. Although, if theres one thing you will learn from this energy is, its time to move on. You cant hang on to all thats familiar for the rest of your life, because the reality is, you wont grow. Sometimes growth hurts, but with lucky Jupiter on our side, I doubt it will hurt that bad. If anything, this full moon will propel you forward, and remind you to use your mind in the process. Think about it, how can you use your intellect during big changes? Is there a way for you to detach from your emotions? Gemini wants us to consider our options and think realistically, and as usual, Sagittarius wants us to explore new territory. This full moon will serve as a reminder that it is OK to start again, and never look back. The energy of Sagittarius wants to gift us with adventure, passion, and new horizons. However, the sun, Mercury, and Jupiter will be making a square to Mars in Pisces, which can make us the decision-making process a tad bit hazy, and ambiguous. My advice to you is, focus on putting your emotions and anxiety (Pisces) to the side, and focus on your future (Sagittarius) goals. Remember, if theres anything Pisces and Sagittarius have in common, its the meaning of faith, and this is our moment to surrender to new beginnings.” -Words by @valeriemesa

Chalkboard Art added to the résumé, check! Thank you for a wonderful day of Astro Art @gypsyjulemisfitmerc ~ one more day of these precious Noir offerings, Raleigh ~ come out tomorrow and support Small Business Saturday! #downtownraleigh #gypsyjule #chalkboardart #astrologicalart #smallbusinesssaturday #eveningstarmaps #twitter

The Astrology Egg Recipe: Begin with a Susquehanna River stone, cover it in sand, then create a 12 x 7 grid. The 12 columns (vertical) are for the signs of the zodiac; label appropriately. The 7 rows (horizontal) are for the energy centers which also correspond to the planets (Saturn-Root, Jupiter-Sacral, Mars-Will, Venus-Heart, Mercury-Throat, Moon-Anja, Sun-Crown). The root row is on the bottom, crown is on the top, label by color (ROYGBIV). Place the symbol of each planet in its appropriate row and the column (sign) where it shows itself in your chart.  For example, if your Mars is in Capricorn, place the Mars symbol in the third row from the bottom, in the Capricorn column. Do this with all of the planets and the Astrology Egg becomes a symbol (or a surrogate), of the person (or event) which corresponds to the placements. Voila! #susquehannariverstone #rockart #astrologyart #sacredart #astrology #susquehannariver #astrologicalart #stoneart #everythingisasymbol #astrologymagic

Guys! I finished my drawings for this series!! I started these on Friday and just finished the 12th. I actually really love how they turned out and I’m going to take my time decided how to paint them. I did enhance this to show you all the lines a little better!!! 🖤 #astrology #astological #astrologicalart #zodiac #theme #series #art #drawings #ink #art #artist #artistoninsta #artistoninstgram #artoninstagram

Symbol : ♌ Ruling planet : ☀️ House ruled : Four Element : 🔥 Mode : Fixed Keyword : Creating 🃏 : VIII Strenght #astrological #astrologicalart

Mercury ☿ Rx ◀︎◀︎ “ #mercuryretrograde is an astrological phenomenon that has become notorious for missed connections, miscommunications, malfunctioning electronics, travel snafus, fender benders, etc. Among the seeming drawbacks and headache-inducing circumstances, however, #mercuryretrograde periods are also a time when greater awareness and mindfulness can be employed to connect with a more esoteric level of information, uncovering rich potentials for reflection, renewing, slowing down, and resting in meditative silence in order to attune to inner realities. These themes are encouraged now, during this RE-trograde period, along with anything beginning with re. Re-organize, reflect, relax, re-communicate, re-prioritize, rewind. It is a time when it is highly beneficial to pause and take stock of the tremendous growth and evolution that has been happening within and around each of us. It is generally not a good time to start a brand new project, make impulsive purchases, or sign a new contract. The astrological thinking is that the matter will dramatically alter once Mercury turns direct, or even longer: perhaps only after escaping its shadow. Mercury changes to direct motion on December 6th, and escapes its retrograde shadow by Christmas. Mercury stations retrograde on November 16, 2018 at 13º Sagittarius. Sagittarius is not the favored zodiacal environment for Mercury, and can look like runaway trains of thought, grandiose ideas that are challenging to actualize, overestimating what is actually possible given the constraints of material reality, exuberant communication styles that lack forethought or mindfulness, or righteousness in ideology. Mercury plodding retrograde through Sagittarius could, however, be conducive of things like exploring how we relate to our thoughts and mental constructs, and could also encourage us not taking ourselves or our beliefs too seriously. It might therefore be important for the remainder of the year to take time out for fun and relaxation, and to be looking for where we could be more open to possibility, or for trying new ways of seeing things.” -@astrographastrology

