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Back to School Gift!!! #foreverasmith #foreverchanged #summerbreakisover

Some days (not too often) I put on my white dress blouse and wonder what would happen if I didn’t resign from my hospitality career right after having my first child. How far in the career ladder would I be by now?!📈 I had no clue how motherhood would change me and was certain I would go back to “making hotel guests experience excellent” after my maternity leave. When I first held my girl, I knew she was my masterpiece and I would do whatever it takes to spend every minute of her life with me. Then I had this little man who just proved once again that “MOTHER” is the HIGHEST rank I could ever get advanced to. His pure, unconditional love is my greatest BONUS and my PAY RAISE is when they eat a new vegetable with every meal. I guess motherhood is a career after all, we learn, we grow along with our children who forever change the course of our lives the second they take their first breath. 💨 Everything has changed and yet, I am more ME than I have ever been. 🌺 #motherhood, #foreverchanged, #careerladder, #hospitalityindustry, #workatthehotel, #hotelprofession, #sodifferent, #betterthanever, #myson, #dressshirt, #raremoments, #wheniputonshirt, #workblouse, #workingmom

What do my mornings call for?? 🤔🤔🤔 Protein packed breakfast, that’s what! I had my shake after I woke up and am now making some eggs and bacon for me and little man!! I’m so glad that he loves healthy food just as much as I do. Our shake is packed with 12g of protein and it taste like cake batter! What more could you want? And then of course the eggs and bacon together are about 23g since I add some cheese!! And all the protein goes to rose as well as Theo. I’m hoping this will make her love healthy food like her brother does lol 🙌🙌🙌 What was your breakfast? Was it as healthy as mine? No? Well, maybe you should change that. Message me and we can chat about our protein shake and how many things it has in it that are amazing for you body!! 😘😘😘 #yoli #yoliforever #foreverchanged #nevergoingback #lovemybody #lovethislife

@weareworldchallenge Sub-Saharan Africa 2018 Day 5: 17-7-2018 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🇲🇿 Day 5 was similar to our first day in Tofo. Exploring, relaxing, meeting the locals. The main beach was swarming with sellers, mainly young guys who left school to trade bracelets, coconuts, and other small items that tourists loved. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We met one guy called Fernando; he was 17, like us, and when not at school he went down to the beach to sell bracelets. Compared to the other sellers, his persistency was something unmatched. Everyday on the beach we would meet him and hed try to sell you a different bracelet from the last - even if you had already bought four (which I definitely did not do 😉). He tried to make various deals with me after I declined, such as him throwing in a dollar bill for a raised price on the bracelet, or offering three bracelets for my hiking boots. My parents will be glad to know I declined that offer - hiking later in the month in sandals did not appeal to me. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It was enjoyable watching the rivalry between the traders too. Get approached by another bracelet seller? You could be assured Fernando would be lurking behind them reminding you that you had a special deal with him. Some kind of unsigned, involuntary contract that forced you to buy from Fernando and Fernando only. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Pictured here is the man himself, Fernando; now the richest man of Tofo beach 😂. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Fernando! Tofo Beach Tofo, Inhambane Province Mozambique 18/7/2018 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Canon 1300D / Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS II @55mm, ISO 100, 1/320 sec, f/5.6

Opie and my granddaughter at her birthday party in July. . Today we have to explain to a 6-year-old that her friend and daddy’s “brother”, died last night because a man didn’t look for any motorcycles before he made a left turn... or maybe he thought he could beat them thru the intersection... it was dark so it’s not like he didn’t see the headlights!! . Whatever the case may be, he and his wife were both killed last night on their way home from an annual club event. And their kids just lost both parents in a single stupid accident!! . I just hugged this man this week. I had no idea it would be for the last time. He will be forever missed. . Hug your friends and loved ones people. Even if you’re angry, say I love you before you leave. You never know when it may be the last words they hear. . . . #opie #housemunchkin #birthdayparty #goodman #goneinaninstant #grief #numbness #hugthoseyoulove #foreverchanged #familyloss #motorcycleclub #familyman #stupidaccident #watchformotorcycles #dontbeinsuchahurry #familyforeverchanged #wewillmissyou

