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Please check out the line dance and music video for our new song titled “Crazy”! Follow me and we’ll follow you ! #abemacband #crazy #texas #texascountrymusic #itsallgoodep #itsallgoodelpaso #cowboyhatswag #starwesternwear #elpaso #peoplelovingpeople Man it be cool to get a little love from these folks what do you think @thegr8khalid ? @garthbrooks @jackingram @codyjohnson @prattprattpratt @jimmyfallon @mathewmcconaughey @therock Full Instructional video up on YouTube.com/abemacband

WHAT MAKES YOU THE MOST HAPPY? 💛🌻🌞 • • • Ever since I was younger my most favourite colour has always been yellow. I am so thankful for the existence of this colour, it never fails to brighten my day! It’s so important that we cherish what we love the most, because at the end of a day which hasn’t been too great, looking back on everything we are thankful for or just love to pieces instantly make us feel better inside! CHALLENGE YOURSELF ✨⭐️ take 3 minutes of your day to pause for a moment. think about three of your most favourite things in the world. Go on!! ☀️cherish them! ☀️write them down! ☀️go and enjoy them! ☀️embrace them! ☀️be grateful! #inspiration #yellow #challengeyourself #mentalhealth #youth #beginings #peoplelovingpeople #motivation

Laxmoms loving life. #triadelitelax #peoplelovingpeople

A month ago Hurricane Michael came barreling through Panama City, only 15 miles east of my house. These are pictures taken YESTERDAY. People still need help. If you want to volunteer please go to hopepanhandle.org if you have a big group that wants to come, donate, get involved, bring food please PM me! Everything helps. This is people’s reality right now and it’s heartbreaking. #hopepanhandle #godisgood #community #finishtherace #peoplelovingpeople #humanity #love

We had to evacuate last night. Our mountain fire 🔥 surrounded us... many families set out in the 4am nothingness going where? We blessed each other & said words of encouragement. So fortunate our sweet friend Shirley @cheetagf answered her door & generously took us in. Much love to our land & animals ⭕️🔵 💦 #peoplelovingpeople

​Heres how to #Donate and #SupportVictims of the #ThousandOaksShooting To Donate Blood, please visit www.redcrossblood.org to find a #donationlocation in your area. To Donate Money, The Rotary Club of Westlake Village, a #CertifiedCharity on #GoFundMe #Somuchlifeahead #PeopleLovingPeople #despairisnotastrategy #Heroes #allinthistogether

​Heres how to #Donate and #SupportVictims of the #ThousandOaksShooting To Donate Blood, please visit www.redcrossblood.org to find a #donationlocation in your area. To Donate Money, The Rotary Club of Westlake Village, a #CertifiedCharity on #GoFundMe #Somuchlifeahead #PeopleLovingPeople #despairisnotastrategy #Heroes #allinthistogether @jevaldes11

Sharing is how I fill my heart and soul. I often wonder how life would be if we all stopped for a second and had a good bowl of noodles with conversation that matters.... #2you #duckhunting #peoplelovingpeople #bestversionofme #peacefulgathering #dinnertime #blessedup #simplepleasures

Hey ho! 🙋💙 . Hoy vengo a compartiros esta acuarela que hice mientras escuchaba lo último de @studiochillin 💘 . Enhorabuena a @superbisho y a todxs sus colaboradores sobretodo por invertir tiempo en lo que se quiere de verdad💚 Yo os recomiendo el tema de CRONOS, en especial si conoceis a Bicho🔙💚 os puede encantar😊. . #ink #sketch #watercolour #stc #mysocks #jerez #music #love #picoftheday #instaart #acuarela #peoplelovingpeople

Well, this is not the type of #austin photos I normally feature, but it’s an important part of Austin none the less. My husband and I served at the #churchunderthebridge a few weekends ago. It takes place every #sunday under the I-35/7th St. bridge. Churches, individuals, and other groups come together to feed, clothe, cut hair, give medical attention to, and just love on the #homeless community in Austin. For privacy, my photos don’t reflect the large number of people that attend. #atx #austintx #reallife #peoplearevaluable #peoplelovingpeople #igaustin #showinglove

It’s Monday! My favorite day! My husband is home for the day, it’s the start of a fresh week, aaaaaaa love it 💕 For the last 6 months I’ve had the privilege of sharing my love for a healthy and balanced life with people. And for about a month now, Shane has given me the mornings to really hone in on “work” with undistracted and focused efforts. (Doesn’t ever feel like work cuz it’s just so fun!) Anywho, NOT TODAY! This week I’m going out of town, without my family 😭, so I’m staying home and soaking in every moment with them.

