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Not really in the mood for anything too heavy so were having a breakfast smoothie (pineapples, banana, strawberries, milk and a splash of vanilla) Day 4 of being able to keep food down, Id say baby is happy (and so is mama🙌)! #secondtrimester 1/21/19

Lee took a pic of me. And although I hate the amount of weight Ive gained, I feel like I needed to capture this moment before hes here. I have ballooned but I have a beautiful boy in there. I am now a size 16 and cant wait until Im a 10/12 again but cherishing the last weeks of carrying this one. ❤️💙. So happy and so ready for this beaut! Oh and apparently its blue Monday today but I do not feel blue. The only blue I feel is from the dress Im wearing 😂. I feel positively bright and cheery!!! #weightgain #pregnancy #babyboy #plussizeandpregnant #bigbelly #preggersbelly #babytalk #36weekspregnant #feelingittoday #bigbaby #bluemonday @leebobs2901

#eatingwhilebabywearing needs to be a thing! @from.the.sea enjoys an arms-free moment of peaceful burger-eating 🍔 while baby is still snug close

I do have some maternity pieces in my closet but it’s probably not as many as you’d think. Nothing I’m wearing here is maternity and I am officially in my 3rd trimester 🙌🏻 My plaid kimono from @catofashions is something I will keep wearing long after baby comes. Can I get an amen for stretching your wardrobe during pregnancy?!

32 weeks pregnant and boy am I feeling it! Had a scare at my appt yesterday and was sent to labor and delivery er for high bp. Luckily I was able to get it down and come home. Baby David will be here in 6 weeks and Im getting so anxious about it. I cant wait to meet our baby boy 💙 #32weekspregnant #8monthspregnant #babyboy #blessed #inlove #plussizepregnancy #plussizeandpregnant #marchbaby #6weekstogo

34+4 today. Havent done a bump pic for over a week so heres a quickie before I get too tired to do it 😂😍 #PreggoLife #FatAndPregnant #PlusSizeAndPregnant #ProudMummaToBe #RainbowBaby #BabyJasmineGrace #TheCountdownIsOn

MOMS! - if you are looking for a great way to support your big heavy boobs while #breastfeeding wear a tight shirt and pull the boob out of the top of the shirt. The fabric of the shirt acts like a harness. You can then use the tail of the sling to cover the top of your breast if you mind having your whole boob out. I don’t care anymore! 🤷🏻‍♀️// I did a lot of of #plussizebabywearing and #plussizebreastfeeding in the sling at the @hopeandplum spring/summer shoot today! It was a great time and the slings look beautiful! Thanks @hopeandplum

So I’m going to let you in on a little secret. 🤫 While having a baby doesn’t necessarily mean that you are now going through a medical event with interventions, it is still very much an intense experience (interventions are ok if that’s what you want!!). 🧗🏻‍♀️⠀ All during pregnancy you’re working your way up that metaphorical mountain.⠀ 🏔⠀ Labor is you powering through the Hillary step (Everest reference FYI) and the birth of your baby is finally getting to the peak (hooray!🥳). 🏆⠀ You’re clearly not at the end of the journey though - not by a long shot. You still have the other half of the mountain to trek back down.⠀ 🗻⠀ So now baby’s here and you have time to digest the experience.⠀ 🌈⠀ While you’re tending to baby, it would be ideal that someone is tending to you. Checking in to make sure your mental health isn’t declining, suggesting how best to care for your stitches and vag, and helping you maintain proper nourishment and rest.⠀ ✨⠀ Much of the focus will be on new baby, but then as a doula, I make sure that there’s proper focus on you because you underwent an emotionally and physically trying event. Why?⠀ 🤷🏻‍♀️⠀ Because you matter.⠀ 💞⠀ Would you benefit from some extra love once your baby is here?⠀

Sweet Harper and I at 36 weeks. I cannot believe how close we are to seeing her perfect face. This week brought a maternity shoot, nesting urges, and pubic pain like no other! I’ve been having little contractions on top of the regular old Braxton Hicks ones. I’m starting to wonder when she will officially be here and her mommy is working hard to make sure I get all the sleep and the rub downs and it’s perfect. I will miss having her inside of me, her movements and hiccups, I will miss every single day. Soon I’ll have to share and I know I’ll want her all to myself. Here’s to 4ish weeks of just loving this whole ride. #plussizepregnancy #dueinfebruary #teamtwomoms #gestationaldiabetes #36weekspregnant #lesbian #lesbianmom #plusmommy #plussizeandpregnant #bumpdate

