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Dinner was pasta with lots of grean veg.. I added some carbs as I had 0 during the day.

5 MONTHS OLD!! {12/11/18} little babe - you are 5 months old... HOW DID THIS HAPPEN SO FAST? Gosh, I fall more in love with you every single day! You have such a funny little personality - you smile at strangers and have the BEST laugh in the entire world 💗🙌🏼. —— Sweet little babe, you learned how to roll over this past month - it’s so fun watching you hit new milestones 😍. You love grabbing your toys and putting them in your mouth, especially Sophie! You still give the absolute best cuddles in the world 🌎. This past month has been a big growth month for you, and because of that we have had a few more midnight parties in bed 🥳 💤 (like waking up every hour for super snuggles and feedings). Yes, I’m a little more sleepy than usual... but seeing your smile in the middle of the night makes me laugh out loud and want to squish your sweet little face 💗. I promise to always cuddle you in the middle of the night & to stay with you as long as you want. You still love bath time & love following the rhythms of our day from waking up till bedtime ☀️🌙 ! This past month you finished your first 10-week sessions of Kundalini Yoga & everyone LOVES you in class 🙏🏼 #satnam #waheguru #babyyogi... You are the happiest baby in the world & I’m so blessed to go through life with you. I’m honoured to be your guide & to lead you on your journey 💗. I love you forever and always my little babe 🤗 xo ***maybe we will get better pictures for 6 month update 😂🤦🏼‍♀️*** #5monthsold #Arias1stTripAroundTheSun #letthembelittle #mywholeheart #mywholeworld

#transformationtuesday @kaylatransformations @kayla_itsines 8 months 40lbs down

Happy #transformationtuesday - thought I would flash back today to my first pics - 11 weeks of work is definitely showing itself in this comparison! A bit shocked at how much change there is 💪🏼 . #bbgpostpartum #bbgcommunity #sweatwithkayla #bbgtransformation #kaylasarmy #bbgmums

Being honest here, my motivation over the last two weeks has been pretty low. I’ve been struggling to fit the workouts in amongst everything else, and I’ve been giving myself a pretty hard time about not getting them done. . As a consequence, my headspace hasn’t been great. So my new goal is to keep going. I’m going to miss workouts, miss exercise goals, and that’s ok. As long as I keep trying and don’t give up. . Having a 3 year old and a 4 month old is challenging enough mentally and physically, without copping a beating from my own mind. . So there you go. Sorry about the rant! I’m still here, I’m still going, I just might not drop 2 dress sizes in a week! . #bbg #bbgpostpartum #bbgcommunity #sweatwithkayla #kaylasarmy #mentalhealth #bbgmums

Doesn’t matter the interruptions. It’s the effort that counts. Right after my warm up baby boy was ready to be fed again and I’m ok with that. All that matters to me is I am slowly getting back and am enjoying the process. I have missed being active. It relaxes and de-stresses me. It helps me clear my mind and makes me a happier mama. BUT also spending time with my baby who just needed a little more time with me does that too. 🥰 • • • • #balance #8weekspostpartum #nursingmama #fitafterbaby #postpartumworkout #bbgpostpartum #lowerbodyworkout #getoutandmove #slowandsteady

#transformation Im stuck on the scales, this weekend Ill be having a bit of a binge and from Monday Im back to gym and clean eating before Xmas day! X @kaylatransformations @kayla_itsines 40 pounds in 7 months @naturalweightloss21

