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葉山町 2018, Kanagawa • Lomo CN 100 // #35mm #istillshootfilm #naturaclassica

I love this time of year! It’s the perfect reminder to say thank you to your people! The ones that get you through the day, who show up when you need them, who are there for you even if you haven’t seen each other in a while. Take the time to say thanks! For all the big and small things. Tag your people, say thank you/something nice and pass it on!! Kind words can go a long way ❤️

I’d walk miles through cities just to see something new

White out. #myeverydayadventures

smile everyday

~ take it easy ~ // (letting go - wild nothing)


I’ve only got 9 more days to post ALL THE PUMPKIN PICTURES!!! . Here is the first one, featuring @caitmdwyer, Patron Saint of the P-Patch. 🎃

Oh #nola you’ve made this #grinch somewhat excited for #christmas. Only a little bit though, let’s not get crazy. . . . . #interiordesign #interiordesigner #interior #christmas #christmastime #christmastree #southernchristmas #igersneworleans #hotelmonteleone #mytinyatlas #fromwhereistand #carouselbar

San Fransisco was a good time ✌️walked 13 miles, missed a bus, and ate some kickass food

Be right back, chasing waterfalls.

森戸海岸 2018, Kanagawa • Lomo CN 💯 // #35mm #naturaclassica #scenery

Incredible time in the Dunes the past few days!. . The highlight of the trip for me was watching my people come together and in just 3 hours build a rad palapa memorial for our friend’s Uncle Bob. . Uncle Bob has been gone for 20 years now...but his warmth, ingenuity, generosity, kindness and giant heart live on. . I love that the palapa is in the middle of nowhere for people to chance upon for a little shelter and maybe a shot of tequila. And for us to return to and, in honor of Bob, keep celebrating this precious life we have. . To check out the palapas and behind the scenes build ... and the rest of our desert shenanigans...check out my Stories. ☝🏼. . 📷- @mattspencer . #wanderlust #kindnessmatters #whatsyourlegacy #mytinyatlas #kindandaligned #adventureisoutthere #wanderandwonder #desertvibes #dunes #traveljunkie #adventureisafamilyvalue #communityovercompetition #manifestbeingseen

a walk last spring, a memory for mama 🌞✨ #julietterae #portland

Located in the middle of Man Sager lake.Jal Mahal literally “Water Palace” is one of the most beautiful place i have ever seen..5 stories tall (only one is visible above water)Mughal and Rajput Style architecture creates a mesmerising view During golden hour. . . . . Photo Credit : @luckyrajora 👍 #stayandwander  #letsgosomewhere  #optoutside #india_everyday  #folkscenery  #thatpnwlife #earthfocus  #mytinyatlas  #beautifulplaces #beautifuldestinations  #hypedshots #createcommune  #createexplore  #artofvisuals #lonelyplanetindia  #cbviews  #goodshotz #visionofpictures  #indianphotography  #earthpix #agameoftones  #exklusive_shots #wildernessculture  #forgeyourownpath #heatercentral  #welivetoexplore  #thegreatoutdoors

Unfinished Business (Soundtrack Mix) Music composed, arranged, mixed, mastered, performed and produced by Sami Abouzid, Art Direction by Sami Abouzid NumberOneMusic.com URL: http://www.numberonemusic.com/samiabouzid NumberOneMusic Charts | week 46, 2018 Hi Sami abouzid! Congratulations, Your song is #1 for Film Music in United States! #saboskirt #france #welltraveled #beautifulplaces #summertime #rachelsavagemusic #stayandwander #blackandwhite #music #summerstyle #nice #traveldiaries #europe #keepitwild #getoutstayout #mytinyatlas #visualsgang #thehappynow #instapassport #roamtheplanet #pursuepretty #fashionaddict #casualwear #streetstyle

Happiness is sand between my toes and a sunburn on my nose 🏖️ -- 👙@swimswimmiesph

I just love , this view of my window 🧡 silence and graves .. ((

The beast will need a snorkel soon if I go any deeper!

