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My heart is so full! We spent the morning baking, decorating, and sharing stories. Simple pleasures. #lifekeysenergy #renewyouwithlifekeysenergy #simplepleasure #sangha #tribe #shadyAF

No one wants to show the grit of practice, just the final result. So.. here’s the grit #lifekeysenergy #yoga #yogatrapeze #modifications #practice #yogaeverydamnday

Because sometimes puppy snuggles and a new book are all the self care you need... #lifekeysenergy #livingfreeyoga #renewyouwithlifekeysenergy

I am so honored to call these beautiful people my tribe. My heart is bursting with gratitude this morning. Last night we ate, had the most unique & eclectic conversations, and laughed hysterically with a game of cards against humanity. It was truly the best medicine. I love you all. Thank you for being just as crazy as me. Best line of the evening “We didn’t know if those were Beck’s people or a living nativity.” (In reference to the people coming in to the mall dressed in robes and costumes.) Honestly, first time ever my peeps got mixed up with a living nativity scene. 😆 #lifekeysenergy #renewyouwithlifekeysenergy #sangha #tribe #bodhiday #cardsagainsthumanity #somuchfood #grateful

I did a thing today. I made Douglas Fir Hydosol locally! #lifekeysenergy #essentialoils #hydosol #orcahrdbotanicals #witch

Every so often a little thing reminds me I am creating the life I want, not the one I was given. Today, that is this vegetarian lasagna. I grew and canned the tomatoe sauce, grew the spinach, onions, and garlic too (all harvested about 20 mins ago). The only thing store bought is the portobello mushrooms, noodles, and cheese. I can’t wait to share this with my peeps tonight. What are your reminders that you are creating the life that you desire? *ps today is the only day I do not work at all. So if you reach out to talk business I will respond tomorrow. Bodhi Blessings #lifekeysenergy #bodhiday #Igrewthat #organicbackyardgarden #backyardgarden #createalifeyoulove #sangha

Blessed Bodhi day from my house to yours. #LifeKeysEnergy #bodhiday #blessing #bodhitree

The most magical ending to the most amazing day. It’s a sweet, sweet life and I am grateful. #LifeKeysEnergy #sangha #tribe #snowflakelane #adventurepup

Post presentation grins. Still a bit amazed that this is my life. Erika & I make a fantastic team. #LifeKeysEnergy #HealingRoots #traumainformedyoga #HumanRightsCommission #kitsapcounty

Check it out! Erika and I are here to rock it. Let’s do this! #LifeKeysEnergy #healingroots #humanrightscommission #olympiccollege #thereishope #traumainformedyoga

Today’s self care. Nettle and Linden Flower infusions. Are you participating in our self care challenge? Dare to make yourself a priority. #renewYOUwithLifeKeysEnergy https://mailchi.mp/f4f31bb09a4d/irritable-stressed-overwhelmed-the-life-keys-energy-team-has-a-challenge-for-you. #LifeKeysEnergy #renewYOUwithLifeKeysEnergy #selfcare

Pre-class partner yoga! #LifeKeysEnergy #adventurepup #yoga #partneryoga #laugh

Are you irritated? Grumbly? Muscle tension? Restorative yoga tonight at Life Keys Energy could help. In a candle lit, heated (78 degrees) room we will use all the props to create supported poses, allowing for deep physical and mental relaxation while relaxing music plays quietly in the background. We add heated washcloths infused with essential oils and savasana assists to enhance the zen. Class starts at 7 pm. Appropriate for all. Classes are $10 cash or $13 credit/debit. We are located on the second floor of Towne Square at 1700 Mile Hill rd suite 240 #LifeKeysEnergy #yoga #relax #restorativeyoga

Screw it.. I am unicorn. #lifekeysenergy #unicorn #peoplingishard

This is my human. My friend Ollie has a human too, Erika. Our humans are working hard on a presentation for the Kitsap County Human Rights Commission for this Friday. As a helper pup I am reviewing data. We are so excited about this!!! #lifekeysenergy #humanrightscommision #helperpup #teamwork #bethechange

