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do you ever have those days where you just need to release all your feelings; aggression, sadness, joy - you just need to put it all out there into the world. whenever i have one of those days, i know i belong on a bike. i’ve been going through a lot recently in my personal life and it’s nice to have 45 minutes to let go and channel my feelings into something bigger than myself ✨ soulcycle is so much a community; even if you don’t know the person riding next to you, you thrive off of their energy and it makes you better #soulcycle #soulgifted

Squeezing in a few last minute rides at @soulcycle before heading home for the holidays! 💛 #soulgifted We’re nearing the end! t’s DAY 11 of #12DaysofCobaltChristmas! Today’s giveaway is a fun gift set by @ctilburymakeup! Every day through December 19th, there will be a new giveaway posted here on my feed! To enter to win: 1) Like each photo tagged with #12DaysofCobaltChristmas & 2) Tag a friend who would want to follow along and win too! All winners will be announced on December 19th! Swipe left to see today’s giveaway!

SOUL☠️ #SoulGifted #SoulCycle

Pre flight ritual: @soulcycle ⚡️ The holiday season can feel pretty useless, esp if you’re freelance am I right? As I head to the snow for the rest of the year, here are a few essential end of year items I’ll get going as times are slowing: ✖️Update resumes, websites, media kits w/2018 happenings ✖️IRA deposit ✖️Clean up my accounting/finances ✖️Get the money that’s mine ✖️Give thanks to those who’ve showed up for me ✖️Reflection & goal setting moment - 📷 @holdenfocus #soulgifted #soulcycle

100 RIDES! I did it!⚡️💛 I am so grateful for @soulcycle. I am 100 rides stronger, 100 times happier, and a million times more confident. This journey has taught me so much about myself, my body and my mind. If you had told me that I would be unapologetically obsessed with bikes that go nowhere at this time last year, I would have called you insane. Yet, here I am: smiling from ear to ear after 45 mins on a bike that doesn’t move. HUGE SHOUTOUT to @sunnymaeerryday for making my 100th ride, best ride💛 Big thank you to @sydmiller @kalfitlife and @cheryoursoul_ for making me the best and happiest version of myself. I’ve seen so much change in myself over the past half a year and I 100% attribute it to @soulcycle. I am so happy I found my happy place. Here’s to many more rides in that dark room⚡️🤩 #soulgifted #sweetfitdigs #soulstyle

Soul rider 👊🏼 Getting my last @soulcycle sweat sessions in before heading home to Vancouver. #soulgifted

Starting my morning with something good for my mind, body and SOUL 🚲 I began to feel stuck and bored with my regular weight training routine. After doing (nearly) the same thing for a couple years I began to just simply go through the motions with my training - and I HATED it! Two of my favorite ladies ever took me to @soulcycle this past summer - which when they asked me I replied with “what’s that?” - and I fell in LOVE! It really is so much more than a work out but in short it’s 45 minutes of disconnecting from the world and reconnecting to your soul while bomb instructors bump the best beats 🎶 #SoulCycle How are you starting your morning off? ☕️

Follow @CeeLoGreenNicePhotos for more weekly posts !! 👍👍🔔 ________________________________ Unapologetically addicted to taking pics in front of signs that say unapologetically addicted to soul 🌸 @soulcycle Source: @jayceelogreen 💜 🔥 Stay tuned 💛💜💛 #soulcycle #soundxsoul #soundbysoul #thechainsmokers #soulgifted

