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Choose to be the difference this world needs!!! #foryourglorylord #ForeverChanged

Well, here we are again... Today would have been your 65th birthday such a special day. Now it brings sadness and sorrow. If we could share just one more day, If only there was one more tomorrow....But memories of more happier times in my heart will stay, Ill treasure each and every one, Till we meet again someday... I am a reflection of your beautiful soul ✨✨ You are soooooo truly missed... Thinking of you today and always daddy... I love you forever ❤️⭐️🎂💔... HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY! @gene_eps #daddyeps #foreverchanged #poppy #apieceofmyheartwentwithyou #fcukcancer

Wow guys, tonight kicks off @goingdeepr!!!! 🙌🏻 A year ago, Going Deeper 10000% changed my life. I would not be where I am today without having volunteered at this conference. So if my life was changed from the messages I heard between doing different volunteer duties, imagine what it will do for you if you attend. You can still get your ticket at the website below. I know that God is going to show up and change lives this weekend. I cannot wait for it!! You don’t want to miss this! 😊❤️🙌🏻 • https://www.eventbrite.com/e/goingdeeper-conference-tickets-32443004901 • #blessed #soloved #neverthesame #foreverchanged #God #Jesus #Amplify #Pittsburgh #faith #believe

What’s crazy is how instantaneously your perspective can change. Never knowing the love of a parent till the child is born. Never knowing great loss till it is too late. Once this happens there is no turning back, you are forever changed, forever to think about things differently. It makes life so much more intense. Unfortunately intensity is exhausting and hard to navigate at times. The loss giving life more meaning but also making it harder to love as recklessly. I knew one day I would experience great loss I just assumed it would be more removed. I knew I would lose Paul one day I just assumed it would be with me laying beside him old and grey having lived a whole life with him and then dying of a broken heart a month later to join him. . . . #loss #grieving #husband #donatelife #grief #greatloss #foreverchanged #widow

I didn’t know this kind of broken existed. You knew how to heal the pain no medicine can fix. I bless the day I met you. The good news is I’m better for the time we spent together.The bad news is you’re gone. 🐾🐾♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ What I wouldn’t give for one more day with you. #foreverchanged #mybeastfriend #healing #greatdanemom #cain.alexander #greatdanesofinstagram #heartbreakbreed

It spoke to my soul. 🙏💫 This film & it’s message will stay with me for quite some time. #astarisborn #foreverchanged #thankyou

WHOA!!! Legs worked hard this morning with 4 HIIT moves!! In only 30 mins!! .. Lord!! All the sweat today baby!! And all the crazy noises and faces! It was tough!! Pushed through and refused to give up!!👊 #inittofinish ... Felt it was a good day to wear my #boo shirt! 🤣 #fridaymood . Let me tell ya! Before this journey i would look forward to getting home every evening to have a drink.. yep! I needed that special something to relax me and make me smile! 🤷‍♀️ We all have baggage from pass experiences to sort out that alters our chemistry.. not kiddin! Its true!! And those drinks was my special something! . It worked for a while until i realized... having drinks every night is not the answer! Really does nothing for! I need something more!! And not to mention what i was doing to my body! 🤨 I remember thinking.. heck! Im young. I got my whole life to worry about it! .. But what i realized i was forming habits! Super easy and comfortable habits that could eventually alter my life in a devastating way and the lives of others! Including the ones i get up and press play for today! #mylittlefam 😍 .. Dont get me wrong! I still enjoy a drink of some kind at least once a week when the hub gets home but now i dont need it or have to have it! I can easily say No.. ! Ginormous change!🤪 . These BB programs and the community gives me an outlet!!! Diving into them has saved me in so many ways and has helped me gain control of my life!! This has been the missing piece this entire time!! ... So when someone calls me obsessed.. Ill quickly agree! Hell yeah, Im obsessed! .. Wish i would have went all in 10 +years ago!! Could have saved tons of money! 😆 #trusttheprocess #trustyourtrainer #initforlife #foreverchanged #healthierhappier #healthjourney

