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Naples’ Wasps. Not the most original load of pictures if I’m honest, I’m just trying to get over to you the general feel of the city. These pictures were taken between 15:21-15:22 • • • • • #igersnapoli #italianstreetphotography #streetphotoit #challengerstreets #streetphotographersmagazine #capturestreets #bristolstreetphotographer #streetphotography #everybodystreet#streetleaks #ourstreets_ #storyofthestreet #fotogenikcollective #timelessstreets#MySPC#burnmyeye#fujifilm #fujix100t #vsco #x100t #fujifilmx100t #fujifilm_xseries #life_is_street

When I asked Mike if I could take his portrait he was stretching his knee out while waiting to cross the road. He told me hed been in construction back in the day and had hurt his knee while working. He went on to say that he wasnt a breakfast type of guy but still woke up with a snap, crackle and pop. I asked him about his tear tattoos but he didnt want to tell what they meant other than hed been in jail a couple of times which was why he wasnt in construction anymore. #everybody_street #streetportrait #streetportraits #streets_storytelling #ourstreets #ourstreets_ #faces_of_streets #myspc #local403 #portraits_life #strangerportrait #streetleaks #intercollective #capturecalgary #canpubphoto #pursuitofportraits #streetphotography #streetphotographyworldwide #people #calgaryphotographer #yycphotographer #calgarylife #streetphotographymagazine #documentaryphotography #documentary #portraitmode #peopleportraits #peopleinportraits

How much is your Gucci? #fujifilmasia #snapseed #everydaylifecapture

This was a shot for my gorgeous girlfriend’s jewelry shop @withgracejewelryshop but it was too adorable not to post. My two favorites.

Mamiya 7 Kodak Portra 400 . . .

Leica m6 @lomography color 800 . . .

black & cat

autumn. paolo nutini.

London, 12 2018 __ 📲

Man, I find myself skimming through all the photos I’ve taken over the years and specifically, this summer. The feeling they bring is pretty unexplainable and hard to pinpoint. I’ll cross reference them with this ledger where I keep with random thoughts, lines of unfinished poems, and what have you. The photos sometimes feel like I’m looking at a mirror. I somehow see the exact feelings I had when I took each frame and know where my conscious was at that very moment. As if I’m looking at myself in third person. The interactions and conversations I vividly remember. The photos mean so much more to me than what the picture grasps and some of my best moments, I don’t have a photo to show for it. If you do get something from looking at them, that’s just as good and all that truly matters. 🤲🏽 This year has been life changing. The first time freelancing, putting real energy in the work that fuels the hell out of me while staying afloat. It’s put me in an interesting place mentally. Challenging but so liberating. And that’s truly what I remember from the summer. I’m really damn excited for all the things I’m working on and it keeps me up late af. Can’t wait for the world to see. It’ll be a wild ride. Any way, not sure how this photo turned into that tangent but, from left to right, they are: Jeremiah, Paris, Jayden aka “Prayerhands” and Shaquan. The picture right after this, they all dabbed while Jayden stayed in the same position haha 🙏🏽

The Polycephalic Praying Mantis Protobot 5000

Holding up the line at the kissing booth Saturday If you like my photos turn on post notifications.

Live your life. Do your work. Then take your hat. Hong Kong, 2018.

Manchester October 2018

Final image from the Baker Street collection. Thoroughly enjoyed my very short trip to this subway. Must visit again soon 😉😎. Did u like it along with the last two images in this series. Comment below 👍

Happy Monday! ✨ Today has been a busy bod university - working on deadlines for Friday, attending lectures and visiting the library 😭 Hope you’ve had a lovely one! 👍🏻

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