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Good morning, How bad do you really want it. You asked for it. Now everything that could go wrong is going wrong. For some of us this is where we quit and go back to, settle for Safe and secure. For others we believe opposition increases determination, persistence over rids resistance, struggle builds character and faith is the fuel to keep going. There is a stronger you inside of you. Let’em out. Have a blessed day. #cghthought #dontletfearstopyou #painisapartofgrowth #everywinnertookaL

Tomorrow will never come! So why not today?? I’m know I’m super duper guilty of saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” and then tomorrow arrives and I put it off again! Come on, be honest with yourself - have you done this before?? ___ I actually literally just did this exact thing this week! I’ve been wanting to finish this Reno we started back in the spring and as such I need to do some white wash painting! It won’t take long but because I’m not feeling confident in doing a great job I’ve put it off time and time again! I’m also afraid I’m going to mess it up! ___ Fear very stabilizing! It stops us time and time again from doing what we know we want all because we are afraid of something! I urge you today to write down your goals.. or write down one thing you want to accomplish before 2018 is over and then follow that up with what are you afraid of... stop letting your fears stop you and give power over you. Own your fears and let them fire 🔥 you up to reach past them!

Mother of 4 with a back injury from playing volleyball 4yrs ago. Was unhappy with myself and any pics of me. Decided to quit fearing my back injury and start working on me. Don’t let fear stop you from being a better version of yourself! #determination #motivation #dedication #betterversionofme #nofear #dontletfearstopyou #youcan #youwill #ican #iwill #confidence #arizona #watchme #goals #goaldigger #stronger #faster #workhard #grind

To achieve the big goals you have to break it down to tiny pieces that are more workable for you. A little bit everyday adds up over time. Today I weighed in feeling heavier in weight. To my utter delight another 1.5kg has gone off my body. This time round I have concentrated more on weight being a symptom of something deeper. HOW DO YOU DO THAT? Ok so...for me one of my bugbears is binge eating late at night. Im a light sleeper, suffer from horrid reflux and night time panic attacks. I average 5 hours of broken sleep per night. So to alleviate these issues...or I thought I was...Id stay up late then get bored waiting for a possible panic attack and eat...eat shit! You know...the crap food thats just crap through and through. So I broke it all down. - why dont I sleep? -what can I do about all these issues? Am I craving sugar, or am I craving comfort? My first port of call was my doctor. I talked to her about it all. So now...when I need I take a sleeping tablet. Only when I really need it tho. I stay up till 10pm and keep busy doing little things round the house. For me better to bed late and actually sleep than bed at say 8pm and stay awake till 1am fearing a panic attack. My reflux is a work in progress and probably will be day surgery at some point. Also did you know that reflux can be directly related to panic attacks or assisting a panic attack to occur? Interesting huh? Dont be afraid to go deeper. Dont be afraid to give yourself some face slaps and tell yourself to wake up and start getting real with yourself, your relationships, your work life or business, hell even ya kids. Is delving deeper scary? Absolutely...but breaking it down into smaller chunks makes it a bit easier and a little less scary. You also might find that self that you liked once upon a time and realise you really miss that person inside thats just sat in the background for years. I am going to continue. Really get my hands dirty this time round. Am I scared...shit yeah. But Im more fearful of who I will become if I dont! #inspiration #livewell #mindfulness #dontletfearstopyou