Wow, if you missed last nights service under the tent, you missed an incredible message! God set DR Harrison ALIVE with one of the most passionate sermons yet!  #GodIsSupernatural 47 churches were present and $780 was collected for Greystone FBC missionaries who was represented with the most people! #PTL  #GreenevilleAwakening  #VoiceOfHope  #ForeverChanged #Awoken  #MissionsNight

#CaptureYourGrief2018 | joy | These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full. John15:11 Count it all joy, when you meet trials of many kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let the steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. James1:2-4 John Piper defines joy as A good feeling or emotion in the soul, produced by the Holy Spirit, as He causes us to see the beauty of Christ in the Word and in the world. Joy is something Ive always seen as my duty to choose. And while I still belive that, Im learning that joy isnt of myself. Joy comes, often, when materialistically, theres nothing to be joyful for. When the outlook is heavy theres seemingly no hope... Thats when true joy comes in and finds peace and rest in the mystery of what God has for us. Joy comes when our Faith and sharpened. This tattoo is a reminder not only of our #HannahJoy but for my heart. A reminder to cling in those moments of weaknesses and doubt and trust in the provision that is promised. Joy doesnt always look like giddy excitement. Sometimes it looks like holding on for dear life, but knowing that with Christ we will not be left to fall. So in those moments I may not want to #choosejoy but I will #receivejoy. #CarlyMarieProjectHeal

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” Henry Miller Bali will stay with us forever. Our hearts are fuller than before, our minds are calmer and more open, and we haven’t stopped smiling since our return home. Thank you to the Balinese people for your graciousness, and for welcoming us into your culture with open arms. #bali #indonesia #foreverchanged #suksma #wanderlust #dreambig #traveloften #travelwriter #travelblogger #vlogger #youtuber #travelphotographer #amodeltraveler Full travel article coming soon @ www.amodeltraveler.com

You guys!!! These were pants I wore 14 years ago when Jesse and I were dating!!! 😮👖💪❤️ . I’ve kept them folded in the top of my closet hoping one day they might fit again... . ...Well folks, that day has arrived 🙌💪🙌👖 . Being able to put these on means SO much more than “fitting into a pair of pants” ❤️❤️❤️ . I can’t say it enough... I am forever grateful for this amazing, life-changing program ❤️❤️❤️ . #foreverchanged #sograteful #soblessed #healthymind #healthybody #healthyfinances #healthcoach #truetransformation #habitsofhealth #ilovecamping

In my long 20+ years journey with chronic health I have heard these type of words, many times. Life changing and forever words. I heard these types of words when I had my miscarriage, with each new health major diagnosis, in the death of loved ones,in so many of the hurtles life throws. The ones in which make you no longer wonder what you will do with life changing news, because you have received life changing news and survived. You keep moving forward, one slow broken step at a time. Until the steps of life move easier. Until the pain of it doesn’t take your breath away quite as much. Quite simply, you go on living a new changed life. Because you must. Slowly forward is the only option.

Congratulations @msponzo you deserve it! Love you to the moon and back! #foreverasmith #foreverchanged

Ive had a horrible day! No joke!! Everything i had on my to do list on my day off became less important as it got later and later. ... Several bumps in the road including a brand new computer that is not cooperating! This may not sound death shattering to some but when you have women who depend on you to show up every single day and you make it a priority to do so, it is! ... Working out was the first thing on my to do list before taking Leigha to school. It didnt happen! I was stuck figuring out how to fix something i know very little about and for me thats stressful!! ... Not working out and washing my hands of this coaching opportunity seriously went through my mind! More than once! Thank God this journey has shifted my mind! I was quickly reminded, quitting is not an option!! ... Listen up! If we get comfortable with throwing in the towel when things get a little complicated, thats where we will stay! Same habits, same results, same lonely place!! Preaching to myself today folks!! ... Of the few things i did accomplish, opening the new accountability group on Facebook was one. .... Myself and some of my coaches are now adding folks to the group! So if you are ready to trash those excuses and shred 10-15 lbs before Thanksgiving, join us! . . Prep week will start 10/22. Its a multiprogram group. I will be completing the new Shift Shop program which is 3 weeks long. .. . Dont feel obligated to do the same! There are several workout programs available when you become a BOD member including Liift4 which is super schedule friendly working out only 4 days a week, 30-40 mins. Join us👇 ... https://www.facebook.com/groups/505767226556255/

