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The S K Y is not the limit! You need to reach for the stars beyond the clouds. I say this to my boys often, but more importantly, I show them. It can be scary to try something new, or put goals over your head you’re now accountable for. But, once you achieve them or as you inch closer — guess what happens? Your confidence grows, your belief in yourself grows, and you realize just how strong you really are. Being a mom is hard. Being a working mom is hard. Being an entrepreneur who built two careers from the ground up has been HARD. It still is hard. On this #humpday let’s embrace our “hard” and be grateful for it —because it’s only making us stronger. . . . #author #writersofinstagram #blogger #chicagoblogger #lifestyle #inspiration #momlife #businessowner #entrepreneur #momboss #embracethejourney #findjoyinthejourney #goalchaser #reachforthestars #goals #inspire #chicago

I find this really interesting. I have worked with my local CPA firm for 4 years. I have had 1 raise and that was only because I was going to quit and go somewhere else. Another gal in our office got a .50 raise and would get another .50 raise in the next 6 months if she maintained XYZ. What if you could actually get paid for the effort you put forth? Now some in this avenue don’t put forth the effort and wonder why they aren’t making money and are convinced that this isn’t profitable...well those people are probably meant to be chained to a boss and a desk forever. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I value my time and know there are better opportunities out there than being an undervalued employee. Who’s with me? Who also feels that they are worth more than there employer values them at? Who dreads the daily grind? Today I’ll be working from the pool. Where will you be working from?

Recovery day... we opted for yoga to stretch everything out and work on our flexibility- which helps with your regular workouts and helps prevent injury. Bottom line- #dothefreakingyoga

Truth 🙌 // Toss out those comparisons, go with what you know and be open to discovery and growth, were in this together . . . #learning #discovering #growing #connecting #changing #findjoyinthejourney #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #atxtherapists #bettertogether #inittogether #wegotchu #thepracticeatx

Somewhere in Atlanta encouraging you to smile. 🚲

TRUTH ✌ . Running under a sprinkler, blowing bubbles, making someone laugh or just watching the clouds float by. Find time to be in the moment and capture that feeling of pure Joy 💟 . Tell me, what were you doing last time you felt JOY?

I dont just Workout & drink healthy Shakes! I work with Coachs to Grow their business & help others to change 1 life at a time! I also run virtual accountability groups! Where we Workout together (usually doing the same thing), offer up meal planning ideas, and so much more! (You will have to check out a group and see) I also get up so I can talk with God each morning & work on myself! When I 1st started my business I didnt think this was important! But its part of the vitial behaviors for a reason! I cant help people if I am Broken! My main focus is to help others heal from the inside out! We are who we are starting from the core and far to many of us are walking around broken and lost! Whats your struggles? Do you feel stuck? Do you feel lost & unsure whats next or where you need to be? Lets work through this together! #unstuckyourself #findjoyinthejourney #focusonyourselffirst #lovemydog #christianstepmom

#chatturanga I love you. I used to avoid you... I’m sorry. #tbt almost a year ago when I just embarked on this intensive journey of self-practice. It has been, and continues to be, #everything. 💫 #everythingiseverything #yogadaily #practiceandalliscoming #findjoyinthejourney #gratitude #yoga #joziyoga #namaste

Sometimes you need a reminder! There is a reason doors close and that things are behind you. Let them close, let them move further behind and move forward knowing your supported. Having faith all will be better than it was. . . . . #endingscreatebeginnings #weareconnected #joyfulliving #liveinjoy #consciousliving #findjoyinthejourney #bemindful #loveisall #alwayslearning #soulfulmindfulpowerful #beyou #followyourbliss

Tonight I was crafty!! #findjoyinthejourney #crafty #paint #barnwood #rusticpaintnight

It’s a beautiful day on KBay today. 🤙🏻

All trails lead me here

As the day draws to a close, I’m able to rest in my #happyplace. I daydream of evenings under the stars next to the sounds of the crashing waves. ✨🌙 . . But for now, this brings me joy. Working full time and running multiple businesses as a single Momma wears on the adrenals a bit....but I know one day the hustle will reap a harvest. . . May the rest of your day be filled with those special dreams. 😴 . . #hustle #work #entrepreneur #exhausted #singlemom #findjoyinthejourney #blessed #beachlover #stars #dreams