#sorrynotsorry for all these #bump selfies! I have never felt this cute and confident pregnant before!😍💖 #bob #bobross #babybobby #bobbyboy #babyboy #babybump #pregnant #plussizeandpregnant #24weeks #tomorrow #adorable #confident

🌟 ITS A BOY🌟 Sorry for my absence but yall know Im good for a disappearing act😂 This pregnancy had been quite different from my previous ones and getting food poisoning didnt make it better🤢 Today I am 17 weeks and 2 days (4 months, 1 week and 2 days). I had a two hour group parenting class this morning, there I met other pregnant moms and expecting couples. I passed all tests as far as blood pressure, iron, protein, etc. We tried a few exercises good for each trimester of pregnancy. We discussed the importance of being mindful of sugar content in what we eat, ways to prepare other children for the new baby and life after delivery. After class, I gave blood for genetic testing for baby and me. Shortly after, I went in for an anatomy ultrasound and learned I am having another boy🚼 My weekend is off to a good start, Ill keep yall posted as I go✌️ #secondtrimester 1/18/19

Baby wearing can be for all bodies and all caregivers! @nannymomrhonda is not only a mom who has baby worn but also utilizes it in her job as a nanny! How awesome is that!? 👏🏻 . . She actually wrote a whole blog post on it as it’s not a topic talked about very much but is still a very important aspect to baby wearing. We think this is so neat to not only be able to spread the love and benefits to your own children but also to the ones you’re giving care to Rhonda! ❤️ 📸: @tkphotographychicago

Good grief. I think 19 weeks is a growth spurt, because Im itchy, and I feel like a balloon! 😂 #19w2d #19weekspregnant #20weekspregnant #pregnancy #pregnant #plussizepregnancy #plussizeandpregnant #bumpdate #bumpwatch

Who’s counting ?!? Me, I’m counting !!!!!! It’s also very likely that baby girls due date will be on or very close to this day 😍

🚨 New Upload Alert! 🚨 . I have had a lot of people reach out to me lately asking me how I am doing & if I’ve got any update for baby girl’s expected delivery. I honestly would love to personally reply in detail to everyone but that is just insane & I am beyond exhausted. . SO, that being said, if you’d like to know how my 37th week of pregnancy is going please click the link in my bio! . Don’t forget to hit that like button & SUBSCRIBE to my channel. 🎥 . ⛔️Some Explicit Content Included⛔️ . . #youtube #youtuber #vlogger #vlog #pregnancyvlog #pregnancy #pregnant #plussizeandpregnant #37weekspregnant #37weekpregnancy #preggers #pregnantmom #pregnantlife

The 3rd trimester is a time when you start to question whether pants will ever be comfortable again. Or maybe that’s just me? I couldn’t bear a waistband today so I went with the softest, most comfortable winter maxi from @shophellorae and threw on a furry vest to stay warm. The best part? This isn’t even a maternity dress. It’s just that soft and stretchy. Go check out Hello Rae - this post is not sponsored and I paid for this dress! I just truly love the clothes and the owner and with sizes S-3X, there’s something for everyone!

I look like a hot mess, at least my bump is cute. Happy Thursday! #hotmessmom #life #messyhairdontcare #23weeks #babygirl #growbabygrow #bumpie #bump #cutebelly #plussizeandpregnant #almosttoviability #EnsleyGrace

@natstoops saying she looks as tired as she feels but thank goodness for coffee ☕️ and baby snuggles 🥰. You’ve still got a beautiful mama glow even with the tiredness girl! 🤗 . . Shoutout to all you mamas on #teamnosleep 👏🏻, you’ve got this! ❤️

Pregnant or fat? Or just both? Yooooo... I don’t even care anymore. Letting it allllllll go. My pants won’t give me any other option. 😂 I’ve got some super insulation for this kid right now, let’s look at this way. I’m 13 weeks 5 days and feeling good! No sickness, just back aches and head aches and a super efficient digestive system. 💩 🙌🏻 I started prenatal yoga last week, I passed my glucose test, my labs and urine analysis came back normal, and my cystic fibrosis carrier test came back negative, too. I’m actually healthier than I was pre-pregnancy, this kid is magical! Thanks for the boost. We’re slowly building our registry and are looking forward to finding out whether we have a he or a she... but I’ve had no one think it’s a boy. Except Tim and my mom. Everyone I meet thinks I’m having a girl! 👧 💜 Our boy/girl colors are 💚 or 💜. So in the coming weeks look out for one or the other! I have an ultrasound on Friday and my OB office scheduled all of my appointments already until one week POST PARTUM. OH MY GAWD, this is getting real. 😳😃🍼👶🏻 #13weekspregnant #plussizepregnancy #plussizeandpregnant #pregnant #pregnantandperfect

