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I was reminded that there will always be something that I can work on for myself and today it was endurance!⁣ ⁣ Endurance is definitely not a strength of mine with fitness and I’m still a work in progress. And I love that I am because that means the I can only get better!!⁣ ⁣ You will always be a work in progress because there is always something that you can learn and/or do to grow! ⁣ ⁣ It doesn’t always mean fitness, what about mentally getting stronger? You can grow stronger in your faith, grow stronger in your relationships, grow stronger in your productivity, you can grow in every aspect of your life! ⁣ ⁣ My love would always reference Disney Land and say “Our bodies (mental and physical) will never be finished, there is always room for improvement.”⁣ ⁣ Every day is an opportunity to be better than you were the day before! You should never stop growing and always look for ways to enhance your life!⁣ ⁣ Don’t compare yourself, believe in you, see and appreciate value and always continue to learn.⁣ ⁣ #happymondaymotivation

Woohoo I am no longer a student! (For now anyway!)👩🏼‍🎓 - This is my celebration dance! (I know on a Monday shock horror!)😆 - I have not only just recently qualified as NLP Practitioner, but also a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach with Stress Management cert (not to mention been a student of the incredible Dr Joe Dispenza!)🤓 - I am so excited to bring everything I’ve learnt together in my coaching programmes for 2019 - helping high achieving women beat the binge and finally find freedom from food!🤩 - What are you celebrating this Monday? x #nlppractitioner #nlp #lifestylecoach #foodfreedom @coachingacademy @ihs_ireland

#regram @hourglass_fitness You voted, now its time for us to deliver! 🎉 And the winner is… 🥁 Find Freedom From Food with 62% of the votes (and 76% on IG) 💃 If you KNOW what you need to do to move and eat healthily, but cant ever seem to stick to it! Or you generally feel out of control and crazy around food, then listen up! 👂 Emma Clayton shakes the taboo out of the topic of binge eating (if you’re not already following her, you need to be!) and helps you understand why it’s NOT down to a lack of willpower that you can’t shake the habit, but something way more mainstream. Christmas has come early as Emma is gifting you with a free Masterclass to make sense of “Why you started binge eating (and continue to do so)” Follow the link to get instant access: http://bit.ly/GetMasterclass 🎁 Then be sure to save the date on Saturday 2nd February 2019 at 4-6PM as Emma joins us live, in-person at Hourglass to share with you her unique Food Freedom Formula that she is sharing with her clients across the globe who are women on a mission to finally beat binge eating and lose weight without ever dieting again! Kelly said “I have struggled with my relationship with food for 20 years and I now only eat when I’m hungry and make healthy choices - and I’ve only hit the Nutella pot once in 2 months - I can’t quite believe it!” Tickets are limited and go on sale soon - register your interest below to ensure you hear first. We are offering an exclusive Early Bird price if you book before New Years Eve of £20! 😍 (£25 thereafter) #hourglass #noordinarygym #mondaymotivation #confidencecoach

But it’s ONLY a “Pea”..... Remember how we word things is very important when speaking to someone with feeding issue who is overwhelmed by a food. Understand that this is a huge thing for them, think of how things taste and how many textures foods have. Discuss this. ❤️ Mission Munch www.missionmunch.com #pickyeaters #fussyeaters #arfid #autismfood #foodtherapy #restrictiveeating #mummybloggeruk #mummyblogger #parenting #foods #l4l #slpeeps #slp #eating #eatingdisorderrecovery #positivevibes #positivewords

This one needs some of your time today especially if you are a mother ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Do you find that no matter how hard you try to follow the “perfect” diet or lifestyle plan and be fully committed to the exercise plan you’ve set for yourself ( or your coach has told you to follow ) that you just never measure up? 🤦‍♀️ Resulting in more bullying to your body. 😢 ✔️ I have no willpower ✔️ I never follow through with anything ✔️ I’m a quitter ✔️ I don’t want it bad enough ✔️ I need to try harder ✔️ I should be able to do this, everyone else can Can you imagine if you expected your children to be perfect. 🤔 That the only way they would receive your love and kindness was when they did exactly what you said and without mistakes. Otherwise, you would be verbally abusive and withhold acts of kindness. You and I both know this would get children services on your doorstep fast ... as that is abuse So why do you think it’s ok to expect that from yourself. You are not meant to be perfect. You are a beautiful woman who is meant to learn and grow. Not to be “perfect” or be free of mistakes in life Therefore today and moving forward .. Be mindful of the “script” that plays in your head all day and trust that you have the ability to love yourself unconditionally 💕💕💕 #perfectionism #judgement #worthiness #limitingbeliefs #bullying #mentalhealth #loveyourself #bekindtoyourself #youareenough #perfectlyimperfect #selfcompassion #dieting #bodyimage #restrictiveeating #dietrules #negativeselftalk #foodfreedom #rolemodel #children #parenting

I had ice cream, a protein bar, 1.5 biscuits *and* a bagel (not a ‘thin’) for lunch. I considered a peanut butter topping but went for the safer option of flora light.. But I didn’t measure it, so that’s a win. Also I was going to have eggs for protein but I was too tired to even fry an egg so went for a back up option. That’s also a huge deal for me - to have things in the house and not be afraid I will have to throw them out in one way or another. . . . Still really fucked on all the promethazine and gabapentin i took last night to stop the cramps in my legs and arms + associated anxiety.. feel very foggy and sleepy and frustrated w myself.

A little snippet of my back and bicep workout today ✨ you don’t need a ton of equipment to get a good lift in! 💪🏻 . ▪️Bent over dumbbell rows (doing these a little different to target more last) ▪️Seated Cable Row ▪️Seated Cable Bicep Curls ▪️Reverse DB Curls superset with regular DB curls . video is slightly sped up Outfit is @gymshark 💙 Have a happy Saturday!!!! . . #FlexibleDieting #IIFYM #FlexibleDietingLifestyle #FlexibleDieter #FlexibleDiet #FlexibleDietingCoach #Macros #CarbsAfterDark #RestrictiveEating #HealthyWeightLoss #LoseWeightForGood #LoseWeightNow #LoseWeightOnline #LoseWeightByEating #LoseWeightHappily #Howtoloseweight #Weightlossprograms #HowtoLoseFat #Eatfoodsyoulove #loveyourdiet #growabooty #dontcutcarbs #loseweighttherightway #howtobuildmuscle #restrictivedieting

I am...cutting out diet talk. Was flicking through my recipe books this evening and came across this in @thebodycoach lean in 15 book. I really like Joe and think he’s done an amazing job at encouraging people and children to exercise. But I found this comment quite upsetting.... This is the type of thought that people with disordered eating think on a daily basis and something we ourselves are trying to eliminate from our thoughts. But seeing messages like this from Instagram and social media influencers is extremely harmful and is actively encouraging disorders eating. We don’t need to earn any type of food! We don’t need to work out to punish ourselves for eating. Joe wicks is one of many ‘fitness gurus’ that people look up to - but if his main incentive of exercising is weightloss then we need to rethink who we follow. Exercise should be for mental health benefits and focusing on how we feel NOT how we look

So I went to my consultation today and I’ve been told to cut out soya, and gluten...and I also need to follow a low residue diet (for my bowels) on top of an already plant based diet. Fuckkkk sake!!! I already try to go gluten free where possible but it’s hard when eating out and it’s sooo expensive! It’s seeming like I may have to just follow Dr Sebi diet but it is sooo restrictive! Wishing I was skinny and free from illness! 🙄 #endometriosis #endometriosisawareness #endo #endowarrior #adenomyosis #adenomyosisawareness #chronicpain #chronicpainwarrior #chronicillness #chronicillnesswarrior #drsebi #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #needtoworkharder #restrictiveeating #managingpainwithdiet

