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When your biggest motivation is to show your girls how good it is to be healthy and exercise. I used to LOVE the gym and I am sure I still would love to use it for a break at points. But when I workout at home I get to show these girls how important it is to take care of you and make yourself a priority. I am truly blessed to have come across my coach and to start my fitness by journey from so these girls can do it with me. So many think it is not possible to do it from home but Ive gotten in my best shape physically and mentally from my house. I have my support from my husband, from olivia yelling go mom go, and from my amazing fitness community. So happy they are in my world. If you have ever wondered what my side coaching hussle is about. We will be doing another what is coaching event. Nows the time to come join us. Dm me or click my link for more info. Happy Thursday. . . . #postnatal #postpartumfitness #postpartumjourney #csection #postpartumrecovery #csectionrecovery #tiupregnancy #girlmom #allergymom #breastfeeding #healthyeats #healthypregnancy #momswholift #tiuutah #fitandpregnant #toddlermom #selflove #fourthtrimester #womenwhowork #womenwholead #coffeelover #familyfirst #gymmotivation #motherhoodunplugged #joyfulmamas #mybeautifulmess #scubadiving #wellnessjourney #practicenotperfection #transformationthursday

Oh the shoulder burn is real today! 30 minutes and I’m done and all before either of the peanuts woke up! Who wouldn’t love to be done with their workout after 30 minutes?! Like seriously, no driving to the gym and only 30 minutes!! If your ready to stop watching me and start joining me, 👇🏼comment below or send me a message!

So this is @fitmomtasha and I’ve been stalking her IG for a while. She’s has a little one about JoLees age, and like me, she’s still working on getting back to the pre baby body. Tasha was lucky enough to be a participant in the first round of #LIIFT4 (The new program I began this week) and this is her progress from just the FIRST THREE WEEK! I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in three weeks time!! Already down a few pounds in the first three days- and my muscles- boy they’re workin!!!! #TransformationPic #BodyAfterBabyY #postpartumjourney #strongmomma

Oh my sweet little Violet. I’d like to say we have big plans for you but you’ve already shown us it’s all on your terms. We can’t wait to watch you grow but can you please stay little for just a little longer? .💜

Out the door at 4am but still prepared to keep my nutrition on track 🍎🥦🍌 Chick-fil-a you don’t win...today

#whatmybabyeats . Landon’s breakfast this morning 💙

After Glow Add On’s 💙💗 If you want to add onto an existing package these are the luxury products you can chose from. Also included in your personalised mix and match packages. Gender Glow Chocolate Exclusive to www.afterglowpes.co.uk

Some last minutes changes to the work diary today means I got to get two training sessions in before lunch. A bit of turbo action needed this evening to complete a good days training whilst juggling mummy duties and working #postnataltraining #postpartumjourney #babytoironman #outlaw #swimbikerun #instatri #instaswim #instarunners

Pink pants make every workout better, right? 😂 Today I was thinking about how I used to literally search for any excuse as to why I couldn’t workout or stick to my nutrition. I’d hit snooze and miss my morning opportunity and then get home “too late” to workout. But now I LOOK forward to my sweat sessions! I CRAVE the endorphin high. And of course it’s a bonus that my clothes are fitting looser and looser as the weeks go by 👌🏻 When you decide that YOU and YOUR health are a priority - a world of possibilities arise. And I don’t mean to go on some crazy strict diet 🚫 I mean to find balance between living your life and nourishing and strengthening your body ❤️ Are you looking for a plan that fits into your lifestyle and work or Mom life? Girl, I’m here to help!! Don’t be shy, message me 💌and let’s cheer each other on 😘

As much as I miss having my house plants IN my house, they sure are happy to be outside! #houseplants #plantsofinstagram #rheumatismproblems #rheumatoidarthritis #majordepressivedisorder #majoraccomplishments #juvenilerheumatoidarthritis #momlife #chronicallyillmom #chronicallyill #postpartumjourney #postpartumedepressionisreal #postpartumOCD #postpartumpsychosis #ppd #substanceabuse #substanceabusecounseling https://www.pineappleclothing.com/?srrf=xHi84 thanks for reading! Use my link above for 20% off (combines with sales!) at #pineappleclothing. They sell amazing yoga gear!