Once again, I have been #ForeverChanged . @freefallfrostbite has truly become like a family to me. I am beyond grateful to be working with such kind, warm, supportive, positive, passionate humans. ❤️ . . . #singer #54below #gay #actor #meshshirt #meshtop #mesh #mesh #mesh . . . 📸@shift.visuals

As I sit here reading the Word, I looked at my mug and thought of ALL things Ecuador and God’s promises!! ❤️🇪🇨 I am reading all the promises of God which tells us that whatever we ask for in Faith, it will be given to us; for God knows the plans he has for me, plans to prosper me not to harm me, plans to give me future and a hope!! These are all promises for you too! So what do these promises and Ecuador have in common: God’s plan and purpose for my life and for yours too!! ❤️🙏🏻 Praying God will use me in a mighty way to influence the lives of others right here in my community and in Ecuador! #rfjourney #godsplanandpurposeformylife #ecuador🇪🇨 #teammissions #foreverchanged #lovesthelordandgivingback #prayingforpedernalesecuador

Oh the places this business will take you!!! #arbonne #ait2018 #jamaca #soexcited #beautiful #friends #changinglives #foreverchanged #soready #fitfam #fitmomma

“Bravery is being the only one who knows you’re afraid...” 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 #weareworldchallenge #foreverchanged

A little Cali & A little Fiji #foreverchanged #fiji #usa #travel #brave #happyinsta #lovelylittlesquares #myjourney

Today was a great day! Aside from seeing one of my favorite people today (@madisue072713 ) and giving back to the community together by donating our blood, this picture right here gives you a peek into the highlight of my day! . For a woman who use to have high blood pressure running around 149/87, while being on high blood pressure medication too, this is a beautiful site!!! . Words can not express how happy this makes me! . #BLESSINGINABOX has forever changed my life! . Never going back! Never! . Thank you Jesus for all that youve done in my life through this amazing wellness company!! @blessinginaboxofficial . . . . . . #healthyfromtheinsideout #setfreemindbodyandsoul #seektruthfindfreedom #nutrionalcleansing #superfoods #wellness . #freefrompharmaceuticals #foreverchanged #Godisgood

🙌🏼💓 #ForEverChanged

Enjoyed a lovely catch up lunch today with two lovely Debs!! Thanks @cafesonder for the yummy food. #wagga More than a year ago now we spent an amazing weekend together learning some tools to help us along our journey to our best self. So happy to still be in contact with these lovely ladies catching up on their lives n adventures and to be a part of the #shekantribe. @doodlesfromdebbie @mcshanedebbie So glad I started my PD adventures with SheKan, you can too as they are coming to #waggawagga #visitwagga in March 2019 for a two day retreat! Get on it! You’ll never look back! I can assure you. #SheKan @kellsquarrell @shezspiteri #beyourbestself #personaldevelopment #foreverchanged #grow #growthmindset @shekanglobal 👈🏼check the website.

A S H A ‘ S • S T O R Y . Watch Asha tell her story of meeting Jesus and seeing her life change! . We’ve each got a story to tell - who can you share yours with this week? . Watch and download more stories from @eagreatcommission

My story 💧💧🏈🏈💜💜 @luxx_zikro @btisserand

#overtherainbowjournal for miscarriage and baby loss is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble 🌈 It is a self help journal for you to write your healing journey in as well as sharing a little of what helped me through the worst time of my life. ❤️ #healinghearts #miscarriage #babyloss #babylossawarenessmonth #blaw2018 #blaw #spiritualhealing #1in4 #stillbornstillloved #ihadamiscarriage #foreverchanged #loveandloss #griefandloss #coachlife #griefjourney #griefandgrowthmentor #healthandwellbeing #mentalwellbeing #bereavement #bereavementsupport #bereavementdoula #spiritualguidance #journals #journaling #booksofinstagram #selfhelpbooks #selfhelpbook

