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Making memories on the mountains 🏞️

FOUR weeks left of school for these guys then SEVEN weeks break! Happy Days. I am sure there will be crazy days; hide under my blanket until they want food days BUT at least they can get the well deserved break they have earnt.. Plus were flying over East for a Month so thatll be exciting (mostly free babysitters exciting) #happymonday #summeriscoming #perthcity #goodthingscomeinthrees #capture_today #childhoodeveryday #cameramama #chasingthelight

One of the things I am most grateful for on this homeschool journey is all of the extra time it gives us with one another. It makes my mama heart so joyful to know they are receiving the time and space to deepen and grow their relationships with each other. Of course they have their good share of battles like all siblings do. But I pray all of these moments spent together are helping them to store up an abundance of precious memories to look back on and hopefully strengthening a bond that will last a lifetime. 🌈 A few weeks ago we received this special journal from @biglifejournal and they chose one another to be each other’s journal buddies. They meet once a week to read through the prompts, draw, and write together. There are topics like “Making a difference in the world, Following your heart, and Being persistent.” The goal is to help them achieve a growth mindset in which they believe they can always improve themselves. Our topic for this next week is “You are not what you have.” Perfect timing for the upcoming holiday season. 🌈 If you are looking for a way to help enhance your child’s creativity and strengthen his or her sense of value in this world you will adore this journal.

I went for a long walk this morning. It was quiet and cold and essential. I have very little time to myself these days. As you can see, we went from fall to winter here overnight. The leaves are still falling. The bears are still roving the woods (and our trash cans) for the year’s last calories. I can hear geese honking in the distance. I’m sure making their plans to head south ASAP. Fall always feels too short. The leaves were ablaze just long enough to get a glimpse. It’s like how people talk about their children after they’ve grown up. In the blink of an eye. My husband and I are in a very busy season of life right now and are mindful that we stay mindful! Just taking things by the day and, sometimes, the hour - hoping we don’t miss any of the beauty or feel too unprepared when the next season rolls in. . . . #embracetheseasons #positiveparenting #positiveliving #peacefulparenting #letthembelittle #childhoodunplugged #raisingmytribe #childhoodismagic #magicofchildhood #livethelittlethings #bekind #smallthings #smallthingsinlife #homeschool #homeschooling #heartspacehome

Little loves holding hands @themarvelousmystery and we even got a pencil sharpener where you stick the pencil up a nose #keeplouisvilleweird #buylocal

Simple but perfection ✨ The perfect little sleeping space! Are you a no toys in bedroom Mum? . . Featuring our Emerson Crochet Rug Handcrafted from premium quality cottons, our crochet rugs are thick yet oh so soft and designed to be a stand out piece in the home. . Shop Now, Pay Later - Afterpay . . . #kidsroom #girlsbedroom #girlsnursery #girlsroom #girlsroomdecor #bedroomgoals #bedroomdecor #nurserygoals #nurserydesign #kidsinteriors #canopy #readingcorner #readingnook #greycanopy #childhoodismagic #childhoodmemories #babygirl #girlsroominspo #crochetrug

✨Fairy Tale Friday✨ We spent our day next to the fire taking turns reading fairy tales to one another, building magical castles with wooden blocks, making up our own fairy tales with a bunch of story stones, and then drawing and watercoloring some lovely rainbow castles. ✨ Thank you @myheartshomestead for the inspiration to cozy up and enjoy fairy tales together by the fire. ✨ It was a magical way to spend the day! ✨ I’ll be adding a few more details about it in our stories if you’d like a peek at the books and resources we used.