@bittyandbeauscoffee You guys are doing it right!! I will be back! — #notbroken #bittyandbeauscoffee #coffee #peoplelovingpeople #inclusion #thankyou

Proud African by Lulah The first time I met Lulah she found me looking around her stall at the flee market and came up to talk to me. She didn’t introduce herself until after we spoke about the paintings. But as soon as she said “hi I’m Lulah, I’m the artist” I realised she ‘looked like an artist’ you know: paint under her fingernails, bright orange t-shirt and baggy trousers, her beautifully decorated dreadlocks in a bun. She had this attractive calmness about her, like she was taking everything in, splitting into layers then putting it all back again to form a full picture, all in real time. We got into it about inspiration and obstacles to creating and before I left she told me: “ If it’s in your mind then it exists, you just have to give birth to it!”. I wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget and I remember thinking I found more than cool bangles at the flee market that day. #photosofart #visualart #agameoftones #photo #peoplelovingpeople #inspiration #pic #art

Sometimes I think there really is hope for us after all!!! #RESPECT #HOPE #LOVE #SPREADLOVE #DARETOCARE #COEXIST

I don’t know why but I get excited every time I’m about to walk across the US customs border. Probably because it’s a reminder that we live in the greatest country on the planet and I’m blessed to wake up everyday to the American dream!!! Let’s not take that for granted!!! #GodBlessAmerica #GodBlessUsAll #LoveOneAnother #PeopleLovingPeople

Unity Take me to the table where we all dine together And pluck me from the crowd and return me to my sender Whatever path you follow push on till tomorrow Love all serve all and create no sorrow So many rivers but they all reach the sea They telling me hes different but I just dont believe it Love is the glorious and everyone shall reach it Who ever seeks it Seen and unseen I dont want a reason anymore about the one I love, the one I love I dont want a reason anymore about God above, God above I just want to melt away, in all His grace Drift away, into that sacred place Where theres no more you and me, no more they and we, just unity yeah yeah, just unity yeah yeah, just unity yeah yeah, just unity yeah yeah Well I dont wana count the leaves of the mango tree I just want to taste its sweetness So you can defeat this above and beneath this Yeah Come one and all, come stand tall And whatever your approaching dance or meditation If you got love along than you shall reach the station You find a road, the supreme abode In this city all hearts shine like gold Me and Jesus, Buddah, Moses, and Gouranga All dance around, dancing on your thunder Drunk on the wine of love for thee Well tell me when will I be blessed to join the bliss of your company So many stories and so many fables of how the king sings of how the wall wails Jerusalem to the Holy Himalayas From Mount Zion to the hills of Jamaica All land is holy, all land is sacred All shall leave this world completely naked Completely naked, completely I dont want a reason anymore about the one I love, the one I love I dont want a reason anymore about God above, god above. I just melt away into all his grace. Drift away into that sacred place. Where theres no more you and me, no more they and we, just UNITY! -Trevor Hall #megzzmusingzz #weareone #wearespiritualbeings #weareequal #mankindunited #mankindunite #peoplelove #peoplelovingpeople #webleedthesame #samelove #justlove #lovewins #loveall #wearelove #humansunite #humansunited #trevorhall

Tell me about your week. I do care! #MentalHealth #Awareness #peoplelovingpeople

Stumbled across something... Something pretty amazing. Sheesh #serveYourCity #arcchurches #peoplelovingpeople #changingperceptions

Some people appreciate living so much.. it’s photos like these I get sent by people I have never met who just think 4 little words and a rainbow stair case are worth taking a photo with thank you @salvadores.circus #howgoodisliving #peoplelovingpeople #iwillnevergiveup #howstheserentiy #pride🌈 #lovealwayswins

PL students hard at work organizing all our Hurricane Michael relief items! Thank you so much to everyone that participated, the turnout was GREAT! You will help so many families in need 💜 #PeopleLovingPeople #HurricaneMichaelRelief #CBPL18

