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Coffee to cup (hot cocoa, actually), pen to paper (and, actually, nails to keyboard)... Here, I make this possible, I don’t know where I’m going or how far this is going to take me but, guess what?!.. I’m going.😌 • • #CoffeetoCup #PentoPaper #itsjustshantell #andIWrite🖊 • • #soulfulwriter #itstarts #imready I think🤔... #ijs #justaconversation #writer #writings #passion #journey #lifestyle #imwriting #fatgirlthatwrites

💘 ‘Follow your heart’ sounds fluffy and empty until you live and learn and get it. Really get it. 💘 Your heart actually has the strongest electromagnetic field of any organ in your body, including your brain. This is how it just knows freaking everything. This is how it guides you towards what is in alignment with your energetic body. It’s endless, eternal, timeless, and the wisest guide you have. Honour your heart always 💘

This is fictional... • • • But, I come from a life of people that gave me life, but they never gave me a heart. • They gave me a heart, but they never gave me a life. • I come from a line of people that gave me a heart, but they never gave me a life, and I was condemned before I even had a chance to fight. • These people gave me a heart, but they never gave me a life. • I was shedding to tears before I could even shine my light. • In the darkness, I shined so bright. • But, in the light, I dimmed until night. • They gave me a heart, but they never gave me a life. • These people called upon me to end all their fights, • Never realizing I was the fight. • At night when they couldn’t see my light, • Because they were only waiting until the light to see the light, • I moved away out of sight, • Because I was so fearful of the way they would perceive my height. It’s Everlasting _IJS #JustAConversation #itsjustshantell #journey #soulfulwriter #pentopaper🖊 #nailstokeyboard #andiwrite🥂 #Queenwritings👑✊🏾 • • #sanction #solice #blackgirlmagic #browngirlwritings #browngirlsoul #imready #iwrite #inspire #fatbrownround #fatgirlwrites #writer #dialogue #writer #writings

Grateful that this epic year is slowly coming to an end. Grateful for the transformation and lessons and growth beyond measure. Grateful for the wild shitstorms and the radiant sunshine of 2018. Grateful for everyone who stuck close by, who supported my whimsical business and believed in me. Grateful for my last month in this city, my home for the last 31 years, and time to soak up my favourite people and places. Grateful that our little big family can have a fresh start in a new, more aligned hood in the new year. Grateful for all that is, was, and shall be. So grateful 🙏🏻🌸☀️🌈🌴

Mother Nature... always holding us, forever healing us, eternally nurturing us in her wild and powerful ways. This is a snippet from my Sacred Sundays newsletter last week. If you’re into poetry, journal prompts, freebies, and storytelling, and you’d like a free copy of my ebook The Intuitive Playbook, you can sign up via the linktree in my bio. Blessings sweet peeps 🦄💘💫

And every now and then as I check on my phone, I skim, flander over those hundred messages to look for that one. Never knew how quick is the game of addictions, good ones and bad ones too, habits, oscillating between wanting and not wanting to become a part of you, Because each time you try to scratch it out of yourself, it takes with itself, a huge piece of your existence, a huge part of your soul longing for peace, And leaves behind hollow spaces like wounds, clotted with memories hard and soft. Because Everytime I turn around, I feel the ache, the strong desperation to see you standing, right behind me with your arms open while Im just paper and youre the fiercest flames, waiting to engulf me, while I pave my paths to self destruction. (Oct 17, Saturday. 2:07 am) #writers #wordporn #writersofinstagram #wordgasm #soulfulwriter #poetry #slampoetry #poets #poetsofinstagram #poetlife #poetrylove

Yerrrrr! 🗣 FEATURED WRITER for the last prompt is the lovely @chelijelly89 Thank you so much for sharing your lovely words! It was a unanimous decision. #soulfulwriter 🙏🏽 New Prompt posting soon, thank you to everyone who submitted your pieces we love reading them!! #micasawriters ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #openmicnyc #nycopenmic #nycopenmics #bronxopenmic #bronxopenmicpoetry #bronxpoetry #bronxpoets #bronxpoetrynight #poetrynyc #nycpoetryopenmic #nycpoetrycommunity #bronxartists #bronxcommunity #writersclubnyc #nycwriters #writersofnyc #bronxwriters #micasawriters #bronxwritersclub

