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She wanted to show off that she can lift weights to ❤️❤️ #niece #auntietime #fearlessandfulfilled

Happy Wednesday. ❤️. #fearlessandfulfilled

Excited because our PBR tickets came in! #pbr #boyfriend #fearlessandfulfilled

This dog fills my heart everyday. He constantly is by my side and in the recent months of me being home more he has become my number one companion ❤️ #fearlessandfulfilled

Happy Tuesday. Definitely needing my go go juice today since I didnt get to bed till 1:30am. Time to study and do some work for my live Facebook group tonight! #fearlessandfulfilled

Group is made and ready for tomorrow’s live video!! Who’s going to be there?! Still want in? Message me! #fearlessandfulfilled

And just like that second workout of the day completed!I think insanity kicked both our butts. Thanks for being my workout partner today!! @chris__savino ❤️ #fearlessandfulfilled

Monday morning workout complete thankful for my Go-Go juice today would you got me through my workout. Hope everyone has a great Monday!! #fearlessandfulfilled

Don’t wait till New Years to make a change! We have 6 weeks left of the year! Don’t say not much can happen because these photos are 6 weeks into my program on the first round! . My healthy holiday hustle starts tomorrow! Let’s tackle the holidays together! Message me ✉️ #fearlessandfulfilled

Nothing better than time with my companion. ❤️ #fearlessandfulfilled

When I lost all my excuses I found my results!! And boy do I LOVE getting results! Amazing when these pants hurt my stomach so bad at one point that while I was passing my moms house I had to stop in and change. Now they are BAGGY! #fearlessandfulfilled

The left: 2015, fake smiling because I didn’t want my picture taken. I knew it would show my double chin and all my flaws. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I’d look around and wonder why I couldn’t be thin and started to lose all confidence in myself. I started focusing on all my flaws and eventually thought I had no good qualities. . The right: 2018, that is a REAL smile because while I’m not at my goal yet I’m noticing changes! I feel happy to get dressed, I walk around in a sports bra and not feel like my stomach is juggling, I don’t look at my cellulite and get disgusted, I stopped noticing my flaws and started noticing my good qualities. I don’t look at other people and wonder why can’t I be like that because I love myself! . I’ve only been coaching for a short time but this experience has CHANGED my life. I have met the most amazing and positive people who do nothing but encourage and support me. I have FINALLY stuck to a workout program and more than that but I actually LOVE working out! I cannot wait to continue this journey and see where it brings me! . Special thanks to my coach @happyhealthyhumble for letting me be apart of this community #fearlessandfulfilled

😂😂😂 #truestory #fearlessandfulfilled

No class this morning meant I could sleep in... Or I could get out of bed and chase my dreams! Workout done and now I have the rest of the days to clean and work! #snowday #winterishere #fearlessandfulfilled

While it looks like winter outside I kinda miss this summer view! ☀️ ❄️ #fearlessandfulfilled

New Instagram name! As many people know I am a health and wellness coach! My team is growing and it’s time I put my team name out there!! . To me this is a perfect name for me. I became fearless by taking a leap of faith and becoming a coach. This business has not only changed my body and mind but my life I’ve met amazing people that I call friends and I truly feel fulfilled! #fearlessandfulfilled

After that workout today Im definitely needing some recover so my shoulders arent killing me tomorrow!! . Who got their workout in today!? #fearlessandfulfilled

To thrive in life you needs three bones. A wishbone. A backbone. And a funny bone! - Reba McEntire #fearlessandfulfilled

Quote for the night! #fearlessandfulfilled

Rest day for my workout program SO I decided to try a different workout from my Netflix of fitness and did a 15 min preview. Holy cow Im out of breath!! This may be my next program! . If your ready to try out this Netflix of workouts message me! #fearlessandfulfilled

Manny snuggles makes everything better #fearlessandfulfilled

Happy Wednesday! NON-SCALE VICTORY today is putting these pants on that used to fit either just right or a little tight and today they are big! . I honestly have never been happy to get dressed until I started coaching and holding myself accountable. #fearlessandfulfilled

I have a headache. I dont feel good. My throat hurts. I have so much work. I dont have time. . Before, I would let all those excuses win and I wouldnt workout. I would get some work done but also watch TV and eat. I had time I just didnt wanna use it for exercise. . NOW I dont let the excuses win. I drank some go-go juice and had an amazing workout. yes I still feel run down but that didnt stop me from giving my all! The end of 2018 is almost up and I made a goal in Jan that I plan to accomplish! . Whats stopping you from accomplishing your goal!? YOU. Its not to late, join me on November 26th and lets end the year strong together! . What will you get!? - access to over 40 workout programs. - nutrition guide. - one month supply of go-go juice OR ice cream breakfast (your choice). - amazing support and positive community. AND. - ME as your coach!!! ----- message me for details!! ❤️ #fearlessandfulfilled