Oh how embarrassing! Can’t believe I’m expressing this, but here goes… I best break down some walls!!! These rainy days mean some wet shoes, and not everyone has the means of immediate washing and drying. Well an umbrella can’t cover your feet! So spoilt one shoe and salvaged another. Ohh boy! So in the process of replacing my shoes and getting one whether appropriate, yuh girl had to try on! ‘Am I seriously writing this?!?!’ So yeah let’s just say yuh girl previously rain soaked shoes caused the nose to twitch a lil, yuh know. Ok, there goes! Well store clerks brought out box covers, start to fan and say the place hot. Oh really? PRETENDING TO BE A HUMANITARIAN??? . . . In light of the recent floods throughout #trinidad , let us throw off the pretense. We may, volunteer here and there and give saying we are uplifting *and by all means we are*, but what about when no one is noticing, what about in simple day to day living. Uplifting someone can come in the form of not gossiping about their clothing, appearance, scent or any other thing your unruly evil wants to speak about (James 3:8-14). ‘What you sight as messed up, may actually be appealing to taste.’ . . . Please, if someone comes to your workplace, school, or just passes you buy, don’t be so quick to judge (Matt 7:1-3), because they don’t meet your ‘false’ standards. Consider what they may be going through! Probably they were flooded out, or some other reason. Your compassionate/welcoming heart, that accepts them (Matt 9:36), may be what they need at just that moment (Matt 22:37-39, 1 John 4:20). If you can’t reach out to comfort, shutting your lips, avoiding the release of unwise words may do just as good a job! LET GOSSIPING DISTURB YOUR CONSCIENCE (1John 3:19-21) #jesusfeed #peopleoffaith #rainylessons #thisisprofessionalism #medstudent #medschoolthings #loveiswhywearehere #agape #judgenot #lovethyneighbourasthyself #onenation #trinidadunited #onelove #godislove #saintsandaints #believers #nonbelievers #christians #peoplelovingpeople #gossipers #lovethemtoo #givewhereyoucan #prayfortrinidad #prayfortrinidadandtobago

I thought a lot about GOOD people this weekend as I had the opportunity to gather together to celebrate with my dad, my sisters, my niece & nephew who are expecting a bundle of pure joy, and so many of their thoughtful friends and family members...what a blessing it is to have a ‘village’ of folks to love you, offer a helping hand, shower you with the most precious gifts, and to support you. This life is so beautiful when you have the opportunity to make your journey with a ‘village’. 😊❤️ I stood in a beautiful venue on Saturday where I knew MAYBE a 1/3 of the people in the room, but instantly connected with so many because of the love we have in common for our Pretty, my favorite OHP, and their babygirl who will make her earthly debut in 2019. I am so grateful for the folks who love and support my people. Our little family is spread out across the country at this time in our life, but to know that they have so many supportive and thoughtful people to lean on is beautiful and makes this Sister, Great Auntie, Cousin, Friend, Daughter, and Wife love and appreciate people that much more. I’m thankful for the ‘village’ of people in my tribe’s life. #BeALifter #WhatYouDoMatters #ItTakesAVillage #PeopleLovingPeople #SupportSystems #LearningDailyLessons #ThisSweetBabyGirlWillKnowSoMuchLove #ICannotWaitToIntroduceMyselfAndHugHerAndNeverLetGo #HadleyMichelle #ILoveHerParents #MySistersAreAmazingWomen #MySistersAreMoversAndShakers #LetsGetTogetherAndEncourageFolks #ChristDidItBest #LivingFiercely #PutYourShoulderToTheWheel #AFewOfMyFavoriteThings #MyGreatNieceWillHavePrettyEyesAndChubbyThighs #FebruaryBaby #HandPickedByHerGreatGrandmaInHeaven ❤️🎀 #WhatASweetWeekendRecordedWithOnlyAFewRandomTragicPics #IgnoreOurFaces #ItIsTheActionAndLoveThatEachRepresent #AGreatGrandpaHelpingPutTogetherAHighChair #AnAuntAndGrannyNaeNaePaintingANurseryMultipleTimesForJustTheRightColor #InLawsWhoStuffedMacaroonBoxesAndFoldedLotsOfNapkins #FriendsWhoHelped #FriendsWhoTraveledFromOutOfStateToShowSupport #FamilyWhoOfferedTheirCarForARideToTheAirport #NoGoodDeedGoesUnpunished 😉☺️

💜HEART SO FULL💜 This past weekend was exactly what I needed. I got COMFORTABLE with being UNCOMFORTABLE. - These two ladies pushed me to my limit in our workout. A room full of like-minded humans working towards bettering themselves. - I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say I legit cannot move my legs today after that workout yesterday. 🙈 - The opportunities I’ve been given so far are only going to keep getting better and I can’t wait to share the journey will you all✌🏼 - #heartsofull