This is the sister painting to the one I posted yesterday. Ochre Quincunx Wheel. A twelve-spoked wheel with each spoke connected by a 150 degree quincunx aspect. I chose the palette after seeing the shape. It wanted this rich ochre and brown, autumnal scheme. One of these days I’ll finish the series with a star wheel based off each astrological aspect. (Nobody’s chart actually looks like this, of course. It’s just a study of angles, and the mood they create repeated symmetrically around a full circle. I’m just learning astrology and doing paintings like this helps me absorb some of the details.) This painting would make great man cave art! I see this framed in a study with comfy leather chairs, bookshelves, and a decanter of cognac. My fictitious dream home 100% includes a man cave, with a recording booth, mini library of art and occult books, a pool table, a nice shelf of scotch and tequila, and geometric art all over the walls. 😸🌙 I can dream right? #watercolor #emarinart #astrologicalart #geometricart #sacredgeometry #mancaveart #mancavedecor #occultart

Venus ♀goes direct ⏃ “‪After what seemed like a never-ending retrograde, the goddess of love is finally back to her charming ways; although, don’t get too crazy, the love planet will still be in its shadow phase through Dec. 24, retracing steps since Oct. 5. In the meantime, pay attention to the themes that come up for you during this time, in terms of your relationships and values. What’s changed since? How are you feeling? Nevertheless, don’t make any serious commitments just yet, as mischievous Mercury stations retrograde later tonight.” -@valeriemesa

Here is a compilation of my Celestial Silhouette series! I just finished them last week after working on them for several months, and it is the first time since college that I have completed a planned series. I loved the work, research, and materials exploration that went into this project! Prints of this new work will be available TOMORROW at @danehandmade from 10-4. I am also selling the remaining originals- matted, framed, sparkly and ready to gift! Come out and see me! #celestialsilhouette #watercolor #illustration #swarovskicrystals @swarovski #astrologicalart #horoscope #constellation #zodiacsigns #airsign #watersigns #earthsign #firesigns #originalartwork #paintingseries #danehandmade #christmasgiftideas #madisonmakers #oneofakind #giftsforher #astrologyposts #writteninthestars #workingartist #shoplocal #supportartists

• Stevie Nicks Star Map Noir • . . . on display live at Downtown Raleigh’s Gypsy Jule in preparation for our premiere Astrology Noir Art and Education event this coming Black Friday weekend! . . . Tickets link in Bio . . . . Tickets are very limited due to the amount of time I will spend with each participant, so sign up soon! . . . #stevienicks #starmap #natalchart #gypsyjule #blackfriday #customart #downtownraleigh #raleighart #noir #astrologicalart #eveningstarmaps #twitter

“What does it mean?” - this question haunts my vision, and I cannot get here from there without teaching. Learn how to read your own Astrological chart (these symbols are simply a celestial alphabet) and you can discern for yourself what it means, any time you damn well please! This is like the difference between getting a massage and doing yoga - both are wonderful gifts, but only one puts complete agency for our healing in our own hands. This coming Black Friday, the 23rd (and 24th) of November, I am teaching these skills for the very first time, at Gypsy Jule, in Raleigh, North Carolina, along side your own natal chart, hand crafted in classic black and white. I would be honored to make your acquaintance and offer this illuminating knowledge to your illustrious life. #astrology #vision #guidance #astrologicalart #gypsyjule #blackfriday #raleighart #downtownraleigh #astrologicaleducation #blackandwhite #eveningstarmaps #twitter