I had a little entertainment tonight! 😂

O treino também é mental, o corpo não vai onde a mente não puder empurrá-lo. Hoje teve tiros 4x800mts 🔫 a 13,6km/h , intervalo de 1 30 #taosso mas vamos que vamos!😥😅🏃🙏 #keeprunning #findjoyinthejourney #trustthejourney

Some holiday decor deserves to be everyday decor, right? 🎉🌲☀️. . . #joyeveryday #findjoy #findjoyinthejourney #joyjoyjoy #happyhome #joyfulhomedecor #creativehome #windowdressing #followjoy #dowhatmakesyouhappy

It takes 21 days to break an old habit and form a new one. 21 days of dedication. 21 days hard work and focus. Combine all of that that with the right tools and an amazing community of support to back you up and youll be surprised at what you can accomplish🙌🏼 I’ve kept that mindset going for myself and my challengers for over a year since beginning this journey. And over and over again, it just WORKS y’all! . My July bootcamp kicked off yesterday. And seeing pictures like these (mine are just from May!) remind me just what’s possible when you buckle down and give these challenges your all. I cannot WAIT to see where this month takes us💪🏼 . So are you ready to get your journey started?? My bootcamps are ALWAYS open every month, and we spend the following 21 days seeing just how far we can all go TOGETHER💗 Send me a message or fill out the form in my bio to join us and lets figure out where you want to be 21 days from now! . . . . . . #transformyourself #changeyourhabits #findjoyinthejourney #motivatedmama #healthynurse #babynurse #bodyafterbabies #makehealthychoices #summertimeready #ineedthebeach

Look at that smile! Theres seriously so much we can learn from babies. When was the last time your face lit up like that? I have to be honest I feel like Im blessed enough to have it happen all the time. My husband and kid have a zeal for life that seems to be contagious. But before they walked into my life I would try really hard to be that happy about something once a day. And with effort I usually found something. But I look at these little kids that everything makes their face light up no real effort required and it makes me want to do better. Be happier about the little things and find joy in every moment possible. #findjoyinthejourney #behappy #lookforlove #choosetobehappy #bebetter #smilefordays #joyful #happykid #rolemodel #makeachoice #makeachange

Thank you Rodan + Fields for this wonderful recognition bracelet 💜. And more bracelets from Rom Nami, Thank you so much for the wonderful engraved team amazing EC and engraved find joy in the journey bracelets. These wonderful incentives are whats making my journey with the Rodan + Fields even more inspiring. Something that anyone can do! 🎉🎉🎉 xoxo #L1EC #bracelets #blingbling #rodanandfields #lovingtherflife #lovingthejourney #RFJourney #findjoyinthejourney #teamamazing #amazingteam #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #thankful #grateful #blessed 💞🙏😘

Its possible I havent changed out of my workout clothes. Julia may have stayed in her pajamas all day because thats what she wanted and I was too lazy to argue with a 3 year old. Corbin stayed unclothed because whats the point of letting 10 outfits get spit up, pee, poop or baby food all over them?! ... The house is still a mess, the sink is full again, the trash needs out again, I havent vacuumed and Im pretty sure none of that is going to be changed tonight. ... Because Ill be loving on these kids while they are still allowing it. Im definitely not a perfect mom, but my kids are happy so Im ok with it. ✌ ... .. . #happykidshappymom #happylife #mom #sahm #2under3 #girlmom #boymom #toddlermom #infantmom #momoftwo #mommabear #momminit #sendpizza #andcookies #kentuckygirl #realwomen #momswithcameras #stayathomemom #findjoyinthejourney #choosejoy #6monthspostpartum #selfloveclub #mindandbody #happiness #postpartumbody #happygirlsaretheprettiest #promiseilovethem #momsunite #beforethekidswakeup

