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Back For You Part: 3 ~ A week later ~ Harry’s POV: I’ve watched your every move I know your schedule like the back of my hand. I snuck through your window looking through your apartment. While I was walking through your home I installed a few cameras throughout the place. While I was in your room I placed a Victoria Secret bag down on your bed. I found some paper and a pen and decide to leave you a note. Dear Y/n, I miss you baby girl! I hope you enjoy the lingerie I bought you. Just know I will be watching from a far. Also I want you to know that I have eyes everywhere and pretty soon your boy toy will be dead. Sincerely, Your Stalker I left the note on the bed heading out because I know you’ll be home soon. I hoped out the back window walking around the block to my car. I sped off home to check the cameras and personally to watch your reaction to the note. Y/n POV: 2:45 p.m. I parked my car in the parking garage heading into my apartment lucky for me, my home is on the first floor. I walked in my home feeling relaxed for once. After sitting on my couch for 20 minutes I finally forced myself up the stairs to take a shower. I walked into my bedroom noticing a Victoria’s Secret bag. “Oh Mason is so sweet.” I thought out loud then I noticed the note. I picked up the note reading it Dear Y/n, “I miss you baby girl! I hope you enjoy the lingerie I bought you.” Awe I love how loving Mason can be. I continued reading the note. “Just know I will be watching from a far. Also I want you to know that I have eyes everywhere and pretty soon your boy toy will be dead.” Sincerely, Your Stalker. “Oh my god. Who the fuck does this person think they are.” I scream out loud. My phone buzzed and I reached for it. -Unknown: That wasn’t the reaction I was hoping for baby girl. -Y/n: Leave me the hell alone -Unknown: Do me a favor and try on your new red lace thong -Y/n: I will not stop texting me -Unknown: DO IT NOW OR YOUR BOY DIES // It’s almost 2a.m. where I live but i didn’t want to go to bed without updating enjoy loves. I know it’s not the best but soon it will get better and really take off!! @casalena3

Bucket List - Eight I am grateful for everything that we had, for every moment, kiss, conversation, for the sex, the laughs, the gifts, the make ups and break ups but mostly for everything that he taught me because he is an amazing man and without him i think i would be  really lost, i dont regret a minute that i spent with you although i dont understand some of your choices i respect all your decisions but it was time to let to go, to let me go and let you go because everything is a lesson and while we learned together how to love, respect and share a life, its time for me to make time and space to achieve the rest of my list. Love you so much Teddy. I wish everybody could get to know you the way i did but i am happy that you choose me over anyone else. You will always be in my heart. #harrystyles #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesedits #bucketlist #jamesfranco #onedirection

me seeing the pics from this shoot ➡️ me once getting through all of them • • • • • • #harrystyles #harrycanunot #harryedwardstyles #1d #1direction #onedirection #perfect #anotherman #nature #pretty #model #love #hs1 #hs2 #harrystylesimagine #ily #like4likes

literally one of my fav photos of all time he’s so pretty • • • • • • #harrystyles #harrycanunot #harryedwardstyles #1d #1direction #onedirection #perfect #anotherman #flowers #model #love #hs1 #hs2 #harrystylesimagine #ily #like4likes

Pt. 80 She woke up, her head feeling like she was hung over, but she knew she hadn’t drank anything. She must’ve overslept, she concluded on her own, rolling onto her stomach, quickly realizing, there shouldn’t be an empty space beside her. Forcefully, she peeled her eyes open, looking around for any sign of Harry, but he was nowhere to be found. Only a messy bed and scattered clothing remained of him. “Harry,” she called out, just in case, her horse voice scaring even here. She called out again, but, there was no response. “You gotta be kidding me,” she groaned, forcing herself up and out of bed, his shirt the only thing close enough. Her clothes were discarded somewhere in the kitchen the night before. The simple thought made her smile, making her aches much more tolerable. She dragged her feet across the floor, checking for him in the bathroom first before she started to panic. Dylan had warned her that he had a habit of disappearing, she was just confident that with her staying the night, he’d stay put. “Harry!” She yelled out, quickly making her way to the front of his penthouse, finding the living room empty. “Harry!” She called again, this time, hearing odd noises from the kitchen. “I need my gun,” she mumbled to herself, carefully tiptoeing towards the noise. “What’s this?!” She rose her voice, surprised by what she was seeing. “Is that a pig?” “Shh,” Harry hushed her. “You’re scaring her.” “What is this?” “A pig,” he stated the obvious. “I see that, but what-“ “Bathing her,” he added, nonchalantly. “Okay, I see that, but why is, she, here? Where did, she, come from?” “Oh, I picked her up from the shelter!” “Shelter? Why? When? Ho-“ “This morning. You wouldn’t wake up, so, I was responsible for myself, like you want me to be and went to get new applications from the shelter, since Dylan shredded them and this little girl was being abandoned. So, I adopted her. I was going to name her, Peppa, but that’s too obvious so, I’m going with Coco, see her little spots? Yeah, so, meet my new friend, Coco,” he smiled, waving the little pigs front leg. “Dylan’s officially gonna kill my ass,” Y/N sighed, rubbing her temples, wishing her headache away.

