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Up until two years ago, I had never really taken care of my body or my mental health. The times I worked out & ate healthy were ONLY because I wanted to look a certain way, cause I thought that would make me happy. & I took extreme measures to get to that lower number on the scale. ⁣ ⁣ I’ll be happy WHEN I get to 115lbs. I’ll be happy WHEN I’m a size 0. I’ll be happy WHEN I can wear a crop top. I’ll be happy WHEN... you see the pattern? ⁣ ⁣ The most important advice I can give you, is that happiness is an inside job ❤️ A number, or size you wear will NOT make you happy, if you aren’t doing the mental work. ⁣ ⁣ Do things that make your soul happy. Be proud of yourself every step you take on this never ending journey. Don’t think you are “too good” for self help/personal development books.. I wish I started reading them earlier. Pay attention to the words you say to yourself, & work on being more positive & loving to you & others. ⁣ ⁣ It’s easier said than done for sure, but I wish the girl on the left knew this sooner.

Tuesday it is. Monday gone and I’m not sure how it went by so fast 💨 . And I’m feeling not perfect at all. I made tiny plans to get my preparation going and finalized for Christmas 🎄. Instead Emma now has a skin rush that itches her terribly. She has been whiny all day yesterday and today and she isn’t even back on track health wise after her nasty stomach flue... I am entirely out of it and as you can see from the pic, there are wrinkles, under eye circles and yes this nasty arm pit fat of mine! . Honestly, I had several moments today where I almost lost it. I just thought „I‘m a bad mom having not enough patience and I can’t even take care of my small to do list“ . So there it is I’m sharing my human part, not perfect at all but ordinary. I‘m a mom who tries her best every day but there also many moments where I struggle. And when I mean „struggle“ it’s the sort of „I need to scream out of the window and punch 🥊 a punching bag kinda“ moment. 🤬😬 . So instead of telling myself some negative stuff I had to remind myself just now that this is the wrong outlet. Our mind and the words we speak to ourselves are so powerful, it should be used to our advantage instead of the other way around. . So here it comes and hopefully it helps you on these kinda days as well: ⬇️ . 🔸 I am real. I am smart. 🔸 I am lovable. I am worth it. 🔸 I am beautiful in my way and: 🔸 I am strong. 🔸 I am a strong woman and a #strongmama ⠀⠀ Amen 🙏 . ➡️ and now ladies go and work the shit out of your booty!!! 💪 (at least I will now - but no boxing I promise) 😂🙈😋 . Happy Tuesday night you all!! ✌️

I’ve been asked so many questions about supplements working in the fitness industry. What do you think about _______? Good or bad? When to take them? Do they actually work? Generally, I don’t prescribe any supplements to my clients, nor do I take many myself. There are multiple reasons why I don’t think they benefit the average person, but for starters—they aren’t the magic pill. If you aren’t taking care of your big health ‘rocks’ like drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, eating healthy, or exercising—supplements won’t do you any good. If your looking for a preworkout, coffee or tea is a great alternative. If you’re lacking protein in your diet, try getting more from food, not from shakes. Take care of the big rocks for your health before you start looking for a magic pill. #supplements #preworkout #fittips #fitness #lifestyle #nutrition #personaltrainer #workout #fitnessmotivation #strengthtraining #coach #fitlife #wellness #bootybuilding #progress #mindpump #muscle #instafit #fitspo #fitmom #momswholift #postpartumfitness #squat #momlife #health #fitnessjourney #igfitmoms #protein

😂😂😂. Yes. I know I am red and sweaty and my hair is flying and am the epitome of a hot mess. #lookaway

Pratima can you just walk! 😅 I try tho 🤪 I don’t know if I can just #walk 😝 A #fitmom #fitmama what can I say #fitover40 😁 I walk when I think I need to slow down for somebody 😂 #ptpratima #fitfam #fitlife #fitlifestyle #igfitfam #igfitmoms #igfitlife #igfitlifestyle #stayfit #stayfocused

Repost from @thefitlondoner for a hearty bowl of #proats (protein + oats) for these cold winter mornings. I love adding a high quality protein powder to my oats to help get up to my minimum of 80 grams of protein a day. What sneaky ways do you include more protein in your diet? • #healthypregnancy #healthymom #fitmomsofig #momsofig #igfitmoms #fitmommy #fitpregnancy #strongmom #mamafuerte #schwanger

