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My Natural Habitat. In nature, Where I am at Peace, & can be still & present ✨ I was taking a little bit of a social media detox these past few weeks. We live in a time where everything is technology we are used to a quick fix, instant downloads, instant likes etc. Although I am incredibly grateful to be alive in this time, I believe it is a time when it is incredibly important to take time to disconnect & spend time with you. It is a time where self development should be a priority on everyone’s list. Looking inward to find answers instead of looking to the world. We have all of the answers we search for inside. I encourage everyone even if it’s for only 20mins to take time to be with YOU! to go within, tap into your intuition & listen to your inner voice instead of shutting it down in fear of what others may think or sometimes what “you” may think. when you are good, mentally, spiritually, and physically everything else aligns 😊💛✨ #sundayvibes #changeyourmindsetchangeyourlife

There are 2 main types of receptors: CB1 and CB2. 🧠💗 Cannabinoid Receptor 1 (CB1) receptors are mainly located in the brain and nervous system, as well as in the lungs, liver, and kidneys. Our natural endocannabinoids and the cannabinoid THC from cannabis mainly bind with CB1 (due to their similar molecular structure), which gives patients relief from pain, nausea and depression, among others. 🧠💗💓😊 . . . Cannabinoid Receptor 2 (CB2)receptors are found mainly in the immune system, with a heavy concentration in the spleen and in the gastrointestinal system. CB2 receptors bind best with the endocannabinoid 2-AG and cannabis’ CBD and are involved in the regulation of appetite, immune system functions like inflammation, and pain management. 🥑🍌🍎🍲🧘🏻‍♀️ . . . 📃Read the full article: https://www.greenrelief.ca/blog/cannabinoid-receptors/

I finally filter through the moss ledged on a fiber. Gasping as a mental compensation at first, but soon come to realize my astral form. Absolute. I see everything and nothing for all that it is and is not, all it will ever be and never was. I wipe my hands of your two dimensionality. Put on shadez. 😎 #therdr 👁 🐉🤲 #taichichuan #yoga #bodylanguage #mindbody

Last day in Mexico!! . . . It was bananas!!🍌 @eubi_official #eubiyou use code 👉🏼 EUBIJustinL10 to get your pair

S PA R K L E. Despite spending the afternoon with all the glitter (in all the places) I am feeling a little less than sparkly these days. . I have a cough that would put a two-pack smoker to shame, my mind is more scattered than a rabid squirrel, my creativity is being strangled by practicalities, my patience is rock bottom and my lists are longer than Santa’s. I can imagine most of you can relate.... . But, I’m beyond blessed and I actively choose this life. Chaos and glitter and mess and noise and challenge is where I feel most comfortable. It is when I sparkle. . Anyone else feel the weight of the overwhelm but would choose it any day over the lightness of passivity? . Call me crazy, just don’t call me busy 😉 . . . #phitphysio #getphit #bodyawarenesss #holidays #movedaily #healthylife #mindbody #phit #momlife #honestparenting #honesty #happy #happiness #toddlersofig

Finding joy in the simplicity of things! • Today, Im sharing one of my many self care routine with you today, because I want to inspire you to start taking care yourself on a regular basis.🙏🏼 When we create time, space and action to make ourselves feel better, then we can be and give our best self when interacting with others. . . This👉🏻 is my daily cup of organic, decaff green tea, with a few drops of organic Valeria root! Which helps with reducing levels of anxiety, calm the nervous system, aid with insomnia, reduces muscular pain, etc. Its a wonderful holistic herb and you can also buy in liquid form and pour a few drops to your favorite cup of tea. . . . 😉 Have a relaxing Sunday and a wonderful new week! . . 🌿 @veganyely | #veganyely . . . . #medicinalherbs #valerianroot #insomnia #anxious #greentea #selfcaresunday #selfcaredaily