HOW TO STOP OVEREATING: 👇🏼 . Random mindfulness pic Bc i miss this place and all the food I ate, flowers I saw, and activity I did. I related it to being mindful with anything we do in life. . . Food.. we all love it and sometimes we love it so much.. we just. Can’t. Stop. Ya feel? . Food = balance.. and it involves more of the mind than we think it does. Our tums may be full but that “I’m full” switch hasn’t turned on yet in our brains. The brain is such a powerful thing.. it truly amazes me. Many people struggle with overeating. Fortunately, there are many ways to take back control of your eating habits. 1. Ditch the “diet” mentality. Know your weaknesses but don’t ban those foods completely..deprivation may lead to overeating. 2. Overly tempting foods...just keep them out of your snack drawer.. or out of the house if it’s a constant problem. 3. Plan your daily meals well ahead of time 4. Wait 15-20 minutes before eating and drink a full glass of water 5. Reduce stress—> eat regularly!!. 6. eat slow, and practice mindful eating techniques. Enjoy it! 7. Fill up on protein, fiber rich foods and good fats 8. Check in with yo self! Why do I have the urge to eat more and more and more? Is it boredom? Depression? (Seek a mental health professional if needed) 9. Stick to long term lifestyle changes instead of short restrictive diets (setting yourself up for failure) ..that’s the best way to create a balanced + sustainable relationship with food and prevent habits like overeating. 10. you are not your roots..you are a flower grown from them. So Don’t beat yourself up about it. You can always get back on track 🙃 . . . . . . . . . . . . #overeating #bingeeating #food #healthy #balance #healthybalance #techniques #mindfuleating #sustainable #foodrelationship #struggle #beingmindful #healthhabitsrelationshipwithfood #protein #fiberrich #healthyfats #weakness #dietmentality #co #colorado #breckenridge #flowers #beauty #boredom #depression #diet #restrictiveeating #shorttermvslongterm #sustainablediet

It’s been just over 2 years since I began my journey of getting to know me. At that point in my life perfectionism and comparison had a death grip on me. I was trapped inside my own limiting beliefs and I was falling apart barely holding it together My husband suffered. My kids suffered. I was not able to truly show up authentically in my own life and share my gifts with others all because I doubted myself constantly. Becoming who I am today didn’t just “happen” I worked at it. It required me to go deep with therapy and lots of self development. I was made to challenge the limiting beliefs I had carried for so long and what purpose they had been holding in my life Trust me this wasn’t easy .. it hurt like hell to pull up all the stuff that I had buried for years Fear of failure Fear of judgment Fear of showing up as me Fear of not being good enough But it was worth it because I FOUND ME ❤️ ✨I found out that knowing who I was was enough. ✨Trusting that what I brought to the world has value and importance ✨Knowing down deep that I’m ok with people not liking me. I’m secure with myself. My tribe of women that are my friends doesn’t need to be big but I do need to be able to be fully me when I’m around them. No more masks I’m at peace with me. I feel it deep into my core. And it’s not always easy to live like this. But it’s a choice I make daily and intentionally. Remember I CHOSE to love me as well as the body that I’m in. No more fighting to change it. No more starving it. No more punishing it . Now I LOVE ME 💕💕💕💕 #liveauthentically #ownyourchoices #liveauthentically #nomoremasks #chooseyou #loveyourself #youaremorethanenough #shareyourgifts #sharingmystory #healfromwithin #knowyourworth #chooseyourtribe #loveyourbody #bodyimage #dieting #restrictiveeating #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #perfectionism #faceyourfears #judgement #mentalhealth #mentalhealthadvocate

Ever wondered WHY you started binge eating?🤔 - Perhaps it was so long ago you just can’t put a finger on it🤷🏼‍♀️ - Or maybe its got really bad recently but you don’t know what triggered it this time as there was so much going on!🤦🏼‍♀️ - I have been fascinated about my own reasons why, and having spoken to many other high achieving women I know it also frustrates the hell out of you too! - If only you knew, you might be able to finally do something with it… - I recently did a short training session in my private group to reveal all the possible reasons WHY - to spark the answer within you - and it might not be as complex & deep as you think👩🏼‍🏫 - Lisa said THIS is the stuff they should teach kids. THIS is what doctors should prescribe. THIS Is the magic that can stop the endless self destructive cycle! - And I wanted to make the replay available to you - you can sign up to watch it below👇🏼 - http://bit.ly/GetMasterclass - Let me know what your biggest Ah-ha moments were x #choosefreedom #tellmewhy #bingeeating

How to create a diet you’ll love and thrive on✨👇🏻 ⠀ Step 1. Figure out exactly what your goal is (cut / maintain / or build) then set calories according to this goal. ⠀ Step 2. Write down a list of foods that are nutritious (example: avocado), but are also appealing to the eye / your taste buds (example: avocado, turkey, BLT sandwich). This will be your base.🍏🥑🍳 ⠀ Step 3. Also write down foods / drinks that you crave all the time, not just on occasion. So..ice cream, chips, soda, popcorn, cookies- write em all down. These won’t be your base, but they will be your snacks.🥞🍨🍫 ⠀ Step 4. Now it’s time to put this all into action. In your tracking app, start to input your base meals, such as: egg sandwich, turkey burger, steak fajitas, fish tacos, chicken stir fry, etc. ⠀ Step 5: After you have inputted all your nutritious, higher quality meals- you should have some calories leftover for some fun! Add in one or two of these snacks you really enjoy. Whether it’s some ice cream before bed, or maybe some popcorn to snack on while you’re at work. These foods are important to include too. ⠀ The goal is to have a balance of nutritious foods and foods that are more of a treat too. When you have this balance, I promise it won’t even feel like you are dieting. 🙏🏻 ⠀ Are you the type of person that needs to have certain snacks in your diet to keep you sane?? ⠀ Or do you prefer to just follow a strict meal plan and indulge on occasion?

Heal your relationship with self. . . More often than not we hear the term self love come up again and again. To be honest with you, I think we all struggle with self love and healing our relationship with self. It is a continual and life long journey. . . Many times we invest so much emotion and energy in a partner and/or relationship that we tend to forget or put ourselves first. When we’ve lost trust in a partner or the relationship ends (usually it’s not on good terms) we tend to lose love and trust of our partner but more importantly self. . . I know for me, when it came to breakups I always felt after it ended not good enough. I’d put immense pressure on myself to try to be perfect - have the perfect look, the perfect career, be smart and of course the perfect body. These pressures (as I’m sure for many people reading this can relate to) can also be a huge trigger for bingeing or dieting. I’d often left asking myself: What’s wrong with me? What am I lacking? The answer...self love. . . After a relationship ended, I felt I had no self worth (especially if they cheated on me) and because of that I would severely restrict myself from eating. I did this as a coping mechanism because I felt it was one thing I could actually control in my life. Instead of respecting my body, I had a distorted relationship with food. If I’m not enough, or if my partner doesn’t think I’m enough then I shouldn’t be eating....that was my twisted ideology and thought patterning around food. . . Now, going through this a few times, I am uncovering and have come to terms with the source of my negative relationship with self. The process is not easy but I’ve now made a commitment to respect my body. . . When uncovering the root of your negative relationship with yourself, you will find clues as to how to heal your relationship with food and your body. Trust yourself. Love yourself. #gowithyourgut

There is nothing that you HAVE to do in this life, you CHOOSE what you want to do!⁣ ⁣ You don’t have to work but you want to work so you have money to pay bills, go on vacations, buy stuff, etc.⁣ ⁣ You don’t have to cook, clean, do laundry or pay taxes if you don’t want to but you do it because you want to eat, you don’t want to live in filth or have dirty clothes or even get fined for not paying taxes (possibly jail!).⁣ ⁣ EVERYTHING IS A CHOICE, just like your health and fitness!⁣ ⁣ CHOOSE WISELY! 🤓

