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Coffee cupping is a great way to see, smell, and taste the difference of coffees from all over the world. Alex, one of the owners of Boxcar Social, holds these insightful sessions and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. In a cupping class one gets a chance to experience different varieties of coffee using several senses. You get to know the bean by understanding the origins of different coffees and how they can get their distinctive aromas and flavours. A great learning experience! #conquercoffeeTO

This Kensington Market shop was a great find as we walked our way through the streets. The black sesame latte was very welcoming and had almost a holiday beverage vibe to it. It is caffeine free with a nutty yet smooth taste that we definitely want to return for again! Also, the Kinto slow pour over using #demellopalheta beans from Costa Rica tasted perfect served just as it was. #conquercoffeeTO

This sports inspired coffee bar admist the distillery district was a great spot for a cup. They have eponymously named specialty drinks which added to the ambiance. We tried the Teeder latte which is flavoured with hazelnut and maple syrup and the Pocket Rocket Americano which had hint of maple syrup. What makes this place even cooler is you can walk around and check out all the sports memorabilia since it is inside the Sport Gallery. #conquercoffeeTO

The Riverdale location of the Rooster Coffee House is perfect for a birthday eve coffee date with the misses. Its vintage look with leather chairs, old suitcases used as tables and a brick wall really set an autumn mood. The view out the window looks out to Riverdale park and the beautiful DVP. The menu here was pretty extensive, especially the tea lattes. We enjoyed a flat white made from featured El Quizarra beans from Costa Rica and a matcha latte (again!). #conquercoffeeTO

This great find within the distillery district was perfect for a morning pick me up. We tried the matcha latte which wasnt too sweet and had just the right amount of matcha, and a flight tasting. The latter was made from La Cabra beans from Denmark served split espresso side by side a piccolo latte. They also offer a babyccino for babies which is just steamed milk (of course Adam wanted to try one) #conquercoffeeTO #arvocoffee #lacabracoffee #lacabra

Who doesnt love all white decor! We went for the colourful latte art and got a delicious vanilla flavoured latte and matcha latte. Delectable beverages, nice ambiance and very friendly service; cant ask for more. #conquercoffeeTO

We wanted to check out this cafe that has been in the media for being the most connected cafe (no Wi-Fi= connect with others). They also have sparkling water on tap! With a plethora of options available, we went with the baristas recommendation. The sun chai latte with ingredients such as turmeric and cardamom had a very unique and strong flavour while the mint chocolate latte was a bit too chocolatey for our likeing. #conquercoffeeTO

Its National Coffee Day today, which really should be a stat holiday 😆. At Quantum coffee we enjoyed a cappuccino and a latte with a charming view of the CN tower. With choices such as a creme brulee cappuccino and perfect pour overs made by a pour steady machine, the views are just one of the great things about this shop. #conquercoffeeTO

This nice Summerhill coffee break called for a latte along with a chai latte. This shop also offers tasting flights with three different roasts that they have on a rotating menu. #conquercoffeeTO

Wanted to have a truly delicious latte, so we headed downtown to Strange Love. A flat white and a very flavourful lovers latte did not disappoint. Getting there early on a Saturday was a good idea, as this cozy little cafe gets busy soon after opening #conquercoffeeTO

Worlds smallest cafe.... At only 18 square feet this place delivers a truly delicious cup of coffee. For our next visit, we will have to try the signature drop drink which is served in a cold glass beaker with Glitch beans from Japan! It will have to be a weekday visit as only the owner of the cafe can make that drink. Im thinking it will definitely be worth the trip. #conquercoffeeTO

Fall is in the air. A hot beverage (no not a PSL) sounded good right about now, so we decided to venture into De Mellos. There is a rich history behind the name of this coffee shop dating back to the 1800s. Delicious beverages and snacks and a convenient uptown location makes this a great find. #conquercoffeeTO

Grass fed butter, MCT oil, raw wildflower honey. Just to name a few of the healthy ingredients both the Impact power coffee and Impact power matcha are made with. If you havent tried bulletproof coffee or tea, I highly suggest it. Versus our regular caffeinated beverage, It really did impact our day and help with energy, mind clarity, and fullness. @impactkitchen #conquercoffeeTO

On our way to Unionville we stopped by Alchemy Coffee for a flat white and matcha tea latte. I love my coffee but the matcha tea latte was one of the best Ive tried. #conquercoffeeTO

The Caffè Latte & Nitro cold brew. Just two of many new options to choose from on the menu of small-lot reserve coffees at the Starbucks Reserve Bar. Looking forward to next time so I can do the brew comparison flight they offer. #conquercoffeeTO

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