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It’s a gorgeous morning! ✨🌿 #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

When, I lived in DC, I often attended a great program called DASER at the National Academy of Sciences. In my time attending DASER, I felt like I had finally found a place to nerd out with people who understood me and my passion for sciart. The crowd is a great mix of the two fields and the panel discussions are always fascinating and innovative. In the USA, DASER was the only place where I found a solid dedication to symbiotic relationship between science and the humanties. I miss the program dearly, but Im hoping that I finally find my dream MA here, on the other side of the pond. Ill come back and have better questions and insights for future DASER events. . In this work, Steven Millers Law of the Jungle the artist uses xray images to convey our connections with nature through mutually common structures. In many ways, Millers work reveals the way in which natures engineering often surpasses our own. Through millions of years of trial and error, evolution designs perfect structures for survival. In the above image, you can see consecutive curves, in the bone, which coil to create curves in the body. These curves and loops help the snake eat, move, and remain very flexible. It is the ultimate expression of form and function. . . #cpnas #nas #naturesdesign #sciart #washingtondc #structure #curve #ray #silhouette #bnwphotography #bnw #artandscience #formandfunction #design #artwatchers_united #instagallery #ru_curves_18 #rebelsUnited #americanart #natureart #mydccool #arthistorynerd #contemporaryart #snake #skeleton #curves #layers #twist

Our current situation. ☔️☔️☔️ Thankfully the forecast looks clear for our outdoor movie night this Thursday. 🎥 #dcnightlab #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

Happy #WorldEmojiDay! 🐍 The NAS Building is teeming with #EmojisintheWild. Find one and snap a picture. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

What does the future hold for robotics and artificial intelligence? At Thursday’s #DCNightLab, talk to @nasa postdoctoral fellow Raphael Attie about his drones and Jetson board which will be on display. Event details via profile link. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

On Thursday, July 19, the NAS Building will be open from 7:30-10pm. It’s a great opportunity to check out our art exhibitions after hours! Pictured: #Aguahoja by @mitmedialab and #NeriOxman in our West Corridor Gallery. #cpnas #ru_orange

Happy #BastilleDay! 🇫🇷 In the Great Hall dome we celebrate France’s Académie des Sciences with their seal of Minerva the Roman Goddess of Wisdom. The seal is flanked by iconography representing Daguerre’s camera and his contributions to the invention of photography and Lavoisier’s flask to weigh air and his contributions to modern chemistry. 📷 ⚗️#cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

Nothing says movie night quite like popcorn! Food truck @stellaspopkern will be at our outdoor movie on Thursday, July 19. 🎥 🍿 We’re showing the original #Westworld. Details via profile link. #dcnightlab #stellaspopkern #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences #Westworld

#ThrowbackThursday: Retro much? ✨ In 1981 we featured an exhibition of work by #EricStaller, a New York-based artist inspired by light and architecture. His image “The Byzantine” was featured on the postcard announcing the show. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

We’re getting excited for @dianeburko’s upcoming show! Here’s “Arctic Melting” (2016) from the curator’s visit to her Philadelphia studio/home. Swipe for a painting detail. #GlaciersReefs #cpnas

Next Thursday, July 19! Join us on the NAS West Lawn for an outdoor movie night. We’re screening the original #Westworld (1973) starring Yul Brynner and James Brolin. 🍿🍦🎥 There will be popcorn, ice cream, prizes, and even a western selfie station. 🤳 🤠🐎 The NAS Building opens at 7:30pm and the movie starts outside at 8:30pm. Details via profile link. Photo ©️ 2012 Maxwell MacKenzie. #dcnightlab #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

Happy #Huesday! Paul Brown’s “Wrapping Paper” (2017) is a work in progress where the artist is exploring different color combinations in a 2 x 2 matrix. It is featured in #ArtMakesItself on view through July 15. Did you catch Mark Jenkins’ recent @washingtonpost review? #cpnas #generativeart

Monochrome Monday. Our Auditorium wing, circa 1973, just a few years after it was completed. Notice anything that has changed? #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences #throwback

A Capitol Fourth as captured by @eddiecaffeine from our front steps. 🎇 🇺🇸 #MuseumFireworksShow #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

It’s a scorcher out there today! 🔥Come see some art and architecture at NAS and cool off. We’re open until 5pm. We will be closed tomorrow for the 4th of July holiday. #nationalacademyofsciences #cpnas