Episode 16 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast is well and truely live now on iTunes 🎧 • • I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down with @amyleegiannotti and talk all things balance and sustainability. 🌱 Amy, bring a qualified dietitian, personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, running coach, yoga teacher and former tri - athlete understands what it take to coach her clients holistically 🍏 • • However, Amy’s mindset wasn’t always like this. For years she possessed an obsessive nature with exercise, dedicating over 25 hours a week to her intense training. As well as a restrictive relationship with food, causing her to not get her period for over 5 years. This condition is known as hypothalamic amenorrhea and Amy tells us her experience with this condition during today’s episode 😯 • • We also spoke about the antagonist for change in her life, as well as tips on how to listen to your body and be more intuitive with the things you do. 🥊 Amy talks in depth about what a bad relationship with food looks like, and how to cure this as well as the power of meditation and mindfulness 🙏🏼 • • This episode is unbelievable and I am grateful I get to share Amy’s journey with you all this week 🙌🏼 • • You can listen to the podcast by following the link in my bio, or head over to www.you4iahealth.com 🌱 • • Don’t forget to rate and review the podcast so it ranks higher and more and more people can listen to the free educational content I’m providing 🎧❤️

When is the last time you looked at your body in the mirror naked ? If your first reaction was 😱😳 than keep reading ... Now I’m not talking about a quick glance when you drop your pjs in the morning and hop in the shower and accidentally get a glance. I’m talking about actually being comfortable au natural while you brush your teeth or put your makeup on And if you are comfortable with that - great ! But do you let your significant other see you that way 🤔 Now before you stop reading here me out .. I know if you are not happy with your body and struggle with body image issues this can be hard but mirror work is incredibly powerful with learning to accept your body with how it looks today . So here’s a little homework for you to try everyday for the next 7 days ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Ideally naked or if you are not ready for that in your bra / panties stand in front of a full length mirror for a minimum of 3 minutes . You can try putting on soft music , dimming the lights etc to help begin the process Gaze at your body. Notice things about it. A caesarean scar, one breast that is bigger than the other, your stretch marks , your freckles, your cellulite... notice all of you. 💕 Once you reach 3 minutes gradually build up the time you bare all and take notice to how you feel. What emotions come up ? Are any memories triggered? What do you say to yourself ? Note: Depending on your relationship with your body and experiences in your past only do this if you are ready . The more time you spend with your body and appreciate its “ imperfections “ the more you can become at peace with what is ... but also hopefully eventually learn to LOVE it for its beauty ! Remember try 7 days in a row and see how that goes for starters Let me know if you give it at go or if you have any comments to share below ! #letsgetnaked #loveyourbody #mirrorwork #youarebeautiful #loveyourbody #loveyourself #perfectlyimperfect #dieting #restrictiveeating #stress #innergoddess #womanempowerment #loveallofyou #starttheprocess #trust #onestepatatime #gettoknowyou #healyourbody #youareenough #bodypositive #bodypositivemovement

What does FREEDOM mean to you? And in what form do you want it most? ⠀⠀ * Freedom to go when you want to go? * Freedom to work when you want to work? ⠀ Well...what about the one thing that subconsciously consumes 80% of your day? ⠀ Freedom with your nutrition, that is. ⠀⠀ The one aspect of freedom I didn’t even remotely consider was achieving freedom with food. ⠀ Why? ⠀ Because it didn’t seem possible. It wasn’t even a thought. ⠀ Eating foods you like AND losing weight? Nah. Never crossed my mind. ⠀ I only knew the “all or nothing” and “if theres no pain theres no gain” approach. ⠀⠀ My old mindset with food was… ⠀⠀ If i want to see results i have to: ⠀⠀ Stop eating bread Cut out cheese Put down the donut Skip the ice cream Eat more salads Barely eat at all ⠀⠀ Restrict.✖️Restrict.✖️Restrict. ⠀⠀ The truth was, I could never handle this for more than a week without going NUTS -- no wonder it never worked out! ⠀⠀ It was impossible for me to stick to a diet because it wasn’t a realistic approach for me to restrict, but there was unfortunately no other option…. Until now. ⠀⠀ After many, many years of being a mix of a fad dieter, binge eater, and food restrictor - I finally realized how trapped I was in this vicious cycle of dieting and how badly I needed to get out of it. ⠀⠀ When I learned about flexible dieting, it changed my fucking LIFE. ⠀ Like, I can’t even express the shock and amusement I felt when I saw girls on youtube (hey @amandabucci ) eating waffles on a competition prep and getting THAT lean. ⠀⠀ I felt like i had been lied to my whole life lol.😟 ⠀⠀ It wasnt until I implemented flexible dieting into my routine, until i took the time to understand it, to really dissect it, to test it out for myself on a competition prep to prove that it really could be done….. ⠀ I could still enjoy my diet AND see great results...wow. ⠀ And suddenly all the frustration was over and I finally was able to break out of the cycle. ⠀ It was then, for the first time-that I truly felt free. 🕊 💕 ⠀ If you, too are craving this freedom with food as badly as I was, I want you to visit my story, I have a sustainable solution for you 🙏🏻 #FoodFreedom #BreakFree

Let’s talk Good Foods vs Bad Foods. This way of thinking sets you up for feelings of guilt and shame around food. #dieting #restrictiveeating #goodfoodsvsbadfoods #toxicnutritionalbeliefs #ditchthediet #negativeselftalk #macros #caloriecounting #bingeeating #eatthehamburger #stress

Excited to feature on the cover of my first magazine! (Well kind of it’s online so I make the cover for a day - but I’ll take it!!)😃 - Get the full article @beyourownuk - Never EVER would you have caught me on camera any less than fully clothed let alone in a swimsuit happily posing!!📸 - On this day in July this year I felt pretty flipping amazing! YES! Even with lumpy hips and visible cellulite in a bigger body than most that you will see😱😂 - You know WHY I felt incredible?! Because I felt FREE! Free from all the negative inner BS that had held me back for decades, free of judgement from others (don’t get me wrong others will continue to judge, I just no longer give AF!) free from comparing myself to others, free from the need to numb my feelings with food 🙌🏼 - And I wanna share that feeling with as many other women who relate to my story and haven’t yet seen their epicness - I see you! - Thanks to my friends, family, clients and followers for your support in my first year on my mission to positively effect the lives of others. Im excited for 2019 and all the plans I have to spread my message far and wide✨ - Thanks to #beyourown for inviting me to feature in your very cool online magazine alongside other inspiring fempreneurs 🙌🏼🙏🏻💖 #choosefreedom #beatthebinge #foodfreedom 📸 @rebeccadouglasphotography 🌟

How to stay body positive during a bulk✨⤵️ ⠀⠀ I’m currently in a building phase so I don’t really have visible abs and my love handles are POPPPINN at the moment 😉 I want to share with you these tips that help me power through if my mind ever starts to go the negative route! ⠀⠀ 1. When you look at yourself and don’t see abs, before you get all down on yourself... remember that you aren’t supposed to be your leanest at this time, you are supposed to be your strongest. ⠀⠀ 2. Adding onto the previous point... Because you are lifting heavy and working more intensely during this building phase, the end result when you do lean out will be mind blowing. You are building your masterpiece, don’t cut yourself short. You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Keep working hard! ⠀⠀ 3. Every stage has its pros and cons. Enjoy this stage where you don’t have to worry about hunger, doing hours of cardio per week, nor worry about losing muscle/strength. ⠀⠀ As long as you aren’t eating unnecessary calories (aka reallllly overdoing it / rapid weight gain) and are actually aiming to get stronger and improve each week (workout logs are great) then you are doing just fine maaa girl💕💪🏻 #DirtyMirrorYolo . . #FlexibleDieting #IIFYM #FlexibleDietingLifestyle #FlexibleDieter #FlexibleDiet #FlexibleDietingCoach #Macros #CarbsAfterDark #RestrictiveEating #HealthyWeightLoss #LoseWeightForGood #LoseWeightNow #LoseWeightOnline #LoseWeightByEating #LoseWeightHappily #Howtoloseweight #Weightlossprograms #HowtoLoseFat #Eatfoodsyoulove #loveyourdiet #growabooty #dontcutcarbs #loseweighttherightway #howtobuildmuscle #femalebulk