Whoa! I always knew I served the best yogis, but I never knew how many shared my love of seva (selfless service). Life Keys Energy collected, assembled, and donated to South Kitsap Helpline Food Bank a table full of blessing bags. Each bag contains soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, emergency blanket,conditioner, heavy socks, hats, hand warmers, calorie dense food, feminine hygiene products, a note of encouragement and more. They were lovingly assembled by people of all ages. I am so grateful to be part of the solution. #LifeKeysEnergy #seva #service #bethechange #blessingbags #skhelpline #renewyouwithlifekeysenergy

Dark and sparkly just like me. First pedicure ever. #lifekeysenergy #renewyouwithlifekeysenergy

This morning was filled with laughter, music, and crafts. Seriously the best medicine ever. Self-care win And yes, my gingerbread house has a labyrinth! I mean, how else would the gingerbread men stay zen? #LifeKeysEnergy #renewyouwithlifekeysenergy #gingerbreadhouse #labyrinth #yule #mcgavinsbakery

Hair is complicated. Many years ago my Dad died. It had been a terrible 18 months. I was actively acting on suicidal ideologies (one resulted in a brain injury), my Mum had crossed, hate returned to the family with vengeance in the form of a second wife and biofamily, and I was in rehab. I teetered on the brink of homelessness for 2 years. It was dark days. I desperately wanted love and acceptance, things that were glaringly absent from my life and family relationships. It was during this time I decided to grow out my pixie cut. Yes, if only I “looked” more like others then maybe... possibly.. potentially I could find acceptance. Maybe someone would find me “pretty” which in my mind equated loveable. My hair grew. The sacred work had begun. For 8 years my hair slowly crept down my back. For 8 years I healed me from the inside out, slowly becoming friends with me. Last week I had the week from hell. It was such a clusterfuck I was dizzy with grief. I caught my reflection in a mirror and realized even though I physically looked awful: bags, pale, dull, exhausted, heartbroken... I actually really loved that person in the mirror. I didn’t need my long hair to make me loveable, I love me. So, off with my hair! And I am ecstatic about it. No more pony tails, no more wet hair hours later, no more headaches, just way less stress and hassle. Be you. Love you. It’s important. #lifekeysenergy #authentic #healing #sacredwork #newhair

Opportunities to move today: 6:30 am Yoga TRX 4:15 pm Slow Flow with Beckie 5:30 Yoga TRX with Beckie Classes are $10 cash or $13 cc/debit. We are located on the second floor of Towne Square at 1700 Se Mile Hill Rd suite #240 #Lifekeysenergy #Yoga #yogastudio #portorchard #inclusive

Change is good. Thank you Cheryl! #lifekeysenergy #change #itsjusthair #ineedabeanie

Creating space... there is something beautiful, soothing, and nurturing about creating space. Whether it’s space in the body, mind, soul, or physical environment it’s all a sacred practice for me. My self-care project last month was to declutter, organize, and create inviting, yet practical space. I am truly grateful for Timm for helping me create this perfect Murphy table from reclaimed wood. Also, a big shout out to Gabe for keeping me company while I sanded it (for what seemed to be a lifetime, so much sanding!!😳) and to Wall for helping me hang it. I really love this new space. It makes computer work easier and gives me a real workspace. I think it is a beautiful example of reduce, reuse, repurpose. The desk is made from a pallet, the chair was bought on Craigslist, and the filing cabinet was a thrift store find. I also used left over paint from a previous project and borrowed a labeler from Sandra. It is a sweet, sweet life and I am grateful. 🙏🏽 #renewyouwithlifekeysenergy #lifekeysenergy #sacredspace #repurposed #help #grateful

