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Daily Training Tip #169 My dog, my rules. . This is for anyone who struggles with friends or family breaking their rules with their dogs. You can say no! . If someone cant respect the rules that you make for your dog then they shouldnt have the privilege of interacting with it. It doesnt matter if its your family or your best friend. If anything family and friends should be respecting the fact that you asked for rules to be kept. If they cant keep to these rules it might be time for a serious talk about them disrespecting your needs. . We set boundaries and rules with our dogs and we have the same right to do so with our family and friends. . It is very simple. It is your dog and you make the rules for it. The behavior of your dog is your responsibility and the success of its training falls on your shoulders. Nobody has the right to ruin that for you. . Interacting with your dog is not a bright it is a privilege and if the rules you set cant be kept then that privilege has not been earned. . Dont allow anyone to ruin it for you no matter who it is.

Do you walk the walk? . Ever been in a room and someone walks in and everyone is instantly captivated? Or youre at a show and the performer just owns the stage? . Can you explain what about that person gave you that feeling? What do you mean they owned the stage? . Its a certain feeling of confidence they give off. The performer is not only good at what hes doing but he knows it and hes confident in the way he does it. Its the way he walks, the way he holds himself and way he talks. Everything about him just says I got this. . Does your dog think you own the stage? . A dog wants to be lead with confidence and purpose. It needs to know that it has nothing to worry about because you got this. . Walk with purpose, and your dog will feel safe by your side. Be confident in yourself, in your ability and in your dog. Let it know that it has nothing to worry about because you got this.

Il cane educato è quello che, tra una corsa al parco e laltra, puoi anche portartelo a fare un brunch... E sa anche starci senza guinzaglio! Ah, a proposito. Abbiamo mangiato benissimo! #educazionecinofila #familydogtraining #dogtraining #caneubbidiente #caneeducato #dogsofbologna #iopossoentrare

Daily Training Tip #168 Share what the dog shares with you. . If a dog has a bratty, snoty attitude you cant start off training by being its friend. You have to first let the dog know that attitude is not allowed. Once the dog softens up and gives you more of the good stuff then you can give the dog the good stuff to. . To many people make the mistake of trying to build a relationship with the dog before showing it that its attitude isnt allowed anymore. This is only going to reinforce the attitude more because the dog sees it gets the good fun side of you with this attitude. . Start by creating a shift in the way the dog thinks, snap it out of that bratty mindset and then the relationship will be built through training and the dog understanding that it gets all the stuff it enjoys through having a good attitude. . Dont make the mistake of being soft with a firm dog or to firm with a soft dog. You must mirror the dogs attitude and give it what it gives you.

Mama Bear wishes you all a happy Friday and a great weekend!

Daily Training Tip #167 You got this! . One of the big things that holds so many owners back from getting their dog to a better place is a lack of confidence. . A dog that sees its owner is not confident will not be able to follow through properly. A good leader is confident in what its doing and how it leads. . Dont let lack of confidence or lack of information hold you back. There is so much great information out there. Find someone with good information (doesnt have to be me) that feels right to you and just get right into it. As you train your confidence will grow. Just like a dogs confidence can be built up through training yours will as well. . So this is me telling you: YOU GOT THIS! I believe in you now you start believing in you. . Whenever you feel like your loosing that confidence grab that leash and say I got this! . Have confidence in yourself, have confidence in your dog and have confidence in the process.

Daily Training Tip #166 Rules=bigger world. . Many people think that by setting rules and boundaries for their dog that they are taking something away from the dog. In reality you are adding more to your dogs life by giving it rules. . Dogs that are untrained get to experience way less of the world. Many times they are confined to their home or even crates for a big part of their lives because they dont know how to behave outside of the home. . By training your dog, setting firm rules and boundaries and teaching it to be a follower not a leader you open up a whole world of opportunities for your dog. Your dog can go to so many more places with you and experience so much more of the world with you. . Believe it or not by saying no and holding your dog accountable you are giving it the gift of seeing the world and living in a much bigger world. . Dogs dont live to long so help your dog experience as much as it can in its short lifetime by providing the guudance it needs.

