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Getting in a quick afternoon workout in the park.

Getting 5k in today in a colorful way!

Working hard at ladies personal training tonight #personaltraineripswich @thefitnessunit

Am feeling it! My poor legs need a break.

Great fun with these 2 tonight. We had a deep stretch after the training #gymbuddies #personaltraineripswich #yoga

Tonights PT session. @sammi_j89 has been working out with me on a Tuesday night for 4 months now and is smashing through her goals. Great job tonight, keep up the amazing work!

Fab four in for Thursday Thrashing and they loved it! . . . . . #personaltraineripswich #personaltrainer #smallgrouptraining #fitness #fatloss #thisgirlcan #ladiesnight @thefitnessunit

Feeling super proud today after my workout. After 17 weeks of one weights workout a week, I got a PB tonight! Deadlifted 30kg! This might seem like a small thing to some but at the start I couldnt even lift the 20kg bar. Thanks to Damien @drt_fit for keeping me motivated and pushing me to do better each week!

The beautiful view from the lookout at Crows Nest National Park. The view was a great reward for the walk to get there.

Getting in some exercise while spending time with the family. Was a great walk.

Last nights workout training with the TRX. Thanks @drt_fit it was great getting to try something new and challenging.

Setting up in the park for tonights workout

Another tough session done!Sheila back from her hols and back in 6pm small group training. #smallgrouotraining #personaltraineripswich

We have had a little break here at DRT Fitness but what better what to get back into the swing of things than with a monday workout! Need help to get motivated to start getting fit and healthy? Or maybe just a bit of help to intensify your workout? Give us a call and we will help you!

Bahahaha! This is totally me when it comes to working out. I complain and try and get out of it all the time but once I start I have to give it 100% and I always feel amazing afterwards!

were also able to offer one on one or small group personal training at Field Fit πŸ™Œ message us for details and prices if youre interested πŸ‹οΈ limited spaces available #ocr #run #getwet #mud #walls #running #runtrail #movement #fieldfit #spartanup #spartanraceuk #ipswich #suffolk #ipswichbootcamp #fit #fitfam #suffolkfoodhall #suffolkbootcamp #personaltraining #personaltraineripswich

I definately used my ass this morning! Strength training for running with @jtrukfitness #repost @strongfitnessmag

Look and feel fantastic! Personal Training and small group training available with @dario.ruma_personal_trainer #personaltraineripswich #ipswich #personaltrainer

Yesterday’s lunch well earned! After teaching pump class, playing netball finals then doing some stair running training for stadium stomp I had red curry tuna with a mix of veggies rice and quinoa πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ #lunchearned #angesbeautbodz #pt #personaltraineripswich #ipswich #queensland #lunch #activelifestyle #vegies #gymgirl #liftweights #eatright #eathealthy #familygoals #lifegoals #strong #insideandout

Who loves classes?? Such a great way to stay motivated, build fitness and make friendships! Functional classes tests your muscles πŸ’ͺ and co-ordination while building your fitness for all kinds of things . Come join us every Monday morning 5:15am and shine for the rest of the day like these beauties! #fun #friendship #gym #gymtime #class #functionalfit #muscles #angesbeuatbodz #pt #personaltraineripswich #fitness #lifestyle #weights #gains #weightloss #trainhard #noexcuses #justdoit

Boxing for a warm up tonight. Man down @sheila300

Great workout from my ladies tonight. #flossing #10reps #itscominghome

Started back training tonight, I was not motivated at all but absolutely smashed it. I gave it my all and surprised myself with what I could achieve. Meet man (as Eleanor calls him) my boxing buddy for the evening. THANKS @drt_fit for the great session.

Who said Monday’s have to suck!!! Enter each new week knowing that it can be start of anything you want πŸ‘ŒπŸ» #mondays #newweek #freshstart #reachforyourdreams

Great to welcome Jon to the team he is a Strength and Conditioning coach with Olympic weightlifting too!