Enjoyed catching up with this sweet funny girl today 💖 . . . #friends #findjoyinthejourney #virtualgymgirls #accountability #fightclubpinkgirls #faithandfitness #coachlife #waterforthewin

#tuesdaythoughts • • What are 3 good things from your day? • Find the awesomeness in today! • 1️⃣Enjoyed a blackberry vanilla latte this morning. 2️⃣Had a morning walk with my sis and Willow 3️⃣and enjoyed a summertime treat (stay tuned for tomorrow’s post) • • • • #3goodthings #Sparkwithinme #letyourlightshine

Finally feeling like I’m starting to find my flow again - and now I’m ready to incorporate some new stuff. Don’t mind me getting stuck in that wedgie lmao 😂 I’m just happy that I’m getting close to nailing that kick up in the beginning 😊 🔹 I do not own the rights to this song 🔹 🎧 aftergold (feat tove styrke) by @bigwildmusic🎧 he was easily one of my fave sets @campbisco this year 💯💯

Sooooo @campbisco was a dream 🌈 I’m still sad it’s over. I can’t wait to go back. I brought hoops but didn’t even get any vids haha 😂😂 hubs & I are going to day 2 of @moonrisefest && I’m hoping to get at least one there 😊 anyone else going to moonrise?! 🌙 🔹 I do not own the rights to this song 🔹 🎧 voyager twins by @gramatik 🎧

“I’m too old to start a new career/hobby/friendship/sport/skill” Have you ever said that before? #Spoileralert you’re not. There are SO many people who woke up one day and said “I’m going to live my passion.” Walt Disney was a newspaper editor. Harrison Ford, a carpenter. And Julia child didn’t write her first cookbook until she was 50. You get one life here on earth and each breath is a precious gift. Use every breath chasing your calling and don’t settle for what you’ve been told is your path. The only person who sets your limitations - is you. ❤️ What’s your dream? #dreamchaser #freedom #livewell #happinessoverloaded #thiscrazylife #onelife #onelove #findjoyinthejourney #enjoytheride #findyourfreedom #findyourpassion #dontstopbelieving #nevergiveuponyourdreams #youaremorethanaconqueror

If it wasn’t for my team, I’m 100% positive I wouldn’t have started a new 8 week workout program. . I mean, it’s only 4 days a week with about 30 minute workouts, but I still wouldn’t have started right away with them. 🤔 . Life isn’t always easy, we all know that, and I’ve been in a season of change. A lot of that is exciting and wonderful, but there’s also a lot of fear and anxiety. For me, that led me to be inconsistent with exercise after I completed my last program back in April. When my body and mental health were begging for the endorphin rush, I instead have been numbing out to Netflix. Clearly, I have work to do, and that’s ok as long as I’m actually doing the work. . All of this to say that no matter who you are, even a coach that’s been doing for nearly 4 years, we have hard times. Times we’re not motivated and times we eat like assholes. What matters is that you get yourself back up and just start. Ignore the guilt and shame, which trust me, I feel, but as of last night, am no longer going to entertain. . Do the work. Find a group of people that support you. Get yourself a coach and be coachable. . ❤️ #teampuresynergy #fitfam

Look at the handsome guy I found in the UWGB insider today! #proudwife #enjoythemoments #findjoyinthejourney #MCWclassof2020

Day one of this new amazing 4 day a week program did not disappoint 🙌🏻 Those are my arms screaming btw, but in the best way possible 💪🏻 Weight lifting combined with HIIT to maximize our time and results 😉 (summer lifestyle, parenting problems, just life...!) This program is on fire just like my muscles and I’m excited to press play for day 2 🤘🏻 If you’ve been contemplating starting or struggling to find that ‘right’ program for you - this may be that door you’ve been looking for! 🔥 Virtual gym at home 🔥 4 days a week 🔥 30 min workouts 🔥 Real life eating (🚫 dieting) 🔥 Daily support/coaching Post your favourite emoji below to get in (it is #nationalemojiday after all 😜) Time to press play and kill day 2, bye for now ✌🏻