Are you hooked on the new #Westworld HBO series? You might not know that it’s based on a movie Michael Crichton wrote and directed starring Yul Brynner. Think Jurassic Park with androids instead of dinosaurs. 🎥 Join us for an outdoor screening of the original Westworld (1973) on July 19 with @labxnas and @scientexchange. 🍿 🍦 @stellaspopkern and @captaincookiedc will be there! Reserve a free spot via profile link. #dcnightlab #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

We’re busy organizing @dianeburko’s upcoming exhibition “Endangered: From Glaciers to Reefs.” Here’s a sneak peek from her Philadelphia studio. Paintings from her new coral reef series will be exhibited for the first time. The show opens in August! #glaciersreefs #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences #sciart

We were fortunate enough to receive a private tour of the National Academy of Sciences from the lovely @aquinsta - Senior Associate of Cultural Programs. We got the chance to learn more about the academy - who they are, what they do, the history and architecture of the building, and the different exhibits they have on display! Here are just a few pictures from our amazing, educational field trip, as well as a link to the academy’s website: http://www.nasonline.org/ ; Don’t forget to visit the academy for a free walk-through tour from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday, and be sure to follow @cpnas for beautiful pictures of the academy and everything it has to offer. #NAS #CPNAS #OctagonMuseum #OctagonMuseumDC PS - more photos to come!

Curating @dianeburko’s gorgeous coral reef paintings for an upcoming @cpnas show! #glaciersreefs #cpnas

After hours. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

Can you guess what part of the country this map depicts? 🌴🌎 Artist R. Luke DuBois analyzed data from 19 million profiles on 21 online dating sites to create A More Perfect Union (2010/2017). This alternate version of the 2010 US census reveals how inhabitants of particular cities describe themselves. #duboisdata #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

Congratulations to the @capitals on their Stanley Cup victory! 🏒 In a 2007 Washington Post interview, Caps owner Ted Leonsis said that the Albert Einstein Memorial was his favorite monument in DC. After reading the article, NAS president Ralph Cicerone invited Leonsis for a visit, and Leonsis invited Cicerone to a hockey game. Photo 📸 @thenasciences. #photoswithalbert #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences #AllCapsParade

Happy #WorldOceansDay! Imagine seeing what you think is a coral reef, only to realize that there is movement within the shape and that it is actually a massive school of fish. That is what happened to photographer @waynelevinimages as he swam in Hawaii’s Kealakekua Bay on his way to photograph dolphins. The fish he encountered were akule, the Hawaiian name for big-eyed scad. In the years that followed he developed a fascination with the beauty and synchronicity of these schools of akule, and he spent a decade photographing them. This piece, Column of Akule, is in our collection. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences #waynelevin

Adjusting my “portal” for the video: “Ocean/Coral/Paint” installation with UofArts’ Scott Newman who fabricated it for me#cpnas #video #underwater #contemporaryart #timebasedart #installationart

Look closely at the façade of the NAS Building and you will see a depiction of the Egyptian god Imhotep. He has been referred to as a polymath, poet, judge, engineer, magician, scribe, astronomer, astrologer, physician, and patron of scholars. NAS architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue and building committee member George Ellery Hale were both interested in Egyptology and you will find many Egyptian influences throughout the building. The building itself has even been described as “Alexandrian.” #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

The NAS Building abounds with animals! 🐍🦉🐱 On the roof is an alternating pattern of snakes, lynxes, and owls. Snakes and owls are symbols of wisdom and lynxes are a symbol of alert observation. Photo (c) 2012 Maxwell MacKenzie. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

#Repost @cpnas with @get_repost ・・・ #DASER, short for the D.C. Art Science Evening Rendezvous, fosters community and conversation around the intersections of art, science, and culture. DASER meets 4-6 times a year and is part of the @lasertalks global network. DASER reconvenes on September 20. #cpnas #lasertalks #nationalacademyofsciences

#DASER, short for the D.C. Art Science Evening Rendezvous, fosters community and conversation around the intersections of art, science, and culture. DASER meets 4-6 times a year and is part of the @lasertalks global network. DASER reconvenes on September 20. #cpnas #lasertalks #nationalacademyofsciences

The dramatic midday shadows in the West Court are created by solar panels embedded into the skylights. The solar panels are one of several environmentally-friendly aspects of the NAS Building. Love this photo 📷 by @rubtherabbit. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences #buildings_of_dc