“How’s everything going with work?” 👈🏻 I’ve been getting this question a LOT lately and the truth is.... I’m still getting used to my new “normal” as a CEO and mom of 2. Nutrition has been completely off (can’t wait to start my mindful eating program on Monday - there’s still time to join me if you’re interested 😏), I have a to-do list a mile long annnnnd messages in my inbox that I still need a response 📩 BUT I’m reminded constantly to give myself grace and ask for help when I need it.... I have an amazing team who has my back, an assistant helping me stay organized, a husband that would literally do anything I ask him to do and thank GOODNESS for naptime 🙌🏻😴 So to answer the question, I’m making it work... Don’t have to ask for time off and I can work from my phone with a sleeping baby on my chest, all while helping others get started either on their health/fitness journey or as a coach on our team or both! 💕 Ps - it’s amazing what a shower and a little makeup can do 💅🏻 This girl is TIRED. . . . . #momoftwo #boymomlife #workingmomlife #sahmlife #postpartumjourney

This dreamy feminine dress is live on the blog now! And so is an embarrassing date night confession 🤷🏼‍♀️✨Link in bio for full post and all the outfit details! Everything I’m wearing is on sale too! The @nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to the public tomorrow, so be sure to put this outfit in your shopping cart tonight! 🙌🏼 Photo by @whitneycoudrayphotography

🌻First one piece swimsuit I have ever purchased...🌸🌸🌸 -My thighs jiggle and touch. -I have stretch marks and cellulite. -My body has changed A LOT in the past year (thanks to my bubby 🎀👶🏽) but You know what? Im starting to love it again. Baby steps💕

Day 1️⃣: Straight to good eats and drinks and exploring the village. Day 2️⃣: Chasing waterfalls, back country views and serious vertical. 8 miles. Day 3️⃣: Trekking to my first but definitely not last Alpine lake. Lunch in the village. Picnic dinner on a lake with reflections of a beautiful sunset (see last post). 7-8 miles. We fit in so much in our time here in Vail. Thanks to a great guy @kurtttjohnson for taking us around and showing us the best spots and my mom for helping with the kids (pro travel tip: bring grandma along on family vacation 😉). We are Golden bound where the fun continues...

Treenijuttuja💛Tämän päivän agendalla oli ensimmäinen yläkroppatreeni raskauden jälkeen. Treenasin yläkroppaa läpi koko raskauden käsipainoilla, mutta kyllähän tuo reilu 6 viikon tauko tuntuu! Yläkroppa on muutenkin kovilla imetyksen ja vauvan kantamisen myötä, joten voiman lisäksi kaipaan myös venyttelyä ja rentouttavaa jumppaa. Ensin siis treeni circuit (löytyy storien puolelta) ja sitten vetreyttävää liikettä ja venyttelyä! Elokuussa suuntaan viivana hierontaan kun ollaan back in the cityyy☺️🙏Treenaatko sä tänään? Mitä ohjelmassa? ☺️ . . . Upper body workout today! ☺️💪 . . #äititreenaa #liikunta #postpartumfitness #postpartumbody #postpartumjourney #6weekspostpartum #momof2 #liikuntaraskaudenjälkeen #postpartum #raskaudenjälkeen #afterpregnancy #momblogger #treeni #hyväolo #hyvinvointi

My baby doesnt like to be swaddled. Ive heard this many times, but the reality is that it is just your babys Moro reflex at work. And, it tends to wake baby up all day or night long. If baby doesnt sleep well, you dont sleep well either! Swaddling is one of the 5 key ways to help baby settle and rest. Even though they are squirmy escape artists! #doula #DenverDoula #swaddle #5s #happiestbabyontheblock #postpartum #postpartumdoula #postpartumjourney #Repost @stylish_bump ・・・ NEWBORNS / / Swaddling newborn babies in a wrap helps them to settle for their sleeps, makes them feel safe and secure, and stops the ‘Moro’ reflex from waking them. The Moro reflex is the little jolts that babies do frequently until about 4 months of age (sometimes longer.) ✔️ 📷 @katherineschultzphotography

18weeks in the belly vs almost 58 weeks outside. Little Man is clearly working on his “blue steel selfie” face 🤣🤣 when is this second trimester energy supposed to kick in?? 😴😴 Also, apparently being a mom (in this household) means no makeup and unwashed hair. #notashamed #youdoyou

Libby woke me again at 4am for a feeding. This time I was prepared. I had my workout clothes already laid out and my pre workout drink upstairs ready to go. . . I feed her, changed, and went in the garage to get my workout in. . . I was dead tired yesterday so my sweet hubby let me go to sleep early after Libby was down and took care of getting the other 4 into bed himself. . . My shoulders are on fire but I’m feeling good. So excited to be almost done with week 1 😄 . . . #liift4 #shoulders #feeltheburn #8weekspostpartum #postpardumfitness #postpartumjourney #postbabybody #earlymorningworkout #homeworkout #homegym #coach #joinmyteam #fitmom #fitteacher #summerbreak #momlife #momoffive #wifey #sweat #weights #energize @liift4

When you think your baby has nailed sleeping through the night ... and you say it out loud ... Jinxed 🤣 . I know this season will pass me by quickly, so I’m cherishing all these mama moments, or maaaa as Zach likes to yell! {even at the expense of night time sleep} . In other news, why is it freezing in New York this morning?! ☕️🤷🏻‍♀️