Episode 16 of the Weekly Dose of You4ia Podcast is well and truely live now on iTunes 🎧 • • I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down with @amyleegiannotti and talk all things balance and sustainability. 🌱 Amy, bring a qualified dietitian, personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, running coach, yoga teacher and former tri - athlete understands what it take to coach her clients holistically 🍏 • • However, Amy’s mindset wasn’t always like this. For years she possessed an obsessive nature with exercise, dedicating over 25 hours a week to her intense training. As well as a restrictive relationship with food, causing her to not get her period for over 5 years. This condition is known as hypothalamic amenorrhea and Amy tells us her experience with this condition during today’s episode 😯 • • We also spoke about the antagonist for change in her life, as well as tips on how to listen to your body and be more intuitive with the things you do. 🥊 Amy talks in depth about what a bad relationship with food looks like, and how to cure this as well as the power of meditation and mindfulness 🙏🏼 • • This episode is unbelievable and I am grateful I get to share Amy’s journey with you all this week 🙌🏼 • • You can listen to the podcast by following the link in my bio, or head over to www.you4iahealth.com 🌱 • • Don’t forget to rate and review the podcast so it ranks higher and more and more people can listen to the free educational content I’m providing 🎧❤️

Happy Monday all! Let’s get a healthy start to the week💪🏻. If you did not meal prep yesterday, no worries, this breakfast takes about 3 minutes to prepare! What is your weekday breakfast? 👇🏻🍳

It’s not uncommon for toddlers to stop eating foods they previously readily ate. This is often due to a developmental phase known as food neophobia (essentially a fear of new foods but includes familiar foods too). It also coincides with your little one developing their independence. ⁣ ⁣ It can be very frustrating to make meals only for your toddler to throw it from the tray/plate or clamp their mouth tightly shut. ⁣ ⁣ Driven by frustration and irritation it wouldn’t be surprising if you stop making or giving your child the foods they are no longer eating. This however just perpetuates a cycle of restrictive eating.⁣ ⁣ Why? ⁣ ⁣ Because exposure is key to acceptance!!!⁣ ⁣ If your child regularly sees the food on their plate they are more likely to eat it. ⁣ ⁣ 💥 Not providing a range of foods for your child to try at meal and snack times feeds into the neophobia and those foods become unfamiliar resulting in increased reluctance to try or eat them as they get older. ⁣ ⁣ 💥 Whilst the food is on the plate and offered at a meal then there is always the chance you child will eat it. Makes sense right!!⁣ ⁣ But of course you don’t want to be making meals only to throw them in the bin. Here are my top tips for how to manage this...⁣ ⁣ 1. Take a small portion of a meal you’ve made for yourself and put it on your toddlers plate (this can be kept in the fridge and offered the next day if you don’t eat together)⁣ 2. Pick foods that are easy to prepare to offer even if you think they won’t eat them. Examples include frozen vegetables, raw veggies, cold sliced meats, tinned lentils or chick peas. ⁣ 3. When cooking you can always save a bit of sauce (curry, bolognaise, pesto and it so it can be offered on the side of your child’s more accepted foods. Or you can have some rice/pasta with sauce and some without. ⁣ 4. Always make sure that there is food on your child’s plate that you know they can and will eat. ⁣ ⁣ Just this week my three year old started eating rice for the first time in about two years!!! Let me know your successes....⁣ ⁣

😡My face when I hear that the NHS is STILL using 800 calorie shake diets to manage Type 2 diabetes. FOR GOD’S SHAKE make it stop!!! 😡 Although this is not a new way of diabetes management in public health, I feel like the limelight today in the press has me riled up- AGAIN. . Why is our public health system using faddy diets to treat and manage serious diseases? Surely we are more informed than this, especially as qualified healthcare workers @nhsenglandldn ? . Promoting extreme calorie restriction, using food replacements, creating a negative association with eating normal and high quality foods, making diabetes or obesity suffers fear food, contributing to extremism of weight loss methods that we are supposedly as health professionals trying to fight? . An example individual on one of these prescribed diets was on the liquid-only diet for 17 WEEKS, with each meal consisting of a 200-calorie sachet of powder mixed with water to make a soup or a shake- is this real life? . Food is such a massive part of our lives, and we don’t have to go to such radical measures to create weight loss in those who need it most. Our healthcare system needs a change. We need to be more informed on nutrition. . Yes there may be individuals who need to lose weight- and fast. But calorie restriction using this method is so damaging, especially mentally. . Weight loss should be achieved gradually by introducing a calorie deficit, and moving more. Cut the quick fixes. Cut the skinny pills. Cut the faddy diets. Stop with the shakes. Stop with the extreme calorie restriction. . It’s time for change. Who agrees? . . . . . #dissapointed #healthcare #diabetes #typetwodiabetes #extremedieting #diabetesuk #ukhealth #health #nutrition #shakediets #faddiets #nhs #doctors #medicine #restrictiveeating #disorderedeating

With my clients permission I am sharing this homework assignment she completed for me ( but ultimately it was for her 🥰) She and I have been working together addressing her relationship with food and how she feels about her body for a few months now. In order to heal and find love and compassion for self its necessary to address the beliefs and experiences that got you there in the first place. Going on another diet does not address this . You just become a lighter person with the same negative self talk and feelings that you are not good enough I am SO PROUD of what my client has achieved in our time together. I truly am grateful every day for this role I play in her life 🙏 and what she teaches ME everyday ❤️ I encourage you to try this activity for yourself if you feel it will support you. It can be drawn as a flower or a tree. See below for an explanation of it. #bodyimage #embody #limitingbeliefs #healing #arttherapy #loveyourself #clearyourhead #dieting #ditchthediet #godeeper #restrictiveeating #createanewyou #eatingpsychologycoach #heretohelp #freeyourself #rebirth

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Feedback Friday - “You really have changed my life” - Another 1:1 client graduates from my Ultimate Freedom Mastermind and I can’t get sad about it when I have not only gained a beautiful friend but heard these words💟 - This is exactly why I do this work!🙌🏼 - I know, from 25 years of feeling trapped in a binge and restrict cycle and trying every possible solution to get out, that there is another way that doesn’t involve dieting, where you can be FREE from food, feel CONFIDENT in your own skin and truly HAPPY from the inside out💖 - Ask Carmen - watch out for the full video testimonial, coming soon! (And she will be the first to tell you she NEVER would have imagined being videoed talking openly about this stuff 6 months ago!) - I am opening up two slots to work with me starting in December. If you are done waiting and are serious about changing your life, then get in touch or book your complimentary food freedom call by following the link in the comments. I can show you the way x #chooseyou #choosefreedom #changeyourlife

Are you crazy about cardio?! I dont mean you finish your workouts with a 15 min HIIT session or use a nice walk to warm up...but do your workouts look something like this? . . 5k run 10 mile bike ride 45 min HIIT session Or maybe even... Spin Class 2 mile run . . For some of you who this sounds crazy too, these are workouts that one of my clients was doing regularly before we started working together, and don’t look too different then what my “workout” routine used to be! . . While cardiovascular exercise is an extremely important part of a balanced exercise routine...it can start to do more harm then good when you overdo it. . . Too much cardio, specifically when paired with restrictive eating can lead you too burn more calories then your body has to give...trying to grow the booty? It’s not going to happen! Our body can’t grow or even burn fat when it doesn’t have the energy it needs to function at all! . . This much cardio can leave you feeling fatigued, and with a body that struggles to recover, is prone to injury, & can’t grow. . . I work with ladies who are currently stuck in this “cardio is the end all be all” mindset, because I want to teach them the importance of using exercise to GROW their bodies, instead of tear them down! . . Are you reading this going, oh poop that’s me! If yes, give this post a ❤️ and then head to my bio and click the link to book a FREE 30 minute coaching session for us to chat and get your mindset heading in a healthier direction!