The gymnastics queen of GFP @j.fry.15 working towards her first ring muscle up πŸ’ͺπŸ“ˆ

Bank holiday workouts for my ladies today #noexcuses #photostofollow

Consistent exercise nutrition and monitoring =results @thefitnessunit #fatlossgoals

Slamming into the week @thefitnessunit great work tonight ladies

@excoundrel continuing his work in the gym. Personal training sessions focused around strength, posture and cardiovascular work to keep him healthy. β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-Promoting a healthy lifestyle in the gaming industry is not easily done however this guy has found a good balance πŸ’ͺ

Feeling a little tired tonight after Saturdays midnight walk but no excuses @thefitnessunit these ladies enjoyed another great workout

@rosswishart (grange Fitness’ very own television superstar) beautifully demonstration the hinge position with a barbell. Making his bum and hamstrings squeeze rather than his lower back taking the load means lowering the weight and slowing the tempo πŸ“ˆ onwards and upwards

Coming to the end of the first block of The Focus Training Program. Went better than I could’ve asked for, every person seeing real progress towards their goals. Here is Shareen showing off her 45kg backsquat at a slow tempo. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Thanks for an awesome time @spartansoz @mikesgymmarbella Had a great first full day in Marbella. Onwards ➑️ @fabiowardley @crossfitgfp_suffolkpunchboxing @kierenj11 @ryan.copland

@philpottwheeler showing off her clean 2 reps at 75kg. β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”-β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”- After starting personal training in September last year with the goal of integrating crossfit into her training we have focused on control and correct form over basic movement patterns. β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”- The aim was to make sure Jules has a good base for further movements she’ll inevitably come across in crossfit! Basics first βœ… Great work Jules! πŸ’ͺ

@foylert working through some power cleans. Focusing on keeping the arms extended and lats engaged throughout the pull. Great work SamπŸ€™

Using unilateral (split squat) movements to make sure we build strength equally across the body. With the goal of building up Neetu’s back squat this year we’re taking every chance to focus on tempo and control βœ…

@excoundrel making his return to training with a slick demonstration of the sumo KB Deadlift πŸ˜‰ good to see you again mate

Tuesday night Games Training πŸ’₯

Great work tonight ladies #smallgrouptraining

Another great night with my ladies lifting weights and boxing. Oh and there may have been a few squat jumps and Burpees for cardio

Another Tuesday Thrashing for these ladies. Always working til they have no more to give #tuesdaythrashing

Great work tonight in my small group of ladies #progress

FULL BODY WORKOUT for these ladies tonight and they smashed it! #fullbodyworkout

#semi private training with my lovely ladies tonight. Working in pairs motivating each other. Great work ladies #goheavy #breathe

Gteat work from my 7pm semi private ladies tonight 100% all round. #ladiesthatlift #semiprivatetraining

Ain’t nothing to it, but to do it. . We need to find a way that we enjoy to push those boundaries every day in trying to become better. . Let’s get after it today! . Hit the link in my bio for help. . #empire19 #e19performance

I’ve been neglecting myself the last two weeks being preoccupied with a huge learning experience and a busy home life and what with the weather turning colder by the day I’ve been justifying some bad eating habits and I’m just not feeling great in my tummy😱! I have honestly been craving my nutrient rich healthy food that I love so much but when you are on a course from 9.15-5.30 every day and then cramming in classes and clients after that. There is no time for food shopping let alone sitting on a computer to order it! I do sympathise with those who have a long day and a long commute it’s a toughie 😩. But I’m back on it nourishing my body from within and in a couple of days I’ll be feeling amazing again. I’m having my usual ginger and lemon with my breakfast too,warding off germs with this powerful drink. Have an amazing day guys I’m sending out positive vibes to you all so make the most of Friday, smile at everyone, be elegant and beautiful 😘❀️❀️❀️😘 xoxo #friyay #powerbreakfast #healingfromwithin #ginger #gingerandlemontea #avocadorules #personaltraineripswich #ptlife #thisismylife xoxo

Short run done this morning. Bit chilly but soon warmed up.#repost #womenlikeus

Fitness starts with healthy ingredients!

