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This is for @silvcrcomp ! I chose Anne for the first task because even though she did not live when space travel was invented, Im pretty sure she wouldve been one of the first to be excited about it and she wouldve been so fascinated by the fact that we could finally start to explore the infinity of our universe - I mean space provide such a scope for the imagination dont you think? 🌌 This edit took me hours and I still dunno if I like it but here you go! #silvcrlineect1

γ€ŒELEANOR SHELLSTROP」 This is my (potentially late) entry for #silvcrlineect1! Ive chosen Eleanor Shellstrop from The Good Place as I believe she fits perfectly into the idiom stars cant shine without darkness (relating to the space theme) as it is the darkness of her near death experience that pushes her to become a better person/ the realisation that she was wrongly put in the good place (: - [ #thegoodplace #thegoodplaceedit #eleanorshellstrop #eleanorshellstropedit #kristenbell #copeditors #copefeedback]

// π™ π™–π™©π™š π™—π™šπ™˜π™ π™šπ™©π™© this edit is for #silvcrlineect1 🌞 i chose the Sun because i think it represents kate very well kate is complicated, has many layers just like how there are multiple planets, shes beautiful like the stars and there isnt anyone like her she’s bright, warm, golden and welcoming just like the Sun sorry for the long caption oof @silvcrcomp @silvcrline β€” #castleabc #stanakatic #castletv #katebeckett #graphicedit

Task 1: Space #silvcrlineect1 Deadline: Oct 9th For this task you have to: β€’ Use the colour scheme any way you like β€’ Include a star or a planet (or both- I just wanted an element of space) β€’ Choose your character wisely! Edit a character that you think fits the theme in any way possible. I think the requirements are easy, I wanted to give you a lot of creative freedom to do whatever you want. Regarding the character, please explain to me in the caption why you chose them as best as you can (especially if Im not part of the fandom). Please tag both @silvcrline and @silvcrcomp so I can be sure I see your edit and use the tag #silvcrlineect1 If you are a private account and dont want to go public, you can dm me your edit. Also DM me if you need more time Ill update you guys on how I will rate your edits later this week. I cant wait to see your entries!πŸ’—

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