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Waves in @dianeburko’s #GlaciersReefs. 🌊 We’re a nonprofit and are open during the #governmentshutdown. Come visit 9-5 weekdays! #ru_letter_w

Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁

We are all made of stars! ✨This piece, “Star Cluster”, encaustic and oil on panel 48” x 48” will be featured in a show of large works during January & February at Beaverton City Library to coincide with the science themed community wide read. Stop by! . . . . #read #sciart #contemporaryartwork #fineart #artcurator #homedecor #artcollectors #artanddesign #elisewagnerstudio #exhibitingartist #sciencebooks #publicart #contemporaryartist #scienceandart #artgallery #portlandartist #abstractart #artadvisor #cpnas #artforinteriors #libraryart #beavertonlibrary #interiordesigner #contemporaryartcurator #artcollector #artforsale #paintings #artforthehome

Photographers Julie Anand & Damon Sauer visited their “Ground Truth: Corona Landmarks” exhibition recently. Anand and Sauer are based in Phoenix, AZ and have been collaborating since 2005. See their show in our Upstairs Gallery, easily accessible from our 2100 C St Entrance, through Feb. 22, 2019. The show is about surveillance, information networks, and the once top secret Cold War-era Corona Project. #coronalandmarks #cpnas

A gorgeous photo of our Christmas tree by @dccitygirl. 🎄✨ The NAS building is closed today for our combined staff awards & holiday party and we’ll reopen tomorrow! We’re also closed weekends and on December 25 and January 1. We hope you’ll visit soon. #cpnas

A work from “Reef Grid” by @dianeburko on view in #glaciersreefs. Coral reefs become more colorful when they are stressed, just before bleaching begins. Did you know that the color “living coral” was named the 2019 @pantone color of the year? #ru_red_18 #cpnas

An unusual perspective on one of our terrace lights. Above the woman’s head is a crown with a layered depiction of earth, sky, and water. The light was designed by #LeeLawrie and dates from 1924. The architecture of the building incorporates many Greek & Egyptian elements with an Art Deco flair. ✨✨✨ Photo 📷 by @killah.poopface. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree How lovely are thy branches #whpjoyful

To Science - pilot of industry, conqueror of disease, multiplier of the harvest, explorer of the universe, revealer of Natures laws, eternal guide to truth. In addition to bikes and cats, I am passionate about my career as a scientist. Enjoyed participating in a @thenasciences workshop for the first time this week. Its a pretty cool joint! #cpnas 👩‍🔬

Clouds and waves appear to merge in the aerial perspective of Diane Burko’s Arctic Melting. In this painting, she references satellite imagery from NASA charting the 2016 summer ice melt. #cpnas #sky_ru_18

Season’s greetings! 🎄 #cpnas

A #sciart sculpture by our 2017 #DASER speaker @juliabuntaine on view at Friday’s #thelongconvo. This wire sculpture is part of her Wave(s) series in which she imagines brain waves in 3-D. Read more about it in a Dec. 5 @smithsonianmagazine article. #ru_letter_s #cpnas

This week, @cpnas installed a half-scale model of the GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite) I-M in @thenasciences building. The GOES satellites provide images of weather systems across the globe and gather scientific data on the Earth’s atmosphere. Each GOES satellite is placed in a geostationary orbit 35,800 kilometers (about 22,200 miles) above the equator. From this vantage point, GOES can provide intensive coverage of a regions daily weather developments as well as warnings of severe storms. This model is courtesy of @airandspacemuseum. . #cpnas #theamericancollective #welivetoexplore #wegramthistown #passionpassport #onlyindc #washingtondaily #ig_unitedstates #scalemodel #washingtondc #mydccool

This lenticular print goes from a glacier to a reef! ❄️🌊🌎 See it in person for the full experience in #GlaciersReefs by @dianeburko. #circles_ru #cpnas #sciart

Today we installed a half-scale model of the GOES I-M satellite in the NAS North Court. GOES satellites provide images which support weather forecasting, severe storm tracking, and meteorology research. The GOES I-M generation operated from 1994-2013. The latest generation of satellites, initiated in 2016, is GOES R. This model is courtesy of @airandspacemuseum. #cpnas

A beautiful photo of the Great Hall by 📷: @travel_run_puppy_repeat. ✨✨✨ The iconography of the Great Hall ceiling was designed by #HildrethMeière. The project was her first major architectural commission and launched her 40-year career. The designs are done in the streamlined Art Deco style that became her trademark. She went on to complete 100+ commissions including the roundels of Dance, Drama, and Song at Radio City Music Hall. See this beautiful space for yourself on weekdays, 9-5. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

