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Grand rising Beloveds catch the show today at 3 pm on instagram Conversations with Ifa Abeyo The 4 week challenge starts today !!! Keep me in your prayers #4weekchallenge #freshfruitandwater #nostarbucks #mostwontgetit #healthiswealth #respectthamagic #itsinmothershandsnow #conversationswithifaabeyo

In other words, 444 is your messenger telling you to have faith and be confident that things are going in the right direction in your life. 4th Meaning of 444: You Are in Harmony with the Universe. Whenever youre seeing 444, the angels tell you that youre resonating with the Universe in perfect synchronicity. See I am in synch wow #itsinmothershandsnow

My niece @samanthasteptoe walked across this bridge a few years ago , I wanted to walk after she told me about her experience. I had the experience Today and it was everything that she said 😍😍🤩🤩🤩😍🤩🤩 I agree it is moving forward without looking back , to be able to go against what others say you cannot do. To know that the road was always open we were the ones that kept it closed #respectthamagic #itsinmothershandsnow #wehavevoices #sistersstandtogether #conversationswithifaabeyo #overcomingobstacles #thedoorwasopen #sometimestheyouthspeakwithwisdom

Do you know how it feels to be judged or how folks will judge you better yet label you a nothing or a no one ? To say you will never be nothing or you are southern trash 🤨😢😞. So when folks fall I rise why cause I already came from nothing so I can survive this weak shit !!!! #herosofthestorm #conversationswithifaabeyo #respectthamagic #itsinmothershandsnow #iambuiltforthis #ifightneverfold #daughterofawarriormindset

I don’t own the rights to this music #herosofthestorm #spokenword #respectthamagic #conversationswithifaabeyo #itsinmothershandsnow

Listen y’all gotta stop over looking /protecting these folks preying on our babies #niggascanthandlethetruth #protectourchildren #meetoo #conversationswithifaabeyo #respectthamagic #itsinmothershandsnow #wehavevoices #sisterstandstrong #timetoheal #nomore

Starting the 30 day challenge of fresh fruit and water on July 14 th until August 14 let’s eat fresh nothing processed no frozen or packaged just fresh fruits and water only and meditation 🧘‍♀️ feel free to join me all are welcome #motivationalvideo #motivation #itsinmothershandsnow #yeyedontplayaboutherbabies #lol #30daychallenge #freshftuit #noprocessedfood #meditation #healing#womb #mind #body #focus

I don’t own the rights to this song #itsinmothershandsnow

These two are my pain in the butt!! True conversation Didi: you know when I go to Denver I am coming back and hiring J.G . wentworth ( the lawyers) Me: why (looking confused) Didi: I am gonna need all of the weed sellers to run me my money now for selling weak ass weed Me: my children need checks frfr #respectthamagic #itsinmothershandsnow #borntostandout👑 #notjgwentworth #didigotjokes #jesusgetyourcreation #iblamethedonor #sheiscrazy

Obba, protector of marriage. She uses a pink handkerchief. Syncretized with Saint Rita (May 22). She is a Orisha of action, the woman who has always thought that man is a rational creature composed of body and soul the work of creation of Oloddumare. Her’s right hand with the sword, which manages to perfection, great warrior, adept at trade and was a great Navigator, since she says that everything that man can make, she also can do. Obba is the real wife of Shango, and the has taught to handle the sword and fight, but she is nonetheless a susceptible woman, daughter of Oddua Osabelli and Boromú. Her cowrie shells will be the single floor when washed, then speaks through the mouth of Ochun, and as the same as she less goat, as chiva. Does not accept infidelity and who receives her Gets conjugal stability which must be duly married. At home is the perfect woman. The colors of Obba’s flag I pointed and pointed Matt adorned with coral. Her pieces are a catalina, an anvil, a shield, a shell, a wrench (is what opens the door to the person so that the money gets to the House), a mask, a book and a compass. Obba is done through Oshun, and their ceremonial is performed ita. Obba, is power, is the force, the Government of all things that exist. She shrinks the good and bad, in will savour the triumph and glory, and in Osogbo, the evil that extends to the death. Obba, along with Oya and Yewa, are also called the muerteras, or guardians of the tombs. A pataki tells Obba distraught by her failure in the attempt to conquer Chango, broke into tears and wept so much that her tears formed rivers, lakes and lagoons; with her sadness she retired to the solitude of the cemetery, where would have relationship with men, becoming the guardian of the tombs. Since that time she lives in the company of the dead part of the trilogy of the guardian orishas of the cemetery. Obba is a river deity, the goddess of the river of the same name that runs in Eastern Yoruba. Despite being a secondary deity in the Yoruba Pantheon, her cult is well known in Cuba. Obba is always related to her husband Chango, and everything suggests that it is through him what his cult has been extended to land away