I love when Mondays come with rain....not. I put on some tangerine essential oil on to wake me up. I like it because its sweet and makes me feel bright. Love it. Mondays are great. . . . #essentialoils #youngliving #tangerine #mornings #monday #rainymonday #essentialrewards #member #younglivingmember #messageme #freestuff #loveit #toxicfree #chemicalfree #healthy #bestlife #sweetlife #foreverchanged #feelinggreat #better #wakeup #rain #rainyday #nottoday #nottodaySatan #yesGod #thegoodstuff

BEYOND THE BEST TIME #myultimatecrush .... #favouriteartist @dylanscottcountry I can’t put into words how much this artist has impacted my music world ...absolutely amazing ❣️😍❤️... @chaps_and_spurs #countrymusic #dylanscott #countrygirl #countrystyle #countryboy 👏 #countrysidelife #foreverchanged #forevercountry #best #favoritesinger

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” - Matthew28:19-20 Last night my family and I witnessed the power and joy freedom has on a person, not the freedom we hear about on the news or celebrate in July but a freedom that only comes in knowing you are a new person in Christ... a freedom that overwhelms you and allows you to feel loved, to feel wanted, to feel abundantly thankful... that freedom that can only come with a relationship with the one true God, His son, Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit! I praise God for the lives changed by that relationship and I pray that each day more and more come to know Him personally... because once you do, you will NEVER be the same! I will be sharing a blog about this man pictured with his hands up...make sure you are there to witness the Lord’s impact on him as soon as he walked into His presence...

I dreamt about you last night. All night! I woke up from a dream, disappointed I woke up. As I fell back asleep I could feel myself pouting that my dream about you had been interrupted. . But there you were again! And this time, the dream was even sweeter. . Both aware of our reality, we knew the time was precious. We knew you had to leave, but it was as though nobody else knew. You were throwing glances across the room to me, begging me to leave wherever we were, so we could have a few moments of quiet to ourselves. . It was the sweetest, most precious few moments to have you alive in my memory again! ❤️ #sweetestdreams #formychatbooks #keepscrolling #mrandmrs #firewife #youngwidow #foreverchanged #missinghim #trustingGod

Did anybody else wake up happy? 😍❤️ ——- #happydreams #missinghim #always #firewife #youngwidow #foreverchanged #trustingGod #faithfulheart

Go try @salsasmishawakains San Jose burrito. Seriously. Like right now. Thats right. For breakfast. Go. 🌯🤤❤️ #BrandonsOrderingGameIsStrong #LuckilyHeShared #ForeverChanged

Mom life paired with a hard as *&$^ grief journey is SUPER glamorous! Hahaha. . But. . I am learning to embrace the phrase of life I’m in right now and you should too! . Don’t hide from it, or run from it. EMBRACE it! Just let it BE and just be PRESENT. And man….just appreciate the fact that you friggin’ woke up today and are reading this message so you must have some connection to me or appreciation for what I do and share everyday OR you just like watching and reading about my roller coaster life! Lol…..Well, today my friend, is no exception…. . Usually by this time in the morning I have already checked in with my accountability groups and since I got up even earlier today to fit in my workout, I would be ready to hang with the kiddos that conveniently just woke up - a bit earlier than usual. . Buuuuuuut this morning I just woke up so psyched to get my friends and family (aka YOU!) into the FLASH SALE that my team is hosting this week. It’s crazy, like the company I work with NEVER does this so its friggin’ got me so excited - which if you watch my story you can probably tell!!! Haha . . So yeah I started the morning messaging ladies and getting them in the group and was all ready to workout before the kids work up and, well, then the kids woke up and then I finally connected with a friend from grad school that I love so much and we connected to quickly during that phase of life. Then….well, you get married, and a kid, or several, and move and life just Gets. In. The. Way. . So glad circumstances brought her back into my life, cuz, well, I can use all the support I can get and many people just don’t GET ME these days. . . Exhausted. Thankful. Worried. Hopeful. Sad. Excited…….well you get hte point. I am feeling ALL the feels today. During this phase. And quite possibly for the rest of my grieving life! But. I have people. And I have my health. And for that I am forever grateful. . . Happy Monday ya’ll! May you EMBRACE YOUR PHASE and chaos and frightful end of summer….Just embrace it. Cuz these next 24 hours are all that matters! . Yours in chaos AND calm….lol, “Coach Marissa” Xoxo . . . Ps- I will always find it fun and adorable when my FIL calls me that 🤗❤️👌🏼