✞ on the journey to gratitude yall . What are 3 things you are grateful for today? . . Its easy to focus on the negative stuff in our lives. Our society and individualistic culture promotes it. Trust me... I know how you feel - as it was all I used to see. . But then my life started to shift. For multiple reasons that cannot be fitted in a post. My faith journey at the center...pushed me and opened my eyes to see the light. . To those who are facing your darkest seasons yet - you are strong. You are the opposite of the lies you hear about yourself. You will get through this. Let me be clear, I am not saying your struggles will be resolved with gratitude only and your life will suddenly change. . Im suggesting to continue to face the storm while having gratitude for the little blessings. Whether a home with electricity, seeing a sunny sky, that your car didnt break down on the way to work, that you smiled for the first time in a long time. Remember every little blessing. And seek to do what is healthiest for you. Ive learned the hard way that we cant truly help others to our fullest potential if we dont help ourself first... . . What if facing storm brought your soul freedom? What if the rainbow at the end of your storm brought you healing? And what if the healed you got to bless others by helping others with what you overcame? . . #truth #deepthoughtsbykate #authenticity #encouragement #godheals #iseeyougod #gratitude #facethestorm #dontletfearstopyou #thereisbeautyontheotherside

Fear holds us all back. Stop being afraid of messing up, you learn from your mistakes. I need this reminder constantly. I need to get out of my own head.

Weve all been the new student in a group fitness class—while everyone seems to know the whole routine or exercises, you bounce around and feel completely lost. But that doesnt mean you should give up immediately. Don’t give into those negative self conscious thoughts! Dont let the first 10 to 15 minutes make you fear the rest of the class or feel out of shape. If youve never tried that type of workout, youre likely putting to work different muscles, and your body will need to adjust to the challenge. Without sounding harsh: No one is looking at you. So just do your best! What matters is that youre moving (and having FUN!) Thursday 5:45pm STRONG (hit) 6:30pm ZUMBA® 7:30pm express STRETCH/FOAM ROLLING

Strength is seen differently in everyone’s eyes. What you define as strong may not be what others define as strong. For me strength is feeling strong physically and mentally and if I feel strong in those parts of my life then my strength will shine for everyone to see and feel. For me tackling a heavier weight or trying a harder workout program or taking a stab at a new yoga pose is strength. But so is knowing when to rest and take time for me. Fear stops people but strength makes people persevere. I see the strength in so many of the woman that I surround myself with and we all are strong in so many different ways which makes us all unique. Here’s to all the woman in my life that I hold close to my heart for having the strength to persevere! Strength is power and there is power in numbers. #strongwomen #strongandbeautiful #strengthinnumbers #dontletfearstopyou #momstrong #momssupportingmoms #strongmindstrongbody #strongmindedwoman #fittribe #transformation #wellnesswednesday #strongissexy #persevere

✍️👁”busy busy busy”🎬📹 > Short clip of my performance is uploaded to my website: www.lowbitlogic.com & YouTube Channel. > This is a 18 min, unedited, single-take video recording. I created “Character_XX” to facilitate the narrative and present Chapter 1, of a larger story I am working. > ⚠️ CAUTION: this performance is of a physical nature. Viewer discretion advised. ⚠️ > Thanks to #spacestationcastingstudios for the space and helpful staff. > 🤘🤖🤜🤛👽👍 > > #nobudgetproduction #performanceart #performanceartist #lowbitlogic #losangelesartist #losangelesart #taketherisk #dontletfearstopyou #DREAMBIG #spacestationcastingstudios #actingstudio

Wish I’d done it in my 20’s but better late than never! 😍😍. - #beyourownboss #femaleentrepreneurs #mylifemyway #dontletfearstopyou #goforyourdreams

A few years ago I went to Iceland for my 40th birthday. During this trip I came to the realization that I was traveling alone (even though I was with someone) I really wanted to stand up paddle board in a glacier lagoon and knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity- but I was scared to death to do it by myself. I am soooooo glad I got over my fears and did it! And now I try to do something I am afraid to do as often as possible...what are you afraid of!? #conqueryourfears #dosomethingnew #learnanewskill #noregrets #dontletfearstopyou #youcandoit #fitover40 #dontstop #diy #diymydarling #strongwomen #womenempowerment #womensupportwomen #standuponyourown #sup @arcticsurfers