One year ago today we found out little baby Cuda was on the way, and now we have our sweet little girl here with us 💗💗 #pregnancytest #oneyearagotoday #howitoldmyhusband

When it comes to health and fitness... Really anything, its so easy to focus on where we are NOT instead of how far weve come. . We need to change that mindset. Instead of thinking ugh Im not at my ideal goal weight maybe think Oh wow, Im closer to my goal weight than I was last month! . Instead of thinking oh man, I CANT eat this.. think I DONT WANT to eat that, I know it wont help me with my goals. youd be surprised how quickly your mindset will change when you replace certain words with more positive and empowering words. . i cant ➡ I choose not to I have to ➡ I get to . Success takes time, it takes consistency and hard work. If you put in the work, if you are consistent, you will succeed. ❤️ . If you need a little extra encouragement, Im always here for you! If you need someone to celebrate with, Im here for you too! . . #momlife #mumlife #boymom #motivation #postpartumjourney #toddlerlife #toddlermom #winnipegmoms #canadianmom #mom #momlifebelike #journey #momswithshorthair #fitmom #fitnessjourney #fitmomsofig #healthymomsofinstagram

We both SURVIVED... and yet every single succulent I bought in March is dead 🤣🌵. . To think we are now moving into trimester-less life 🤷🏼‍♀️... Where did the time go? How do I have a 3 Month Old? . If you are pregnant or a New Mom - savor all the moments, even the bad ones... because time really does fly at warp speed. . You might ugly cry more then you ever have, but I promise you it’ll be the best experience of your life... and one that will teach you invaluable lessons. . This past year chewed me up and spit me back out with some of the most difficult decisions, experiences and mistakes to learn from. . I’m certainly better for having been through it all and having him, cheers to all thats to come...❤️

Today was leg day and I was excited for calf raises because I need them in my routine for running. I know my right side is my weaker side and it has been that way for awhile now but this picture shows a HUGE difference. I’m hoping some of it is the camera angle but I noticed I’m felt uneven for a bit so it’s definitely time to call my chiropractor ASAP 😳 This tends to happen over time from pushing the stroller on uneven country roads🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s a pain finding time and taking the kids with me but I have no time for injuries and self care is important. . . . #legday #calfraises #selfcare #chiropractor #mombod #postpartumjourney

This morning when my alarm went off at 4:15am (& again at 4:20, 4:25, & 4:30) I went “fuck it, not getting up. I’m not in the mood”. I seem to be doing this a fair bit & I need to snap out of it. Not that I haven’t worked out. I’ve spent the last 2 days cleaning & painting & that in itself is a big workout! So tonight I wanted to fit in a walk & I tell you, I was close to not doing that either. Here’s a non scale victory for you: this jacket I bought months ago & it’s a medium (aus 12 or US 8). It was tight & showed the bulges where I didn’t want. I decided to try it on tonight & my hubby said it looked fine. So I wore it in my walk & it felt good. Nice to know I’m really start ting to fit into my skinny clothes!

Aura got into all my oils today. Moved a chair to get them. She covered herself in a few drops of each. I skipped the bug spray. Shell keep all the bugs away from everyone at camp today. #mosthippythingiwillprobablyeversay #essentialoilssmellnicebutdontcureRA #rheumatismproblems #rheumatoidarthritis #majordepressivedisorder #majoraccomplishments #juvenilerheumatoidarthritis #momlife #chronicallyillmom #chronicallyill #postpartumjourney #postpartumedepressionisreal #postpartumOCD #postpartumpsychosis #ppd #substanceabuse #substanceabusecounseling https://www.pineappleclothing.com/?srrf=xHi84 thanks for reading! Use my link above for 20% off (combines with sales!) at #pineappleclothing. They sell amazing yoga gear!