No one ever regrets starting their health and fitness journey.🤷🏻‍♀️ . You might regret not starting it sooner, or regret a small bump in the road. But you won’t ever regret STARTING it.💫 . My New Year boot camp is gearing up and I’d love for you to join us! Are you ready to make 2019 an amazing year?!🙌🏻 kdiprojetto@Gmail.com

Thought of the day. I’ve dreamed of when I’d have the job I love, beautifully decorated home, fun vacations planned, and stress-free simple life. My actions never quite aligned with my dreams. Now I work towards my dreams every day. Well...Saturday’s are reserved it fun. Make 2019 your best year! Do new things, do things that scare you. Nothing new will happen if you don’t get off the carousel and get on the roller coaster.

Aren’t these just the cutest 😍 I had to share with you!! If you are still looking for a quick and easy but adorable little handmade gift idea check these out! I found the idea in our local House & Home magazine and I am sooo doing these! You mix handfuls of bath salts, Epsom salts, and natural dried herbs and flowers with essential oils to make sweet smelling and soothing bath teas. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ this idea! #diy #craftymom #diymom #giftideas #handmadeinspiration #handmadegifts . . . . . #mom #momlife #sahm #sahmlife #stayathomemom #toddlermom #eatclean #cleaneating #cleaneatingmom #girlmom #girlswholift #liftingmom #canadianmom #21dayfix #zumba #weightlossjourney #fitfam #mentalhealth #momsofinstagram #igfitmoms

THIS TWIN MOMMA IS 26 WEEKS 🖤 . . I have been feeling the best that I have since PRE #tttssurgery. Its crazy how such a tiny incision can knock a lady down! Legit a 3 mm incision! BUT a 2.5 hour surgery can take a toll on the ol muscles I tell Ya! Laughing, sneezing, sitting up, walking, standing... it all hurt . . This past week Ive really cleaned up my nutrition & Ive increased my veggie intake, as it always seems to be the first to take a fall. This literally gave me a boost of energy. Some nights are still restless, struggling to stay asleep due to discomfort. The babies are growing though, which is GREAT, so I will take these discomforts for THEM to stay in that oven MUCH longer. My belly is starting to feel itchy 🤷‍♀️, I think its also that growing thang. I ONLY wear maternity clothes- THEY are LIFE right now 😂 . . The fluid around the babies is still of concern. We are in the city twice a week for regular scans. Righty (the NOW donor, but ex-recipient) has minimal fluid and the membrane has flapped over it. Its fluid fluctuates from no measurable pocket to a 2 cm pocket. Righty has stayed in the normal range of fluid (besides when I was re-sent to Toronto it was at 10 cm). Babies dopplars and bladders/stomachs have been looking good. For now we are hoping they just remain happy in there for much longer and dont share too much 😉. Each week I feel a layer of stress & worry removed. The latest that they would do another laser surgery would be 27 weeks, so we just need to hang in there for another week to avoid another trip to Toronto & of course spend the Christmas at home 🎄👪

Breath LIFE into YOURSELF. 🌱 . . I never thought that ketones would take me far. I had already tried everything and it was literally my last step before i was going to seek the surgery route. I had finances saved and everything! . . I told my husband I’d give it 6 months and that was it. He said.. it can’t hurt . . Two weeks from now makes an entire year of drinking ketones every single day. . . Raging Mood swings are a thing of the past. . . I’m a mother with energy who is happy to play with her kids and not exhausted from my body just feeling dark. . . I would have laughed in your face last year if you told me this was something i could drink that would help. .. .. Glad i opened myself up to a what if. Because that what if changed not only my life but the way i think of things and the way i welcome all NEW things.

