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A mother stares towards a distorted world while her daughter pleads for her attention. There is no sense of reality in this double exposure except for the faint sign reading “Motel” in the background. The whole image is twisted and contorted with no sense of scale or depth. I featured this image in my magazine titled: Photojournal 1. It’s clearly a very deep title with unrivalled symbolism. Haha in all seriousness I am working closely with this magazine in the next bit to edit and come out with a final version I am proud of. The pre edit version will be available for sale until December 31st featuring images that may not make the final version. I will work on coming out with the final version of the magazine for January and see if any cafes in Edmonton wish to carry it. #yeg #ilforddelta400 #nikonfe #supportlocal


Unlike traditional portrait photography that captures the whole person, Tobys scope is on the details and parts of a person. Looking at a piece of the puzzle, rather than the whole body

Some portraits from the open mic from last night !


shady lane

Afternoon up at Snoqualmie



Chicago, 2018

Untitled 02 from La Firma Series . . . (An audio walk based on Photography through the search of a connection between my dual nationalities and the networks existent between the two. The photographs were taken in Madrid and were inspired by memories from my Venezuelan experience.) #espiritmagazine #somewheremagazine #hurtlamb #dreamermagazine #pellicolamag #cultureinmotion #photocinematica #gominimalmag #independentmagazine #imaginarymagnitude #createmagazine #thetaxcollection #rentalmagazine #archivecollectivemag #subjectivelyobjective #yetmagazine #SPicollective #minimalzine #phroommagazine #phroom #ifyouleave #myfeatureshoot #foammagazine #organicamag #organicamagazine #aintbad #opendoorsgallery #apricotmagazine #life_is_street

Everything about me is a contradiction, and so is everything about everybody else. We are made out of oppositions; we live between two poles. Theres a philistine and an aesthete in all of us, and a murderer and a saint. You dont reconcile the poles. You just recognize them. #orsonwelles . . . Congratulations Igor Morski 👏🎖🎩🥇@igormorskigallery

For Love Eternal My new project about pain, love, loss, and anger. Photographed in the Central Valley. Books and prints available soon.

The photographer of the day Le photographe du jourr @riyets Tag #lesfrancaisesmagazine

Semua orang suka musik itu sudah pasti. Seberapa pengaruh sih musik buat hidup kalian ? Mungkin buat penghilang rasa bosan atau sekedar menaikan mood biar kalian semangat. Kira kira genre musik apa yang kalian suka ? . . . #shootonxiaomi #minimalmood

santorini // #rentalmag

📷 @twocrowspictures #cllphn

I don’t think of it at all. ‘cause dear, they are gone

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