Today’s Gratitude List: 1. Friends who text you at 5:45AM to make sure you’re awake (Shout out Miss @millsy2112!) 2. Friends who call you on your way to work to catch up (Love you @ajgumm) 3. Internet friends who message you a new restaurant for our Wednesday dinner date in Kansas City that has Whole 30 options (You are SO thoughtful @caitlinmwallace) 4. Coworkers who you call friends because you couldn’t ask for a better team of people to get through busy season with (🧡🧡 you QFam) 5. Friends who wake up from a nap to take a walk in the park with you (Muah @rice_jr and @mannythedoodle 😘😘) 6. Friends who celebrate with you via Apple Watch on completing our rings (Thanks @breannabrock!!!) 7. Friends who send you an unexpected, super sweet message on Facebook that brightens your day (@bri_fleetwood — you’ll never know how much your note meant to me!) #DailyGratitude #PeopleLovingPeople #Last90Days

How beautiful are the feet of those that bring the good news! If you could spend any amount of time with these kids you would quickly understand that they know the good news down to the core of their being and many of them are anxious to come and minister to America! #atlasandarrow #peoplelovingpeople #uganda

#tbf to a line I repeat daily! Real change starts when you acknowledge there is something that need to be changed. If you keep the blinders on or turn away from what your eyes see, your heart knows is wrong and your brain tells you needs to change, then you are only contributing to the problem. It isn’t about politics.... people need to understand...it’s about human being...about being a decent human...about living your BEST life and allowing others to do the same! #bethechangeyouwanttosee #dontforgettovote #raiseyourvoice #beadecenthumanbeing #blacklivesmatter #alllifematters #transgender #gay #lesbian #indigenousrights #minorities #caucasians #theworldunderonebannercalledloved #peoplelovingpeople #whybringmorehateintothisworld #loveyourselfsoyoucanloveothers #respectyourselfsoyoucanrespectothers #vauleyourselfsoyoucanvauleothers

In this African tribe (Babemba tribe, South Africa), when someone does something harmful, they take the person to the center of the village where the whole tribe comes and surrounds them. For two days, they will say to the man all the good things that he has done. The tribe believes that each human being comes into the world as good. Each one of us is only desiring safety, love, peace and happiness. But sometimes, in the pursuit of these things, people make mistakes. The community sees those mistakes as a cry for help. They unite then to lift him, to reconnect him with his true nature, to remind him who he really is, until he fully remembers the truth of which he had been temporarily disconnected: “I am good!” •DM us for promotions •DM us to share something special about your culture #goodMorning #africa #ourCultureIsBeautiful #inLove #cultureAwareness #proudlyAfrican #africanEvents #empowerment #love #share #likeforlikes #africanSocialsLoading #peopleLovingPeople #weAreOne 🌍✊🏾

Long story short, Im trying to raise funds to buy necessities like sweats, slippers, shampoo ect for the sweet old people that had to evacuate last minute from their nursing home due to Hurricane Michael. The nursing home has been destroyed. I have visited these sweet old souls and they simply want some sweats that fit them. They literally left with the clothes on their back. Thats it. They are so confused and just want to go home. Go to #linkinbio to donate and read the full story! . . . #peoplelovingpeople #donate #hurricanemichael #hurricane #850strong #needy #love #share #give #compassion #lost #ig_daily #storm #panamacity #panhandle

Wow! God truly blessed us with rain today! Does anybody else freeze in Caribbean weather!😅😅😅. Getting caught in the rain today, I could have resorted to complaining and being irritated but I chose to view this blessing from another angle!!! CHANGE IN PERSPECTIVE!!! . . . -Thank Jesus, after the temporary wetting and feeling of coldness, I get to go home to warmth and a fresh change of clothes (if I so wished)..lolz -My hair got moisturized effortlessly 😂😆🤗 -I got to see the beauty of others hearts and be reminded there are still good people, doing their jobs and beyond well! Apprecation tothe security guard that sheltered me to be shuttled... he is a good one!!! #humility ❤ -Someone who didnt have water, possibly got to shower, wash and fill up some vessels.😊 . . . Praise ye the Lord, O give thanks unto th Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever (Psalm 106:1) #naturalhair #naturalista #fingercoils #peopleoffaith #jesusfeed #appreciate #grateful #differentperspective #naturalhairjourney #worksofgod #gratitude #peoplehelpingpeople #peoplelovingpeople #agape #love #joy #choosejoy #carribbeangirl #caribbeanweather #childofgod #highlightingthegood #saintsandaints