Hey Beautiful! Can you stop and read this for a minute 😉 Are you living such a fast paced life that you might be ignoring the most important messages in your life? You take time the time to listen to your voice mail, read your texts, read and reply to your email BUT are you taking the time to communicate with yourself ? Your body is constantly sending you messages to help you know when you are on track or when you might be heading down a road that you are not ready for My body sent me so many signs ...I refer to them as whispers. Looking back I can see them now.For me they showed up as sleepless nights, irritability, crying episodes and a feeling of emptiness at times. When I pushed through and ignored those whispers they got louder. I remember the day when my schedule was packed to capacity and I was in complete overwhelm with the things I was expecting of myself. I pulled out of my driveway to take the kids to their track club and I turned the corner and hit a parked car.😢 I was in such tunnel vision that I didnt even see it. That moment was hard and extremely embarrassing. From there the whispers got louder. Mental thoughts that were not me at all. Depression. Withdrawal. Sadness. All because I was chasing this need to be perfect. Punishing my body with several workouts a day and so many thoughts of why I was not good enough. I was such a bully to my body and human spirit. Lots has changed since then. I play close attention to my energy and my bodys whispers. You see, my body knows what is best for me. It knows the people in my life that light me up and make me happy. And it also tells me when I should leave a conversation or end a relationship because it doesnt serve me LISTEN TO THE WHISPERS GIRLS! What is your body telling you that you need more of? less of ? or what you need to kick to the curb and get rid of? #bodywhispers #listentoyourbody #intuition #slowdownandlisten #stress #goeasyonyourself #bodyimage #perfectionism #burnout #happiness #chooseyourtribe #health #mentalhealth #whatareyourunningfor #restrictiveeating #loveyourself #youareenough

Where are you placing your attention right now?🤷🏼‍♀️ - During 35 hours of meditation last week, I was reminded of the extent of all the noise in my head which generally goes unnoticed in the real world!  99% of it nonsense, and a world away from what I was meant to be focusing on - absolutely nothing!🌑 - At one point I was SO focused on how cold I was, I saw a huge air conditioning unit above me and was so distracted that I’d sat there, that I couldn’t sit still, I was getting frustrated and I was seriously resenting signing up to this retreat!🤦🏼‍♀️ - What made me chuckle was that I’d clearly drifted off and imagined it as there was no such thing when I finally opened my eyes!!🙈 - Where your focus goes your energy flows💫
- I felt “hunger” only twice that week, the feeling proceeded by something simple☝🏻
- A thought 💭about food🥐
- Not having anywhere to go/anything to do I had to sit it out, make a decision to not focus on what they would be serving for breakfast and shift back to thinking about, well, nothing!🌑 - When you want to reach for food, but you’re pretty sure you’re not hungry, ask what thought you just had🤷🏼‍♀️💭 - Then make a decision on your next move💡 - Let this serve as your reminder to ensure your energy is not wasted on yesterday’s old news, or things out of your control, or on worrying about an unknown future🤦🏼‍♀️
- Tune in and refocus your energy... on the right here and now, on the positive choices you get to make in this life and on endless possibilities🌟 #choosefreedom #tuneinnow #focusyourenergy

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right!⁣ ~Henry Ford⁣ ⁣ We all have doubts in our abilities sometimes and that is just human nature.⁣ ⁣ What if you pushed past the doubt, what would happen? Would you succeed at whatever it is you are doing? Would you fail? And if you did fail would you just give up?⁣ ⁣ Most times we try things only once to say “at least I tried” to give ourselves an out not to have to do it again! We don’t like to be out of our comfort zones!⁣ ⁣ But if you keep trying and trying, eventually you get better and little by little you create success!⁣ ⁣ Anything good that is meant to last takes time and persistence! You keep doing it over and trying new ways that will help you to reach your goals!⁣ ⁣ But you don’t stop there! No, You keep going, growing and getting better. ⁣ ⁣ Life is not a one size fits all sort of deal. We have to figure out what works specifically for us! ⁣ ⁣ We all fail from time to time, it’s part of life. So why not take the chance at doing something that is going to make you better? Something that is going to enhance your life? Make you stronger and healthier?⁣ ⁣ Take that chance! Join me in this fit journey and Let’s make our fit dreams a reality!!⁣ ⁣ Drop your email below without the dot com or your favorite emoji or DM me!!⁣ ⁣ Ps. 2 days left to get an amazing deal, don’t miss out and if you sign with me before 12/1, I’m going to make it an even sweeter deal for you! Ask me how!!

Today is November 27th. ⠀⠀ I’m curious…. What really makes today any different than January 1st? ⠀⠀ I used to be HUGE on setting New Year’s Resolutions because January is the month of “motivation” and “new beginnings”. ⠀⠀ Don’t get me wrong, it’s great if that’s going to kick start your journey for you…. But will January’s motivation keep you going in March? ⠀⠀ Will it get you up before work when its brick outside? . Will it make you persevere when shit gets tough? ⠀⠀ Or will it all just fade away when you really don’t feel like it… ⠀⠀ Here’s my 2 cents👇🏻 ⠀⠀ Motivation isn’t reliable enough. You gotta have DRIVE, my friend. ⠀⠀ What gives your that drive? ⠀⠀ A powerful WHY. ⠀⠀ Not just “to look like her” - you need a deep, meaningful, powerful goal that will really get your butt up when you don’t feel like it. ⠀⠀ You need a why SO POWERFUL that this goal cannot wait until January 1st. It’s too important to you. It can’t wait another day. ⠀⠀ If you start right now, you’ll be 34 days ahead. So much can happen in 34 days. ⠀⠀ Don’t follow the crowd. Don’t follow the motivation. Don’t wait until January 1st. ⠀⠀ Who is working on some awesome goals right NOW?

When you need a quick lunch and are sick of chicken! I made a bunch of this on Sunday and can grab for lunch or dinner 😻🥦🥑

Is anyone else a food weirdo? I love portioning what I’m going to eat so I can keep track of everything I’m eating... it does verge on obsession, but it keeps me happy! 😂☺️☕️

The absolute worst thing you can do throughout your fitness journey is try to fit into someone else’s mold. ⠀⠀ Everyone has their own opinion of what they think a “perfect diet” is or the “perfect exercise routine” but guess what.... ⠀⠀ My ideal diet (tacos, pancakes, toast haaaay) may not be your vision of a perfect diet. ⠀⠀ My exercise routine will not match yours because we probably have different goals. ⠀⠀ I remember when I first started I found a diet plan online and I was like...oh no...oh hellllll no..I CANNOT follow that boring a** meal plan🤯🙅🏼‍♀️ (black coffee was the first red flag😂) ⠀⠀ This is NOT a one size fits all approach. ⠀⠀ Each and every one of you have different needs. ⠀⠀ Different interests. Different strengths. Different lifestyles. ⠀⠀ If you hate tilapia, but I told you that tilapias the leanest protein blah blah blah and you need to eat it. No excuses. That would suck right? 🤯 ⠀⠀ Or what if i told you, that 4 of my clients that want to lose weight are currently doing 45 minutes of cardio every day...so now you have to do that too. Nah, you’re different. ⠀⠀ This is why, although the internet is a great source of information, you can’t just blindly follow something you see online or worse, hire someone that will only do it “their” way because that same plan worked with other people before 🙅🏼‍♀️ ⠀⠀ You are unique, i wouldn’t even follow a plan that my identical twin sister was following lol (if I had one). ⠀⠀ That’s why coaching is honestly such a gift for me. I love showing women how unique they are and how they can legitimately have THEIR perfect diet (not my perfect diet). ⠀⠀ So many of them tell me how mind blowing it is for them to finally eat what THEY want because they were so used to following someone else’s “rules” for food. ⠀⠀ I used to believe the “this way or the highway” and the “no pain no gain” approach to fitness, but all that ever did was lead to a vicious cycle of ultimately getting absolutely NO WHERE! ⠀⠀ You are unique, and if anyone ever try’s to fit you into THEIR mold - run the other way. ✌🏻