BACK DAY! ⠀ ⠀ Some ‘basic’ exercises for your next back day! I’m a true believer in the basics. It’s always fun to learn new exercises, but the basics are basics because they work!! ⠀ ⠀ Bent over cable rows ⠀ Lat pull downs ⠀ Old school T Bar rows ⠀ ⠀ Happy lifting, babes! ❤️⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ______________________________________________________ #buckedupbabes #fitnessgirlguide #bettermyself #workoutvids #gymroutine #youaremagic #getfitgirls #manifestyourlife #personaltraining #bossbabetribe #adidaswomen #instafitfam #femalebusinessowner #fitgirlsofig #fitmomlife #discoverunder100k #igfitmoms #momswhoworkout #fitgirlsunite #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #bbg #bbggirls #fitnessjourney

How about this #transformationtuesday for ya?! Today, let’s celebrate the fact that almost anyone can have access to the most incredible library of workouts out there!! You don’t have to have a gym membership, an hour a day or even a car to get an awesome sweat sesh in! I turned my office into a home gym and transformed my body into the best shape ever! Who wouldn’t want thousands of workouts available to stream whenever you want, and wherever you are??! A few short years ago we were dreaming of having access to online workouts and my company delivered!! My sister and i coach together and we have helped so many people, just like You lose hundreds of pounds & inches and realize how much better life is on the healthy side! Truth is, we only have one body and one life to treat it right, what are you waiting for?!! We have a test group for a BRAND NEW, 20 minute, total body + mind program opening soon! We would love it if you dropped a 💜 in the comments to learn more! • • • • • #fitmom #scottsdale #momswholift #tempe #az #phoenix #arizona #momlife #fitlife #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #asu #postpartum #fitmomsofig #noexcuses #fitgirl #scottsdaleaz #girlswholift #fitchick #yogamom #girlswithmuscle #fitmoms #fitnessmotivation #igfitmoms #healthymom #fitchicks #getfit #transformation

✖️Snatches up to 85% x5 reps & Snatch complex 1HPS+OHS+HS 80%✖️ #snatches #snatch #snatchcomplex #crossfit941

Putting my carbs to good use in this transformation Tuesday! 🍪 I am so excited about this post bc y’all this is work I AM PROUD OF! I remember seeing that pic on the left and thinking “wth where is my butt”?! 🍑 So, I set out on the track to build one bc YOU CAN build your body (& your booty)! I dropped my cardio down and started lifting those weights 🏋️‍♀️ now the results are showing. Same old ratty hair but a new bod AND 12ibs lighter. Yes, lighter! All that being said... HMU, slide in those dms, email me! If you want to see change and meet your goals I AM HERE TO HELP YOU! Let’s build your dream body together! 💕🌈💕

Trying to get over this cold over here 🙋🏼‍♀️🤧 and craving a breakfast burrito (my fav) so I am trying to get back into my low carb lifestyle way of eating with this deliciousness right here. It certainly did not disappoint! Swipe to see which tortillas I used. . . . #lowcarb #lchf #momlife #igfitmoms #keto #fitmamas #homeschoolmom #eatclean #jerf #healthyfamily #healthygoals #selfcare #ketocommunity #macros #momoftwo #motherhood #ketobreakfast #eatrealfood #ketomom #motherhoodunplugged #fitmomgoals #hflc

And if you gain a little from holiday treats, don’t fret. The new year will be here soon! Enjoy.

Almost #5monthspostpartum now and I still pretty much look like the picture on the right. My body hasn’t “bounced back” the second time around and I’ve been way more gracious with myself. Proper nutrition and regular exercise throughout my pregnancy definitely helped though! It’s crazy what our bodies are capable of, isn’t it? I never really grasped that until my own body went through it.

Surround yourself with those who are inspired, excited, and grateful. Energies are contagious. ❤️🎄 #delgadotackysweaterchristmasparty #mypeople #dieselnation #yesiamwearingwearingshorts

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Enjoyed alittle gingerbread house building with my ❤ today! I have missed every class party/activity up until today. Its hard not to feel guilty for being a working parent. He was so happy to have me there, I think I needed it more than he did. I love him so much and cant wait for his class party Thursday! 🎄

Check it out! 18 of my favorite healthy recipes! Includes: Keto / Vegetarian / Gluten-Free Download it for FREE from my website : KINGBODYFITNESS.com #happyholidays