my mom has told me countless times how she would leave my sister and I as babies, outside in our strollers to nap during the winter months & now I get to do the same thing with my little babe ❄️⛄️ // did you know that allowing babies to have an outdoor nap during the colder months offers HUGE health benefits? - longer, deeper & more restful sleep - more rejuvenated and energized when awake - improved immunity & fewer colds - improved body and brain function - more exposure to nature = helps to calm babies - helps to regulate their circadian rhythm 🙌🏼 - so much more Did you also know that in Finland, Norway, Sweden, etc. daycares line up prams outside for nap time? Yup, it’s a normal occurrence over there. On top of that, a Norwegian paediatrician highly recommends allowing your baby to take an outdoor nap each day, especially during the colder months {weather permitting ❄️)! I’m doing more research about temperature, wind chill factor & necessary layers & accessories for my little babe 💗 & we are going to be having a lot more outdoor time this winter season. #holistichealth ** not only do these health benefits directly benefits our babies, but also us adults. We need fresh air, we need natural light, we need exposure to nature as well ☀️🌲❄️! Do you let your baby sleep outside? #healthcoach #healthhacks #holistichealthhack #winterwonderland #uppababyvista

Last nights dinner; Teriyaki salmon with a small portion of noodles and lots of veg.

Good things about today: got Arms & Abs done, plus a new haircut. Bad things about today: forgot I needed to workout, had a cider, THEN worked out. Blergh 🤢 remind me not to do that again!! . #bbgpostpartum #bbgcommunity #sweatwithkayla #kaylasarmy #bbg

Current status

Pesto pasta and greens for dinner. 💖❤

Great start to my week with a KFC 😫 Today is a new day: carrot and coriander soup for lunch and a bowl.of greens with a small portion of veg pasta for dinner!

this mornings smoothie was epic & on point! 🙌🏼{banana, frozen cherries, two largest handfuls of spinach, 2 tbsp of ground flax, unsweetened almond milk & vanilla plant based protein} 💗🌱🙌🏼 // I use to be able to get in a morning workout before eating breakfast... but now I need the fuel before I can do anything. Breastfeeding 🤱🏼 all night burns tons of calories, so refuelling after my celery juice is essential. 💪🏼🌱 #holistichappiness #holisticnutrition #healthcoach #postpartumhealth #vegetarian

A year ago I was a month from my due date, walking daily, stretching, and doing some simple dumbbells a couple times a week to get ready for holding my baby (I used a five minute YouTube pregnancy resistance workout)... a year later, I am so glad I maintained my fitness while pregnant because: .... 1)Labor is physical and I wanted a healthy birth...... 2)postpartum I needed to recover quickly for my family (I live far from extended family) with a family of five to manage ..... 3) staying active is the best medicine for my mind and body.... I don’t view workouts as a chore it’s like the best self care for a mom 💖 #transformationtuesday #bbgmoms #bbgpostpartum #bbgcommunity @sweat @kayla_itsines #bbgmomof3 #pregnancyfitness #bbgprogress

Happy #transformationtuesday! Pretty happy with today’s progress shots - I’m definitely starting to feel like I’m getting closer to my pre-pregnancy figure, from the side at least. Front on, there’s still more work to do. Walk/run scheduled for this morning, let’s crush it! 💪🏼 #bbgpostpartum #bbgcommunity #sweatwithkayla #bbgtransformation #kaylasarmy #bbgprogress

Week 10 legs kicked my arse! Definitely a step up this week, plus I made myself do real burpees instead of step out ones as penance for not doing all my workouts last week. Still, loving the sense of achievement after getting through the workout 😁 🏋️‍♀️ . #bbg #bbgpostpartum #bbgcommunity #sweatwithkayla #kaylasarmy

HIIT day 🤸🏻‍♀️😁 #bbgmoms #bbgprogress #bbgpostpartum #bbgprogress @kayla_itsines @sweat

One more workout tomorrow and Week 9 is complete! 💪🏼 . #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbgpostpartum #week9 #hothothot #sweatwithkayla #orjustsweat

Just a few of the many dishes I divulged on holiday! Excluding; KFC, burger king, fully loaded fries, red Thai curry, noodles, afternoon tea, m&ms, Pringles, baklava, ice cream... list goes on.

Ive only managed to go to the gym once this week but Im back to my pre holiday weight after putting 4lbs (felt like 10lbs) on! I concentrated on clean eating rather then pushing myself to do a half hearted gym session! 2 pieces of salmon covered in nandos peri peri with broccali.. accompanied by a huge Ferro Roche for dessert.