LIVE AUTHENTIC. Dare to be your true self whether walking into the studio, tapping it back on the bike or navigating the gritty streets of San Francisco. Thank you @pocketashley for bringing the Bay Area @soucycle Fam all together for an afternoon of SelfCare Sunday, kicking the day off with an ass kicking yet joy fueled Hip Hop Sunday ride at CSTR with @joyousjoeseph — O M G so much fun — and mini @drunkelephant goodies. We then headed to one of my fave spaces in SF, @theassemblysf in the Mission. This beautiful thoughtfully planned out airy yet cozy co-working space was warm & inviting even on a cold rainy Sunday. Restorative Yoga is an ongoing wish list class (but always so hard to fit into mom life!) so what a freaking treat to be able to take a class with @daniparkeryoga at The Assembly. The extended pigeon and reclined bound cobbler’s pose felt SO good once I got to settle deep. I quickly refueled on some delicious bites by @biritesf and then got my nails did by the fabulous team behind @highfivenicenails. The best part? I got to do all of this with one of my dearest friends @seeshui. I can’t even remember the last time we had a kid-free conversation. Life may be busy AF but we need to remember to SLOW DOWN for self-care on Sundays and every day to nourish the mind, body, and soul. Especially on rainy days 🤪 What does self care mean to you? I think self care includes being able to find laughter even when life hands you lemons or challenging moments. SWIPE thru for a peek. 📸 of this special moment by @aladygoeswest Thank you sponsors @formbeauty @curiedeodorant @lola @biritesf @drunkelephant @highfivenicenails @theassemblysf #soulcycle #findyoursoul #soulgifted #doingthings #sfblogger #sffitness #sffoodie #mentalhealthawareness #mysanfrancisco

Did you know that.... I spend most of the time sitting in front of a computer ~ working ~ I eat almost the same food every day I’m not always motivated to move my body but I do it anyway since it makes me feel 💯 amazing •s/o to #S2BM & @soulcycle for the best sweats• I’m not a size 0 anymore and I love it because my hard work has been paying off I need to get better at fitting restorative work to my weekly routine I work on weekends and I’m always sporting *panda eyes* 🐼 I don’t have a thigh gap; however, I’m pretty happy with the way I look I’m always smiling * I don’t do it just for the gram* & you can ask to my Soul instructors, right @c_glorylove ? I’m happy and grateful for all of YOU! * * * * #soulgifted #mondaymotivation #motivation #yougotthis #realness

It’s T-minus 1 week until the holidays and I’m so happy I spent yesterday with my @soulcycle family indulging in a little #selfcaresunday. Between #feedingmysoul at Cycle and then feeding my body and mind at Restorative Yoga at @theassemblysf I feel rested and rejuvenated before the chaos of holiday travel. Thank you Soul SF, I love this team! #feedmysoul #soulgifted #soulcyclesf

Making 2019 the year of ME! ✨ if there’s one intention I’m setting for next year, it’s to make more time for the things that fuel my fire: my family, my friends, my meditations, my mornings @soulcycle. To work smarter, not harder, to focus less on grades and more on learning, and to spend more time with people who fill my cup as much as I fill theirs. . . Yesterday’s #SelfCareSunday reminded me of just that. Oftentimes, we get so caught up in doing things for the benefit of others that we neglect to take care of the most important person in our lives- ourselves. As a perpetual giver, this habit can be hard to break. But just like with anything, all it takes is that gentle nudge from within yourself, every day, to keep you going. Remind yourself, affirm to yourself, that you are worth it. You are worth the struggle and the fight just as much as anyone else. Repeat after me, “I deserve to give myself the love I keep pouring out to everyone else.” #DailyTRTHs . . My journey towards realizing this may not be perfect, and yours probably isn’t either. But I’m grateful for the opportunity to surround myself with beautiful, strong, inspiring friends, like @gofitjo, who remind me to stay true to my path. It’s that support that moves mountains and creates the space for us to push the limits of our personal boundaries and grow closer to the version of us that we were always meant to become. 🖤 #soulcycle #soulgifted #browngirlmagic

#realtalk- yesterday I walked into a fitness studio for the first time in 2 weeks. Yes, you heard me correctly, 2 weeks... 💫 It has been one of those periods of crazy long work hours, little sleep and honestly, I didn’t have the motivation I needed to get my butt into a studio. 💫 So last week I figured I would grab a few friends, and we would go to @soulcycle, but I got sick. Instead of letting that discourage me I made it motivate me. I decided to sit the class out with the intentions of starting fresh on Monday, which for me was a realistic goal. I knew I needed a few days off sleep and give my body what it needed to get better and to get back into it. 💫 This morning, I got up before the crack of dawn and went to @soulcycle. In just 45 short minutes, I felt BACK! Back to routine, back on the grind and back to myself. 💫 So let this be proof, that you can always start again as long as YOU want to! 💫 What do you do when you’re in a rut ?! #soulcycle #soulgifted #soulpartner