2019 goals 🙌 - Have you thought about your 2019 goals and what you want to achieve?? - The usual things we hear are New Years resolutions; I want to get fit and eat healthy, stop smoking, stop eating sugar etc etc etc. - But don’t fall into the trap of doing something because it feels like the right thing to do and everyone’s doing it, because you will fail. - Do something because you truly believe in it, something deep in your heart you want. If you truly want something you will make no excuses and someone’s reasons for doing something maybe different to yours, so stick to what you believe in. - I don’t really believe in New Years resolutions, I believe in setting yourself goals and targets for where you want to be in 2019, and writing out a plan of action. - A target is always essential and a plan. If you say I’m going to give up sugar are you being realistic? - P.S. can you appreciate my tan 😂😂 - - #bbg #gymshark #squats #healthspo #gymvideos #gfg #bbgmoms #bbgbabes #gymsharkwomen #healthlifestyle #femalefitspo #bbgstronger #gymsharktrain #myproteinuk #myproteinwomen #gymsharkleggins #workoutplan #gymgear #supersets #lowerbody #gluteday #legdayworkout #fitnessinspo #gracefitguide #bbgprogress #igfitmoms #gymlovers #bbggirls #gymsharksspotted #beavisionary

So I spent the summer going through an awesome 4 day workout program that uses a combo of weights, hiit moves and core focus and only completed round 2 a few weeks ago. Shortly after, I started a new program that is completely hiit moves, 6 days a week and let me tell you what, it’s been a major change! Near the end of round 2 of my 4 day a week program, I was feeling pretty good and strong! Confident in myself and my capabilities of physical fitness. Boy was that a false sense of confidence! •• ⠀⠀ Y’all this new hiit program I’m doing is TOUGH! Where I once thought I could handle hiit from the little I did of it in my prior program, this 25 minute program is kicking my booty! Isn’t that the way it is in our walks with the Lord? We become confident and at ease when life seems to be going just the way we’d like it to. Yet, in a instant, God can bring us into a new season and instantly shake things up for us, reminding us that it’s He in whom we should have our confidence, not ourselves... so here’s a friendly reminder to find your strength and confidence in God everyday. Ps. Soooo god I’m doing this program in preparation for a new program launching in January! Definitely the perfect training program for the one to come!! Double tap if you want more info on the new program!! 💗

Follow @ajarvisthing on YouTube as she completes my 12-week online postnatal fitness program, Abs after Baby, to heal her core and #diastasisrecti after baby number 3. • • • • • • • #postnatalfitness #postnatalexercise #diastasisrecovery #absafterbaby #vlogger

If you have time for jealousy then you’re not busy enough working on your own grass. GET BUSY! 👏

Nearly 300 pounds before - after my 4th kid I stopped weighing myself after I saw 289. It’s been easier to continue eating and keep the scale “out of sight out of mind”✨ . . . My “sad story” to go along with my weight gain: ..... Growing up I was always extremely active. State Champ Varsity Volleyball, Majorette, voted most athletic in Highschool... ya I was that... I was also bulimic for about 6 years (part of highschool and college).... so I’ve never really had a good relationship with food.... after I had my first kid, I gained so much weight (roughly 80 pounds) and it was just overwhelming... it didn’t help that I was a part of a church belief that made me feel like taking care of myself was “vain” and “selfish”... it was a believe that women were inferior and created for men.... women are the spawn of satan 🙄blah blah... 😂 that’s another story for another day, but it all contributed... since leaving the belief, our lives have made a 180 for the better! And I have started to take care of myself physically, but more importantly mentally❤️ . . . These pics are roughly a 60 pound difference, and if you can’t tell the left one is current and the right one is my ‘Before’✨ . . . Day one was a success and I woke up feeling great. My back hurts but I think it’ll ease up the more weight I lose... Here’s to many more successful days🥰 . . . #transformingshay #vulnerability #psoriasis #weightloss #weightlossjourney #100poundstolose #fitfam #healthyvegan #bingeeatingrecovery #transformationfitnation #fitnessafterkids #mentalhealth #fitquest #fitness #postpartumdepression #getfit #questtofitness #igfitmoms #momfitness #fitmom #milfgoals #igfitness #fitnessinspiration #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #fattofit #100poundjourney #veganfitness #fitvegan #saggingskin

We are SOOOO proud of Ashley & Sarah 🎉 I mean, LOOK AT THESE FIERCE MAMAS!! Sarah is mom to 4 kiddos under 6 years old and has been part of our FI4MOM Central Cincinnati village for over a year. She lost over 11 inches and 11 lbs and gained some serious muscle definition during her transformation! 💪 I was ready to get back on track with fitness and nutrition after having my 4th baby but wasn’t really sure where to start. I needed support and accountability and that is exactly what Body Back gave me. Body Back gave me all the tools I needed to be successful in achieving the goals that I set for myself! Sarah. Ashley is mom to 2 kiddos and has been a very special part of Our Village for over 2 years. She has lost over 8 lbs and 15 inches during her #bodybacktransformation and has gained some major strength and confidence <3 Give them some love in the comments below! Whos your fit mama inspiration??