Trying to get some stuff listed in my etsy store!!! I have some prints and resin bracelets for sale. I have been working on soldered glass pendants. Soon to be listed...Check it out! 🙏 Link in my bio . . . . . . . . . #goddess #sacredfeminine #oilpainting #goddessart #solderedjewelry #alchemyart #alchemy #luna #moongoddess #occultart #occultjewelry #melindagoodhue #stainedglass #mycelium #mythologicalart #mythology #paganart #astrologicalart #astrology #egyptianmythology #weighingoftheheart #jewelryforsale #artistsofinstagram #printsforsale #popsurrealism

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#المغرب #اكسبلور_فولو_ي_حلو🔥😴 #عمارة #jeanedixon #vsco #тепловдуше #ادعم_صلاح_فخرنا #astrologicalart #success #poemsofig #ابو_مكه #محمد_صلاح #اكسبلور_فولو #السعوديه #اكسبلورر #goodmorning #egypt #الجزائر #بغداد_السعودية_جدة_الرياض_الخب #مسلسلات_تركية #عرايس_موضة_فاشن_ازياء_تسريحات_ #بصره_بغداد_اربيل_جاري_الفولو_م #dubai #اكسسوارات_منزلية #poetry #مكة_المكرمة #الاردن #غرد_بصوره_من_تصويرك #yellow

بحبگ ❤❤✋ #المغرب #اكسبلور_فولو #ادعم_صلاح_فخرنا #astrologicalart #success #poemsofig #ابو_مكه #محمد_صلاح #اكسبلور_فولو #السعوديه #اكسبلورر #goodmorning #egypt #الجزائر #بغداد_السعودية_جدة_الرياض_الخب #مسلسلات_تركية #عرايس_موضة_فاشن_ازياء_تسريحات_ #بصره_بغداد_اربيل_جاري_الفولو_م #dubai #اكسسوارات_منزلية #poetry #مكة_المكرمة #الاردن #غرد_بصوره_من_تصويرك #yellow

😔😔✋ #المغرب #اكسبلور #яркаяосень #عمارة #jeanedixon #vsco #тепловдуше #ادعم_صلاح_فخرنا #astrologicalart #success #poemsofig #ابو_مكه #محمد_صلاح #اكسبلور_فولو #السعوديه #اكسبلورر #goodmorning #egypt #الجزائر #بغداد_السعودية_جدة_الرياض_الخب #مسلسلات_تركية #عرايس_موضة_فاشن_ازياء_تسريحات_ #بصره_بغداد_اربيل_جاري_الفولو_م #dubai #اكسسوارات_منزلية #poetry #مكة_المكرمة #الاردن #غرد_بصوره_من_تصويرك #yellow

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About to start a really fulfilling long term project that will involve a lot of learning, creativity, and spiritual cleansing. I’m really excited to push myself out of my comfort zone and start a journey of large scale project. Tarot is always something I enjoyed and have had a growing fascination with, so I’m excited to embark on the adventure of creating my own deck! Follow for updates, and DM for orders of the deck. 🔮✨🗡👑 . . . #blossomandbone #blossomandbonedesigns #tarot #tarotcards tarotdeck #handmadetarotdeck #tarotdaily #dailytarot #moontribe #moonchild #majorarcana #minorarcana #astrology #astrologicalart #tarotart #tarotartist #micron #watercolor #indieart #indieartist #kozmicryder #cosmic #cosmicart #cosmicartist

Completed my final Celestial Silhouette tonight! Gemini’s are expressive, quick-witted, thoughtful, and often restless. Thanks to those who helped choose the metal leaf finish on my insta stories! The rose gold was the perfect fit! #celestialsilhouette #gemini #twins #castorandpollux #constellation #astrologicalart #astrology #horoscope #zodiacsigns #airsign #profileportrait #pinkandpurple #gilded #rosegold #swarovskicrystals @swarovski #handstitching #metalwire #goldleaf #galaxyhair #watecolorpainting #aquarelle #artoftheday #artistsoninstagram #watercolorseries #finallyfinished @danehandmade @madisonmakersmarket #workingartist #inthestudio #madisonwi