#goes #satellite #nasm #nas #cpnas @cpnas

“Television’s gonna change people. I know it can. It’ll be a whole different world once people can see the world right in their homes.” —Suzie in The Ruby Sunrise. Join us tonight for a play about the invention of TV and much more! 📺 #cpnas

Tonight, Monday, December 3! Join us for a staged reading of The Ruby Sunrise with @shakespeareindc. Actor Maboud Ebrahimzadeh (@mindthechasm) took this photo during rehearsal today. Free tickets via profile link. #cpnas

Join us Monday night in this gorgeous space for a staged reading of Rinne Groff’s The Ruby Sunrise with @shakespeareindc. The play is a story about women in science and the importance of being recognized. 🌅 📺 👩🏻‍🔬Free tickets via profile link. Photo©️ 2012 Maxwell MacKenzie. #cpnas #womeninscience

On Monday, Dec. 3, join us for a staged reading of Rinne Groff’s The Ruby Sunrise in collaboration with @shakespeareindc. The play is about power, recognition, and the spark of creation. The show features Alicia Grace, Keith L. Royal Smith, Joy Jones, Antoinette Robinson, Tom Story, Maboud Ebrahimzadeh, and Moriamo Akibu. Stage directions read by Alex Piper. Details and free tickets via profile link! #cpnas

Do you enjoy our free #sciart exhibitions? Please consider making a donation today, #GivingTuesday, to support our exhibitions program via the secure giving link in our profile. Thank you! #cpnas

Join us for #GivingTuesday! Please support @CPNAS tomorrow, 11/27. Your gift will help showcase world-class examples of the work being created at the intersection of art, science, and culture. Your support helps us: ➡️ Bring together creative thinkers from the arts and sciences at D.C. Art Science Evening Rendezvous (#DASER) salons. ➡️ Organize #sciart exhibitions. ➡️ Collaborate with local theater companies to offer staged readings of science-themed plays. ➡️ And more! All of our programs are FREE and open to the public. You can make a donation via the profile link. Your contributions are tax deductible. Thank you! #cpnas

MACRO/MICRO: Doing some merging of the macro with the micro by combining my receding glaciers concept of our critically changing environment with my own changing environment. “My Portland Parcel-Block 10/Lot 10, 1-9”, encaustic, graphite and oil stick on 10” x 8” panels. The lines are an abstract map of my property, which is the 10th lot sitting on the 10th block in the middle of an encroaching urban development corridor currently amassing high density housing in North Portland, Oregon. . . . . . #contemporaryart #painting #abstractart #urbandevelopment #artanddesign #wagnerica #climatechangeisreal #abstractpainting #paintings #macro #elisewagnerstudio #portlandoregon #micro #recedingglaciers #homeowner #overlookportland #newwork #glaciers #artforinteriors #geology #artconsultant #cpnas #contemporaryartist #homestudio #gentrification #portlandartist #northportland #artadvisor #grid

Diane Burko’s quest is to raise awareness about the fragility of polar and coral ecosystems. #glaciersreefs #ru_letter_q

Happy Thanksgiving! This detail from our Great Hall dome depicts an allegorical figure representing Earth. She’s carrying a cornucopia, a symbol of abundance and nourishment. The iconography in the Great Hall dome was designed by #HildrethMeiere, it was her first major commission and the project that launched her 30+ year career as a muralist. #cpnas #happythanksgiving

• PARADOX • This piece represents in it a paradox. It depicts melting ice using molten hot beeswax. Detail: “Glacier Stream” 18” x 46”, encaustic and pigment stick on panel. Inspired by the geologic activity of glacier streams that cause glacial calving. . . . #painting #contemporaryart #environmentalart #elisewagnerstudio #artforsale #encaustic #artcollectors #artandscience #artforthehome #luxuryinteriors #artanddesign #artforinteriors #climatechangeisreal ##chasingice #artistsoninstagram #cpnas #contemporaryartcurator #artadvisor #glaciers #jamesbalog #contemporaryart  #arts_gate  #artcollector  #artistsofinstagram #art_spotlight  #luxemagazine  #art_gallery  #homedecor  #luxurydesign

Tonight at @thefridgedc! Join our friends @labxnas for improv comedy with improv squads ➡️ LatinX States of America, The Hypothesis, and Press Play. This is also an opportunity to see the amazing #dcstreetstickerexpo 4.0. Buy $10 tickets online via labx.org with code CPNAS50. $20 tickets at the door. Shows start at 7pm & 9pm. #dcnightlab #cpnas