Friday Favorites 🤩 . . One of our favorite things to do as a family is try new restaurants and visit new places. We wish we could travel more, but we have so many cool locations around us, including DC, Baltimore, and Annapolis! . . What is your favorite thing to do as a family? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 A bonus favorite to this post is Harper’s shirt which is from Gymboree! We love Gymboree and can always find a good deal! Click the link in my bio to shop and check out the discounts! ☝️ . . . . . . **The link is an affiliate link so I do receive a commission for any sales that come from the link** . #gymboree #gymboreefashion #kidsclothing #familytime #mamahoodinsquares #parenthoodsquad #momswithcameras #honestmommin #bloggermom #mylifeinsquares #mytinytribe #documentyourdays #childrensclothing #affiliatemarketing #sahmlife #mommyblogger #childhoodunplugged #celebratechildhood #childhoodismagic #toddlersofig #citystreets #dc #washingtondc

My very own little tiger lily, her class got to go to the kindergarten class today for a little thanksgiving feast. They learned about the first thanksgiving so her class was the native Americans & the other the pilgrims, they did a little parade and song and it was the cutest damn thing ever. I’m so glad I work at her school + get to experience all of her school activities. 🦃✨ one more day until thanksgiving breakkkkk! 🙏🏼 . . . . . #raisingreyes #mywinndy #mybestgirl #mygirl #thisisfour #preschoolactivities #preschooler #thanksgivingbreak #candidchildhood #childhoodunplugged #childhoodismagic #motherhoodmoments #motherhoodunplugged #ourtinymoments

Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now🎶✨ After playing the soundtrack on a loop for the past 3 years, we did not throw away our shot to go see @hamiltonmusical on tour in Boston last night ❤️ It was 💯 worth the wait.. we laughed, we cried, we reflected on the state of our country, on parenthood, just... AHH, WHAT A SHOW!!! Date night done right 🙏🏽🙌🏽✨ #adotham Left the theatre with a full heart and even fuller boobs after the 3+ hour show 🍼🐄😂😂🤷🏽‍♀️

Happiness is easy...♥️ . . Jak dobrze że ten dzień już się kończy 🤯🤸🏼‍♀️🙊 #dobranoc 🙋🏼‍♀️ . . #babygirl #daughter #autumntime #coreczkamamusi #happybaby #dzieciństwo #motherhoodiscolorful #thatsdarling #justyouandme #childhoodismagic #childhoodeveryday #momwithcameras #ourmoments #momlife #momoftwo #goodnight #dobranoc #timetosleep

We had the most magical day yesterday! ❤️🖤❤️🖤 Took kiddo to Disneyland for the first time and he absolutely loved it. He looks a little nervous here, but he actually loved meeting Mickey 😊🐭 We rode all the little kid rides, ate all the snacks, and I pretty much cried my eyes out the whole way through Small World Holiday. It was, without a doubt, the best Disney day of my life. #firstdisneytrip #disneyland #mickeymouse #childhoodismagic #disneymagic #disnerd

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ❄

“As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen.” - Winnie the Pooh...Today was the best day ever because we got to bring our baby girl home from the hospital! #sweetclairegill #babygirlgill #ourdaughter #thegillfamily #theseattlegills #ourgreatestadventure #thegillsadventure #bestdayever #childhoodismagic #leavingthehospital

What better way to learn the parts of a [J]ellyfish than to become one!

Tis the season to #BeTheGood. 🍃🍁 I am so grateful for all the good that is in my life right now. This tee always resonates the most with me, particularly in this season. It helps keep me grounded and reminds me that I have the power to impact someones life in a positive way, every day. It doesnt have to be a huge gesture either, simple asks of kindness go a long way. #BeAnEveryDaySuperHero

Poem | Sara Ali | Childrens Day Special As we ripen into full-grown human beings, The child in us is long forgotten slowly, Then completely. . When you fell down on your knees And bowed down to defeat, The child in you got up, Dusted himself and ran ahead. Resilience was in his blood. . When you threw sharp words at your mother And kept silent for weeks to your father, The child in you forgave them Within 5 minutes of a rebuke received. . When you mourn over your losses for years And whine about your misgivings for months. The child in you smiled through the tears, Wiped away the bruises and moved on with ease. When you’re constantly anxious about your next interview And worry about the tiniest of issues. The child in you relished every moment with his new toy, Lived in each moment with utmost joy. . The child in us will never die until you and I, Forget to connect to it from time to time. So frown a little less, forgive more and forget faster, Love wholly and live fully. And strive to keep the beautiful child in you forever alive.