Yup pretty much😔😩 #loveyouJUICE #youTookUsForAloopWithThisOne #foreverChanged

Reason we love living in a van #348: because NATURE. We’ve never felt more connected to ourselves since choosing the VanLife. Without walls and the impulse of sitting behind a screen that’s always ready and available, we turn to the incredible ALIVE world around and within us 🌱 #foreverchanged ••• PS- we made it to Florida! Now it’s time to sit down and start sketching out our build! May the spirit of #TheHoweller guide us every step of the way (we miss ya big guy)✨

The divine moment of my best friend about to embark on a spiritual journey. Thank you for the experience @batchandbrine 🖖💫🤤 #foreverchanged #pastrami #woke

Photo on the left is me around this time last year and the photo on the right is today...I see a much healthier, happier person with clear skin and lots of inner and outer strength:) And, to be totally honest, it really wasn’t all that hard to get here because I belong to the best team in the world and together we thrive 🙌 Our team is beginning a new online fitness next week and we would love to have you. Thanks to my trainers @joelfreemanfitness @autumncalabrese @thechrisdowning for helping me transform inside and out 🙌 #foreverchanged #mybestlife #healthmatters

Let me tell you what God’s perfect peace does. It allows you to LIVE and not only that, but to live BOLDLY! 🙌🏼 I never understood how people could have so much trust and faith in their Heavenly Father. Especially when their circumstances would cause them to have anything but trust, faith, and peace. I’m here to tell you that God has radically changed me and when I feel that spirit of anxiety and fear start to creep over me, I have the authority to cry out and ask the almighty to fill me with his perfect peace and love... and He does, every time! 🙏🏼 Of course we are human and some days are harder than others, that just means we have to cry out more! 💥 I love the group of godly women and men that God has aligned me with. I can honestly say that having people to do life with has made this radical change easier, because I have people I can lean on for support and guidance. 💕 Want to know what God’s perfect peace and love is? Come join us next Tuesday 7pm @elc_ya we would love to meet you and do life with you!

3 months ago today, it seemed impossible that anyone could endure such pain yet have a chance to accomplish and be part of a miracle. #ForeverChanged #DonateLife♻️♻️♻️

The day I said “I do” to myself, everything changed 🎀 #blessed #love #obsessedwithme #selfish #allme #beautiful #mefirst #faithoverfear #foreverchanged #wednesday

It’s 2:30 a.m. and the kids and I are in a hotel provided by my husbands’ generous employer. We are here with all of our pups except Quincy, who is with my friend Cherie S Vandemark and Boomer who will be leaving tomorrow for transport to my friend Joseph J Pimentel with the Florida Rottweiler Rescue Ranch in Plant City. Boomer has an application for adoption with a great single guy with no other pets. This is just the kind of home he needs to thrive. I am restless tonight because my heart is broken to see him go. I mean REALLY broken. But this is the part of rescue that truly matters. It’s the keeping our eyes on the prize part. The part where we choose the best for the dog and not our own selfish desires. Please say a prayer for Boomer, that this transition will go smoothly for him and that he will love his new life in Central Florida. And pray for my heart. I am lying next to my sweet Addie Kate who is doing great after her appendectomy on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for her and who has asked how she is doing. Our girl is definitely on the mend and sleeping soundly for the first time since the storm passed. God has been good to us for sure! My Lilly is in pain tonight and I left home without her meds. Tomorrow I will seek out a vet who can help me give her some relief for her aging bones and hopefully a good nights rest for the both of us. This storm has changed our landscape, our routines, our attitudes, and our gratitude. Tonight I am reflecting on how to go forward, what I could have done differently and how to do better next time. Because there will always be a next time. #hurricanemichael #foreverchanged #heartbroken #adoptdontshop #qhccadoptables #makeadoptionyouronlyoption #sarasota #fosteringsaveslives #navarre #rosemary #tosemarybeach #alysbeach #30A #destin #sandestin #ftwaltonbeach #pensacola #thomasvillega #gulfbreeze #niceville #tallahassee #thomasville #pcb #panamacity #rescuedogsofinstagram #adoptme #stopbackyardbreeding #spayandneuter