Feeling festive in Christmas leggings 🎄😜 . . . . . #bbgmom #postpartum #lularoe #lularoeholiday #bbgpostpartum #bbgvegan #plantbasedmom #veganparenting #cozysunday

Christmas sweaty selfie! BBG Post partum Week 8...done! Bring on next week’s stepped up workouts 💪🏼 . #bbgpostpartum #bbgcommunity #sweatwithkayla #bbg #bbgmums

Didn’t get a chance to workout today but got all my circles closed on activity on #applewatch 👍🏼👍🏼 . . . . . . #kelseywells #fitfam #bbgfamily #sweatwithkayla #bbgpostpartum #bbg #bbgpwrcrew #fitness #workout #strongwomen #strongissexy #workoutroutine #workoutmotivation #activity #heathy #heathymom

Last night halibut - the truffle chips and slice of my babies pizza didnt make it to the pictures 🙈

My love for black cod continues!.

A hotdog and salad please 🙆‍♀️

it’s official 💁🏼‍♀️. I am back to living a plant-based lifestyle 🥦👩🏼‍🌾🌱!!! I was a strict vegetarian for 4+ years and about 2 years ago I started eating meat again... I wanted to experiment with all the hype about bulletproof & paleo. So I did, and my verdict for my body and my health — I STRIVE off of plants and minimal animal protein (such as eggs). Also, my soul feels better and more aligned with my core values when I’m not consuming another being 💗. Here’s the thing about diets... they all seem appealing, they all have their benefits - you have to experiment and figure out what’s best for YOU! // today I enjoyed this DELICIOUS vegan green bean casserole & homemade bread 🥖🌱! #holistichappiness #healthcoach #vegetarian #holisticnutrition #greenbeancasserole

Not feeling hot today 😷🤧 but decided I would still try to sweat it out! And I got the gym room to myself!!! 💪🏼💪🏼 . . . . . . . . . #sweatwithkayla #bbgpostpartum #healthykids #sweat #workoutmotivation #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #strongwomen #bbg #bbgfamily #bbgcommunity #blogilates #kaylaitsines #kelseywells #kelseywellspwr #pwrprogram #pwr #sweatitout #healthyfood #heathymom

there are so many health benefits to getting outside - we try our very best to get a minimum of 30 mins of fresh air a day ... it’s crazy to think that only 30 mins can radically improve your health and well-being! ☀️❄️ (and really... 30 mins out of 12 hours isn’t really that much 💁🏼‍♀️). // getting outdoors improves your immune system, uplifts your mood, cleansing for the lungs, good for your vision, helps prevent seasonal depression, and so much more🙌🏼💗!! // it’s not always easy getting out of the house & bundling up a 4 month old baby... but I never regret it and we’re both in better moods afterwards ❄️☀️❄️ #holistichappiness #holistichealth #healthcoach #4monthsold #mamahood #childhoodunplugged #getoutdoors #winterwonderland

Pretty sure it’s illegal to not order coffee when you’re in a diner on a cold, wet morning... #bbg #bbgsf #bbgmumsover30 #bbgmomsover30 #bbgsisters #kaylasarmy #bbgmoms #bbgmums #kaylaitsines #bbgcommunity #fitfam #fitmom #whole30 #whole30mom #sweat #sweatwithkayla #whole30alum #bbgpostpartum #postpartum #coffee

This is my daughter Oaklyn. I really hope that she is able to watch me be active and take care of my body that she will be inspired to care for her body too. No innocent young girls need to worry about body image. #sweatwithkayla #healthykids #sweat #bbg #bbgpostpartum #workout #workoutroutine #workoutmotivation #kelseywells #pwrprogram #strong #tiu #blogilages @kayla_itsines @sweat @kelseywells

Lovely dinner made by my sisters; buffalo chicken and lots of green veg! Lunch: hotdog and a latte Snacls: poppadom, mango chutney 🙈 Not the best day.

