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Did you know, planting well-chosen natives can create wildlife habitat, conserve water and reduce the need for pesticides and fertilizers that can pollute local rivers and stream? Metros Native Plant Center collects and cultivates native plants for wildlife restoration projects. Our volunteers learn a ton at this event while helping the Center with seed collection, weeding, transplanting, watering, caring for native habitat and helping with endangered plants. Well be out there this Saturday from 9-1. All age brackets welcome! YCL Members register through the YCL Member Portal 🌱🌿🍃

Back when she was wee and swaddled. ❤️ I can’t believe almost 5 months have passed.

More information...and yes, you get extra entries for posting on both FB & Instagram! #Kindermusik #parentingwins

The details are here! #Kindermusik #parentingwins

When even Mr Grey understands that rainy days call for sleep ins! #parentingwins #greatson #greyson #sleepins #rainydays #thebest

Save the date! We’ll be celebrating the end of of fall Member drive and getting to know all our new families on October 28th. Fun games! Meet your Youth Council! Connect with your bracket mentor! YCL Members RSVP through the YCL Member Portal on our website. Not a YCL Team PDX Member? Click the link in our profile to learn more about the benefits of making volunteering a family affair!

I always enjoy our weekends and our Family Pizza Nights!! (Shhh...it’s not just the kids that love this routine!😆😆) Monday feels so much brighter when you LOvE your life. My brand new Life Launch Mentorship Academy is almost open!! I cannot wait to unveil it to the first 50 students! And yes...pizza can be on the menu...I can share any recipe that works with your food restrictions! This is all about learning your body, your intuition, and extending your ENTIRE life past its previous limitations. Food is a great ally that keeps you fueled to live your most incredible life! It’s time to change the world...no more AS IS. Send me a message to receive your pre-enrollment questionnaire before we launch our first students. This will sell out! Tag your friend who wants to dramatically take charge of his/her life again, so you can do this together! 8 week guided course to dramatically improve every area of your life. Energy. Focus. Breath. Muscle definition. Food freedom. Mindset and belief. Find your greatest strengths. Live a life of abundance. Ongoing free training is available for all graduated students! Careful tho...you’re going to love me. Better than that...you’re going to love you! See you in the messages! #familypizzanight #familygamenights #boardgamefamily #teamlivingwell #teacherlifestyle #homeschooldays #homeschoolmoms #dietingtips #dontfeelwell #betheexample #parentingwins #5kidslater #alwayslearningsomethingnew #papamurphyspizza #dfgf #dfgfamily #myfriendsaretalented #balancingyourlife

Who knows what we’re talking about?!? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

As we embark on a new week, look at your busy schedule. When can you sneak a little extra cuddle, a little extra story time, or a little extra one on one time creating with your kids this week? Tell us in the comments how you plan to connect. We can’t wait to celebrate your #parentingwins . . Want to make it easier to fit that special time in with your kids? KidArtLit is here to help. We love being your sidekick, Supermom. Click the link in our profile to order.

Officially the happiest (and luckiest) boy ever!!! Loving the cooler weather and outdoor toys! 😍☀️ . . . . Water table: @step2arabia @elc_me . Slide with basketball hoop: @dragonmart . . #mydubai #dubai #dubaimums #dubaimoms #love #mamasboy #toddlersofinstagram #mumsofinstagram #uae #dxb #mumlife #toddlerlife #lucky #happy #smile #mumwins #parentingwins #summerfun #slide #watertable #waterbaby #fun #mummyblogger #sensoryplay #gardentoys #dxbkids

Sometimes I get those moments where my kids are really awesome and I want to remember them. This moment at the beach. At the mall play area at 9pm this weekend. The oldest two today playing a board game together. Ronin coming to sit and tell me about school and me ignoring work to listen to him. All of us together at a park tonight doing a Mom initiated relay where of course they all beat me 😉 and had to convince me that the tube slide would indeed take an adult body because there was nobody around if I got stuck. 🙏 Lots of the in between times were trying and exhausting but these, these were good.