“Trying to be in the picture more. These are the days, and I want her to know that I was there for all of them.” - @hannahoutloud 💕 . . Hannah says it best with an awesome reminder to us mamas that we aren’t just taking the pictures with us and them for right now, but for one day when they will look back at these moments too 💕.

⭐️ 24+3 ⭐️ Grow baby, grow! You’re so strong - I love feeling you kick and squirm, and your big sister already showers you in kisses and cuddles. Your father, sister and I can’t wait to meet you and do life with you. #pregnancy #unashamed #plantlady #plantbabies #pregnant #plussizeandpregnant #babybump #secondtrimester

“Smile you just went through a 2 day long induction, 36hrs of labor, 3hrs of pushing and... now a c section...” 🥴⬅️literally my face 🤣 . . As soon as I saw @lynzyandco one of my favorite mom blogger post her photo today with of right after she had had her third baby and created a challenge with #lynzyandcoletsgetreal I knew exactly what picture I needed to share 🙈🤣. I recently found this one on our DSLR and showed Corey and said “this....this is the epitome of postpartum right here...” the face of “what just happened?! I’m so exhausted, I had a baby? What day is it?! How long have we been in here 🤔.... really you’re taking pictures right now babe?!” 🙈 . . Instagram is an amazing platform and app but is often only full of the best of the best moments not real life kind of like our “top hits album” and i of course love posting those too! But this photo in all its glory makes me happy and made both @they_call_me_mister_dada and I die of laughter now 3.5 years later because it totally describes the first picture and moment out of recovery after having Hudson. A three day long journey to meeting him and while head over heels in love the most exhausted I’ve ever been in life. The half eaten breakfast, thigh peaking out, baby just wanting to eat and lovely hospital gown glory all right here capturing that moment! I did at least smile in the next picture 🤣 and while these aren’t my glamour shots I’m so glad we have these raw moments transitioning into parents for the first time ever! ❤️😍 👶🏼💙 . . So this my friends is #postpartum 🥴😉😂👏🏻

19 weeks done and dusted! Baby is the size of a #fourtoedhedgehog #gameboy #crepesuzette #courgette And Im almost half way through what is hopefully my very last night shift until I return to work after maternity leave! Im so ridiculously tired and Im struggling to sleep in the day, struggling to do the 45 minute walk home at the end of the shift, and very much struggling to stay awake overnight! Were now less than 2 weeks until our anatomy scan, where well be telling everyone that hes a boy! 💙 #19weekspregnant #20weekspregnant #pregnancy #pregnant #plussizepregnancy #plussizeandpregnant

In this picture I felt more beautiful then I have ever felt in my entire life. I was 36 weeks pregnant with my son in 2015. I felt like I was right were I was meant to be in that moment. When did you feel the most beautiful in your life? What makes you fell beautiful? Photo credit @natasharombough #plussizepregnancy #plussizeandpregnant #plussizemom #plussize #36weekspregnant #brunetteshavemorefun #beautycomesfromwithin #boymom

isn’t amazing how instantly babies connect to nature? How a soft breeze can calm them? Same goes for us too, we just have to repress it all the time. 📷: @one_eyedweirdo

I’m so ready to meet you now little human.🥰🤰🏼30 weeks 4 days #thirdtrimester #huge #plussizeandpregnant #march2019 #nolanlaraun #babybump #momlife

I haven’t done a full body photo in a while... mostly due to my phone’s front camera being broken. Borrowed my partners to try and get a good bump pic. I’m 24 weeks today (due May 7th). #pregnant #plussizeandpregnant #babygirl #pregnancy #24weeks

🌿 B E A U T Y Repost from @kittehinfurs - In case you were wondering where Ive been these past couple of months... Ive been busy making a tiny little human inside my belly! First trimester left me so sick and knackered that I barely had the strength to drag myself from one doctors appointment to another while trying my best to not throw up (and failing 😫) Thankfully Ive been feeling more like myself recently, and I cant wait to welcome our darling little girl into the wider world next summer! #babybump #plussizepregnancy #plusmommy #plussizeandpregnant #plussizeblogger