first post.. ever! thank you to all (25 lol) people who have followed me already it really means a lot. this is a multi fan account which means i supporting multiple different shows, singers, actors/actresses, movies, youtubers dancers etc, all from one account. i hope you guys like what i post, i’ll probably post some drawings once i get a few more followers, but for now thank you so much to anyone following, my DMs are always open if anyone needs to talk and i’m mainly here to support the people who inspire me and to make friends💘 thank you so much for reading💘 - #fanaccount #fan #fanart #fanfiction #fanfic #wattpad #fanpage #multifandom #multifan #l4l #iloveyou #pride #loveislove / #harrystyles #onedirection #harrystylesedits #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesfanfic 🌈

Part 10: Wrong I roughly grabbed his shirt, pulling his lips away from my neck. I looked up at him, different feelings running through my body. I grabbed his cheeks and kissed him harder. He quickly kissed me back, it got hot very fast. He pushed his tongue into my mouth, I spread my legs apart, putting him in between them. I ran my fingers into his hair, pulling on it. I smirked a little when he groaned. I was definitely not as expereinced with sex as Harry was, hes made it very clear. Ive only slept with one person and that was my boyfriend. Sure we had sex quite a lot, but I was still a little newer to this. Plus, Harry was like 5 years older than I was. Harry pulled away, he pinned both of my hands above my head with one of his. Mm, I bet that little boyfriend of yours cant even make you cum I struggled in his grasp a little. I bet he cant even last 10 minuets He smirked down at me. Am I right? He moved his lips about a milimeter from mine. Ugh, this asshole was right. But it wasnt his fault, we were eachothers first. Hes just a little...inexpereinced thats all. Though, I did fake it almost every time. His smirk got wider when I didnt answer him. Once Im through with you, youll never wanna go back I forced my self out of his hold and cupped his cheeks. You are one cocky asshole I squished his cheeks a little. Maybe, but Im also right He kissed me for a moment. Ive been told that Im very good at satisfying a women He leaned down, kissing along my cheek and towards my neck again. I bet I could make you cum just using my fingers He ran his fingers up my shirt, playfully tickling me and making me giggle. Stop! I whine, pushing his fingers away. He smiled a bit.

Part 80. One day. “Hey” she gently touched his shoulder. He flinched then quickly looked at the direction where the touch was coming from. “Bailey” he let out a breathe. “Hey, are you okay?” She rubbed his shoulder. He stayed quiet. “Are you good?” She asked again. He shook his head ‘no’ “What’s wrong? Want to talk about it?” “No, j-just h-hold me please?” His voice cracked at the end, making my heart break into a million pieces. “Of course, babe” I sat on the bed opposite him, and held him as close as possible. . . . . #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #textingharrystyles #harrystyles

Part 79. One day. She was hesitant about what to do. She didn’t know whether she should wake him up or leave him until the nightmare stops. As seconds pass, his eyebrows grew more furrowed. Just as she was about to reach so she could wake him up. His body jerked upwards, And a few tears left his eyes. He still wasn’t aware of bailey’s presence. “Holy fuck” he mumbled while whipping his tears away. . . . . #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #textingharrystyles #harrystyles

INSYAA ALLAH AKAN DIBERKAHI KETIKA MAU MENGAMALKAN AJARAN NYA #### ▶DOA NABI ZAKARIA KETIKA MEMOHON UNTUK DIBERIKAN KETURUNAN ANAK 👼👼◀ ** Ya Tuhanku, Sesungguhnya tulangku telah lemah dan kepalaku telah ditumbuhi uban, dan aku belum pernah kecewa dalam berdoa kepada Engkau, ya Tuhanku. Dan sesungguhnya aku khawatir terhadap mawaliku sepeninggalku, sedang istriku adalah seorang yang mandul, maka anugerahilah aku dari sisi Engkau seorang Anak, yang akan mewarisi aku dan mewarisi sebahagian keluarga ku dan jadikanlah ia, ya Tuhanku, seorang yang di Ridhai 🙏** Tidak ada usaha yang akan menghianati Hasilnya , Berkeinginan untuk berusaha insya allah yang kuasa akan mempermudah jalan AMIN YRA 👼👼 Mari Konsultasikan Hambatan Kehamilan Bunda & Suami Bersama Kami Di Terapis Promil Holistic Dengan Bioentrophy Energi.  Yakin saja apa yang kita usahakan saat ini akan sampai pada tujuan Nanti.. Konsultasi Lebih Lanjut : PROGRAM HAMIL OFFICE SOLUTION PREGNANCY🌐 🔛pelayanan informasi 📋 👌Solusi kehamilan 📣infertilitas 👉kesehatan ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Untuk bimbingan dan informasi lebih lengkap ‌ ✍=====KONSULTASI~GRATIS=====✍ ____________________________________________________ WA 0895366035332 #harrystyles #harry #styles #1d @TopLikeTags #onedirection #cute #hot #sexy #l4l #directioners #directioner #wwa #wwatour #1direction #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesfanfic #topliketags #haylor #harrystylesfacts #likesforlikes #photooftheday #harrystylesedit #harrystylesfanfiction #takemehome #spam4spam #harrystylesfunny #wcw