I look back at my pregnancies, and think, wow, my body has been through so much... I appreciate those who still think of me, respect me, and remember me. Those who came up to me, commented, or sent messages to me since 2002 when my journey began as an artist, through rough patches and small success, through past relationships that failed or ended, moving and having to reorganize the downfalls... I appreciate those who understood when my dad past away, and to those who were happy for me the past 2 years when I started my forever family. Many have forgotten me now, but Im still Youthie. Im still here and Ive reproduced a generation. I guess I survived the pain from all my years of emotional & financial stress, to carrying other peoples baggage and helping others, to my own life as a teenage mom into adulthood... The pain from no creative time, mental artist blocks, uncompleted projects due to lack of resources or funds, wanting the dream, wanting to accomplish stuff on a bucket list. You know! The need for more out of life! From spiritual pressure bcause changes in life, to my career and education, & Yes! Especially from the pain of years of physical wear and tear in my body. Oh and food/health battles, cant forget that! All has piled up to the point where Ive realize that my recovery from it ALL will need special attention and dedication, but most of all positive reinforcement, care, and motivation. Its not just postpartum. This is my postpartum JOURNEY from years of band-aids. I miss the love. I must say, it was amazing doing all those shows and open mics and being part of the community. However, time flies, and being a mom is an unpaid occupation, and if you are an Ace like me, it has its challenges! So many ideas so little time! Oh! Fighting for time for self is a war that I have lost haha! Not this time though. I have shared, sacrificed, and given the world my energy and therapy, with all that I can and could have. Now, its time for me to give back to myself. The stronger I am, the stronger I can be again for my family and for others. Your support and love is appreciated. Thank you to those who still say, I love Youthie. ✌🏾✌🏽 #postpartumjourney

There is SO much power already inside of you-- keep pushing and never give up 👊🏻 - I already know what giving up looks like--and I never want to see it again.. - I’m going to continue to push forward and every little choice I make will move me closer to success not toward failure.. - One little choice may not seem major--but it affects your life in more ways than you can imagine! - No matter what happened yesterday—make today a GREAT day 💕

Doesn’t @joelfreemanfitness realize I have an 11month old to pickup today? These shoulders are TOAST after today’s workout. I have missed feeling sore after workouts. I used to think that if I wasn’t sore then I wasn’t getting a good workout and would get frustrated and quit. Now I’m sore during the workout and all day long. These 30 minute workouts are kicking my butt into shape and I cannot wait to see where I am at Week 8! . . . . #momswholift #liift4 #momstrong #mom #momlife #momprobs #boymom #firsttimemom #momsofinstagram #motherhoodthroughinstagram #momsunite #pushyourself #morningworkout #morningmotivation #athomeworkout #athomefitness #homeworkouts #findyourtribe #berelentless #relentlesslyfit #relentlesslyfocused #fitwife #wife #mombod #postpartumjourney #postpartumfitness #shoulders #muscles #wifelife #outdoorworkout

This kid either bulked up a ton last night or my newest program is WORKING! 🙌🏻 My arms are JELLO today! Thank goodness it’s my rest day. I’m just gonna slide Owen around in his rock n play all day instead of holding him. 🤣 . #postpartumjourney #liift4 #armsaretoast #6monthsold #teethingbaby #bigboy #hellosexyarms #sosore #cantliftmybaby #thanksjoel

Hair is a MESS! Day 3 of LIIFT4 and I can already SEE and FEEL the changes my body is going through! (Even with a recovery day yesterday) this program is not only challenging me but SO amazing!! My body is SORE and I can barley LIIFT my baby! But guess what? I don’t have a choice! Keep pushing ON and do it without complaining!! I love what this has done for me postpartum and we have just begun! Change happens when WE create it!! 🤸🏻‍♀️

If you have a sense of discomfort about your life, that is a gift. I’ve been there. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Your discomfort is a signal that something needs to change. It is the call of the girl inside asking you not to give up and to fight for her. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The mere fact that you have a sense of discomfort about your life is a testament to the fact that you know deep down you were made for more! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I promise, the girl in you still has a chance.🖤

A few days ago Josh and I were talking about places to visit and Chicago came up. I said I had never been there...when in fact I was there 2 years ago. Heres the #ThrowBackThursday to prove it. 🤣🤣 Some days I Mom brain so hard. 🤱🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ . . . . . . #mommavibes #momma #momminainteasy #momming #yogamom #yogagirl #postpartumjourney #yogi #yogini #crunchymom #funfacts #selfie #babygirl #babiesofinstagram #fitfam #firsttimemom #milkymama #organicbaby #bossmom #workingmom #workfromhomemom #freedom #opportunity #chicago #travel #tbt

Now a days im all about workouts that burn the most fat & target the most muscles in the shortest amount of time so HIIT has been my go to style of training ⚡🏃🏾‍♂️✌🏽. Heres a move [squat tap calf raises]that i did 12 reps of in between each set of 5 different exercises that had me sweating bullets in my 20 min workout . If youre a busy mom or person like me then definitely try this out. Heres a workout example: - 10 goblet squats - 12 squat tap calf raises - 12 Lunge + bicep curls - 12 squat tap calf raises - 15 Arnold Press - 12 squat tap calf raises - 10 V push ups - 12 squat tap calf raises - 15 Hip bridge crab kicks (exercise in previous video) REPEAT Even if its just 20 min, do something good for your mind, body & spirit today...you deserve it. #thankmelater