We celebrated our eldest daughters 21st birthday this weekend 😍 she has been such a delight and we were such proud parents hearing all of the beautiful things her friends and family had to say about her 😊 somewhere in the maze of parenting I think we did good 😊 #daughters #birthday #family #love #parentingwins #birthdaycake #freshflowers #florist

#ParentingWins from parents at the Baby Food Bar event in NYC #RealisPerfect

Haha Great advice! #protip #parentingwins

We love seeing your kids immersed in their KidArtLit deliveries. Share your pics of your storytime and creative time with us and use the tag #kidartlitkids for a chance to be featured! Let’s celebrate all the #parentingwins . . It’s time to preorder next month’s delivery! Click the link in our profile to order. 👆🎨📚

I am by no means a/the perfect #parent , I get things wrong and that too, all the time. Since #school started things have been totally off balance at home. Even today has been chaos and I find it so exhausting and stressful. . . At H’s #parentsevening earlier this week, I shared with the #teachers and other #parents what our morning had been like that day. I must say, I do feel blessed to be part of a non-judgmental and caring community of teachers and parents where everyone, exercises empathy. One of the #Kindergarten teachers shared some worthy advise with me that evening and I’d like to share it with you. . . When we’re feeling overwhelmed by our #child or #children, as the #adult , we must take a moment to breathe and close our eyes to free our mind of the distractions around us. We can then think of how we would respond (not react) if we weren’t at our wits’ end. . . So I tried out exactly this on Friday after school. H said he was too tired to walk so I had to carry him a lot of the way, along with my own rucksack and his bag. When we finally got to the front door, I was so relieved that the struggle of carrying everything and my child was over and I couldn’t wait to get through the door and just collapse on the sofa. Sod’s law though, H had a #toddlermeltdown outside our front door and said he never wanted to come home and refused to come inside. . . I took a deep breath and gave myself a few minutes to think after which, I opened the front door, walked inside and made the sound of a hen, ‘cheep cheep’. To my surprise, H jumped up off the floor and said ‘what was that mama?’ ... ‘I think it’s a hen, H, is there a hen inside our house?’ He started to laugh and then peaked inside (still reluctant to come inside) so I made the sound again. It took some time and patience but he began to #play along, took his shoes off and said let’s go find this hen. I had to then run around the house whilst carrying him and ‘cheeping’ when he wasn’t looking. It was priceless, he laughed and laughed and laughed despite really knowing it was me that was making the sound. Finally, I stopped and said, I think she’s gone back to the farm now but she might come back another day.

When the playgym has got you by the neck😂 #parentingwins #marniemania #firsttimeparents #cutiepie #hadtolaugh #firstworldbabyproblems

This morning we got to help set up for Homecoming. I’m not sure a caption is needed-each face speaks for itself.

Popcorn with real butter✅ Sodas✅ Extra comfy couch for snuggling✅ Willy Wonka in 4K✅ A perfect night with the love of my life ✅ #parentingwins #mywholeworld

#parentingwins #parenting #parentinghumor #pottytrainingboys The things you have to resort to when your son is too lazy to lift the seat! I will win this battle or die trying! #trainingthemright

We have thought about pulling the curtain back on KidArtLit for a long time but never really knew how. Then, we read @justinablakeney vulnerable post about what really happens behind the scenes of Jungalow and it gave use the courage to shed some light on what really goes on at KidArtLit. We think you might be surprised. Our core KidArtLit team is the two of us —Megan & Julia. We do all of the customer service, social media, product design, website design and upkeep on the front and back ends, financial management, purchasing, human resources, relationship management, and marketing for our business. Weve been incredibly lucky to count the amazing team at Commercial Support Services, a nonprofit that provides adults with developmental disabilities fair pay and work opportunities, as part of our business family. The team at CSS partners with us on our product fulfillment and shipping. Weve also worked with some kickass entrepreneurs and creative powerhouses like @markslawson, @brandilyndavjdsonphotography, @jessicakay_photo , and @alexmc_4 who’ve generously made their talents available to us as weve grown step by step. Solopreneurs and creatives like these folks have made it possible for us to keep putting one foot in front of the other for almost 18 months now. They’re our guardian angels. Finally, we want to tell you that were MOMS first — we work from home, often from our kitchen counters and between snack times, school pick-ups, and bedtime stories. We work early in the morning and late at night while our kids and partners sleep. Before KidArtLit, we were educators with BIG ideas of how to bring more #parentingwins to the families we served. Taking the entrepreneurial leap has been both exciting and challenging, and we are often thankful not to be doing it alone. KidArtLit is a labor of love that we deeply believe in, and we have big dreams bringing creative, bookish together time to many, many more families. Do you have questions about KidArtLit? About how we started? About our biggest challenges along the way? Share in the comments below. We’d love to shed some more light.