On my way to steal your man... or at least bike 🚲 #mondayatnoon

Last @soulcycle ride of 2018 before going to Texas tomorrow to spend the Holidays with my family❤️!!!! Bittersweet feelings but Ill be back✨ #soulGifted

Feeling all sorts of grateful after yesterday’s badass afternoon at @soulcycle and @theassemblysf . As we near the end of the year, I’ve been reflecting quite a bit on the past several months and all I can say is that it has been a season (or seasons) of change. From best friends moving away and work changes to trips across the country and reunions, it’s been bittersweet, challenging, and exciting to say the least. Through it all, I feel thankful for the community I’ve fostered (both near and far) and perhaps most surprisingly through Soul Cycle and The Assembly as of late. I’m so excited to go into the new year and remind myself to breathe a bit more, stay active, and most importantly, be kind to myself. #vsco #vscocam #soulgifted

had an amazing weekend in Las Vegas with my @soulcycle family! Riding with @thechainsmokers was insane! It was legit a nonstop dance party ride! A weekend for the books! #soulgifted

What a weekend it has been in Vegas with @soulcycle to celebrate their new studio and hang with @thechainsmokers! Such a great experience, AND I didn’t lose my money! 🤸🏼‍♂️ - #soulgifted #soundbysoulcycle

We met because of our shared love and passion for riding road bikes in 2015. Since then, we’ve shared the road together in the Colorado mountains, Oregon countryside, and Texas Hill Country — and pushed our bodies in ways I couldn’t even imagine. I’ve moved on a bit from intense road riding, and into more casual indoor riding — so it was cool to share a different kind of ride and passion with my pals in Chicago today. (Their first SoulCycle class!) I’ve love / miss how bikes build community and bring people together. While this type of ride is different, the friendship and camaraderie remains the same — if not better. #soulgifted @soulcycle (And thanks @thebradchandler!!)

so much more than a workout — 90 minute challenge feeling like 5 thanks to these people, the energy in that room and always. always. the music. ❤️ love yooooou v much @soulcycle. // #chickpeainthecity #soulgifted #soulcycle

As a mom and a caregiver, sometimes I need to take time out just for myself. Or as @joyousjoeseph said on the bike today, “you gotta look after the love of your life — YOU!” So that’s what I did! Today, I trekked into the City for a ride at @soulcycle Castro, followed by hanging out and yoga at @theassemblysf with @daniparkeryoga and some friends. And now, heading back home to my boys feeling refreshed and ready to GIVE! Happy Sunday! #aladygoeswest #soulgifted • • • • • #mindbodygram #iamwellandgood #momswholift #moveyourbody #fitnessblogger #sfblogger #girlswholift #fitnessmotivation #strongnotskinny #girlswithmuscles #fitspiration #sweatsf #sffitness #bodypositivity #girlswithmuscle #healthymom #fitmama #livebeautifully #yogaeverydamnday #yogalife #sweatinstyle #femalefitness #womenempoweringwomen #nowrongwaysf #alwayssf #mysanfrancisco #lifestyleblogger #livebeautifully

I NEEDED today’s @soulcycle class. Soul invited me to participate in SELF CARE SUNDAY and honestly there were so many messages the instructor shared today that hit home. Over the hum of the wheels he kept shouting, “You give and give and give so much to other people - give this moment to yourself. Take care of you - the person you say goodnight to every night and wake up with every morning.” It was all about self love and recognizing that you, your wants, and your needs are important. Sometimes above those of others. I needed that message and every time I go into a SOUL studio I’m reminded why I love our little SOUL tribe. Happy Sunday, babes! LOVE YOURSELF. #soulgifted