The Moon Child. Cancer the Crab. A Cardinal water sign, Cancer is like the push and pull of the tides. Their Love runs deep and true. One of the most loyal, caring and maternal of the zodiac signs, the Moonchild has feelings so strong and so intense, that many of us can never quite understand what is inside of that crab shell. And the Crab claws, they can hold on so very tight. One of the great spiritual lessons for the Crab is to let go. Let go, let go, you dont have to hold it all. * 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌚 * ❤️🌊❤️ * * * #astrology #astrologicalart #cancer #cancerthecrab #drawing #zodiacsigns #moonchild

First up we have #Capricorn. This is my design sketch for my interpretation of Capricorn. I wanted to use the colors associated with the #astrological sign but not necessarily the glyph. Mostly because I wanted something different than what you always see with this #zodiacsign. There are also images of the #headdress and #shoulderarmor pieces I made and then the final images. The final image was photographed by @maegan_hall_photography and lighting by @marcustaylorphotography model Crystal R. China

If you like astrology🌌 you should check out this work by Lisa Allen. This photograph is of the constellation Pegasus🐴 on the ceiling of Grand Central Station🚉! This piece is also currently in our print bin! Stop by the gallery today! . . . #astrologicalart #dcartists #expsoeddc #instaartist #artistsofinstagram #acreativedc #madeindc #ourdistrictsart #art_empire #art_spotlight #art_collective #art_worldly #dslooking #makersmovement #designideas #smallbusiness #dcart #artshow #artfinder #artgallery #flashesofdelight #artoftheday #artofinstagram #bythings #artdaily #artforsale #wallart #instaart #igdc #dcfocused

✧Jupiter ♃ in SAG ♐︎⋯✧”Its your lucky year, Sagittarius! After swimming in the depths of oversexed and taboo-loving Scorpio for over a year, your lucky ruling planet Jupiter, traditionally known as The Greater Benefic, finally returns to its home sign, for the first time in 12 years. Thats right, Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018 legit starts on Nov. 8, and I was not kidding when I said, the possibilities are endless, my fellow stargazers. Imagine, Jupiter is the planet of luck, faith, opportunity, travel, and expansion. Granted, whatever sign Jupiter touches will certainly thrive, but then again, thats nothing compared to the infinite blessings of Jupiter in Sagittarius, as this is Sagittarius traditional planet of rulership. Trust me, its no coincidence our friendly neighborhood Sag loves traveling, learning, and living life to the fullest. You can always blame their ruling planet Jupiter for their insatiable FOMO. No offense, Sagittarius. Lucky Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, as it is a symbol of abundance, growth, and experience. This planet also serves as a reminder to take risks, and ultimately trust our higher selves, despite the mundane responsibilities and practicalities of our day-to-day. Wherever Jupiter is located on your astrological birth chart determines where you are given the opportunity to shine the brightest. Where do you thrive? How can you expand your horizons? Check your birth chart, if you havent done so. The zodiac sign and astrological house placement can help you determine how and where you will start living your very best life. Will you find luck through your partnerships? Or will you thrive once you begin tapping into mysticism? Who knows, maybe being you is all you need to do. Trust the universe, and let Jupiter be your guide. In the meantime, check and see where Sagittarius is located on your birth chart. This is where Jupiter will sprinkle its lucky charms of growth and abundance, throughout its 13-month journey” -Words by @valeriemesa

Aries the Ram Continuing on with the zodiac concept series, its back to the beginning with Aries the Ram. A Cardinal Fire sign, ruled by Mars, Aries represents the first sign, the spark, the start of the wheel. Stay tuned for my upcoming astrology videos which will go into more detail. The first one, about the evolution of the Scorpio is on my YouTube account (Alec Falle Hamilton). Check out it! Aries drawing is available, message me for more detail$. #Aries #Scorpio #astrology #artforsale #geometricart #astrologicalart

