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Last night after my workout I was reflecting back on my fitness journey and thinking about the struggles and the wins. Do I feel any different, did I miss the mark? I can say my journey hasn’t been perfect but I never gave up. So I started thinking 🤔 I wonder how many people set goals or New Year’s resolutions each year. It’s crazy to think that only eight percent actually achieve their New Years resolutions. Isn’t that crazy 😜 ?I know from personal experience that weight loss, excercise and getting fit is one of the hardest nuts to crack! WAIT! Don’t give up yet and go back to the bad habit and hit the junk foods because you think it’s impossible. First off don’t aim for the moon 🌙 and go cold turkey! Take it one day and one step at a time. Tips For Success By making small changes each day you will start to see change and results. Remember you didn’t instantly put weight on, so why would you think that quick fix will keep it off? These small changes throughout the year will lead to big and lasting results for a lifetime. Excercise 🚶🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️alone is not going to do the job. By adding nutrition and exercise together both will help you see results thoughout the year. Eat mindfully! What? It’s the opposite of mindless eating. You know grab food just because . When you focus on making better choice and asking yourself am I hungry or just bored? These are just a few tips to help you get started on your goals. The year isn’t over and you still have time to start your 2018 weight loss goal and go into 2019🎉 feeling amazing. 💪🏻 Reach out if you want information on how I can help you get started or click the link in the bio and fill out the form. You can also go check out my insta stories now, for more info.

#tbt Oh man they grow so fast! It has only been a few months but he’s definitely out of the fourth trimester little baby phase 😭😫😭😫 . . Anyways! This post was meant to be reaching out to new moms or soon to be new moms! I am currently finishing my postpartum fitness and diastasis recti workout program. I am in need of some program testers who are willing to take some before and after pictures for me. . Here’s what you will get: ✔️12 Week Workout Program ✔️Lifetime access to a private FB Group full of fitness motivation and awesome people cheering each other on ✔️Added Nutrition Guide for free All workouts are 30 minutes or less and can be done at home. You would get all of this for only $20 which is over half off just for taking a before and after picture for me! Let me know below or DM if interested ❤️ Program would start in January but can be based on when you get doctor clearance for workouts! It is open to those who have older babies but are still struggling with DR. SPACE IS EXTREMELY LIMITED SO CLAIM YOUR SPOT ASAP

Workout Buddy! Sometimes you need to be creative to fit in a workout. Having Camden in the gym with me wasnt ideal but it was better than skipping. He did cry a few times but I still got in a fair number of sets. #workoutbuddy #babyinthehouse #gettingtothegym #newmomworkout #newmomlife #camden #multitaskingmom

First GROUP on Instagram and I want YOU to be in it!! I run accountability groups all the time on fb, but that leaves out a WHOLE BUNCH of people who only have IG! . . So here’s the deal: if you would like to start STAYING on the wagon and making better choices DAILY, then this group is for you! It’s open to women-only, and if enough people join, we’re so getting jackets!! . . #momsofinstagram #momsofig #fitmomsofig #newmomworkout #beginnerworkout #christmasfit #toneitup #homeschool #postpartumworkout #postpartumworkouts #coffeebreak #getfitforlife #athomeworkouts #motherhood #fitmotherhood #motherhoodfit #womanstrong #strongwoman #warriorwoman

🍼 CORE WORKOUT for NEW MAMAS 🍼 **First and foremost, before any new mother who has just given birth even thinks about working out - please make sure that you’ve been given the green light by your physician. Of course every new mother’s case is unique depending on pregnancy and delivery, but generally the advice is around 4-6 weeks of no strenuous exercise after delivery. Once you’ve been given the go-ahead and if you’re wanting to work on that core - these six moves are great to get those core muscles strong again (your core muscles involve more than just your midsection - this includes your back and your hips as well). People tend to think a strong core is all crunches, but new mothers need to be aware of a common pregnancy condition as well - diastasis recti (the connective tissue between your abdominal muscles thins causing them to separate) which is why crunches are not your go-to move. Instead try these six core movements: * Belly Breathing * Cat Cow Pose * Abdominal Bracing * Pelvic Tilts * Yoga Boat * Side Planks These are just a few suggestions of core moves - just starting out trying going for time instead of reps (i.e. 1-2 mins of each exercise and doing 4-5 rounds of each). Getting back into the the swing of things takes time. Don’t get frustrated and don’t shame yourself. You just had a child - I cry for days after getting a shot so I can’t even imagine birthing a baby. You’re a badass. Remember that. #newmomworkout #core #coreworkout #coreexercises #absday #fit #fitfam #fitguys #fitgirls #follow #like #fittips #mamaworkout #postbabybody #postbabybelly #tips #workout #sdtrainer #sdfitness #sandiego

