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11 years ago....Hailey was given a terminal diagnosis and our heart were crushed 💔 Everyone came home for Christmas that year, as it was expected to be her last. She was so tiny and fragile , like a porcelain doll . #alexanderdisease #leukodystrophy #stillfighting #myheartstillhurts #stillnocure #foreverchanged

Oh hey... Nothing to see here... 😏

Holy moly I am SO excited! My wonderful grandmother sent this to me. ❤️ What’s the first recipe I should make?! #airfryer #foodgame #foreverchanged #cleaneating #plantparadox #lectinfree #lectinfreerecipes #antiinflammatorydiet

Pizza kind of night! #foreverasmith #foreverchanged

#flashbackfriday to #poland After my mental breakdowns in 2013 and finding my relationship with God, I was given the opportunity in 2015 to go on a mission trip to Poland with @sunvalleycc . I felt the calling but truly believed I was too much of a mess to help anyone. And then I was told that God doesnt call the equipped He equips the called. So I went to help the people of Poland & share my story. from our music ministry to cutting firewood to cutting hair for the homeless men, painting a school, and so much more, I shared my story and I made a difference with an amazing group of people that traveled with me. Not only did I have something to give to Poland but Poland had something to give back to me. It was the most amazing thing to have a man approach me and ask me how I could truly believe in a God that I couldnt see. I explained to him I didnt need to see it because I believed it and I felt the love He has for me. The work we did, the kindness & hospitality we were shown & the opportunity to visit Auschwitz changed my life forever & now Im thinking about going back to the country that stole my heart! I miss you and all the friends I went with and the new friends I met! #godfirst #breadoflife #svcc #lifechanging #polandisbeautiful #missiontrip #volunteer #iwanttogoback #trustingod #saved #foreverchanged #faith #serve #happylife #survivor #fellowship

Last night, I had the absolute honor & pleasure of witnessing true greatness & excellence in the form of The Midnight Hour.  It truly was a dream come true for me.  Soul-healing to the fullest.  I dragged my wife along for a midnight show, feeling guilty the whole way there as she is still recovering from a chronic illness. The smile on her face throughout the night made the event that much more worth it. To witness @adrianyounge and @alishaheed perform live was almost overwhelming. AND I was able to chat with & take a picture with them both! 🔥🔥The band was absolutely excellent, the drummer was 🔥!! Im still processing the experience; Im so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience it in person.  Ive nearly drove my wife insane over the years with the amount of times Ive played Black Dynamite (film & soundtrack) and the Luke Cage score.  I was super proud when she of all people was shouting out song requests!  I share small moments of our magical night with you, hoping you treat yourself to some truly iconic music if youre not already in the know. When they did the Daylight cover, I nearly fell over 😄. THANK YOU @alishaheed - its been such a pleasure and SUPER inspiring to witness your musical journey from ATCQ to now, sharing your passion with a level of grace I still dream of attaining.  THANK YOU @adrianyounge - I cant begin to express the jolt of life youve given me. Your passion is infectious - all with a nostalgic, classic vibe & soul-warming aura.  I have thoroughly enjoyed all that youve done - from Black Dynamite to Venice Dawn, Ghostface, etc.  Im so thankful, so grateful for you guys, and I will stay along for the ride as long as it goes on....gleefully.  Im SUPER excited to see how this experience will translate to my own musicial endeavors - my battery is definitely recharged for the upcoming year.  At The Midnight Hour of Dec. 13-14, 2018, I was forever changed....🙏🏿 #sothankful #sograteful #superinspired #foreverchanged #regalmonk #monkstyle #adrianyounge #alishaheedmuhammad #themidnighthour #blackdynamite #batteryrecharged🔋✔ #nightoutinnyc #nyc #soulmusic #readyfor2019 #newendeavors #livinglife #supportrealmusic

It’s Friday night and all that going around in my head is the song.... It’s the final countdown by Europe ( I think ) I’m going to have to tell dear old husband soon what I’m up too. He knows I’m up to something 😉 #lessbutbetter #mrssmartmoney #lifeofless #change #goingforit #2019 #2019goals #foreverchanged #count #countdowns #minimalism #lessismore #lovingchristmas #embracingminimalism #happyhomes #forthekids #betterlife #livinglife

Happy Birthday #bksiyengar. Your Spirit is all around me. Happy 100 years! I am so fortunate to have met you in India 2012 and receive Darshan(blessings). It is a moment I will never forget. My eyes welled up and an unforgettable energy filled my throat and heart. My life has been greatly impacted because of you. I honor you and your teachings. Namaste ~ #darshan #yoga #india #iyengaryoga #iyengarinstitute #pune #2012 #practice #guruj #foreverchanged #guru #reflection #motherindia #prayer #meditation #teachings

You heard me correct.... have three people join or next weight loss session and YOU get all your coaching, meal planes, entire program for 99$ pm me for details... #lifestyle #getfab #healthy #veganproducts #glutenfree #lifestylechange #myproducts #fitness #plantbased #plantbasedlife #smootiebowl #fblive #guthealth #veganfreeskin #crulteyfree #yasqueen #slay #weightlose #foreverchanged #blessed #grateful #arbonne #arbonne30daystohealthyliving #savannah #pooler #rincon #ga #savannahga