I can still see my feet, but I don’t think it’s going to be for much longer 😂 #22weeks #22weekspregnant #pregnant #babybelly #plussizeandpregnant #starwarsshirt

#18w5d #bumpdate ! First time Ive braved a bare belly picture, get a load of them stretchmarks! 😂 Swipe over to the last pic, and as we can see, hes yet again pulling everything over to the left. This is how my belly looks on a daily basis. Its never going to be central 😂 #18weekspregnant #19weekspregnant #bumpwatch #plussizepregnancy #plussizeandpregnant

29.5 weeks, I still have a good 10 to go and I feel huge🤣🤣 Im still down 17 pounds since getting pregnant though! #babyonboard #babynumber4 #plussizepregnancy #plussizeandpregnant #plussizeandproud #fitpregnancy #lowcarb #lowcarbpregnancy #smileyourebeautiful #selflove #loveyourself #perfectlyimperfect #perfectlyflawed #curves

bring your daughter to work day (every day) 🐥📷: @whitt910

I’m 36 weeks pregnant now! Mentally and physically I’m exhausted. We have one week till my scheduled c-section! I am looking forward to the birth of our son, but not the emotional roller coaster I’ll be on. Every time I have given birth I tend to cry a lot and get the baby blues. Since I am still processing the passing of my mom, I know it’ll be worse this time. I hope it won’t, but I feel like it will. I’ve already talked to my husband about it and he’s aware that I will be a major emotional wreck and he’s ready to help me with whatever I need. What I want is to have alone time with just us with our son at first. I want to be able to go through all my emotions when they come, without feeling like I need to keep it together for everyone else. I know everyone is excited to meet our little guy, but I do hope everyone will understand that I am still going through a hard time so I may seem rude, selfish, or just distant. I probably won’t feel or be like my normal chipper self for a little while after I give birth. I really hope to start feeling better soon after I give birth. I will be sharing a photo on here when I do give birth, but I may not respond to everyone right away, that writes to me. Just know I appreciate your kind words and congratulations when I do post that he’s here! . . . . . . #36weekspregnant #tired #exhausted #mentallyexhausted #grief #babyboyontheway #babyboyonboard #csection #pregnant #pregnancy #plussizeandpregnant #plussizepregnancy

And just like that were halfway to term! 18 and a half weeks. Weird to think that in a week and 3 days well be halfway to full term! Fully expecting to go very overdue but its a nice milestone to get to 😂 #pregnancy #pregnant #18weekspregnant #19weekspregnant #plussizepregnancy #plussizeandpregnant

Cortney transferred to the hospital for an internal tear after an empowering experience giving birth at home. What makes Cortney’s home birth transfer story unique isn’t that she wanted a plus size home birth – it’s that it’s illegal for certified professional midwives to support a person having a home birth in the state of North Carolina. Sadly her transfer to the hospital resulted in her family having to deal with Child Protective Services. Now, this new mom is passionate about sharing her story, so others don’t have to endure all she did. Cortney is our guest for episode 37 of the Plus Mommy Podcast ☝️Link in bio to hear her story 📷 @j.stanley_photography ❤️ Learn more about @letandletlive mission at @legalizenchomebirth . . #homebirth #homebirthstory #birthmatters #birthwithoutfear #plussizepregnancy #plussizebirth #plussizeandpregnant #plusmommy #birthpodcast #shepodcasts #mompodcast #mompodcaster

slinging, twinning and grinning 📷: @mallorysusan co-founder of @hopeandplum in a @hopeandplum sling of course!