We should learn 2 things from children: 1. Be happy for no reason 2. Always be busy doing something Happy Childrens Day!! 😁 #childrensday #keepthechildinyoualive #behappy #childhood #children #childhoodismagic #childhoodmemories #wallart #walldecor #walldesign #wall #decal #home #decalsticker #decalstickers #india #homedecor #homedesign #homeinterior #interiordesign

One of my favorite times of the day. David and I alternate taking turns with reading evening books. I hope our girl will grow up to share my love of books and reading. #sweetclairegill #babygirl #ourdaughter #girlmom #motherdaughter #readingwithmommy #storytimewithmommy #childhoodismagic

Let’s celebrate our children the way they are - all unique and special in their own sweet way. Their difference is what makes this world a beautiful place. HaPpY ChiLdReN’s DaY!!! #happychildrensday #beingkids #childhoodismagic

Every time I think that if I can go back to time change everything and start a new history and I miss my first day of my life towards education... Wishing everyone a happy Childrens day. Pic: 1999 batch throwback 😊😊😊 . . . #childrensday #instadaily #instapic #photooftheday #shootandshare #photographylife #moodygrams #moodygram_kerala #photography #instawednesday #childhoodismagic #childhoodmemorie

I know its early, but the magic isnt lost on me. The twinkle in her eye is reason enough 🎄

Teja has been pursuing climbing recently and thrives on challenging himself. He has been scaling up this palm tree for a while. Unfortunately its above concrete and we had a conversation about the risk if he fell and I suggested we could try rock climbing soon. He agreed that it could be dangerous if he fell onto the concrete and walked away pondering. . A few minutes later he yelled out to me from the top of the tree I got there mum, and I put on a helmet! 😅 👊 . . . Teja you challenge me everyday to examine my thoughts and fears, you inspire me with your creativity and persistence, and you always make mumma laugh ❤

Im officially no longer in mourning for Halloween. How could I be, with these adorable photos from last Christmas to look at! Bring on the eggnog, Im ready!!

Cutest little pumpkin in the patch! 🎃 So excited for the holiday season, but not quite ready to let go of the fall. I feel like September and October went by so fast this year! We did a lot of awesome things but boy did the past couple months fly by. I guess it’s true what they say.. time flies when you’re having fun! ❤️

Just 3 guys waiting for their Christmas train 💙💙💙

If you were to give a percentage of how often you get a toddler-free bed, what would it be? . Seriously, I’d say since she was born, 90% of the time, or 9 nights out of 10, she’ll end up with us. . And that 1 night we get the bed to ourselves... well it feels a bit weird, so as soon as either of us wake up, we sneak in, grab her and take her into our lonely bed for some cheeky morning cuddles!! #threeinthebed #soppyscot #sleepingbeauty

When your child writes their letter to Santa, how cool would it be if he wrote back? Well, Mr. Clause has been hanging out @MrBoddington Studios and responding to children’s Christmas wishes with handwritten letters for over 10 years. Head to @mrboddington and click through to check out their special kit... childhood memories included. #christmaslist #childhoodismagic #mostwonderfultimeoftheyear

There was a weigh machine there where you stood and it would calculate your weight in Gold (like wed be filthy rich just on my husband and I🤣) But I can honestly say that the most precious metals really are these four (insert eye roll) But seriously even though our grand plans include making some good $ along the way we dont lose sight of whats most important. Because these memories are the ones you take with you in life. Time spent with your crazies and partner in crime. Happy Monday Yall!!! #happinessandlove #mondaymotivation #livethemoment #perthlife #chasingthelight #raisinggirls #aussielife

One month ago this 👆🏼little Bear came into our lives and turned them upside down in the best way! One month and already we can’t picture life without him 🐻💙✨ Thanks for choosing us to be your people, sweet boy- we’re far from perfect but we sure do love you a whole lot.. you and your “little feeties” (👉🏽swipe to see what I mean...)😂😂❤️

Still There ~ A little sister may have arrived but he still gives me the time to take his photo and develop my craft.