**Back &Triceps Day** Reverse Grip Pull Down Back Extensions Standing Dumbbell Row Wide Lat Pull Down Straight Arm Push Down Seated Row Skull Crushers Triceps Push Down #workout #workoutvideos #backday #fitmoms #fitmom #momof4 #fitness #fitgirl #momswholift #momlife #sahm #fitmomsofig #postnatal #bodybuilding #naturalbikinicompetitor #igfitmoms #momstrength #strongmom #bikinicompetitor #bikiniprep #npcbikini #health #weightloss #babyweight #postpartum #bodyafterbaby #fitfam #exercise #instamama #fitmomsinspire

End of story ✔️wake up with purpose.. go to bed sore 🤦🏽‍♀️😩🤣💪🏽💪🏽🏋🏽‍♀️ #fitlife #igfitmoms #fitmumma #fitover40 #transformationtuesday #yesyoucan #healthyeating #fitfam #igfitfam #homeworkout #homegym #womenwholift #mumswholift #change #beliveinyourself #fitoverforty #strengthtraining

Upper body today!!! It’s been raining like a mofo today but I got my ass to the gym anyway. Here’s my workout... 4 sets x 10 reps 1️⃣Pull-ups (as many as you can) Not pictured 2️⃣Military press 3️⃣Rows 4️⃣Front Raises Superset 4 sets x 15 reps 1️⃣BB skull crushers 2️⃣Hammer Curls . . Enjoy🔥🙌🏼 . . #strongmom #iifym #motivationforfitness #motivationalfitness #motivationfitness #motivationgym #igfitmoms #flexibledieting #iifymgirls #momswholift #fitmomsofig #girlsthatlift #momswithmuscle #ifitfitsyourmacros #fitmommy #shelifts #flexibledieter #momswhoworkout #girlsthatsquat #fitmomsinspire #girlswithmuscles #bodyafterbaby #bootygainz #squatbooty #bootygoals #squatspo #bootybuilder #bootyfull

I have been coming to visit my Nana and Papa in Florida for as long as I can remember. I am feeling all the feels being back here with them this week. ☺️ . Nana, and her friend June are longtime friends, and workout class buddies. I always love going to classes with them when I am here. Today was no exception, they were both gushing about instructor Kelly Kappel McClannahan, so I knew I was in for a great class aka going to be sore af. . . I still can’t keep up with my Nana! 😂 . I love having such strong role models in my life, in wellness, in commitment to taking care of themselves and being a part of community. Nana, is totally one of my mentors in that. Hands down. She has always demonstrated and modelled wellness, not just talk about it. . 80 years young, and she kicked my ass again in class. I absolutely love it. I love to be inspired + motivated to keep trying harder. . Tomorrow, I am challenging Nana to our new 20 minute program, if I can move. 😂 . Happy Tuesday friends ... who are your role models? Can we make a challenge today to reach out to them and tell them?? ❤️ . . Xo K

The movement is coming! To think, if I hadn’t started my health & fitness journey, I could’ve missed this 💪🏽 If I hadn’t took the first step, I could’ve missed running around with my kids. I could’ve missed the feeling of no pain from Plantar Fasciitis. I could’ve missed the relief from my migraines. I could’ve missed knowing what my body is truly capable of. I know starting a health & fitness journey is scary...I’ve been there...twice! But think of what you could be missing out on if you don’t take that step. Take the step! Join me on a 30 day challenge that includes custom workouts, meal plans, nutrition help and guidance from from fitness professionals. Myself and hundreds of others will be there to help you up and get you to the top ⛰ Take the step! Make the commitment to yourself 💕 Drop a “Me” in the comments or messsge me.

What a difference one year of being consistent can do.. it’s not always easy and I don’t be in the word motivation.. it was discipline I wanted this more than just staying the same! ❤️ when you believe and stop telling yourself you can’t do something thats where your magic will happen!