Anyone else get given a blank look when they tell people that they work from home? I still work my ass off for my money and yes I do get to work in my PJs Janet, thanks. Im also the boss, the tea maker, the writer, the social media manager, the salesperson and general dogsbody. I dont fit into the square gap that our society thinks we should all be in. Kids need time not money spent on them. Maybe if our government helped parents a bit more and stopped making us all go back to work so quick society would be a nicer place. #imjustsaying #mumsinbusiness #workingmums #ukparentbloggers #mumsarethebest #mumsareawesome #mumssupportingothermums #mumslife #mumslove #parentingwins #parentinghacks #busymums #mumsrock #mumstheword #workfamilylove #thisparentlife

Dreams dont work unless you do. 🌈 . . Children today spend more time sitting and less time doing. 😕 . . They spend more time indoors than prison inmates. 🚓 . . Under-5s glued to screens 4 hours each day, playing on computer games, mobile devices or watching TV. 🎮🕹 . . The question is this: . . How can your child DREAM, if they are stuck indoors most of the time ⁉ . . COMMENT BELOW 👇🏻 . . . #Parenting #ParentingIsTheBest #parentinglifestyle #Parentingadvise #parentingproducts #parentingmistakes #parentinginpublic #parentingfail #parentingclassjakarta #parentingstruggles #parentingftw #parentingfails #parentingnabawiyah #parenting101 #parentingclass #parentingwoes #parentingteens #parentingwins #FUNDAplay #parentinggodsway #parentingisafulltimejob #parentingbloggers #parentingtalkshow #parentingforthewin #parentingprogram #parentingabroad #parentingfarfromhome #parentingtipsindo #parentingtime #parentingskills

Turned on CBeebies this morning to the Stick Badge episode. Who doesn’t love a good rave around the living room!! Well maybe love it once but not so much after the 10th time!!! 😂🤣😳🤪 Ps only 24 hours late with funday Friday 🙊 #heyduggee #cbeebies #repeat

Kids’ favorite new activity. Gives a new definition to #booknook #parentingwins #parentinghacks #stayathomemom

Saying goodbye to long term postpartum clients is always bittersweet. Im looking forward to getting some time in my own bed before the rush of fall babies comes but I will miss the cuties Ive been with overnight for months. Getting these little notes though from my clients and their babies always makes me smile, and I know they are set up for success and will rock being the best parents possible. #adoulaslife #adoulaswork #doulalife #postpartumdoula #ladyboss #bittersweet #ireallydomissmybed #lifegoeson #unconditionalsupport #setupforsuccess #parentingwins

So September is in full swing and @lindsayl_gee isnt so sure about wanting the let go of the fun summer days. Busy days, school supplies, germs and lice... its a whole lot to deal with. 😅 . .Read about it in her latest blog post called Hey September – Go Suck an Egg and let us know your thoughts! . . How are you Mamas doing with Back to School? Leave comments (or complaints 🙊) below! . . . . #hotmamastrong #parentingwins #parentinggoals #healthymomsinspire #rolemodeling #september #Fall2018 #honourmotherhood #fallfitness #canadianmommyblogger #strongmomsofig #hotmamafit #fitnessinfluencer #fitfam #blogpost #newblog #blogpostalert