How do you feel about disciplining your dog? . Does it make you upset to even hear those words? Do you feel bad having to tell your dog no? Are you worried it will ruin your relationship with your dog? Do you think its unfair to say no to your dog? . Or... . Do you know that by disciplining your dog you are helping it navigate life? You are protecting it from dangerous situations and actually opening up the world to your dog. . So many people equate punishment with abuse. This skewed perception is what causes so many dogs and owners to struggle and unfortunately ends up being the cause for so many great dogs being turned in to shelters and even being put down. . Its time for a shift in the way we view disciplining our dogs. We are not being mean or abusive we are simply teaching our dogs right from wrong and actually give them a chance to enjoy so much more in their short lifetime.

Daily Training Tip #165 Start today, start small. . Its very common for people to get very overwhelmed by all the training info out there or all the issues their struggling with that they just dont start. . Dont let the overwhelm hold you back from helping your dog get better. . Start today with something small and easy. This way youll see results and feel motivated to keep going. The feeling of making change and seeing results helps to keep you wanting to do more. . I think a great thing to start with is teaching crate door boundaries. Simply close the door on your dog every time it puts its nose past that threshold. The dog will quickly learn that it must wait for permission to come out. This is easy to do, you will see quick results and it will start to make a real shift in the dogs way of thinking. . Start small, enjoy reaching small goals and keep adding more and more on to it daily, before you know it youll be on the way to having a well mannered dog.

Daily Training Tip #164 Add structure if nothing else. . If you dont have time to do a full training program with your dog or you dont know where to start then start by just adding structure to your dogs life. . This means having your dog sleep in the crate and be in its crate calmly when youre not home. Teach it to wait before going through all thresholds especially the crate door and front door. No free roam of the house and a nice calm walk, as well as adding a bit more of a set schedule to your dogs day. . Without doing any other training you will start to see a difference in your dogs attitude and behavior within three days to a week. By adding in structure you will create a mindset shift in the dog. It will start to see that things happen at a set time and in a specific way. . A big part of the change that is created during a board and train program is because of all the daily structure that is added to the dogs life. Most trainers will tell you that after max three days of the dog being with them even if there was no formal training done that the dog has changed solely because of the structured lifestyle with the trainer. . Try it, youll see it works. Once you see how well this works and the new headspace it puts your dog in youll be motivated to take training futher and the dog will be in a better state to receive the training.

Lazy dog walking: keeping my hands warm in my pockets while walking my pack.

We walk this road together.... . Sometimes while walking Marley I get flashbacks to our old walks. . I remember the time he tried to bite a ladys butt or when he lunged at an elderly woman for walking to close to him....the time my mom was walking him and he pulled so hard that she fell on her face. . I think back to those times and I am amazed that this is the same dog walking calmly by my side...hes far from perfect but hes come a long way. . I then think back to who I was then...struggling with my life...how I lived a much more impulsive life...I did everything I could to escape from the struggles and pain that filled my heart. . And Im amazed that Im the same person calmly walking through life...Im far from perfect but Ive come a long way... . Sometimes I think of it as both of us were reactive and it took a lot of training for both of us to learn a new way. . As we walk Marley looks up at me with those handsome eyes as if to say we are on this journey together, we got this.

Daily Training Tip #163 Best way to greet a dog is not to. . I get asked a lot about how I think people should greet dogs when walking or going into a friends house. The answer is you shouldnt. You should just completely ignore the dog and act like it doesnt exist. If your going to visit a friend than greet and hang out with your friend and if your stopping to say hello to someone on the street then do so but leave the dog out of it. . The all to common thing that people are taught is to let the dog smell your hand. This is the worst and probably stupidest thing one can do as youre giving the dog the option to hire your hand. Another thing youll hear is let the dog come to you first then pet it. But I dont think you should be petting it at all. . Just let the dog be. . If we all ignored other peoples dogs there would be way less behavioral issues amongst dogs and way less dogs getting put down. So next time you want to pet someone elses dog because you just love dogs so much think about the fact that you might just be causing that dog to have more issues in its life. If you really love dogs you wont want to be the cause of a dogs behavioral issues or even it getting put down. . If you want a dog to pet the best thing to do is go out and get yourself a dog and then you get to pet it whenever you want.