Yerrrrr! 🗣 FEATURED WRITER for the last prompt is the lovely @chelijelly89 Thank you so much for sharing your lovely words! It was a unanimous decision. #soulfulwriter 🙏🏽 New Prompt posting soon, thank you to everyone who submitted your pieces we love reading them!! #micasawriters ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #openmicnyc #nycopenmic #nycopenmics #bronxopenmic #bronxopenmicpoetry #bronxpoetry #bronxpoets #bronxpoetrynight #poetrynyc #nycpoetryopenmic #nycpoetrycommunity #bronxartists #bronxcommunity #writersclubnyc #nycwriters #writersofnyc #bronxwriters #micasawriters #bronxwritersclub

🦄🐍🌸 SOUL FOOD READING for the week ahead 🌸🐍🦄 This is a week of rebirth, renewal and revival, so go gently my sweet souls. After the big, juicy portal of 11.11.11 we are in new energetic territory which will affect every part of your life. Dive into your shiny hi-vibing newness and you will be lifted to new heights. Resist your light and truth and you may struggle. 🦄 The unicorn reminds us of the wild magic that is present in everyday life. They show us that our crown chakra is yearning to open to the higher spiritual realms, but also to see into this world with our powerful third eye which can reveal all the mysteries and sacred beauty right in front of us. 🐍 The snake is showing us how to gracefully shed our skin, an important message at this time. Snakes are fluid, intuitive, and attuned to the vibrations around them. Take time this week to look consciously into the unhelpful habits, patterns of thinking and fear-based beliefs that you would be wise to leave behind. 🦗 The cicada comes out of the ground when it is strong enough to live independently. Your independence right now is critical to how you’ll move through this new phase of life. Who are you leaning on and why? What are you dependent on and can you see this as just a story that doesn’t serve you? What else is holding you back from being all YOU? This is a time of learning and growth, but you must do it on your own two feet, from the direction of your own heart, powered by your own inimitable wings. 🌈🦄🐍🦗🌟 Keep shedding, keep journaling, keep coming back to your magic and truth. To go deeper into this reading, meditate with the animal/reptile/insect that you resonate with the most. Let them guide you personally this week. Big love and blessings 🌸🌈🧚🏼‍♀️ Animal Kin oracle by @sarahwilder__ 🌸🦗🐍🦄💘

A little soulful inspo from my meditations on retreat 🌟🙏🏻💫

This will be my soap box topic up to Christmas! (have you noticed? 😜) I will be sharing plenty of ideas for gift giving, crafts and decor and other festive activities - but all tying in with the eco-friendly theme. I hope it will inspire you to avoid the high-street and wasteful stores this year and be a little bit more resourceful and creative. It will save you money AND the planet. Link in the bio!!! 🙄👆👆👆 -- Got any other great zero-waste gift ideas? Please share them in the comments below! . . . . #liveinspired #wellnessblogger #wellpreneur #mindbodysoul #mindbodygram #mindbodyspirit #raiseyourvibrations #holisticliving #greenlifestyle #healthyhappylife #lifecoach #ecowarrior #savetheplanet #conscious #contentwriter #copywriter #soulfulwriter #ecoblog #christmasideas #ecochristmas #christmastree #christmasdecor #christmasgifts #zerowaste #zerowasteliving #zerowastehome #zerowastechristmas

I may not be where I want to be, but thank goodness I am not where I used to be. 🌈 #growingandhealing #growingstronger #onesteptowardsabetterlife #wordsofencouragement #wordsofworth #soulfulwriter

Sometimes life feels a bit overwhelming, right? Good to put things into perspective and focus on the things you do have control over! . . . #liveinspired #wellnessblogger #wellpreneur #mindbodysoul #mindbodygram #mindbodyspirit #raiseyourvibrations #holisticliving #greenlifestyle #healthyhappylife #lifecoach #ecowarrior #savetheplanet #conscious #contentwriter #copywriter #soulfulwriter #ecoblogger @stacieswift