One of my favorite teachers in High School (I had 3 favorites if you were wondering) 😘 talked a lot about us kids getting out of the “fish bowl” of our small town and getting out into the big wide ocean. She LOVED to travel, and was such a huge inspiration to me. I developed some big dreams of my own because of her; and then God took things into his own hands and offered me a life I had never even considered I’d live till much later on... (after I had traveled the world and got my degree, and and, and) ☺️ Instead, I married at 18 and became a stay at home mom by the time I was 20. I received a lot of criticism for not finishing college, and over the years have received not so nice comments about my roll as a SAHM. But I can happily say that God’s plans for me are far better than anything I had dreamed of for myself. And even though my Heavenly Father directed me to this path, it was all still MY choice to follow it. My husband is the best choice I’ve ever made. Being a mom has been the greatest blessing to my personal growth and love for others. I still have dreams, and one day I’ll see those through. But somehow I feel like right now I’m living the biggest dream of all! I’m happy (most days) 😉 and have discovered joy in this journey! And I owe that to my loving Heavenly Father for all of that, and placing such good and wonderful people into my life. I didn’t have to travel the world to find those people, or to even find myself; He brought them all to me instead. My family. My life. My everything. ❤️ #simplifyyourlife #findJOYinthejourney #stilllifephotography #itsthesimplelifeforme #daydreamer #discoveryourworth #yourworthisgreat

Today I was the mess... a little. No particular reason. Just a pervasive sense of lowly, loneliness. Knowing that getting on my mat would be the only remedy, but even that I felt not able too. I have to dig pretty deep to haul my self-pitying ass out of these depths. I wonder what I did before I knew how to #breathe ... and just what the value of that breath was. Before I understood that each moment is just that, a #moment and that it too shall pass. I say I ‘wonder’ because I have a no real recollection of where the #anxiety and #depression that ensued, as a 20-something version of me tried to navigate her way through a day like today, might have led me. 🌪 Deep #love and #gratitude to #me for finally picking up the fucking broom. 🙌🏼💖 Thank you @elephantjournal for this post that I saved over a year ago. #relevant #findjoyinthejourney #evenifyourelost #feels #yogamind #meditativemind #createspace #namaste

Almost eight years later and I don’t FOR A SECOND regret my decision to forego those “2 years of medsurg experience” they preach you need when you graduate nursing school🙅🏼‍♀️ Specialties can definitely be tricky. Especially one like the NICU, since you really don’t learn much it in school. But I am a firm believer that even if you go against the norm, when you know in your heart where you’re meant to be, you HAVE to follow it💜👩🏼‍⚕️👣 . . . . . #nicunurse #babynurse #preemiepower #nicujourney #supernurse #nurseinthemaking #nursetobe #niculife #alwaysfollowyourheart #findjoyinthejourney #choosetoshine #shinebrighter

Bowie did a really good job of deep pressure therapy yesterday at the dr as I was having really bad leg pain and scanxiety but we have good news! The lymph node by pancreas that they were worried about is stable so we are gonna keep an eye on it!!! He’s hoping it’s just left over inflammation from the surgery- such a relief!! There’s something small on my lung maybe from partial collapse just something to keep an eye on and maybe see a pulmonologist. Nothing else lit up on the scan so that’s amazing 🎉 He does however think my endocrine system is not functioning properly and wreaking havoc. On my last brain MRI two pituitary cysts showed up so he wants me to see a pituitary specialist to see if those need to come out because a lot of my hormones that the pituitary effects are abnormal. He also wants to try this new treatment that will help my endocrine system function correctly and if the insurance covers it he thinks this could fix several of my problems and be a total game changer for me!!! It would worsen the diabetes but he said it would be worth it. So overall I’m feeling very hopeful and really thankful for this amazing doctor who has dedicated his life to complicated cases. Image description: Aubrey sitting on the floor resting her eyes as Bowie her service dog is doing deep pressure therapy laying on her legs.