One year ago today! Definitely not one of my prettiest pictures (including being 30ish pounds heavier) but certainly one of my realest. Today on my blog I open up about what this day means to me. Link in profile and pasted below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 http://thewordwarrior.weebly.com/blog/forever-changed #foreverchanged #warriors #survivor #stories #mytruth #endowarrior #endometriosisawareness #endometriosis #hysterectomy #miscarriage #fighter #healing #blogger #bloggersofinstagram #encouragement #support #instagood

One year ago today when I woke up it felt like any other normal day. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that only a few hours later I would be sitting down talking with Police Officers and watching as the Coroner carried my fathers lifeless body out of his home.  He was scheduled for a routine foot doctor appointment on that day but he never made it there.  God had a different appointment scheduled for him.  Now here I am one year later and I know I am no longer the same person I was last year.  I learned so many valuable lessons about life and grief.  One of the most adequate descriptions of Grief I have heard is: Grief is like a circle that never closes you just learn each day how to build your life around it. Grief is a process that does not magically get better with time. It can hit you in waves when you least expect it or all at once like a Tsunami. It is not one size fits all, it is different for everyone.  There is no finite date when it ends and you must allow yourself to experience every aspect  of it.  Some people will try to set unrealistic expectations on you of how you should, think feel or act -- Ignore them!  When God sets that final appointment for you or your loved one every other appointment you have set becomes irrelevant.  Any worldly possession you worked so hard to accumulate during your lifetime is no longer important in that moment because death is one journey you do not get to pack a suitcase for and you must leave everything behind.  No matter how old you get there is nothing you can do to fully prepare you for loosing a parent -- it will shake you to your core. A part of you will leave with them and a part of them will stay with you.  The only way to weather the storm is to go through it one minute, one hour and one day at a time. Grief is the price we must pay for love.  RIP Daddy.  I love you. When your father dies, say the Armenians, your sun shifts forever and you walk in his light - Diana Der-Hovanessian #homesbyhelynn #dec14th #ripdaddy #sunrise #sunset #oneyear #dianaderhovanessian #grief #pricewepayforlove #newnormal #foreverchanged #oneyearlater

Kristian Delgado 12/10/18 6.04oz 18.7in. Welcome to the world my beautiful son. Thank you for picking me to be your mom, I love you so much! I promise to always be here for you. I can’t picture my life without you. #WelcomeToTheWorld #MySon #MyWorld #NewBorn #DelgadoStrong #MotherAndSon #ForeverChanged #BabyBoy #DecemberBaby

We went Into the mall today to get some Christmas shopping done. We saw this @makeawishamerica @makeawishakwa Snow-globe and we had to get it. • 1 year ago this month our family was blessed with the trip of a life time. A trip every single one of our kids deserved. A trip we will never forget & a trip that still bring tears to my eyes when I reminisce. • We have had a tough couple weeks around here. We have came across obstacles and questions we aren’t prepared for. • But this simple snow globe is putting a smile on everyone’s face currently, dancing around the room. • Counting our blessings more then ever these days. And thankful to every single donor and volunteer that made our trip possible. Because of you all, our heart is forever full. - - - #makeawish #makeawishfoundation #volunteer #volunteering #donors #wishes #wish #wishkid #wishfamily #givekidstheworld #thankful #blessed #behcetsdisease #behcets #autoimmunedisease #forevergrateful #foreverchanged #love #compassion #makeadifference #everypennycounts

My purpose for living was sent to me from above. I never thought I was capable of such kind of love until I met you. To the moon and back💙Lincoln Vittorio💙 * * * * * * * * * * * * * #lincolnvittorio #firsttimemom #foreverchanged #sagittarius #novemberbaby #earlychristmasgift #thankyou #myboy #hepeedinmyhair #tothemoonandback #worthitall #love #babyboy #linc #newmom #nosleep #myeyesareburning #blj #poopmachine #bambino #sandy

One youve tasted respect...attention aint sweet no more!! #soinlove❤️ #him #imtheluckyone🍀 #alovelikeours #unique #wewriteourownstory #foreverchanged #forevergrateful🙏

These are my scars. Its hard for me to accept this most days. I try to just keep my foot in the sock and brace so I dont have to look at it too much. I definitely dont feel ashamed by the scars, these scars saved my foot. Its the traumatic memory of everything and everything Im still dealing with. These scars will forever be on my leg and will forever be a memory of the worst and most terrifying day of my life. The day my life changed forever. Im trying to normalize it, to work through my anxiety, so Im hoping things like this will help a little. This is the new me. Limping and ankle pain will forever be a part of my life and I have to learn to be ok with the new me. One day at a time. #scars #battlewounds #brokenankle #anklesurgery #onedayatatime #onesarahatatime #newnormal #ptsd #foreverchanged