Daily Training Tip #162 Stacking behaviors. . Dogs learn create habbits by stacking one behavior on top of another until its a way of life. . This goes for things we want our dogs to do and that we dont want. . When a dog does something small that we dont like or shows the first signs of getting aroused it is important to interrupt that behavior right away. If you dont than the dog starts to do it over and over again and might slowly add in more things we dont want it to do until its patterned into its mind as what it should be doing. . The same goes for teaching new behaviors and habbits. We must stack one thing on top of the other to pattern it into the dogs mind. For example starting off the day by waiting at the threshold of the crate is something small but we can then build on that and add more and more on top of it as the day goes on. . Make sure to use this stacking in your favor by interrupting the small things you dont want right away and by adding more and more new things you do want until your dog has a whole new set of habbits and a brand new lifestyle.

We like to get the whole family involved during go home sessions. Duck came in a hyper guy who had trouble controlling his impulses and listening was not on the radar. Today he showed his family he can listen and make good choices. #sheepadoodle #familydogtraining #dogtrainingtips #obediencetraining #sadiesrulesk9training #gooddogs #dogsofinstagram

Daily Training Tip #161 Use play to train. . During play time there are so many great opportunities to practice training, proof commands and practice impulse control. . For example if you are playing fetch with your dog have it go into a down stay and throw the ball. The dog will want to chase it but should stay down because you told it to. Once its been down for even a few seconds release it to get the ball and continue on with the game. . If you have multiple dogs and they are playing with each other use that as a time to practice and proof the recall command. Recal each dog off of the other ones by name then release them to go back to play. Dogs that can recall out of play have a really solid recall as play time is not something lost dogs will voluntarily leave. . If you only have one dog you can proof recal off of its own toys or even by throwing a ball, and when the dog is halfway to getting it recalling it back to you. Again I would always release the dog back to play time immediately after so it gets rewarded by continuing the game. . There are tons of variations that you can come up with of ways to train through play time. So have fun with it. Let me know what ideas you come up with Id love to hear em all.

Big noisy monster aka vacuum.

Make the world your dog park, and the skate park your agility course.

Daily Training Tip #160 Recess still has rules. . When children go out for recess time there is either a recess teacher whos job is to watch them or their regular teacher goes out with them. This is to enforce that the children are behaving with nice manners while having fun. . Break time with your dog works the same way. Just because youve given your dog break time to sniff on a walk, play in the yard or just roam around a bit doesnt give it permission to become a total brat. . When a dog is given time to sniff, pee and poop on a walk it doesnt mean it can pull you around. When you allow your dog to play in the yard you should be able to control how worked up it gets. Your dog should listen when its called and relax when you tell it to. Whenever your dog is on recess time make sure that you are always there and enforcing rules of basic manners. . There is no break from being polite. Break time is earned and some basic rules still apply.

We witnessed two things during yesterday’s training session...first, #storytime at the library during winter months is an INTENSE training environment, but this pup was ready and did FANTASTIC with all the commotion! Second, he takes his job SERIOUSLY and ALWAYS maintains awareness to where his humans are! . . . . #servicedogintraining #dogtraining #dutchshepherd #dutchshepherdsofinstagram #workingdog #bestpartofmydayisthem #familydogtraining

Good night😴😴 #familydogtraining #dogstagram #rompandtrain #done #positivetraining

Daily Training Tip #159 Run towards the struggle. . Whatever your dog struggles with is what you should be consistently bringing it back to. . If you only work on the easy stuff it will be easy for both you and the dog but if you want to truly help your dog you must constantly bring them back to where it struggles most. . For example if your dog is afraid of trucks start walking it near a highway where it will constantly have to walk past trucks. Make it stay in a perfect heel even though it is uncomfortable and wants to run from them. If your dog is reactive towards other dogs start walking it in an area that you know it will walk past other dogs and again enforce that strict heel and dont allow the reactivity. Obviously you must be safe about it and give your dog the space it needs. . If you consistently run towards the struggle and guide your dog through it eventually it will walk past those trucks or dogs like its no big deal. . The comfortable thing will be to avoid whatever it is that the dog struggles with but that will not help the dog get over it. By going to the struggle the dog will get stronger and more confident. It is our job to help our dogs get over their struggles and the only way to do so is by facing them over and over.