Eggs on toast for Logan and a cup of tea for me. Lunch - cauliflower/broccali melt Dinner - stir fry, and a few chips. #bbg12weekchallenge #bikinibodyguide #bbgpostpartum #bbgprogress #bbgmoms #bbg #kaylaitsines #foodporn #fitness #food #pancakes #postpartumbody #nandos #keto #salad #starbucks #lowcarb #fitnessgoal #homeworkout #gym #weaning #8monthsold #eggs #babyweaningfood

Bolognase and Stuffed pasta shells with Riccota and spinach! I think Im in holiday mode already, and completely over indulged tonight! Tommorow is a new day! #bbg12weekchallenge #bikinibodyguide #bbgpostpartum #bbgprogress #bbgmoms #bbg #kaylaitsines #foodporn #fitness #food #pancakes #postpartumbody #nandos #keto #salad #starbucks #lowcarb #fitnessgoal #homeworkout #gym #pasta #foodporn #bolognase

Started #bbg12weekchallenge in June, and lost 25lbs within 12 weeks. Im now on #bbg2 week 21 with new goals set - and I never thought I would get through 2 weeks! Thank you @kayla_itsines for creating this programme and giving me an even better body back. @naturalweightloss21 @kaylatransformations #transformationthursday


My daughter’s birthday yesterday meant no workout, no walking and lots of cake. Abs/arms today hurt! . #bbg #bbgmums #bbgcommunity #bbgpostpartum #week7

DID YOU KNOW 👉🏻 the average American will gain 5-15lbs between now and the end of the year?? And I’m fairly certain I’ve already started some super bad habits!! So to help make sure our jeans are buttoning come January, I’m focusing on all things nutrition in my #flashsale {including the incredible program that helped my girl Allie get her results}. It’s not a written rule you know? You don’t have to gain weight!! Why don’t we trade the weight gain for more confidence, more freedom, more energy...more of all the things you want and need!!!! Email with all the details is going out this evening - up to $30 off my fave products to help you stay on track. Ready to rock this holiday season?? Drop your email below or shoot me a message!!

Back to where it all began (again). With a six week 👍 from the doctor, it is time to start exercising again. Back to #bbg #week1 to get back in the exercise habit. Wish me luck! And some nerve wracking day 1 starting photos to track progress over the coming weeks. Six weeks postpartum and 168.2lbs. #bbg #bbgsf #bbgmumsover30 #bbgmomsover30 #bbgsisters #kaylasarmy #bbgmoms #bbgmums #kaylaitsines #bbgcommunity #fitfam #fitmom #fitness #whole30 #whole30mom #sweat #sweatwithkayla #deathbykayla #whole30alum #bbgpostpartum #postpartum #exercise #fabletics

Started #bbg12weekchallenge in June, and lost 25lbs within 12 weeks. Im now on #bbg2 week 21 with new goals set - and I never thought I would get through 2 weeks! Thank you @kayla_itsines for creating this programme and giving me an even better body back. @kaylatransformations #transformationtuesday

Good weather makes #liss walks so much more enjoyable! Love where I live . #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbgmums #bbgpostpartum #beach #fitness

On Friday’s, we shop for Christmas decorations and sing jingle bells at the very top of our lungs. On November 16th.🤗 It wasn’t that long ago that a run to Target had to be so calculated. Mostly because I would try to find the perfect time when Nick wouldn’t realize I’d been. I know I am not the only girl in the world that had {almost} perfected a Target run without being caught. And it’s not like we have were having serious financial issues or anything, but in case you didn’t get the memo: life is expensive. Four kids are expensive. And you know what’s not always on the MUST list?? Christmas decorations. I’m grateful that I have a little side hustle where I have the opportunity to help people be happier and healthier. And I get paid for it. Still totally blows my mind. Crazy things happens when you decide to stop letting other people’s opinions run your life.🖤🖤

Wk.20 BBG 2.0 Legs on fasted Skipping 100reps x 4 Sumo squat 20 reps x 4 X hop 20 reps x 3 Sit squat 20 reps x 3 Burpee 15 reps x 2 Jump lunge 20 reps x1 Broad jump 30 reps x 1 Walking lunge and twist 20 reps x 1 6 mins running on 9 x 1

Tonights dinner: Chicken, Turkey bacon and leek pie topped with mash. Served with green veg on the side.

