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Delice @oriolechi best restaurant in chicago by far has the best chef @noahsandoval has the best bartender @momose_julia its so cute inside n has the best entrace well deserving of ⭐️⭐️ if u never been try it u will be blown away @michelinusa @michelininspectors @michelinguide @michelinmeals @michelin dont forget to try @barkumiko when it opens! •••••••••••••“•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• hashtag chiyelpelitefoodie to be featured I’ll get u more likes watch! n to read reviews check the link)follow @chiyelpelitefoodie for memes/ the best places to eat/ wine tips/ and cute dog photo/ reviews of restaurants • •! Also follow @mversace8 for piks of food too! (Random Instagram fact if u click the location u can see more photos of everything that has to do with that location) •••

M Y K I N D O F H A P P Y M E A L 🍔🍟 I will rarely say no to a burger and fries- maybe that’s why I’m rarely in a bathing suit, ha! Better to be full of food than full of ... you know, right? Doing everything I can to make sure I don’t let any holiday stress get me to eat my feelings- any tips? Anyone else going to need a cookie monitor?

The Eve of the Eve is Chicagos PREMIERE holiday party! Buy your tickets now and make sure you kick off your New Years Eve festivities at the Mart. Tickets are ON SALE NOW. All proceeds go toward the HighSight scholarship program which creates new possibilities for Chicago high school students from low-income families by providing scholarships, tutoring, mentoring, leadership development, and college readiness programs. https://www.signmeup.com/site/online-event-registration/128069 . . . . . . . #bonappetit #dishroulette #chicagofoodanddrink #satoralist #education #buzzfeast #eatfamous #devourpower #foodandwine #inTheLoopChi #bestfoodworld #lovefood #eattheworld #vsco #vscocam #vscofood #mychicagopix #likefoodchicago #eaterchicago #chicagofoodmag #chicagoeats #canadagoose #igerschicago #igersparis #igersfrance #johnhancock #ohbabyitscoldoutside #scholarshipprogram #actorslife #eveoftheeve

A beautifully presented Shrimp DeJonghe! Also an excellent way to start your Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve dinner. Make that reservation ASAP! #bennyschophouse #steakhouse #rivernorth #shrimpdejonghe #classicchicago #holidayplans #madnphoto

I always enjoy seeking out asian restaurants in other cities to see what dishes they’re cooking. Popular cuisines include Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. Most recently Filipino food has been making waves. But why does Vietnamese food get relegated to cheap $8 pho served on sticky tables with bad fluorescent lighting in dingy strip malls? Welcome to @haisouschi, a modern Vietnamese restaurant opened by husband and wife team, Thai and Danielle, who manages front of house and is also the interior designer and architect who designed the space with warm tones. The wood + bamboo and other artifacts sourced from Vietnam gives the place cozy feel and whetted my appetite for the impending feast. Grilled oysters and chopped clams were a great start - the flavors of the lemongrass, chiles, and fish sauce awoke my palate. Crispy chicken wings with caramelized fish sauce hit the perfect mix of sweet and heat, baby. The medium rare ribeye came out with a heady aroma that forced me to snap only 2 pictures before picking up my chopsticks. Hands down the best ribeye of 2018. Tender and flavorful - should have got two portions. The special that night was a heaping pile of noodles with chunks of fresh crab with chilies. Squirt some lime for acid and you’re good to go. The other special was luxurious oxtail with fall of the bone meat and silky collagen that left a film on my lips - a reminder for the rest of the meal that I was eating elevated Vietnamese food cooked at a high level and not some dingy strip mall. The kitchen sent out a traditional entree called Bún thịt heo nem nướng (Hanoi-style grilled pork with rice noodle, lettuce & herbs) a dish similar to Bún Chả that was enjoyed by Obama and the late Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam. An array of meats in a light broth emboldened by herbs and spices. I caught myself slurping my bowl even after I was full. Warm and comforting. Dessert was tapioca with pandan jelly and various fruits and a fried banana with coconut cream that was the perfect finish. 🙏🏼@misteyinchicago for setting up the reservation and @thai_dang_ @daaangdanielle for your warm hospitality and pride in sharing your cuisine with Chicago. Come to LA!