I just want to be the first and best me. . I have many people I respect, look up to and learn from. I want to emulate them in some ways and take what I can from them to become a better me. . When I hear people say things like I want to be the next so and so I feel bad for them because they are holding themselves back from being the best they can be. You might just be way better than the person you want to be just like but if you only allow yourself to get as good as them youre holding yourself back tremendously. . Whether it is dog training, personal development or business I want to learn from as many people as I can. I want to have teachers, people to emulate and look up to and then to take everything Ive learned and make it mine....put it through the Russ filter and have it come out as my own beautiful masterpiece to share with the world. . I dont want to be the next big anyone I truly want to be the first and best me!

Proper balanced training is about communication between your dog and every member of the family. We are here to teach you a clear method to reshape your dogs unwanted behaviors. As an owner you can feel confident setting boundaries for your dogs and teach them what is acceptable and what isnt. . . . . #customizedtrainingplan #personalizedapproach #inhomedogtraining #inhomedogtrainer #njdogtrainer #basicobedience #basicobediencetraining #behaviormodification #behaviormodificationtraining #familydogtraining #dogtraining #passionfordogs🐶 #aoworkingdogs

Daily Training Tip #158 Decision making creates stress. . A dog that is given tons of options and decisions to makes through out the day is being put under unnecessary pressure and stress. . The world that dogs live in with us is not natural to them. To ask them to figure it out on their own can be very stressful. By giving a dog the option to figure things out and makes its own decisions all day we are causing it to be under a lot of unnecessary pressure. . There are some pressures that we put a dog through to challenge it and help it grow and then there are pressures that are totally unnecessary and unhealthy and will lead to a stressed out dog. . By giving a dog one option only we relieve it of a ton of stress. That one option is what we tell it to do. In the beginning the dog might challenge it because who are you to tell me what to do. But then as time goes on the dog will realize that it is so much easier to just be told what to do than to have to figure it out and try different options. . By giving our dogs guidance all through out their day and lives we are actually helping them live a much more stress free life.

Im so proud of the hard work that Duncan and his owners are putting in. Duncan used to bark before I even got to the door of the house. As soon as Id pull up hed be barking. Last night when I arrived for training it was completely quiet when I pulled up and knocked on the door. You wouldnt even know there was a dog inside. . This is all due to the work theyve put in. Its great to see owners who are ready and willing to work hard to create the change they want in their dog. Keep up the great work. Im beyond happy to be on team Duncan!

Daily Training Tip #157 Logical Training. . Training for the most part is very logical. Its teaching yes and no. . A lot of training has been made very confusing for dog owners because of all the different information out there. What it really comes down to is using basic common sense. . If you want more of something you reward it and if you want less of it you punish it. This is how children learn and how we learn. We get punished for coming late to work and we learn to be responsible and we get paid for our work so that well continue showing up. It just makes sense. . Its called it balanced training because we teach yes and no. I think it shoube called common sense training because thats really what it really is. . Of course there are some technicalities that are important to learn and understand about dogs and training but for the most part it is all very logical. . Next time youre trying to figure out how to get your dog to do something or to stop doing something stop for a minute and use some common sense and try to figure it out. The answer you come up with will be correct more times than you think. . PS send me your questions and the answers you come up with and lets discuss how it went using a little bit of that good old common sense stuff.😀

Another great reason to teach a solid down stay is all the awesome pictures you get to take of your dogs!

Le gioie di avere un cane con un buon richiamo... Venite a lezione ad insegnarlo anche al vostro! #familydogtraining #educazionecinofila #addestramentocani #richiamo #caneubbidiente #cane #jrt #jackrussellterrier #dogsofbologna

Daily Training Tip #156 Puppy Training. . This is the time of year when a lot of people get new puppies so we are talking a bit about puppy training. . Puppy training should be done using their daily food. Dont use treats rather use the food that you wouldve put in the dogs bowl and train with it through out the day. Puppies have a very strong food drive and if you are consistent you can have your pup doing all its basic commands really quickly. . Do not correct for non compliance in a young puppy. Wait till they are a bit older to do that and already introduced to more training tools such as prong collars and ecollars. . Things that you can correct for are whining or barking in the crate, jumping on people, nipping biting etc. A good correction tool for these types of things is a bonker or a quick bang on the crate. Remember to use the word no when correcting so the puppy grows up with an understanding of the word no and knows exactly what it was punished for. . Keep it fun and use a ton of food and structure and your pup will grow into an adult dog with an awesome foundation.