Stop doubting and over thinking. Life is happening right now and you shouldn’t waste it wish it was different. Getting my mind right has been a journey so worth taking and once I started getting my health right everything around me fell into place. I’m so grateful my dear friend suggested and coached me during my 30 Day Detox/ Health Living with @arbonne not only did I loss 14+ pounds over 5 months ago, I sleep hard through the night, my adult acne is cleared, and I am free of my anti anxiety & depressions meds. I live such a fuller & well balanced life now that I have learned how to feed my body right! Thank you Arbonne and as continue my forever journey of self development. I am coaching a group of humans who are looking for change or deep cleanings to the body! We start September 3rd and I am so so excited! Get your questions answered. It’s time to make the changes in your life that are not servicing you. Allow me to help you do it.

Did you hear us on 3MDR this morning? Our recent challengers were talking about being #foreverchanged after @weareworldchallenge Bolivia trip... #worldchallenge #bolivia🇧🇴 #schoolexcursion #3MDR

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a comparison. There have been a few new friends added who don’t know my story or my past. But the big round unhappy blob on the left was me about 6 years ago. I was roughly 625 pounds and honestly death would have been better than dealing with the weight another day. Not being able to be the kind of momma I had dreamt of being broke me. Watching my mom have all the firsts with my son because I couldn’t keep up killed my soul. I finally had enough when they told me I’d never see him grow up. I had gastric bypass surgery and here I am today on the right 375 pounds lighter. I have ups and down battling depression but there are more good days than bad, and the best thing of all I’m here watching my son grow and mature into a wonderful young man. My journey is far from over. There’s still work to do but the difference is I’m happy and I don’t have a set death date hanging above my head. While I can’t redo those firsts with my son there have been so many other firsts that I’ve gotten to have with him that have restored my heart. So there’s my story thus far... there’s been quite a few waiting and watching, hoping I’d fail. All I’ve got for them is a big fat middle finger 🖕🏼 #watchmego #gastricbypass #gastricbypasssurgery #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #myjourney #foreverchanged

All I can say is thank you @trishamorganti and her husband @anthony_morganti for inviting us to the Harvest Crusade. I was deeply moved by the artist, the pastors and the overwhelming response of the believers old and new @gymratsfit thank you for opening my eyes to a world filled with gods love and all the joy that it brings! #foreverchanged

Awesome opportunity to work with the cancer survivor group again and met the most amazing people. Fixing someones hair, especially if this is their second or third set, is always a treasure. #foreverchanged

Tiny Toes 😍😍😍

This book is rocking my world. Also my 13 year old asked if she could have this book and I said oh yeah baby you can 🙌🏻 I could never thank you enough for what #rampva meant to our church and my daughter #foreverchanged #simpledevotionbook #simpledevotion

we go from glory to glory to glory Well never be the same, well never be the same We go from glory to glory to glory Were forever changed, forever changed #garnerumc #glorytoglory #foreverchanged

✨ Wild and Free ✨ This is my favorite photo I took today as I enjoyed my last day in Ecuador...this time. Atop a tower in a Neo Goth Basilica in Quito. ✨ I cannot wait to share the various insights, growth, expansion, transformation, awakening, aliveness, reclamation, discovery that I have had about myself the last two months. ✨ Right now, I feel so proud of myself. Could I have “done” more? Absolutely. I could have visited all around the country, explored more. Could I have done less? Absolutely. I could have chosen to sit back, be afraid, feel stuck, and never taken the leap. ✨ Yet I leapt. These last two days my conversations have been solely in Spanish, huge!! I have been deeply touched in my heart by the kindness of others...and also recognizing it’s a reflection of my kindness, my sincerity, my genuine gratitude. ✨ My life is forever changed. FOREVER. And every person in my life I’ve spoken to since I arrived in Ecuador has commented: How grounded I am How centered I am How radiant and glowing and vibrant I am How happy I seem How lightning fast I have grown ✨ You guys, I answered the call of the Divine. Of my heart and soul. I have learned how to deeply honor myself, my truths. How to accept all parts of myself— and I mean ALL. I took the leap, I walked the walk, and even though I don’t know where I’m going yet... ✨ I return knowing who I am. And THAT— THAT— is THE greatest gift I have ever given myself. ✨ So much love for All That Is. I am so proud of myself and the amazing, vibrant, radiant, empowered woman I have really awakened and embraced. ✨ So grateful for ALL who contributed to my growth and awakening. #foreverchanged #awakened #soul #spirit #ecuador #eternallygrateful