Q. How can you tell if a Brown is drunk? A. 🤪😛 #concertlife #builtinbff #marshmello #mellogang #passthevodka #brownsisters #pride #peoplelovingpeople

“People who really want to make a difference in the world usually do it in one way or another. Ive noticed something about people who make a difference in the lives of people. They hold the unshakable conviction the individual is extremely important and that every individual life matters. They get excited over one smile. They are willing to feed one stomach, educate one mind, treat one wound, clothe one back. They arent determined to revolutionize the world all at once. Theyre content with small changes and over time the small changes add up. As they add up, they end up transforming cities, cities turn to nations, nations to the world” ~Pastor Matthew Sassano Jr. Fresh Start Church. Remembering to pour love into my foster son’s mom despite the actions she chooses. #smallthingsinlife #fostercare #peoplelovingpeople #allheretogether

Life update: ▫️My best friend from Orlando and her hubby (not pictured), @joegugliuzza, came to visit💕😁▫️Unfortunately, 6 weeks out from my competition I got sick, which led to me dropping out. I’m pretty bummed out, but I’m excited to start off in a better position for my next prep. ▫️My family in PCB has extensive damage to their house, so please pray for them as they will be living in a hotel an hour outside the city. They were told not to come back for 4-6 weeks when the city is in better condition. Sadly, their house is one of the lucky few with minor damage compared to everyone else. The rest of the city is still without running water and power. I will be making a trip to see them in 2 weeks, which will have pictures to come. • • • #districtofcolumbia #orlando #florida #npcbikini #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #hurricanemichael #prayforpanamacity #peoplelovingpeople #panamacitybeach #nutrition #workhard #trainhard #fallishere #chillyweather

Got to meet this amazing woman Ruth Chou Simons @gracelaced this past Friday night. She wrote the book Gracelaced and I read it earlier this year while I was dealing with the darkest time of my life. Let me tell you that her words, wisdom, and art about the Lord is one of reasons I made it out of the darkness. She is a true servant and vessel for God. Her heart for others and knowledge of God’s written truths is her passion, and God is saving lives through her work. Thank you Ruth for being you and loving Jesus, thus loving others. You’re a light to the world! Y’all have GOT to check out her amazing work! Go to @gracelaced and @gracelacedhq to see her art, books and products. #jesus #fanfreakout #gracelaced #peoplelovingpeople #depression #godstruths #godsword #art

So I have been lucky enough to have been donated 25 more stencils of the exact wording of how good is living.. it seems there are a few businesses that are apart of a club called team rainbow inc that think “how good is living “ should be removed from the stairs which have been totally repainted since a very poor attempt was made to remove the words the first time these businesses include... Inspire at rainbow beach ... rainbow beach hair and beauty... coffee rocks.... rainbow ink....Cooloola beach realty...rainbow beach adventure centre... it’s been a crazy few days getting everything sorted but there is now a team of people ready to dig in and fight for what’s right so we have been donated 200 cans of spray paint and 25 stencils in the last few days I am sure we can get more if needed I can no longer put the words back on the stairs but it’s time the people who gave our stairs away to the Gold Coast actually listen to the town and stop making false accusations.....the stairs and how the voice of a few nasty people will not ever defeat the voice of a community.... #howgoodisliving #pride🌈 #inspireeachother #iwillnevergiveup #peoplelovingpeople #watchthepeoplespeak #standupandbeheard #rainbowbeach #stairsforeveryone

With Steven Universe and Adventure time over, idk where to find that healthy dose of gay anymore! 😭😩💕 #peoplelovingpeople

Our monthly food & clothing banks have grown into a place where real community is being built! Add to that Choices, First Baptist paper product bank & Communicycle and you can understand why this is one of my favorite days each month! #peoplelovingpeople #community

“Auntie Jill, mama Africa, My People Childcare smiles to you.” How precious are they!!?? 💜💜💜 #peoplelovingpeople #uganda #faithlikeachild

So we swept them we got the blower and all is restored on the stairs ready for everyone to enjoy.. so blessed in life we are with people these people just happen to come to rainbow for the first time and they too got to feel the magic in the air to see just a few amazing parts of the little town that has so much to offer @chances_mooloolaba thanks guys it’s a pleasure to have you work for yols and I #pride🌈 #inspireeachother #howgoodisliving #peoplelovingpeople #rainbowstairs🌈 #rainbowbeachstairs #happiness😊

So many new visitors so many new tags thanks for the tag the photo for being awesome @ashy_g_g #pride🌈 #inspireeachother #peoplelovingpeople #rainbowbeach #howgoodisliving #lovealwayswins #rainbowstairs🌈 #rainbowbeachstairs