What has someone said or done to change your outlook....? I am inspired daily by this amazing group of human beings! I love their drive and desire to beat the odds, and KO Parkinsons Disease! #ilovemyparkiefamily #foreverchanged #hope #PDawareness #gotdopamine #bringiton #ALWAYSBELIEVE

That’s a wrap! Local Coterie was such a lovely, inspiring, independent creature, that I hope can come to life again in the future. I am so happy and proud to have been a part of this amazing group of designers, artists, stylists, makers + shakers and creators. #foreverchanged #fwmn @localcoterie #localcoterie @fashionweekmn #thankyou #from #almamiampls @almamiampls

Happy Boss Day today you beautiful boss you. To think where you were just five years ago versus now and how God has transformed you through Scentsy, MOPS, faith, and the many other tools Hes used is mind blowing. You wouldnt even recognize that girl from five years ago. You are brave. You are confident in your skin....finally. You have a beautiful tribe. Your faith is growing bounds. You have stepped out against the grain in faith in every way possible no matter what others felt. Keep growing. Keep reaching. Keep loving. Im proud of you. 😘 #nationalbossday #WAHM #foreverchanged

Has it been a year already? This time last year our beautiful valley was engulfed in flames. It’s because of the courageous and the brave firefighters that came from all over the world to help our small town that enabled us to be here today. We’re honored to forever memorialize them in #RADNapa. Thank you @fintan_magee and thank you @chasingspraypaint for this image of love and light!

Let me tell you about something that challenged our lives. My oldest was getting sick 😷 🤒 like crazy!! Allergies would flare up even being on 3 maintenance allergy medications and a vitamin daily. Before we knew it he would have bronchitis or sinusitis and have to be on antibiotics. He would get well then not long after the wind 💨 would blow and 💥 allergy flare up again. It was a viscous cycle. As a nurse 👩‍⚕️ I know that this was not a good pattern we were in. So I did my research searching for other options to help support our bodies. I found this trio we now use to support our seasonal discomforts and respiratory systems. Since we have starting using natural options we have been able to get off of daily medications and our bodies have thrived!! We have options. Do your research. #ourliveshavebeenchanged #seasonaldiscomfort #naturaloptions #supportingourbodiesnaturally #wehaveoptions #respiratorysupport #wellness #foreverchanged

Decided to go out for a bit with mini and have a little normalcy in our lives. #850strong #damnyoumichael #posthurricane #foreverchanged #lunch #mini #mamadaughter #florida #prayforthepanhandle #onetiredmama

Never in the middle of so much destruction have we heard a community say how “blessed” and “fortunate” they are. Houses in rubble still proudly flying their American Flags. 🇺🇸💔 #humbled #grateful #foreverchanged

So ready for tonight! We’re on stage after @realkatebaldwin . Come see us and be #foreverchanged @freefallfrostbite ! #nyc #theatre #musicaltheatre #freefallfrostbite #singer #performer

I probably spend at least 75% of my life on the floor now. 👍🏼 oh, and I cry every time I watch a tv show. ✌ #emotionalwreck #foreverchanged #motherhood #thisismylifenow

Remember when we made s’mores in the village and Caleb attacked Grace? One of the highlights of my life. Best Miss y’all!