Tonight we worked together as a team and pushed each other to smash out an intense circuit/hiit class. These guys want results, theyre hungry for it. Theyre one step closer after tonight!

In joint a PT group at 830am on a Friday morning?.......With summer hot on our heels this group will absolutely have a focus on TONING and CORE! β˜€οΈ Join this group and you will have access to discount rates for other group sessions. β˜€οΈ Receive a copy of the Eliminate or Express eating plan. β˜€οΈ Complimentary nutrition consult! πŸ‘ for more deets or to book in 😎 #personaltrainer #ptipswich #personaltraineripswich #bootcampipswich #weightloss #summer #eatingplans #availableonline

Our preferred option of the #plank performed with straight arms and more importantly total body tension. The plank is designed to strengthen your body to resist movement in a neutral position. NOT hang for hours compromising joint health. Also works as a regression to the press up. With @phe.lane @ledgerkimberly @slquinton94 #SetTheStandard #ipswich #suffolk #professionalcoaching #results #fitness #strength #mobility #movement #semiprivate #training #personaltraineripswich #personaltrainingipswich

67 64 and 50 val needing a hand up just to get in the pic with @alexdover and Peter. #semiprivate training works for everyone regardless of goals when done properly #SSA #setthestandard #suffolk #strength #ipswich #fitness #personaltraineripswich #ipswichpersonaltraining

Personalised program design and tracking is key to the success of @suffolkstrengthacademy private coaching clients. Doing more so our members get better results #setthestandard #SSA #movement #strength #fitness #health #ipswich #suffolk #personaltraineripswich #ipswichpersonaltrainer #results

@imogengladwish working on high rep #pressups When developing the #pressup working on combo of quality straight arm planks for #core integrity and band assisted versions is your best bet for quick results #instatip #results #suffolk #strength #personaltraineripswich #ipswich #fitness #instafit #setthestandard #ipswichpersonaltraining

Strategy session with a #client after a #workout is all about bribery!!!!!!!!! She bribes me with #coffee and coloured markers and I let her do her favourite #exercise at our next #pt #session....... #skipping!!!!!!!! #win win for me I think 😜 sometimes the best session is a #planning session. Setting #goals, #planning #meals and #scheduling! Without these sessions the #sweaty ones just arent going to be enough! #ptipswich #personaltraineripswich #mealplanning #ilovemyjob #picoftheday #like4like #shawfitness #realfitnessforrealwomen

So happy to be able to raise money for this fantastic cause. I PLEDGE TO PARTY ON 19 JUNE ❀️❀️❀️ #ipledgetoparty #campquality #partyforkidswithcancer #fundraiser #lorrainelealinen #lorrainelea #fitaddictionpt #ipswichpt #personaltrainer #personaltraineripswich #raisingawareness

My story :) all my teenage and some of my young adult life I was overweight. I remember stepping on the scales in my drs office when I was 13 and I was 94 kgs. I felt so ashamed and consequently took comfort in food. As time went on I tried all types of diets. My weight yo yod constantly. During pregnancy my weight got to the heaviest it had ever been and I was ashamed and worried I had put my childs health and mine in danger. I vowed to change my life so I would live to see her grow up. The way I was travelling I was on my way to an early grave, my blood pressure was elevated, I was out of breath a lot of the time so it needed to be done. I started my journey at 105 kgs and managed to lose over 40 kgs in a year and a half. I absolutely fell in love with fitness and decided it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life both recreationally and occupationally . I would love to share my passion for health and fitness with you!! Email me at steelmagnoliapt@hotmail.com and start your journey today!! Xx Ally

Hi Instagrammers! Steel magnolia is a mobile personal training business specialising in womens fitness! Whether you are wanting to improve health issues, interested in weightloss, or increasing strength and overall fitness then steel magnolia can guide you all the way! Email Ally at steelmagnoliapt@hotmail.com, mention the Instagram and you wi get your first health and fitness assessment free of charge!!

As my clients get stronger I make their workouts harder. They get cranky with me lol ......it never gets easier you get stronger #iamstrong #strength training #personaltraineripswich #shawfitness #realfitnessforrealwomen

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