Need a new healthy dessert idea? Try these nut butter cookies from @thebigmansworld blog - the recipe calls for melting the @enjoylifefoods chocolate chips and dipping the cookies into which in hindsight I should have done instead of throwing them in the batter. Enjoy!

A lot of people will look at these photos and think wow she looks so healthy and slim, she must be so happy (even I still do sometimes now) But I know a different story. I look at these photos and I see a girl who woke up at 6am every morning and forced herself to jog even though she hated it. I see a girl who would go gym after school and count every single calorie. I see a girl who although was very slim, was obsessed with being smaller and having more bones visible. I see a girl who would stand in front of a mirror naked and cry looking at all the ‘fat’ on her. A girl who weighed herself every day and would eat as long as she hadn’t put on weight. But worst of all a girl who managed to hide all this from everyone around her who just thoughts she’d decided to lose abit of weight. Just because someone appears to be healthy doesn’t mean they are. Although physically I was at the best form of my life, mentally I was crashing. Luckily I’m no longer in this restrictive obsessive mindset when it comes to being ‘skinny’ but starting a fitness journey when you’ve had a difficult past with body dysmorphia and restrictive eating is never easy. It’s a very slippery slope so I’m going to use this page to keep myself in check. I’ll be posting about my exercise routines and food diary’s to hopefully stop myself going back to that dark place. And maybe a few people might join me on my journey...

Sunday I love you ❤️❤️🍳🥓what is your brunch go to?!

We found a healthier pizza that is low carb and delicious!! Find the recipe for cauliflower calzones at delish.com. ➡️ is Trader Joe’s cauliflower pizza for comparison- about 5x the carbs and lots of extra ingredients. My husband is a pizza freak and he loved it! 🍕🍕🍕

“my God, you’ve gotten fat.” ~ the fabulous edna...and a handful of people i’ve seen during thanksgiving. and well yeah, i’ve gained a few (aka 20) pounds this past year. i could blame it on side effects of my anxiety meds or my insane school schedule. i could get upset each time i look in the mirror and see my six pack flab. i’ll admit, it is a bit frustrating to have to do an irish jig just to put my favorite pair of jeans on. but on the other hand, i kinda don’t care. i don’t constantly think “does this fit in my macros?” i don’t obsessively weigh myself every day. i let myself have that extra slice of cheesecake (swipe to see it, you know you can’t have just one). i don’t sit through thanksgiving dinner worrying about how many workouts this is going to “cost me.” slowly but surely, i’m seeing food and health in a different light. and this year, i’m more than thankful for that.

Sometimes a simple act of self care can just be getting up and making breakfast. Ive had a bad couple weeks with my binge eating and lack of self care. Its the small things like washing your face in the morning to things like having a shower washing your hair. When your that low those things seem like a big task. Start small, tell yourself its self care make it seem more important that way than thinking ugh I gotta wash my hair I cant be bothered. Take time to love and care for yourself it will help in the long run ❤ . . . . . . #health #mentalhealth #binge #bingeeatingdisorder #restrictiveeating #mind #body #soul #selfcare #vegansofinstagram #veganfood #vegan #vegansofig #fiber #allbran #physillumhusk #flaxseeds #lsa #vitasoy #chiaseeds #eveapple #apple #redseal #redsealtea #redsealnz

Anyone else love dessert for breakfast? 😻🤤 I used vanilla protein powder, mixed berries, almond milk, chia seeds, and almond butter and it seriously tastes like ice cream 🍦 #postworkoutfood #proteinsmoothie #proteinbowl

Try this for brunch this weekend!! 4 eggs, 1/4 cup TJ’s Parmesan, spinach, and TJ’s everything but the bagel seasoning - kept me full from @breakfast until 3 pm 😊

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Do you eat breakfast or save your appetite for all the food later? 🦃 I am sticking with my usual eggs and avocado 🥑🍳

I’ve noticed a lot of disordered eating in the competing industry. Too many girls who have a bad relationship with food then get into competing & develop an even more obscure relationship with food. . . Life is so short not to enjoy the foods you love. Everything can be enjoyed in moderation!

Using a tracking system to control what you eat, how much you walk, how your heart rate changes with time is like putting up a mouse in a little cage and make experiments on him 🐁 - You don’t believe me? Or do you think I am exaggerating? - Well, maybe. Maybe not 🧐 - What do you think when you’re invited for dinner tonight at a friends place? What is the first thing you think? Is it that you know that you will have a big meal there and because of that you should keep your calories as low as possible throughout the rest of the day? - When you are in a social occasion and are offered a coffee, a meal, … anything that you weren’t expecting to have, what do you think of straight away? Is it ‘damn, I shouldn’t have had breakfast - I’m gonna go over on my carbs/calories today’ or ‘let’s see how much what is the lowest calorie thing on the menu so that I can track it easily and don’t have to cut so much on food later’ or even just make an excuse that you are full and don’t want any food that is being offered. (As in free food. I mean, are you for real? What the hell are you thinking really 🙄?) - No wonder you’re a mess because this is TOTAL NEUROSIS. That is how I see this. Of course that it is good to have some consistency with meals and I am the first one to say that having proper knowledge about food, its quantities and nutrients IS important. But there is a line between eating healthy and being ‘on track and the appropriate mental thinking behind food. - DO-nut think so much and just spend that time doing these 🍩 also accepting all crazy suggestions about how to decorate these chocolate brownie donuts made with the @noshu mix! 🥳✌️ macros: 75 calories, 6C/1F/7P (hashtag ifeellikeachef 👩‍🍳 )

Restricting and binging go hand in hand. The scary thing about disordered eating is that it’s become normalised in our culture, these extremes are now just part of the parcel on your journey to be your ‘best self’. . 👎🏻Restrained eating 👎🏻Skipping meals 👎🏻Binges 👎🏻Restrictive dieting 👎🏻Cutting out whole food groups 👎🏻Diet pills 👎🏻Fat burners. All of these are normalised because our desire to look a certain way has overtaken our desire to respect our bodies. You really want change? Well stop doing the same stupid shit that got you looking at restrictive options in the first place. If you want a different outcome quit doing the same thing over and over again. Do right by your body because you believe you deserve it. 👊🏻

🌰THANKSGIVING TALK 🌰 ⠀⠀ Should you stick to your macros? Should you plan to go overboard? ⠀⠀ What about the day after? Detox??? Hours of cardio??? ⠀⠀ Nah. ⠀⠀ None of that! ⠀⠀ Please, enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family. Don’t be so consumed with calories, I promise you won’t fck up your progress in one day. ⠀⠀ You won’t gain 10 lbs, that’s bloat. ⠀⠀ Bloat is temporary. ⠀⠀ The “shitty” feeling is temporary. ⠀⠀ Let it go. ⠀⠀ But... do this ⠀⠀ Train hard AF Friday!!!!😤 (no cardio needed) ⠀⠀ I’m sending everyone who’s on my email list a free workout (both upper and lower) to choose from to do Friday. ⠀⠀ If you aren’t subscribed to my email list nor downloaded my free ebook... ⠀⠀ Click the link in my bio to do so now so you can get this free killer workout to put all those extra calories to good use!!! ⠀⠀ #GainsGiving