Today I woke up with an email from my company that said it was time to renew. Oh my heavens has it really been 2 years since I said yes to the most incredible opportunity? 2 years ago I sat with my husband and discussed this opportunity. We had no idea what it would really look like. We had no idea it would allow me to walk away from my accounting job to be able to work that on my terms and be home once again. We had no idea how it would transform me into a more confident person who is learning to find joy in the every day. We had no idea all the gifts we would be rewarded. We had no idea that we could help others do the same. We had no idea we could give others confidence in so many ways. We had no idea how it would allow us to give abundantly to organizations that speak to our hearts. Blessings can come in so many forms and we never thought one would look like this. So today I renew with my company with absolute joy and excitement in my heart. I would join this company a million times over. Happy 2 year anniversary to me and to all of those that I have been able to help because of this opportunity. 😘

“When you’re in the day to day grind, it just seems like it’s another step along the way. But I find joy in the actual process, the journey, the work. It’s not the end. It’s not the end event.” -Cal Ripken Jr. 🤸🏼‍♀️I find myself getting caught up in the rush, always seeking the next achievement, wanting results ASAP. But looking back, it’s the daily practice, the training, what feels like “the grind” in the moment.. that’s where the growth is. That’s what I enjoy💪🏼 • • • #trusttheprocess #lovetheprocess #owntheprocess #practicedaily #practice #training #trainingday #embracethegrind #hardwork #hardworkpaysoff #thejourney #findjoyinthejourney #fitnessjourney #crossfitgirl #lsitpullups #pullups #butterflypullups #bemorehuman #beanathlete #fitspo #fitfluential #motivation #fitnessmotivationquotes #fitnessmotivation #crossfitathlete #fitnessaddict #fitgirls #backmuscles

Gasp!!! This beautiful desk is now ready for its new home! $325 👏🏻Guess what?? You can now easily purchase from my site! #shoplinkinbio👆 I hope everyone has a great Tuesday! . . . #willowtradingcompany #smallbusiness #vintage #vintagestyle #homeliving #lifestyle #createyourownstyle #findjoyinthejourney #dowhatyoulovelovewhatyoudo #kategrossmanphotography #furnitureforsale #forsale #sellingfurniture #buyme #anniesloanhome #annieslaonchalkpaint #graphite #makeyourhomebeautiful

Loaded Baked Omelet Muffins for the win! My new favorite pre-workout meal. Easy peasy to prep ahead & store enough for the week!

Failure is an opportunity to take a different route, a more suited route towards your lifes path. Quitting means youve given up on your journey and yourself. NEVER QUIT. There is so much greatness in you and amazing opportunities and adventures ahead . #p2p #pathway2positivity #noquit #dontquit #growth #journey #findjoyinthejourney #inspireyourselfandothers #keepforgingahead

Mom is missing me a lot while I’m in IL for the week with her parents. Because I’m the best 😬 Good thing they’re sending her snapchats of me. #lifeofacampdog #mowglisadventures #findjoyinthejourney #adventureawaits #lifeofdiamonds

My #LifeInspired. It’s not about finding the answer, it’s about finding your way. #findjoyinthejourney #impowered #joy #getsome #sharesome #soberISsexy #womenempowerment #chicksthatlift # #strongisbeautiful

How lucky am I to have such incredible friends in my life? Thank you @monicanogin for making me laugh so hard I cried, being an amazing listener and taking us to the most beautiful picturesque place ever. Miss you already ❤️ Image description: Aubrey with her arm around her friend Monica laughing. Bowie is at her feet. They are standing on a dock with the mountains and a lake in the background

“We can’t always choose The music life plays for us but we can choose how we dance to it”...most of my #virtual FitFam started there day one and I’m over here just trying to be patient lol 🙃 This past month has been hard and I have had to really take a step back and be ok with resting more and not going full force in my Zumba class 💃🏼 Sometimes we have to go through hard times to teach us certain things and to find that fight in us plus you just never know who you maybe able to help down the road with your story! . . . #struggleshelpusgrow #helpothers #zumba #findjoyinthejourney #fitnessmom #justkeepsmiling

