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Ended up doing events last night because of the snow we are getting this weekend. 900lb (409kg) frame DL for a decently easy set of 6. @arnoldsportsau is only a 8 weeks away... time to push!! @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @w.o.w_straps @xploape @consistency_breeds_growth

My 10 year challenge. 17 ➡️ 27. This year marks my 10th year of doing Strongman... what will 2019 bring!?!?

10 Year Challenge 😳

Time to put up or shut up!! @arnoldsportsau March 15/16, @giantslivewsm Log Lift world challenge April 6th in Leeds and then hopefully onto WSM. Busy 2019 is planned, but nothing will stop me! “Train to be the person they said you would never become!” @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth @team_sibya

We stayed until 8:01 🤫 (caption courtesy of the gorgeous @jaleixo)

Training hard for the @arnoldsportsau in March! Raised pulls at 785lbs (357kg) @derekpoundstone has been full steam ahead and nothing will stop me! Bodyweight has been creeping up, but thanks to @consistency_breeds_growth I am staying lean-ish (for a fat guy). @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @w.o.w_straps

When the world is full of love,My underwear is full of heart. #gaymuscles #gay #LGBT #instaboy #instagay #gaysian #asiangay #gayasian #gayfit #gaytravel #instamuscle #instamuscleboy #gayboy #lifestyle #heart #love #underwear

The one thing I never paid attention to was what people told me I would never accomplish! I had my goals, I had my dreams and I let nothing get in my way! @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth

#tbt to this past summer working on filming for @officialstrongman_ . Put a gay man in front of a camera and magical things happen!! If you haven’t yet, sign up for this amazing website to get in depth tutorials and advice from the top strongmen in the world! You also get live stream access to all of the @giantslivewsm events!!!

I love getting fan art! Getting bigger and better each and every week! 2019 is shaping up to be a busy year! “Train to be the person they said you would never become!” @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth

I don’t usually post squat videos, because yes, I know... I don’t go below parallel. But this is something I’m pretty stoked about. 700x5 (318kg) last week with just a light wrap on the knees. 2019 is off to a big start!! @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @consistency_breeds_growth @w.o.w_straps @team_sibya

How did I get so lucky?!? #mcm #glitter #englishbulldog #fiance 😍😍

Worlds Strongest Man in my eyes 💙

Meet my client @memaw1025 . Memaw started with me over a year ago with the goal of getting strong AF. Over the past few months, the goal has been to get healthier. Picture in the right was taken this summer, on the left, this week. She has lost nearly 20lbs WHILE GETTING STRONGER!! So proud of you Memaw, keep crushing it and showing everyone that age is just a number! If you want to get strong, healthy and fit, DM me for online coaching!!!

#tbt to when I set the 105kg Log Press World record at 410lbs (186.5kg). People forget I was/am the best 105kg presser ever... who thinks they can beat this? @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth @xploape @strongmancorporation

Excited to start incorporating Strongman training alongside my CrossFit workouts! I can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring! 💪🏼😄

Hey everyone!! Don’t forget to sign up for the strongman seminar featuring myself and @derekpoundstone on February 3rd at @lightningfitness860!! The seminar will be from 10-3 and include hands on coaching, demonstrations and Q&A!! Link to register is in my bio, DM me with any questions!!

It takes a lot for me to get amped up for training, but I wanted to go out of 2018 with a bang!! 450lbs (205kg) x 2 last night!! Hey @giantslivewsm who’s the best American log presser?? @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth @kingsoftheoverheadpress @kingofthelifts @strongmanmotivation

Squatting has never been my strongest lift, but this year at @theworldsstrongestman I proved my strength! I had never squatted 800lbs before, and doing it on this stage as the last rep was unforgettable. My performance in 2018 may not have been what I had hoped for, but I promise, in 2019, I will be strongest and faster than ever!! “Train to be the person they said you would never become” @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth

Back when I was strong & fit, then graduate school got in the way 🙄💪🏼

Words can’t describe how proud I am of you for following your dreams and making it a reality! We talked about you making it to Worlds Strongest Man since the day I met you, almost 5 years ago. 2019 is going to be your year and I cannot wait to be there by your side 💙