Meet Jake! He’s a very energetic pup but if you can get his attention long enough for him to focus on you he picks up quick. First session and he’s already picking up his sit/stays and down/stays. Good boy Jake! 🐾🐕❤️

🐕Crate manner progress🐕 . . Woody used to bulldoze his way out of every single door. He wouldn’t go into his crate and would bolt out of the crate at 100km/hr even when he only saw a tiny gap at the door. . . In this clip, he was not wearing anything around his neck. . . I did not give him any command. I did not say stay, no, down...or whatever it is that people like to say in this situation. . . I wanted Woody to think and make the proper decision on his own, and that is exactly what he did. He offered a down, held the down, and stayed very calm even after the door was fully opened. . . He is starting to know how to act like a perfect gentleman. So proud of him.

Daily Training Tip #155 Bringing home a new puppy. . The first thing most people do when they bring home a new puppy is give it tons of affection, they mush it, kiss it and play with it. This is all great stuff that you should do after all its part of the joy of having a puppy in your life. . The problem is when the lovey dovey stuff is all you give your new puppy. This will eventually lead to a pushy entitled adult dog. They dont stay puppies for to long and before you know it youll have a very bratty adult dog on your hands. . The way to avoid this is by starting with respect before affection. Some ways to do this are by crate training your puppy and teaching it to be calm in its crate. Teach it to respect thresholds, wait before eating its food and to walk nicely on a leash. No matter how hard it is dont carry your puppy around everywhere, let it learn to use its own feet to get around. Lastly do not let strangers pet your pup. . If you start with basic rules and structure your puppy will grow into an adult dog that has a solid foundation of how to be a respectful dog. You can give your puppy and adult dog affection just make sure there is a healthy balance. . With this balance it will be a lot more enjoyable to give affection to your dog as it wont be pushy and bratty about getting it.

Come on! What are you waiting for? We get to play in the snow!!! #familydogtraining #dogstagram #snow #winter #goldenretriever #rescuedog #goldendoodle #lab #sheltie #dogsshouldshovel

My perfect distraction for any dog. Maverick is still working on just a prong collar. He has been able to hold his commands for much longer periods of time. Now I feel like we can start making progress on trasitioning him to just the a-collar. I would have him on working level while he practices place with lots of distraction, but I forgot to charge the remote along with the collars last night 😂 #pnwdogtraining #pnwdogs #dogsofinstagram #dogsofwashington #balancedogtraining #distracteddog #iloveboxers #boxersofinstagram #dogsonplace #familydogtraining #familydog

Does your dog trust you? Does your dog trust that youll advocate for it so it doesnt have to fend for itself? When you tell your dog no does it trust that you mean it? . It is our job to show our dogs that they can and should trust everything we do and say. We must show them that we will protect them so they never have to feel the need to protect themselves. Our dogs should feel comfortable in any situation we put them in because they trust that we got this. . Teach your dog to trust in you by following through with what you say. Follow through with a reward and follow through with punishment. Let your dog know that you will keep it safe no matter what it takes. Advocate for them by keeping strange hands and dogs away from them. . A dog that trusts its owner will listen to its owner. It will be at ease knowing that whatever happens youll be there to guide it through and it will know that you mean what you say. . Trust holds relationships together.

We enjoyed checking in with Hank, Fallon and their owner today! She wanted to work on having each dog respond to individual commands without the other one doing so. They did great! Check out their lesson on our Instagram Stories to see how we started slowly and progressively worked to teach them this concept. Anytime you teach something new to your dog, start in a low distraction environment, at a short distance and for a short duration. These are the 3 D’s of dog training! As your dog grasps the concept then you can start challenging them by changing up the 3 D’s! #multidog #dogtraining#qbk9 #quarterbackk9training #dogs #dogsofinstagram #dogsincharlotte #charlotte #mountainisland #balanceddogtraining #familydogtraining #outsideisfree #trainyourdog #havefunwithyourdog #bewhatyourdogneeds #takeyourdogeverywhere #pitbull