Every year I share my familys story... Really it is my testimony b/c I am not that same person that I once was. 4 years ago today, our 6 month journey of being homeless was over! Over those 6 months we stayed with family, lived in motels, a cabin & then we lived here for 4 months, The Claude Street Shelter. I was weeks away from having our 8th baby, I worked full time & never saw my 7 other kids. We had nothing except the clothes on our backs. We washed our families clothes in the tub, walked our kids to school, saving every penny we could so we could get our own place!!!! Man did GOD DO IT!! We were able to move & rent out a house & 8 days later I gave birth to a healthy baby girl!! This time in my life was SO HARD!!!! INCREDIBLY HARD!! But God made a way, He gave me the strength every single day to get up & go to work. Instead of being bitter about my situation I would pray to God to make me better, to have eyes to see what He wanted me to see & to know He had something WONDERFUL planned for our family... And He Did!!! When you go through life, struggles will come. But God has a plan. Trust in Him & never give up!!! Today I thank God for my struggle!! It made me who I am today!!! 🙌🏡💗🙏 #SurvivingToThriving #GodDidIt #HomelessShelter #ForeverChanged #Hammond #GodCan #SoThankful #PieceOfMyPuzzle #WomanOfGod #WeDidIt #Blessed

At Hailey and Benny we know that children bring unimaginable joy. We also know that you want to give them the best there is which is why we make sure our products affordable and easy to clean so that you can get them when you need them and have them last through whatever life throws at you.

It was just a walk on a random day to get some fresh air and a little exercise. But my Savior met me there, touched my heart, and shifted my focus. ... coverofHisPresence.com/breaking-open-to-new-life * * * #lookUP #breakingopen #newLIFE #beautyofGODscreation #restatHisfeet #justbreathe #foreverchanged #justsurvivingtothriving #trustingJESUS #evenwhenitshard #receivingHisbestwithJOY #grateful #amazedbyGRACE 🙌🏻♥️🙌🏻

How is my group getting killer results in only 4 days a week? . As our virtual trainer put it...The success is in the simplicity: . 1. We focus on basic hypertrophic (make your muscles grow) weight training only, which will allow you to lift heavier weights than you ever have before.💪🏻 . 2. Then by adding in the HIIT elements, we spike your metabolism, up your caloric burn throughout the rest of the day and improve your oxygen consumption, all while targeting the visceral and subcutaneous fats, which is what you want to lose!❤️ . 3. Then, we give your muscles the needed Rest Days to recover and come back stronger. This just means no lifting or HIITing those days, but you SHOULD go out and be active and do all the other activities you love....then we’ll come back and smash them muscles again!🏊🏼‍🏄🏼‍🚴🏼‍ . 4. Which four days you workout is completely up to you! Giving you the flexibility to move the workouts around as needed will increase your likelihood to stay on track without feeling like you’re behind or need to catch up. Helloooo lifestyle program! • Just give me about 30 minutes a day, FOUR days a week (That’s only about 2 hours out of 168 total in a week) and I will prove to you that change is more than possible! . . . #changeispossible #thedecisionisyours #keepingeachotheraccountable #foreverchanged #chickswholiftheavy #effectiveworkouts

These trees once stood tall and straight. These are what is left of the ones that didn’t snap in two from the 155 mph winds that surged through our Florida panhandle. Residents were sharing stories about how the view has completely changed. Those that used to have great forest in their backyards, now have a clear view of the sunset. #foreverchanged #unforgottencoast #floridapanhandle #hurricanemichael #sunset #trees #floridastrong #togetherwerise

So in love with all the things my biz has brought me!!! Feeling amazing in my body, my skin, & my spirt! From head to toe I use the safest, most beneficial, & pure ingredients on the planet! . . #lifestyle #getfab #healthy #veganproducts #glutenfree #lifestylechange #myproducts #smile #fitness #plantbased #plantbasedlife #smootiebowl #fblive #guthealth #veganfreeskin #crulteyfree #yasqueen #slay #weightlose #foreverchanged #blessed #grateful #arbonne #arbonne30daystohealthyliving

