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Um dos tesouros escondidos pela cidade é o sebo @desculpeapoeira, que o Ricardo Lombardi define como a livraria das novidades velhas. Vale a pena fazer uma visitinha. Fica na Rua Sebastião Velho, 28-A - em Pinheiros. . . #saopaulo #instasdesp #sp #book #livraria #sebo #sampa #sp4you #vejasp #coolsampa #brazil #pinheiros #guardiancities #architecture #catracasp #aquelasp #saopaulocity #spdagaroa #spdavez

I saw the shoot as soon as I turned the corner. This gentleman mas walking towards the bridge. I had to be fast. No time to think. I slammed my car in park, turned on the 4 ways (hazards) and went running through traffic. Got into position. Dialed in my settings and grabbed the shot. Shot with the #lumixGx8 and #leica25 Iso: 200 Shutter: 1/8000 Aperture: 1.4 #changingPhotography #whereLumixGoes #lumix #lumixUSA


Bringing Basic Back | One intrepid homecook decides to master a few kitchen basics (think yogurt, pickle, samosas). How hard could it be, and will this teach her anything? Up now on @goyajournal.

Beauty is where you find it. . . . #simplepleasures #thisview

I planned on vlogging my errands in Orchard when I was overcame by how beautiful the place was. I took out my Canon 600D and started looking around when I saw this food stand. . While I was preparing to take a snap, he started waving his hands. I didn’t think he liked his picture taken. And then, one click. One. . I’m just elated that the composition of this photo was great. It wasn’t even unfocused!

East Tsim Sha Tsui

You can never buy blue sky in Shanghai. #thatsshanghai #shanghaiist #zaishanghai #instameetsh

Sunrise ❤ Stop wasting money by not using Hotels.Hotels247.online 👍 Up to 70% discount on the most incredible hotels in New York ❤ Direct link in bio 🔝 . Great picture by @captiv_8 👍 . #seemycity #guardiancities #theimaged #fatalframes #yngkillers #visualmobs #heatercentral #streetmobs #illgrammers #shotaward #agameoftones #artofvisuals #ig_masterpiece #createcommune #urbangathering #thecreative #urbanromantix #nycprimeshot #what_i_saw_in_nyc #ig_nycity #icapture_nyc #ig_great_shots_nyc #picturesofnewyork #unlimitednewyork #nuevayork

No dark without light 💙✨

Мама будет в шоке от такого..😧 ⠀ Уже давно задумывалась о своих детско-подростковых заблуждениях, забавно с них посмеяться, ведь таким мнением со мной никто не делился и уж точно никто меня такому не учил😁 ⠀ •Миф 1: Примерно до 12 лет, я считала, что я самая самая красивая😄 -Стыдно вспоминать, просто головная боль, с 10 до 12 лет я была далеко не стройная и не «самая» красивая, однако на пленочном фотике можно было найти несколько самовлюбленных селфи с большим носом в кадре (я думаю их было бы больше, если бы меня не ругали за испорченную пленку)🤦🏻‍♂️😂 ⠀ •Миф 2: «Если человек красив лицом - значит у него красивый голос» -В свое время, я серьезно занималась вокалом, с 7-ми лет во время конкурсов и выступлений, я внимательно смотрела на внешние данные участников и мнение моё было «чем эстетичнее лицо - тем красивее вокал». Шоком для меня стало то, когда самые обычные мальчики и девочки, с самой заурядной внешностью, пели ТАК!!!что меня это очень озадачило и просто слов не было.. пришлось принять вот такой факт😄 ⠀ •Миф 3: Не знаю кто вселил в меня такую самоуверенность, но до 11 лет я была уверенна, что я выиграю ЛЮБОЙ вокальный конкурс. После конкретных провалов и неудач, это заблуждение меня удачно покинуло😄 ⠀ •Миф 4: «В Латвии самые умные, самые юморные, самые талантливые люди на свете» -Нигде как ТОЛЬКО в Латвии, нет таких людей, считала что другие национальности не так расширенно мыслят, шутки не понимаю, скорее всего не догоняют, да и просто плоско мыслят. Не знаю как этот миф вовсе образовался, но разрушился он после 14-15 лет😄 ⠀ А у вас такое бывало по малолетству?😄🤦🏻‍♂️

Just a youngin’ with a dream

Fine Art DC Metro celebrates 1 year today, capturing photos of our beautiful metro system bringing together art, people, and rapid transit. We are incredibly thankful for all those who have supported this project in its first year and we have big plans to make year 2 even better!! Stay tuned and keep shooting!!! ================================= Photo Cred:@bradley_kaufman

*** They gave you a room On the 9th floor. Down below, some men Are building an overpass. And caged in the elevator My tears are slowly drying.

you ever seen a dog have an existential crisis?


for @fettinewyork this past weekend (lmk in the comments)


First go at using the Canon full frame Mirrorless EOSR. Ironically, I’m shooting into a mirror (can you see me?) The image quality is unreal. #rethinkmirrorless #streetlevel #EOSR @canoncollectiveofficial



A B E R D E E N • B O T A N I C A L • G A R D E N { 🌵 } #exploringaberdeenandbeyond

São Paulo, 29/09 - 09:47 AM.

Market St views 🌆 Right in downtown Wichita lives one of Midland Insurance’s offices. They’re a full-service independent insurance agency, and they LOVE helping people protect themselves, their loved ones, and their property. What they’ve got: 35 insurance experts in five offices 1200 business clients 100 covered farms 1000s of home & auto customers So if you have something that needs to be insured, they know how to insure it! Get a complimentary annual policy review with your #LocalLegacy card!

#Savannah is well known as a preservationists wonderland, a city of Old World charm, with remarkable architecture that was spared from the torch during the civil war by Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman because it was too beautiful and presented to President Lincoln in 1864 as a Christmas gift. -- Kevin Sack, NY Times 🎁

This is by far one of my top two favorite diners in Pennsylvania! Thanks to @modbetty for not only taking me there for a fantastic brunch and introducing me to the wonderful owner, but for @cliffhillis schooling me on the origin of scrapple. 🍳🥓 The Fisherman has been family owned and operated since 1960. Brothers, Walt & Charles, run the place since their father passed away. Their father, who was a machinist by trade and an avid Fisherman, made the counters, booths and tables himself. All the fish that was served on the menu each week was caught by him as well. The decor is out of site with atomic Naugahyde booths, Flintstone formica counters, checkerboard linoleum and vintage cigarette machine, all in perfect condition. Youll feel like you just stepped into a time machine when you walk through those doors. #vintageinterior #dinercounter #vintagediner

💛 Groovy design vibes on the lower east side ✨ #Manhattan #NewYork

Cold nights 🌥

celebrating // good news 🥂🍾

🥂🍰 Feeling ever so Eloise 🎀Tea time at the Palm Court in @theplazahotel ✨💝 #Manhattan #NewYork

Hello Fall 🍂🍁🍂🍁

Everything went well and I cant wait to get back and work on these. Thinking about coming back for the sunrise 🌅 tomorrow😜 #phillyphotographer #photography #philadelphia

Its Good To Be Tom Cruise. New York, NY, 2017 Prints/Licensing available: www.lainamcwhorter.com

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