Am I right? 🤪 . . It is day 2 of our potty training adventure here and more pee has puddled on my floor than in the potty. 😫 She knows when she goes but were still working on the whole sit on the potty BEFORE you pee thing 🤦‍♀️ . The struggle of having a busy kid is I CANT for the life of me find a way to keep her sitting for more then 2 seconds... no joke it might be less than that.... Ive tried books, cartoons, snacks, the iPad, etc... . Anyone else have a super busy bee they potty trained? Id love to hear your tips and what worked for you. . If you had it easy send some potty magic my way... Im gonna need it 😂 . . . . #pottytraining #toilethumour #parentingfail #parentinghacks #beaparenttheysaid #toddlermom #toddlerlife #twoyearolds #kaka #pullups #momoftwogirls #tiumom #momofdaughters #mermaids #80dayobsession #parentingwins #momwin #momfail #toddlerchallenge #

💙 Week 5 of Baby Massage at St Cuthberts Church, L12 this morning. New course begins next Thursday at 11.15am. Its suitable for babies aged from 6 weeks old and costs £32.50 for the 5 week course. Get in touch to book your place. Thanks, Kerry XX 💙 * #babymassage #croxtethbabyclasses #internationalassociationofinfantmassage #cimi #maternityleaveplans #localbabyclasses #liverpoolmums #newbabies #bondingandattachment #parentingwins

Parents, lets learn about the basic areas of development for our young children aged 0 to 6, and try out the various home activities with them. . #readyforschool #earlylearning #parentingwins #raikanilmu

When your son asks you to get a matching tattoo that is meaningful to him. Winning at the parenting game! #parentingwins #mysonisthebest #tattooedandproud

Life’s greatest reward - having a child who loves her swiffer as much as she loves her doll 👍🏻

Youve invested so much time and love into raising your family. Step back and let them fly. When you ease into the role of mentor, your relationship grows to a deeper level.

I was talking to my mom today about this same concept! Its not about loosing weight to be thinner for me. Its about gaining a happy and healthy life with my kids. It is about teaching them to live a healthy life filled with happiness ✌💚 #activeliving #healthyhappylife #momlifebelike #parentingwins #positivevibesonly #lifegains

Friends: tell me about a golden moment in parenting for you recently . It’s so easy to just look at our worst moments (I’m often replaying mine on a loop), but I think it’s equally important to reflect on what we do well. That self-fulfilling prophecy works both ways, yeah? So here’s one from me: . Yesterday I took my two year old with me to pick up my new glasses. She was really excited to “go to the gwasses store,” and on an impulse I grabbed her sunglasses off the counter, where they’ve been for like 3 weeks, on the way out the door. . Once we got there, Remcat watched so patiently while I was fitted for my glasses, and when I was finished she stepped forward and lifted her little face toward the eyecare specialist and said, “I can have a turn now pweeeaaassse?” She was just so... hopeful. And y’all, I was ready. I slipped the sunglasses to the specialist and she made a big show of cleaning them and putting them on R’s face. And my daughter walked out of the store with the BIGGEST smile, so proud in her “gwasses like Mommy.” . It’s easy to be hard on ourselves, but I want to celebrate these little wins with you too. How have you really killed it as a parent lately? . . . . . #icanmotheranyway #nobullshitmotherhood #beautyhunter #joyseeker #joyseeking #youareenough #youarethemostenough #momlifebelike #momlife #motherhood #thisismotherhood #parenting #parentingwins #toddlermom #toddlerlife #newglasses #smallvictories #onegoodthing #wintheday

We have two opportunities to volunteer at Northwest Childrens Outreach next week. First is Monday evening from 6:45-8:30 and the second is Wednesday from 7-8:30. YCL members sign up through the YCL Member Portal. Interested in joining us for a complimentary, family-friendly, volunteer event to see what YCL is all about? Contact volunteers@youthcharityleague.org