For this child we have prayed & the Lord has granted us the desire of our hearts ~1 Samuel 1:27 Jackson made his grand entrance last night at 6:24pm weighing 8lb 7.6 oz. He couldn’t wait to show off his guns 🙏🏻😍🤱🏻 #jacksonleed #andthentherewerethree #dorseypartyofthree #newbornbaby #stlukessugarland #answeredprayers #itsagodthing #foreverchanged #healthyboy #newborn #wemadethis #childofGod

The disaster is real. Ive seen it with my own eyes and cant believe it. 1500 people missing and 280 of them from my hometown..... And the world has already moved on. We truly are the forgotten coast. #hurricane #michael #sad #heartbroken #allislost #family #friends #home #gone #disaster #foreverchanged

Completely different. #foreverchanged #keepontrucking

January 24th 2015. Through the tears and devastation, I asked my obstetrician ‘How will I ever recover from this?’ He said, ‘You don’t. It becomes a part of you and your story. It changes you forever.’ 💔 In the month of October we honour the precious little souls lost, and acknowledge the incredible strength and courage of their mothers and fathers to carry on without them. 👼 #pregnancyandinfantlossawarenessmonth #october #mytwoangels #foreverchanged #forevergrateful

WE ARE.... #climbing #weareworldchallenge #foreverchanged {coming in via World Challenger @lucy__travel}

It is not fine to live without Christ though although you think its fine.. Since I was saved I cannot imagine a day without God... It changed my life forever.. It changed me forever, and for that I am forever grateful! #ShabachJewellery #forevergrateful #chspurgeon #foreverchanged #jesussaves

I remember it like it was yesterday. Almost 3 years ago, 3 days after my birthday. We had plans to take our son to a children’s Christmas play with a close family friend. I remember that I was feeling a bit lethargic that morning, but that was to be expected in the first trimester. A little bit later, some light cramping started. Again, I tried not to panic (not so easy for someone with severe anxiety issues) because I also know that mild cramping can be normal. The cramping worsened, the bleeding began and I realized what was happening, it came on so quickly but everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. All of the sounds I heard echoed like I was in a tunnel. I did my best to remain calm for my son, but truth be told, I have no idea what I was saying through the tears. I remember calling my friend to tell him that we had to cancel going to the play. I remember shakily uttering the words “I think I’m having a miscarriage” not really believing what I’d just said. I don’t remember anything else from that conversation. The next thing I remember is being in the car while my husband sped to the hospital, then being taken directly back upon arriving at the ER. After what seemed like hours at that point and many exams, tests and ultrasounds... my worst fears were confirmed. “This is not a viable pregnancy. I’m so sorry.” Intellectually, I knew what was happening, but I still couldn’t believe it. Quickly after receiving that news.... there was immediate discussion of a d&c procedure as well as a possible blood transfusion because so much had been lost. The details of this conversation I don’t recall, but luckily the procedure did what it was supposed to do and the transfusion wasn’t needed. I just remember being wheeled into the procedure room and once the anesthesia wore off, I realized I’d been forever changed. I was depressed, sad, in shock for a long time, but mostly I was angry. Angry that this had happened. Angry at many, many things. I was silent. Shut down. Withdrawn. Short tempered. And lonely. So lonely. Pregnancy loss is such a lonely experience, even though it’s far more common than I’d ever imagined. (Continued in comments)

Today is Infant Loss Remembrance Day and I am thinking of all the babies that have past today and remembering my dear son, Maceo, who past before he had a chance to live in this world. It seems like just yesterday when I held you in my arms. You are forever missed today, always and forever. As I lay here holding my rainbow baby, Logan, I am so thankful for this moment in time and for the love Logan has brought into my heart and life. We all wish Maceo could be here with us to share in this love. I have been forever changed by both my sons. I will always love you my sweet baby, Maceo. #myfirstlove #myrainbowbaby #infantlossawareness #thankful #infantloss #cemetery #roses #mylove #foreverchanged #angelbaby