Inventor, writer, and @harvard professor #DavidEdwards spoke about the creative process, the grassroots maker movement, and some of his inventions at #DASER on Thursday. He signed copies of his book Creating Things That Matter: The Art & Science of Innovations That Last. A recording of his talk is available on Livestream via our website. Join us for the next DASER on February 21! #cpnas #lasertalks

The snow is accumulating and we are open! ❄️ According to @capitalweather, this is DC’s first November snow since 1996. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

Tomorrow at #DASER, David Edwards will speak about his new book “Creating Things That Matter: The Art and Science of Innovations That Last” (@henryholtbooks, 2018). Edwards is the founder of @cafeartscience and @lelabcambridge. He is the inventor of Le Whaf, enabling you to enjoy calorie free chocolate, WikiFoods, foods with edible packaging; and ONotes, a scent-based mobile app capable of diffusing aromas through the digital scent player Cyrano. Learn more about these inventive, conceptual projects tomorrow! RSVP via profile link. Photos 📷 @lelabcambridge and @cafeartscience. #cpnas #lasertalks

Power lines intersect with the lines of satellite orbit trajectories in this detail of Julie Anand & Damon Sauer’s “Calibration Mark AL58 with Satellites” 2018. The area of the Sonoran desert where they are photographing is rapidly changing from agricultural to suburban and many power lines are being installed. They map the orbits of satellites in the sky overhead onto the photo later using their computer. #coronalandmarks #cpnas #ru_lines_18 #sciart

Watch Julie Anand & Damon Sauer take a photograph of Calibration Mark X48 in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. They took this photo in July 2017 and had to complete the shoot before 8 a.m. when temperatures reach 100 degrees F. The final work and full video are on view in the exhibition #CoronaLandmarks at NAS. #cpnas

Looking up in the Great Hall 💡 We are open today from 9-5. It’s the perfect time to visit our beautiful building and #sciart exhibits just off the Mall. 📷: @tomokito1 #cpnas

O for oceans. A lenticular print by @dianeburko in #glaciersreefs. 🌊 #ru_letter_o

A planet or a Petri dish? @dianeburko evokes both with her reef lenticular print series in #glaciersreefs @cpnas. These prints are like holograms and you have to see them in person for the full experience.

Why do some innovations last? David Edwards discusses at #DASER on Nov. 15. Register via profile link. 📚💡🎨 🔬 Every year, Harvard professor David Edwards teaches a wildly popular class called “How to Create Things & Have Them Matter.” His students are taught to generate, develop, and realize breakthrough ideas for social and cultural change. Drawing on his experience in applied mathematics and as a radical innovator in the medical technology field—including inhalable insulin—Edwards hopes to scare his students away from traditional ways of thinking about inventing new products and services. Edwards’ new book, Creating Things That Matter: The Art and Science of Innovations That Last (Henry Holt, 2018), is his manifesto. #cpnas #lasertalks

Julie Anand & Damon Sauer’s Ground Truth: #CoronaLandmarks is a photography exhibition about surveillance during the Cold War. Long before Google Maps, the U.S. government was secretly taking detailed photos of remote locations in the Soviet Union & China. Concrete markers like the one seen here were used to calibrate the spy satellites. 🕵️‍♂️ 🗺 🌏 #cpnas #sciart

The National Academy of Sciences is a private, nonprofit organization. Many people are surprised to learn that we are not part of the government. #ru_letter_n #cpnas

“Ages and cycles of nature in ceaseless sequence moving.” Inscription at the center of the dome in the Great Hall at the National Academy of Sciences. Photo by 📸: @annomatic #cpnas

@dianeburko led tours of her exhibition #glaciersreefs today. 🌊 🎨 Pictured: Reef Grid, 2017-2018, shows the range of her material exploration in preparation for the larger reef paintings and lenticular prints in the show. She leads tours again tomorrow, Friday, from 2pm-5pm. Stop by anytime at 2101 Constitution Ave NW. #cpnas

@dianeburko uses mapping notations as abstract elements in her paintings. Meet her and learn more about her process in our gallery at 2101 Constitution Ave NW today and tomorrow from 2pm-5pm. Pictured: A detail from her painting Fagaalu, 2018, acrylic on canvas and a corresponding map. #glaciersreefs #cpnas

Look closely. 👀 💡 This chandelier in the NAS Members’ Center is a bit creepy, would you agree? #cpnas #happyhalloween