Ibeji (also called Ibelli, Ibeyi, Meji, Melli or Jimaguas) is the orisha of the divine twins. While there are two individuals when twins are born, the Ibeji is one orisha. Twins are considered sacred by birth among the Yoruba people. The Yoruba people have one of the world’s highest rates of twin birth (average world rate of twins is 0.5% where the Yoruba people have a 5% twin birth rate!). The Ibeji (and all twins for that matter) are considered one soul contained in two bodies; inextricably linked in life through destiny. The Ibeji are the orishas of joy, mischief, abundance and childish glee. They are the children of Chango and Oshun and are considered to be the first twins born on the Earth. Pataki: When Oshun gave birth to the Ibeji, she was shunned by the people who lived in her village. Only animals gave birth to multiple babies until then, so they branded Oshun a witch and cast her out of the village. Oshun, in her short-sighted panic, threw the Ibeji out of her house and denied being their mother. This proved to be the start of Oshun’s downward spiral eventually leading to her loss of all wealth, stability and eventually even losing her sanity. The Ibeji were taken in by the orisha Oya who had desperately wanted children her entire life but was barren and had only had stillborn children. Some lineages vary and say that Yemaya took the Ibeji in and raised them. The Ibeji are said to bless anyone who receives them with happiness, joy, abundance and laughter. There is even a Cuban pataki that says the Ibeji drove away “the devil” (misfortune) by driving him crazy through playing their enchanted drums. The Ibeji are considered the tutelary orisha of anyone who is born a twin, including those who have lost their twin sibling. In Yoruba society, when a mother gives birth to twins, Ibeji are consecrated and given to her as well as a set for her twin children. If one of the twins dies, a special doll is consecrated to act as a body for that deceased child’s sibling to carry (So that the two-bodied soul of the twins can remain intact. Otherwise the surviving twin would quickly follow his or her sibling to death.). When the second twin dies, a second doll is cons

@ethertarot thanks for the conversation and the healing energy #respect #wehavevoices #iammysisterskeeper #itsinmothershandsnow #conversationswithifaabeyo

At the sister healing circle with Carol Monifa and so many amazing sisters !!!! #wehavevoices #itsinmothershandsnow #respectthamagic #iammysisterskeeper #atlanta #healing #yearsago #notnewtothis #consistencyiskey #icamealongway

Tuesday’s vibe! @Regrann from @ifa_abeyo_ - (I don’t own the rights to this music) #rihannaneededme #respect #itsinmothershandsnow #nocatfishinghere #conversationswithifaabeyo #inmyownlane #didilietho #watwuzit🤣🤣 #tbt❤️

Catch the show today “Conversations with Ifa Abeyo at 3 pm “ #realshit #respectthamagic #wehavevoices #itsinmothershandsnow #conversationswithifaabeyo #lovesuppliesbotanica

(I don’t own the rights to this music) #rihannaneededme #respect #itsinmothershandsnow #nocatfishinghere #conversationswithifaabeyo #inmyownlane #didilietho #watwuzit🤣🤣 #tbt❤️

@tokyojetz I so love her and her story keep doing it ma we with you 😍😍🙌🏾😍🙌🏾😍🙌🏾🙌🏾 #respect #itsinmothershandsnow

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