havin’ some serious Palm Springs withdrawals // think a trip needs to be in my future ✨

treehouse living 🐒

I’m thinking about skipping the turkey & stuffing this year & eating only 🍩 all day long on Thursday...mostly because I can’t get enough of this cinnamon bun angel. ⠀ •⠀ On my drive home tomorrow, I’m swinging through providence to visit my pals at @pvdonuts & then plan on wearing sweatpants until I have to go back to work on Friday. • ⠀ Being a December bride & trying to eat clean certainly has its challenges, especially with Thanksgiving only a few weeks before the “big day” - but I can tell you one thing: I’m very thankful for these blackbird beauties & my bakery fam in the south end. ⠀ • ⠀ ...& come 12/16, I’m going to eat every doughnut, gummy, & carbohydrate in the greater Boston area, before finding some sort of normal post-wedding eating equilibrium. You’ve all been warned.

Бедный человек не тот, у которого нет ни гроша в кармане, а тот, у которого нет мечты. ◦ Понравилась работа? - подпишись, напиши комментарий и репостни себе в сторис, для меня это важно!

Y si, ella era algo MUY especial. Tenía la gran habilidad de sorprenderme con su mundo, ese que se desborda con su mirada y me contagia con una sonrisa.

I’m a sucker for good architecture love the details of this building, shadowed by the modern glass building (in the right corner). Exquisite.

We got caught plotting how to wake Uncle Kyle up. EVERYBODY ACT NATURAL

Your moment of zen before the holiday season hits full swing. 🙏📿✨ 📷@justindkauffman#theresetritual

gazing at giants 🦖✨ . . . When I see the bones of extinct creatures like dinosaurs it only makes me wonder what creatures that exist today won’t exist as the future generations come into the world. We have been charged as the guardians of this planet whether we want to be or not. We must do what we can to keep endangered species from tipping into the extinct column. Use less plastic, vote for environmental protections, plant more trees, do your best to research companies you’re supporting and their environmental habits, drive an electric car—I don’t check off everything in that list but I’m consciously working at it. I’ll take a breath and step down from my soap box, but it’s honestly something I think of often—the pain we humans are causing this planet. It will take all of us making changes to have a chance to rectify it 🌻

Hi AviaSky Travellers! Heres something exciting... BEIJING Package 🎉🎉🎉 for as low as 25,500 PHP Inclusions : ✅Rountrip Airfare via AirChina (with early arrival and late departure) ✅Rountrip Airport Transfer ✅ BEIJING Tour Highlights (Birds Nest, Temple of Heaven, Great Wall) ✅ Daily Breakfast ✅ 4N Hotel Accommodation ✅ Full Board Meals Exclusions : ❎Meals not included in the itinearary ❎Other personal expenses ❎Travel Tax ❎Visa Processing *Note : On selected dates only For more details, feel free to contact us through Tel No. +63 296 7241 / +63 996 1390 Cel No. +63 917 315 1390 / +63 921 202 0103 Email. info.aviaskytravel@gmail.com Website : www.aviaskytravelandtours.com

We are excited to be a part of the growing Bucksport waterfront revitalization! An expanded marina, a waterfront restaurant, kayak and bike rentals and public art installations are part of Bucksport’s vision for its waterfront. Elans Lisa Nagle was quoted sharing, that even more is possible! Read more at the link in our bio ( and to see the full image)!

Yes, sometimes I just forget that a picture is being taken and just vanish into deep thoughts.. Or dogs passing by.. Mostly dogs, actually.. Or freezing limbs..

This is what you call a frustration smile.. It comes forth in situations like when you keep waving at your selfie camera to activate the photo taking process and your mobile chooses to ignore you for as long as possible..

The Three Cities are older than Valletta, there’s Birgu, Senglea, & Cospicua. Birgu has existed since the Middle Ages, whereas the others were founded by the Order of St. John after the 16th century. It’s a nice few hours visit from Valletta Port.

Valletta’s fortified walls and the Upper Barracks Gardens (built in the 1590s and used by Knights for recreational activities).

The Three Cities from the Upper Barracks.

Malta weather is changing. It’s incredibly muggy and humid. I sweat standing still. 😰

Every step has a use in Valletta.

A bit of rain makes everything look rather lush.

Valletta in the rain. The ruins on the left is Malta’s Royal Opera House. I’m serious.

“Leafing” memories. 🍀

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