I’ve had a few people say ‘how lucky I am’ to have ‘gone back to my original size’ after having Gray. Well I don’t think I’m lucky as such, I worked really hard during pregnancy to keep really active. Not because I’m weight obsessed just because I love being active. I’m also a Pilates instructor so my core is pretty good so no doubt my abdominal muscles have played a big part in making my stomach go back to somewhat normal (it’s not totally back FYI) I was very conscious of not over eating when I was pregnant. Again not because I am weight obsessed. You don’t have to eat for two when you are pregnant and it’s also not an excuse to over eat. Putting additional weight on can cause a whole host of issues for you or it might not 🤷🏻‍♀️. I didn’t want to risk having problems. Don’t get me wrong I ate chocolate every single day. But I followed my own nutrition program to ensure I was sensible. Lastly everybody is different. Everyone’s births are different, everyone’s recoveries are different. So your body might not have gone back as quick as you’d like. But then you might not have had to have a catheter in for 12 days after having your baby. It’s swings and roundabouts 😂. I’m also not dieting. I never diet. I am just living a balanced lifestyle following my own program. When I was pregnant it was slightly lopsided because of the chocolate intake 🙄. But now I’m trying to get back to what makes me feel best and what gives me the most energy 🖤. #nutritionist #nutrition #weightloss #pilatesinstructor #iifymgirls #postpartumbody #fatloss #bbgprogress #bbgpostpartum #vegetarian #nutritioncoach #balance #lifestyle #health #training #fitspo #happy

4 MONTHS OLD!! {11/11/18} the days and months are just going by so fast! I’m truly soaking up every single second with my little bestie 💗 Aria is such a happy little babe & I fall more in love with her heart every day. —— My little baby, you give the best cuddles and open mouth slobbery kisses. This past month you got to celebrate my birthday & your Nana’s birthday 🎂 (I must say - you’re the best gift on this planet). Also, this past week you became a big cousin to baby Ken 👶🏻💙👶🏻💗 - I’m sure the two of you will be best friends & trouble makers together! I can’t wait to watch the two of you to grow up together! You got to experience your first snow fall ❄️ & you HATE getting all dressed up to go out in the cold - but once you’re outside in the fresh air, you’re as happy as can be! I absolutely love everything thing about you, and every single day I count my blessings that you made me your mama 🤱🏼. I love you my little peanut 💗. #4monthsold #arias1sttriparoundthesun #holistichappiness #mamahood

Logans first Christmas 🎄🎁

*Transformation Tuesday* So I was considering whether or not to post this but you know what I’m proud of this! The top 3 photos are pre-pregnancy and the bottom 3 photos are 10 weeks post partum so yes this is a different kind of transformation Tuesday! But I am so proud of my body it grew, nurtured and fed a damn human for 9 months!! The human body is truly incredible! So I post this as I embark on my post partum fitness journey! And damn straight I’ve got this! There’s nothing like having yourself as your inspiration! I’m so proud of my body and the changes it’s made and I’m looking forward to the further changes I can achieve! #transformationtuesday #fitness #myfitnessjourney #postpartumbody #postpartum #postpartumfitness #instafit #instafitness #fitstagram #bbgprogress #bbgpostpartum #bbggirls #mybody #proud #10weekspostpartum #strongwomen #ivegotthis #dreambelieveachieve #inspiration