Hey mamas to be and new mamas! 🤰🏼🤱🏼 Looking for a way to get some exercise in your life that’s tailored specific for the your stage in? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Beachbody On Demand has TWO workout series designed just for you. Prenatal workouts to get you strong, stable and ready for delivery and postnatal workouts to help you start to get your body back. Not to mention, you do it ALL FROM HOME. This is key, especially postnatal. Being pregnant or having just had a baby (provided you have your doctor’s OK) is possible and doesn’t have to be boring or done at a gym. In hindsight I wish I’d worked out during my first pregnancy especially. My induction started at 9pm on a Sun and I didn’t deliver Brandon until 5:43 pm on Mon. I was BEAT. I often wonder if I’d kept active during my pregnancy if my stamina may’ve been a little better. Hmmm. #activepregnancy #postnatal #postnatalfitness #prenatalfitness #newmomlife #newmomworkout

Hey new momma, I know how youre feeling. Even though you were anticipating this time for 9 months, your life just got flipped upside down in ways you didnt expect. Its harder and better than you ever imagined. You will never be the same! . I know how hard it is to put down that peaceful, sleeping baby. But I also know how hard it is when that same baby is crying inconsolably at 2am. I know how hard it is to break your gaze as that little baby stares into your eyes. But I also know how hard it is when that little one wants to eat again and youre still sore from the last feeding time. . You have less time for yourself than EVER before, yet it is more IMPORTANT than ever before to really take care of yourself! Your mental and physical state will determine the kind of mother you will be. I know you want whats best for your precious little one, and that means doing whats best for you as well, momma! . Find ways to take a shower, eat a hot meal, take a walk (alone), nap. And most importantly, take care of that strong body that brought that sweet baby into this world! That means good nutrition + hydration and moving your body. It doesnt mean perfection. Just staying balanced and healthy amidst one of the the biggest changes in your life! . It will likely take a while to find that new balance, but you dont have to do it alone. Im on the same journey and would love to link arms with YOU to help each other along as we travel this path through motherhood. Ive got tons of resources to share with you if you are looking for some real life guidance to get or stay healthy as a #newmom. Leave me a comment if youre ready to start down that same path and tag your #momfriends who are going to support you along the way. . Lets take care of ourselves so we can be at our best to care for those who matter most! . . . #newmomma #fourthtrimester #mombod #healthypregnancy #healthypostpartum #postpartum #ppd #thisismotherhood #momssupportingmoms #womensupportingwomen #bfmomma #breastfeeding #ppdiet #balancedlifestyle #newmomworkout

New moms!!! Baby 👶 on board!! Moms love to workout with the @circuit_ring #thisaintnohulahoop #santamonicastairs #newmoms #mommyworkout

I know a lot of new mommys out there...and I know what its like after having a new bundle of joy but no energy .... . Share the goodness of New Moms for Wellness, a daily shake booster made with specific ingredients to help new moms thrive in their most rewardiing role. 👩‍👧👩‍👦💅👼👼🤱🤱 #newmoms #lvmommies #lvfitmom #newmomworkout #mommyshake #goherbalife #herbalifemom #mommybooster

A glimpse into my workout from today! 8 moves, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest- 2 times through DONE SWEATING AND SHAKING IN 18mins! 😍🤮 Can’t wait for the challenge to start Wednesday! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Would y’all be interested in some home workouts you can do anywhere at anytime? . . #athomeworkouts #workoutguides #workoutwithbaby #comeworkoutwithme #momworkouts #mombod #newmomworkout

Such cuteness in class today! We had a skunk, a pumpkin, Superman, and some sweaty moms! 😅

❗Launches Tomorrow❗ ·T H R I V E F I T· 💥THRIVE FIT BUILD: Quality over Quantity on our Extremely high quality and pure 25 grams of Protein! Vitamins, Minerals and BCAAs! ⠀⠀ 💥THRIVE FIT RECOVER: 1-1 Protein-Carb Ratio, Metabolic Recover and Catabolic Response. Vitamins, Minerals and BCAAs! Helping your body KEEP the results of your workouts! Notice being MUCH more perky (strength, motivation, stamina, energy) after a hard workout and consecutive days of working out! ⠀⠀ 🙌 YES you can mix Build and Recover together!! ⠀⠀ 💥THRIVE FIT CIRCULATE: Core Activated Formula! 5-30 min before workout on an empty stomach and you will notice your body having more energy but not in a caffeine way. BCAA Powerhouse! The MOST PREMIUM L-Arginine (3,000mg) formula on the planet! Pump, intensity, Endurance, Stamina, Cardiovascular Support Dilating Capillaries for better blood flow and helping you body to clean your blood better! Breathing Better! ⠀⠀ ❓Can you take these products if you dont work out? Yes but most people that do not work out wont probably use Build and Recover but EVERYONE NEEDS CIRCULATE for the amazing health benefits! ⠀⠀ ❤NOT by design but yes Circulate may have healthy benefits in the bedroom for both men and ladies.😍 ⠀⠀ 💥Recover and Circulate together for a lot of people will be a great combination! ⠀⠀ 💥For most people no more than 2 Circulate a day ⠀⠀ 💪Find out what works best for you but keep in mind your day starts with you 123! Capsules, Lifestyle Mix DFT ⠀⠀ ❎ZERO caffeine in all 3 Thrive FIT products!