Will you give up after several strikes....or push until you get a home run?? 💪🏻 . =========================== 🚨Jimmy Middleton Florida Premier Realty 📱 561-305-2783 💻 YourRealEstateRescue.com ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ Search for your new home 🏡 What is your home worth 🤔 Blogs, tips, & special savings 💰💰 =========================== . @yourrealestaterescue #yourrealestaterescue #makingyourdreamsyourreality #strength #entrepreneur #grateful #realtor #realestateagent #realeatatelife #goals #fearless #dontletfearstopyou #success #successfulmindset #imjustgettingstarted #dontletfearholdyouback #sellyourhomewithyourrealestaterescue #buyersrewardprogram #soflo #buyersagent #destined #listingagent #baberuth #motivationwednesday #whichdirection #dreams #baseball #letsgetbusy #keepyourheadup #power #confidence

Be your kind of different #beyou #dontletfearstopyou

What if you stopped watching and started doing what youve been wanting to do all along? . What if you took one bold step to focus on you? . What if you didnt let fear stop you but fuel you instead? . Think about what this would do for you! . You could go after your passion! . You could lose weight and get fitter by the end of the year! . Your fear would be your FUEL! . Now is the time to take action. My online fitness community is opening up on October 1st. I want you to be there- fear, fuel and all! . Comment below or message me for details. 🙅‍♀️ #focusonyourself #prioritizeyourself #dontletfearstopyou . . . . #lifewithkids #eatrealfoods #eatathome #lifeswithteens #fitmomscook #intentionalliving #consistencyiskey #mindsetiskey #fitmoms #personaltransformation #soccermomlife #dancemom #momofgirls #eatmoreloseweight #mindsetmatters #atlmoms #atlantamoms #chicagomoms

I think I lived the first meaning of fear for a good chunk of my life. For me, it meant leaning on what I knew, leaning on my own understanding, and doing it all myself. I was a “Hope for the best, plan for the worst” kind of girl. What I wasn’t realizing over the years I let fear rule my life, especially by using the first definition of F.E.A.R. I wasn’t living my life or feeling joy. I was running from making any real change and I was running myself into the ground. Which definition do you think is true for you? #canonsburg #statesville #washingtonpa #wisdomwednesday #wednesdaywisdom #fear #personaldevelopment #bethechange #dontletfearstopyou

This is what keeps most people from greatness and from their full potential. So do not let fear be the reason why you don’t take the risk or give something a try because that very thing could be what leads you to achieve what you always desired and deserve. #taketherisk #acn #chance #dontletfearstopyou #riseabove #inspiration #beincontrol #cleaveland #ohio

“Fear limits you and your vision. It serves as blinders to what may be just a few steps down the road for you. The journey is valuable, but believing in your talents, your abilities, and your self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter path. Transforming fear into freedom - how great is that?”- Soledad OBrien • Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new thing. Believe in yourself and your journey, even if you feel scared. 👉🏻 That is courage🙌🏻💕. Do you agree? • #proudlyimperfect #fuckperfect #womensupportwomen #couragequotes #courage #moed #imperfectie #motovatiequote #motivationquote #quoteoftheday #dontletfearstopyou #zelfvertrouwenopbouwen #zelfliefde #selflove

While most people fear, scream and jump when they come across these little creatures, my boy is over here holding one without a care in the world. 🦎⠀ .⠀ Why is it that adults fear harmless situations or objects? Why do we avoid situations or objects that cause feelings of anxiety, if the situation or object causes no harm?⠀ .⠀ Every time you avoid a feared object or situation, your anxiety gains strength while you lose some.⠀ .⠀ Every time you avoid the feared situation or object, you eliminate practice. And without practice it is difficult to gain mastery. Without mastery, confidence is less likely to rise.⠀ .⠀ So instead of “fearing” your fears, throw yourself out there. Face your fears and soon your fears will begin to subside. 😘⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #conquerfear #dontletfearstopyou #dontletfearholdyouback #dontletfearwin #stayfearless #anxietyfree #beatanxiety #letthembelittleforever #letthembekids #letthembebrave