Foie gras @oriolechi best restaurant in chicago by far has the best chef @noahsandoval has the best bartender @momose_julia its so cute inside n has the best entrace well deserving of ⭐️⭐️ if u never been try it u will be blown away @michelinusa @michelininspectors @michelinguide @michelinmeals @michelin dont forget to try @barkumiko when it opens! •••••••••••••“•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• hashtag chiyelpelitefoodie to be featured I’ll get u more likes watch! n to read reviews check the link)follow @chiyelpelitefoodie for memes/ the best places to eat/ wine tips/ and cute dog photo/ reviews of restaurants • •! Also follow @mversace8 for piks of food too! (Random Instagram fact if u click the location u can see more photos of everything that has to do with that location) •••

Trying out a new place tonight with my local panda pal @gracie0 since we had to get our Thai fix and noodle soup and it was a success at @sillikori !! #asiancomfortfood #westsidebestside #happyhoridays #yummyinmytummy #eaterchicago #lovefoodlivedesigndreamart #spicygrasshopper

Do you recall the most famous reindeer of all? Obsessed with the cute gelato cones from Eli’s Ark!! Love all their holiday characters 😄 #kerryeatschicago 📍 @elisarkchicago 🍦 rudolph [gingerbread] • polar bear [peppermint bark] . . . . . #eeeeeats #chicago #chicagoeats #myfab5 #chitowneats #f52grams #foodshot #vscofood #eaterchicago #eater #insiderfood #goodfood #zagat #beautifulcuisines #foodintheair #tastingtable #infatuation #infatuationchi #bestfoodchicago #elisarkchicago #icecream #icecreambae #dessertbae #reindeericecream #polarbearicecream #cuteicecream #christmasicecream #christmasfood #holidayfood


@passerottochi, one of my favorite neighborhood jaunts! “Fun Korean Fare” a quirky description to describe Chef Jennifer’s childhood memories of her mother’s Korean cooking coupled with her professional experience. Jen and are roughly the same age and both American born. We both understand that back in the late 80s and much of the 90s lacked ethnic ingredients to make an authentic dish. Our parents adapted to what’s available. Experiencing this makes me appreciate Passerotto that much more! Sure there’s plenty of amazing products today, but sometimes you just want your mother’s humble kimchi made with red cabbage because napa was scarce. Make time to enjoy Chef Jennifer’s fun Korean fare as much as I do! King Mandu // Beef Kare Dumplings, Pickled Radish, Cured Trout Roe #madnphoto #passerotto #koreanfood #funkoreanfare #andersonville #bibgourmand #immigrantcooking #foodspeakstome

It’s all about the sauce. These paratha tacos always hit the spot!

Just type in Friendship BBQ for location tag I created when you eat here. It’ll pop up. This place opened up recently last Wednesday. It’s taken over the place formerly known as Legends Hotpot. Skewers of meat range from $1.50 to $5. Everything was super good and affordable leaving our bill to $45. The Chicken Skeleton($8) was fun to eat even though there’s not much meat but with each bite you’ll get tons of flavor just from gnawing on the bone. Talk about calcium overload right? The lamb was super juicy and even comes on a hand carved wooden skewer as you can see in the photo. Talk about attention to detail right? We even spotted a metal skewer which makes use wonder if there’s a gold one laying around for us to discover to level up. The pea pod tips with garlic sauce is the best version I’ve had so far in Chicago with its chunky garlic and slightly bitter flavor. The beef sashimi was very clean and not bad at all. It’s served with wasabi and soy sauce but I like it just plain. There’s also an option to do skewer hotpot at $30. Basically there’s a small tin pot heated on a small burner with small skewers inside for small bites but there’s nothing small about the flavor.....well I’m assuming it packs a punch just like the Variety of bbq meats we ordered. I’ll end this review by thanking @fooditorchi for letting me know I had a piece of aorta hanging on my lips which I do like a lot. Almost like eating squid. I do like to thank @312foodrambler and @bydamao for suggesting this place to me. Keep the recs coming!

And just like that, Quattro Mani is over (for this year!) 🍕🍝 Grazie mille to Mallory and Kelsey from @presenceagency and @melsafford from @chicagoideas for ending the series on such an awesome note. Stay tuned for what’s next in our flagship restaurant, La Pizza & La Pasta! #myEatalyChicago | 📷: @presenceagency

Words you never want to here from a server, “we’re out of your entree”, except when they say how about trying the Piccata with Salmon instead of the Trout...the results were heavenly! We’ve never been here before, but are excited to come back 😊

A bite and a sip on a field trip through Alinea’s kitchen ⭐️⭐️⭐️

@sharishungry had the catch of the day and then some! #chicagogrammers #tastytuesday

My only regret from our meal is that I didn’t save enough room to eat this whole cookie skillet | @maillardtavern 1. Cookie Skillet with chocolate chip, marshmallow, and macadamia white chocolate

I finished my Christmas shopping! Decided to celebrate with an eggnog cronut from Stan’s Donuts (omg, you guys this thing is SO, SO GOOD) and then watched the holiday version of the Great British Baking Show. Fa la la la la la la la la. • • • • • • • #chicago #chicagofood #chicagofoodies #312food #eeeeeats #donuts #cronuts #timeoutchicago #eaterchicago #foodandwine

Toying with alternate lighting techniques. Loved the way the light here beams through the class and highlights the cocktail. Made with @selvareyrum.