Beyond excited for a New Year!!!!!!! Starting it off strong with the year I changed my body, mind, & spirt! 🤩 Started back at the gym again 🤩 JAN 7th starts my 30 day detox to healthy living! I’ll be dropping 10+ pounds with all my babes who are joining me! 🤩My miracle morning is bomb! -5 mins prayer -5 mins mediation -5 mins affirmations -5 mins visualization ✨My goal is to help change 1,000s of lives through my health living program and/ or starting a side hustle with a limitless income! This is our year! Who’s me to be inspired and to go inspire! DM me to hear dets on my program to drop on weight after the holidays! #lifestyle #getfab #healthy #veganproducts #glutenfree #lifestylechange #myproducts #fitness #plantbased #plantbasedlife #smootiebowl #fblive #guthealth #veganfreeskin #crulteyfree #weightlose #foreverchanged #blessed #grateful #arbonne #arbonne30daystohealthyliving .

What if you could change your whole life around with one simple message? Would you do it? Would you take a chance on the impossible? You should.. #changeyourfuture #ItWorks #foreverchanged

Big feets....little feets .....soo thankful I get smell her stinky feets again ❤️ only hers are the big feets now 🤣 #sobermom #ididntgiveup #recovered #aa #foreverchanged #momanddaughter #loveher #gottashowher #healing

Everything back plus some because God double dog dared me to give Him my heart... #foreverchanged #coveredbytheblood

Now you’re taking us higher and higher...‼️🎶🎵🎼🎧🎹📸 #glory #foreverchanged #worship #higher #fire #intense #blessed #unstoppable #pc

5 years ago. My life changed. Our lives changed. We lost a warrior. We lost our childhood. We gained strength. We gained a community. That day we lost sight of the little things, who the band kids were or football stars were. We gained compassion. May we be forever warrior strong! May we not lose sight of what happened. May not only those 80 seconds remain in our minds and those 8 says of hope and love remain in our hearts. #warriorstrong #arapahoehighschoolshooting #5yearslater #foreverchanged #rip #clariedavis #prorecovery #ptsd #anorexiarecovery #ptsd #mentalhealth #schoolshooting

🌟Good morning everyone! I have more lovely news to share with you all! 🌟 Lauren & her husband welcomed a gorgeous baby girl this week to their family 💗 Aria Michelle was born on December 8th. 7lbs 13oz -21.25 inches. 🎀 Lauren says, Motherhood has given me a whole new perspective on love. The unconditional ”love you to the moon and back...I would do anything in the world to make you happy” kind of love. The best way I can describe it is that it’s magical. Looking down at the little face alone makes you happy to be alive. It has not only been a blessing on me, but also my marriage. My husband and I have never been closer... working as a team more than ever before! I am very blessed to be Aria’s mama! Lauren mentioned being amazed by how much more progress she made once she was able to zone in on her pelvic floor muscles when pushing. She credits all of the pelvic floor exercises she did in the studio to her success. She also mentioned how when her birth experience took some challenging turns, she was able to stay calm. Thank you Lauren for sharing your story with me & all the other mamas who need to hear & see something positive and real. Lauren was dedicated to attending prenatal classes. As a teacher I witnessed the calmness she had more and more as she approached her due date. What a pleasure it has been to work with her & babe for so many months & now we get to see the sweetest face behind the bump 💗 Congratulations mama & dadda! Your baby girl is amazing! ❄️✨💖 Also how cute is the Mommy-daughter matching outfit photo!? 🤗🤗 #welcomebabygirl #happybirthday #birthannouncement #prenataltribe #prenatalyoga #laboranddelivery #pelvicfloor #pelvicfloorconditioning #teamwork #yogamagic #yogaforbirth #motherhood #motherdaughter #foreverchanged #littleyogis #newmama #momcrush

Hello, from my SIXTEEN year old self sitting on the beach in Mozambique, Africa! 🌍 • What you dont see pictured here is that being in Africa was a dream, fulfilled, and the longing of my heart, met. What else you dont see pictured here is the conflict that was waging war within me. The feelings of everything I ever dreamed of colliding with the reality that it wasnt everything I thought it would be. It didnt fit the way I thought it would, and no matter how hard I tried this shoe on, the Lord was taking me in a whole different direction. • Since I was 9 years old I thought the Lord was calling me to be a missionary in Africa. I spent most of my life dreaming, preparing, and planning to live there, but when I actually went my heart wasnt burning like it does when Im walking in passion, instead it felt forced. For the next several years I kept going back trying to get this calling to fit, but each time there was a disconnect in my spirit. It wasnt until the last time I went (this time I was married and pregnant with our firstborn) that I felt the Father ask me, what do YOU want to do?! . • Well, in that very moment I wanted to be a mom & return to the states and make a home to raise my growing family in (hello, nesting). But heres the truth, I spent most of my adolescence worried about stepping outside of the Lords will, I wanted to make Him happy & please him with every fiber of my being, but what I didnt understand then, was that a parents delight doesnt merely come from their children doing things FOR them (however, it is nice 😉), no, their delight comes when they see their children walking in the fullness of who they were created to be! In the fullness of who HE created them to be! • As a mom I feel the Fathers heart for His children the most when Im watching MY Littles delight with sheer joy! Its in those moments I know he is doing the same with me.😭 I have His delight not because of how I serve Him, but because Im His. Not because of something I could ever do for him, but because of EVERYTHING He has done for me! • Of course, it took me going to the other side of the world a few times to learn that 🙈, but its changed my life forever✨