Excerpts from yesterday, including: . 1. Yogurt bowls for breakfast. I decided to take the time and line up the ingredients instead of mixing them up in a mess. Kids proceeded to mix it all up in a mess. . 2. Evolver1 had a friend over between camps and I thought Mac n cheese would be surefire. Turns out she doesn’t like Mac n cheese! No problem because my kids eat pretty much all of it and I made pasta with butter for the friend, who ate all of that. Plus cucumbers and carrots and watermelon. . 3. Coloring with Evolver2, who just wants more quality time. It was hard for me to sit that long but I’m so glad we did. Also, she says she’s getting married. . 4. Lunch packing for tomorrow. Which is now today. I’m slightly neurotic about packing lunches early and getting it out of the way. . 5. @barre3morristown Which is one of my favorite zen places lately. Instructor Jess never disappoints. My “side seat” was screaming . 6. Meeting with a new Health Coaching private client. I always get nervous for these meetings and they end up rejuvenating me and filling me up. Every time. . How was your day? . #healthcoach #momlife #kids #health #healthyfood #lunchboxes #yogurtbowls #cleaneating #eatclean #mindbodysoul #postpartumjourney #connections #zen #exercise #eeeeeats #eatingdisorderrecovery #anxiety #selfgrowth #summerdays #progressnotperfection #morristown @siggisdairy @annieshomegrown @pow.food .

With breastfeeding I eat a ton of oatmeal but have gotten bored with just a bowl of it, so I took all my ingredients and blended them into these yummy waffles! . . . #postpartumjourney #postpartum #postpartumcravings #8weekspostpartum #nutrition #nutritionist #homemade #waffles #coconutbutter #oatmeal #breastfeeding #healthyfats #healthyfood

Starting this Thursday off with some coffee and time with Jesus before the kids wake up.. and todays devotion was on POINT. I’m a BIG underliner.. and I could have just underlined the entire page. 😂😂 - “None of us plan to write confusion or failure into our stories. Or pain, conflict and suffering. No one plans to struggle to love her husband, to feel helpless in motherhood, to feel lonely in ministry, or question her identity — as we so often do. BUT —Witnessing his greatness causes the journey to be worthwhile.” - This journey of life is hard. Plain and simple. Everyone’s journey looks different but we are all facing something. The key is where our focus is. Remind your self of where you’re going. Remind yourself of the goal and why you are here. When your focus switches off of yourself and onto Jesus Christ.. you can begin to see things differently. - When I remember that God has placed me here to point my kids to Jesus.. to love my husband in a way that glorifies my Savior... to minister to my neighbors so that the name of Jesus is lifted high.. I start to forget about the day to day frustrations and see the big picture. - Yes, the days are long sometimes.. but my time here is short. May I live a life that daily shouts TO HIM BE ALL THE GLORY! 🙌🏼 - #momof2 #thursdaythoughts #goodmorning #postpartumjourney #pastorswife #livelaughlove

A little #throwbackthursday to baby Alexander! I cannot believe he will be 2 years old next month! Where did my baby go?!? Wait who I am kidding he will always be mommy’s baby! • • All that I do is for this child right here! I keep going because he needs me to keep going! • • “Time flies when your in the place you’re meant to be!” • • Guess I am in the right place! 💕💕💕 • • Happy Thursday! • • #throwbackthursday #momboss #mom #mombod #momlife #mompreneur #momswhoworkout #momswholift #boymom #toddlermom #boyswillbeboys #timeflies #baby #babyboy #meanttobe #postpartum #postpartumbody #postbabybody #postpartumbelly #postpartumsupport #postpartumjourney #postpartumfitness #postpartumweightloss

Three days of eating clean and looking for those abs to start coming in. . . It doesn’t work like that, ladies! It didn’t take three days for your body to get to where was, so it won’t take three days to get to where you want to be. . . But I will tell you that three days of eating 💯 WILL have you feeling better 👌 . . #EatingCleaner #FeelingGoodAgain #BackOnTrackAgain

Busy morning but seriously looking forward to my workout later! *** Anyone else excited to sweat and almost cry because they know the results will be nothing but satisfying?! *** Fitmom #postpartumdepression #lifestylechange #chemicalfreehome #essentialoils #attachmentparenting #bethechange #RN #breastfeedingmom #homegym #babyboy #weightloss #tatooobessed #healthaddict #dogmom #mombod #postpartumjourney #personaldevelopment #cosleeping #teething

So grateful to have such an understanding boss (thats me by the way 😂)! I had to unplug yesterday and take my youngest to get a cast on his leg. When I worked a regular 9 to 5 at the library, I would have to do serious adjusting to my schedule in order to be able to take my kids to the doctor. If a last minute issue came up, I had to pray that I had enough sick time to take care of them. If I didnt, I would have to stay late to make up the time. I always worried about what I would come back to the next day. Maybe thats one of the reasons I was so miserable my first couple years of motherhood. Being a lifestyle coach has given me such amazing freedoms!!! I am so grateful that I didnt have to go through all that to be there for the Sprout these next few weeks!! I can get my work in while tending to his needs! So thankful to have a job that I can work in the cracks of my day!