“The breakneck speed of our days deceive us into thinking that busyness and productivity are the [keys] to a HAPPY life. But without a practiced capacity to sloooow down and s.a.v.o.r. the subtleties, we are left ridden with anxiety, overwhelmed, and exhaustion.” ____ “Division and confusion provide our collective conversations, and are reminders that we are living in a world of ever more *negligent toward and in real need of the {fundamentals} that make US human and HEALTHy, the very threads that can tie it back together.” D. Schildkret ____ Nature. Rituals. Reconnect. /We are rhythmic beings. /With cellular functions occurring on a circadian rhythm, matching the rise and fall of the sun. /Have you reconnected to the earth and light recently? Consider this first, if feeling s.c.a.t.t.er.e.d. ___ ALTARS = to rise up. Our Earth Altars of each month of 2017. Each connected with the next. Cheers to foraging, wandering, wondering, creating, and RISING. Thank @morningaltars for the experience. ♥️✨

Such a sacred powerful place to process and receive intuitive information.... Our bodies! This course is all about creating a new relationship with your body and having greater mind body connection. Many women I know have experienced much in the realm of body shaming and other means of disconnecting them from their body and their true nature leading to massive amounts of anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Commit to a new relationship with yourself thru this embodiment course starting in January thru March. Course available live in Denver Colorado or via live web cast. Its time to reconnect and own the power thats within you 💪💜 Upside-life.com/embodiment #embodiment #womensempowerment #newyearsresolution #denvercolorado #livestream #mindbody #connection #empowerment #intuition #guidance #lifechanging #course #feminine #women #movement #body #lifegoals #relationshipgoals #thetimeisnow #myupsidelife

🔥Triceps🔥 Throw this exercise in after your chest workout! Resting the weights at the bottom of each rep create a different contraction as you return to top! Love the way they feel. Give them a try and shoot me some feedback!

{*Winter Foraging*} _____ In preparation for today’s @morningaltars event, I set out to forge pieces of Mother Earth’s land treasures, amidst the snow cover land. ❄️ ____ In hopes to find a few remaining bright berries and colored fall leaves, 🍂 I found much more than this Earth’s art in my bag. _____ I was reminded of the awe that ensues when we allow ourselves to [walk in awareness] of all that is a.r.o.u.n.d. us. INSTEAD of being solely focus on the destination, that we are so addicted to, remembering what we may find in the journey. ✨ *Stay tuned for our altars...

Did you know we were on the @mindbody app?!• Now it’s even easier to check our schedule, book a class, or buy a gift card! • Check it out! • #MindBodyApp #AppStore #MindBody #HudsonValley #UlsterCounty #HotYoga #HotPilates #Yoga #Fitness #fitspo

// New website dropping this week // In an ever constant process of spiritual exposure, my new site is an energetic upgrade reflecting my own conscious evolution. You can be sure I’ll be bringing more Woo and sparkle into the world. Talking spiritual awakening, ascension, mindbody wellbeing, energy healing and the great consciousness revolution sweeping the Planet. You may even spot a few crystals and oracle cards. It’s time to be unearthed, unzipped and untethered. Opening to a greater soul-led potential. Sharing truth. Straight from the heart. R x #spiritualawakening #ascension #consciousness #revolution #evolution #love #soul #straightfromtheheart #unity #mindbody #wellbeing #unearthed #unzipped #untethered #light #energy #truth #exposure #embracingdivinity

2019 Goals start NOW!! Many of you are aware I’ve been rediscovering health and fitness over the last year, initially to rehab and strengthen bad knees and then it turned into “how far can I push my body”. I’ve complete 3 x 16 weeks challenges in this time, significantly improved all my fitness markers, lost 4% in body fat, have improved energy, stabilised my iron levels and I can probably count on 1 hand the number of days I’ve had painful bloating in the last year (something I suffered from almost daily). So how far can I go? I’ve just signed up for my 4th challenge but this time it’s going to be different. I’m going to really stick to the challenge rather than my usual half arsed approach so I’m posting this here to keep myself accountable because now you all know what I’m up to. Yes I’ll still enjoy plenty of good food and wine over Christmas and New Year but starting this challenge now means I’ll be more mindful of how much I’m consuming so I don’t overindulge. It’s about balance right! So I’ll be posting a bit about my journey over the next 16 weeks so apologies in advance if you get sick of me....and if you have any questions about what I’m doing then by all means hit my up. #16weeks #2019goals #workingonme #healthandfitness #challengeyourself #mindbody