It’s so weird to see this picture. It popped up as a memory today. This was just weeks before I had my mental break down. This was totally leading up to the moments that forever changed me. Going though an anxiety melt down was the scariest thing I have ever experienced! I am so grateful for my mental health today. Today anxiety and depression don’t control me. . . . . #anxiety #breckenridge #depression #mental breakdown #sorelboots #patagonia #lifestyle #getfab #healthy #veganproducts #glutenfree #lifestylechange #myproducts #fitness #plantbased #plantbasedlife #smootiebowl #fblive #guthealth #veganskin #crulteyfree #foreverchanged #blessed #grateful #arbonne #arbonne30daystohealthyliving

Been up since 4:42! Y? #foreverasmith #foreverchanged

That one time in Peru 🇵🇪🤙🏻✌🏻 #weareworldchallenge #foreverchanged (📷 via Leader @bryanhynes_)

Well... my mouth is tired... fingers a little bit blistered... streamers hung... it’s a bit cluttered... but gosh my heart is full. We’re ready to celebrate Josiah’s 6th Birthday tomorrow! And I’m dumbfounded that we’re already here... 6 sounds so old! I remember this night 6 years ago, like it was yesterday. Hubby and I had gotten pedicures for what we thought might be our last date as a family of 2 (yep... you read that right! Manly-man TJ got a pedicure alongside his VERY pregnant wife... he said the only uncomfortable thing about it was that he felt like the lady was disgusted by his leg hair 😂). I went to sleep that night, watching the baby kick and elbow my stomach... and could barely breath (figuratively and literally... Josiah was so big and strong that he kicked one of my ribs out of place... it hurt REAL bad). But mostly, I could barely breath because I was thinking of who this little one would be. We didn’t know if it would be a girl or boy. I had NO clue what it would look like to be a mama. I wondered what his/her personality would be like. I wondered if I’d fall in love immediately or if it would take time. I wondered what natural labor would feel like and if I could actually do it (I did... I almost died... it definitely was not the picture perfect blissful experience other ladies have 😳😂). I fell asleep. And woke up to pretty intense contractions at 4:30am. I thought “SURELY... this is a false alarm... I’ll just go make our nurses some gift baskets.” By 5:30am I couldn’t walk through the contractions and so I thought I’d better wake TJ up. I did. He freaked out. We got in the car and drove from Escondido to Scripps Encinitas. They looked at me with that look of, “hmmmm... yeah right... you’re brand new at this and this is probably a false alarm.” But as I was changing into my gown for them to check me, my water broke (so THERE!). And things proceeded so intensely. A crazy contraction every minute on the minute for the next 8 hours pretty much! And then... sweet baby boy came at 2:20pm. And my life changed forever with my sweet Josiah James. ❤️ . . . #mcdanielmen #josiahjames #mademeamama #foreverchanged #forevergrateful

And God is still working on me and through me! #saved #blessed #godsgrace #followerofchrist #godsdaughter #foreverchanged

Football Banquet! #foreverasmith #foreverchanged

“When we venture out of our usual lives, who we are becomes up for grabs. Rather than hold onto the same identity in every context, as is so easy to do amongst the comforts of home, we shift and change and become new in every moment, in every new situation.... The crucial piece is not that we leave where we’ve been geographically. It’s that we allow ourselves no matter where we’re situated to leave who we’ve been.” -Danya Ruttenberg- Can’t believe I am already home! #africa already feels like a dream... but I’m thankful for the growth and change, the perspective, clarity, and introspection. #leaveboringbehind #leaveitbehind #perspective #introspection #tripofalifetime #foreverchanged #homeagain #adventure #identityshift #myyogalife #travelandlife #yogatravel #giftafrica2018 #happenedsofast #alreadyover #backtolife #backtoreality #wishitwouldlastforever #canigoback #nevergoingtobethesame #letsdoitagain #planningmynexttrip

This face... I keep giggling every time I look at it. 😊 Heres a little update on Mims appointment. We saw the neurologist today. He says no signs of stroke or cerebral palsy(which we pretty much knew but with some of her symptoms, that was his main focus) Shes *mostly* equally functioning on both sides. A bit weaker on the left but not drastic enough to raise concern. Hes impressed by the improvement of her torticolis (Yay for Cranial Sacral Therapy!!! 🙌🙌) He says her lower trunk control seems really stable. He said he would like to wait to order an MRI. He doesnt think theres enough concern neurologically speaking to support a need for it. He agrees that she should be seen by the Aero-Digestive team in Portland to get a better look at the dysphagia. He said if AD wants an MRI hed defer to their specialty and agree. He also said we should continue with therapy to work on those swallowing skills. All in all, today was a good day but still a lot left unanswered. Were waiting for an appointment with the other specialists and that visit will take us up North. Thank you for your prayers and all the little notes of encouragement we received the last couple of days. It truly means the world to us.