Rain is so soothing to me but mountains filled with waterfalls are even more soothing. I love this life we live. 🤙🏻

Every picture tells a story... some say they are worth a thousand words... I think they have the ability to say even more! They speak loudest to those who were caught in a particular moment in time or memory. These pictures at first glance may say “Warmth, fun, and Happiness” and those are all true but if you could have been in the moment with us... you would have know that we also couldn’t stop laughing at the horrible smell that plagued the beach!! Dead fish left from (we’re guessing) red tide prevented us from enjoying spending much time beachside. We didn’t even get to stick our feet in the water😂🙈 We were able to hold our breath long enough to snap a few pictures for memories sake before skipping back to the car! Haha!! Remember, as you scroll through Instagram, not everything is as it appears! A perfect day at the beach may have been perfectly full of hilarious non-glamorous moments! What is your best beach memory? Xoxo Ashlyn #showmeyourmumu #goodvibesonly #beachwalk #pelicans #gulfshores #findjoyinthejourney #adventuringtogether #freepeople #ootd

Just had to post my fun look for today 🌵 I know I’ve said it before but I’m gonna say it again 😉 I LOVE @origamiowl jewelry because I can tell a story with it 📚 today’s story was simply a fun summer day with friends ☀️ I wore this cute top with cactus and succulents on it and so my locket had a cactus 🌵 and a succulent 🌵 #origamiowljewelry #origamiowldesigner #storytellingjewelry #everylockettellsastory #documentyourdays #findjoyinthejourney

Deal with the sadness that blocks joy. I remember being so sad for so long, I never thought I could find joy again, but I did!!!! And so you can YOU!!!!😊💪🏾 #findjoy #findjoyinthejourney #dontgiveup #keepgoing #practicemakesperfect #recovery #recoveryispossible #mentalhealth #depression #suicideprevention #ptsd #nomoresadness

Adjustable wrap “FAITH” bracelet, matching silver and grey short necklace and slim back ring! $15 plus $3 shipping. #paparazzijewelry #5dollarhabit #5dollarbling #5dollarjewelry #ihaveathingfor5dollarbling #silverjewelry #findjoyinthejourney #gottahavefaith #faith #slaytheday #jewelry #momboss #joinmyteam #savybusinessowner

I’ve learned so much from my time in Phoenix. I’m learning to love myself for me and that is something hard to swallow. Trying to become more unified with my inner sage and not my saboteur. I know at times we want to feel accepted and loved by our peers (or at least at some point you’ve thought that) and sometimes we get so caught up in the what if’s, or that’s should have been me, and being envious of others but STOP IT! 🛑 Stop right there! There’s no one like YOU and no ones journey will be the same and let’s face it why would you want someone to be exactly the same? I know what your thinking, “Who does she think she is”, right? Well that’s the thing. I’m not a know it all. I’m just sharing from the heart ❤️ I am me, I’m learning to fill each day with love and gratitude more than the day before, I am learning that slow and steady wins the race, I am trying my hardest to have more patience with teenagers (bc let’s face it, their crazy 😝), and each day I’m learning more of how to find joy in my journey and to see the positive before the negative. The road ahead isn’t easy but that’s what pushes us to make our efforts more genuine and true. So what are you going to make out of your journey??? #thisisME #findjoyinthejourney #iamworthit #sage #sabateurs #pleaser

Are you foundation free or do you spend extra time in the morning covering up all the things you don’t love about your skin? Acne, uneven skin tone, irritation, melasma/pregnancy mask, sun damage, rosacea, age spots, dark spots, wrinkles... Do you ever dream of being foundation free or never thought about it because there is no way that would ever be possible like and comment ME below. 👇