Self-care is something I’ve been really bad at lately especially with all the recent traveling I’ve had these past 4 weeks. And sadly I’m feeling the effects of not putting in more time to take care of me. I’m moody, anxious, quick to react, and just not feeling like my best self. Then top it off with holiday stress and I’m just 🤦🏽‍♀️ all wound up. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I’m so excited to spend the day with @soulcycle and a bunch of new and old SF friends for #selfcaresunday! We’re starting off with a #soulcycle class with @joyousjoeseph then heading to the @theassemblysf for a restorative yoga class, bites by @biritesf, and manicures from @highfivenicenails ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Follow along @soulcycle’s IG stories today as I takeover their account and bring you along for the ride! #soulgifted

thank you @soulcycle for taking us to Vegas & letting us check out the new studio #soulgifted

I came to wynn some money & I left with all new @soulcycle merch 🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️ #soundbysoulcycle #soulgifted

Was planning on having a lazy weekend but my Apple watch said I was on a 8-day workout streak so I didn’t want to spoil it. I took @jennagaro’s @SoulCycle Activate class this morning for the first time and loved it. Such a good addition to your regime. It’s the SoulCycle you love but more interval training to get your heart racing and added weight training. A good way to shock your body if you are feeling a plateau. Who is coming with me next time?! #soulgifted

Going to a @49ers vs @seahawks game at @levisstadium today with a bunch of fam and friends, but SUPER bummed I had to miss the @soulcycle #selfcaresunday event at #CSTR with @gofitjo and @intentionally_kat! Sis and I still wanted to get our #SundaySoul in, so we took a quick pre-game 60-min survivor with @lukeecharms at #SNJO! #soulgifted

Unapologetically addicted to taking pics in front of signs that say unapologetically addicted to soul 🌸 #soulcycle #soundxsoul #soundbysoul #thechainsmokers #soulgifted @soulcycle

issa vibe #soundbysoulcycle #soulgifted

brb, gotta go to one last @soulcycle for the year. 🚴🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️ #soulgifted

- 🌞 - @soulcycle #soulgifted #soultogether I enjoyed trying #SoulCycle while in #NYC too!

the best way to start off the weekend: 45-minutes of “me time” at @soulcycle 💫👟🕯🎵 #soulgifted

just posted a little recap of our quick mom/daughter trip we took to chicago this past weekend on my blog 🤗 we were able to fit in a lot in the short amount of time we were there✨some of my favorites being my oat milk latte from @lacolombecoffee & @goddessbaker, our brunch at @bluedoorlp, dinner at @farmhousechicago with the best mac n cheese i’ve ever had, getting in a morning ride at @soulcycle & the tourist in me going up to the @skydeckchicago 🤩it was a quick trip but a great one with my mama . where’s your favorite spot to visit!? head to the link in my bio for a full recap on everything we did & ate in our short time there 👯‍♀️ happy friday💛

Let’s be real... the holiday season can be stressful af. Sure it’s the most wonderful time of the year but all those festivities, family time, shopping and travel can take a serious toll on you. Despite the craziness I’ve been making an effort to carve out some time for me by dedicating 45 minutes a few times a week to sweating it out in a dark room with some loud music. It’s my total me time with no distractions and it’s kept me sane and helped me shake the stress and focus on optimism and gratitude instead (thanks for always reminding us @xtinasoul!) 🎄 #soulgifted

So excited to be heading back to Toronto tonight! 💛 Montreal will always have a huge part of my heart, but with our decision to move to TO I’m just so freakin pumped to be exploring and finding our home 👀 (like which area to live in and why!! Eekkk) ... T-G for spots like @soulcycle and my go tos in the city making me feel like I already have some kind of routine here. ☺️ Where are your fave areas in Toronto? #soulgifted

these 45 minutes in @soulcycle aren’t only a workout, they teach me so many life lessons and make me realize that we are much more capable of things than we think. people make excuses to not go after what they want because it’s “unrealistic”. stop thinking that way and go after your dreams because you are capable of anything you set your mind to. end rant ⚡️⚡️⚡️ go out there and be a bad ass cause i know u all are #soulgifted

when you put yourself on a waitlist at @soulcycle and manifest yourself into that class (or so you try) 😂🙏🏻 ...ps i just made a new playlist called “top songs to soulcycle to in 2018” aka all my faves i’ve heard this year on my @spotify. linked on my stories! HAPPY ALMOST FRIDAY. // #chickpeainthecity #soulcycle #soulgifted