Just finished up my sweat sesh for Friday . If I didn’t have a date every morning to workout with my girl gang ... I’d probably still be in bed - Talk about Accountability 💪🏻 . . Looking for motivation? Find an accountability partner... Want even more? Join my badass girl gang! . . #showthefup #fridayworkout #nogymneeded #kidsstillsleeping #friyay #tiredasamother #postpardum #newmomma #newmomworkout #thefitsisterhood #fillyourcup #upbeforethesun #momlife #raisingtinyhumans #girlgang #behappy #investinyou #fridayvibes

Just another day at the Gym😳🤣! No excuses! We make sure everyone gets in a workout😊👍🐕👶🏋🏼‍♂️ #cynergy_pt #babybackextensions #downwarddog #newmomworkout #justdoit

Who do you want to be for 2019? Working on these last 90 days of 2018 to focus on what’s important. 👉Scooters. Yes I said scooters. Just a small symbol of the kind of mom I want to be. Putting down the hat of the cranky yelling mom more and putting on the fun hat, the mom that puts her phone down to love and play with my girl👩‍❤️‍👩 #progrossnotperfection #scooters #mygirl #momlife #outofbreath #makeoments #myneighborsprobablythoughtiwasatween #newmomworkout #last90days #didimentionscarylikewantedahelmetformyself #whereisthescooteremoji

I try to switch it up between heavy lifting/low rep and light lifting/high rep. Which is your favorite way to strength train? Or do you do a bit of both too. 👍🏻 Resistance tubing is a great weight to get in light lifting/hip rep work. It’s ideal for training during #pregnancy and #postpartumrecovery. These exercises, in particular, are also a good way to activate the core muscles. If you look closely you can see my obliques contracting as I squeeze my back muscles. I alternated 10 reps of each 3X through, only taking a break when I needed it. These exercises work the back and chest. Try not to just lift your arms up and down and front and back but rather, think of initiating through the back so that as the arms come down (as in the first exercise) or back (as in the second exercise) you are squeezing your shoulder blades together. 👍🏻 Please leave any other questions or exercise requests in the comments. . . . . . . #sarahaleyworkouts #resistancebandsworkout #resistancetubing #athomeworkouts #athomeworkout @at_home_workouts4u #sahm #wahm #newmomworkout #postpartumworkout #postpartumexercise #pregnancyworkout #pregnancyexercise

A little booty lift in less than 10 minutes a day! I’m not promising changes overnight, but give it 5 days and combine it with some of your other favorite workouts and clean eating, and you will see some changes! If you’re already doing it, tell me how you feel, and if you’re not click the link in my bio for your FREE 5-Day #BetterBootyChallenge! . . . . . #sarahaleyworkouts #betterbooty #buttworkout #bootyworkout #jlobooty #bootylicious #athomeworkout #athomeworkouts #newmomworkouts #newmomworkout #momworkout #momtrainer

Triceps Kisses! Who’s tried these before? 😘 I imagine you may have seen these somewhere before as part of a “Mommy & Me” workout. If I’m going to be really honest with you, “Mommy & Me” workouts are kind of BS on the actual workout front - meaning you probably aren’t going to be able to get in a real sweat-induced workout with a crying, rolling, crying, or walking baby who needs you. #realtalk What I do recommend is sneaking in BONUS exercises like this throughout the day, especially in the early months where you may not be able to fit in anything else. Doing exercises like these here and there are better than doing nothing at all. Part of motherhood is going with the flow and doing what you can when you can. Even if you can’t workout every day, you can MOVE YOUR BODY everyday. Anyone else have any favorite BONUS exercises? . . . . . #sarahaleyworkouts #keepinitreal #mommyandme #newmom #newmomworkout #noexcusemom #postpartumfitnesss #postpartumweightloss #bs #postpartumexercise #postnatalexercise #bodyafterbaby #bodyafterbaby2 #bodyafterbaby3