Daily Training Tip #154 Puppy socialization. . Most people think of puppy socialization to mean getting your puppy to hang out and play with a lot of other puppies. . What it really means is socializing your puppy with the entire world. Getting your puppy around other dogs, different types of people and as many environments as you can. . This doesnt mean the puppy should be interacting with all the other dogs and people. You should be using all these different stimuli to teach the pup to stay calm and relaxed in all these situations and looking to you for guidance. . A good way to do this is to keep some food with you and work your puppy around all these new exciting things. . This will set your dog up for success as an adult. It will learn from a young age to ignore the world around it and just chill out. . Remember you are raising a dog not a puppy. It wont stay puppy for to long and before you know it youll have a full grown dog. Its up to you to give it the proper socialization and a solid foundation for life as an adult.

🐕Handling: brushing teeth🐕 . . Woody is a giant. If he does not allow himself to be handled, it can creat a lot of problems for his new owner. . . To make sure Woody’s new family will have a great companion, other than nail clipping, l am also teaching Woody how to enjoy having his teeth brushed. . . I was doing the same thing as l did with nail clipping. I use “teeth” as a predictive to indicate to Woody what l was about to do, then l used “good” for duration, and “yes” for the release and reward. . . I was using ziwipeak beef as the reward. . . I was using a poultry flavour enzymatic toothpaste (which is readily available in all vet clinic). I didn’t use some odd brand toothpaste because l wanted to condition Woody to like the favour of the toothpaste that his new family can easily buy and use.

Look out stuff in the yard and other places....Leo the Lookout is looking. #familydogtraining #dogstagram #leothelookout #rescuedog #lab #goldenretriever #winter #pupsinthepines #rompandtrain

When Charlie first arrived, he was very reactive and was always pulling. He loved to chase leaves and he had to grab every single pine cone he saw on the walk. He is going home tomorrow. Please take a look at him now. He can now walk very nicely on a loose leash next to a 10 years old little girl. 👍💕

Daily Training Tip #153 Dog parks, daycare and playdates. . There is a big misconception that dogs must have doggy friends and run around with other dogs in order to be happy and healthy. . Lets look at what a dog park really is and what goes on there. Dogs are pack animals, we are their pack. At a dog park we take a bunch of dogs from different packs and expect them all to just get all to just get along and work things out. This is completely unnatural to expect. It is unheard of for animals from different packs to just meet up and play nicely. . Unfortunately most daycares are pretty much the same thing. It is usually a free for all with a lot of dogs running around being expected to just get along and work it all out. Most daycare staff are not trained to advocate for each dog and keep them all feeling safe. Most dogs that get kicked out of daycare programs are not necessarily aggressive they were just never advocated for properly. . If you want your dog to have play dated with a friends dog make sure that both dogs are well trained and have a solid on/off switch. This means that you can recall both of them out of play and have them relax on command. Both owners should be there and should be advocating for the dogs making sure that there is fair play going on and no bullying. . Lastly remember that dogs do not need best friends. YOU SHOULD BE YOUR DOGS BEST FRIEND!

I have the best clients! Cooper’s owners went on a trip to Paris and brought me back some goodies. So sweet! Thank you! ❤️🐕🐾 @totaldesign_furniture

Hes not mine hes my doggy nephew. . I remember the first time I ever heard about this idea of fur moms, doggy nephews and grand dogs. I had just recently started working with dogs and someone was dropping off their dog for daycare and said hes not my dog he is my nephew. Im not going to lie I started laughing. . Growing up I always loved and wanted a dog but I never knew that there were people who actually thought of them as their children. Now Im not going to lie Ive joked around and called Marley my son but in all seriousness he is a dog. A dog I love like crazy and will take the heat care of him his whole life but still not my son. . Ask anyone who wishes they could have children if they mean a dog. When you think about it objectively its obvious that these are not our babies, nephews or grandchildren. . Now why does it really matter if someone wants to call their dog their child? If it was just a cute term with no meaning attached to it I guess it wouldnt matter. But there is a lot of feeling and emotions attached to calling a dog your fur baby. It goes along with the mindset of my dog can have zero discomfort in its life, can never be punished and is a sensitive little creature that should be treated as such. Many times these are the dogs that have a lot of behavioral problems, no respect for their owners (yes owners not parents) and basically run their homes. . You see so much of the way our dogs behave is based on how we view them and relate to them. The relationship with our dogs is so important in the choices a dog will make throughout its life. If a dog is forever treated like a little baby with no consequences in its life it has no reason to care about what you want and in its mind you live in its house not vice-versa. . Most dogs with behavioral issues are very well loved and cared for. Owners just need to learn how to love their dogs in ways that benefit both the dog and themselves. As one of my mentors Sean Oshea (of @thegooddogtraining ) says love them by leading them.