Couple of things... if you invite me to a holiday party and ask me the bring food. I will bring hummus and if I really like you it will be chocolate hummus! #veggieheadproblems And this is part of my practice this morning. I found my edge and hung out there. Propped up in the uncertainty, uncomfortableness, and integrity of the pose. Why? Because what we learn on the mat shows up off the mat. #Lifekeysenergy #veggiehead #yoga #edge #yogatrapeze #lifelessons

This week has been an actual what the fuck just happened whirlwind. Tragedy upon tragedy has hit those who surround me this week. It is times like this I am reminded how important my gratitude practice is, especially the concept of- what if the only things I have today is what I was grateful for yesterday? Today I am grateful for: *Tribe who knows that I cannot keep a linear thought pattern, especially in story telling when I am decompressing and they allow me to ramble. Tracking random Beckie thought patterns is a hard skill! *Raw & tough conversations *Texts that read.. Can I call back or did you mean to hang up? There is not enough to be said for gathering all the facts before creating a story in your head. *Good Morning texts and let me know when you get home check ins *Pup. He is the companion I didnt know I needed. He so in-tune with me like no other. He is down for nesting, people food, hiking... and the occasional encounters with wolves. * Seva(selfless service) & Sangha (community) *self-care *Gaia time & road trip planning...oh the places we will see in 2019! *Plants, nature, crystals, and stars- things in my world who never speak, yet communicate beyond words. So what are YOU grateful for today? I seriously want to know. #LifeKeysEnergy #gratitude #santosha #seva #sangha

My view on the day.. upside down, a little twisted, and not sure how to catch my breath but still looking for ways. #LifeKeysEnergy #yoga #nowordsatleasttheresbreath

My idea of organizing and labeling. #lifekeysenergy #organizingisselfcare #RenewYOUwithLifeKeysEnergy

Every day is not a good day. Some days you can’t see the light because it’s so fucking dark. Some days there are no words, simply tears. Some days you feel like you are drowning and are keenly aware more big dark days are coming. And then you remember you train for times like this. You LITERALLY have tools for this exact thing. You remember you don’t have to see the light because you have tools for the dark. So practice the yoga. Cry on the mat. Turn to the breath. Hold the dog. Sob on your friends. Meditate. Meditate again. Meditate yet again (good things come in 3’s). Feel the suck, all of it. Journal. And do it again and again until the light returns. #lifekeysenergy #tools #authenticityisbeautiful #breathinginthedark

Check it out! We got a shout out! #lifekeysenergy #bethechange #yogaeverydamnday #skhelpline #togetherwerebetter #seva #sangha

Exhaustion is not a status symbol! Come restore on your mat today. 10:45 All Levels Flow with Erika 4:00 pm The Gritty Yogi with Beckie 5:00 pm chair yoga with Beckie 6:00 pm Slow flow with Beckie 7:00 pm Nourish with Beckie Classes are $10 cash or $13 debit/cc. We are located on the second floor of Towne Square at 1700 Mile Hill Rd Suite 240. #lifekeysenergy #yoga

May you have the opportunity to be so still you can hear your heart beat and so alive you can feel your connection to the collective. #LifeKeysEnergy #naturemedicine #still #connection #yoga #adventurepup

I have a friend, a very dear friend, one that understands me so well. I met him a week before my father died and we have walked through the stages (and revisited them a few times too) of grief. He calls me my childhood nickname,which makes me smile and he remembers the little details of stories shared in passing. In an hour, my father would have been 93. I choose to celebrate his day of birth instead of the anniversary of his death. Tonight my friend made me the most amazing steak 🥩 (my dad’s favorite),a pumpkin pie 🥧 (my favorite) and we poured out a beer while we laughed, told family stories all while Christmas music played in the background. It is seriously one of the sweetest things and it makes my heart hurts just a little less. I am so very grateful. Happy Birthday, Dad. Thank you for the stories, the lessons, and the means to create a life of joy. You are not forgotten. It is my sincere hope that you have found peace on the other side. #lifekeysenergy #HappyBirthdayDad #thelittlethings