Do it for yourself be grateful enough for your health and the ability to become stronger. Dont ever take it for granted . You only live once. #fitinspiration #fitnessgirl #fitlife #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #fitwomen #igfitness #girlboss #girlswhosquat #lungetransformation #legs #gluteworkout #gluteactivation #bootylicious🍑 #dedication #bodybuilding #bodygoals #fitchick #igfitmoms

The point is not to get better at doing. It’s to get better at being. It’s to get more comfortable at being. You don’t need to do so much. Just be. Regram @lightfulyogini ✔️

😍💎Keep close to your heart all those precious moments Our necklaces offers exceptional craftsmanship in Just 3 easy steps: 1) Select Photo 2) Adjust it 3) Confirm the changes. 👉 Follow us @babydelighted (me) • •📸 Upload your photo (📱 or 💻) •💎 Select your style •💖 Perfect gift for family, friends or loved • • • • • 🌎 www.babydelighted.com • • • • • #momswholift #momlife #fitlife #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #postpartum #fitmomsofig #fitgirl #girlswholift #fitchick #yogamom #fitmoms #fitnessmotivation #igfitmoms #healthymom #fitchicks #getfit #fitmama #strongmom #yogaanywhere #workoutideas #yogaleggings #logalegs #athleticwear #igfitmoms #fitmominspire #fitmomclub #nycprimeshot #sunshinestate #seattlewa

I want to start highlighting ladies who inspire me + you! So I decided to start with this #littlelady Miss Emery Mae 🖤 This girl was life flighted while we were on vacation for an emergency surgery on a septic knee. Oh, and my husband was gone on a 7 week journey in INDIA. There is more on my @laciefigueiredo page + I hope to put out a blog post with the whole story, but dang it brings back a lot of emotions. The words I kept repeating over her were how BRAVE + STRONG she was. She is a fighter. I had to highlight my little warrior princess 👑 because during a crazy time in my life her love for life kept me going. She inspired me to slow down and find the good through it all especially when nothing went as planned for some of her “simple” procedures. Even in a pain she laughed + made the nurses laugh because she had a silly spirit. We slowed down and played with lotion, and colored for hours. This girl has a gift about her that shines bright in the moments you want to lose hope. #herlifeoutloud

Mondays are for BOOTY! 🍑 been starting to add more weight to my deadlifts and squats. Also, I’m using less the Smith machine. Note to self: progress, not perfection! I still need to improve my form but Rome wasn’t built in one day, right? 👊🏻. #bootyfordays #legday #squatspo #squatsbooty #gymlife #mondaywork #fitnessmotivation #strongomma #fitmom #igfitmoms #gymvideos #bootygrowth

Feeling a smidge leaner then i have lately 🤷🏼‍♀️. But I’m not even going to lie. I didn’t want to get out of bed...I didn’t want to go to the gym. But @tiffwilly texted me saying she was on her way there so I rallied. Mixed up some @fitonomy BCAAs first. Good taste...get your water in...aid recovery. I got a good workout in and I’m glad I went. It’s so easy to just say...a new year starts in a few weeks so just do whatever and go hard in the New Year. So I am a teeny proud of I’m still trying here.

This has been one hell of a year. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for me. All good things I hope 🤞🏻💕 . . . . . . . . . Down 132 pounds and counting . . . #fitmom #weightlossjourney #fitness #fitfam #fitnation #vsg #girlsthatlift #strongwoman #weightlossstory #fitnessjourney #fitlife #yoga #igfitmoms #fitspiration #instafit #liftheavy #wls #weightlossmotivation #weightlosstransformation #bodybuilding #keto #weightlossinspiration #bodypositivity #gettinghealthy #gettingfit #loveyourself #losingweight #gymlife

Happy #transformationtuesday #fitfam OMG, do you see this?? I DID that 😍 One day I got tired if just existing and I made changes that saved my life! Its so damn cliche but if I can do it, so cam you!! Believe in yourself just a little and youll be amazed at how far youll go!