Happy #MemorialDayWeekend!@thenasciences was founded during the Civil War. Decades later, during WWI, the federal government increased its reliance on the NAS for scientific and technical advice. These 18-foot listening horns for locating distant aircraft were devised for an Academy project in support of the American war effort in WWI. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

#TBT: In 2008, we featured a collection of reproductions of infectious disease health posters from the collection of @nihgov’s National Library of Medicine in an exhibition called An Iconography of Contagion. This poster by #VernonGrant, of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies fame, dates from WWII. During the war, anti-fly health campaigns linked the insects to outbreaks of dysentery and other infectious diseases. 😷 #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences #nationallibraryofmedicine #throwbackthursday

Our #DuBoisData exhibition by @rlukedubois is on view in the Upstairs Gallery, most easily accessible from the 2100 C St NW entrance. You can take the stairs or the elevator up to the gallery. #cpnas

Come visit! We’re open 9-5 weekdays. Photo 📷 by @celicetravels. #nationalacademyofsciences #cpnas #buildings_of_dc #igdc

We’re featuring a number of @dianeburko’s new coral reef paintings in her solo exhibition, #GlaciersReefs, opening August 15. They explore the impact of rising ocean temperatures on coral reef systems in the United States. These works have never been exhibited before. Pictured: Molokai (2018), 42 x 42 inches. #cpnas #sciart #nationalacademyofsciences

In honor of graduation season: The stylized insignia of several historic universities are featured in our Members’ Center. They were painted by muralist #AlbertHerter in 1924 and we’re told he took some artistic liberties. Pictured here are University of Paris, Cambridge University, University of Bologna, Yale, Harvard, and Leiden University. Do you recognize any of them? 🎓 #cpnas #graduation #nationalacademyofsciences

Because the weather in D.C. has been a little strange this week, we’re sharing a detail of @joygarnett’s Plume 2 from the series Strange Weather (2005), oil on canvas. In this series, Garnett creates paintings based on photos of storms and natural disasters collected from the Internet. We featured her work in the exhibition Strange Weather in 2007. You’ll find this painting in the NAS East Court. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences #artmuseumday

Water 💦💧from the NAS Great Hall dome. Learn more about the Great Hall at NASgreathall.com #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

Wax begonias and salvia in full bloom! 🌸 🌺 #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

This past winter, @thenamedicine put out a nationwide call for artists to submit artwork that expresses how clinicians, their loved ones, patients, and organizations experience and are affected by clinician burnout and well-being. Artists were asked to answer the question: What does clinician well-being look, feel, and sound like to you? The NAM is featuring 100 of the responses they received through a permanent digital gallery at nam.edu/expressclinicianwellbeing. 👩‍⚕️👨🏽‍⚕️ This piece, Heart Dish, is by Hana Bui, a student at Florida State University’s School of Medicine. 👩🏻‍🎓 Hana writes, “The heart dish was hand built by me as a way to combine my love for medicine with my love for ceramics. Being a medical student is a practice in delayed gratification and endurance. I could see myself getting burnt out had I not discovered pottery as my creative outlet.” Read her full statement online at nam.edu/expressclinicianwellbeing. #clinicianwellbeing #sciart

#TBT: This is a detail of @philipbeesleyarchitect’s #SentientChamber, our 2015-2016 exhibition exploring the future of architecture. What if architecture could sense you, learn about you over time, and even begin to anticipate your movements, needs, and wants? Photo 📷 by @pootie_ting. #cpnas #throwbackthursday #sciart

More than 300 million tons of plastic are produced globally each year and less than 10% of this material is recycled, the rest becomes waste that is dumped into landfills and oceans. Neri Oxman and The Mediated Matter Group at @mitmedialab aim to subvert this cycle by creating designed goods that are completely biodegradable. See some of the innovative materials they are designing out of cellulose, chitosan, and pectin in our exhibit, #Aguahoja. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences #sciart #nerioxman #igdc #acreativedc

Tonight! Join us for a staged reading of PROOF with @shakespeareindc featuring Craig Wallace, Antoinette Robinson, Joy Jones, Alex Piper, and Alicia Grace. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show begins at 7:30 p.m. at 2101 Constitution Avenue NW. Standby room is available. 🎭 ➕➖➗✖️ Written in 2000 by David Auburn, the play won the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Drama as well as a Tony Award for Best Play. #cpnas #shakespeareindc #dctheatre #sciart #nationalacademyofsciences #playproof #davidauburn #davidauburnsproof

“Standing before the map, which doesn’t include the familiar names of cities, is disorienting and wistful. Here @rlukedubois allows viewers who can’t immediately conjure an encyclopedic mental image of U.S. geography to consider large and small cities and towns alike — with words from people who feel that someone is missing from their lives.” — @mwecker reviews #duboisdata in @ozy. See the show through August 15.