That self-care though. Friendly reminder to make time to nourish yourself during this busy season. It’s not the gifts people remember, it’s you. Give the gift of being fully present by making yourself and self care a priority. 30 day self-care challenge coming to your inbox soon! #lifekeysenergy #selfcare #breathe #nourish

My heart broke in gratitude yesterday. Let the tears flow. Vulnerable is authentic and authentic is glorious! #LifeKeysEnergy

Life Keys Energy raised $326 for the Sk Helpline this morning! This month we made 108 blessing bags for the homeless, raised$234 for the Veterans Yoga Project, donated toys for the Kitsap Community Resources Angel Tree program, and took 6 bags of warm coats to a local shelter. #LifeKeysEnergy #seva #bethechange #wegotthis

May your heart be so full of gratitude it takes a lifetime to fully count them all. #LifeKeysEnergy #santosha #seva #gratitude #yoga #pupmeditates #yogatrapeeze #blessings

In case you didn’t know. I am grateful. Yes, that’s the entire sentence, I AM GRATEFUL. However, I will elaborate. I am grateful for every badass brave soul that tries yoga for the first time and eventually falls in love with the practice. I am grateful for every person who keep coming back time and time again. I am grateful for every range of motion increase, every “hey my body feels better post practice”, every gain, every occurrence of internal peace, and every small ache that disappears. I am grateful breath helps everyone and my heart sings when breath becomes a functional tool for anxiety. I am grateful tomorrow is my fundraiser and we are already halfway to my goal of $200! I am grateful for a studio that offers a true place of belonging to everybody in every body. I am grateful for joy infused practices. Mostly I am grateful for YOU! Happy Thanksgiving 🍁! What are YOU grateful for? Classes as usual today and Friday. Thanksgiving morning join us at 8:00 am for our 3rd Annual Gratitude Flow benefiting the SK Helpline and 9:00 am Zumba benefiting the SKHelpline. We are located on the second floor of Towne Square at 1700 Mile Hill Rd Suite 240. #LifeKeysEnergy #yoga #grateful #santosha

Pup and I have a question.. if someone makes you an entire pie, is it bad form to grab a fork and dig in? Only pondering the big questions today. Thank you Debbie! We can’t wait to eat it! #lifekeysenergy #wewontstarve

For me, yoga is less about nailing the full expression of a pose and more about noticing how I feel in a pose. Noticing the breath. Noticing the expansion. Noticing the ease & the struggle. Yoga has made it safe to feel. 🧘🏽‍♀️ #LifeKeysEnergy #yoga #thereishope #yogaeverydamnday

Feeling like Pup today? Opportunities to be on your mat today: 6:30 am All Levels Flow with Erika 5:30 pm Vin/Yin- move a little, hold a little with Beckie 7:00 pm Slow Flow Classes are $10 cash or $13 cc/debit. We are located on the second floor of Towne Square at 1700 SE Mile Hill Rd suite 240 #lifekeysenergy #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #portorchard #yogastudio #adventurepup

Hard at work creating a presentation for The Kitsap Human Rights Commission! Sharing our passion and doing BIG things at Life Keys Energy! #lifekeysenergy #healingroots #traumainformedyoga #yogaheals #kitsaphumanrights

Anyone order a side of tears with their morning coffee? I am so grateful. #lifekeysenergy #grateful #seva #yoga #lifekeysenergy l#yogastudio #holistichealing

If you tell my human you are cold, she will help. Currently, we have a different perspective on what “help” means. I was thinking people food, blanket nest, and human snuggles. This is what happened... #lifekeysenergy #pupthesidekick #adventurepup #allwarm

Saturday night vibes... #lifekeysenergy #yogaeverydamnday #yogatrapeze #saturdaynightvibes

Baby goat cuddles... #lifekeysenergy #babygoats #goatyoga🐐🧘🏽‍♀️ #kidhavenfarms

Always something to do with Life Keys Energy! #lifekeysenergy

This lady just started paying for spring & summer vacation plans! Work hard, play hard, rest well! Self care is important and I am making it a priority in 2019! Action steps baby! #lifekeysenergy #selfcare #vacation