Wondering how the celebrities get their pre baby bodies back? #321Babybulgebegone is coming to Los Angeles Celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza and Celebrity Chef @chefmaureenbrice have helped get hundreds of new moms to bounce back! 😀- - Stay tuned as they launch their program in the 2019! If you know a new Mom that could use this 12 week exercise and meal plan sure to drop 25 pounds share this post! - #newmomworkout #prebabybody #fitmoms #celebritytrainer #celebritychef

Who wants to BOUNCE with me tomorrow. So much fun, a great workout and very little impact. It was my favorite workout while I was pregnant and now that I am 7 weeks postpartum it’s still my favorite. I’m teaching Bounce and Burn on Saturday morning at 8am. Come jump around at @popfitstudio

I’M BACK!!!!!! Watch out this mama has her dancin’ shoes on and it feels good. Felt so good to be teaching and dancing again. Although I feel a little winded (6 weeks with zero workouts 😳) but I feel like my pre-pregnancy self again dancing. I can take deep breathes, no pressure on my bladder and my memory is still a little challenged but I think that is sleep deprivation 🙄. I’m back to teaching all formats now. You can join me at 530am on Wednesday for Bounce and Barre 👍🏻. Message me if you want to join me for a class or comment below. I might have a guest pass for you if you’ve never been to the studio before 😬. And instructors: stayed tuned for a lot of choreography videos on the instructor site 😜

#Repost @kumoboard Locally designed and developed here on the Space Coast Come try this amazing product Paddling Paradise • • • • • Seated twist is a user-friendly exercise that rebuilds core muscles and stabilizers. Stay active while watching 📺 A great post-pregnancy exercise to rebuild your core. . . #balanceboard #balanceboards #balancefitness #balancetraining #balancetrainer #surftrainer #padddleboarding #surfing #surftrainer #wakeboarding #wakesurf #standuppaddle #fitnessfun #homegym #standingdesk #fueledbyair #newmomworkout #postpregnancyworkout #kayakworkout #momworkout #seatedtwist #mommyfitness #visitflorida #spacecoast

Seated twist is a user-friendly exercise that rebuilds core muscles and stabilizers. Stay active while watching 📺 A great post-pregnancy exercise to rebuild your core. . . #balanceboard #balanceboards #balancefitness #balancetraining #balancetrainer #surftrainer #padddleboarding #surfing #surftrainer #wakeboarding #wakesurf #standuppaddle #fitnessfun #homegym #standingdesk #fueledbyair #newmomworkout #postpregnancyworkout #kayakworkout #momworkout #seatedtwist #mommyfitness

I am so E X C I T E D! • My clients of a small group are down ⬇️ 34 pounds in just 8 weeks! That are incredible results. They feel more confident & love accountability & support. • I’m so motivated to help you that I’m starting a new challenge group. Are you ready to take it in? You will get FREE tools, coaching & accountability. This group is limited. I’m only 1 person & it works best in small groups. It starts soon so you better comment below or DM me. •get ready for Halloween 10/1. • • • • • • • #getfitstayfit #howtoloseweight #howtoloseweightfast #homeworkouts #homeworking #getfitathome #newmomworkout #postpartumfitness #workoutsthome #howtogetthin #howtoeatclean #fitmomsrock #helpyougetfit #challengegroup #fitnessgroup

Bonjour! I help women of all fitness levels gain energy and confidence through developing new habits. I’m passionate about helping you all achieve the best health possible, and enjoy the process which is why I am pumped to launch my free 5 day challenge. • • • Are you craving to: - Shed those summer pounds? - Have support from myself and others to gain back the control? - Learn to bring structure back into your life? -Give your body the kickstart that it needs after that hectic summer? • • • Then you’re going to want to join us! • • •Here’s what you’ll get: >> >full 5 day nutrition protocol, >Recipe book, >Training, >Private FB group and community, and daily LIVES to coach and support you throughout your journey. • • SIGN UP LINK IN BIO!

Sometimes it takes just the right exercise to see and feel the results you want. Allow me to give you 10, including this one, for FREE - with complete explanation and a follow-along video as well. Sign up for my 5-DAY #UpperBodyBlast Challenge NOW (registration ends on Sept. 15), and I’ll send you everything you need to start next Monday, Sept 17. C’mon - you can do ANYTHING for 5 days! Leave any questions you have and rally a friend to join you. Accountability is EVERYTHING! . . . . . #sarahaleyworkouts #upperbodyworkout #shoulderworkout #shoulderworkouts #freeworkout #freeworkouts #workoutchallenge #athomeworkout #athomeworkouts #workoutathome #workoutathomemom #momworkout #bodyafterbaby #postpartumworkout #newmomworkout #pregnancyworkout

Went for a walk between rain showers this afternoon!