This wasn’t JUST a 23rd bday trip to Disney with the 2 funniest people I know💕it was the first trip in 2-3 years where I was not consumed by what went into my mouth, forcing myself to workout when I was already dead exhausted from the day, tracking my food, critiquing every photo of myself and I even WALTZ’d into a bathing suit store ready to shop?? Blessed to be moving forward while embracing my fluctuations and truly trying to listen to my body💥💫⚡️Those Magic Kingdom funnel cakes will literally have you on cloud 9 btw🍭🍬✨ PS: the last pic is the many shmoods of Disney World . . . #edrecovery #ednosrecovery #ednos #ednoswarrior #restrictiveeating #movingforward #intuitiveeating #fuckyourdiet #fuckyourbeautystandards #disneyworld #magickingdom #animalkingdom #epcot

Lower body killaass ⠀⠀ Save this and add it to your next leg workout! 💪🏻 ⠀⠀ 1️⃣Frog thrusts - using a barbell at 65 lbs ⠀⠀ **You can also use a DB, but if you want to increase load - keep adding smaller plates so they don’t affect the range of motion (since you’re on the ground, a bigger plate would take away the tension before you usually fully hit the ground again) ⠀⠀ This exercise is only as awkward as you make it seem 🤨 don’t be afraid to try it ladies! ⠀⠀ This exercise is awesome because it focuses more on the glutes and takes away any effort from the quads. ⠀⠀ Keep your feet together, legs apart, and pump it out!!!🐸 ⠀⠀ 2️⃣ Banded elevated sumo squads - using a 45 lb DB ⠀⠀ Sumo stance to emphasize more glutes, elevation to increase range of motion, and band to increase tension (making it harder without increasing the load) ⠀⠀ *You will definitely need a squat sponge to protect your hips here and some bands! I have some links on my website 😊

If youre sitting here thinking, man.. flexible dieting is cool and all...but tracking my food every day is going to drive me absolutely insane🤯 ⠀⠀ Too many days to log. Too much shit to scan. Too much obsessing over numbers. Too much time logging before actually eating. ⠀⠀ I just cant do it anymore. ⠀⠀ Girl, I feel you. I’ve felt like that too before. But it doesnt have to feel like that. ⠀⠀ So before you delete MyFitnessPal.. ⠀⠀ Read below for the 3 tips on how to ownnn MFP, not be a slave to it! ⠀⠀ 3 TIPS TO BE A BOSS A** TRACKER💃🏼 ⠀⠀ 1. Plan and log your food AHEAD of time 🕰 ⠀⠀ Do NOT wing your day, unless you have the patience and time to think of what to eat on the fly, do yourself a favor and have a set schedule on what you plan on eating, then prep those foods for a few days if you can. ⠀⠀ THEN - and do not forget this part! - log your food into the app the day BEFORE so you are good to go. ⠀⠀ DO NOT wait until you are about to eat the meal to plug it into the app, its a waste of time and youll definitely feel that ugh, f*ck this feeling.🤯 Not to mention youll get more hungry and frustrated since your meal is right in front of you 😤...but ya didnt log it yet and dont want to forget those numbers. ⠀⠀ DO IT BEFORE YOU TAKE THE FORK OUT TO EAT! 🍴 ⠀⠀ 2. Have substitutions ready to go for easy swaps 👌🏻 ⠀⠀ You like oatmeal on Monday-Wed and toast Thurs-Sun for breakfast? Have those substitutions planned for an easy peasy swap! ⠀⠀ If your oatmeal is usually 30 carbs / 5 protein / 3 fat, it would be a lot easier to find a bread that is similar in macros so you dont have to adjust any of your other foods that much. ⠀⠀ 3. If you are eating just about the same breakfast or lunch every day - SAVE IT in the app so you dont have to keep adding each ingredient every singleeee time! ✔️ ⠀⠀ Even though you save a meal, you can always adjust the serving sizes if need be - so all your meals should be saved 100%! ⠀⠀ If these tips helped you, let me know below! 👇🏻 ⠀⠀ Still have questions about tracking? Shoot me a DM, id love to help a girl out 🤗

Dinner ready in 10 minutes or less! Trader Joe’s has the best cheese selection ever, and Primal Kitchen dressings are delicious and healthy! Happy #tacotuesday🌮

Boulder shoulders 💪🏻 . I switched to a barbell for my press yesterday and saved the DB for some single presses. . 1️⃣Barbell shoulder press 4 ✖️ 10, 10, 8, 6 (increasing weight) the bar alone is 15 lbs . 2️⃣Side Lateral Raise 3✖️10-12 using 15 lbs . 3️⃣Seated single DB press Was pretty fatigued at this point 😤 using that same 15 DB for 3 ✖️12 . 3/5 exercises shown as I did some rear delt exercises to hit all 3 heads 👌🏻 . Shoulders are my top priority this season!

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and confidently was able to say I am beautiful ? I mean I know there are parts of your body that you might want to improve, we all have those thoughts right 🙋‍♀️ but do you still love your shape and what your body is able to do for you each and every day Like seriously, your body keeps you ALIVE! We need to celebrate that ! Girls we can get so stuck up in our heads hating on our bodies and not being able to see what we actually are accomplishing. This lack of confidence can cause you to miss out on a compliment that someone gives you or the person checking you out on the other side of the room! We all know the expression Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it is true. So know your worth and start to work on how you see yourself everyday and how you feel about yourself -- it is time to work on the gorgeous woman you are. Because confidence is SEXY! #bodyimage #youarebeautiful #bebeautiful #dieting #restrictiveeating #embraceyourcurves #loveyourshape #loveyourself #youareunique #beautyisintheeyeofthebeholder #bodyacceptance #bodypositive #bodyacceptance #bodyimagecoach #heretohelp #ilovemybody #mirrormirroronthewall #confidenceissexy

Breakfast : 2 eggs, 2 crumpets, 15g flora, 20g jam and a milky tea . . . . Feeling blurry and lethargic despite sleeping in. Jam/conserve has become a fearfood during this relapse so I challenged it again this morning to make sure as an option it doesn’t slip away into Ed’s grubby lil hands.

Ready for the work week! (Or at least until thanksgiving 🤷🏻‍♀️) what are your meal prep essentials?? Trying something other than chicken this week! 💁🏻‍♀️🥦🥩

Need a quick delicious dinner (and leftovers double as Monday’s lunch 🙌🏻) - strip steak with salad and primal kitchen ranch dressing topped with feta 😊🥦🥩

Back at it with the videos 😊💪🏻 I really missed recording my workouts and wanted to post what I did today! Heres 3/6 exercise that i did! 1️⃣ Single arm lat pulldown: I’m using a thumbless grip to take away tension from my bicep in order to really work the lats. . 2️⃣Straight arm lat pull down: using a rope here and im seated so that I’m forced to only use my upper body to pull the weight. . 3️⃣Chest-supported single arm dumbbell row: I’m going pretty light here in order to keep my form on point and pull back more instead of up. . Who else loves to train upper body? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Believe it or not, i actually prefer to train upper more than lower lol! 🤷‍♀️

How do you make take out healthy? This salad was amazing and yes that is a walnut crusted goat cheese ball 💁🏻‍♀️🥰 #healthytakeout #healthylunchideas