Working on a new blog post about real versus artificial Christmas trees. I would always go for real, simply because they’re biodegradable. What’s your take on this? Or perhaps it is time to think outside the box and build a tree from books 😉 . . . #liveinspired #wellnessblogger #wellpreneur #mindbodysoul #mindbodygram #mindbodyspirit #raiseyourvibrations #holisticliving #greenlifestyle #healthyhappylife #lifecoach #ecowarrior #savetheplanet #conscious #contentwriter #copywriter #soulfulwriter #ecoblog #booksofinstagram #christmasideas #ecochristmas #christmastree #christmasdecor

Christmas gifts...*sigh* We all have so much stuff already and we really don’t need anything, do we? Certainly not anything made of plastic. If you do need to buy a gift, get everyone books instead. Or handmade soap. Silver earrings, beeswax candles, wooden toys, tickets to the theatre. Something vintage. And wrap your gifts in paper. No plastic this year, please. Imagine how powerful it would be if we all stopped buying plastic as much as possible? 💪😃 Want to know what else you could do to make a positive change this Christmas? Read my latest blog post 👇 https://ninasapartment.com/2018/11/02/skip-the-christmas-gifts-this-year-lets-cleanup-the-ocean/ . . . #liveinspired #wellnessblogger #wellpreneur #mindbodysoul #mindbodygram #mindbodyspirit #raiseyourvibrations #holisticliving #greenlifestyle #healthyhappylife #lifecoach #ecowarrior #savetheplanet #conscious #contentwriter #copywriter #soulfulwriter #ecoblog #christmasgifts #christmasgiftideas #theoceancleanup @theoceancleanup

💫🌸🌟 Giveaway closes midnight tonight! 🌟🌸💫 Would you like to win a personalized Yearly Forecast Reading for 2019? I’m giving away an in-depth reading to one lucky newsletter subscriber. All you need to do is subscribe to my Sacred Sundays newsletter {link in bio} by midnight AEST tonight, and make sure you follow my Insta page too. I’ll put the rest of the details in tomorrow’s newsletter. Good luck, lovers! 🌟🌸💫

My pretty, potent cards deliciously displayed! My beautiful soul sister and business coach Jarka @designedbylife_ had a mini vacay last weekend south of Sydney where she saw my cards looking all perky and sweet at a shop in Berry. I can’t tell you how much this makes my heart sing! So grateful for Jarka for sharing this pic and so grateful for all the retailers who support these soulful creations. Big love to @affirmations.publishing for being an incredible publishing company to work with. All. The. Gratitude! 🤓🌈🌟🙏🏻🌸

Your Soul is here to remember the healing and growth and gifts from all your lives, and to bring them to the light in this life. Your body’s job is to live sensually, to experience all that life has to offer without getting attached to any of it. Your heart is the queen, it’s job is to guide your mind and your body to according to your highest potential, to see the world with eyes of oneness and unconditional love. And your brilliant mind’s job is to create a life of purpose, fulfillment and bliss. Every moment of every day is a fresh chance to create whatever you can dream of. Any chance you get to heal your body, mind, soul and heart is an opportunity to live more aligned with the whole and raise your precious vibes 💫🌟💫

🔮📿 Soul Food reading for the week ahead... Sweet peeps, it’s been a brutal year at times. And I’m not here to promise the end of all challenges forevs, but there is a reprieve coming. The depth and beauty of your reprieve depends on a few things... How conscious are you of your life? How lovingly have you held yourself lately? How willing are you to surrender your grasping connections to everything? How deeply have you listened to your inner wisdom? How eager are you to learn and explore and ask for help? 🔮📿 In your own amazing way, you have so much power and a range of unique gifts to share with the world. Creatively and soulfully mould these together and BOOYAH you’re on the illuminated path to abundance and a vibrant way of being. 🔮📿 The first step out of the darkness is awareness, then trust, then a deeply loving plan that’s for your highest good. Ask for help if you need it. Honour your visions. Stay true to you, you crazy diamond. 🔮📿 Blessings, beauties. Moonchild Tarot by Danielle Noel @moonchildtarot 🔮📿

More of the soulful, simple, delicious life. Please and thank you Universe 💫🌟🙏🏻🌟💫