Couldn’t film today’s workout had to monitor the sleeping babe on my phone. Early morning workout before mama starts the work day. #momlife #noexcuses #feelingfit #newmomworkout #girlboss #ificandoit #tryingtolosebabyweight #milkboobs

👊🏻Because if nothing changes, nothing changes👊🏻 Workout done in the camper while it was storming outside. My sweet baby girl joined me on the floor. *If you slacked about signing up with my Sept 4th group we are starting a new group Sept 10th. FIVE spots only and deadline is today at 9pm. You get results or you get a refund* #babyfeet #newmomworkout #camping #parkmodel #durand #laborday #labordayworkout #workoutanywhere #wifi #askmeaboutmybod #ifnothingchangesnothingchanges

I swear this isn’t a set up. She found the DVDs in our TV console and is probably more interested in the fact that her brothers are on them. 😆 ———— That said, I do want to share a bit about the workouts. I’ve been receiving a lot of questions in my DMs lately. If you’re not familiar with the workouts , it’s my #4thtrimesterworkout that is designed for postpartum recovery, no matter how long ago you had your baby (seriously-even if you had your baby 10 plus years ago). It has modifications for #diastasisrectirecovery and #csectionrecovery. The program consists of 3 core workouts, 3 cardio focused workouts (that include strength training as well), a stretch workout and a strength & toning specific workout. Plus, a 12-week calendar is included to guide you. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments ——— If you click the link in my bio or go to my stories you’ll see that the DVD version is on sale for $29.99 this #LaborDayWeekend and you’ll also get #ExpectingMore (my pregnancy program) and #SweatUnlimited (for after postpartum recovery) for free. If those programs don’t apply to you they make great gifts. It’s one of the best deals you’ll see me offer. Tag your pregnant or postpartum friends so they can take advantage! . . . . . #sarahaleyworkouts #kierasis #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #postpartumexercise #postpartumworkout #diastasisrecti #fitpregnancy #newmom #momworkout #newmomworkout #bodyafterbaby #postnatalfitness #postnatalexercise #labordaydeals

Did you know I recently started sharing an #exerciseoftheday in my IG stories? (and a #recipeoftheday top) Committing to Monday-Friday, but you might see some pop up on the weekends as well. If you miss them, you can always check my Fitness Highlight as well. 💪🏻 This stretch & sculpt move works the butt and legs while stretching the hips and side body. It’s great for a warm up or cool down or just any time you need it. Let me know in the comments what type of exercises you’d most like to see next week! . . . . #sarahaleyworkouts #hipstretch #lowerbodyexercise #athomeworkout #momworkout #kitchenexercise #buttexercises #legexercises #noequipmentworkout #noequipmentneeded #postpartumexercise #postnatalfitness #newmomworkout

Baby boy had his first major blowout in the middle of Costco today, so we made a quick changing table out of a storage bin lid on top of our cart and handled business in the middle of the dry goods aisle, stripping him down completely, since it. was. everywhere. 💩 Then I had to walk and breastfeed and push the stroller, while Chrissy pushed the cart. Basically, we are killing this parenting thing. 🏆 #newmomworkout #bicepsontheway #multitaskingatitsfinest

Feeling energized and ready to tackle my list for the day! ❤️ When I pour into myself, I’m better for everyone around me. 💪🏼 Also down 2lbs from a week ago and that lifts the mood too! *Group starts August 20* #liift4 #justwantedtomatter #targetmom #chicagomom #newmomworkout #8weekspp #babyweight #wfhm

When doing bicep curls are the only way to keep your baby calm lol #rockthebaby #newmomworkout #fussybaby #grumpyface #goingthroughaleap #bruggeelayne #seattlemom #pnwbaby #sixweeks

To all the moms who don’t remember last time you finished a warm cup of coffee, you rock. I’m celebrating today because Gracie napped 35 minutes and my workout was 36 minutes. That’s a big win in my book. This journey is one day at a time, that’s for sure!