I am no longer this person in this photo. Forever changed they say. When I first realized I would be forever changed I was horrified. Life was going so good, I was happy with who I was, I didnt want to be forever changed. Forever changed is not necessarily a bad thing. We can change as a person, our life situations and learn to grow with them. Grief and death are a part of my life. They are normal now. Right away they are so foreign and unfamiliar that they hurt so bad. I can see the good now. The changes that have happened to me are not all bad. Compassion, empathy, connections, appreciation of the good in my life, learning to really really soak in the good moments have all been changes. And for them Im thankful. My color wheel of emotions is much more vibrant and colorful. The well of which I can understand emotions is so much deeper. Ive often wondered if this comes with age as well anyways? Or is it just our life experiences that shape us? Why are you thankful for your trials? What blessings have come from them? Its so hard to see many times, but I dont think God given us trials without giving us many blessings as well. #childloss #cultivatedfamily #foreverchanged #sudc #griefjourney #learningtolivewithgrief #blessingsintrials #infantloss

Words can’t describe the amount of love I have for you. I am blessed to know you and it was a privilege to be part of your life. My dear @karencarbajaal , I know I didn’t cry on Sunday-but as I write this my eyes become watery(told you I have post-feelings)🥺🙄 I know the calling you have is HUGE, and during your training in Chicago you did SO WELL! I know at times it felt like quitting, but you kept pushing...and I am SO PROUD OF YOU! I know you will be blessing anyone you encounter and I know your outstanding grace and compassion through Jesus will forever change lives! I love you with a genuine love and God knows I am gonna miss you dearly (specially the times you bullying me 🤧🤪💓) I know I will see you in a near future! Know that I’m always here for you! - #mylittlesister #love #blessed #thankful #greatful #iwillmissyou #chicago #mexico #foreverchanged #friendsforeternity #friendship #wednesdaytoremember #likes #instapic #picoftheday #united

It’s not my doing. No matter what good or bad, God always has my back. ❤️ #foreverchanged #blessed #grateful #mommyofamiracle

Advent season finds us anticipating a birth that has already crowned earthward. Childhood culminated, adolescence awakened, adulthood awarded, purpose portrayed, resistance revealed, betrayal ballooned, murder maligned, internment issued. And then, AND THEN... resurrection realized. So that which has already happened infuses my current breath with all its reawakening vibrancy and becomes more present than any second Ive watched tick by on the clock. Because those long-ago events imprinted on the rest of all history. His fingerprints are still pressing into me this twelfth month of 2018, leaving reservoirs to catch the flow of His great love. So when I celebrate the birth of my King, my Saving Grace, the embodiment of Eternal in human skin and bones and birthmarks and preferences and scars and personality...I am humbly kneeling before the God who moved into our neighborhood to experience and redeem humanity. And while there is tension in the fact that the wait is both over and the wait still enduring, Ive learned that there are beautiful gifts in both waiting and tension. Gifts like enduring patience, childlike trust, and the joy in friendship with others who are also celebrating the miracle that was and trembling with excitement over the miracle thats coming. If youre one of my friends who is not celebrating the miracle of the birth of God under that historically noted celestial magic, Id love to talk to you about the difference...complete, abundant, life-altering shift...that baby who grew to become a sacrifice to heal my brokenness has made to my heart and soul. ❤️

#Emotional one - can you feel it? The last 15 minutes of #subsonic I’m sure y’all wanted me to catch the drop but I did as I wanted to and as usual I was and missed it 🤣 @honeydijon #honeydijon #subsonic2018 #subsonicmusic

You get out what you put in. . This is my transformation. . People often ask me how I have stuck with at home workouts for almost a whole year straight. The answer is so easy for me to spit out. PEEPS, THE PROGRAMS FLIPPING WORK, DUH! . I often hear from people: 1. I dont have time. 2. Im not disciplined enough. 3. I dont have the space. 4. Im too busy. 5. It costs too much. And simply this is how I respond. 1. These programs are 7 to 60 minutes. You can make the time for yourself. 2. It isnt all about discipline. You have to trust the process and be consistent AF. 3. I workout in an office space that is about 6x6 foot. So make space. 4. Are you really too busy? Or is that an excuse? 5. Can you even put a price tag on your health? . It isnt always easy, believe me. But it also isnt always hard. I have discovered what literally lights my soul on fire!! These programs and this lifestyle have changed me so much physically and mentally. You have to work out your mindset a whole lot more than your body people. It all starts with YOU! . WHY NOT YOU? WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK!? . Transform your lifestyle and your health with me in 2019! Lets make this the best year yet for you!! Message me and lets chat! . #YouAreEnough #iamenough #beabetteryou #bettertogether #letsdothis #letskillemgirls #athomeworkouts #dontholdback #transformationtuesday #foreverchanged #maketime #MyTribe #progressoverperfection