Laughter is the fireworks of the soul -Josh Billings . Laugh hard. Laugh often. Blow some sh💫 t up! 🎇 . #TheAlignedBrand #laughter #LiveAligned

Crush an Insane Amount of Calories in Just 15 Minutes Build muscle and burn fat at the same time with this quick total-body workout Twitter.com/HFW_CONSULTING #wellness #promotehealthierlifestyles #healthylifestyles #menshealth #healthyliving #livewell #hfwconsulting #selfcare #exercise #mindbody #fitnessgoals #fitness #bodybuilding #lifestylechange #weighttraining #fitnesslife #muscle

note to fuckin self STOP COMPARING YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF TO SOMEONE ELSE’S BEAUTY. everyone has their own qualities that make them beautiful, whether it be on the inside or the outside. just be you fam 🌹 . #bodypositivity #fitfam #fitness #personaltraining #curves #weightlifting #fitnessjourney #selflove #selfcare #mindbody #mentalhealth #bodypositive #progressnotperfection

Hi! 👋I’m Tracy & I’m a newly certified holistic health coach. I started my wellness journey at age 14 when I decided to become a vegetarian. It forced me to really think about what I was eating, why I was eating it & recognizing my appreciation for the presentation of beautiful food. I grew up with an active lifestyle & was accustomed to moving my body daily, eventually becoming a competitive tennis player & later replacing that with swimming. I’ve always shared my passions for healthy living with others because it’s always made me feel good mentally, kept my body healthy & strong & helped me maintain an abundance of energy. My journey is one that’s always evolving but my story is consistent. I choose the things that work for ME & repeat. Our bodies are unique & differ with age, so experimenting along the way & making subtle changes is prudent. I’m an information seeker, but moreso a believer in trial & error. What works for ONE may NOT work for another. I was a teacher in the classroom for 10 years & have been a swim trainer for equally as long. It is my intention to share my knowledge to help others discover the best routine for their bodies & to support them in maintaining their best selves. • 🤗SOME QUIRKS about me.... 🔹I ate a sweet potato for lunch everyday of my pregnancy with both of my daughters (still my favorite food) 🔹I started an ab routine at age 9 to support my scoliosis & never stopped 🔹I tear the tags out of everything the moment I buy it as I can’t stand the rubbing 🔹I hate bras 🔹70% of my closet is from vintage stores & I prefer it that way 🔹I have friends who date back to preschool & all my friendships run deep👭👫 🔹I never tried coffee☕️ until after my first daughter was born & still prefer tea 🔹My college nickname was Smurf 🔹I drank apple carrot ginger juice 🥕almost daily in college & my palms turned orange 🔹I eat 2-3 squares of dark chocolate 🍫everyday without fail 🔹I “marinate” in chlorine 🏊‍♀️about 6 days a week & water 💦is absolutely my meditation. 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 🙏🏻I so appreciate all of the support here & I’d love to get to know all of you better. 🙋‍♀️Tell me something QUIRKY about YOU.

#Repost @the.holistic.psychologist • • • • • Traditional psychiatry runs on the model that depression has to do with faulty wiring of the brain. This is usually blamed on genetics, and the answer is to put the patient on an SSRI. Even though science confirms 80%+ of neurotransmitters are made in the gut, diet and lifestyle are completely ignored. - A new psychoneuroimmuneological model of depression has been silently emerging over the past few decades. This model sees depression as a symptom rather than a disease. Healing the immune system and reducing inflammation is key in reducing and protecting against depression. - A large study done by the Journal of Clinical Psychology looked at 14,275 people for 5 years. They drew blood and found those with depression had 46% higher levels of C-reactive protein (an inflammatory marker) in their blood. This doesn’t mean that the inflammation, caused depression, but it shows a clear link. - WAYS TO REDUCE INFLAMMATION 1. Eat an anti inflammatory diet. Pastured meats, eggs, & veggies. Avoid processed foods, sugar, industry oils (like canola oil) and processed carbohydrates. 2. Breathwork. Breathwork allows you to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system which reduces inflammation 3. Move your body. Whatever feels good for you will work best. Yoga, gym, hikes, all shift the physiology of the body and reduce inflammation 4. Meditation 5. Cold showers - It’s my belief that in the future we will not view depression as a genetic “bad” wiring of the brain but a symptom of bodily imbalance to be corrected #selfhealers - #holistic #functionalmedicine #mindbody #depression #healyourself #foodismedicine #psychology #wellness #holistichealth