Every Beast needs his Beauty 😍😍👬

Training for the @arnoldsportsau and things a coming together perfectly!! Little stroll with 1005lbs (457kg) in about 8 seconds. Excited to see how this prep comes together with @derekpoundstone guiding me! @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth

Get those nut(crackers) away from my face 🥜

There’s no wrong way to make a family 🌈👬 #loveislove #pride #merrychristmas

Who’s ready for some strongman today?!?? Hitting events today and I couldn’t be more excited!! Training hard for the @arnoldsportsau in March!! Get after it today! “Train to be the person they said you would never become!” @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth

My happy dance knowing I only have one more semester of grad school left! 🙌🏻

In 2019 I’m taking all the steps necessary to PROVE that I am one of the best in the world!! I want to make YOU the best as well!! I am opening up 10 spots for online coaching... that’s right 10!!!! Special holiday pricing is available!! DM me to bring your strength to a whole new level. Strongman, powerlifting, you name it, I am your guy!! @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth

Hey hey hey! To my friends in the UK, tonight on @channel5_tv is the @giantslivewsm North American championship, and then, my Heat (group 1) from @theworldsstrongestman airs on December 27th at 7pm!! Don’t miss out on all the action!! @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth @team_sibya

Take advantage of this deal today!! If you want to bring your game to the next level, get in touch with @consistency_breeds_growth for all your nutrition needs. Just wait until you see what I bring for 2019! #Repost @consistency_breeds_growth with @get_repost ・・・ 🎄Holiday Sale from now until Jan. 1st + 🎅🏼Personalized Programming; 15% off two months 🥛🍪Sports nutrition coaching; 15% discount + You can’t beat a personalized program and nutritional approach. The best athletes in the world have coaches, they didn’t make it on their own. Become a CBG athlete today + @saxon_panchik @truecoach.co #alwaysworking #consistency #alwaysworking

Happy 27th birthday to @jaleixo !! So proud of everything you have achieved and I am even more proud to be your fiancé. Love you with all my heart babe, can’t wait to celebrate tonight 💙😘

This is why I am so proud of who I am. This is why I don’t hide my sexuality. This is why I shout from the rooftops how much I love @jaleixo. These messages don’t come too often, but when they do, it motivates me to be a better athlete, coach and person.

Home is where the heart is 💙

This weekend, I competed as an exhibition lifter in the RPS Lump of Coal meet hosted by @team_sibya. Was an awesome day of lifting to raise money for @shrinershospitals . Decided to go ahead and see what I could pull, and ended up with 850lbs (386kg)! Still a little slow on the lockout, but this is a no hitch PR for me, so I will take it!! @w.o.w_straps @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @consistency_breeds_growth @deadlifttillimdead @kingofthelifts

Daaaaaaaaammnnnnn.... we cute!!! 🔥🔥

February 3rd, 2019 at @lightningfitness860 , @derekpoundstone and I are teaming up to bring you one of the best #strongman seminars that has ever happened! As most of you know, Derek is one of the most decorated strongman athletes of all time and now I am fortunate enough to call him my coach. Him and I will be going over strongman events, programming, and much more during this seminar! Buy your ticket today to secure your spot, Link in bio!!

Take me back to summertime, because I’m so over this grad school thing 😫

Want to get a bunch of information from the best strongmen in the world?? Head over to @officialstrongman_ and sign up for your monthly membership. Tons of videos from myself @eddiehallwsm @robertoberst @biglozwsm @terryhollandswsm @adambishopstrongman @luke.stoltman @tomstoltman and many more!!