Whhhhaaaaaat a day... what a day!!!! Long as hell but couldn’t be more grateful for all the amazing things and people in my life. Everyday I can’t help but feel more and more blessed for how this last year and a half, rollercoaster of a crazy life filled with tears, laughter, heartbreak and some of the absolute best times of my life has lead me to where I am now. The road has never been easy to say the least but I wouldn’t change a damn thing about it cause where I am, who I am and who I’m becoming is so much more than I ever could’ve dreamed of. So to the ones who tried to break me, thank you, for the ones that hurt me and exited my life however peaceful or not, I am forever grateful, to my amazing tribe of besties and fam who have always had my back and saw things inside me when I could not and helped me keep going and never giving up, I love you and couldn’t imagine my life without such incredible humans to be apart of my journey. Whatever life throws your way, don’t give up, don’t give in, because you’re only one disaster, one heartbreak, one miracle away from the life you’ve always dreamed of... “All Great Changes Are Preceded By Chaos...” 🙌🏽⛰❤️ #healthyhappyhumble #iam1stphorm #foreverchanged #forevergrateful #unbroken #neversettle #neverstopgrowing #elevatedlifestyle #danicalifornia

Whhhhaaaaaat a day... what a day!!!! Long as hell but couldn’t be more grateful for all the amazing things and people in my life. Everyday I can’t help but feel more and more blessed for how this last year and a half, rollercoaster of a crazy life filled with tears, laughter, heartbreak and some of the absolute best times of my life has lead me to where I am now. The road has never been easy to say the least but I wouldn’t change a damn thing about it cause where I am, who I am and who I’m becoming is so much more than I ever could’ve dreamed of. So to the ones who tried to break me, thank you, for the ones that hurt me and exited my life however peaceful or not, I am forever grateful, to my amazing tribe of besties and fam who have always had my back and saw things inside me when I could not and helped me keep going and never giving up, I love you and couldn’t imagine my life without such incredible humans to be apart of my journey. Whatever life throws your way, don’t give up, don’t give in, because you’re only one disaster, one heartbreak, one miracle away from the life you’ve always dreamed of... “All Great Changes Are Preceded By Chaos...” 🙌🏽⛰❤️ #healthyhappyhumble #iam1stphorm #foreverchanged #forevergrateful #unbroken #neversettle #neverstopgrowing #elevatedlifestyle #danicalifornia

In a world that tells you to look out for number one. Dare to be different. ♥🇬🇹 #guatemala #compassion #fortheloveofmateo #missions #missionoflove #foreverchanged

Its been like a week now since I saw @hannah_gadsby s comedy special Nanette on Netflix and Im still processing it. All the buzz about it is true. It should be required watching. It leaves you changed and describing it doesnt do it any justice since its so layered and affecting, one needs to experience it. So spare an hour of your time and watch it!!! Fair warning, it has some triggering subject matter since it deals with homophobia and sexual violence. But if you can, make time for this hour and just be there with her, youll never forget it. Its worth every minute. It is actually a privilege, we can witness it. A privilege. #nanette #Hannahgadsby #netflix #netflixcomedy #netflixcomedyspecial #Australiacomedy #standup #comedy #watchthis #recommended #dropeverythingandwatchthis #itsatransformativeexperience #andcomedyspecialdoesntdoitjustice #itsapieceofspokenwordart #foreverchanged #lgbt #lgbtqia #qualitylesbiancontent #queercomic #20gayteen #atitsmostprofound

Literally about an hour before I jumped on the plane to leave Australia for Nepal and then Germany... my life has never been the same ever since I first set foot in this country. Everything changed. Everything changed because I met god, or better God met me. I found hope when I thought I had lost it, i found peace when I thought it was impossible and I found friends that taught me what grace and love really mean. My life has changed so much over these past years I cant even believe it sometimes. So I decided to get baptised. A few hours before jumping on the plane because I knew that I wasnt going alone. The same God who taught me to trust him and have faith has promised to go with me wherever I go. And with this hope I can face tomorrow no matter what may come my way. #thankyougod #ywamlife #godisgood #hardgoodbyes #brothersandsisters #foreverchanged

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