You are capable of becoming the person you want to become. Start creating and rise above. #youtubechannelcomingsoon #followforfollowback #riseaboveyourself #becomethebestyou #dontletfearstopyou #disciplineisnecessary

To live fully and fearlessly, we have to Stop listening to fear! #dontlistentonegativity #dontlistentofear #dontlistentofears #dontlistentothenaysayers #dontlistentonegative

Im not gonna sit here and tell you I never am afraid. Because thats BS, I do get scared. Im scared of many things, but what scares me the most now days is not having the nerve to even try something. To not go for my goals and passions. THAT is scary. 💯 These last couple of years have been filled with ups and downs. Fears and accomplishments. Losses and wins. 💯 So much has changed for me. Im not the same person I was. I let fear drive me for many, many years. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. It took me finally getting tired to make a change. 💯 Tired of the same rut. Tired of feeling inadequate. Tired of not being heard. So tired in my spirit and soul that I refused to argue or even fight for myself. 💯 Finally...finally I got tired of feeling tired in my soul and I started to fight back. It was met with much resistance. Complete resistance. But I was to a point I didnt care any more. I was numb. And being numb I think is the worst thing ever. 💯 That was when I left. I left all I knew and was familiar with. Moved to a city so large I could get lost in it. And that was where I found myself again. Who would have thought? 💯 Talk about scary. That was scary. But I needed to do it for me. And it has ended up being the best thing I couldve done for me. 💯 I started to get happy again. Met new people. Made new friends. (Still love my friends I moved away from.) But I needed this change. 💯 Ive found my voice again. Ive found happiness again. And yes I still get scared but I now meet that fear with a smile on my face and watch me attitude. Cause when you smile at your fear, it diminishes!

Yes. So much yes. I’ve been struggling with imposter syndrome my whole life. Always over thinking things, worrying and sometimes, just giving up because it’s “easier”. The truth is that you have to push through the fear to get to the great. Does this resonate with you? In what way?

There is no time better than NOW to join this fast growing biz! We are entering into derma-cosmetology AND the incentives for joining my team are through the roof! Interested? Message me and I’ll give you all the details 😊 #joinmyteam #financialfreedom #workfromhome #workfromhomemom #bossbabe #bossmom #sidegig #anypennyhelpswhenyouhavekids #optimizeyourtime #dontletfearstopyou #skin #skincare #skincareroutine #beauty #beautyproducts #momlife #momof4

After many years of saying I was going to tie up the laces on my skates, put on my helmet, and get out there, I never did. Yesterday, I finally decided “The time is now!” And off I went, around the track, falling and getting up again, time and time again, and getting stronger for it. ✨Glitter Girl✨ will return with skates and helmet and determination. Thank you @paulaintheworld for your encouragement and support and @sacramentorollerderby for creating an extremely positive and inclusive culture. And yes, this is the only pic Mel got of me 🤣 #rollerderby #dothedo #thetimeisnow #dontletfearstopyou #geterdone #havefunwiththeprocess #grateful #happyheart

Capturing this story of E&B in Scotland was one of the coolest things I’ve done this year when it comes to work. ⚡️🖤@wiandabongenphotography and I had complete freedom while filming these two lovebirds and we had so much fun during this epic trip! Even though I really don’t like flying it never stopped me from discovering this world and the beauty that it has to offer! @ekesalome @bvdphotography #dontletfearstopyou #travelyourheartout #scotland #highlands #lovestory #kinfolk #authenticlove #liveauthentic #lookslikefilmweddings #engagement #elopementcollective #elopement #scotlandelopement #glencoe #isleofskye #junebug #junebugweddings #highlandwedding #elopescotland #quirang #oldmanofstorr

Happiness is, getting out of your comfortzone. #servushappiness #outofyourcomfortzone #wasistglück #fearorlove #lifeisaboutmoments #dontletfearstopyou #never