These beautiful and slightly spooky X-rays are from @stevemillerdotcom’s #Healthoftheplanet series in which he performs a metaphorical checkup on the Amazon, the lungs of the planet. They are part of our collection and are on display on our first floor. #happyhalloween #cpnas

@dianeburko uses crackle paste in her paintings to represent the fragility of glaciers and embody it through material metaphor. Stop by the galleries to meet her on Thursday & Friday, Nov. 1-2 between 2pm-5pm either day. #glaciersreefs #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

Meet artist @dianeburko in her exhibition “Endangered: From Glaciers to Reefs” at NAS on Thursday, Nov.1 and Friday, Nov. 2 from 2pm-5pm. She’ll give informal gallery talks and answer questions. Come by anytime! #GlaciersReefs #Cpnas

Alberto sharing his personal perspecive as it relates to some of the research about storytelling in both oral vs literate cultures presented tonight. #dasers #cpnas

In a talk titled “Digital Street Theater for Global Health,” Kentaro Toyama will speak about how ancient storytelling combined with modern digital technology could disseminate knowledge where it is most needed. Thursday, Oct 18, 6:30pm, 500 Fifth St NW. ➡️ Register via profile link. #cpnas #daser #nakfi

Late afternoon sun in the Great Hall 🌞The furniture you see on the first floor was designed by Francis H. Bacon (not the painter) and dates back to when the building opened in 1924. You can find his furniture in the collection of @metmuseum. #ru_offcenter_18 #cpnas

On Thursday, Oct 18, join us at #DASER exploring interdisciplinary projects the @thenasem is funding through the Keck Foundation as well as the findings of a new @thenasem report on the value of integrating art and humanities with STEM in higher education. @thenasciences President Marcia K. McNutt gives opening remarks! 👩‍🔬🔬🌊🎭🎨 Pictured are the speakers ➡️ Daniel Kohn (photo courtesy Ocean Exploration Trust), Jody Deming, Kentaro Toyama, Ashley Bear, and Marcia K. McNutt. RSVP via profile link. #nakfi #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

#Repost @cpnas with @get_repost ・・・ #love #photooftheday Quiet corners of the Academy ✨ 📷: @brittridd. Pictured is part of the 1970 Fred Kavli Auditorium wing addition to the NAS building. Although the modern style departs from the historic core of the NAS, the color scheme with the wood paneling and Verde Issogne marble floors unify this wing with the rest of the building. #nationalacademyofsciences #cpnas

What remains in the sky and on the earth from a Cold War-era surveillance program? In the late 1950s, markers were placed in a 16 square mile grid near Casa Grande, AZ to calibrate satellites spying on China and the Soviet Union. The project was declassified in 1995 and around 180 of the markers remain today. See artists Julie An and Damon Sauer’s photography exhibit from @CPNAS for a unique look at surveillance and science in art. See it at our building, weekdays from 9am - 5pm. #CoronaLandmarks #cpnas #spy #surveillance #sciart #satellitetechnology #satellite #skymaps #informationnetworks #julieanand #DamonSauer

Quiet corners of the Academy ✨ 📷: @brittridd. Pictured is part of the 1970 Fred Kavli Auditorium wing addition to the NAS building. Although the modern style departs from the historic core of the NAS, the color scheme with the wood paneling and Verde Issogne marble floors unify this wing with the rest of the building. #nationalacademyofsciences #cpnas

The Great Hall in black and white. Photo 📷 by @ramseyrailsback. ⚫️⚪️ #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

Meet artist @dianeburko in our galleries on Nov. 1 & Nov. 2. She’ll be giving informal gallery talks about her exhibition #glaciersreefs from 2pm-5pm each day. Stop by anytime! #cpnas #ru_portrait_18

A cheerful photo of our Constitution Avenue facade from 📷 @slightlystygianscully. 🏛Some facts about the façade: It is made of New York Dover marble which contains deposits of magnesium that sparkle in the sun; ✨ the beautiful carving above the door is an allegory of evolution; the bronze doors consist of eight panels, each presenting a major event in the history of science including Aristotle, Euclid, Galileo, Newton, Lyell, Darwin, Watt, and Pasteur. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

Most calibration markers from the Corona Project are made of concrete, but a few are made primarily of rocks. Artists Julie Anand and Damon Sauer hypothesize that it is because they were constructed at higher elevations and the weight of the materials, including water at 8 pounds per gallon, would be too labor intensive to transport. Only markers at higher elevations were built from rocks. The artists like the way the rock references earlier civilizations’ rock formations which were also meant to be seen from the sky. See this image in our Upstairs Gallery. #coronalandmarks #coronaproject #cpnas

Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Science exhibition brochure for Walton Ford’s « Natural Politics ».