Came home from lab. Put my pajamas on and made my favorite shake to curb all the cravings Im having. Time to work on some care plans and then devote time to my business. #determination #igotgoals #fearlessandfulfilled

Woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat. Stocking up on my soothing cough drops and making sure to stay hydrated so it doesnt get any worse! Happy Tuesday! #fearlessandfulfilled

Least I know Im doing it right then 😂 #fearlessandfulfilled

Circuit day today and boy did my arms feel it by the end they were shaking but that means I got a great workout in!! #fearlessandfulfilled

Today has been AMAZING so far. I got surprised with breakfast made for me by my amazing boyfriend and then I got to buy a new sweatshirt a size SMALLER than last year!!!!! Coffee in hand and Im ready to continue to tackle today! #fearlessandfulfilled

Spending the day doing work with my lovely assistant ❤️ #fearlessandfulfilled

One year ago when Mark and I did our weekend getaway. Wishing we were away this year! #fearlessandfulfilled

Manny and I love the cool down portion of our workout! Anyone else have a workout partner!? #fearlessandfulfilled

To all the men and women who have served our country thank you 🙏 #happyveteransday #fearlessandfulfilled

The underbite on this dog is my favorite!! #fearlessandfulfilled #minpin

😂😂 #truth #fearlessandfulfilled

New Mirror for my office!! #fearlessandfulfilled

Best snack ever!! I have never liked protein bars for the simple fact that they have that chalky taste to it but these are crunchy and semi sweet... just enough to curb my craving! Happy Saturday!! #fearlessandfulfilled

Today is a day we celebrate a great man. This man has been such a huge part of my life. Teaching me how to swim. Trips to Virginia. Letting the kids ride in the bed of the truck. Dont tell grandma days truckstop resturaunts. And we cannot forget Best Burgers in Town! Plus non stop laughter. All these plus many more memories are reasons why you were the Worlds Best Grandpa! I love you so much and thinking of you today! I miss you!! Happy Birthday Lenny! #fearlessandfulfilled

That ear though 😂😂 #fearlessandfulfilled

GIVEAWAY TIME!! . since Ive have 450 followers in 4 months of coaching Ive decided to do a giveaway of my favorite things. Included is: this weeks favorite pens of mine. 2 samples of my ice cream salad breakfast. One sample of my go go juice. A blender bottle to put it all in. An amazing scented Christmas candle. And my favorite a sign! . To enter the raffle for this you must: 1. Like this picture 2. Follow my account 3. Tag 3 people . For each EXTRA person tagged you will get 1 additional raffle entry!! Drawing will be Tuesday 11/13. Whos excited!!!! #fearlessandfulfilled

Starting my morning off right with my ice cream salad for breakfast! Thinking happy thoughts today! Happy Friday #fearlessandfulfilled

Isn’t my niece the cutest!? Family isn’t always biological. #niece #fearlessandfulfilled

❤️❤️ #fearlessandfulfilled

This girl is tired, run down, has a massive headache, and down right unmotivated BUT I am not letting any of those excuses get in my way to achieving my goals for November! Got my go-go juice and ready to tackle the day head on! Thirsty Thursday 😀 #fearlessandfulfilled

This is how he rides in the car 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ so cute #fearlessandfulfilled

Decided to do country heat line dancing for my workout tonight so I obviously HAD to dress the part! #linedance #country #fearlessandfulfilled

Ice cream salad for lunch? I think so!!!!! #fearlessandfulfilled

Be the energy you want to attract. Have a happy Wednesday. #fearlessandfulfilled

Who else did their civil duty and voted today!? #fearlessandfulfilled #votingtime #election2018

Week 5 Day 2 back and biceps is complete! Had my workout motivator with me the whole time.❤️ . No excuse November Im ready for ya!!! If your ready to crush your goals before the year is up message me! #fearlessandfulfilled

This popped up on my Snapchat from 2 years ago! This was before Manny came to live with Mark and I. I am so grateful that he adjusted well living in a new house and that I get to come home to him everyday!! #fearlessandfulfilled