Whats the biggest difference between these two pictures? The smileeee you guys. ... I took new Day 1 pictures for my new program and of course compared it to some older pictures. I started to realize I was either not smiling or fake smiling in all the older pics lol how dramatic! 🙄 ... And its not just the smiles changing, its my skin, my hair, and my over all...glow? lol and you know what is to thank if this transformation??? ⬇️ 🎉SELF.FREAKING.LOVE.🎉 ... Its not too late to start living your BEST and HAPPIEST life. In fact, its never too late. Comment below or DM.♥️ ... .. . #selflove #selflovesoldier #happygirlsaretheprettiest #mom #sahm #momoftwo #stayathomemom #6monthspostpartum #postpartumbody #kentuckygirl #loveyourself #postpartumdepressionsurvivor #2under3 #girlmom #boymom #toddlermom #infantmom #anxietywarrior #mommabear #realwomen #fattofit #momswithcameras #findjoyinthejourney #choosejoy #mindandbody #selfloveclub #happiness

Trust the process. 💜 #JourneyToPurity #FindJoyInTheJourney

Roll with people that make you pull ova the car so you can continue to rock out your own personal goals & who also hop out of the car as your stepping out of the shop to grab a photo of your love for the Grind, literally- your vibes attract your tribe! Choose them wisely. #100coffeeshops

My children are my greatest life teachers. They show me everyday how easy it can be to find joy in the little things. . . . #findjoyinthejourney #parkdays #toddlerlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #parentingtips #styleoftheday #lupuswarrior #motherof3 #realitychangersfamily #lovenancy💋 #MotivatedMom

So often in our lives ... we live We go through motions Hit the alarm everyday ... some days a few minutes off here and there Frequent the same routes Follow similar routines Get stumped on the same places in life and same thought traffic jam processing that we can’t seem to ever feel like it’s not rush hour & we try to change up our habits and ways of everything but than find those to become habitual soon after as well What about actually living the way we want? In the mindset we want to live it in? When we think goals we often think or picture work, Work, shatter the glass cieling boss lady, let’s try to make more money somewhere, gotta climb this societal ladder here and this one there- types of goals Yes, we gotta make it - I get that Yes we gotta rise - I’m on it but ... Bring your soul to the table Bring your heart to the table Bring your mind to the table What does living life mean to you? And not just living ... LIVING. Life in a way that has you ignited by your own way of life & mindset & tribe Have grace when you think about this .. you’ll realize there is so much within you that you’ve dreamed on, or missed out on or so much you wish you would’ve realized you could’ve done NOW & not waited for “when the timing was right” Love yourself through those “sigh” moments of feeling you’ve missed out on some of your own magical life because .... it starts now Realize what sets your soul on fire Ponder Who you want to surround you in this Connect with What feels you want to bring back or have more of full force and constinsncy & next ... LIVE. Because I let go of the “someday” & I grabbed hold of all the feels I wanted alllll up in my life & I’m choosing to live and thrive accordingly So, I’m living up in the mountains for a few more hours and I’ll wake back up and drink coffee in a mug, with no alarm & most importantly I will be feeling some mad gratitude for this life I LIVE Because I refuse to live any way else.

MRI and doctor appointment are done!!! I’m so exhausted...time for a nap! Will update fully later but it was a good appointment and we are feeling hopeful and have a good plan moving forward! . . Image description: Aubrey laying on mri machine wearing headphones giving a thumbs up. There are blue lights illuminating the room

What a difference a year makes 🙌🏻. Had a fun little photo shoot in my bathroom with this dress I wore to my cousin’s wedding last June 👰🏻💃🏼. Swipe 👉🏻 to see a picture from the wedding! . I am not one of those moms who loses weight while #breastfeeding. In fact, I gained weight while nursing my son 5 years ago and still struggled with supply and #pumpingatwork. This time around, not only did I slowly and safely lose weight, I had no issues with #milksupply and we just weaned last month after 15 months of nursing ❤️. . If you’re a mama wanting to lose the last of that #babyweight (no matter how old that baby is 😉), or if you’re a mama who is looking for something to help with #milksupply, or if you’re just a #tiredmama who can’t shake the #mombrain... I have something that is #plantbased and natural that can help. It’s not complicated, it’s plants 🌱 and we all need our vitamins and minerals 😘. . Comment below or DM me if you’d like more info on what I take. I’d be happy to make recommendations for you based on your health goals 💪🏻.

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