Because I knew I had nothing He Jesus was everything... All of Him & none of me @beedover the amazing Belinda Dover @MaximizeChurch Every Daughter 2018 #women #maximize #everydaughter #jesuscalling #foreverchanged #foreverloved #rydalmere #parramatta #sydney #australia

So im back to work tomorrow 😥😞! Which means back to meal prepping.... #foreverasmith #foreverchanged #idontworkthesummer #summerbreakisover

I think it’s safe to say rugby has had a huge impact on my life. Why not commemorate the love and bond we share with a tattoo?Not only does ohana pertain to my immediate rugby family, but rugby as a whole. #ruggersforlife #nextlevel #hochspeyer #ohanatattoo #ohanameansfamily #framily #foreverchanged

Best SS teacher I ever had. #foreverchanged

Aretha - thank you for gracing us with the beauty and soul of your voice and for being such a vocal inspiration to me! #queenofsoul #music #aretha #foreverchanged #rip #womenofcolor

As I drove down the keys... I saw an entire RV park turned to its side. It’s pretty incredible how many things stayed right where they were but the giant rv’s were all turned over. . . . . #Irma #irmastrong #keysstrong #florida #floridakeys #hurricane #hurricaneirma #oneyear #rvpark #foreverchanged #destruction @gettyreportage #reuters #gettyreportagespotlight #gettyreportage @apfmagazine @reuters #hurricanestrongtogether

6 months, half a year. Already. Miss you forever dad. #foreverchanged #lifeistoshort #seeyouagain

2 years ago compared to today! Ive changed so much and i can finally be who i am!!!! I am so happy! #ftm #transgender #transpride #pansexual #foreverchanged #mylife #donthate #westan

God is moving us from Glory to Glory to Glory 🌻 Sheep follow their Shepherd because they know His voice. They can distinguish His voice from the distraction of voices around them and follow THE voice of who is guiding them. Today PC said we’ll never follow a God we don’t know. And we won’t know who He is if we don’t slow down enough to hear Him speaking to us. We must get still to hear His voice. It is frustrating trying to hear God in a crowded environment. Too much chaos on the outside, seeps into our insides and drowns Him out. To get familiar with who He is, we need His Word. We need the quiet. The closer we tune into the voice of God the less we’ll be mesmerized by the voices around us. . . #neverbethesame #foreverchanged #jesuschurch

💙🌾 Join us in a prayer covering for all students traveling to Norway today for their ITW! We cant wait to see how the presence of God impacts them this week! #norwayitw2018 #hopecorps #foreverchanged

#Hebrews are you trying to be “good” on your own? How’s that going? If you’re trying to be without sin on your own, you’re living under the Old Testament Law-and you attempt to earn God’s favor through works. The Law is just a mirror to show us that we CANNOT reach God on our own. We need Christ. And He already did everything so we can be reconciled to God by FAITH. You will be set free from sin and have less and less desire to sin because of the HEART CHANGE through JESUS. It’s an INTERNAL RELATIONSHIP, not an EXTERNAL RELIGION. But the cool thing is: once He changes your heart, your actions will change, too. Because we do “crazy stuff” when we’re in love. After all, His love was so radical for us that He (the Son of God) laid down His life for us ❤️😍🙌🏾🙏 #radicallove #transformation #foreverchanged #jesus #holyspirit #god #bible #biblejournal #lifechange #eternal