La giovane Zoe concentratissima e precisissima durante la lezione di problem solving. #problemsolving #familydogtraining #dogsofinsta #dogsofbologna #educazionecinofila #addestramentocani #dogtraining #cucciolo #puppydog

Daily Training Tip #152 Another side of your dog. . Many times an owner will say my dog has never growled, shown its teeth or tried to bite. Then training starts and all of a sudden the dog growls or tries to bite. . Up until the training began the dog had never been told no, held accountable or told what to do in any real way. Now that training has started the dog is being challenged and told what to do and it doesnt like that so it is saying no. The way a dog says no is by growling, showing its teeth or biting. . This doesnt mean that training has made your dog aggressive it simply means the dog doesnt like being told what to do. The dog needs to learn to take no for an answer and to take direction. . Once the dog realizes that there is no option for it to say no and it must comply this will stop. . It is not aggression it is just the dogs way of saying dont tell me what to do.

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What better Christmas present can you think of than those cute little puppy eyes looking up at you? The kids will squeal with excitement. Everyone will instantly fall in love because how can you not. . After a week or two the pup settles in and life goes back to normal for the family. The kids are back to school and you are back to work and the new puppy is just there. . Thats when the level of responsibility starts to hit. The kids who promised to take the dog out every day before work no longer want to because theyre to tired and its not as exciting as they thought. All the plans for training go out the window because your busy with work and all of lifes responsibilities and the pup is getting bigger. . The once cute little puppy is getting bigger and learns that shoes and panties taste yummy. It finds out about that treasure chest that humans call the trash can. When you do get around to walking it he gets so excited because hes barely ever out that he jumps, pulls and chews the leash. Those walks that you imagined to be so fun with your cute little pup become dreadful and happen less and less often. The list goes on and on. . So before running out to get your cute little Christmas puppy think about all the responsibilities that come along with it. Are you and your family really ready for this. Are you all truly committed to the hard work puppy raising entails? . If youre thinking about getting a puppy this holiday season my suggestion is wait six months and see if the thrill is still there. During those six months think about the seriousness of getting a dog. Do your research into proper training and everything that raising and keeping a dog entails. Then if it is still something you and everyone involved really want and are committed to then go out and get that cute little pup and raise him right.

Daily Training Tip #151 When does my dog get a break from training. . The quick answer is never. I dont mean that you should constantly be doing obedience drills all day. Of course your dog gets a break from that. Training is a whole lot more than just those drills. They are important but they are just a small portion of what training really is. . Training is a lifestyle. Every moment that you have with your dog is a training opportunity. It is an opportunity to teach what is allowed and what is not. Whether its play time, crate time or just hanging out time you are training your dog. . Every single interaction with your dog trains it in one way or another. So in reality there is never a break from this. From the moment your dog comes into your life until it dies you are teaching it how you want it to live its life.

Daily Training Tip #150 Free roam gives dogs options. . A dog that is in free roam of the house has the option to make mistakes and is very likely to do so. . If you give dogs the option to get into things they shouldnt without consequences because they are not under supervision they are likely to do so. Once they get away with it a couple of times it will start to become habit for them. . Why not take away the option for all the craziness that free roam leads to by having your dog hang out with you all the time. If your watching TV let your dog be in place or laying down near you. . Even if your dog is well trained wouldnt you rather have them be hanging out with you instead of them finding something else to do while you watch TV? I know I would. I love having my dogs with me while Im doing just about anything. I got them to hang out with so I have them in place or downs while I read, write, eat or do just about anything in the house. . I think taking away the option to make bad choices is a great way to avoid bad behavior and bad habits being created.

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