That Friday night vibe... #lifekeysenergy #fridaynight #docmarten #noyogapants

My human is getting acupuncture! She says it’s self-care and that’s important! #lifekeysenergy #selfcare #acupuncture #healerhealthyself #cantpourfromanemptycup

“Believe in love. Believe in magic. Hell, believe in Santa Clause. Believe in others. Believe in your dreams. If you don’t who will?” Jon Bon Jovi #lifekeysenergy #naturemedicine #believe

Lessons learned on the mat often show up off the mat. One of the lessons my ever evolving yoga practice has taught me is: don’t be afraid to ask for help and support. Here are a few ways I use my favorite prop, Paul the Wall, to take my practice deeper. What lessons are you learning on your mat? #LifeKeysEnergy #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #paulthewall #props #lessons

True, true! #LifeKeysEnergy #wisdom

Come find what you need on your mat today. Opportunities to move today: *6:30 am Yoga TRX with Erika *5:30 pm Vin/Yin-move a little, hold a little with Beckie *7:00 pm Restorative Yoga with Beckie Classes are $10 cash, $13 debit/cc. We are located on the second floor of Towne Square at 1700 SE Mile Hill Rd suite 240 #LifeKeysEnergy #yoga #yogaisforeverybody #selfcare #smallbusiness #portorchard #yogaeverydamnday

One of the benefits of having a team of experienced and certified yoga instructors is we can adapt any flow for your specific needs. Here is an example of one flow adjusted for each individual present. By using props and modifications we can easily accommodate you. Looking forward to connecting with you on the mat! #LifeKeysEnergy #yoga #portorchard #yogastudio #instructorsmakeadifference #ifyoucanbreatheyoucanyoga

Honoring and appreciating the circle of life. #LifeKeysEnergy #naturemedicine #salmon #lifedeathrebirth

But, I am not that girl... Such a simple phrase, one I find myself saying either to the cosmos or out loud multiple times a day. When married men slide into my Dms saying ridiculous things I think... but, I am not that girl.. When people think I am some spiritual guru who can solve their deepest pains, I think.. but, I am not that girl... When conversations stay surface level, I think.. but, I am not that girl. When people want to talk pop culture, but have no interest in the reality that surrounds them, I think...but, I am not that girl When people suggest a traditional 9-5 would be easier than all these long hours I think... but, I am not that girl I am the woman who comes alive in nature. I am the woman who is lost in her head taking in details most overlook. I am the woman who celebrates alone time. I am a woman who feels breath work, hammock life, and golden tea soothes most of what ails me. I am a woman who is gaga for her dog and cant imagine life with out him. I am a woman who cares more about the stars, the plants, and the animals that surround me than the number in your bank account, the kind of car that you drive, or the labels that you adorn yourself with. I am a woman who enjoys people, but cherishes solitude. I am a woman who believes laughter is better medicine than alcohol any day. I am a woman who will be your cheerleader, but refuses to do the work for you. I am a woman who has discovered that I am not hard to love, after all I love myself everyday. I am however, not for everyone and I am at ease with that. I am a too much woman who is content in her skin and is not seeking outside approval. I am ridiculously simple with complex ideas. The beauty of knowing that you are not that girl is it makes walking away very easy and makes holding on to who you really are all that more valuable. So who are you? Who are you not? Know thyself.... #lifekeysenergy #Iamnotthatgirl #toomuch #precoffeethoughts

Happy Veterans Day, Dad. One cannot celebrate the living, yet forget the past, when we let the graves go without, that too is a disgrace. We may not have always understood each other, but he was my original war hero. #lifekeysenergy #veteransday #grave #hisservicestillmatters