Full body hiit on my calendar today. What’s your workout?💪 Comment with a 💪 if you’ve gotten your sweat session in for the day! . Ready to jump in on these amazing home workouts with me?? I’m opening 10 spots for my October accountability group! Claim one before they fill up! . . . . #fitnessjourney #fitmoms #liift4life #dosomething #dontletfearstopyou #start #postpartumfitness #liift #hiit #nogymrequired

Thank you @eduardoverastegui for the reminder this morning. #dontletfearstopyou #dream #big #nevergiveup

Transformation Tuesday... “Welcome to the Grind. The Battle Royale Between you And your Mind, your Body And the Devil on your Shoulder Telling you this is Just a Waste of Time.” #HerbaLife #TheDevilIsALiar #WantMoreDoMore #WorkHarderOnYourself #DontLetFearStopYou #MakeTheChange #DontBeLayzeWhenItComesToLearning

#Repost @mattspencer18 (@get_repost) ・・・ Be you and may a star in you come shining through, you’re more capable than you believe, you can always achieve. From day to night your light will always shine bright, a sight to see, you can be anyone you want to be. May your dreams take flight, love as you will always be a star from above! So, what are the best suggestions I can give? Here they are below: 1. Self-expression – Find ways of expressing yourself in life, do things which set your soul on fire and make you come alive whist feeling free from negativity. i.e dancing, writing etc. 2. Becoming extraordinary –Never give up, keep pushing forwards and higher, believe in yourself and chase your dreams, be always thankful as that’s how you become unstoppable! 3. Don’t let fear stop you – Never let fear stand in your way from achieving your goals and dreams, fear is false evidence appearing real, push past fear and always move forward. 4. Do the impossible – Remind yourself that impossible stands for I’m possible, have dreams which might seem crazy and try to prove people wrong. Keep believing and don’t lose hope. 5. Goal achiever – Be a goal achiever and always keep setting goals and achieving them, the more goals you achieve the higher your confidence and growth grows within yourself! 6. Self-Respect – Make time to give yourself some self-respect and love, set in place healthy habits and boundaries like avoiding distractions and always stand up for what you believe in. 7. You’re loved – Always believe you’re stronger than ever and if you feel you aren’t loved, I love you! You will always be loved by me until my last day as I love others like family! Be you and may a star in you come shining through and remember you’re a star from above! Please do share your thoughts in the comments below, I really love hearing from you so much. Thank you so much for your support, have a great weekend! #strongerthanyouknow #strongerthanexcuses #selfrespect #goalachiever #dotheimpossible #dontletfearstopyou #becomingextraordinary #bestversionofme #nogivingup #creatingchange #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger

Don’t let your fears limit your options! I had a muscle spasm yesterday in my back. It’s sore today but not anything that a little ice, heat and Tylenol won’t help. So today I chose to focus on my form, keeping my core tighter to protect my back better and use lower weights. I didn’t use the soreness ad an excuse. Why...because I have goals. I have created a habit and I know when to listen to pain and stop or push through and stretch. My goal is to be in the best shape physically and the strongest in mind mentally than I ever have been at age 50. Confidence, self-esteem, self 💗 love...those are my ultimate goals! #backspasmssuck #bestrongerthanyourexcuses #stretchthesorenessaway #strongcoretosavetheback #teamheartandsoul❤️🙏🏻 #aginggracefully #livingmybestlife #thechoiceisyours #findingmyinnerstrength #liveexceptionally #dontletfearstopyou

Who knew that me going to a concert alone would have me run into people I haven’t seen in forever, make a new friend(who was also alone) and fall in love with all the things I’ve been holding myself back from, I was so anxious! But tonight was oh So liberating. I have vowed that every month I will be doing 1-2 things to take me out of my comfort zone and help me #grow ! 🌱 • • •P.S @miguel has the voice of an angel in person 😌 • • • • • #somuchfun #ifeltfree #fallinlovewithmyself #loveyourowncompany #makenewmemories #smilingfromeartoear #happiness #dontletfearstopyou #miguel #sandiego #litbymyself #joinmyjourney #celebrateeverydaylikeabirthday #ascensiontour #skywalkingonthesehaters 💫💞