Bump update: just to show the difference a few weeks can make! There is definitely only one baby in there. And she kicks the shit out of me. #pregnancy #bump #baby #plussizeandpregnant #mumlife #pregnant #babybump

Saturday night when you’re mega pregnant is Taco Bell and Walmart and not being even the slightest bit sad about it. 💁🏼‍♀️💯

Throwback to when I was 31 weeks pregnant and now I have a three month old 😩🥰❤️ time is moving fast!! . . . . . . . . . #newmom #firsttimemom #plussize #plussizefashion #plussizepregnancy #plussizeandpregnant #plussizemom #happysaturday #youtuber #newyoutuber #plussizelife #plussizeblogger #plussizebeauty

Nursery is nearly done! Now weve just got curtains and decorations to put up! (And hire a man with a van to rid us of our extra crap!) Looking forward to the relaxed part of picking out decor 😊 We had to take the door off the hinges because the carpet is too fluffy and it doesnt open 😂 bit of planing to do before we can put it back! #pregnancy #pregnant #plussizepregnancy #plussizeandpregnant #nurseryprep

“This is my foster baby, who I adopted in November. Baby wearing helped him so much - when I got him he didn’t know how to smile or hold his head up. At night when he’d wake up he didn’t know to cry because he never had anyone to come for him. The closeness of baby wearing, we swear, helped save him. I’m excited about your page because plus size women are so rarely represented. I was committed to wearing him but navigated it on my own. Tula’s sizing fits really well!!” Words & 📷: @justchristen Please check out this amazing woman.

It doesn’t get much dreamier than this 😍... we absolutely love this precious shot of @belovedliz and her new little one, all snuggled up in their @sollybabywrap 🧡 . . Happy Friday Everyone! . . 📸: @lexieraejohnson

This is 33 weeks and 5 days ❤️ Plan is to induce at 39 weeks, but that may change, as baby George weighed about 5lbs 11oz on Wednesday 😱 . . . . . . #babyonboard #babyboy #babyfever #life #love #loveofmylife #momsofinstagram #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #motherhoodthroughinstagram #plussizeandpregnant #curvywomen #pregnancy #pregnancybelly #soontobefamilyof4 #londonontario #followme

It was a little weird being on the other side of the camera this week! Self portrait at 25 weeks!!! Being a chunky girl and pregnant is always an interesting experience for me. Its mixed emotions, the excitement of being pregnant combined with all the self consciousness that comes with being a plus size girl. Wondering if my bump will change from looking like I ate too many tacos to being obvious that Im pregnant, loving other mamas cute bump selfies but never taking any of my own, just worrying about silly things that I really shouldnt. So this week I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, took a selfie (which I suck at by the way, lol) and decided to focus on the love. The love I have for being pregnant, this growing belly, a healthy baby, and for the blessing of being a mom. #plussize #plussizeandpregnant #bump #pregnancy #motherhood #mypregnancyjourney

#This_Is_Postpartum Being a fat mom is different. . . I try to pretend like I dont notice the looks I get in public - so much judgment. During pediatrician visits, Im quick to talk about nutrition - to prove Im feeding my child all the right things. I neglect my own doctor visits for fear of being mistreated...because it has happened before. Im always having to defend the way I look. Sometimes its so exhausting that Im complacent with those who outwardly shame me. Random strangers message me on social media telling me they can fix my body! . . Some days its just too much. . . Then I look at my son. I look at Braeden and Im reminded how truly magnificent my body is and what it can do. . . I understand that its my responsibility to raise him to love himself. So I have to love myself first. . . This is my postpartum journey. This is my postpartum body. And its a body Im learning to love! ❤️ . . #plusmommy

It’s Thursday and many of you asked about my #ttc journey to our first son after my post sharing about Hudson’s birth a few days ago so it seemed appropriate to post this as my “throwback Thursday” 👶🏼💙 . . These are two of my favorite maternity pictures we had a friend snap when I was 37 weeks pregnant with Hudson in 2015. Our journey to Hudson was a little rough so we celebrated it so much 🎉 . . In August 2014 We found out I was pregnant unexpectedly and not planned and it sadly ended in a miscarriage at 7.5wks. It was a whirlwind of emotions and The deepest heart break in our marriage to date even though it was not planned. I of course blamed myself and having struggled with my body image and weight blamed my weight immediately, even though doctors and many others said it had nothing to do with that. We took time to grieve and process and decided we wanted to begin trying for a baby again as just even those few weeks of knowing what it felt like to be parents and the anticipation of a baby felt like, we knew in our hearts it was right. 💙 . . We were blessed to get pregnant quickly after my miscarriage with Hudson in October 2014. We were shocked and elated but optimistic cautious and it honestly took me until about 20wks to believe it was really going to happen and that he was really going to be our baby. I think when all you know is loss as your first experience with pregnancy and all you know is your body letting you down you have to regain that trust. He was our rainbow baby and despite my fears of my body not being “in shape enough” or being plus size and pregnant I had a very smooth and healthy wonderful pregnancy and an awesome doctor and husband who gave me so much support! 💙 . . I will always treasure these photos and this time of waiting for Hudson and seeing the miracle of pregnancy! I am also going to share more in my story in sept of our journey that year of 2014-2015 when he was born! I want to send too any encouragement and prayers to mamas who have gone through a loss or are #ttc or Plus size and wanting to get pregnant. It is so possible and there is hope and healing and you’re not alone. 💕