#TBT ✨ This time last year was one of those “life changing moments” that set the course of my life in a completely different direction!!! It all started with watching the @tonyrobbins @netflix documentary #iamnotyourguru . I knew after that that I had to attend one of his workshops. The first one I went to last summer was called “Unleash the Power Within”. It was 4 days long and at the time I thought it was a lot of money ($800) but I said F*ck it and went and it definitely changed me!!! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ I knew I had to go to the “BIG ONE” he only does once a year in America, called “Date with Destiny”. It’s 6 days long and it was without exaggeration 12 hour long days with barely any breaks (not because we didn’t want to but because we were learning so much and we were THAT involved). That sh*t was $5000 😳 and I asked the universe to help me #manifest that money, And I swear to you I #manifested $7000 in one week and BOOM💥 I booked my ticket and flight ✈️ and I knew this would forever change my life (or at least I hoped it would) ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ I took a BIG risk spending that money, but deep down in my gut I knew I had to go. The amount of tools, wisdom, inspiration, & motivation I gained from this Man is literally priceless!!!! The peace and clarity I felt afterwards is/was worth more than any amount of money!! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ I am no where near as inspirational & motivational as @tonyrobbins is, BUT I am definitely learning ALL I can from him so I can share all these bits, tips, tricks & tools that have forever changed my life with others who are willing to listen!!!!! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ I just booked my ticket to #UPW next year in L.A. if anyone wants to join or meetup let me know🤗🤗🤗!!!! #bestmoneyieverspent #BESTlifecoach #foreverchanged #sograteful #thereasoniwenttoBALI #ibrokeupwithworry #ibrokeupwithfear #ibrokeupwithcontrol #ibrokeupwithanxiety #ibrokeupwithvalidation #ifoundfaith #ifoundpeace #ifoundclosure #ifoundmysoul #ifoundmycalling #dwd2017 #datewithdestiny #dwd30th #sayYES #makeyourmove #defytheodds #growthmindset #alwayslearning #alwaysgrowing #alwaysgrateful

Happy transformation tuesday !! As far as I know there is 120lbs difference between these photos. Two years ago vs. A few days ago. I never weighed myself till just before I started my journey and lifestylechange . I feel as though I have gained years to my life!!! #transformationtuesday #lifestyle #lifeisbeautiful #lifestylechange #journey #newlife #120lbsdown #foreverchanged #weightlossstory #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #transformation

The emptiness sits there... nothing is easier. I get those kicks in the gut often that you’re really not here. I still can’t believe it and I still don’t understand it. Time is so unfair. I live with that ball in my throat everyday, you know that one when you’re about to lose your shit and start crying uncontrollably... yeah that’s what my life is like. There isn’t a strong enough word to describe how much I fucking miss and need you. #heartbroken #ihateit #missingyou #everyday #empty #hurt #mad #sad #lost #confused #ineedyou #mysissy #whygodwhy #ifuckingmissyou 💔💔💔 #foreverchanged

land. arrive. relax with purpose. listen. abide. repeat forever. . Upon internalizing and downloading all that I have learned and witnessed in Jillian Pransky’s Therapeutics Teacher Training @yogaworks_newyork I think I’ll add another “l.a.r.”— . love. accept. relate to each other. . This is in honor of abiding with all of me—broken and unbroken—the all of me that has heard and listened to the call to invest in this deep and necessary work—in service of not only my own wellness, but the Remembered Wellness of so many others I will meet in this lifetime. . @jillianpransky #larlar #larlarlar #foreverchanged #thisisonlythebeginning #heartisfull #lovelovelove #wisdom #grounded #healingisaprocess #compassion #gratitude #grace #remembered #wellness #yogaeveryday #wellnesseveryday #namasteeveryday

🎄❄️🎄 For Good Health’s Sake, Run, Jump And Shake!! Healthy looks different on everyone. Once I learned that, I started to thrive in my own life! For me today .....this means I choose how active I am, how I stay active and fit in my own eyes, and how I nurture and fuel my body. Some ppl get it Some ppl disagree But the only person that can change your health, and change your life ...is you. Superfoods saved my life and for that I will be forever grateful for that single person reaching out and saying “hey, let’s try something new, let’s take back your health” 16 years of battling illness, disease, doctors ...and all it took was a step outside of my norm. -Get a little active, eat a little better, shake a daily shake- #foreverchanged

FACT: 3 years and two weeks ago, I saw this young lady smiling, laughing and eating pizza in the hospital. Two weeks later (3 years ago today), she passed away. I still remember having to pray the hardest prayer while standing over her lifeless body and hearing the screams and cries from members of my family that Friday night. She fought valiantly against cancer her entire high school career and went home just before turning 19. Continue to rest in power cousin. You are truly one of the good who died young...I know it is Gods will, yet I still dont understand this one. It turned out to be the first home going I went to over the following six months and one of the hardest deaths to accept. So many relationships and so called friendships changed during this period of life but we are still pressing on, through the betrayals, abandonment, heartbreak and pain. Love and miss you cuz! (1/8/1997-12/11/2015) #RIPDymonTyson #TysonBreed #CancerSucks #GoneTooSoon #WhyLordWhy #GoneButNotForgotten #ForeverChanged #ShineBrightLikeADymon