I caught myself going down a bad path with my thoughts this morning. I was thinking that I could just settle and be comfortable with my body the way it is now 7 weeks postpartum. It would be easier to take that path anyway. Then I snapped out of it. I reminded myself that this body gave me two beautiful girls and it’s been through a lot over the past year. I need to set a good example for these girls to be healthy and take care of myself. I need to not get discouraged because the weight isn’t falling off as quickly as I’d like. I’ve heard that it’s this way after the second child and I need to remind myself of that. I reminded myself that it isn’t easier to be unhealthy. That’s actually harder in the long run. Sure it’s easier to skip a workout or eat the junk, but that’s not getting me anywhere long term. I want to be healthy. I want to be strong. I want to be a good example of health. To me that doesn’t mean a six pack or a number/letter on a piece of clothing. To me that means taking care of myself physically and mentally every day. That mindset shift was enough motivation to get in the first workout of week two of this new fitness program. I feel much better now. I’m proud to be another day on the right direction of this postpartum journey. Do you find yourself in this mindset of being comfortable with where you are? Are you settling? I’m here to help. 💕

If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. 💪👶🏻 #itsgotime #newborn #newmomworkout #6weekspp #groupstartsmonday #liift4

Its important for women to do strength training!

Week 3. Feeling strong!!! No excuses!!!! #tryingtoloseweight #momlife #tryingtolosebabyweight #noexcuses #newmomworkout

MAMAS!! 🎉 THIS IS FOR US!! 😍😍😍 - I am so excited for this new product, omg!! This is EXACTLY what I need!!! Between my daughter waking up all night and bouncing off the walls all day, Lord knows I need some help with focus and fatigue! 🙌🏽🙃😂 - New Mom for Wellness is a daily booster formulated with folate to reduce fatigue, vitamin B6 for regulating hormonal activity, as well as specific vitamins and minerals you need for healthy mental performance. - Added Bonus: No added flavors, colors, sugars or sweeteners! 🤗 - Comment below if you would like to try this out, and Ill message you my promo code for a discount! (Expires August 1st). - #beyondfitnessca #herbalife #newmommiraclemix

Almost forgot to post...WEEK 2 WORKOUT 2 out of 4. Mommy had to go to a work conference all day so Nolan got in on this workout this AM!!! 4 workouts a week Only 30 mins a day Straightforward moves you can do anytime with any sidekick. 👶🏻🐶 PLUS a community of powerhouse mamas and friends already killing it!!! Why haven’t you joined yet? I mean, if you’re NOT into healthy living, having more energy, being surrounded by positivity, and having access to simplified fitness and nutrition that are LIFE friendly then I get it, but if you are... then MESSAGE ME or drop an 🙋🏻‍♀️ below for more info!! #tryingtoloseweight #momlife #tryingtolosebabyweight #noexcuses #newmomworkout

Skipped my Wednesday rest day for Tomorrow! Why? because I can! This Mama has to go into the office tomorrow so rest day turned into day 3. While baby naps mommy and daddy get their burn on!!!! LIIFT. HIIT. REST. REPEAT. ✅ 30-40 min workouts ✅ 4 days a week ✅ 3 rest days ✅ Easy to follow, balanced meal plan ✅ A cheat day ✅ All from the comfort of your own home It’s not too late to take this journey with me💪🏼, who’s in?!?! Happy hump day! 🐪 #newmomworkout #babyboy #momlife #tryingtolosebabyweight #tryingtoloseweight #workingmama #workingmom #noexcuses #fitmom #fitdad #lift4 #weightlossjourney #mombod #newmomworkout

Let your light shine:))) Mr.Emmett first yoga 🧘‍♀️ class.

Hey, mamas!!! 👋🏽 Tomorrow is our weekly stroller walk! 😍 - Join us for a fun way to meet other moms and get a little exercise too!!! 🙌🏽 - We meet at 9 am every Friday at @kuppajoycoffee in Tower! - Let me know if you can make it! ❤️😊 - P.S. this is my favorite picture of my baby. 😍😍❤️ - ⬅️SWIPE for more⬅️ - #beyondfitnessca #beautifullyfit #fresnomoms #kuppajoy

💚 THIS IS BIRTHFIT 💚 We love empowering mamas to continue moving during pregnancy and postpartum. We also love for them to continue in a way that is safe for both them and the baby as well as functional. #fitness #nutrition #chiropractic #mindset #Repost @birthfitaustin (@get_repost) ・・・ Here at TCS we do burpees like once a year. But when we do I change it up for the moms. Here is a great way to change a burpee in the workout for a mom who’s training for birth- push up, squat, step up 💁🏼‍♀️ When changing movements I keep in mind 3 things: 1. Pelvic floor heath-is this an actual safe and effective movement for someone training for birth? 💥 2. Keep her in the group-the movement should be something she can still perform with her class. 💥 3. Preserve the stimulus-keep heart beat with heart beat, and lifting with lifting. Bicep curls do not demand the same amount of movement as a burpee. #BOOM Stay tuned for more awkward videos 🤣 #wewillgetbetter #BIRTHFIT #birthfitaustin #strengthandconditioning #movementislife #postpartumfitness #prenatalfitness