🎉 I’m officially 1 of over 1,400 people in the U.S.!!!! ⛵️It has been an incredibly long process, but I have reached an important milestone in my journey! 🤔Until very recently, Health and Wellness Coaching has been an unregulated title. Despite my 26 year Nursing background and a career change to Online Health and Wellness Coaching five years ago, anyone (even people in sales, with no education in physiology of the human body) can refer to themselves as a “Coach”. 📚 During the past 16 months, I’ve been working behind-the-scenes to achieve highly sought after credentials: 1) As an Advanced Level Nutrition Coach with specialization in Behavior Change Coaching and 2) National Board Certification. 🏅 I completed the first goal, which took me an entire year, this past September and officially received my Board Certification yesterday, notifying me that I’d: passed a rigorous 4.5 hour exam administered by the Board of Medical Examiners; met the cumulative hours requirement; passed my Mentorship period (similar to an internship); vetted through my professional referrals; and verification of the past five years of Coaching. 🎓I haven’t felt such pride since I graduated Nursing School and achieved my Board Certification as a Registered Nurse! I’m now qualified to bill insurance on behalf of my Clients with participating Health Plans and they can trust that they receive a standardized level of Coaching! ♥️ Shout out to my family and friends for their unending support and encouragement! I did it guys!!!!

Have you been on the struggle bus lately???? Girl ME TOO!! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ I dont know if its the time of year or the lack of SUNSHINE🌞 but i have been STRUGGLING to push play. - - I still workout daily but the mental battle than happens right up until i actually workout sucks. But One thing Ive learned is that working out is THERAPY.🤗 So when its a stressful season in our life (hello christmas) + theres little no to sunshine + winter blues kick in + and if your a stay at home mom MAJOR cabin fever is happening (anyone relate)??? Its even MORE important to workout. Its my SANITY EVERYDAY but especially in the winter months. ❄❄❄ - - So heres your reminder that even when things are HARD, you can FIGHT against those stresses than attack us. Dont forget to take time for yourself momma and get your sweat on. Here we goooo......daily workout clips on IG stories EVERYDAY...(or it didnt happen right?😜😜)

: : Target those rear delts. So many people forget those whilst training shoulders. : : Concentrate on the rear delts. This is turn gives the shoulders fullness and a sculpted look. • • • • • #fitmom #momswholift #fitspo #fitlife #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #shoulderworkout #fitmomsofig #noexcuses #fitgirl #girlswholift #fitfam #shoulder #fitspiration #girlswithmuscle #fitmoms #fitnessmotivation #igfitmoms #fitness #fitchicks #getfit #transformation #fitmama #strong #momswithmuscle #influencer #ukblogger #blogger #manchesterblogger

I once read a post about #diastasisrecti that went something like, I chose surgery because I want to be able to do whatever exercise I want not the exercises I have to. Ok. So surgery is a legitimate route to take to treat a DR. But nobody gets to choose to do whatever exercise they please. Movement takes practice. Complex movement takes more practice. It is said that no movement can be achieved with ease until at least 1000 repetitions have been completed. It took me over a year to learn the #hangpowerclean. I didnt wake up one day and have the strength or coordination to clean 65 pounds. I practiced. I practised. And I practised some more. Surgery doesnt mean you can avoid rehabilitating your body or retraining your core. Surgery doesnt mean difficult exercises will suddenly become easy. Surgery, in my opinion, is the route to take when your rehabilitation hits a wall because the fascia or muscle damage is too significant. I can deadlift 245 pounds, I can back squat 160 pounds and I can clean 65 pounds with no issues all a 3 finger diastasis recti (naturally reduced from 7 fingers). I would challenge anybody without the training experience and no DR to do the same. #exercisefirst #practicemakesprogress #diastasisrecovery

My shoulders are still screaming from Sunday’s shoulder workout!! I’ll be sharing MY workout schedule with you all soon!! Keep your eyes open for my additions to my website!! Lots of fun goodies coming your way!!

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Two weeks from today, my baby will be 13. I’m emotionally unprepared. I am also just so grateful for all that God has done in our lives; He is gracious, kind, and unconditionally loving. Would you read the (short version) story of my son’s arrival if I wrote it? Becoming a mom at 18 was something that obviously changed and grew me... and this handsome, intelligent, humorous boy is a miracle. 💕 Tell me about your children! How old are they? Any fun stories?!

Be F°°KiN RAD. BE BAD ASS AF. No one completes you. No one is your other half. Look deep and see that you are untouchable, amazing, full of your own super powers... And that you are WHOLE!! Then maybe, just maybe... Share that with someone else who gets that as well! 2019 IS OUR YEAR PEOPLE. GET IT!


Even on vacation, wake up, MomCrack, and press play!!! No excuses. ✌️ Now we are off for a family breakfast. 💗

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