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sun and the city


It isn’t everyday that you meet a living legend. I’d like to say a special “thank you” to the @dalimuseum for inviting me to the #ClydeButcherMeet and give me the opportunity to meet and listen from the man himself (@clydebutcher) the experience and wisdom gathered along the decades of passionate work and dedication. I got to ask him a couple of questions about his creative process and about his work in Crap de Creus, the place where Salvador Dalí was born and influenced his work, and where he (Butcher) was commissioned by the museum to go to photograph the village with his unique style of black and white landscape photography. He was very candid on his answers, and shared a refreshing insight on things that I was looking for some enlightenment on. I was very lucky to be here, on this special meeting at #TheDali. About the gallery: The exhibition captures the source of inspiration for Dalí; the landscape fed his imagination. Butcher’s work explores the reality behind Dalí surrealism and suddenly it all makes sense. The rocks, the mountains, the little houses and churches, it felt like if you look closely, your imagination will also fly wild with that landscape. If you plan to visit Florida, you should come to this museum and check out this well executed gallery that provides a modern day explanation of the old, and at times inexplicable, art of Dalí.

It seemed appropriate for it to be photographed since it felt much more than just a redecoration, but more of an art project, and a collaboration between creatives-Victoria Smith on @leighbeisch for her blog @sfgirlbybay Read post here: https://www.sfgirlbybay.com/2018/06/07/at-home-with-photographer-leigh-beisch/

These colors are killing me 😍

Im not the yoga - zen - calm - whatever kind of person.. There is always some drama around me. But this place made me stop thinking for a sec and just breath in, breathe out.. (Or maybe it was partly coma from the pain in all my body, but the first version sounds more poetic and I like it better) 🏕️ #natureheals . . . #newzealand #yankeeriverhut #northwestcircuit #nzmustdo #destinationnz #newzealandguide #newzealandvacations #wildculturecz #shallowbay #purenewzealand #czechgirl #newzealandfinds #welltravelled #livefolk #wildernessculture #ornitology #exploremore #exploremore #exploretocreate #mountaingirl #makemoments #campvibes #canonnz #peoplescreatives #kiwis_photos #ig_newzealand #instagood #awesomeearth #realjourneys #stewartisland

Road trip 發掘生活中的小細節 往往在過程中享受到樂趣 記得那天四個人停下車 從馬路中間拍到路旁的桿子 #台灣 #台東 #道路 #攝影 #旅行

I sanaya_yadav56 pooja_yadav56 cute_nd_hot_girl88 cute_nd_hot_girl88 cute_nd_hot_girl88 cute_nd_hot_girl88 cute_nd_hot_girl88 Hot_nd_cute_modal88 Follow @likeindian for more . . Photography- @Fashion_nd_rings_shoot_out77 Model- @editing_zone77 #RishabDahiya #RishabDahiyaMediaworks #throwback #editorial #Magazine #instagoodmyphoto #LIKEINDIAN #justgoshoot #peoplescreatives #visualsoflife #tagindian #boudoirphotography #boudoirphotographer #boudoirshoot #boudoirinspiration #boudoirphotos #beautyandboudoir #boudoir #implied #impliedmagazine #uncoverme #uncoveredmagazine #nakidmag #forguysmag #fusemagazineonline #sensual_ladies_ Selling followers at cheaper rates dm for more info...


... Taking refuge from the Norwich springtime WPPD 2018 #GitTogether . terraPIN OSKAR 6x9 #pinhole @Kodak Ektar 100 #believeinfilm

הלב שוב חיפש בית בין גופים של אחרים. לרגע הוא חשב שמצא סוף סוף אך התבדה כשהגשם הגיע וטפטף אמת מבעד לעיניים מסומאות מאהבה. ©️


- when we look up, it widens our horizons. we see what a little speck we are in the universe, so insignificant, and we all take ourselves so seriously, but in the sky, there are no boundaries. No differences of caste or religion or race. •east of the sun•

Ever just take a listen to God and walk away with a few tears and a giggle. Thats how I am feeling right now. Booked my first speaking event for 2019 Currently doing the final touch ups on From Grief to Grind Setting up for my 2nd virtual summit (hosted in the Passion Pusher Community) My oldest is job hunting My youngest son is excited about football My daughter is getting ready for her cheer season My husband is my new business partner (yall pray for me) In the midst of all of that Ive lost 2 people in the same week. Ive heard my mom cry because she misses my sister. I went to my family gathering and wished my aunt was there. When I seen the hurt on my friends face because her dad passed I melted. Do yall see a pattern? The good out weighs the pain. #Godsplan

@may_contain_ingrid on #35mm

Back to my element 💦 Swipe to see the tilted tree 🌴

цілую сонце

Me laughing at my shear inability to pose for a portrait. Someone once told me to try and smile less hard (which made me laugh and smile even harder). Oye, the struggle is too real 😂. Model friends: You guys are my heros and I have so much respect for you what you all do ❤️

: 18·0404 「 That day I saw a red moon. 」

To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.

∇ いろ #あ사みカ메ラ

Красивая уличная кошка живет у нас на клумбе.💐 Мы всем площадкам дали свои названия.💡 В районе все дома одинаковые, нумерация хаотичная, а так легко найтись. Например, у нас есть поле, белый дом, черный дом, угловая площадка, бассейн, тихий дворик. . А вы даете местам в городе СВОИ названия?

Праздник мыльных пузырей!🎶 Сколько счастья и радости для детей и взрослых в таком незамысловатом действии. 💖💗💟 Люблю спонтанные прогулки. А вы?

Доброе утро! 🌞 Назначаем встречи, идем гулять! Обещают, что будет тепло. Какая у вас погода?

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