【𝔹𝕖𝕔𝕒𝕦𝕤𝕖 𝕠𝕗 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕤𝕞𝕚𝕝𝕖,𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕞𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕝𝕚𝕗𝕖 𝕞𝕠𝕣𝕖 𝕓𝕖𝕒𝕦𝕥𝕚𝕗𝕦𝕝】😍❤️ Follow @hazzasign (me) for more❤️ • • • #harrystyles #harry #styles #onedirection #1d #directioner #1direction #hot #love #cute #happy #boys #guys #photooftheday #harrystylesimagine #instagood #hazza #hazzastyles #harryedwardstyles #lovedirectioners #harreh #harold #haroldstyles #harryimagine

Как же Найла люблю❤️ Последний раз он такое делал, когда был концерт Ван Ди✨❤️ I love @niallhoran ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ~~~ #onedirection #onedirectionedits #onedirectionfunny #onedirectionimagines #onedirectionimagines #onedirectionfandom #вандирекшн #луитомлинсон #louistomlinson #гарристайлс #harrystyles #лиампейн #liampayne #найлхоран #ziamisreal #niallhoran #ziammayne #harrystylesimagine #midnightmemories #takemehometour #upallnight #otra #hiatus #madeintheam #four #choicefandom #larrystylinson #larrystylinsonisreal

a little update on my life. I literally wanna run away so bad and like never come back again and i’ve been in this fucking situation so many damn times and still, it keeps on surprisingly getting worse and worse so yeah... it looks like im fucking dramatic but im just so fucking done at this point seriously

sksjsksjs idk what to post anymore or what theme I want :(

Part 9: Wrong For a split second I thought about kissing him back, but then reality set in. What the hell? I placed my hands on his chest, almost just giving in and pulling him closer. But he was practically my step brother, this was so.....wrong. I pushed him away for a second. I just stared at him, lost for words. Harry what the hell I gripped his shirt for a moment. I was confused as hell. Harry your my brother I say. My asshole brother I poked him, a weird feeling running through me. He just fucking kissed me. Step He pointed out. Still Harry, its...not right I mumbled. He leaned down dangerously close to me. It didnt feel wrong He lightly kissed me again and then pulled away. Besides, Ive seen that boyfriend of yours, I could give you so much...more He moved his lips to my ear. I bet I could make you scream His lips lightly kissed below my ear, making me bite my lip. It was very hard to deny that Harry was extremely attractive, but my god this was so bad. What if our parents walked in? What would people think if they found out I was messing around with my step brother? How did we even end up in this god damn situation? We were fighting and now this. I didnt push him away as his lips lightly kissed my neck. I didnt know what to do. Do I go with this? Or do the right thing and push him away and kick him out of my room for doing something beyond ridiculous. But I felt a craving to pull him back to my lips and show him that I wasnt just some little girl. I bet I could make him putty in my hands.

Just imagine: Everything is silent. It’s dark. You feel trapped, confined, claustrophobic. The music begins. You hear a roar come from the darkness. Then there are lights. It’s him. It’s Harry. • • • • • #harrystyles #harryedwardstyles #harry #harrystylesedits #harry_styles #harrygirl #harrystylesimagine #harryfeels #harrystylesfanfic #harrystylesupdates #harrystylesvideos #treatpeoplewithkindness #tpwk

Bucket List - Seven I dont know exactly when things started to get bad but i remember  2015 the second year we were together as the worst we had because he was away most of the time and i couldnt go with him so every time he was out shooting some movie and a paparazzi saw him with any girl he would be the cover of all gossip magazines and the picture of them would be stamped in every social media page in the next day. I could not decide what was worse, if was the fact that no one knew about our relationship and painted him as a womanizer or if everyone knew that we dated and i had to see this fake news everywhere and worry about what people would say. Either way i just couldnt keep what i was feeling to myself and we fought a lot about this and three thousand other tiniest little things but at the same time that i tough i had exposed all my feelings to him and we worked it out together i was keeping a lot of stuff unsaid. #harrystyles #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesedits #bucketlist #onedirection #jamesfranco


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Harry starts touching your hands, pulling you closer. You wrap your arms around his back, drunkly you smile at him. „You‘re pretty“, he says while coming closer.„Really pretty...“, he almost mumbles before pressing his lips against yours. His body is warm, his lips wet and his tounge wild as he starts open his mouth a little more and you moan quitely. „You like that?“, Harry asks between kisses. You just softly nod so he asks if you want to go with him. Chose! 1) hell fucking yes 2) nah.. 3) maybe baby

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