I love a good, scrumptious journal. A beautifully designed, soulfully written, consciously printed and lovingly co-created journal is the very best kind. Right?! A year ago my publisher @affirmations.publishing made this stunning Soulful Journal with my words in it... and I’ve been smack bang in love with journaling ever since. It’s all that and so much more. You can buy it via the linktree in my bio 🌿💫

🌺♥️ Soul Food Reading for the week beginning October 15th. My loves, we are birthing a new age. A ripe and love-soaked era where the soul rules and the heart is queen. This is no easy feat if you are still stuck in fear-based and unworthy ideals. This week, life is calling you to rise. To dream your dreams in 3D technicolour... so vivid and real that they have no choice but to manifest in your life. If you aren’t sure what’s next for you and your precious soul, then take a journey somewhere sacred. Be it in your country, around the world, or in your home or neighbourhood. Be fearless, sweet warrior, the world needs you more than ever ♥️🌺 Work Your Light oracle by @rebeccathoughts ♥️🌺

• Both are grounded on what you cannot see in black and white. Wield your weapons wisely. That will be all that you will have to fight the battles of life. - on faith or fear • #soulfulwriter #poetsofinstagram #yshfaquote #faithorfear #soulful #weildyourweapons

• My restless unruly and bustling waves. Your reliable steadfast and abiding shore. Here we recede and unite, night after night and bright after bright. Not to possess; but to belong. Not to hold; but to be. Forever with each other. - On love • #poetsofinstagram #soulfulwriter #yshfaquote #onlove #seaandtheshore

Sometimes letting go is the best for you and the other person. #the_learning_soul #letgo #findyourself #freeofexpectations #workforyourself #soulfulwriter #thoughtfulwriter #thoughtfulquotes

#हर मौसम हर बारिश में तुम हमको याद आते हो कभी कुछ ऐसा बताओ ना हम तुम को याद आते हैं... तुझ तक ... #अंधेरी तन्हा रातों में तुम यादें लेकर आते हो उन यादों के साथ ही हम सारी रात बिताते हैं तुझ तक ... #कई मर्तबा होता यूं है तुम कलियों में मुस्काती हो हवाओं में अपनी खुशबू बिखेर तुम इधर उधर चहकाती हो बागों के हर फूल को छूकर हम मन ही मन इतराते हैं तुझ तक... thought #poem #shayari #kavita #hindikavita #gazal #life #mirakeewriters #love @hindipoetry @hindiwriters @hindikavyasangam @hindikavi #poetry #wordgasm #yourquotes #innervoice #ttt #wordporn #wordpress #writer #writersnetwork #writersofig #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #soulfulwriter #rekhta #jashnerekhta #ishq

🌸 Hey sweet souls! I wanted to share a little about how I can help you with my old and new gifts that keep unwrapping themselves. . 💫 I’m a soul-led copywriter, I can help your write a snippet or more of copy for your website or wherever with wholehearted sparkle. (I LOVE writing About pages.) . 💫 As a published writer, I have some completely beautiful conversation and affirmation cards that you can purchase to light up your life. (See Cards link in bio.) 💫 I’m a certified Reiki healer, so I can send you a juicy, loving dose of healing wherever you are in the world. This can include chakra balancing, cord cutting, or any other kind of spiritual healing you desire. 💫 I’m a psychic clairvoyant, I can help you get in touch with your Spirit Guides and the Ascended Masters and I can channel messages from them too. . 💫 As a psychic who is obsessed with cards, I can also use oracle or tarot to create a gorgeous, valuable reading for you to print and keep. This is a really fun and powerful way to access guidance from Spirit. I have a list of my favourite spreads on my website (see Readings link in bio) but I can ask them anything (except predictions, medical and legal stuff). . 💫 I’m a medium. I can access your loved ones in Spirit and ask them questions on your behalf or just bring through messages from them to you. . 💫 As a medium I can also get in touch with your ancestors who you may have never met but who have had a big impact on your life. You can ask for someone specific, or I can ask who wants to come through to help you heal and guide you. It’s so powerful and any healing you do will heal your ancestors past, present and future. . 💫 And I can do a mix of some of the above, whatever you’re craving. Just send me a message and we can create magic together soon. I invest plenty of time and so much love into everything I do. 🌸 Blessings, Krissy 🌸

