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Hey a hooman piñata 😉

Mom says smile and I say ENOUGH picktchas..the puparazzi is so real. 😩🚫📸 who else has a crazy “momager” as she calls herself 😂😂☘️🐾

Meet my new friend 🐍

What do you mean it’s only Tuesday?!

Hi Pawfriends!! Please join me in wishing my cousin Zelda a very special and happy 7th birthday! 🐾❤️☘️

Mom! Dad! Look how fast I can run! 🤣😱

Water break! 🐶

The face you make when you hear dad say that today is Monday...what the woof 😩...where did the weekend go?! Hope everyone has a good start to their week. 🐾☘️ I will be catching 💤’s and waiting on my pawrents to get home. 😁

Funs times at the park with my furrfriends 🐾

Sunday Funday 🐾

Just waiting for Mommy and Daddy to come back home from Disneyland. °O°

Today is my birthday! 🎁🎉 3 years full of fun, adventures and so much love! 🎂 Mum and dad drove a long 20 hours to pick me up as a wee baby and I’m so glad they did. I’ve had endless cuddles, I’ve gone camping, 4 wheel driving and even on the speed boat! ⛺️🚤 I’ve adventured to the beach, to the river and explored our local gorge. I’ve been absolutely spoilt rotten with teddies, toys, treats and even got a baby brother along the way! 🐶 Here’s to another year living the best life ever! Wish me luck for the next year to come, I’ve got a big surgery coming up and I’m sure it’ll slow me down but won’t stop me from getting back to myself as soon as possible! I think it just means more time for naps and I know mums a big softy so I can look forward to even more love and lots of treats! 🍔🐾 ➡️ swipe for more!❤️👉🏻👉🏻 * * * * * #hugobullypost #birthday #birthdayboy #spoilt #shareabull #bulldog_feature #bulldog_puppy #bulldog_corner #bulldogloversz_featured #bulldogclubinsta #letslovebulldog #bulldoglovers #coolbulldog #bulldogsofpetsagram #bullpics #love_pawsome_dogs #dailybarker #petloversoffical #dogbestpix #cutebulldog #bulldog #britishbulldog #bulldogsofaustralia #igbulldogs_worldwide #instadog #rocadog #dogoftheday #doglovers #bulldogfollowers #bulldogsofaustralia

Is that for me?!? 🤔😊

Leaving work on Friday 🤣

Where it go!!! 😂😭🤣🤦‍♂️


Whatcha looking at 👀

Looks what I got for a present!!! I wonder what the humans were getting up to in the cafe 🤔🙊 faaaanks Uncle and Aunty 🐾

Let me go! I dont wanna go to sleep! Lol 😂 tbt

Hi guys ✋️❤️😘

Here’s the deal pawwrents, me gives you suuuuuper cute poses and you gives me treats and toys?! 🐾

Spoiled = Daily massages 🐶😍

Mug shot 🐶

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