This too is a form of peace #wonder #freedom #remainopen #dontletfearstopyou

No matter What life throws at you , or Who hurts you Or betrays you Always Remeber that Life Is Beautiful and theres always a Rainbow at the end of a thunderstorm 🌈 #Happy #smile #Keepmovingforward #behappyandsmile #lettoxicpeoplego #Beyourself #dontletfearstopyou

Don’t let fear stand in your way! You are in control of your destiny. Follow your dreams today! . . . #motivationmonday #knotalamode #followyourdreams #dontletfearstopyou #createyourowndestiny #etsyshop #etsysellersofinstagram

But what if you fly? Dont let your fear stop you from taking that step... It could be the best decision of your life. Youll never know for sure, unless you try... · · #whatifyoufly #dreambig #dontsettleforordinary #belegendary #dontletfearstopyou #joinmyteam #weregoingtothetop #wholenothalevel #ourteamrocks #workonline #ownyourtime #itworksforme

A note to self, remember that warrior inside you that you already know is there can be born again, that there is a fire within your soul. You are a human, the most powerful species of them all. Remember everything you have been through you have, and will survive and keep on surviving through it all. Remember you are STRONG. You can learn to unleash your inner strength when and need to be done. You are in control. And you are a wonderful human being. 👁 #keepstrong #havefaithinyourself #youareincredible #youmeantheworldtome #keepfocused #rememberwhoyouare #beautifullife #beautifulsoul #mentalhealth #youmatter #youmattertome #youmattertoyou #beyourownboss #beyourownhappiness #healyourself #youcandothis #humansthatstandtogether #youarenotafailure #dontletfearstopyou #keeppositive #remainhumble #youareyourownempire #youhavethepower #keepliving #domeproud #lovetoread #positivequote

Yesterday I held my first firearm and let me tell you it was scary as hell⠀ ⠀ I have always wanted to learn how to shoot- but a part of me was always scared- scared of the power - scared of the “what if” situations that rolled around in my head ⠀ ⠀ Finally the situation came when a girlfriend of mine asked my fiancé and I to go shooting for her birthday, I instantaneously said yes - I was PUMPED - then as I was watching the safety video at the shooting range all these feelings came rolling in - anxiety - nervousness- fear. ⠀ ⠀ I know how powerful guns can be and while I am pro 2nd Amendment, not so pleasant Situations came rolling into my head - ⠀ ⠀ we then proceeded to check in - put our safety glasses and ears on and went into a “hot range” ⠀ ⠀ The first gun shot I heard I actually jumped - even with head phones on it still was SO loud- Brandon and Alyssa set up their guns and ammo as I watched around me everyone shooting their targets- “bang bang bang” my heart raced - I felt like I was going to cry- I can’t even tell you why but so much energy was coursing through me-⠀ ⠀ My fiancé and dear friend talked me through how to load the magazine and hold the gun safely. “Now slowly pull the trigger” I shook and instantly started sweating. I took the first shot - hit my target - a hot shell smacked my shoulder - I shook, I sweat and I repeated until the magazine was empty - unloaded the gun and walked back shaking with adrenaline. ⠀ ⠀ “Holy fuck- that was intense” and yet while I was petrified going in, I know felt a new found respect for the gun - for myself for getting over my fear - I was excited for my next turn - learning how to aim better and stand more comfortably. Gaining more confidence with each shot ⠀ ⠀ These actions happen to MOST of us whenever we try something new - FEAR - UNEXPLAINABLE FEAR - some shake, some sweat some even throw up when they are in new situations. But USUALLYYY once we DO the action that we are SO scared of we get a sense of RELIEF - gain a new sense of CONFIDENCE- we LEARN - we GROW ⠀ ⠀ So anyone that is struggling taking that next step in life - career or self development - try to remember that first time when you we