Beyond excited for a New Year!!!!!!! Starting it off strong with the year I changed my body, mind, & spirt! 🤩 Started @purebarrepooler for a new world of working out in my life! 🤩 JAN 7th starts my 30 day detox to healthy living! I’ll be dropping 10+ pounds with all my babes who are joining me! 🤩My miracle morning is bomb! -5 mins prayer -5 mins mediation -5 mins affirmations -5 mins visualization ✨My goal is to help change 1,000s of lives through my health living program and/ or starting a side hustle with a limitless income! This is our year! Who’s me to be inspired and to go inspire! DM me to hear dets on my program to drop on weight after the holidays! . . . . #lifestyle #getfab #healthy #veganproducts #glutenfree #lifestylechange #myproducts #fitness #plantbased #plantbasedlife #smootiebowl #fblive #guthealth #veganfreeskin #crulteyfree #yasqueen #slay #weightlose #foreverchanged #blessed #grateful #arbonne #arbonne30daystohealthyliving #savannah #pooler #rincon #ga #savannahga

True or false ? #religion #trueorfalse #fcm #fcmtestimonies #foreverchanged

~Happy Sigh~ #lovelove #forever #foreverchanged #hope #soulmate #24years

Miss all this sass 🌹💔💔💔💜💜💜💜💜💜 #foreverchanged

My feed has been quiet. Weve had some family health craziness, moving, births, and just an overall feeling of chaos over the past couple of weeks. Heading into this holiday season Im finding myself desperately looking around wondering how to break into a *normal* flow. Setting goals. Freshening our daily routine (whatever that means). Just aiming to simplify a bit, while still keeping up with all the important things in our schedule. Wednesday morning we take #Mim to see a neurologist. Shes just still struggling to do some of the things she should be at this point and our next step is neuro. Expecting to hear *normal* but preparing to hear something else. Depending on how this appointment goes, we have a few more specialists on the horizon. If you can spare a moment for us, your prayers and love and encouraging thoughts are so very appreciated. Were ready to figure things out and settle in a bit.

I will forever be grateful for the memories I have with this beautiful soul. 💕 There are holes in the floor of heaven, there’s winter ❄️ in the mountains today and it seems so appropriate as your legacy will always live on. Every time I see the snow I’ll think of you! I’ll always think of love and family when I think of you! ❄️💕 #gonetoosoon #holesinthefloorofheaven #snowflakes #beautiful #lotsoflove #foreverchanged #foreverfamily #myhearthurts

Someone was very tired apparently... He rarely falls asleep like this & when he does I am grateful 🙏 This dude is going to be 1 year old in just a week... Its incredible. Hes so smart, and tiny- he loves so much. Its a blessing to see the world through his eyes and experience the sheer joy of the world through him. ••• There is a lot of fucked up shit going on right now. & Its scary as hell. history is being made right before our eyes & so many people are still blind to it. ••• There is a lot of stress available for the pickings, & Im just keeping my sanity. Having selective vision and hearing for what I can handle. ••• What makes it all ok is this guy. Im fucking terrified for the future, but I also have a LOT of faith. In the meantime I get to help this dude learn, and be his best friend and just spend all the time in the world with him while doing all my mom stuff too. This Lil human lump is a primary source of exhaustion, but also so so so so much joy and laughter... Hes all over the place, yet only wanting to be in my arms too. ••• #foreverblessed #foreverchanged #foreveraparent #foreveramom #forevermyson

“When I needed a hand, I found your paw.” 🐾 Many, many happy returns of the day on the 9th December to our dearest @butterscotch.aw❣️ Truth be told, 2018 has been one of the darkest years and it has pushed me to the brink but this ✨Goldie✨ has been a constant shining light in our lives... on those dark days I didn’t want to get on with it and during those moments I felt my heart couldn’t break anymore than it has been shattered. Butters is meant to be just exactly where she is, although I didn’t intend on adopting a dog so soon. She’s goofy, calm, loving and loopy all at the same time and she loves her extended animal family. Truly, animals are the best therapists. Whatever troubles I couldn’t verbalize into words to another person, because it felt pointless to talk and talk, went away when I knew I had to get back up and keep going because they are there with love and they needed me. Here’s to many more, our dear girl and to better days ahead filled with laughter and love. And I promise to work on my doggy cake making skills 😝 #adoptionrocks #happybirthdaytoourdog #pawty #pawtycrew #dogsofinstagram #dogcakesfordogs #goldenretriever #goldenretrieverofig #goldiesofinstagram #oldiegoldie #adoptaseniordog #adoptdontshop #swimnotsink #startingover #foreverchanged #survivingatrialbyfire #cantwaittosee2018off #adoptionsaveslives #itsavedmine