No idea what to get that fit friend on your list? Treat them to a ride at @soulcycle! Might as well treat yourself to a couple of rides too 👀🚴🏻‍♀️🎁✨ #SoulGifted

HIP HOP over the mid week hump HOORAY! Still holding on to Sunday’s @soulcycle vibes. Running on fumes but heart still full with: JOY from being surrounded by the brightest souls like @training.for.churros @caronmodmedia & @lukeecharms GRATITUDE in being able to move as I watch my mom and MIL both immobile struggle to stand up or sit up and INSPIRATION as I see all of YOU continue to create change for yourself because you are indeed worth it. Looking ahead — What are your weekend plans? I can’t wait for soul therapy with @stephstokes_ Sat 8:30am in SMTO! I got a FULL weekend of fam commitments and holiday gatherings so gotta fit in some me time to work on physical & mental wellness even for 45min. Wearing @outdoorvoices FreeForm Bra & 7/8 Hi-Rise Leggings in Charcoal #soulcycle #findyoursoul #soulgifted #sfblogger #sffitness #doingthings #humpday #womenempoweringwomen #siliconvalley #iamwellandgood

✨CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY #1 ✨🎄❤️ @Soulcycle has got to be one of my favorite partnerships this year and as an ambassador I truly want everyone to experience how hard it can be at first but how alive you feel after taking several classes! 💪🏼 It’s such a great stress reliever! So for my FIRST holiday giveaway I am giving away @soulcycle merch and a class for you to try it out! If a Dallas peep ends up winning I’ll even take the class with you!! 🚴🏼‍♀️ ✨ . ❤️ HOW TO ENTER ❤️ . 1️⃣- Like this picture 2️⃣- Follow @soulcycle 3️⃣- Tag 3 friends 4️⃣- EXTRA ENTRIES: Post giveaway on your stories!! 🎄 . . . . . #dallasfit #cycling #soulcycle #follow #soulgifted #holidaygiveaways #holidays #fitspo #bodybuilder #strength #style #active #life #getfit #gains #dfwblogger #determination #dallasfitness #nutrition # #dallasfitnessstudios #physique #healthconscious #fitnessjourney #fitlife #cleaneating #transformation #dallasblogger #instafitness

Thankful for sunless tanner so I can wake up slightly sun-kissed ☀️ Off to @soulcycle and then applying more tanner after 🤗 #gottagetthatglow

You ever just need a release? I’m in that kind of mood this week - @soulcycle, here I come!✨👊🏽 What workouts give you the best stress relief? Comment below 👇🏽🚲 #soulgifted #curvy #bodypositive

🚲💥 @soulcycle kicked my butt today!! Not mad about it cause the holiday feasting & tropical vacays ahead are a badddd combo... 😬😂 #soulgifted - 📸: @yummertime

this holiday season- don’t forget the gift of time 🕰 Time to be kind, time to truly be present and time to appreciate all the blessings of your life. (..And also the eggnog) @soulcycle #soulgifted

I love working out (duh) and I’m always trying to find inspiration, especially when things get crazy like during the holidays. So when my instructor at @soulcycle, @angelamanueldavis, said the greatest thing I had to share: “Resolve what’s happening in 2018 so it doesn’t carry over into 2019.” Seriously great advice that I needed to hear and know some of you may, too. #soulcycle #soulgifted #workthroughit #resolve #kindness #forgiveness #strength #faith #transformationtuesday #goodthingswillhappen