New M●●N in SCORPIO ●▸▸▸♏︎ ⠀ “Wednesday’s Scorpio New Moon, taking place on the morning of November 7th, afternoon for Europe and points east, is quite an interesting configuration emphasizing connecting to the divinity of Nature, looking more deeply into all your activities, especially those of the relationship kind, and taking a stand, no matter what, for your own unique perspective. That is because there are new planets beyond Pluto representing these archetypal energies for Western Astrology, and these are powerfully aligned with personal planets in the configuration of this coming New Moon. Eris, Feminine Warrior in support of deep soul intention, is, by the time the Sun and Moon conjunct in mid-Scorpio, once more in combination with Uranus, because Uranus will have transited backward into Aries, reaching the 29-degree mark, six degrees away from conjuncting Eris. More importantly, their midpoint at 26 + of Aries will be opposed by a stationing Venus and sextiled by Mars in Aquarius. We are therefore experiencing a strong push from these alignments to express and act on our deepest values going forward...” -Henry Seltzer of @astrographastrology

Daylight savings has my sleep schedule all out of wack. The benefit is that I stayed up late to finish Pisces. This water sign is known for being empathetic, intuitive, artistic, selfless, generous and emotional. This piece just fell out onto the paper. I especially enjoyed playing around with the new variegated gold leaf flakes I picked up from @artistcraftsman_madison. It’s pretty much the worlds most expensive confetti. The final result looks like the love child of a Na’vi from Avatar and my coworker @porkchopowitz . #celestialsilhouette #pisces #astrologicalart #astrology #horoscope #zodiacsigns #watersigns #goldleaf #seppgildingworkshop #watercolor #sennlier @sennelier1887 @swarovski #swarovskicrystals #embellishment #navi #avatar #avatarmakeup #constellation #starchart #artoftheday #paintingseries #workingartist #inthestudio #latenightpainting #madisonmakers #madisonwi @danehandmade @madisonmakersmarket

This week’s bead mosaic is Scorpio. The astrological sign is represented by Water, Deep Red, Onyx, and Steel. The 5 inch by 3 inch by 3/4 inch wood box was painted with deep red soft body acrylic and features onyx gemstones, metal elements, and glass elements within an assortment of glass beads in reds, blues, and silver. The finished box was sealed with a gloss acrylic sealant. Scorpio is currently available for purchase. The price is $15 USD plus shipping. If you are interested in obtaining Scorpio, please contact me. #mosaicmonday #beadmosaics  #artsyart #onyx #gemstones #beadsandmorebeads  #beadsandpaint #beadsandcharms  #mosaics  #beads #resin #artsy #art #acrylicpaint #scorpio #astrologicalsign #signofscorpio #astrologicalart #acrylic #zodiac #zodiacsigns

🔥 Its time to share my heart Damn the consequences Ill share all of me Be who I was born to be 🦄 ✍️@shawncoss

. Sun in Scorpio! . Lets celebrate this introspective and profound moment with gratitude for all the times that something is finished in our life: relationships, friendships, works, houses, deads... Just say thanks to all of that, cos those doors that closed up allowed others to open up. This is why you are here now. Life is a continuous cycle. Say thanks to death as you say thanks to life. . Let it go. . And keep living. . Astrological artworks by Dyumna. Scorpio and Pluto with gold pigments, crystals and stones. .