🍀CONNECTION🍀 • It was two years ago when I started writing my heart out in some small captions. I was not sure if everybody read them because I was too busy expressing. My sisters and my bestfriend always appreciated me for my words and insisted me to write more.. i wasnt sure, because writing some words doesnt make you a writer!? Well, I was wrong. Because it does. When you write..you open the door of possibility to discover more and doesnt matter if its a book, a paragraph or a line. I did the same and now I love to write, its a part of me.✒ • If one of you read my words and give time to my expressions, Im the happiest person around. I love connections. I feel blessed to have you all here listening to me, reading me and watching me grow🌱 • Finally, I am starting a BLOG! Yes!!🤗 I would love to share more and connect more with each one of beautiful souls reading this right now.🌌 • Let me know your thoughts about it. Starting a poll in my stories. Im excited and nervous.🙈 Thank you!!!🌄💛 _ Hare krishna☄

• In the mundane daily existence, though my fortitude remains unsung, though my valour goes undecorated, I have survived the battles of love. I have withstood the wounds of losses. I have garnered the courage to continue. I am a soldier trained by life. - on surviving • #womenwhowrite #freedomwriters #expressionandbeyond #yshfaquote #battlesoflife #poetsofinstagram #prayers #surviving #endurance #valour #fortitude #soulfulwriter #soldiering #iamafighter💪 #i #win

Even when life feels like it’s swirling and emotions are rising up there is a depth to her heart that knows no bounds. :: She has learned to face the unknown with a fire and passion that calls up the Wild and the free. :: She sees now that her words are her advocacy and she chooses to continue to speak her truth even when it causes conflict and friction. :: Friction creates a fire and a mighty surge of new growth and unearthing. :: Dear sister, men, women, daughter, son: it is time to take the stand of your life. :: Trust your passions. Trust your voice. Trust your story. :: The power of speaking from your place of vulnerability is needed now more than ever. :: And with all my breaths I want to walk alongside the change makers who amidst their own fear and chaos will ground themselves in their truth and speak their mind. :: I can help you write and share your story with such passion the earth will tremble with anticipation for what you are saying and will delight in the creation of your story. :: Where are my beautiful creators? Who wants to join me this September and allow me to guide you to unlock the story of your heart and learn how to position yourself as a soulful writer? :: Words change lives. Are you ready to change lives with your words? :: Message or comment below with “soulful writer” immediately and begin a journey that lights up the world one word at a time. 🤲🏼 :: #womenwhowrite #womenwhowritepoetry #writeyourheartout #soulfulwriter #writeabook #howtowriteabook #howtoblog #heartwords #soulwords #cassiejeans #guidedreading

Energy✡ with the extreme hustle of the emotions my consciousness of mind gone away this morning, summed up every act I did was worthless, negativity imprisoned my thoughts and controlled my body. I wanted to go out but I didnt want to leave. Something like this grasp me in the morning. It took me two hours to convince my mind that my body need some movements and breathe. Stepped on my mat and been there for hours, no idea how long it went. Filled my lungs with air and heart with full of possibilities. Nourished my soul with good food and water after. I feel different, I passed in protecting my energy. These are the moments I live for... Thank you universe🌌 ° Art-@vondove💫 ° Hare krishna🍀

Practice🙏 when I was early in practicing yoga, all the advance poses seems so attractive and ofcourse impossible. I have this urge of doing all the things which first seems impossible for me. Now I can do most of them and my body is strong and happy but honestly I feel more connected, grounded, calm and charging in the easiest poses like child pose most of the time. That doesnt mean I dont like advance poses, once in a while I need that kick and hard work. Feels like this practice is leading me to a better posture and powerful body but my soul needs cat-cow and downward dog always😁 I believe It all depends on your energy. Isnt it? Sometime I choose yoga for internal purpose to release pain and grudges my heart is holding so I found myself on the mat crying and healing, sometime yoga chooses me to make me more strong and healthier externally... What do you think?🍀 _ Hare krishna❤

What are you grateful for today? Feel that gratitude and give thanks. How can you connect with someone today? Acts of kindness are never random. What do you need today? Prioritize you. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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