Now back to our regular scheduled program of @ninjabali wearing her adorable little man and breathtaking view 🌄😍 . . Thank you all so much for your kind words in the posts @miaomalley and I shared these past few days of us being together in Florida! We also want to say hello 👋🏻 to many new faces who have followed along here at PSBW this last week and just how honored and excited you are that you have chosen our community here. We cannot wait to share more of YOU and know your stories more! ❤️ . . That being said please tag us in any baby wearing pictures of you and your littles! We are always looking for caregivers and their little ones to share even if it’s a quick no makeup, mom bun, hanging out at home baby wearing selfie, we want to see them all 🤗.

two mamas raising their sons and starting a movement 💪🏼 #plussizebabywearing #radicalselflove

Hoje revi essa foto e tanta coisa passou pela minha cabeça! Há cinco meses eu descobri que já carregava um serzinho dentro do meu ventre há aproximadamente um mês. Quase seis meses já se passaram desde o dia da concepção e agora tudo é mais claro, mais vivo, mais nítido! Naquele dia me lembro como eu fiquei quando vi essa imagem. Minhas pernas tremeram, o coração parecia que ia saltar pela boca, eu gargalhava e chorava ao mesmo tempo. Um medo enorme tomou conta de mim ao pensar em tudo que viria pela frente. Todas as incertezas, os desafios, os gastos, mas ao mesmo tempo que me preocupava, parecia que nada daquilo importava. E dia após dia tem sido assim, desde então. Temos passado por todas as fases com louvor e superado as adversidades. Mas tudo isso só é possível, pois o amor aqui dentro só se multiplica. Aqui dentro batem dois corações, minha vida agora também é a dela, meu corpo é morada dela até o dia que ela quiser vir ao mundo e isso tudo torna as coisas tão mais fáceis! Pensar que ela é totalmente dependente de mim e que sou responsável pela sua nutrição, pelo seu bem-estar e por sua qualidade de vida é algo tão louco, mas ao mesmo tempo tão lindo! E hoje, ao rever essa imagem, meus olhos marejaram novamente e o sorriso foi largo, mas dessa vez com uma gratidão enorme no peito por Deus ter permitido que eu viva esse momento! Obrigada filha, por me tornar mãe! 💖

#18weekspregnant today! Baby is the size of a #sugarglider #slingshot #croissant #sweetpotato My apps lovingly warned me that my blood pressure could drop around now. Thanks for that, Ive been struggling with it for 4 weeks! 😂 Little thumps are getting stronger but I think theyll make me jump right through to the end.. 🙄 #pregnancy #pregnant #plussizepregnancy #plussizeandpregnant #19weekspregnant

Just call 2019 the Year of the Hair Bow. If you watched my stories yesterday you already know! My best friend got me a whole bag of hair goodies from @forever21 and even though I’m well past Forever 29, I’m wearing scrunchies and bows like it’s my job. 👊🏻 Anyone else hopping on this train with me?! *Thank you for all your good thoughts last night. I felt so much better today. I don’t know what changed or shifted or how long it will last, but I’ll take it!*

sometimes I have trouble keeping my mouth shut when I see something wrong. I hope my son has the same problem 😉 gorgeous teething necklace by female-run @anjieandash 🙌 from their Frost Bite collection launching tomorrow . 📷: @thinksink

Hello and hope you having a productive day out there?? Today let’s take a look at plussize pregnancy; so many plussize women are said to struggle with the thoughts of not able to give birth and are made to believe they have issues when putting to birth. Do not listen to them, they are not God, you will find love, you will get pregnant and you will deliver safely. Video source- @cafemomofficial #repost @plusmommy Pregnancy is different when you’re plus size. You can’t open a pregnancy magazine and see a belly that looks like yours. People aren’t quick to stand up and offer you a seat or ask to touch your belly. It’s this time in our lives when we can’t get over how magnificent our body truly is and yet we feel invisible. . I’m here to tell you that I see you. Your body is built for this and all bumps are beautiful! ❤️ #plusmommy #plussizepregnancy #plussizeandpregnant #plussizemom #pregnancy #uncleoludotcom #momentwithuncleolu #ilpbbgz #bopo #bodypositive #bodylove #plussize #beautybeyondsize #fullfigured #effyourbeautystandard #plussizemodel #plussizeootd #plussizefashion #plussizelife #fullfiguredmodel #blogger #curvy #plussizestylewatch