@apopalyptic meets baby goat. #foreverchanged #betterinberlin @berlinmainstreet

“The stages of grief.” Please, takes those 4 words and throw them away because they’re trash. ——- I know there are gonna be therapists and psychologists up in arms over my statement and they’re gonna want to argue with me about how there “really are” stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. ——- No, there aren’t. ——- Those aren’t stages. Those are emotions. And they don’t line up into linear stages. ——- As soon as we tell a grieving heart that there are stages in grief...guess what happens. They start looking for each stage. “Ugh, when will I reach depression so I can hurry up and get to acceptance?” So, what happens when they have a good day? “Oh good! This must mean that I accept my broken heart! Look! The chart says that now I’ll be climbing up!” But then 2 days later, they’re angry again. “Wait, what? I’m back at the beginning? What stage is this? Where am I in grief?” ——- Next month will be 2 years since losing my husband. I have way more good days than bad days. But a couple weeks ago, something happened and I was standing there angry. So angry. My tears were hot, my breathing was rapid, and my body was consumed by anger I haven’t felt in a very long time. ——- Does that mean I regressed? I thought I was past this stage? Why am I feeling this way? ——- Because it’s an EMOTION. Not a stage. ——- When we give people the idea of stages, we limit their healing. Instead of focusing on the emotion, they’re focusing on the list. It becomes a goal to reach the next stage. They’re filled with a false hope that once they reach the final stage of acceptance, they will no longer experience the other stages. ——- “The stages of grief.” Please throw that away. Don’t give yourself or someone else the false hope of a linear timeline that doesn’t exist. ——- ❤️ #onmyheart #psa #griefrecoverymethod #stagesdontexist #herecometheexperts #rufflingfeathers #firewife #youngwidow #grief #foreverchanged #foreverhealing

The safaris at Kruger were awesome and Ill never forget them. One thing I regret doing is deciding not to take my telephoto - but I still got some alright photos with my kit lens I guess... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Saddle-Billed Stork Lower Sabie, Kruger National Park South Africa 24/7/2018 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Canon 1300D / Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS II @55mm, ISO 100, 1/200 sec, f/9.0

Is that a goat on Amy’s rear? Why yes it is! • • • This last week has been life changing all because a poor little dairy farm girl from Kentucky decided to earn some extra cash in 1982. Who’s Dream is tied to yours? • • • No words will ever describe the feels I have right now. Self Actualization Moment #328,943 just from this week: Linda Toupin just trained me on everything I will ever need to know to become a National Sales Director. Cool! Let’s do this!!!! #foreverchanged #myMKlife #marykay #LOVEunit #GodissoGood #ihaveeverythingineedrighthererightnow @goatsandyoga @lindatoupin @emilydecelis @prettylilem @lindseyestes1981 @crabbiecookie - why don’t I have a pic with you?!?!

These words are music to my #soul #foreverchanged

I think were friends😻 just about to be family😻😻 This is Kitty, we moving into her home and will be adopting her or rather, she will be adopting us😸😹 either way, we getting to know each other. I am not sure our dogs will be happy, they constantly chase away cats that come into our garden and Nessi (a cat from the hood, that I adore...Nessi teases them sitting on the walks, jumps onto veg boxes and out again😹)...Nessi and I often spend alone time in the front yard😻. Any recommendations for introducing them without scaring Kitty...the dogs will be fine knowing we there and get used to her...nervous about Kittys reaction. Funny fact about me, few years back, I didnt like pets🤔 AT ALL! I then had a breakdown and suffered from depression. My folks had a Labrador Honey, who would forcefully sit next to me and stare at me when in tears...till one day I eventually realised, hey! she is in my corner just being there and not expecting anything...She was my first love and opened a world I resisted for so long. Animals are so intuitive, compassionate and make great companions. Now, I have 3 dogs, 3 chickens and a cat in a couple of days🤪 My friends and family laugh at this love affair I have now with them😹 #foreverchanged . . . . . . . . . . . #catsofinstagram #caughtthefurbug #gettingtoknoweachother #kitty #canyoubelieve #bonding #family #sheisgorgeous #love #intuitive #friends #moving #compassion #gentle #loving

One of my favourite trips with a small but amazing group from Alec Hunter Academy through @weareworldchallenge supported by incountry agents @kalypso_adventures_ A great trip to South India #kerala #worldchallenge #foreverchanged #trekking #getoutside #getoutstayout #adventure #adventureache #traveltocreate #fewlessclouds #fstopgear #canonphotographer #lightroom