Pure Nurture is based on a mind-body approach to pregnancy and birth. What does that mean?🤔 All aspects that make you unique- mind, body, spirit, personality, emotions, thoughts, what you eat, your sleep, how you manage stress, your relationships, your work, etc... is all interrelated and impacts your overall health and well-being. 🌿⠀ :::⠀ What you think about, what you believe about yourself, your body, your ability to birth, the innate wisdom of nature, what you want, what you dont want... it all plays a role in creating your reality. 🧠⠀ :::⠀ A mind-body approach integrates therapies, practices, methods, and techniques to support pregnancy and birth. It complements conventional or allopathic medicine.⠀ :::⠀ Do you use affirmations to support you through your pregnancy and as a mom? Do you use complementary therapies like massage, homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture? Share your favorites in the comments. 🤳 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #allopaticmedicine #mindbodybirth #complementarymedicine #integrativemedicine #integrativenutrition #integrativenutritioncoach #hypnobirthing #mindbody #mindbodymedicine #mindbodyspirit #mindbodymedicine #affirmations #louisehay #yourthoughtscreateyourreality #powerofthemind #hypnobirthingaffirmations #holisitic #holisiticapproach #holistichealth #holisiticlifestyle #holisticlifestylecoac #pregnancy #pregnant #powerofthoughts #motherhood #momtobe #mindbodygram #healthymindhealthybody #nurturedbirth #purenurture

This is why it’s important to recharge yourself. #SelfMasteryRadio.com

“Honor the space between no longer and not yet.”

SNUG // hows your Sunday evening going down? Snuggled in and feeling cozy following another busy Holiday Season Weekend? We get it 😘 Our beauty squad is prepping for a fab week ahead with makeup and brow services. Few spots still available. Jump to trenalaine.com or use the mindbody app ❤ Photo credit from @favsfashionshow @svetlanayanovaphotographer Model @springalicious MUAs Selina & Trena . . . #sundaykindalove #runwaymakeup #holidaycheer #holidayglam #holidayseason #mindbody #trenalaine #trenalainemakeup #promakeup #photographymakeup #makeupartist #yycmua #calgarymakeup #calgarymakeupartist #yycartist #holidayvibes #weekendvibes

Some static holds today to strengthen the core ⚡️ @kimyin7 the last clip is 30 secs of #hollowbodyhold .. Try it out. Keep your lower back glued to the ground and flex the entire front side of your body from your toes to your fingers 💯🙏🏽 ++++ #Day30 of #30daysofrings 💪🏽👣🔥 ++++ #justthebeginning #journey #strength #mastery #movement #exercise #work #joy #calisthenics #bodyweighttraining #gymnasticrings #hollowbodyhold #focus #discipline #mindbody #alchemy #heartcultivation #success #humility #process #beginnerworkout #homegym #decemberchallenge #peace

Still feeling all warm inside from SUN-Day Yoga ☀️ 🧘🏽‍♀️ 🧘🏾‍♂️. We drank cinnamon tea 🍵 , we breathed 🌬, we flowed kemetically 🔺, we enjoyed a self foot massage 🦶, and listened 👂🏽 to stories inspired by ancient African traditions. These stories teach us about the value of patience and how to cultivate it. Thank you to everyone who came out and shared their vibe. This event requires a repeat! Stay tuned. ______________________________ #kemeticyoga #yogaskillsmethod #chicagoyogis #restorativeyoga #selfcare #holistichealth #selfcaresunday #chicagoyoga #mindbody #healthandwellness

Monday’s Offerings at Breathe Life Sangha: 9:30-10:45 am Alignment Based Flow with Regina 10:00-11:15 am Foundations I/II with Amy 3:30-4:45 pm School Teachers Only! With Regina 6:00-7:00 pm Strala Yoga with Farihah 7:00-8:15 pm Relax and Restore with Julie