I barely have a power belly!! Nutrition from @consistency_breeds_growth is definitely paying off! Energy is high, strength is up, bodyweight is staying consistent and I’m getting leaner!! For the best deadlift straps in the game, go check out @w.o.w_straps. And for the best supportive gear around, always go with @sbdapparel @sbd.usa . Oh yeah, this is 805lbs (366kg)

For those that think I can just split jerk, this one is for you 😘. 400lbs (182kg) for an easy set of 4. @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth @xploape @kingsoftheoverheadpress

[Loving My Food Baby] • I will be the first to admit I’m a huge foodie. I love food, especially the greasy kind. I will also be the first to admit that I like when my clothes fit a certain way (who doesn’t?). • These two things have a lot of power when it comes to how I conduct my days and how I relate to food vs. my body. • People feel a lot of shame about how they look on any given day if they don’t meet the media/society standard for how people should look. They don’t look like the “beautiful people.” • Learning to love my body exactly as it is right now has been one of the hardest journeys I’ve had. It’s more than worth it. • There are a few affirmations I remind my myself of frequently: • 1)Life is happening for me, not to me. • *This is a big one. It’s really easy for me to get caught up by the world around me and to become part of my narrative instead of being in control of it, but it’s my action or inaction that creates my story.* • 2) Numbers and metrics are just that: metrics and numbers. • Yes, they signify change if I track them regularly, but they only have as much meaning as we place on them. How I feel is immeasurably more important. • 3) I can create the capacity for important things. • This is always the hardest for me in the winter when I wish I could spend all my energy warm and cozy in bed. I get tired more easily from moving in and out of the cold and mentally tired from work. I could list so many reasons not to take care of myself. • Instead, I remind myself about how I feel when I do take care of myself. I make space for it because keeping my mental health in a good place will allow me to be my best self not just for me but for others. I find the capacity to take care of myself so I can have the capacity be there for others. • Try and do something for yourself today, something you enjoy, even if it’s only for five minutes. • Much love, Mike • #mentalhealth #topless #gayguy#gaymen #photography #bodypositivity #selflove #queer #fitspo #picoftheday #scruff #woof #fitfam #positiveaffirmation #workout #gay #instamuscleboy #nyc#gayfitness #kidness #men #fitness #mantra #igdaily #gayfit #gaylife #health

Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about this man. We’ve had our ups and downs but we are stronger now than ever. Excited to spend the holidays with this beautiful boy and continue planning our lives together. #fiance

[Learning to Love Myself] • We spend our entire childhood being told exactly how we need to look/act to be liked by other people. No one teaches us to learn to love ourselves exactly as we are right now. • In May 2017, I definitely didn’t love myself. • I’m very fortunate to have someone in my life who told me to make it a priority to learn to love who I am right now, not who I want to be. I learned how to engage in healing self care • A few self care tips: • 1) Take a moment to “look in the mirror” and pick one thing you love about yourself. What’s something that makes you all warm and fuzzy on the inside? • *Being kind to yourself is big and a skill. Celebrating yourself is even bigger! Take that one thing and enjoy the feeling that comes to you when you think about it. What can you do to bring that feeling into more of your life?* • 2) Find something that relaxes you, gives you a bit of a reset. For me, I either: sew, go to the gym, meditate or take a bath. Sometimes, all four! This one is really about allowing your mind to let go of whatever is bogging you down, allowing you to feel nice and refreshed when you’re done. • 3) Be patient with yourself and don’t judge. By choosing to develop a new, gentler outlook on yourself, you are really taking control of your own story. It’s hard but endlessly rewarding. • The second photo is the difference between May ‘17 and Nov ‘18. There are a lot of differences between the two. Aside from the physical, the look in my eyes has changed completely. I take care of myself by focusing on my mind, body and soul throughout the week, bit by bit. • I could not be more grateful for the support I have from the people in my life. They not only have been patient while I continue to sort myself out but they actively encourage me to love myself now because future me deserves this. • Happy Holidays! • Much love, Mike • #loveyourself #kindness #gayguy#gaymen #selfcare #instagay #homo #fitness #fitspo #picoftheday #scruff #transformationtuesday #fitfam #gaymuscle #workout #gay #instamuscleboy #positiveaffirmation #gayfitness #instagay #brooklyn #men #instalike #instamood #igdaily #gayfit #photography

My favorite day of the week... EVENTS!!! Today I’m hitting log, yoke and Stones, who else is training some strongman today?? @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth

Happy Birthday to the best guy around! I love you @worlds_strongest_gay ! I can’t wait to celebrate and annoy you all at the same time today! 😜💙

The pain you feel during training is nowhere near the pain of defeat if you didn’t work hard enough. @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth

Why do I always make this face when I take a selfie??