Begin your day with an I get to mentality instead of an I have to thought process. Today I GET to go to my advising appointment and do homework then I GET to come home and work on my coaching business. . Whatever it maybe we often dress are opportunities as stress but they are in fact blessings. . Have a GREAT Tuesday!! #fearlessandfulfilled

4 week progress photos from my program! It may not be as much progress as I wanted but a little progress is better than no progress. Also saw a decrease on the scale too. . It takes 21 days to create a habit. I used to be that person that never wanted to work out I didnt know how people could enjoy it however after doing this for going on 12 weeks I am hooked to the workouts. . I have another challenge group coming up on November 26th. Dont wait until January 1st to start your journey your journey starts TODAY! No excuse November.... Plus all challenge packs are 20 dollars off... You dont wanna Miss this deal!! Message me for details!! 😀Cant wait to work on your goals WITH you!! #fearlessandfulfilled

Who takes funny pics while drinking her no excuse juice!?! This girl right here!! #fearlessandfulfilled

After today I will have 2 or 3 more clinicals left of my first semester of nursing school! #fearlessandfulfilled

We got Manny on the four wheeler today... although he rather run and chase it than ride it. #myboysmyworld #theyloveme #ourlittlefamily #fearlessandfulfilled

Dont cry over the past, its gone. Dont stress about the future it hasnt arrived yet. Live in the present and make it beautiful #fearlessandfulfilled

Friends are the family you choose... even though one is actually my sister 😂 #nightout #fearlessandfulfilled #bestfriends

1 more day!!!!! Im so excited! #fearlessandfulfilled

Selfie time because these pants havent fit in about 2 years!!!! #fearlessandfulfilled

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations #fearlessandfulfilled

😂😂 #fearlessandfulfilled

Missing summer days and the boat today while it’s cloudy and rainy here. Had some of the best summer days out on the boat esp the night we went to the water ski show! #boating #bringbacksummer #rainyday #fearlessandfulfilled

On the left is Mark and Is first date 5 years ago when we barely knew each other. we just knew each other from my sister as she was dating Marks best friends older brother. I took a chance and went out with him and on the first date I made him pull over and take a picture of me because I wanted to be in two places at once. The fact that he got out of the truck and did it told me that he was the man that could put up with me and all my weirdness. . On the right is 5 years later. when once again I made Mark take me for a ride back to this spot and get a picture in front of it to compare it to the one five years ago he still did it which tells me that he still puts up with all my weirdness. And laughed at me the whole time. While we havent been together the full 5 years he was always a big part of my life and a best friend of mine and continues to be. . The person on the left was self-conscious sad and extremely insecure. The person on the right while still struggling with the insecurities has more confidence and extremely happy. Im happy that Mark once again took me back for the third time and this time hes stuck with me till the end 😂 . I love you baby to the end of the universe and back ❤️ #fearlessandfulfilled

Guess what! November is no excuses month AND all challenge packs are $20 off!! . What does a challenge pack include!? 1 year of 40+ workout programs. Portion containers and a water bottle. Your choice of my preworkout and postworkout gold OR my favorite ice cream salad breakfast. Nutritional support. Daily check-ins and accountability. And best of all ME as your coach! So why wait until January to reach your goals.. START TODAY! Message me or email me at fearlessandfulfilled.phillips@gmail.com if you want in or have questions!! #fearlessandfulfilled

First workout of November done! No excuse Month!! . Its not to late to sign up for my coaching sneak peak just DM me or click the link in my bio! #fearlessandfulfilled

Since Manny is a rescue we never really knew his correct birthday BUT the vets put down November 1,2009. So today we celebrate his 9th birthday!! From the first picture of him till today. He doesn’t even look the same 😂 . This dog has changed my life in SO many ways! He has been my constant companion, best friend, human diary, workout motivator, and shoulder to cry on. I truly don’t know who rescued who! I hope to have many more years with this amazing dude! #mannyboy #handsomedude #fearlessandfulfilled

My nieces last night were adorable! I loved seeing all the pictures of kids in their costumes! #fearlessandfulfilled

One year ago when my work family dressed up as M&Ms. Miss all these girls!!! #fearlessandfulfilled

Happy Halloween! One of the coaches in my group came up with the idea to get pictures of us in our costumes today. Yet I had to get my workout in so working out as a sports player I guess you could call that conditioning 😂 #happyhalloween #fearlessandfulfilled

New thought process. #fearlessandfulfilled

This girl runs on Dunkin this morning. (Will probably regret drinking it later) #fearlessandfulfilled

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