Don’t miss tomorrow: 9 or 11 am. *Jonathan will be with us leading worship and speaking to our high school youth. *we will pray over every student as they begin this school year *1st message in our new series - Your Dry Season is Over! #openarms #youmatterhere #dryseason #timesofrefreshing #lincoln #prayforstudents #comegrowwithus #dope #lifetransformation #foreverchanged #comeandsee #youllbegladyoudid

I flirt with the Idea of never knowing the path ahead! Its all apart of the Game this life pushes you through... Let the Heart guide, the Body serve and the Mind flow... This life is short lived, Enjoy every minute of it! #LifeOfATraveler #Gypsy #ForeverChanged #LiveFree 📷 : @iowafilm

What a special moment, attended the organ donation awareness walk in Timmins today. 4 transplant recipients holding banner for walk. Was great to meet everyone and share some of our stories and hear new people signing up to be organ donors. #foreverchanged #blessed #organdonationawareness #organdonorssavelives #miracles #timmins #beadonor #thankful #beadonorbeahero #giftoflife #transplantrecipient #becauseofadonor

Healing🙌, Miracles😲 and Freedom from Fear💃! God is going Amazing things!😃 COME TOMORROW @ 12:30 with an EXPECTATION, God is going to show up Powerfully!💥🔥 243 S. Commonwealth Ave Aurora, il 60506

Got this on repeat! This song changed my life! Oldie but a goodie:) Thank you @mcusa_, Pastor Lloyd, @flworship, and the whole team for pouring into my life! I would do it all over again! #foreverchanged #hallelujah #forHiskingdom #realdiscipleship

And. Im. Done. 😍

Summer’s very 1st Key Lime cupcake!!!😍😋 #foreverchanged #loveher #toddlerlife #missingkeywest #galaxycupcakes #keylime @chunkymonkeeeeee

Crab boil!!! Yes!! #foreverasmith #foreverchanged

@weareworldchallenge Sub-Saharan Africa 2018 Day 4: 16-7-2018 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🇲🇿 Our first full day in Tofo announced the start of our R&R phase of the month. A small beach town, Tofo is popular worldwide with divers and surfers - much of the local economy centres around them. Over the subsequent week, we planned to do marine conservation, relax at the beach and explore the town, and have a sunset 4x4 drive down to a beach around the headland. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ After waking up, we decided to take a trip down to the market. It was filled with local crafts: tailored clothes, wooden and telephone wire sculptures and trinkets, and lots of jewellery made with gemstones and seashells. On the other side of the market, there was an assortment of food. Fruit and vegetables including our favoured breakfast - passion fruit, banana, and bread rolls - were crammed on shelves, alongside various stalls cooking street food. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ After exploring the town, finding the supermarket and potential places to eat out at, we went back to our accomodation to relax and play cards - a popular evening activity for our group. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Pictured is a rainbow over the main beach. The showers across the subsequent few days were heavy but short-lived, and the clouds provided excellent contrast with the white-sand beach. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tofo Beach Tofo, Inhambane Province Mozambique 16/7/2018 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Canon 1300D / Canon EF-S 10-18mm IS STM @10mm, ISO 100, 1/125 sec, f/10

Oh yeah!

This is heaven right here. Just because I’m living a healthier lifestyle now doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the foods I still love. It doesn’t mean I only eat veggies 🍅 or salads 🥗 I still eat what I love. It’s all about balance. Sure I don’t get Starbucks every day anymore with my huge coffee and breakfast sammich. BUT! I STILL HAVE IT. I treat myself. Once a week I enjoy this meal. It’s to die for though 😂😉🤟🏻 You can still be on your journey and enjoy the foods you love. That’s why I loveeee this program. You still have a huge list of foods to choose from. You aren’t starving or on any sort of strict diet. You can still enjoy the foods you love! Just in smaller portions. As if I’d ever give up my Starbucks coffee ☕️🙄yeahhhhh okayyyy. No thanks. I’m still gonna enjoy what I love 😘😉 I’m looking for some babes that want to change there lifestyle around but still enjoy the foods they love! Let’s chat it up! Links in my bio 👉🏻. . . . #workinghard #youareworthy #dontdoubtyourself #committobefit #lifestylechange #starbucks #blueeyes #bostonian #cleanslate #fuelthefire #foreverchanged #goodvibesplease #happylife #indianwedding #journey #eatwhatyoulove #musically #southshore #eastcoast #womenwithmuscle #80dayobsession #nodestination #limitless #creatingchange