Hello and hope you having a productive day out there?? Today let’s take a look at plussize pregnancy; so many plussize women are said to struggle with the thoughts of not able to give birth and are made to believe they have issues when putting to birth. Do not listen to them, they are not God, you will find love, you will get pregnant and you will deliver safely. #repost @plusmommy Pregnancy is different when you’re plus size. You can’t open a pregnancy magazine and see a belly that looks like yours. People aren’t quick to stand up and offer you a seat or ask to touch your belly. It’s this time in our lives when we can’t get over how magnificent our body truly is and yet we feel invisible. . I’m here to tell you that I see you. Your body is built for this and all bumps are beautiful! ❤️ #plusmommy #plussizepregnancy #plussizeandpregnant #plussizemom #pregnancy #uncleoludotcom #momentwithuncleolu #ilpbbgz #bopo #bodypositive #bodylove #plussize #beautybeyondsize #fullfigured #effyourbeautystandard #plussizemodel #plussizeootd #plussizefashion #plussizelife #fullfiguredmodel #blogger #curvy #plussizestylewatch

Id like to thank Baby Bobby for being the babe to give me all the best bump photos😍💙 22w3d #babybump #pregnancy #plussizeandpregnant #22weeks #actuallylookpregnant #thanksbaby #babynumber3 #rainbowbaby #iloveyou

In this photo I see @_liilo_ as the sun radiating happiness and shining on her beautiful family.

This is 1st trimester Jenny. She’s dealing with some nausea and she’s lower than usual on energy but she’s unbothered. Places to go, people to see, things to do. 💁🏼‍♀️ I don’t know this girl anymore. 😂 I’m a very pregnant lady who is experiencing pain unlike any I had with my first baby. I got about 3-4 hours of sleep last night. I’m so grateful for this baby but I look and feel like a mess so I humbly offer you this Jenny tonight instead. Deal? ❤️

Two moms and friends 👭, with one mission, and heart to create a community for plus size women in the babywearing community.... FINALLY in the same state together ❤️❤️👏🏻🙌🏻 . . @miaomalley made it safely to Tallahassee FL where I (Kassey) live and we got to meet and spend the most wonderful morning together and of course with our babies who connected us in the first place and inspired this page and our whole vision for PSBW! ❤️ . . Some of you may or may not know we actually met through Instagram last spring after we both had our babies and connected as moms thanks to @plusmommy and our shared love of babywearing. This was the very first time we’ve met in person as Mia lives in NJ and I’m in FL 🙂! Our babies Ivan and Jude are a little over 4 months apart and they had fun meeting one another too! We filmed some EXCITING things for PSBW and are working on big plans for our page that we cannot wait to show you all 🤗! This is our first picture together and one of my favorites 😍😭, be sure to swipe left to see a funny “real life mom moment” of the 4 of us 🤣!

In mom’s arms, the best spot to discover the world 🌎 @fiercelivingmomma with Jonah enjoying the @contoursbaby

35 weeks. Not much longer to go as I’ll have a scheduled c-section unless I need an emergency c-section again. Hopefully I won’t! My blood pressure has started to go up, but I am on meds now. It’s helped my blood pressure go back down so that’s good. It’s making me super sleepy though. I feel like I want to sleep all day. Even more than I wanted to before. 😅 I’m taking things slowly these days though and do what I can. My husband helps me a lot with whatever I need help with. I’m definitely ready for this little boy to get here, but I’m hoping my body can hold on till at least the 23rd. That’s my goal! It’s a special day for me as that’s the day my mom was hoping our little boy would arrive. I’m really hoping we’ll get the chance to make it till then. 🤞 . . . . . . . #35weekspregnant #tired #exhausted #pregnant #pregnancy #plussizeandpregnant #plussizepregnancy #preeclampsia #babyboy #babyboyontheway #babyboyonboard #babybump #babybumpselfie #4thcsection #csection #csectionmama #csectionmom

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