We are small, yet mighty! Life Keys Energy isn’t the biggest, but our yogis are the best. We are only 11 days into November and this is how we have supported our community thus far! If you want in on all of this seva (selfless service) goodness there is still time! We are having a gratitude flow for the The SK Helpline at 8 am on Thanksgiving. We are still collecting toys, books, and art supplies for the KCR angel tree, and we have a fundraiser for troop #3055 who suffered a tragic loss this week. Come be a part of the solution. All are welcome. #LifeKeysEnergy #yoga #seva #actionsteps #talkischeapmydarling #bethechange #humble

My favorite way to start the day... a little movement and a-lot of laughter. #LifeKeysEnergy #sunshine #laughterisgoodmedicine #yogatrapeeze #movement

Life Keys Energy is an inclusive yoga studio for the non-traditional yogi. We meet you exactly where you are at with props and modifications allowing you to get a safe and effective practice designed for you. There are many opportunities to move today: *11:00 am Veterans Yoga Project donation all levels flow class *4:00 pm The Gritty Yogi- yoga for recovery *5:00 pm Chair Yoga *6:00 pm Slow Flow *7:00 pm Nourish- a self-care class Classes are $10 cash or $13 debit/credit. We are located on the second floor of Towne Square at 1700 SE Mile Hill Rd Suite 240 #LifeKeysEnergy #yogastudio #smallbusiness #portorchard #inclusive #veteransday #veteransyogaproject #bethechange #actionwords

Happy Birthday Bubbies! You have always done life your way and I proud of you. Thank you for being you. Many blessings for this next trip around the sun. #lifekeysenergy #happybirthday #blessing

Life is so funny. The most amazing light and healing comes from being willing to sit with the pain. I am so grateful for this morning. I got to sit with my cousin Lela and simply talk. There is something profound about acknowledging past pain while simultaneously appreciating growth. I am grateful. #lifekeysenergy #cousins #healing #family #growth #nonorefamilydrama

Headaches? Irritable? Tension? Running on empty? Come relax,restore, and refill with one of the many self-care offerings at Life Keys Energy. Every week we offer classes designed with your relaxation in mind. Join us for Nourish (a self-massage, reflexology, myofascial release, and guided meditation self care class) at 7 pm on Sunday, Restorative Yoga (supported passive stretching utilizing props for increased relaxation) at 7 pm on Wednesday, and Heated Yin (held dynamic poses designed to increase strength and flexibility in a 78 degree room) at 7 pm on Thursday. Need more than an hour of relaxation? Join us for Tranquility: a restorative yoga & yoga Thai massage workshop on Sunday, November 18th from 1-3 pm. Regularly scheduled classes are $10 cash or $13 cc/debit. Tranquility is $40. For more information or to register online please see our website www.LifeKeysEnergy.com. We are located on the second floor of Towne Square at 1700 SE Mile Hill Rd suite #240 #lifekeysenergy #yoga #portorchard #yogaeverydamnday #selfcare #healing #holistichealing

My wild Friday night...now I know why I was in such a hurry to grow up. I mean who doesn’t want to be warm and snuggly in a purple care bear onesie, while floating in a hammock, and snuggling with cuddle pup?!? #lifekeysenergy #lifemyway #carebear #hammocklife #cuddlepup #mywildfridaynight #yoga #selfcare