The Soulcare Retreat II: Love 🌿 Expectations: soul evolution, spiritual growth, self discovery, love, love, love. 7 nights, 6 countries: Imagine waking up on a new island everyday! san juan, puerto rico + philipsburg, st. maarten + basseterre, st. kitts, st. johns, antigua + castries, st. lucia + bridgetown, barbados Host: @theomiwalicenter  Very Special Guest Facilitators: @LizzyJeff + @OlanikeeOsi + @HonorsYoga + @SpiritedxKulture + @iamomikunle Book ASAP! This retreat will sellout! Need a payment plan? DM us. We’ll work with you! You do NOT want to miss this retreat! 🌿 For more information about this retreat + how to book visit: www.Omiwali.com #TheSoulcareRetreatII

⛄️🎄 Holiday Survival Strategies 🎄⛄️ How about consciously creating a healthy holiday survival guide for yourself and/or your family this year? 🌟 Overspending at the holidays creates significant stress & anxiety for many and can be managed more effectively 💡💰😩 Instead of focusing so much on presents 🎁, how about having convos with your loved ones to focus on PRESENCE, instead? 👨‍👨‍👦👩‍👩‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👦‍👦👬👭👫👯‍♂️ When I think back to my best holidays ever, there is only one gift that truly stands out (oh, how I wanted and loved that Care Bear 🧸💕). All of my most meaningful holiday memories involve friends, family, get togethers, fun, warmth, relaxed environments, delicious dinners and feeling connected 💕 Allow yourself to be considerate of your needs and precious energy levels 💫 Make judicious decisions about which invitations to gratefully accept, which to respectfully decline and enjoy a holiday season where you feel happy, energized & authentic 🎉 Then, you can enjoy a joyful January and start the new year refreshed & ready to create amazing new traditions 🌈 😊 #healthyholidays #boundaries #decisions #healthylifestyle #toronto #perspective #mindbody #healing #psychotherapy #integrativehealth #tradition #integrativewellness #presence #happyholidays #sunnysidehealingarts

Repost @wildwellnessstudio ... 2 weeks to go! 👀 Give a little gift of wellness to your loved ones this Christmas! 🎄 10% off gift cards for a limited time! Valid for Massage Therapy and all Class Passes. Available online and in the studio. 🤶🏼 Contact us for more info. 🖤 . . . . . . #Wellness #GiftCard #MindBody #Christmas #WildWellness #BurnSweatBreathe #Massage #FiveDock #FiveDock_Sydney #Chiswick #Abbotsford #InnerWestSydney #CanadaBay

Rock me like a tiny tornado! While gazing at this model, my second point on truth emerged. See last post for first. (Hey, tiny 🌪 #toolsfornotthinking) Most serve tornadoes are usually linked to supercells — extremely large thunderstorms that involve well defined internal rotation. But there are still questions about why and how tornadoes form. The answers may (or may not) change our current understanding. My point: truth is malleable. There is always more to learn. Make room in your life for this. In the wrong hands the malleability of truth can be abused and misused. Think #alternativefacts— there’s a BIG difference between contradictions in science or social theory, for example, and the intention to mislead others to justify your desired result. Know your sources and consider their agendas. Up next: I’ll be getting less pie in the sky and little more into the health-related truth weeds.

Where does wellness begin? You may think that only your physical health is important, but I teach my clients about the mind-body connection through meditation and targeted psychotherapy sessions at my practice in #dallastx Follow along as I reveal a Frequently Asked Questions series that will help you learn more about my practice and psychotherapy in general, to determine if this is something you could benefit from. ❤️❤️❤️

It’s easy to live in the extremes because as a species we are hard-wired for survival, and survival is all about do or die. . . The aim is to find ways to hold on and let go- and more importantly- when to do each one. It’s the process of seeking a balance between those modes that makes up our experience of life. The good news is when we master these modes, we can apply it every aspect of life from our health and wellbeing to our careers and relationships. . . At Corethentic we recognise how profoundly important this is, and so we apply this wellness coaching technique to everything we do from our corporate wellness programs, to our personal training, video workouts and group meditation sessions. . . Make 2019 the year of change for you or your business. We are here to help you get a better quality of life. . . 👧 @flicmanning 📖 @corethentic 📸 @jenellebellalife #lifeisagift #balance #entrepreneur #businesswoman #entrepreneurship #coaching #leadership #wellness #wellnesscoach #keynote #corporatewellness #fitness #corethentic #ighappy #fitspo #ceo #mindset #mindbody #selfcare #humanperformance #fitnessmodel #sportsmodel #athlete #businessdevelopment #executivecoaching