I didnt get @kbc_sims foot technique down, but I still did it! - And I wonder why my daughter wants to climb on everything. 🤔 - #shegotitfromhermama #startedfromthebottomnowwehere #nothingcanstopmeimallthewayup #goinguponafriday

Do you have abdominal separation like me? 😳 . It’s incredibly common after having a baby 🤰🏻. I was surprised to find mine is very separated in my upper abdominals! . Bad news is if you do nothing to retrain your core, it will stay that way! . Good news is if you retrain/strengthen correctly it will go back to normal (or better than before!). . This week I am starting Phase 1 of my postpartum journey, just focusing on strengthening my core in the correct way and doing light cardio (walking). . Slow and steady for the win! #postpartumbody #diastasisrecti #abdominalstrengthening #newmomworkout #2weekspostpartum

این اپلیکیشن رو دانلود کردم دو روز که دارم استفاده می کنم و راضی هستم . مخصوصا تمریناتی رو که می شه با فرزندتون انجام بدید خیلی دوست دارم دخترک هم خیلی ذوق زده می شه حین انجام تمرینات. #اپلیکیشن #ورزش #مادر_فرزند #ورزش_در_خانه #application #newmom #workout #newmomworkout #free

☝ This is me.. ☝ This is also me. - 6 months postpartum and when Im flexing in the morning with the right lighting, I love the way I look. But the reality is, its not always the morning with the right lighting, and Im not always flexing. - I am not sticking my stomach out in the picture on the right. I didnt just finish eating. Im just relaxed. - But I am sick of feeling uncomfortable or self conscious because of the expectations I had for my postpartum body. - This is me. And thats okay. I wanted so badly to be that person that is kind to myself postpartum because my body just created a human being, but Ive realized now that sometimes it just isnt that easy. - Just like anything else, it takes time and effort to love something that is new and different. And although I may have made more progress than others at this point, this body is still very new and different to me. I think most moms can relate to this feeling. - So, if youre in your postpartum journey also, please do yourself a favor and stop comparing your body to the girl you see on Instagram. Not only because comparison is the thief of joy, but also because she probably doesnt look like that either. ❤ - #beyondfitnessca #thisisme #awomanis #6monthspp

Successful Saturday👊🏻 Those home workouts are a scam🤣 ((👀creep my stories for my transformation picture)) And I prove you wrong👊🏻 . Small changes over time lead up to big results! 👊🏻 I’m still nursing.🤩 I’m working out-from home 🤗 I’m eating Whole Foods Trying to get 7 hours of sleep each night . And my body is changing! I am not looking for my pre body baby, I’m looking for my current body to be more toned and my shorts to fit! 🙈 I want to be confident in the skin I’m in— And no there is nothing wrong with that Mommas! Our bodies grew human life & that is a gift--I would never want to change those parts of myself that showcases that. . This is your reminder to not give up!! This is your reminder that if you keep putting one foot in front of the other you will look at that reflection and BE PROUD of what you have accomplished. Keep going, keep moving—be stronger today than you were yesterday! 👊🏻 Tag another Momma who needs this reminder! XO #momblogger #momthlete #toddlermomlife #momsofinstagram #mummablog #momswholift #newmomworkout #strongmomma #postpartum

This morning I created a new workout I think is going to be all the rage with new moms. Every time your child throws a toy on the ground, do a squat to pick it up. By the time youre finished whatever task you were trying to accomplish you should have done roughly 649 squats and be well on your way to having the Kardashian booty of your dream. Youre welcome. #losingbabyweight #fitnessgoals #squats #babygirl #newmom #newmomworkout #dontmindmymessypantry #momgoals #7monthold #goodthingshescute

Hamburger & egg 🐮🐥

I used to be that person who would do fitness for vanity reasons. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I thought it would bring me happiness, 6 pack abs and a body that looked like HERS🙈 . Oh the things I wish I could tell my younger self!!! As life happened I started turning to fitness for a stress relief, a reason to move my body because I COULD move it. 💪🏻 . It’s been a long journey of self love and appreciating the body I was given; since having babies I finally realized how AMAZING it really is. 🙌🏻 . My fitness routine is now done so I can better myself, better my health, mentally ANd physically and it allows me the patience I need to handle my tiny humans (most of the time) 👀 . You can be happy in your skin Mommas, you just have to start and tell yourself your deserving to take some time for you! Here for you if you need some guidance!! Cheering for you! 😘 XO #momofthree #momofboys #momofgirls #newmomworkout #healthylifestyle