September 25th ~ I’m so excited to capture her as she grows. The first few weeks I’ve been slow to get the camera out but now it’s time to get back into the swing of things. The light in the hospital room was just right to capture this, the day she was born.

Newborns ~ I’m sure there’s a photography saying; if a newborn is sleeping get as many pics are you can (and put them in a basket).

Roma Hope Williams ~ 5 days after setting up my website our little lady arrived. She must have know I would need new material! It’s been a longer break from Instagram than I intended but I’m back.

Childhood is magical. I am struggling today...and little one reminds that each moment, each day is a fresh start. There is joy in all things when I look to God. #memories #momlife #firstsnowoftheyear #childhood #littleboy #momofboys #childhoodismagic

Pretty clouds and sparkly stars on my desk this morning. ✨

Hello from Juniper the Tiger 🐯 This cheerful, bubbly little girl will be 2 in one month!! 💓

Steady hands. - - - #anythingisatoy #momlife #childhoodismagic

Gosh, I love her! #spunky #smartypants #minime #childhoodismagic

I sat there with Ellie. We sat there, we two. And I said, “How I wish we had something to do!” #childhoodismagic #catinthehat

Ill trade you 3 baby snails for 1 mummy snail ☺🐌. The weather is warming up which means my girls can be kicked outside without any excuse of its too cold! I am even packing away the winter clothes 🙆‍♀️Apparently Perth Summers are extremely hot but that just means more beach time right! #summeriscoming #summervibes #kidsandinsects #kidsexplore #happythursday

Booking is still@open for this year’s mini sessions. Follow the link in our bio to find out more and book your time slot #holidayminisessions #holidayportraits #bestgiftever

Booking for our Holiday Mini-sessions will close Friday, November 9th. Follow the link in our bio to find the details and book your time slot. #lovemyjob #magicalchildhood

I adore photographing young families because it brings me right back to these years...challenging, but so sweet & fleeting! . . . . #ckephotography #coloradospringsphotographer #coloradofamilyphotographer #coloradolifestylephotographer #familylifestyle #thelifestylecollective #rockymountains #gardenofthegods #childhoodunplugged #childhoodismagic #letthekids

🎉🎊 HAPPY DIWALI 🎉🎊 from my little pataka Baby Shannon and our whole family!! 🤣🤣✨✨✨ Hope you are having fun and safe time with your loved ones! . . We are celebrating in Himachal, and head to our Stories for the full scoop!! But don’t worry, my long posts and fun giveaways will be back soon 🤗✨❤️ . . Thank you @eva.creations for this beautiful fiery and fierce outfit that suits Shannon Baby so well! .🧡🧡🧡 . . Comment please if you love this outfit too and Happy Diwali once again!! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🧡🧡 . . . . #diwali2018 #indianfestival #toddlersofinstagram #ootdkids #kidsfashion #colorsofindia #storiesofindia #plixxo #plixxoblogger #indianmom #indianphotographyinc #desimom #indianfamily #indianphotography #delhi #himachal #kidsforreal #wildandbravelittles #littleandbrave #letthekids #adventuresofchildren #childhoodismagic #magicofchildhood #motherhoodiscolorful

Colorado...you amaze me!!! 😍 This cute fam isnt too bad either.😉 Unfortunately they arent on social media to tag so show me the love anyway!!!❤️ . . . . #ckephotography #coloradospringsphotographer #coloradofamilyphotographer #coloradolifestylephotographer #familylifestyle #thelifestylecollective #rockymountains #gardenofthegods #childhoodunplugged #childhoodismagic #letthekids

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