It’s easy to live in the extremes because as a species we are hard-wired for survival, and survival is all about do or die. . . The aim is to find ways to hold on and let go- and more importantly- when to do each one. It’s the process of seeking a balance between those modes that makes up our experience of life. The good news is when we master these modes, we can apply it to every aspect of life from our health and wellbeing to our careers and relationships. . . At Corethentic we recognise how profoundly important this is, and so we apply this wellness coaching technique to everything we do from our corporate wellness programs, to our personal training, video workouts and group meditation sessions. . . Make 2019 the year of change for you or your business. We are here to help you get a better quality of life. Links in bio. . . 👧 @flicmanning 📖 @corethentic 📸 @jenellebellalife #lifeisagift #balance #entrepreneur #businesswoman #entrepreneurship #coaching #leadership #wellness #wellnesscoach #keynote #corporatewellness #fitness #corethentic #ighappy #fitspo #ceo #mindset #mindbody #selfcare #humanperformance #fitnessmodel #sportsmodel #athlete #businessdevelopment #executivecoaching

Join me and my mom this Saturday for a holiday themed crafting and yoga workshop for parents and children. *Registration open in Event Brite. #thisisyoga #crafting #asana #creativity #flow #selfcare #familycare #together #rawyoga614 #BusyBÿ #TeacherBÿ #YogaBÿ #CrafyBÿ #mindbody #BÿHealthyBÿHot #forward #future #expectancy #increase #overflow #manifestdestiny

INTRODUCING OUR NEWEST UP&RUNNING TEAM MEMBER! We are excited to have Fiyory Ghezae join us in 2019! Fiyory is a BSc Sport, Health and Exercise science graduate and is currently studying MSc Mental Health Studies. She completed her personal trainer qualification two years ago and has been using it to help herself and others gain structure and enjoyment in the gym. Fiyory has worked as a football coach and private tutor for young children for several years and is interested in helping more people use exercise as a tool to deal with their mental health conditions. Fiyory believes it is essential that we focus on young people and get them more active as this will have both physical and psychological benefits. She is hoping to continue further education as well as working with young people, encouraging and educating more young people on the importance of taking care of their physical and mental health. I hope this programme will give people an insight into the variety of ways they can exercise and help them find an exercise they enjoy!

Believe it or not this was the best picture we got last night during our dinner 😂. We had such an amazing time enjoying some team bonding! We missed @jessicamartenson and will have to do it again soon. We enjoy our studio, this team, and our clients so very much and feel honored to meet and build the relationships with the women that we do. 🥰 . . #tbpteam #lovethesegirls #strengthcomesfromwithin #mindovermatter #strong #christmas #booty #letsshake #letitburnbaby #tuckitout #tbp #complimentyourself #posture #barre #fitness #health #barrefitness #barreworkout #barreclass #barrebabes #barrelife #barrestrong #thebarrepointe #yoga #barreextreme #mindbody #loveyourself

Doc B is back on @sonoranlivingabc15 LIVE on December 11th between 9-10am. She and Terri discuss PRP, fillers, and of course, Fun Sculpting. It’s so exciting to be able to talk about her passion ok television, that she sort of forgets it’s live tv. See for yourself....call 480-223-9323 for an appointment. #restylanelips #restylanesilk #labiosperfectos #hairrestoration #prphairrestoration #prpinjection #vampirefacial #kan #turkishgirl #liposuction #lipo #liposuccion #lipoescultura #agemanagement #injectables #galderma #botoxface #beforeandafters #livetv #livetelevision #tvsegment #passionate #blessed😇 #mindbody #thehealing #healingfromwithin #confidentwomen #selfcarefirst #transformational #ivtherapy @docarizona @billjee @dcbm31 @thebofit

The Freeing Creativity methodology isn’t just about individual growth. It’s about community. As we gather to unearth our innate creative abilities in ourselves we learn from each other and the connections forged are incredibly meaningful. Join Stephanie and Brittany for a Freeing Creativity workshop or retreat to experience the energy, movement and art that a group like this can elicit.

