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Always eager to express and impress Rudra just 5 months old Dad & Son 😍 Shouting loud... Whos louder #babygoals #cutenessoverloaded #babylove #dadson #daddysworld #roleplay #growingbaby #activebaby #superfuntoddler #superfun #mybabyboy #babylove #whoslouder #followingdad #likefatherlikeson

Usar mi tiempo en ti es la mejor inversión que puedo hacer, disfrutar de tus locuras es lo más divertido de mis días, eres la personita más maravillosa de mi mundo. 💕 • • • • • • #mamáprimeriza #familia #maternidad #bebéandré #babyleo #toddlerlife #bebéboss #babygoals #andrésonrisitas #andrélocuras #bebédemami

Sweet Dreams. 12.10.18

Its decorating day at The DAlessandros. Were all so excited to celebrate Orions first Christmas! 12.08.18 ⛄

Maya Mouse! 🐭❣️


I just love this little boy so much.

Orion is 4 months old today! He is a smart and strong little guy. Definite Mamas boy. He loves to chit chat & be told hes handsome. He provides endless amounts of cuteness & smiles. I am so blessed to be his Mom. Happy 4 months lil man! 11.21.18

I wish there was a way to keep my babies this small forever. ❤

Whyyyy are my babies so cuteee?! 💛

So thankful for the cuteness I get to witness on a daily basis.

Good Morning! 💛

Someone is 8 weeks old today. 💙

So in love with this little guy. Happy due date stinker. 7.27.18 💙

Welcome to the world Orion Mahkai, the wait was worth every minute. Words cant explain the love that already surrounds you. 6 lbs 6 oz of pure cuteness. 7.21.18 💙

I think someone is getting excited for his baby brother. ☺️❤️

Ive got sunshine... ☀️🕶

I mean, seriously?? 😍❤️

Stole my heart the second I saw him. ☺️

Inside all of us is hope, fear, and adventure. Inside all of us is a wild thing. 💛

Ive never been more in love. This little guy brings my heart so much joy. I mean look at that little face, how did I get so lucky? 1.31.17 😍

Decorating with the DAlessandros. 11.23.16 🎄

Reminiscing. 👶🏼❤️

Nothing quite like hearing your precious baby repeat, mom 17,000 times a day. 11.6.16 🐰

My little pumpkin. 10.29.16 🎃

Quack quack. 🐥☺️

Im a sucker for those chubby cheeks. 7.25.16 😍

My grandma is inked and awesome. 7.10.16 💉

Monkey Butt. 6.25.16 🙊

His Royal Highness. 6.20.16 💙

#Stud 6.9.16 😎

5.1.16 🐻

My perfect baby. 1.13.16 💙

Enjoying the night with my soon to be 1 year old. 1.11.16 💙

He is e v e r y t h i n g .

Hakuna Matata. 1.2.16 🦁💛

My little abominable snowman. 12.13.15 ⛄️💙

Every good and perfect gift is from above. -James 1:17 12.10.15 ⛄️❄️

L O V E . 11.23.15 👶🏼💚

Im a couple of days late but I cant believe its already been 10 months since Bentley was born. Im so blessed to have been given such an amazing little man. I love you Bents. Happy 10 months Baby B. 11.19.15 🐻

Guys, Im in trouble. B is too tiny to be walking already. 11.10.15 💛

Bentley Ryder 11.3.15 💛

Im so in love with my little lion cub. 10.31.15 🦁💛

10.17.15 🎃☀️💛

If you think my hands are full you should see my heart. B now has 5 teeth, with a 6th one coming out. He can take 4 steps before deciding hes not ready for that kind of commitment. He can stand on his own, he loves reading books, and playing with the cats. His favorite toy is his teddybear that his auntie gave him. He loves snuggles with mama and watching Street Outlaws with dada. His smile makes my day, his kisses are the sweetest, and his hugs melt my heart. I cant believe my sweet boy is 9 months old today. Where has the time gone? I love you baby B. Youre my greatest blessing. 10.17.15 👻🐼💛

BeforeAnyoneElse. 10.12.15 💙

Yesterdays hat game was too strong. 10.7.15 💛

Cold rainy weather means cute hats and long sleeves. 9.7.15 🙊

Oh, you know. Just having a snack waiting for my chile to roast. #LivinTheLife #BabyBsHotStuff #NewMexicoBaby 9.2.15 🔥💚

You have my whole heart for my whole life. 8.17.15 💙

Happy 7 months Baby B. 8.17.15 💙

Blowing up your insta with this cutie pie. 7.18.15 ⚾️❤️👶🏼

Happy 6 months to our baby. I cant believe how much he has grown since he came into this world. Already crawling, sitting, and he has two teeth coming out! We love this little man more than life itself. 7.17.15 💙🐻

7.15.15. 👶🏼🐻⭐️

Oh, hey there handsome. 7.13.15

This little man is what keeps me going day after day. Hes the love of my life. My everything. & I thank God for him everyday. 7.7.15 💚

My little monster in his favorite towel. #DisneyBaby @disneybaby 6.28.15 💚💙

Why is my baby so perfect? I cant believe hes going to be 5 months old tomorrow. 6.16.15 😩😭😍☺️❤️

ManCrushMonday: Part Two. 6.1.15 💛

B tried his first lemon 4.29.15 😂💛🍋👶🏼

Guess who is 3 months old today! 3.17.15 💛

Oh my goodness! That smile!4.13.15 💙😩😻👼🏼

I cant believe how accurate 3D ultrasounds are. The ultrasound is at 31 weeks, and the picture is B today at 12 weeks old. 4.11.15 💛

My baby is so funny. 4.7.15 😂

Im so happy right now I wouldnt be able to even put it in words. Being a Mom is the most amazing thing to have ever happened to me. I love my little man so much. I love our family. Im just in love with life right now.

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