My church buddies while the boys go to Sunday school. These two are way easier to handle! She loves being a big sister. 💜💛 #lillianronnie #hadleydwaine #peoplelovingpeople #brothersisterlove

Truth’s shining light guides me in my choices and decisions; the revelation of your word makes my pathway clear. Psalm 119:105 TPT #jillhollandart #lifeisart #thyword #peoplelovingpeople #artforgood #happysunday 📸by @tishashuffield

Today, was such a humbling day. Spent the day helping people in the Myrtle Beach area who were effected by hurricane Florence. We tore down walls, and floors, witnessed people who lost almost all of their possessions due to flood water. And plenty of people who still couldn’t get help because of resting flood waters. Take a moment to pray for these people, and take a moment to be grateful for the things you have. I know I am. #hurricaneflorence #mormonhelpinghands #peoplelovingpeople #lds #southcarolina #friends #family #thankful

This is the #shpmarion headquarters and it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. This warehouse was empty for 10 years before it was swept out and lit up by my mom to create a space where community takes care of community. She runs one chapter of a national organization that builds and delivers bunk beds to kids and families that have spent their entire lives sleeping on the floor. It’s estimated that between 2-4% of the children in your city are sleeping on couches, floors or sharing beds with the rest of their household. In my home town that’s 3,000 kids/students. My mom is working in our community and with our community to make sure each kid has a personal space, warm blankets and a good nights sleep. I’m beyond proud of her and loved being a part of building 4 of these bunk beds today. Volunteer or donate to a chapter near you at the link in my profile. #celebratepeople #dogood #peoplelovingpeople #lovelove #sleepinheavenlypeace #shpbeds

Words can not express the gratitude that I have for your special heart. 💓 @alifilippazzo You have such a kind spirit! You are a rare gem. Your readiness to empower those around you, COMPLETELY blows my mind. You believe in others, just as you believe in yourself! You are a world changer. You motivate me to be the absolute best version of myself. Thank you, for taking extra time, to invest in me. #bossbabe #crackerbarrelcares #crackerbarrelcaters #empoweringwomen #onebestway #peoplelovingpeople #raregem #worldchanger

Welcome Fall and new opportunities. For all you Pawsitive Beauties out there who may need this today - you are capable of amazing things & you deserve amazing things. Drop a comment below and let us know what you need positive vibes for ✨ #womensupportwomen #peoplelovingpeople #pawsitive #opportunities #crueltyfree #youcan #inspirationalquotes #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #goodvibes #positivevibes #positivethinking #beauty #believetosucceed #wehaveyourback

It’s October, my favorite month of the year and my birthday month! 2 more weeks left of my “road to 40” year. It’s been a good one indeed. Happy Fall y’all! #jillhollandart #lifeisart #roadto40 #artforgood #peoplelovingpeople #beautifulliving #happyfallyall 📸 by @tishashuffield

Sometimes a little reminder is all we need. Great photo @micaelajadetravels #rainbowbeach #howgoodisliving #inspireeachother #pride🌈 #peoplelovingpeople

I really like beginning of the month #hustle does anyone else? I like being pumped up for the month! It’s October! October started on a Monday which is the beginning of the week, and you couldn’t have asked for a better start to your month! I’m crushing goals, with work and school. Who’s with me?!

It’s not our job to come up with a plan of how God should come through for us or provide for us. It is our job to put one foot in front of the other being totally sure of what we hope for and certain of that which we cannot yet see. Let’s let Him make the plans and provision. That is faith. #jillhollandart #lifeisart #peoplelovingpeople #faith @📸by @tishashuffield

Thank you Greenbrier Nazarene Church for allowing us to come share the heart and mission of the CMC yesterday. We appreciate all that you do for us and your community. #urbanmission #peoplelovingpeople

While lazily passing time at the dollar store, waiting for the grocery store to open this morning, I met a woman who excitedly said she wanted to show me what she makes with the abundance of plastic bags in her hands. She escorted me to her car, wearing an oversized stained white t-shirt, sans brassiere, and a hollow-mouthed grin. This is Lula Cathey. She collects grocery bags then crochets blankets and pillows for the Nashville homeless community. This is one of her masterpieces, linked by her weathered fingers and 600 to 700 unused bags. She was adamant I have her number in case I come across a wealth of bags in town. #eastnashville #nashville #storytelling #tellyourstory #dogood #begood #peoplelovingpeople #storiessavelives #inspire

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