8 Brand New products have been released for purchase, and added to the website. In order to allow everyone to get a head start on trying them, All Day Today Only, You can Buy 1 bottle of vitamins & get the 2nd bottle of vitamins 50% off. (discount applied at checkout) + 9 of our best products are already discounted $4. (sales end at midnight tonight) Purchase at Drcostanaturals.com #vitamins #health #newjersey #natural #mindbody #healing #organic

Who going with me? Did you already get your tickets? 3 days of Pilates classes and movement, a chance for teachers to be students and to take classes with their lovely clients and friends 💜. @momentumfest early bird pricing ends December 15th. Check the link in bio for more info and to purchase your tickets. #peaceofmindpilates #denverpilates #momentumfest #denverfitness #denver #thingstodoindenver #mindbody #pilates #yoga #movement

Gloomy Sundays are for Zyto scanss👌🏻 . . I do a Zyto scan at least once a month to see where my body is at and which system needs the most support & It’s crazy to see how accurate it always is .... . . It gives you in depth reports on your Detoxification system, Gastrointestinal system, Hormonal / Endocrine system & Immune system✔️ It is also able to pinpoint which areas of the body are experiencing stress & identify natural solutions that help it get into balance ! . . #LFCWay #LFCCoach #CristinaValenteWellness

Money does not feed the soul, not sex, vice or fame, not your fantasies or fool’s glory, but character. #philosophy #art #fitness #mindbody #soul #character #truevalue #virtue #standard #transcendental

Celebrating the last night of Hanukkah! And so happy to be back with my crew! #completecore #bysolange #physicaltherapy #womenshealth #pelvicfloor #breath #movement #functionaltraining #mindbody #selfcare #healthylifestyle #wellbeing #hanukkah2018 happyhanukkah #grateful

The times you dont feel like doing yoga, thats when you need it the most. Just 5 minutes of yoga a day can change everything. #doyoga #yogi #orlandoyoga #yogainstructor #airplanepose #yoga #iloveyoga #mindbody

Money does not feed the soul, not sex, vice or fame, not your fantasies or fool’s glory, but character. #philosophy #art #fitness #mindbody #soul #character #truevalue #virtue #standard #transcendental *Screen capture of Fuzz on the Lens Productions’ Meditation. #meditation #meditationthemovie #fuzzonthelensproductions

Money does not feed the soul, not sex, vice or fame, not your fantasies or fool’s glory, but character. #philosophy #art #fitness #mindbody #soul #character #truevalue #virtue #standard #transcendental

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🤞You need to trust your trainer at all times🤞The GYROTONIC FINAL CERTIFICATION in Münstertal in progress🎖 Very soon we hope to celebrate with our first Gyrotonic trainer at our Studio Viktorius in Domzale 🥇🎖Stay tuned for more 🔥🔥 . . . . . . . #gyrotonicexpansionsystem #gyrotonic #ballet #fitness #mindbody #neuromusculartraining #dancersofinstagram #domzale #ljubljana #gyrotonicinstructor #pilates #yogafordancers #dance #stottpilates #barre #yoga #ifeelslovenia #igfitfam #igslovenia #pilateseverwhere #yogaslovenia #danceworkout #ifeelviktorius #benessere360 #benesserefisico #trainthemind #benesserementale #trainerlife #studioviktorius #certification

Many of you have been asking us for a way to gift our course to your friends, family, and partners. Well, now you can! Go to the link in our bio, where you can purchase the course, then give someone a printed (or digital) gift card with a specialized code for them to register! It’s completely self-paced and there are no deadlines for registration, so it’s open for anyone at anytime. ⁣ Themes our course explores: Challenging the ways you’ve been conditioned to relate to your body, deconstructing belief systems, manifesto writing, somatic writing, mindfulness, self-portraiture, embodied practices for exploring identity, connecting to your inner child, personal empowerment, and uncovering what you’re ready to shift in life. ⁣ More in our story and highlight reel.⁣ ($65.00 / seven robust weeks of content, practices, assignments and personal exploration.)