Throwback Thursday coming at ya!! This was after 1 round of my Postpartum 3 week challenge. I was not cleared to workout until week 3, and still it was very modified! I was mostly in survival mode. 😁 However, I was taking daily walks, eating mostly clean, and drinking my daily shake. I still saw steady results week by week just by following the nutrition part of the program! (And I still had WINE!!) This is why I tell people to trust the process. And that it really is about dialing in your nutrition. So many mamas tell me that they can’t participate in this program because they just had a baby/are pregnant. I get youuuuu. It’s HARD. But, we can do this together! We have a huge group of pregnant AND postpartum mamas rocking this challenge. So, stop making excuses and let’s do it!! . . . . . #postpartumbody #postpartumjourney #ebfmama #ebf #5weekspostpartum #newmama #girlmama

Day 41 is done but MAN WAS IT A STRUGGLE to get out of bed today & I love this workout! . Upped my weights and I am FEELING it. Hoping my new weights come in soon cause Im running out of options 🤷‍♀️ . When do you workout? Morning or night?! . . . . . . . #obsessed #motherhood #momlife #momoftwo #postpartumjourney #postpartumfitness #takebackpostpartum #13weekspostpartum #postpartumweightloss #stretchmarks #strongereveryday #stronglikeamother #fightforit #fightlikeagirl #workingmom #athomeworkouts #workoutfromhome #girlswholift #trainhard #beyourownsuperhero #beastmode #supermom #wonderwoman #suckitupbuttercup #hippierunners #pineapples #hustlehard #goalchaser #goaldigger #icandohardthings

One of us got the Devon dream week in the sunshine 👆🏼 Apparently she’s been guzzling marshmallows at a rate of knots, declaring to the neighbours “my mummy doesn’t let me eat sweeties!!” Can’t wait to have her snuggles and chats back, right now she seems easier than a new born... she drinks milk from a cup!! I’d forgotten what breastfeeding on demand was like... why are the most natural things in the world such a bloody challenge?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Reminiscing on the time I prepped a bunch of PUMPKIN BAKED OATMEAL for easy breakfasts during postpartum recovery...how is Harper 6 months old already?! And how am I not sick of oatmeal and nut butter after eating it in some form day after day for years?! I got this PUMPKIN BAKED OATMEAL from @ninaandranda !

Holly’s Full-Bod Thursday 🙌🏼 How good is it to get out in the fresh air x2 days a week & exercise guys?? So, something I’m CURRENTLY working on myself, that a lot of the girls ask me about & I get ALOT of messages about.. Losing the mummytummy (lowering belly fat). Guys - Unfortunately it’s not as simple as smashing out a few core sessions per week in the hope they will tighten your tummy! They will help yes, but alone - No amount of exercise will help you reduce body fat. You MUST be in a calorie deficit. You MUST make good choices with nutrition. Bodyfat is stored energy, and calories are units of energy we use. If you overdo it on calories (which is VERY easy to do eating or drinking processed foods, takeaways, sugary treats, baked goods, chocolates, alcohol, soft drinks, cordials & too much refined sugar/carbs) you’ll store the excess as fat. The body does process and store each food group differently - Ie Carbs/proteins & fats, but overdo them & the result is the same. Stored body fat. To lose the fat, you MUST burn stored calories. Therefore, eating healthy, whole foods & training for calorie/fat burn are the keys to losing belly fat. If you need to, track your macros & how many calories you’re eating everyday with an app (I like MyFitnessPal). And remember - The closer you get towards your goal, the longer it can take. Consistent healthy eating & training is the key 👌🏼 . . #postpartum #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #postpartumjourney #fitmum #fitmom #nutrition #healthylifestyle #caloriecounting #caloriedeficit #calories #macros

Sometimes when you overthink things that’s when the second guessing starts and the doubt creeps in! • • Just make a goal, take a chance, and go for it! 💪🏻 • • #quotestoliveby #quotesaboutlife #quoteoftheday #inspirationalquotes #motivation #takeachance #goals #worthit #findthetime #maketimeforyou #youareworthit #happylife #happiness #momlife #motherhoodunplugged #momlifeisthebestlife #lovethelifeyoulive #sahm #sahmlife #fitfluential #fitmom #girlmom #toddlermom #postpartumjourney