Healthy product swap! Disclaimer: both are delicious and both are better than a candy bar, but #tazadarkbark is the healthier choice here 🍫swipe ➡️ for the nutrition - bark thins have extra ingredients, higher carbs and sugar. It’s advertised as being healthy because it is dark chocolate (🤤) but still fairly processed. #readyourlabels

THE SECRETS OUT 🙊 . You don’t have to give up your favorite snacks and movie nights in order to see results. . Helllll, my little fam (swipe) and I love to Netflix and Popcorn!!🐶📺🍿 . Popcorn is actually an easy way to get more fiber down, and it’s super satisfying for only 100 calories ayyyyy! . Whenever my clients mention a salty craving, this box is literally the first thing i recommend EVERY TIME lol! . So I encourage you.... Fit your fav snack into your diet, everyone wants to kick back and chill here and there, and there’s no reason to feel guilty if you’re munchin away on some macro friendly snacks!!! #PopcornLife #MakeGainsEatPopcorn #ForgotThePopInLastPic

Craving Chinese food but trying to be healthy? Try this recipe from A Pinch of Yum (sheet pan garlic ginger chicken and broccoli) for low fodmap I subbed SF maple syrup for honey and skipped the garlic. It’s super good and quick to throw together 💁🏻‍♀️👌🏻🥦

Have you tried #banzapasta yet?! It is pasta made from chickpeas and was actually really good! With shrimp sautéed with sazon and paprika + spinach and stuffed pepper 💁🏻‍♀️👌🏻🤤

I was far from happy with my size 18/20 body on my sisters wedding day 2.5 years ago but being in THIS DRESS - my first (only only!) Haute Couture designed, made and fitted by the talented fashion designer bride herself, made me feel a million bucks💃🏼 - I so often hear from the women I speak to that they just want to feel comfy in their own skin, and that their clothes are getting too tight - I get it! - I felt the same for nearly two decades. But I now know it doesn’t have to be that way!🙅🏼‍♀️ - If you want my advice for an instant quick fix?🤓 - Go find and wear bigger clothes that fit you!💁🏼‍♀️ - Simples! - Who cares what dress size is on the label? Really, no one else sees it (cut it out if you care that much!) - Anyway, what is a size 16 in one shop can be a 14 or an 18 in the next! There really is no point getting your knickers in a twist over dress sizes👗 - Same as the number on the scales or your vital statistics...just numbers🤷🏼‍♀️ - And certainly not what you’ll be remembered for! ⚰️ - #youaremorethanyourbody #foodfreedom #chooseyou

Orthorexia is not yet a clinical diagnosis. - But I believe that YOU that are reading this could have it. - So, you’ve cut out foods with more sugar and fat... and you are feeling great! Your skin is glowing and you are full of energy. You feel so good that want to make a few more changes and you think about trying some of the health trends on your social media and that these guru coaches preach: gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, raw… - You feel healthy, pure and clean. You ARE health. You haven’t touched chocolate, gluten, dairy or anything you see as ‘unhealthy’ for months and feel completely in control. - But, you are starting to find it hard. You had to turn down some social events because you don’t feel comfortable eating any food you haven’t prepared yourself. You start becoming anxious around meal times. You spend most of your day planning your meals and you are constantly concerned about eating the ‘right’ foods. - How long do you spend thinking about your diet and the future foods you’ll eat? Do you feel at peace with yourself and in total control when you eat healthily? What’s the first think you think when someone offers you a food you wouldn’t normally have? Is it ‘thank you, sounds delicious!’ or ‘what’s the cacao percentage? - ‘But I am only being healthy’. Friend, you know that’s not just that. This is taking healthy eating to an extreme, not being flexible. If you feel guilty when you eat different from your diet, those ‘pure eating habits you have created for yourself, then you know that there is something wrong. - Ask for professional help. DO(nut) it 🍩 happy Monday friends!

MONDAYS do not mean: -You should get back on track -You should make up for everything you ate over the weekend -You should workout more -You should eat less -You should start your diet again -You should go Keto -You should go Paleo -You should start counting your macros -You should do that cleanse -You should start fasting -You should beat yourself up over what you ate on Sunday . . This isnt living. Whats life if every week we start a new plan to punish ourselves for eating a piece of cake over the weekend?? . . We live in such a diet focused world, where we are made to feel lazy, overweight & less worthy. And if we JUST DIET we would be thinner, prettier & happier. This is so far from the truth!! . . How good would it feel if you could just eat without any doubt, question or guilt running through your mind? What if you stopped using your Monday to jump on the next ‘diet trend’ & instead decided that you’re worth more than another Monday filled of guilt, shame & restriction? . . This is such a miserable cycle. Lets instead focus that energy on breaking the cycle & make peace with food. Lets feel CALM when the week begins as just another day & not a day you have to fix what you ate over the weekend. Make a promise to yourself to let go of this disordered eating & let yourself off the hook. Okay??🙏🏼 . . . . . #health #mondaymotivation #wellness #nutrition #weightloss #diet #fitness #hormones #womanshealth #wellbeing #holistic #mindfulness #mindset #forgive #food #personaltrainer #healthcoach #livelife #girlswholift #restrictiveeating #wholefoods #wellington #newzealand #monday #balance #disorderedeating

Happy Sunday!! Who is taking a rest day from exercise and meal prepping? This lunch prep is super easy and tasty - quinoa, ground chicken with taco seasoning and veggies, topped with feta 😊 sauté everything together then throw into your Tupperware!

It’s not too late to sign up for this amazing workshop on Monday 11/12 @6:30pm PST. “Conscious eating vs Restrictive eating” Visit link in bio to register for this workshop & to become a member and gain access into this phenomenal class being taught by our, Holistic Health Warrior, @thetaylorg_ of @divinelywholesome. And until the end of this year you can become a lifetime member for ONLY $99. Giving you access to not only this amazing class, but EVERY class from here on out. #womensupportingwomen #iamwendywhitmore #divinelywholesome #MyWarriorLifeCommunity™️ #wearemywarriorlife #ConsciousEating #RestrictiveEating #HolisticHealth #HealthyEatingHabits

“It started slowly at first, you know, standing in mirror. Then I looked to others and began comparing myself to them. I was never a big person, but I slowly began cutting out foods. Obvious ones of course, snacks, sodas, and junk but also breakfast. Between 15 and 16 years old I fell off into what I believe to be anorexia nervosa. I wouldnt exercise because I was very shy and kept my eating habits (aka: slow starvation) to myself. When I began college it got worse. Calorie counting was a daily chore and I decided to eat one meal a day and a snack. I was cutting out necessary foods along with my bad foods. I can remember the day I was climbing the stairs to my class, which before hadnt bothered me too much, and becoming so dizzy I had to stop and sit. I remember my mom suggesting a little weight gain wouldnt hurt while staring at my collar bones, and I loved it. I remember my husband, begging me to stop counting and I felt as though I had achieved something. Their concern gave me motivation. But despite feeling that way, inside I was miserable, depressed and hungry. At my lowest I was 103 pounds, ribs showing, weak and pale. But I wanted to go lower. I thought I had to be a certain weight, a certain shape so the people around me would be proud to say, Hey, thats my daughter! or Thats my girl! I was completely wrong. The night I fell into my husbands arms crying over calories was the night I decided I had to stop. Not only to help me, but also give those around me peace of mind. Im coming to the realization that my appearance/weight doesnt determine my place in the world, and it certainly doesnt make my family love me more or less. Now Im 21 years old, 118 pounds, eating better, and exercising. For once in my life I have some muscle and the color is coming back to my face. Although the habits still linger, I know it will eventually come to an end. After six years of restrictive eating, I think its time.” #eatingdisorderecovery #womenempowerment #womanissues #portraitphotography #art #healthylifestyle #strength #badfoods #eatingdisorderrecovery #womenpower #pancakes #junkfood #restrictiveeating #portraits #photography #portraitphotography

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