A home for science (and art) in America. 🔬🎨👩🏻‍🔬👩‍🎤 #NAS155

Tomorrow night, Saturday, April 28, 8-9pm! Join @hellcat_improv and the Hypothesis for #DCNightLab, a science-themed improv battle royale at @publictrustdc in Brookland, 3514 12th St., NE. The two DC-based improv groups will compete to answer your hardest, weirdest, and favorite science questions. Be prepared to vote for the winner! Visit @labxnas’ profile for the ticket link and use code CPNAS50 for $10 tickets. Photo 📸@hellcat_improv @dudeexclamation #scicomm #scienceimprov #igdc #dcimprov #bythings

The NAS’ Annual Meeting brings together NAS members and foreign associates. Members are elected to the NAS in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research. The flags in the Great Hall represent the countries from which the members and foreign associates were elected. 🇺🇸🇦🇺🇨🇦🇨🇳🇫🇮🇩🇪🇮🇳Current membership totals approximately 2,300 members and nearly 470 foreign associates, of whom approximately 190 have received Nobel prizes. Follow the meeting this weekend with #NAS155 and @thenasciences.

We’re featuring a few posts about our grounds and gardens in celebration of spring! 🌸 In 1983, the NAS won the Professional Grounds Maintenance Award. The commendation read, “The groundskeeping of a building directly reflects its image. The grounds of the NAS complement the professional character of members and staff.” #cpnas #ru_soft_18

We’re celebrating spring with photos of the NAS grounds and gardens. This is how our entrance looked from 1924-1951. 🌲Landscape architect Charles Downing Lay executed architect Bertram Goodhue’s vision for the NAS building as “a pavilion in a small but heavily wooded park.” His plan included 70 trees and a variety of shrubs. 💧Three pools lined in turquoise tile drew attention to the entrance. They were later turned into planting beds because they were too expensive to maintain. #cpnas

It’s finally feeling like spring in D.C. and we’re celebrating with a few posts about the NAS gardens! In 1987, parterres were installed in the planting beds leading from Constitution Avenue to our entrance. The word “parterre” comes from French, meaning “on the ground.” Their design is patterned after architectural details in the NAS building (you’ll see a similar pattern on the walls and carpet of our Board Room). You can see the parterres very clearly in this 1987 photo where they are filled with marble chip. They still exist today and are filled with flower plantings. Photo courtesy NAS Archives. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

Meet the cast of our upcoming staged reading of PROOF with @shakespeareindc on May 7! The reading features ➡️ Antoinette Robinson as Catherine, Joy Jones as her sister Claire, Craig Wallace as their father Robert, and Alex Piper as Harold Dobbs, one of Robert’s last Ph.D. students. Stage directions will be read by Alicia Grace. The show is free and tickets are nearly gone, register via profile link. We’ll also have a standby line at the door. #cpnas #sciart #dctheatre #igdc #acreativedc #nationalacademyofsciences #proofplay

This beautiful shot of our bronze and glass zodiac gates at the Constitution Avenue Lobby is by @artdecomadness. #cpnas 📷: @cpnas

This beautiful shot of our bronze and glass zodiac gates at the Constitution Avenue Lobby is by @artdecomadness. #cpnas

Think parking is bad in D.C. now? In the early 1930s, some of our visitors had to park on a grassy lot adjacent to the building. 🚘 We just discovered this fabulous throwback in NAS Archives. Pictured is the east side of the NAS building. The tall brick building in the distance no longer exists and is the site of the Harry S Truman State Department Building. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

Paul Brown’s Dragon (2012) is a real-time computational and generative artwork. It is constantly changing and will never appear the same twice. He calls it a “kinetic painting” in homage to the art, science, and technology pioneer Frank Malina who also used the term to describe his own work. 🎨 💻 See it in #ArtMakesItself through July 15. #cpnas 📷: @cpnas