Yesterday I was sporting a unicorn onesie, floating in my hammock swing, sipping coffee, while talking to Ziya (a dear friend who shares a clear heart & soul connection with me) who just happened to be in Vegas doing the exact same thing. Our conversation flowed from heavy to hysterical and back. We laughed so hard we cried, which is truly the best medicine ever. Moments like this feed my being. I started to think about all the other things that feed me that I am grateful for. *Good Morning Texts * Have fun and let me know when you are home safe texts *Badass book recommendations *Trying new places with people who understand my anxiety *People who share their zone of genius *The solid hand on my back when my mind starts to spin *Homemade soup *Crisp mornings, clear skies, hot coffee, and stars for days *Sassy sidekick pup *Handmade slouchy beanie hats * I can store that vodka for you someone who understands my love of wild crafting, tincture making, and herbs, but also acknowledges vodka (a base in tinctures) is my demon of choice *Adventure plans *Blanket forts and herbal steams to help my sinus/lungs to feel better *I can help with that people who help build the dream *Tribe *Team members *Watching my dream really come true, an inclusive yoga studio where people feel safe, supported, and thrive *Deep conversations *Roots that give me the power to fly * Complete rejection of those things that do not serve me and a full embrace of those things that do, regardless of what they say. *Daily messages from my son * Complete rejection of those things that do not serve me and a full embrace of those things that do, regardless of what they say. *Every single too much woman in my life. You are inspiring, amazing, and the source of much inspiration. Thank you for being authentically you. It is a sweet, sweet life and I am grateful! 🙏💜🧘‍♀️ What are YOU grateful for today? #lifekeysenergy #gratitude #countyourblessings #everysingleone #authentic #blessed

When it’s not a yoga pants night. #LifeKeysEnergy

Stay home day bliss #lifekeysenergy #stayhomeday #unicorn #hammock #recharge

I am taking this as a positive sign on this new moon! #LifeKeysEnergy #newmoon #blessings #itsasign

Today feels sticky. People are super on edge. I can’t make that better , but I CAN offer you hot tea, madeleine cookies, aromatherapy, good vibes,and self-massage during a heart centered yoga flow. Make yourself a priority at 5:30 or 7 pm tonight and indulge in some decadent self care. Classes are $10 cash, $13 cc/debit, and for the month of November bring a friend (who is new to the studio) for free! See you tonight at 1700 Se Mile Hill rd suite 240 Port Orchard. We are inside Towne Square on the second floor. #LifeKeysEnergy #selfcare #yoga #priority

Self-care looks like puppy cuddles today. #LifeKeysEnergy #selfcare #puppycuddleparty

It is my sincere hope today is the day we collectively reject *racism *predators in power *discrimination *pushing a religious agenda.. because trust me as much as I do not want to live guided by your religion you do not want to live guided by mine. *make compassion cool again *start calling alternative facts exactly what they are..BLATANT LIES and propaganda In the mean time, today I am grateful for: *My dog 🐕 *Healing herbal tea with all the herbs and local honey from Jared *Friends who cook for me, because I suck at feeding myself *Dentists who do not judge the scars of addiction, just help heal it *Badass book recommendations *Hope & seva *the birthday of a dear healer who taught me much through her death. *tribe who shares their knowledge *a cozy place to sneak in a nap as I work on being well. #LifeKeysEnergy #bethechange #burnitdown

My human caught a bug and is cold. So, therefore I am cold too and have on a hat and jacket to keep warm. I keep telling her it doesn’t work that way, but she’s not listening. If you want to swing by the studio to tell me what a good boy I am and offer me sympathy I will be supervising classes at: *6:30 am Yoga TRX with Beckie *12:30 pm Zumba with Sean *4:15 pm Slow flow with Beckie *5:30 pm Yoga TRX with Beckie Classes are $10 cash or $13 debit/credit. We are running a Friendsgiving special for the month of November, bring a friend who is new to the studio for free. We are located in Towne Square at 1700 Se Mile Hill Rd suite 240 #LifeKeysEnergy #yoga #yogaisforeveryone #supervisorpup

What’s your current mood? Opportunities to move today: *9:30 The Gritty Yogi-yoga for recovery with Beckie *10:45 Mantra & Movement with Erika *5:00 pm Chair Yoga with Beckie *6:00 pm Slow Flow with Beckie Classes are $10 cash, $13 cc/debit. We have a November Friendsgiving special, bring a friend who is new to the Life Keys Energy studio to one class free. We are located on the second floor at 1700 SE Mile Hill Rd suite 240 #LifeKeysEnergy #yoga #mindfulmovement #portorchard #yogaisforeverybody🙏💕

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