Bacon makes every picture better! Especially if it’s @nueskes bacon from @chicagochophouse . . . . . #chicityfoodie #lifedoesnotsuck #bacon

Ugh, I just found out that @bigstarchicago is on @doordash. Where are my fat pants?

Cheese biscuits

Linguine con Frutto di Mare 😻 A classic dish at a classic Lakeview restaurant. Everything is SO delicious here. No fuss, no obnoxious neon signs or gimmicky Instagrammable walls, just pure quality food in the coziest setting in Lakeview. It’s ideal for GNO, a fab dinner with your parents, date night, or a fun team dinner—honestly every occasion under the sun 🤣 📍@francescasrestaurants | Lakeview

Have you tried our #Hanabi yet? Spicy tuna over crispy rice. Yum! #KatanaChicago

Still searching for that perfect gift? Come purchase a holiday gift card at FOUND! Remember... Give a gift, get a gift! For every $100 gift card you purchase this month, we will give you another free $20 gift card. . . . #found #chicagonorthshore #yelpnorthshorefood #foodporn #downtownevanston #evanstonlife #northshore #foodgasm #seasonal #eaterchicago #chicago #evanston #whiskey #winter #snow #cocktails #fall #dinner #happyhour #brunch #chicago #chef #wine #downtownevanston #rosé #champagne #eater #forkyeah #eeeeeats #igerschicago #foodandwine #infatuationchi

‘Tis the season for some vegan sugar cookies in adorable Christmas shapes and tons of vegan sprinkles!Warning, just because these are vegan does now mean it’s healthy. They are however delicious! Recipe from @minimalistbaker. #veganchicago #minimalistbaker

Our buttery, steamed BLACK COD is always fresh and miso-bruleed, with a side of savory furikake rice and sesame leaves 🐟🌱 Makes us wish we could taste this photo!! 😋

Our communal tables are always available for walk-in guests. So take a quick break from the holidays and join us for lunch, brunch, coffee or cocktails 🍽 #seeyousoon #thelunchroom

Great way to end our year. The diner reviews are in for @OpenTable’s 2018 “100 Best Restaurants in America.” And Gibsons Italia made the list. || Based on an analysis of 12,000,000+ reviews of more than 28,000 restaurants across the country, we made it to the top 100. And we couldn’t be happier. >> For complete list, see link in bio. #OpenTable100

A little of this, a little of that...

I dove face first into this tomato bisque after my shoot with @compass today 🥫Who doesn’t love a good bowl of tomato soup with truffle bacon + Brie grilled cheese?? Tell me your favorite winter soups below 👇🏻 #windycitydinnerfairy . . . . . #bareaders #chicagoblogger #foodstagram #chicagofoodstylist #feedfeed #312foodlove #beautifulcuisines #forkyeah #foodwinewomen #foodgasm #likefoodchicago #foodstyling #forkyeah #mychicagopix #huffposttaste #eaterchicago #infatuationCHI #foodtographyschool #feedyoursoull #homecooking #dailyfoodfeed #goopmake #ltkhome #eatfamous #foodandwine #mychicagopix

Let us cater your holiday celebration with our special party platters! Choose between our $100 sashimi & nigiri platter or $100 maki platter. Pre-order by 12/23 and pick up on 12/25 between 11:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Please note we are closed on Christmas day and only catering pick-up will be available. #mozusushi

Come grab a cold one! Try our Abominable Freeze cocktail made with tequila, blue curaçao, cranberry, and lime. #porkchopbbq

Wine... because its not good to keep things bottled up. We offer an impressive wine list featuring some hard-to-find selections. 🍷 #mezeandwine

Every now and then I come across something that’s so incredibly good, I am tempted to keep it to myself. But, here it is: the best prime rib beef sandwich around! Served only for a limited time each day, the rotisserie at @eatalychicago slow roasts their whole prime rib to perfection. It’s sliced to order, and assembled right before your eyes! The beef is so tender and flavorful, and served in between house baked Italian bread that lends itself to providing the right balance of texture, it’s really delicious! This is a $14 sandwich that’s worth👏every👏penny! I’d recommend sharing this because you’re gonna want to save room and add a side of their roasted potatoes (they practically melt in your mouth!) I’m ok with enduring longer lines and risk this sandwich being sold out, as long as you get to enjoy it, I’m willing to share about it. 🤤♥️👏


Toledo is proud to present its first Christmas Party! We can’t think of a better way to bring families together this season than spending it with us 🎁. Come spend Tuesday, December 25th with us as we welcome the spectacular singer Shadi Ranjos, the best melodies from Shadi Keys, and DJ Rake’s smooth beats. 🎄🔥 🎅🏽🎉

In love with this view - Our Octo dish... Charred and served with xo Sauce, Quinoa, Kale & Herbs.