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Yesterday we sat around the dinner table as a family and talked about work ethic. We discussed the man in the Parable of the Talents who said, “I was afraid I might disappoint you, so I found a good hiding place and secured your money.” (Matthew 25) Sometimes sloth or laziness has an underlying component of fear. Fear of failure, or judgment, or disappointment immobilizes us. It makes us hide. Instead of shaming yourself for procrastinating, dig deep into your soul. What are you afraid of? I love that the Bible repeats over and over and over again, Fear Not! #heiswithus #mondaymotivator

Do you expect the best from others? What about yourself? ———————— It may be long journey to get where you want to go. 👣 . The road may be filled with holes and bumps. 🚧 . You’ll probably get so tired you feel like you can’t go on anymore or it’s just easier to quit. 😩 . Truth is, it usually is easier to quit. But anything worth having requires effort, otherwise everyone else would have it too, no? 🤷🏻‍♀️ . Just keep your focus on getting better day by day! ———————— #oneStepAtATime #dontStop #getBetter #giveYourBest #justDoIt #goodToGreat #startSomewhere #highExpectations #raiseYourStandards #expectMore #persistence #consistency #grit #hustle #grind #changeYourAssociationsChangeYourLife #maxout #dontLetFearStopYou #confidence #believeInYourself #mondayMotivation @wfgvaughan

Did you fall off the wagon? Did you stop pushing for your goals? Did you lose sight of what you really want out of life? Guess what? It’s an all new day baby so get back up, dust yourself off, and get back at it because life’s too short to not want to live your best life EVERY DAY! ✌️❤️ . . . #mytwocents #staypositive #positivevibes #positivity #positivethinking #motivation #getyourmindright #ownyourenergy #insidebeauty #therebuild #foodforthought #getbackup #motivationalquotes #detoxyourlife #befearless #lularoewithmo🦄 #findingmyself #happy #levelup #dontletfearstopyou #therebuild #climbyourmountain #dontstop #mondaymotivation

Took a metaphorical and actual leap. It may be nothing to someone else, but it was something special with a deeper meaning to me. • It wasn’t easy. I talked myself out of it when I got to the top. I looked for excuses. I worried. I was scared. I almost walked back down the stairs. • Any other time, I wouldn’t have even considered it because my fears would’ve stopped me...I told the guy, “I made it this far, fuck it”. • And I did it. #checkedoff #facedfear #followedthrough #didit #dontletfearstopyou #positivity #positivevibes #creatingmybestlife #becomingmybestself #findingme #pushingcomfortzones #leap #ziplining

Alright Monday, let’s get at ‘er! 👊🏻⁣ ⁣ Have you been making excuses for the things you know you need to be doing in your life? Why? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe they’re not enough of a priority for you yet? Or maybe, change is hard. And scary!! What lies on the other side of change? 😱 ⁣ ⁣ The best things happen when we learn to let go of the fear of the unknown and trust our gut for what we want and need in our lives. ⁣ ⁣ So stop making excuses and got out there and get it! 🙌🏻❤️

Gm! I had to #REPOST this! This is the stage that Im in right now! Trust me...Everything shouldnt & doesnt have to be discussed or shared! The older you get the wiser you get. You get more done in silence...TRUST ME! Your on GODS time & the only competition your up against is yourself! Hard work & dedication appears to be slow progress in our head...but ITS IN YOUR HEAD! Any progression is a step towards everything you prayed for coming true! #SilenceIsGolden #PrayHard #WorkHard #GiveYourselfAChanceToBeGreat #NobodyIsYou #FindYourGift #LoveYourselfInTheProcess #DontLetFearStopYou #Dmv #LessSocialMedia