Leftover smoked pork ribs - because my boyfriends a boss. 🙌🏻

Today’s afternoon snack. Sunflower seeds and a 100 calorie pack of almonds + walnuts. I was more focused on the 2net carbs per pack than the calories. This weekend was my first away trip on Keto this time around, it wasn’t as easy because I’ve been starving the past week for some reason. I did mostly stick to eggs, bacon, nuts and bunless burgers which was a win. Normally a long drive would of consisted of Fritos and some kind of chocolate. Counting small wins and making progress is the goal 🙌🏻

#Repost @mytrainercarmen ・・・ 💥Post Pregnancy Pelvic Floor & Core Work!💥This is safe for new mama’s who have been cleared by Doc to start exercising & using their core, these moves can help w/ ab separation that may have occurred & strengthening your pelvic floor. . 1️⃣Glute Bridge: classic, helps w/ strengthening pelvic floor & just a great exercise all around. 10-12 Reps 2️⃣Single Glute Bridge Hold: only do this if you’re ready, it’s harder than number 1. Hold 10-20 Sec 3️⃣Pulling in Core Hold: You need to practice this to make sure you can do any of the moves after this one. Keep back on floor, think pulling in & upward, notice how my booty/hips slightly pulls up toward my spine. Blow all your air out through your mouth & then draw in & Hold. 10-12 Holds, Hold for 5 Sec ea time 4️⃣Single Heel Slide: before you start, make sure you’re in number 3 position. 10 Reps ea Leg 5️⃣Heel Slides: make sure you’re able to do number 4 first. Only slide heels out till slight bend in knee, not legs flat. 10 Reps 6️⃣Bent Knee Hold: again, remember & engage like number 3. Hold 10-20 Sec 7️⃣Bent Knee Singles: make sure you can do number 6 first & remember number 3 always. 10 Reps 8️⃣Reverse Plank: it this seems to tough, wait till you’re ready, practice all the above first. 10-20 Sec Hold 9️⃣Rev Plank Heel Slide: same here.⬆️ 10 Reps 🔟Modified Side Plank Hold: even though you’re on your side, still engage like number 3. Hold for 10-20 Sec ea Side . Do as many sets as you want or can, 3 Sets is always a good place to start. . 💥REMEMBER: Every woman is different, I can’t know what you’re capable of or what kind of ab separation you have going on, if you’re not able for or feeling Confident & Perfect about Number 3️⃣ then don’t move on to any other exercises. Master 3️⃣ above all others in this video. . Also kegels, do all the kegels!!! Google it, if you need to, b/c ain’t no one showing a video for that.😂🤣🤭🤦🏽‍♀️🙈 . . #abseparation #postpregnancy #postpregnancyworkout #newmomworkout #safefornewmoms #newmommies #postpregnancycore #coreworkout #pelvicfloor #diastasisrecti #diastasisrectirepair #fithealthyworkouts #fitgirlvideos #homeexercises #mytrainer

I started back at @ironnorthstudio 2 weeks after having my 2nd baby...and here’s why...⠀ .⠀ I needed to feel like myself again...that’s it.⠀ .⠀ I’ve gotten A LOT of messages about my workouts, including:⠀ .⠀ ▫️Praise for working out so early⠀ ▪️Judgement for working out too early⠀ ▫️Praise for my commitment ⠀ ▪️Shame for making people feel bad about their lack commitment⠀ ▫️Congrats on doing burpees⠀ ▪️Criticism about the exercises I’ve done⠀ .⠀ All this to say, everybody has their own journey after having a baby, and just because somebody does it one way, it ONLY means that’s the right way for THEM, not everybody.⠀ .⠀ I’ve spent the last 3 years:⠀ .⠀ ▫️Being pregnant twice⠀ ▫️Delivering two babies ⠀ ▫️Knee surgery⠀ ▫️Hip surgery⠀ .⠀ So for the majority of the last 3 years, I truly haven’t felt like my body is my own...and now I FINALLY feel like I’m starting to get back to myself.⠀ .⠀ Yes, I’m tired and it’s hard...but the alternative for me is feeling like a stranger in my own skin.⠀ .⠀ So...I have a trainer I trust, who is super knowledgeable about postpartum exercises, and who makes me excited to actually physically move my body again (@jennerladd at @ironnorthstudio).⠀ .⠀ I work at my own speed (which is intentionally slower than I want to go, so I can protect my fresh, baby bod lol) and I go because it makes me happy...which is so important post partum!⠀ .⠀ So no matter what your path is postpartum, only YOU know your own body and what will work for you physically AND mentally. . . . . . #ppd #postpartumfitness #postpartum #newmomworkout #workout #momworkout #momlife

Yay for peanut butter cookies and shitty phone quality photos. These are stupid simple to make. 1 cup peanut butter, 1/2 cup Erythritol (powder it up) and 1 egg. 🥜

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