#tbt to the @giantslivewsm in Sweden last year! One of the few people to complete all 4 reps in under a minute in this event. Putting my head down and sprinting into 2019 to make it my bitch! @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth

Shout out to my client Justin Grigg @strong_emt for his win last weekend in the Log Lift Competition held at @globalstrongmangym in Brooklyn, NY. Not only did he hit a huge log press PR, it qualified him for the 2019 Log Lift World Championship in Lithuania!!! • If you’re looking for online coaching, DM me now for details! @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @w.o.w_straps

As I’ve said before, training is going well... really well. On my 4th day in a row yesterday I was able to hit a log PR of 440lbs (200kg) for a double! “TRAIN TO BE THE PERSON THEY SAID YOU WOULD NEVER BECOME!” @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth @kingofthelifts @kingsoftheoverheadpress

This is for all of the people who work a full time job and still find the time to train and push towards their goals. In the past week and a half I have works over 100 hours, my training has been shit, my nutrition has been sub par, and I’m just tired. Last night I ended up pulling 805lbs (366kgs) x 2. Was it fast? No. Was it pretty? Not really. Am I happy with it? Fuck yeah! No hitching and my progress has been solid. So keep training, don’t slow down and crush your goals!! “TRAIN TO BE THE PERSON THEY SAID YOU WOULD NEVER BECOME” @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @consistency_breeds_growth @w.o.w_straps @team_sibya

The face you make when you walk into the conversation of @robertoberst telling @colin.bryce that he’s the best Log presser in America 😑😑. Pretty sure @jaleixo saw an ice cream truck drive by. @xploape @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth @theworldsstrongestman @giantslivewsm

Focusing on foot speed and being the fastest strongman there is! 360lbs (164kg) per hand for some speed runs. The training is slowly progressing and im feeling better than ever. Watch out 2019... it’s gonna be wild! @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth

A tale of two Homosexuals 🌎🌈

When you realize it’s heavier than you expected 😳😳 @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @xploape @consistency_breeds_growth @w.o.w_straps

I love you even when I’m Hangry 😜

I was supposed to do 335lb for 4x6, but obvi I suck at barbell math and can’t count so I did 345lb instead 🤦🏻‍♂️ sorry @millsfitness !

Really happy with how my deadlift is progressing lately! I guess @derekpoundstone knows a thing or two! Here is 725x6 (330kg) for a rep PR! @xploape @sbdapparel @sbd.usa @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth @team_sibya

The struggle is real, but the hustle is deep 💪🏼

“Explaining how much I love you is like trying to explain the taste of water.... impossible” 💙🌈😘

Keep your squats low, and your sass high 💁🏻‍♂️

Haven’t touched anything “heavy” on log since April. Nice to get some decent weight overhead again! 380lbs (173kg) for some speed triples! @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @xploape @consistency_breeds_growth @w.o.w_straps

I know most of this is nonsense, and completely ridiculous, but I received this message a few days ago. For those of you who think everything is ok, for those of you who think we have equality, and for those of you who think everything in the lives of LGBTQ+ people are just fine, please read this. This shit still exists. Im fortunate to have a thick skin and not let this get to me... but there are plenty of people who are not as fortunate. This is why suicide in the LGBTQ+ community is still so high (especially amongst youth), and this is why we have #PRIDE month. This is why we march! Remember, it’s easier to love than hate #Loveislove 🌈🌈

Happy National Coming Out Day! Finally found someone who is always supportive of my goals and will let me annoy them with all of my weirdness....even when he hates it! 😂 #loveislove 🌈

Happy national coming out day!!! Find someone who makes you laugh, makes you smile, and annoys the shit out of you 24/7! Thanks for being my version of perfect @jaleixo @keeleyabigailphotography . #loveislove🌈

Nutrition ✔️ Training program ✔️ Motivation 💯 In the famous words of @alyssaedwards_1 “Don’t dream it. Be it!” @sbd.usa @sbdapparel @xploape @w.o.w_straps @consistency_breeds_growth

Don’t let this backwards hat fool you 😜🌈

Take a glimpse into a week of my training. This is essentially a handwritten love letter from @derekpoundstone ... be jealous bitches 🤣😜

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