Amazing experience shared with amazing children 🇳🇵 #foreverchanged

At a breath taking, beautiful vista at the top of Old Rag Mountain that pushed my limits and tested my potential, I gave some of your ashes to the Earth. You are always with me everywhere I go, every experience I share is with you. You are always in my heart and on my mind. I miss you every day, mom. #missmymom #alwaysinmyheart #alwaysonmytravels #whereigoyougo #grief #missher #foreverbrokenhearted #lifeafterloss #foreverchanged

If you would have told me, just over 4 years ago, when I was sitting in my friend @fear_slayer’s living room, listening to @brocksgrow talk about these foreign things called essential oils, that the kit I got that night was quite literally going to change my ENTIRE world, and be the key that unlocked the future I had DREAMED about for so long, but didn’t know how to turn it into reality.. that I would be making nearly 5 figures a month after only a short time sharing passionately about OILS 😂... that 800 families lives would have been changed because of me... I would have probably laughed. I always knew I was destined to do great things, but never did I ever think essential oils would be such a big part of that story! . But when you are open to receiving opportunity, mixed with a deep deep love and passion for something, plus great big action and a never-give-up attitude, well.... BIG things can happen. . My girls have grown up with oils allll over them! They are able to support their emotions (me too!!), I restored my hormones back to normal function post partum, Jono supports his physical health, and we overall support our bodies to function the way they should, in a world where it seems virtually impossible, with all the environmental toxins we’re exposed to every day! . So many of you have asked for an easy-to-read simple explanation of this kit I always talk about. Ya know, the one that changed my life! . So here is a short Essential Oil 101 breakdown in 2 minutes! . Swipe left to read!

#IsraelTour2018 It was an honor and privilege to experience Israel with Teacher John and Teacher Leti. My studies in @usmnow prepared me to receive a deeper revelation and to ask the right questions on this trip. I am grateful for the man and woman of God that keep pouring wisdom and guidance over my life. . Fue un honor y privilegio ir a Israel con el Maestro John y la Maestra Leti. Mis estudios en @usmnow me prepararon para recibir una revelación más profunda y me llevo a hacer las preguntas correctas en este viaje. Estoy agradecida por el hombre y mujer de Dios que siguen derramando sabiduría y guía en mi vida. . . #usm #universityofthesupernaturalministry #erj #kjm #elreyjesus #kingjesus #teacher #jerusalem #israel #revelation #kingdomdaughter #foreverchanged #transformed #newseason

Just a glimpse of the recipes I’m pulling together and experimenting with in order to make the change in health easier for us who struggle with the idea of diet. Everyone has a diet, it’s time we change the negative connotations that come with hearing this word. there is good diet , bad diet , temporary diet, vegetarian diet, vegan, etc. It’s just a matter of eating the same food with healthier alternative ingredients. It’s up to us to make the push for industries to remove toxic unnecessary and cheap ingredients into the food they sell to us. It’s incredible how much my life has changed since removing gluten from my “diet” as well as 10 other foods. That’s it 12 foods to remove and I can live a longer healthier life. And I will help anyone wanting to hear about how food can change their lives for the better. #nutrition #nutritionislife #food #healthyrecipes #startofsomethinggood #letsdoittogether #alternative #health #cheflife #resultsthatmatter #glutenfree #foreverchanged

Its that stare that i long to see..I just need to drive out to tha DF-Dub one mo gain! Miss you Kenleigh!!😢 #likeaboss #youngdiva #bigbrowneyes. #grandchildlove❤️ #inkedgrandpa #missingyou #foreverchanged #blackandwhite

Funny how a #city you absolutely dreaded can fill a place in your #heart you never knew needed to be filled.... You easily became my second home and you’ll always have a #special place in my #heart along with every person I was #blessed to meet 🖤⚓️ . . . #newbeginnings #youllalwaysbemysecondhome #home #ossining #downstate #love #foreverspecial #sunsets #chasingsunsets #hudson #hudsonriver #ny #newyork #singsingfamily #family #newbeginnings #foreverchanged #foreverchanging #newchapters

Love that fresh retie! #foreverasmith #foreverchanged

No place I’d rather be. We can celebrate life anywhere. Today, on my 32nd Birthday, I’m just thankful you’re here. That’s the greatest gift to me this year. Well, and also that you slept in until 10:30. 😉 Magical!!! #williamswildpartyof5 #addysonhopewilliams #itsmybirthday #littlethings #perspective #foreverchanged

Let go of the pain that holds you still and embrace the pain that changes your will. Stagnance and tears never paid any bills...Its about life and growth #foreverchanged

Out of the darkness, and in to the LIGHT!🙌🏻💛 #jesusalways #sarahyoung #embracejoy #foreverchanged #byhisgrace

2 months ago yesterday my life changed completely. I held this little animal for this first time. Since then it has been an absolute rollercoaster of events and emotions. We are truly lucky! @stephanie_mclean23 #dad #dadlife #baby #emilia #rose #child #foreverchanged

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