Another late night, sweaty selfie. Last week and the start of this week have been a bit shit on the motivation front - being sick last week threw me off, and I’m not seeing much difference week to week at the moment. I haven’t taken progress photos, my measurements haven’t changed, and the scales are so unpredictable I’m ignoring them. I was going to bail out again today, but had had enough of feeling sorry for myself and feeling blah, so I changed into workout gear and smashed out leg day. Much harder this week too, which was great! I was wobbly after the first circuit, kind of hoping I’m sore tomorrow so I can feel proud of myself for persevering! . #bbg #bbgmums #bbgcommunity #sweatwithkayla #bbgpostpartum

Dear morning pumping session,⠀ .⠀ .⠀ I cannot wait to be rid of you and gain an extra 30 mins of sleep. But, thank you for reliably giving me my best pump of the day 😘⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Sincerely,⠀ A tired, but thankful, breastfeeding momma⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Where are my fellow nursing momma’s up breastfeeding or pumping before the rest of the world has even thought about opening their eyes?! Drop an emoji so I know I’m not alone and we can bond over the joys (and pains) of motherhood 😊⠀ #motherhoodtogether

She who dares, wins... She who waits for her husband to come along and give her a pep talk/catch her if she falls on her ass wins! ~ loving a box jump right now, think I fancy myself as some sort of ninja parkour bad ass rather than some granny who questions whether starting a film at 9pm isn’t a bit too crazy! 👵🏼 ~ Sunday workout and #bbgweek2 complete! 🙌🏼 . Off to Malmö tomorrow so think it will be a rest day! Wanted to start #couchto5k but I think I’m more of a fair-weather runner than I’d imagined as the thought of running in the rain is not the one! . . . #bbg #bbgmum #boxjumps #postpartumfitnessjourney #5monthspostpartum #bbgpostpartum #postpartumfitness #postpartumfitnessjourney #fitnessjourney

Straggly hair, weak as anything from being sick, but I did it! Resistance workouts for the week ✔️ . #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbgmums #bbgpostpartum #sweat #sweatwithkayla

Last-minute decision to start the 12-week-challenge with you girls and #kaylaitsines . Damn, I forgot how painful eventuell first workout was 😝 Week 1 legs done! ✅ 💪🏼 #bbgcommunity #sweatwithkayla #bbgmoms #bbgmums #bbggermany #bbgpostpartum #afterbabybody #postpartumfitness #getfit #sixpack2017 #legday #muscles #strongisthenewskinny #strongmomsberlin

The only time I can squeeze in a workout is at 5:30 am. Ive come to love 5:30 am. Its my time. Its time I can focus on myself, its time I dont have to be doing things for others, its time I can work on my goals, time I can listen to music I want and time I can work on my body & health. Its helped me learn not to forget about myself & my needs. 🏃🏼‍♀️ Do you prioritize your health & selfcare? • • • • • #workinprogress #workinprogressfitness #momtime #mommyworkout #bbg #bbgprogress #bbgpostpartum #kelseywellspwr #theworkinprogressmom #selfcare #selflove #metime #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #mothercare #austinmama

Chicken and prawn Teriyaki

Morning Mantra: Do not pee, do not pee, do not pee - because, let’s face it, wetting yourself at the gym is not the one! But hey, that’s #postpartumproblems right? Well, to be honest I can’t say that I kept up my pelvic floor exercises through my pregnancy so really I only have myself to blame 🙄 but #bbgweek2 legs completed! Now to get ready for a Heroica customer night in Borås! No rest for the wicked huh!! . . . #bbg #bbgmum #bbgpostpartum #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #postpartumjourney3 #5monthspostpartum #fitnessjourney #skipping

Late night workout (#mumlife!) and the first of the #bbgpostpartum program phase 2. Definitely a step up, but it felt good! Great to have a more challenging session. Actually finished feeling sweaty. #boom! . #bbg #bbgmums #bbgcommunity #sweatwithkayla #sweatwithkelsey