@cpnas “presenting #NeriOxman and the Mediated Matter Group at @mitmedialab’s #Aguahoja Hex exhibition. Derived from organic matter including cellulose, chitosan, and pectin, printed by a robot, and shaped by water, this work points towards a future where the grown and the made unite” Our District, Our Art: #ourdistrictsart 💯🎯 . . #cpnas #mitmedialab #createcollab2018 #5womenartists #dcarts #womeninthearts #edibleart #scienceandart #dcarts #dcartandsciencenerds

Paul Brown’s Dragon (2012) is a real-time computational and generative artwork. It is constantly changing and will never appear the same twice. He calls it a “kinetic painting” in homage to the art, science, and technology pioneer Frank Malina who also used the term to describe his own work. 🎨 💻 See it in #ArtMakesItself through July 15. #cpnas

#TBT #OTD On April 5, 1990, Kenneth Snelson’s exhibition, The Nature of Structure, opened at the NAS. His sculptures fuse art with science and engineering. This stainless steel sculpture, V-X, 1967, was exhibited on our 2101 Constitution Avenue terrace. This sculpture (or an identical one from the series) is now in @ngadc’s collection and is on view in their East Building rooftop terrace. #cpnas

The sun came out for a moment this afternoon! #macro_ru_18

Low ticket alert! We’re teaming up with @shakespeareindc to present a staged reading of PROOF on Monday, May 7 in the Fred Kavli Auditorium. Reserve your free tickets via profile link. #cpnas

#RebeccaKamen’s investigations of scientific drawings from rarely seen manuscripts inspire her artwork. Her sculpture Magic Circle of Circles (2008) is an abstraction of Benjamin Franklin’s Magic Circle, an elaborate mathematical puzzle in which the sums of numbers along each radius and along each concentric circle equal 360. This sculpture is part of our collection and is on view outside of the NAS West Court. #5womenartists #cpnas #sciart #nationalacademyofsciences

Coming this fall! Artist @dianeburko has recently embarked on a project in collaboration with other artists and scientists to examine coral reef systems in the US as they experience bleaching due to rising ocean temperatures. We will be featuring some of her new paintings of coral reefs in #GlaciersReefs, opening in August. Photo 📸credit: @dianeburko. #5womenartists #cpnas

These digitally fabricated biopolymer composites are completely biodegradable. Created by The Mediated Matter Group, @mitmedialab, and Neri Oxman, they are on view in our West Gallery through July 31. Photo 📸 by @abraham_thomas1977. #5womenartists #cpnas #nerioxman

Thanks to all who joined us for the screening of #DesertX tonight with #DCEFF26. Did you have a favorite scene or installation? Let us know in the comments and we’ll share your feedback with the filmmakers! They’ve asked for our feedback. #cpnas #artbound #igdc #nationalacademyofsciences

Tonight at 7 pm! Shake off winter with our screening of #DesertX, a documentary about an art installation in sunny California. 🎥🎨🌵🌞Details via profile link. Pictured: @claudiacomte’s Curves and Zig Zags. Photo by @lance.gerber. #cpnas #dceff26 #artbound #igdc #acreativedc

The NAS is open today but our cafeteria is closed. Photo by 📸 @brentmyersems. #cpnas

This decorative globe light in the NAS Board Room is based on a 1515 map by Leonardo da Vinci. It’s a staff favorite! #cpnas #light_ru

Spring has sprung at our 2101 Constitution Avenue entrance! 🌸 These are Jane magnolias. #cpnas #janemagnolia #firstdayofspring 📷: @cpnas

Spring has sprung at our 2101 Constitution Avenue entrance! 🌸 These are Jane magnolias. #cpnas #janemagnolia #firstdayofspring

Join us Thursday evening at 7p.m. for the D.C. premier of #DesertX, a new documentary from @kcet about the 2017 art installation that took place throughout the Coachella Valley in California. This screening is part of #DCEFF26 and it is our 8th year participating in the festival! Details via profile link. Photo of @phillipksmith3’s The Circle of Land and Sky by @lance.gerber. #cpnas #artbound

Connecting art, science, and technology in the gorgeous Fred Kavli Auditorium. #DuBoisData #ru_connection #cpnas #igdc 📷: @cpnas

Sculptural ceiling of the Fred Kauai Auditorium @cpnas . . . #ilookup #scuptural #architecture #interiors #igdc #patterns #auditorium #scienceandart #cpnas #mydccool

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