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Happy Birthday #JosephPilates! #joepilates #pilates

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Looking FORWARD to the weekend liiiiike 👀 Sign up or just show up and Let’s Dance ➖ #beatshighlightslow

For #tbt - we look back at our member #holiday party from this past weekend - and as we talked about the #PriveSwissFitness community earlier this week, we must include our ENTIRE team (many not pictured!) of enthusiastic, caring instructors and front desk team, whose love for fitness and wellness is the true pulse of our #community! #groupfitness #fitnessinstructor #groupfitnessinstructor #pilatesinstructor #yogainstructor #priveswiss #westbrook #madison #connecticut #fitness

A big part of my transformation has been unlocking parts of my past that were/are painful and I tried to forget. Ive been waking up to how these traumas have been blocking me in so many ways, and being able to open back up and heal the wounds has been hard but necessary to be where I am now✨ • • This has allowed me to not only change my mindset around lots of things that were holding me back from growing, but has also allowed me to get in touch with lots of people from my past. Like childhood past✨ • • When my mom died, my dad chose to hire a nanny for my sister and I. There were 2 I ALWAYS remembered, Anna and Malin, both young girls from Sweden who were super fun and very impactful to two young girls who had just lost their mom✨ • • About 3 months into this journey I saw Malin again for the first time in about 13 years? Something crazy. She answered questions that I didn’t even know I needed the answer to, and was really one of the first people to help me to start to heal and grow because of what she could tell me that I couldn’t remember with such love!✨ • • Yesterday we talked again, and SO much has changed for the both of us in just 6 short months in the most positive ways. I believe our meeting expanded each other’s universes somehow, woo woo but true💁🏻‍♀️ We plan to call each other at least once a month, and I know that having Malin back in my life is really the magic of the universe✨ • • This is me and her when I was younger and then about 6 months ago. She was only 18 when she was taking care of us, and just recently told me how scared she was. But I’m POSITIVE she was the reason I still have the fire burning in me to just be me. To live authentically. She allowed me to be exactly me no matter what I looked like or what others said✨ • • Again, to experience any type of transformation it is necessary to dig back into your past, usually the hardest/darkest times, the ones you want to forget, so you can push through and grow into who you are meant to be. I’m grateful to have support from my past helping me to heal along the way. If you need support, DM me, I’m here for you✨🦋

Last night I taught a Pilates class and then did my own flow. I worked out in my sports bra, which is a new thing for me. For my whole adult life, and even looking back into childhood I really cannot recall a time working out, or even just wearing sports bras, tight shirts, or form fitting shirts in general. I HATED my stomach. It was the area that made me the most uncomfortable. I would always pick the baggiest shirt I could find to hide all the things I hated⚡️ • • Yesterday when I finished my workout I felt so confident I ended up just putting my flannel on over my bra and walking into the world with my midriff showing😱😱😱I walked out of the studio radiating light and confidence, seriously feeling this new Emily, I felt🔥🔥🔥🔥in the 49 degrees lol⚡️ • • I was at the store when a woman complimented me. She told me I looked so great, how she wished she looked as skinny as me. She told me her focus is going to be on her this new year, and she wants to get healthy and look good like me. I was in complete shock. Someone had just called me skinny, and literally told me that I looked good in a sports bra. I told her all it takes is consistency and love for yourself before anyone else, and that it’s so possible if you just change up your mindset⚡️ • • Of course, changing and transforming your life is so much easier said than done; bottom line is that it is absolutely possible. Trust me, it is so freaking possible. Literally anyone can do anything they put their mind too. It just take consistency and love⚡️ • • Last year this time you would not catch me dead wearing a sports bra in public. In fact I tried to avoid anything in public. I was so depressed and in my feels I didn’t want anything to do with anyone, to be honest not even myself⚡️ • • It’s only been 9 months since I’ve started my journey and look how much has changed for me. I’m showing one of my most vulnerable areas, radiating light, and fucking loving myself every step of the way. If it’s possible for me, it’s possible for you. I promise.⚡️🦋 #moovinngroovin

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