I love that my kids << support << me. In all ways. Kaidance even said yesterday, “Ohhh Lala momma you look awesome.” . . I want my kids to know me on a certain level. There is always a point that is { too far } but if our kids learn from us, then they must know us to a certain level. We can use what we are able to share to health, emotional healthy, trauma, love, etc. . . Thank you baby girl for being a rock for me. Encouraging me. I love you. #singlemom #kaidance #parenting #parentingwins #preteens #daughter #momdaughterlove #bossbabe #minibossbabe

I used to think getting help means we are week and needy. Specially when I become a mother, I feel I should know everything and I should do everything, because Im the mother. And then I fell and hit rock bottom because of it. Now I know, you can do anything but not everything. Theres no shame in getting help 🖤🖤🖤 available in XS-3XL! Go to www.littleoceansfluff.com or hit the link on my bio.

Not the best angle but chilling watching Jurassic park (original) with my oldest he loves this movie #parentingwins

🎉 This little cheeser has such a fun banana party last weekend. I shared all the fun recipes and food for her party in the blog today. 🍌 — What’s the funnest party you’ve ever been to?

#Repost @with_this_body (@get_repost) ・・・ Man, do I mess up as a mom O.F.T.E.N. But try to remind myself that it will not be any one sentence or explanation that will make the most difference as much as it will be the cumulative collection of messages and modeling that I impart. Check out link in bio for what I did when my daughter told me my butt was fat. 🍑❤️ #Parenting #ParentingWins #ParentingFails #BodyLove #BodyImage #BodyPositiveKids #FatPositiveKids #RaisingFatPositiveKids #RaisingBodyPositiveKids

What a time to be alive. 😂 I spent all day cleaning, organizing, and putting stuff in jars JUST FOR MY PANTRY. Tomorrow: second pantry and my spice cabinets. Then I clear out all my cooking “tools”. #cneprogram

Hat on backwards. Loving life. Sweet, sassy and sporty all in one package. #mysweetmayaeleanor #20months #biggirl #girlmom #parenting #mommingsohard #toolegittoquit #parentingwins #raisingstrongwomen

Man, do I mess up as a mom O.F.T.E.N. Check out link in bio for what I did when my daughter told me my butt was fat. 🍑❤️ #Parenting #ParentingWins #ParentingFails #BodyLove #BodyImage #BodyPositiveKids #FatPositiveKids #RaisingFatPositiveKids #RaisingBodyPositiveKids

Man, do I mess up as a mom O.F.T.E.N. But try to remind myself that it will not be any one sentence or explanation that will make the most difference as much as it will be the cumulative collection of messages and modeling that I impart. Check out link in bio for what I did when my daughter told me my butt was fat. 🍑❤️ #Parenting #ParentingWins #ParentingFails #BodyLove #BodyImage #BodyPositiveKids #FatPositiveKids #RaisingFatPositiveKids #RaisingBodyPositiveKids

Man, do I mess up as a mom O.F.T.E.N. But try to remind myself that it will not be any one sentence or explanation that will make the most difference as much as it will be the cumulative collection of messages and modeling that I impart. Check out link in bio for what I did when my daughter told me my butt was fat. 🍑❤️ #Parenting #ParentingWins #ParentingFails #BodyLove #BodyImage #BodyPositiveKids #FatPositiveKids #RaisingFatPositiveKids #RaisingBodyPositiveKids

Man, do I mess up as a mom O.F.T.E.N. But try to remind myself that it will not be any one sentence or explanation that will make the most difference as much as it will be the cumulative collection of messages and modeling that I impart. Check out link in bio for what I did when my daughter told me my butt was fat. 🍑❤️ #Parenting #ParentingWins #ParentingFails #BodyLove #BodyImage #BodyPositiveKids #FatPositiveKids #RaisingFatPositiveKids #RaisingBodyPositiveKids