The NAS Board Room in beautiful midday light. ✨ The Board Room is part of the original 1924 building. The wood is American walnut and the electric chandelier’s design is based on a 1515 map of the globe by Leonardo da Vinci. The plaster bas relief in the windows and on the ceiling was designed by Lee Lawrie. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

#CoronaLandmarks is on view in our Upstairs Gallery. For the past three years, Julie Anand and Damon Sauer have been photographing concrete markers in the Arizona desert that are relics of the Corona Project, a Cold War-era surveillance program. In the late 1950s, roughly 273 markers were placed in a 16 square mile grid near Casa Grande, AZ to calibrate satellites spying on China and the Soviet Union. The project was declassified in 1995 and around 180 of the markers remain today. Photographs of 20 are on view in our gallery. See it through Feb. 22, 2019! #ru_warmtones #cpnas

Join us on October 11 for the #NASEMCommaward ceremony, a celebration of excellence in science communication! RSVP by Oct 2 via profile link. Meet and mingle with the 2018 Communication Awards winners including 👉 Dan Egan for “The Death and Life of the Great Lakes,” 🎉 Emer Reynolds, John Murray, Clare Strong, Sean B. Carroll, and John Rubin for “The Farthest—Voyager in Space.” 🚀Ann Gibbons, Emily Underwood, Jennifer Couzin-Frankel, John Bohannon, and Elizabeth Culotta for a package of articles on human migration including “Busting Myths of Origin,” 🌏and Nina Martin, Adriana Gallardo, Anne Waldman, and Renee Montagne for “Lost Mothers.” 👩‍👧‍👦

This view never gets old. Photo by 📷: @michaelaleo. ✨The iconography in the Great Hall dome is the most elaborate in the NAS building. It shows 8 major scientific disciplines: Anthropology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Geology, Mathematics, and Zoology. The inscription at the center, “Ages and cycles in ceaseless sequence moving,” evokes evolution. The inscription encircling the rim reads: “To science, pilot of industry, conquered of disease, multiplier of the harvest, explorer of the universe, revealed of nature’s laws, eternal guide to truth.” #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

Happy Birthday to artist @dianeburko! 🎉🎉🎉 Here she is reviewing proofs for a new book being produced in conjunction with our exhibition #glaciersreefs. The book is an example of how she merges art with the public engagement side of her practice. Photo: @dianeburko. #cpnas

On view now! Ground Truth: Corona Landmarks features images by Julie Anand and Damon Sauer of what remains of the Corona Project, a Cold War era surveillance program. 🌏🛰Concrete markers in the Arizona desert helped calibrate satellites the US government used to spy on China and the Soviet Union. Many of the markers remain, and Anand and Sauer have spent three years photographing them. Later, they overlay the trajectories of satellites that were in the sky at the moment they took the picture. In this image, the satellite trajectories overlap with power lines. Pictured: Calibration Mark AL58 with Satellites, 2015, archival pigment print. #CoronaLandmarks #Cpnas #sciart

The #brain is a beautiful thing @mitmuseum

@dianeburko evokes the fluidity of her underwater explorations of coral reefs in Hawaii and American Samoa in eight lenticular prints. Pictured: Stressed Coral, 2018. #glaciersreefs #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

LinkedIn tells me it’s my 14 year work anniversary! Boy, does that make me feel young. 😉 And I still love my job. It doesn’t hurt that I get to work in this gorgeous building and that I believe in the NAS’ mission. #cpnas #nationalacademyofsciences

Throwback to @matthewshlian’s 2016 #DASER talk on the art and science of paper folding. Visit his feed to see the amazing work he’s been creating over the past two years! #lasertalks #sciart #throwbackthursday #cpnas

Diane Burko’s Reef Grid shows the range of her material exploration in preparation for the larger works. Look closely and you might even find some glitter! ✨ Regram 📷: @elisewagnerstudio. Thanks for visiting the NAS, Elise! #cpnas #glaciersreefs

An incredible day so far in D.C.! . . . #cpnas #dianeburko #elisewagnerstudio #artistoninstagram #sciart #instaart #daser #endangered #glaciers #reefs

Diane Burko is always trying new things. 🎨 📷 A painter and photographer by training, @dianeburko wanted to evoke the movement and fluidity of her underwater experiences in her newest body of work about coral reefs. 🌊 It led her to work with video for the first time. Seen here in the foreground is Ocean/Reef/Paint (2018), a 12 minute video you can watch in the gallery. #GlaciersReefs #Cpnas

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