Mercury ☿ in S A G I T T A R I U S ♐︎ “Not so fast, Sagittarius the explorer! Your solar revolution hasnt arrived just yet. Mercury the messenger, however, is now in your wander-lusting and oh-so-adventurous territory. ♐︎ #MercuryinSagittarius is here, and in case youre wondering whats to come, just picture mischievous Mercury sitting around a giant bonfire, in the middle of the woods, surrounded by friends, loved ones, and of course, wildlife. For the record, I used the example of a bonfire, because that is the metaphor for the sign of the archer, as it is also the last fire sign in the zodiac. Now, what types of conversations do you think would take place in the midst of a crackling bonfire, surrounded by family and friends? Would you be hesitant to speak your truth? Or would your words and thoughts simply flow through you? Granted, Mercury in #Sagittarius encourages us to speak our truth, while expanding our mental horizons. However, in the midst of this optimistic and over-the-top conversation, details can slip through the cracks, so be mindful of what youre communicating, as there could be some unnecessary exaggerating in the process. Mercury in Sagittarius will affect us collectively, which means there will be an innate desire to question the universe, while discovering our truth. The sign of the archer is bursting with ideas, knowledge, and jokes, not mention opinions that might seem a bit far out, but that is the beauty of Sagittarius. Truth is, no conversation is ever too boring for this Mercury. It wants answers, and while it points its arrow to an endless sky of possibilities, there is also a feeling of excitement and passion, that is almost irresistible. Mercury in Sag is similar to that of Mercury in Scorpio, in the sense that theres more than meets the eye. However, you cant compare Sagittarius happy-go-lucky and risk-taking personality, to Scorpios suspicious introversion. This transit serves as a reminder that there is always more than one point of view, and most importantly, there is something waiting for each and every one of us beyond the horizon. P.S. Mercury will station retrograde on 11/16!” Words by @valeriemesa

Happy Halloween and welcome the darkest half of the year! ☾ - “From an astrological perspective, the end of October and start of November is also when the sun moves into Scorpio the zodiac sign associated with death and rebirth. Furthermore, from a numerology perspective, transitioning from a number 10 month to a number 11 month also signifies a time of heightened sensitivity to the spirit realms and to higher levels of consciousness. It definitely seems that there is some significance to this time of year when it comes to honoring the cycles of death and deceased loved ones, and being able to access the spirit world with greater ease. Many of these ancient celebrations include the belief that on October 31st, the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. This belief is observed during the Gaelic festival of Samhain and also the Day of the Dead, which roots go all the way back to the time of the Aztecs. Samhain translates to “end of Summer” and was a celebration of the end of the year. For this reason, many rituals were conducted that incorporated the theme of death and rebirth, and in fact, many of these rituals have been integrated into what we now celebrate as Halloween. Part of these death rituals during Samhain involve putting out food for departed souls and having feasts to honor the spirit world and thank them for the harvests of the year.” -Tanaaz @foreverconscious

Black & Pastel Zodiac Shield With Burnt Umber & Raw Sienna Planet Pins In store now! BradleyNaragon.com #zodiacshield #planetaryprotection #astrologicalart #zodiacart #astrologytools #sacredart #theastrologersastrologer

Shes done! ✨Libra ⚖️✨ Coloured pencils and ink on A4 Bristol board. All finished 💖 Is this your star sign?

This piece is inspired from a vision I had a few weeks ago during a rough emotional release. I was finally letting go of years of self suppression(and many other things), and it was coming out in a lot of anger and frustration. Very very martial (mars) oriented. Once I stopped trying to hold onto it and instead allowed it to flush through me, mars was finally able to converse with me. I saw a black wolf (associated with Aries - who is ruled by mars. Wherever a lamb lies, so does the wolf) jumping on the planet making it bleed and this blood was dripping onto a rams head in what felt like a bloody breakthrough. It’s also Scorpio season right now so there’s already a heavy mars influence in the air. Using this new found energy - or newly remembered shall I say- to help with creating firm boundaries, fearlessly speaking and acting on my truth, energy and strength to slowly start coming out of years of (necessary) isolation, to remember both that I exist for no one but myself, and that I will take bloodshed and change over stagnancy and suppressing myself in the name of “love” among other things. Super deep transformation. I’ve been heavily fasting for the past 5 days or so in this process. Feeling great.

Come out and see me at chocolate and art show! 734 west Polk street in Phoenix art Unexpected Art Gallery #chocolateandart #astrologicalart #abstractart #freechocolatefondue #art #contemporarywestfineart #contemporaryart #fineart #phoenix #localartist #liveyourdream

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