Beauty begins as soon as you begin to love yourself but loving yourself during pregnancy, postpartum & even motherhood can be hard. . Thirteen years of motherhood & four babies later. My journey through birth, postpartum & motherhood is written all over me; my crocked cesarean scar. My breasts, my stretch marks, my hips, my belly & even my tired eyes. . I haven’t always recognised the person staring back at me. I haven’t always been kind to the person staring back at me. I haven’t always loved the skin I am in or the markings that have been given to me through my journey. Pregnancy, postpartum & motherhood is written on all of us who go through this journey. For a lot of us it’s not always an easy journey to navigate physically & emotionally, I have come to realise it’s important we recognise that every woman’s pregnancy, postpartum & motherhood journey is different & comes in a variety of different sizes & shapes. - To all the Mums like me navigating there way through this just remember we weren’t put on this earth to be perfect, because perfect doesn’t exist & “normal” looks differently on all of us. Marvel in the magic that we carried & birthed a child, love, celebrate & settle into the vessel that made this all possible... because my god it’s spectacular!!!! . . #bumpbabyandco #knowyourpower #postpartumbody #learningtoloveyourself #postpartumjourney [📷 gorgeous Mamas @meg.boggs & @moderndaywonderland & written by Missy Robinson @bumpbabyandco

A morning of traveling calls for superfoods & personal development ✨⠀ ⠀ Taking time for yourself and your own thoughts is extremely important for your health! It has helped me keep my goals and even accomplish some of them! I have a lot of work to do in order to cross everything off my list but Im down for it🤷🏼‍♀️😆⠀ ⠀ I can honestly say that I dont always get the privilege to take a moment to myself each day🤷🏼‍♀️ Life happens. ⠀ BUT one of my recent goals is to wake up earlier so I can have some time for myself & goals 🤗 ⠀ ⠀ Me not being a morning person will make this one tough challenge! Lol 😂⠀ ⠀ Does anyone have a morning routine that seems to work? 🙏🏻 ⠀ ⠀ #boymom #fitnesscoaching #firsttimemom #fashionstudent #snhu #collegechic #retiredathlete #healthyishappy #postpartumjourney #doglover🐶 #warmweathergirl #beachbabe #theberkshires

My absolute legend of a mum came round today to let me go to the gym!! 💪 . Left was last time (3 days before baby came!) and right today. 😂 This machine is a LOT easier! 😂 . It had started out a bit of a disastrous morning with the kitchen sink leaking into the cupboard underneath so I had to cancel plans with a friend and gut the cupboard. My mum came to help and then suggested I go while she fed the little lady a bottle of defrosted boob juice. Happy chappy! I took it v easy and did a light back weights workout. I feel bbg lacks good lower back exercises and I need to strengthen my back while my core is so weak! I was desperate to jump on the squat rack but was sensible and stuck to similar weights I was using when preggo. Delighted. 💪 . #16weekspostpartum #csectionrecovery #postpartum #postpartumjourney #postpartumfitness #newmum #instamum #bbg #bbgmum #bbgbaby #bbgscotland #bbgover30 #bbggirls #bbgcommunity #fitness #instafit #fitmum #healthy #gym #weights #gymselfie

9 meses dentro Vs. 9 meses fuera 🤰🏼🤱🏼 . . Adoro este tipo de fotos, estar embarazada y ver el cambio y la transformación que es capaz de llegar a hacer tu cuerpo es algo asombroso, es casi Magia ✨ ¡y ya van 9 meses del día más feliz de mi vida! El día que me miraste por primera vez con tus ojitos grandes y supe que te iba a amar y proteger para SIEMPRE cada día de mi vida. ¡Feliz cumple mes mi amor! 🎂♥️ #myfamily #familia #familygoals . . #love #postpartumjourney #mama #mom #9mothsbaby #blogger #mamablogger #baby #babygirl #morning #buenosdias #happiness #felicidad #lovethelittlethings #lovelysquares #motherofbabies #mamaprimeriza #papasprimerizos #colecho #lme #parentlife #ohheymama #livesimply #ourcandidlife #cultivatemotherhood #breastfeeding

Body Back is about connecting with your inner strength and taking time for YOU mama! . . Take that much needed time to fill up your cup as a mom. . Tues / Thurs 8:15pm at Marylou’s School of Dance Drop-in Sessions all summer! . . Enroll at queenseast.fit4mom.com! Questions? Send us a message. . . . #motherhoodsisterhood #fit4mom #momswithmuscles #bodyafterbaby #postpartumjourney #momlife #healthymama #strongmom #fitafterkids #strengthinmotherhood #prenatalfitness #themotherhoodisreal #supermom #strollerstrides #strollerbarre #fit4baby #bodyback

🎂Last night we celebrated Harvies birthday a week earlier with family. How is she almost 1?!?! . 🎂As expected she loved the cake. Most of it ending up on her face.