One surefire way to help you get over yourself is having children who offer unfiltered (unsolicited) feedback and commentary on your body. “Mommy, your butt is fat.” “Mommy, that cold sore on your lip is gross.” “Mommy, that outfit looks weird.” “Mommy, you’re kind of a weird, different mom.” “Mommy is your belly big because there’s a baby in there?” “Mommy, aren’t you too old to wear a diaper?” (pad) 😳☺️ Jokes aside, it really has been a interesting part of recovery to see myself through their eyes. These comments and others are generally not thrown at me with malice or intent to harm. No deeper level insult or commentary on my personhood or worth. Instead, they’re usually just what they say. At their most concrete level of meaning. With my oldest, I can see the change beginning. Where she’s starting to tie worth to these kind of commentary or starting to understand that others attach worth to them. Sometimes, I find myself wanting to jump in, with urgency, to correct and *make sure* they *get* all of the many layers of implication, even if unintended. But remind myself that I don’t want to communicate a message that gives more power to ideas that may not even be there yet. When I’m able, I try to first take a breath, ground and self-regulate, and seek to connect. With them. With myself. With the purity of what they’re saying. Man, do I mess up O.F.T.E.N. But try to remind myself that it will not be any one sentence or explanation that will make the most difference as much as it will be the cumulative collection of messages and modeling that I impart. Check out link in bio for what I did when my daughter told me my butt was fat. 🍑❤️ #Parenting #ParentingWins #ParentingFails #BodyLove #BodyImage #BodyPositiveKids #FatPositiveKids #RaisingFatPositiveKids #RaisingBodyPositiveKids

Smallest member of the Boolins family enjoying the tram up to see Mont Blanc!! #parentingwins #toddlerlife #happyface

Lets wash away that sickness Thats what I always tell them when they are poorly. You know what? It works wonders! They get out of the bath feeling 10x better than when they got in ❤

Adrian may be partying in Thailand this weekend but I have set up the kids outside and settling in for my own private party!! 🙌 ☺️ #parentingwins #gowallabies @thomo74

My babywearing journey is over but Im so grateful for it! Let me carry you a lil bit longer is available in the shop! 🖤🖤🖤 Go to www.littleoceansfluff.com or hit the link in my bio to order!

Despite the fact that stepparents parent children, stepparenting milestones aren’t celebrated (or even spoken about!) pretty much anywhere in the world. • • There’s no meaningful traditions for stepparents to celebrate their ‘firsts’ with their stepfamily. • • No commercially available stepfamily memory albums or keepsakes. No recognised rituals. • • And, we think that should #change Celebrations of milestones specifically for stepparents should officially be a thing. • • So, let’s get started! What milestones would you add to this list? • • Tell us in the comments below 👇 #stepparentsmatter #milestonesareimportant #changethenarrative

Doesn’t matter where we’ve been or what we have been doing but pretty much every time we get home the very moment we walk in the front door does my toddler start taking his clothes off!! Please tell me I’m not alone 😂😁🙏🤦‍♀️

Welcome new YCL Board Secretary Andrea Jackson! Andrea Jackson has joined the YCL leadership team as Secretary of the Board. Andrea grew up in Denver, Colorado, graduating from Colorado State University. She has a degree in Business with a specialty in Human Resources and pursued a career in HR after relocating to Portland. In 2004, Andrea and her husband had the opportunity to live and work in China. They were there for four years, and their twins, now 12 were born in China. Andrea is an avid outdoorswoman and can often be found hiking and enjoying our abundant nature in the Pacific Northwest. She and her family continue to enjoy global travel and exploring and experiencing different customs and cultures. Andrea is looking forward to being a part of the growing Youth Charity League family and expanding our operations.

Working out isnt only about getting fit but also about making friends along the way.. at Hot Mama, we like to sweat it out then grab a drink to catch up! 🍷😉 . . 📸: @hmhf_sylvan_lake . . #hotmamafit #hotmamastrong #fitfam #fitspiration #familyfitness #hotmamastrong #parentingwins #parentinggoals #healthymomsinspire #rolemodeling #canadianmommyblogger #strongmomsofig #hotmamafit #fitnessinfluencer #fitfam

My 4am baking shenanigans were a huge success - one very happy birthday boy and some well fed colleagues 🍰😋 #birthdaybrowniecake #homemade #bakingshenanigans #allthesugar #birthdayboy #doubledigits #ocrson #parentingwins

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