The theme for tonight’s class would be @beyonce vs Destiny’s Child because I’m sick and can’t go 😩. Y’all go tap it back one time for me at the Preston Hollow studio tonight 🚴🏽‍♀️ #soulgifted #soulcycle

Owning my skin AND my tan lines. ☀️ As a South Asian woman, I grew up fearful of tanning. “Stay out of the sun, you’ll get dark.” This is a common comment South Asian girls (usually not boys) get from friends and family, because in the South Asian culture it’s “not beautiful” to have a deeper complexion. If you saw my IG Stories from Belize, I lived my life in the sun! I ran 3 miles on the beach, played water volleyball, biked 8 miles, and meditated on the dock so I came home with this bronzed tan I absolutely love (makes my biceps look 🔥). The South Asian culture can be so cold when it comes to living YOUR best life. I know it’s hard to ignore the masses and just do you, but trust me when I say this. Ignoring the noise and listening to your inner voice is the best thing you can do for your well being. 💛 #OwnYourSkin #SoulGifted

This morning I left @soulcycle thinking about New Year’s resolutions. Can you guys believe it’s almost 2019? I know some people are totally opposed, but I kind of like the idea of having this huge benchmark and to think there are millions of other people also using this day to set goals to better themselves. Yes, there are some items that are on my list year after year (*cough* *cough* read more books) but this year I’m feeling a little off track. 2018 was full of excitement and opportunities, but also anxiety and plenty of things I should have done or said, but never got around to. I want to take 2019 slow. More than anything, I want to take a breath and appreciate what’s around me before rushing forward into the next big thing. I want to get back into yoga. It breaks my heart that I let such a major part of my life drift away in my move to Dallas. It brings me such peace of mind and has always been my favorite form of therapy. I want to read more books 😂 always 🤷🏻‍♀️ I want to leave at lunch. Pretty much everyone in my office leave campus for lunch, except me. Why do I feel so tied to my desk? It’s an old habit that I need to break. Just a fifteen minute walk outside will boost my energy and happiness ☀️ What are you focusing on for your New Year’s resolutions? Are you a fan? If so, have you started your list? #newyear #resolution #intention #goals #soulgifted #soulcycle

Met up with a few babes from our LA Group Chat this weekend and instantly vibed! It felt so good to make new friends - especially via yoga on the pier 🧘🏼‍♀️🌊❤️ ::::: If you’re in LA and want to hang/make some new friends, shoot me a message! We’ll be sharing workouts, activities, etc. and getting together when possible. ::::: Next up: @unpluggedmornings at 6:30AM this Wednesday at Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Ray [it’s free!!]

Two Things: 1. If you haven’t discovered the joy of chopped candied ginger on your oatmeal, then a world of delight awaits you my friend. 2. This week I have my surgery follow-up with my OBGYN, and if all goes well I’ll be cleared to exercise again. So you can bet your sweet patootie that I had my alarm set for noon today so I could book my favorite @soulcycle class before it filled up! I’ve missed the physical challenge of it, for sure, but most of all I’ve missed the community. It’s incredibly healing to sweat my worries out on that bike, lights off and music blasting, amongst fifty other people who are doing the same. Some of them I know by name, some I don’t, but all that matters is that we’re showing up with courage and determination for ourselves and for each other—and that powerful energy always carries me through the rest of my day. So keep your fingers crossed for a good result at the doc this week, and look out @spinvillain ‘cause I’m coming for you! 🚲💪🏻 #soulgifted . . . . #whstrong #iamwellandgood #tcmlivingwell #makesmewhole #veganfoodshare #oatmealbowl #goopmake #morningslikethese

Last week I reached a big milestone with my @soulcycle team, my 25th ride!! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I can’t even begin to tell you how soul has changed my life. Not only has it helped me reach my fitness goals, but I have also been able to work with such an amazing team that encourages me to be a better person every day, both physically but also mentally. Have you tried a Soulcycle class yet?? 📷 @msmoch ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #soulcycle #fitness #soulcyclevancouver #lifestyle #health #vancouverfitness #soulgifted