Our duty 👉🏻 Show you all the goods that @merchant.chicago will be offering for NYE dinner 👀

Alas today was the last day of our 12 Days of ‘Sangwiches’ promo. Thank you to everyone who participated! We raise our ‘sangwiches’ to you.

Holy bomboloni, Batman! Have you tried the decadent s’mores hot chocolate from BomboBar?! It’s a sweet fiend’s dream!! A creamy, rich hot cocoa, topped with whipped cream, caramel drizzle, a marshmallow whoopie pie, graham cracker, cookie dough, and a mini gold chocolate bomboloni 🤤 be still my heart ❤️ ❤️ . . . . . #melskindoftown #chicagoblogger #followforfollow #lifeofchicago #thisischicago #midwestisbest #chicagosbest #eatdrinkdochi #eatlocal #eaterchicago #eat #foodlover #foodstagram #instafoodie #foodgasm #foodagram #foodoftheday #foodie #foodpics #foodphotography #foodprnshare #forkfeed #dessertpics #dessertshots #sweetooth #dessertbar #chocaholic #showusyourbombos #bombobar

“Channel the spirit of the ‘50s and dress to the nines for an old Hollywood-themed bash.” Book your reservation in the link in our bio and read more about our NYE Party in @eaterchicago 🍾 #blvdchicago

If you’re doing Keto, low carb or just want a really fresh roll, try this Salmon and Tuna Naruto from @konagrill It has salmon, tuna and yellowtail in a cucumber wrapper with avocado and spring mix - zero rice!!! The yuzu ponzu sauce underneath is great too, no need to dip it in soy sauce. This roll was so yummy and fresh, you definitely don’t miss the rice! 😋 • • • #ninieatsworld #konagrill #sushi #cucumber #cucumberwrapped #tuna #salmon #yellowtail #yuzusauce #yuzu #ponzu #ponzusauce #freshsushi #sashimi #lowcarb #keto #ketoapproved #healthyfood #healthyeating #lombard #chicago #eaterchicago #fabfoodchicago #likefoodchicago #chicagogrammers #chicagofoodie #foodblogger #chicagofoodblogger #sushipics #foodblogger

Thanks to @urbanmatterchicago for naming us one of the best bars in Hyde Park! Come get a drink with us tonight.

Whenever I want fresh seafood in the Bay area, @fishrestaurantsausalito always comes to mind. I had the fish of the day, sustainably sourced yellowtail jack, oak-grilled to medium rare on top of organic @county.line.harvest mixed greens with champagne vinaigrette. If only I ate this healthy for the rest of my trip! 🐟🥗 #eattherainbow #myfavbites #notchicago

Thai peanut cauliflower

Peppermint mocha donut. 🍭🍭🍭 I could eat a spoonful of the fluffy chocolate in the middle. Whats your favorite holiday flavor?

Happy Holidays!!! 🎄 Don’t forget that #HQRiverNorth is open 365 days a year, so if you’re far from home or just looking for somewhere to celebrate next week, we gotchu! 😘 (📸:@jellcuhh)

the Panda roll @sundanewasian is second to none

We‘re loading up cases of Traditional Panettone and Perugina Baci Chocolates and delivering them to one of our customers. 😍 😋 Its that time of year! 🎄☃️ Be sure to stop in for all kinds of Italian treats for the holidays! 🇮🇹❤️

Make plans to join us for #newyearseve! Swipe for our special menu! . . #boystown #chicagonye #chicagoeeeeeats #chicagodining #eater #eaterchicago

Get these dinner specials before they’re gone! It’s the last week to take advantage. Piernitas de pollo Mole drumsticks, queso fresco, topped with sesame seeds. Moqueca Sautéed shrimp, white fish, turnips, chayote, serrano, rice in coconut sauce.

Tonight we made all the mini Puerquitos (Mexican molasses cookies). #puerquito #piggycookie #pigcookie

Yes, we are open on Christmas Eve! Make your reservations today to enjoy the holiday directly across the street from Millennium Park! *Last reservation is at 7:30PM

Cinnamon Roll waffles for breakfast tomorrow! Who’s with us!?! 🙌 #LikeFoodChicago 🌁: @staxcafe 📍: River West

Seasons Eatings 🍊 Get you somebody that can do both! Ricotta Tart, one of five courses on our New Years Eve menu! Get tickets now for the only place giving you freshly curated fare & the party you deserve without the Uber’s! 🥘Doors open at 6pm🍧 🥂Drink Package at 9pm🥃 🍕Drunk pizza bar at 1am🍻 Just click the “Get Tickets” button in our bio.

🍷+🍝=♥️. All wine bottles are half priced on Tuesdays, why not bring a few friends and order a couple?

Dock’s Sea Nuggets #docksfishwich #docksfish #docks #foodie #chicagofood #eaterchicago #nuggets

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