RECLAIM YOUR POWER . The morning after I was rescued, my mom gave me the best piece of advice Ive ever been given. She said, Elizabeth, what these people have done to you is terrible, and there arent words strong enough to describe how wicked and evil they are. They have stolen 9 months out of your life away from you that you will never get back. But the best punishment you can ever give them is to be happy, is to move forward with your life, to do all the things that you want to do. Because by feeling sorry for yourself, by holding on to the past, by reliving in it, thats only allowing them to steal more of your life away from you. And they dont deserve that. They dont deserve a single second more. So you need to be happy, you need to move on with your life..........I didnt need to be scared of what he would make me feel, because I realized that he had no power over me anymore, and I remember how empowering that felt to me.........I realized that forgiveness is not for the other person. Its for yourself. Life is so worthwhile, and no matter what has happened to you, no matter what your background is, no matter what your past is, each of us deserve to be happy. Bad things do happen, but that doesnt mean that they need to define us or destroy our life. And yes, I may always be known as the girl who was kidnapped, but thats okay, because I know that thats not all who I am........We have things that happen to us, and yes, they shape us, they mold us. But they dont have to define us, because in the end, what defines you is how you react, are the decisions that you make. So I hope that whatever you face, whatever you deal with, you just remember you are who you decide to be. You are the captain of your destiny. You are the one who decides who you are. @elizabeth_smart_official . . . . . . #elizabethsmart #forgiveness #overcome

Fear can stop us dead in our tracks... if we let it. Fear of the unknown can be overwhelming, causing us to never even get to the root of the fear itself. Don’t let fear hold you back. Do the things others are too scared to, for it just may open you to new possibilities! . . . . . #dontletfearstopyou #fearlessgirl #colortodaypretty #askquestions #dontletit #questions #newblogpost #bebiggerthanyourfears #sundayvibes #inspirationalquotes #youvegotthis

Youll never know if you never give it a go! 👍 #dontletfearstopyou #studywithqts #chaseyourdreams #theresalwaysplanb #nowhatifs #qualitytrainingsolutions

If you have been living under a rock or in a cave and have some how NOT listened or read Rachel Hollis before... DO IT!!! I had the extreme pleasure of hearing her speak at convention this last week!! AMAZING!!

was always a scaredy cat Always cautious and hesitant and fearful I let fear take control more times in my life than I’d like to admit Fear of going somewhere I didn’t know anyone Fear of doing something I’ve never done Fear of being uncomfortable Fear of making the wrong decision was so engrained that for some reason I never fully trusted my decision making capabilities I didn’t trust myself to make the right decision so I often would let someone decide for me or I just wouldn’t make one I was letting fear win And honestly the worst thing that generally could happen would be that I realized something wasn’t for me But I still gained that experience to pull from and learn something from to continue my journey forward in life I also don’t know if there are any “wrong” decisions I’ve realized if you’re on the path God has led you on then each curve or bump is there to refine us, change us for the better, allow us to experience something in a new way; none of which would have happened if the road was smooth and we hadn’t made that “wrong decision” And ultimately I believe we always end up where we are supposed to be..sometimes the road is shorter but often times it’s longer than I think we think it should be I took a chance six months ago..actually made a decision I didn’t know what I was really getting into but I trusted my coach, I trusted this company, and I trusted these programs enough to let them guide me, support me, and the worst that could happen was I had fun, made some great friends from all over the world, and earned a few extra dollars If you’re ready to make a decision and join me apply here 👇🏻 https://goo.gl/forms/VU11DODF1hNyiCWn1 #rachelhollisquote #dontletfearstopyou #thetimesiregret #joinmyteam #youareenough #feelthefearanddoitanyway #selflove #godfirst #connecticutlife #followyourdreams #momlife #imadreamer #healthcoach #smallthingscanchangeyourlife #christianmama #findingmyself #believeinyourself #youareamazing #overcominganxiety #tryingtofindmytribe #youareenough #bettertogether #hotmessmama #dreamer #momlife #momoftoddlers #momofgirls

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