This was straight after #bbgarmsandabs just one more resistance and one more LISS and I’ll have finished #bbgweek1 I’d forgotten how tough these workouts are! Was literally dripping (although lack of aircon in the gym could also have contributed to that!) I’m glad I decided to re-start whilst away on holiday - I’m just hoping I can keep it up when I get home and back into the everyday routine! ~ Anyone else restarted bbg recently? . . . #friyay #egypt #holiday #fridayvibes #sweatyselfie #bbgmum #bbgpostpartum #postpartumbody #postpartum #postpartumfitness #postpartumfitnessjourney #5monthspostpartum #fitnessjourney

Oct 24 2017 ➡️ Oct 31 2018. Pants are 1 size smaller, arms are noticeably stronger 💪🏻, body is stronger, stomach is flatter AND I’m 7 POUNDS HEAVIER. Plus 🍑 is bigger, stronger, fatter etc. Also, in the first pic I had just weaned from 10.5 months of nursing. 🍼👶🏻 On the left was 3.5 weeks into The Keto Diet which had some things I liked but felt it overall did not work well for me. I love what I’m doing now and encourage anyone to do what they feel works best for them! As of this week I am doing BAM Yoga 3x a week w/ Cardio. And BBG Stronger 3x a week! On Week 1 in both programs and SO sore! 🏋🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️ I have 2 kids birthdays as the prequel and sequel to Christmas so hopefully this Yoga gives me some MF Zen in my life! 🧘🏻‍♀️ #zenaf #bbgtransformation #bbgprogress #bbgpostpartum #bbggirls #bbgmom #BAM #fitgirl #fitmom #momswholift #girlswholift #fitspo #keto #notketo #fries #carbs #allthecarbs

Such a beautiful day! ☀️ 😎 BBG2 week16 (arms & legs) & BBG1 week 3 (abs) | 9 + 2 week postpartum LISS 45 minutes - 5.2 mph

Flying solo this week {again} and had a moment this morning of serious, true gratitude. Just about this time two years ago I was a few months into one of the most challenging seasons of my life. My husband had a great opportunity with his company, but it required us to move. After lots of long talks, we decided it would be best for him to go on and Id stay back with the kids for a few months. Because you neevr know what life is going to throw your way, a few months turned into eleven. Eleven months of solo parenting during the weeks. I know for so many this is NOTHINNG. Military families do it all the time. Single parents do it all the time. So many of you have spouses that travel all the time. But for me, the idea was totally terrifying. I am a codependent person. I dont function the same without Nick so the idea of doing it through me into such a state of anxiety that I could barely deal. I cried for days, I didnt sleep for weeks, probably more like months. But you know what? We had four kids five and under and I was the person that they were looking to for normalcy. What are you going to do? Are you going to run? Hide? Throw the covers over your head? As their mama, I could not. So as hard as it was I learned to take care of myself in a way I never had before. I committed to 30 mins of exercise each day. I learned to start praying. I surrounded myself with positive people, both in real life and virutally who were willing to be my village. Who had my back. I still frantic and crazy and scared so many of the days, but a stronger me came out of those 11 months. Two years later. I prefer when he doesnt have to travel for work, but the differene in who I was then and who I am now is night and day. Remember life doesnt happen to you. It happens for you. Every little bump and detour lead you to exactly where you are supposed to be. Mama if you are struggling, it is OKAY to ask for help. It is OKAY to fill your cup. It is OKAY to take time for yourself. It is the only way to be able to show up for those babies and they deserve the best you can give them.

I tell you what, carrying 5kg of baby while pushing a 15kg toddler in a 9 kilo pram is a bloody good workout! Much slower pace today for my #LISS, but I reckon I burnt twice the calories. . #buggered #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbgmums #bbgpostpartum #week4

Lunch - mince Turkey and broccali Dinner - CHICKEN & PROSCIUTTO SALAD from Zizi. Snack - boiled egg, protein BBG legs

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