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Lone Tree • Was just walking around the Charles River taking shots of Boston on the Cambridge side of Smoot bridge when I saw this lone tree, the clouds and the path as a leading line and I wanted to take the shot. This is what came out and its one of my favorite shots and completely unplanned as well. Accept spontaneity in your photo walks because you never know what youll find. For crying out loud, it was a single tree in a path, nothing special and now the wallpaper on my PC and my Facebook account cover #pulsatingplanet

A Common Sunset • One of my favorite places to go in the city, this park and the public gardens right next to it offer soooo much in terms of photo ops. I just happened to be here when the sun was setting so I thought why not shoot it? So I climbed up to my favorite spot for a park landscape and shot through golden hour well into blue hour. This spot is located close to the soldiers and sailors monument and you just step off the trail a bit

“Azure” 💠 ——————————- I photographed this brilliantly-hued rock at a stream in the St. Mary-area of the Park. Even though I saw thousands of pebbles of every color imaginable in Lake McDonald before this, this specific riverbed specifically stood out as one of the enduring visuals of the trip. I think the vibrance, the deep turquoise shade, and the astounding extent and length of this rock all amazed me. It was mind-blowing that something so unusually beautiful stretched along the length of the stream. I could’ve sat for hours watching the water eddy around the cool blue rings and spirals of this rock formation. It is one of the many things that make Glacier so special; things that usually go unnoticed like a piece of rock under a river become awe-inspiring gems 💎 • • • • • • #nature #naturephotography #photography #nikonartists #nikond3200 #lightandexposure #artofvisuals #agameoftones #nikonusa #fotocatchers #photooftheday #ig_captures #ig_shotz #bdpro #elite_photography_page #CameraMasters #photonature_rgb #travelshotz #earthconscious #dslrprohibited #glaciernationalpark #glaciernps

Untouched by Time • As today is the observation of Veterans Day, I thought Id share a place with a bit of US history. This is Acorn Street, the most photographed street in the city and sometimes called Americas most beautiful street. It is one of the only streets left with original cobblestone and its located over in the Beacon Hill area. It will be very hard to find if youre a tourist and if youre going, walk there. The car is not going to work. Just take red lime to Charles or Green Line to Park St and walk across the common • Stepping over here is truly like stepping into the past, back into Colonial Boston. Veterans Day is to remember all veterans who fight or have fought to keep us safe, even the ones all the way back in the colonial period • Hope everyone who has the day off today enjoys it! Im editing my shots from my weekend trip to the Smoky Mountains. Up very soon!

Country Pride • Super late post today Happy Veterans Day and to all the men and women who are serving or have served, thank you all for your service. Another USA themed post tomorrow for the observation of Veterans Day

Sunset and the City • A sunset taken on the observation deck of the Prudential Tower. You can see the Charles River that divides Boston from Cambridge and all the cars driving around.

It’s good to be home but man coming from 80 degree weather to 47 it’s a shock to the system,Thanks Florida for spoiling me

An Italian-ish Afternoon • The North End of Boston is known for having a very rich Italian influence and I really wanted to give this image that rich, warm, Italian vibe that you see in so many pictures of Italy so I did a golden tones edit at golden hour • This edit took 90 minutes to get the color grade correct and to light everything up. I truly hope you enjoy the frame. I wanted to move to the right to get a better composition but there was construction so I settled with this and made it work

Shock • Hi! Im squirrel from the Boston Common! Did I make you smile? Did I make you scream out of joy! Thats usually what happens • It was raining down at the park. I initially said I wouldnt go but I thought, why not? There might be a missed photo opprotunity and gray skies dont mean the end. Im really glad I went. I was literally lying on my stomach with a 50mm, in front a group of chain smokers, while I tried to get this shot as rain fell on my body. I dont regret a thing. Lets gets this featured guys! Who says you cant get good wildlife in the city

Busy Day Decided to hit the common and show how busy the entrance to the park can get by showing the commuters and tourists. Park Street is one of the busiest stops on the T and the image was taken right outside of the station to show chaos that goes by Drew my inpiration from a ton of impressionism works. The foreground is really chaotic but the stymmetry and structure in the background really ties this image together and make it easy on the eyes.

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