“Inner work is the core need of every path and every pursuit. Without it, our lives feel empty, dead, directionless and meaningless. Without it, we remain psychologically and spiritually immature. In other words, without soulwork we can never ripen into our fullest potential.” Some transformations have zero to do with your physical appearance, and everything to do with your soul and spirit. ❤️ . . . . . #soulshine #soulwork #soulsjourney #spiritualawakening #spirituality #awakening #spirit #strength #strong #strongmom #strongmama #courage #transformation #transform #different #foreverchanged #journey #soulpath #loss #trauma #betrayal #conscious #survivor #butterfly #singlemom #teachermom #empath #beautifulsoul #growth #evolved

Dutch Concert Big Band, Grachtenfestival, de L’Europe, August 16th. A band on fire!! #grachtenfestival2018 #grachtenfestival #dutchconcertbigband #kevinvandenelzen #deleurope #onfire🔥 #707fotografie #robertverhoevephotography #foreverchanged

Amsterdam Grachtenfestival 2018. Today presentation Bunschoten Young Talent award at 17:00 in Campagnie Theater by Dieuwertje Blok. Cheers!! #grachtenfestival2018 #grachtenfestival #bunschotenprijs #dieuwertjeblok #compagnietheater #707fotografie #robertverhoevephotography #foreverchanged

❤️ To the book that helped me believe... I’m Falling in love with your words again. . . . #words #bookstagram #truelove #hosea #francinerivers #redeeminglove #mytime

Often when one loses a sibling the world comes to you asking how everyone else is.. how’s Mom, Dad, spouse etc. and you’re trying to be strong all while holding in your gut wrenching feelings, memories and thoughts.. “what about me?! I’m hurting too!” but what most overlook is that you literally lost the one person who knew more about you than ANYONE in the world. Losing a sibling was my worst nightmare come to life. I literally lost everything I loved and knew in one single minute.. 💔 my brother, my best friend, my protector, my cheerleader, my secret keeper, he was my everything! ..AND I also lost the parents I once knew.. because they now are forever hurt, saddened broken and changed. #thesadtruth #foreverchanged #siblingloss #davidduchnik #prayingforpeace

Love this little boy!! Glad he enjoys doing chores at such a young age. #ForeverChanged #LoveLikeNoOther #LittleHelper

After a few weeks of some highspeed training and jumping out of a plane. I earned my wings and was welcomed into the brotherhood of paratroopers! #armystrong #foreverchanged #airborne

One of the most surreal weeks of my life! Knowledge gained, mindsets stretched, curiosity awakened, possibilities envisioned, sleep deprivision but most importantly connections and friendships formed that changed the trajectory of my life! If you have not been to #megacamp before then you need to make a plan! #kellerwilliamsrealtor #megacamp2018 #kellerwilliamsrealestate #austin #leadershipdevelopment #realtors #foreverchanged #kellerwilliamsrealty

How freaking amazing are our bodies as women?!? From being 41 weeks pregnant to 21.5 weeks postpartum I have grown SO MUCH as a person and a woman. They say not only a baby is born, but a mother is too. Juggling working full time nights, a new baby boy, and a totally awesome hubby; it was hard to find “me” time. Sacrifice, lack of sleep, and a lot morning runs, I am 4 lbs away from my weight the day I found out about my biggest blessing. I have gained a beautiful scar from an emergency c-section, stretch marks where my little man grew, and the confidence I have lacked my entire life! I LOVE that my body made my baby boy and I LOVE that it will forever be changed! I am empowered, motivated, and beyond happy with my life. Couldn’t have done it without my hubby, and a lot of family members loving and supporting me through all my stages of life! Here’s to more goals to achieve 🎉💪🏼👶🏻 #mamahustle #postpartum #blessed #mombod #goals #iamwoman #nurselife #hardwork #foreverchanged #nolimits #proudmama #csectionlove #lovethislife #mamalove

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