Can I get a woot woot! 🎉 . 30 minute workout crushed, feeling amazzinnn after I 100% did NOT want to get out of my comfy bed this morning... . But no excuses left for this Mama- because only 4 days a week, fun workouts, flexible meal plan AND still seeing awesome results! 👏🏻 sooo doable, no matter how crazy busy life has me right now! 🤪 . Week 1 is Almost done in this short 8 week program, that’s bringing on all the gorgeous lean muscle tone! 💪🏻 . All the ladies are LOVING it sooo much I decided to open registration for another round!! . I’m limiting spaces so I can focus more closely with everyone to make sure we all get killer results!! 💥 💜 . Comment below if you want the details, because let’s be honest- I KNOW YOU WANT THE RESULTS! . The time is now! 😄 . . Letssss gooooo!!! : : : : : : #shoulders #shouldies #shoulderworkout #shoulderworkout #sleepdeprived #iloveicecream #positivevibes #icecreamfordays #momof2 #mama #heartmama #heartmom #busymama #momlife #momhacks #noexcuses #wegotthis #easypeasy #sleepdeprivedmama #life #m #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #postpartumjourney #weightloss #flexible #flexibledieting #change #progress #before #after

#tbt to a year ago today! Feeling stronger and more confident everyday. Choosing to take care of myself has resulted in so many more benefits than just the physical!! • Taking this journey with my husband has strengthened our relationship, given us more energy for our BUSY three little babes, and shown us what is possible if you believe in yourself just a little! • What do you think you could achieve if you started telling yourself you “can” instead of “can’t”?! 🤔 💭

One for me & one for you 💫 I mean after all your babe did share your uterus for 9 months, what’s wrong with sharing your food for the next 10 years 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ . There is still time to grab a massive 20% off with code ‘ABRS’ the perfect opportunity to stock up on your milk boosting goodies 💧💧🥛🥛 Link in our bio 👆 . 📷 @emilykcreative . . . . . . . #motherhoodintheraw #mumlife #lactationcookies #newmum #newbornbaby #newborn #mumtobe #momtogs #mom_hub #breastfedbaby #breastfeeding #breastfeedingjourney #breastfeedingmum #firsttimemum #babybump #babyontheway #babyshowergift #liquidgold #postpartumjourney #mumssupportingmums #mumswithcameras #modernmotherhood #cookies #normalizebreastfeeding #hospitalbag #thirdtrimester #fourthtrimester #afterpay #sale #3rdtrimester

Look at her getting her bottle to her mouth and talking...she has so much to say today. #growingup #learning

This morning- this was the facial expression I was making while doing this shoulder move 💪🏼- my shoulders were burning 🔥like a ... I don’t even know 😜... but they were burning! Did ya’ll know I was a former college athlete? I was a rower. Which meant lots of training and lots of workouts. Sometimes I felt it was too much 🤭(6 days a week... like 60-120 min long)- umm no thanks. Can’t do that now. But I did love to be pushed, and grow 🌱 So as a former college athlete, I’m so loving this new workout program I just started this week!! Weights + HIIT + core all in 30 minutes and only 4 days a week! A busy mama’s (and pregnant 🤰 Mama’s) dream this summer! 🙌🏻💪🏻🏋🏼‍♀️ It’s not too late to join me & other women committing to this program! We are doing it TOGETHER - sharing the highs & lows, and holding each other accountable - loving my FIT Community 💕👟 #fitcommunity #busymom #busyworkingmom #shouldersburning #32weekspregnant

Leg Day switcharoo!!! . My right shoulder is hurting! I’m NOT skipping a workout so I’m switching today’s shoulder workout for tomorrow’s leg day🌻 . Today I’m off of work BUT I’m still up getting this done early so I can play with Landon all day and do other things while he naps👌💕 . #11monthspostpartum

Raise your hand if youve been personally victimized by Shoulder Flys 😂 😂 😂 I am not ashamed to admit that I put my 5s down for the last set. It just means that I can only get better! @joelfreemanfitness

Do you have to go searching for pregnancy workouts? Are you kind of tired of doing the same prenatal yoga workouts over and over again? Did you know that we offer an app with over a 150 different pregnancy workouts and over 80 postpartum workouts making your life infinitely easier! * * * * * #pregnancyfitnessguides #fitpregnancy #fitbump #fitmomsofig #40weekfitmomma #bumplove #dueinjune #dueinmay #homeworkout #dueinapril #postpartumfitness #dueinjuly #fitmomma #nextgenmommy #postpartumjourney #prenatalfitness #fitmom #pumpthebump #prenatalhealth #3rdtrimester #sweatingfortwo #healthypregnancy #nextgenmomma #2ndtrimester #thirdtrimester #1sttrimester #babyboy #babygirl #momlife #loveyourbelly

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