Holidays are a time for overindulgence in food and drinks, but this year I’m flipping the script by overindulging in my physical and emotional health with @soulcycle. 💛💪👯‍♂️ . When you workout, you look good, and when you look good, you feel great—and that’s something we all deserve. #soulgifted

45 minutes dedicated to sweating it out + tapping it back to our favorite hits... sign us up! Started off our morning at the 7am @soulcycle class in Brentwood. Our favorite way to get cardio in for the week! #soulgifted

EXTRA EXTRA. I’m all about it! Feeling FUR-ociously full with renewed energy ✨✨✨and love after a @soulcycle ride with some of my faves at SoulSecondSundays. Life isn’t always full of rainbows and butterflies over here. IG is just but a tiny sliver of my day. We are human. I am human. I get depleted. At times, things feel impossible. Being caretaker to a bed bound MIL with dementia is quite possibly one of the most challenging tasks I face these days but I am up for the challenge because I love her and I love my partner. And today #doingthings like tapping it back next to bday gal @coffee.n.squats and @stillandsteady sidebar with @lukeecharms on the podium to @beyonce + @jayzmrcarter and strutting around in a fur coat is just what the doctor ordered for my soul. 📸 by @miahlea23 #soulcycle #findyoursoul #soulgifted #sfblogger #sffitness #hmxme #batistebabes . . . . . . . .

Today we celebrated @coffee.n.squats’ actual birthday at #SoulSecondSundays with @lukeecharms’ Beyoncé vs. Jay Z themed ride and had dranks afterwards at @true_food_kitchen! 💛💛💛 Love seeing new friends come out every month to try @soulcycle, and newish friends COME BACK to Soul for their second, third, fourth, etc rides! . Thanks fam and friends for coming out, and we’ll see you again in January! #soulgifted #soulcycle . PC: @zeopard

When @anthony_sneed takes you to gay church, you come out sweaty and free spirited ✌🏼

All layered up for @soulcycle . This puffer vest and fleece half zip are perfect for the chillier temps we’ve been having! Shop my daily looks by following me on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app or by clicking Shop My Feed at karalovescoco.com. http://liketk.it/2yJ1Y #liketkit @liketoknow.it #LTKholidaystyle #LTKholidaywishlist #LTKfit #LTKsalealert #LTKshoecrush #LTKstyletip #LTKunder50 #LTKunder100 #soulgifted

Took my first soulcycle class! Honestly, might be my new favorite way to get my cardio in 🥰 #soulgifted #fitness #gymsharkwomen

When you thought you fardded but you shidded #soulgifted #IcouldBakeBreadwithThoseRolls #Yum

@soulcycle once a week cuz it makes my heart happy 🖤 ps. yavuz is my favorite instructor downtown in case you needed a recoooo #soulgifted

T H I R T Y | F U N 🎂 • I cant think of a better way to kick-off my #birthday than with my favorite thing ever, @soulcycle ! The bike might not go anywhere, but the classes have really taken me places. As I head into my 31st year, I know that #soulcycle will continue to improve my mind, body and soul. #soulgifted

Blame it on my gypsy Soul ✌🏼🌈 ✌🏼 #soulcycle #soulgifted #iloveny 📷 @pret.a.photo

Sometimes sweat is my sanity. Sometimes it’s practice. Other times it’s knowing I’m good at something. Sometimes it’s physical proof that I can when internally I just fucking CAN’T. It’s zoning out. It’s focusing in. Sometimes it drips in place of tears you’re not ready to let go. - The beauty of sweat is that it can be whatever you need it to be. What did you need today? @soulcycle - #findyoursoul #soulgifted

Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy. 🚴🏼‍♂️ #soulcycle #coworkersandfriends #findyoursoul #soulgifted

Woke up feeling stuffed after last nights feast (no regrets), so a good sweat is a must thing AM! Just to be clear, I’m not working out to “burn anything off”. Sweating is the best way for your body to detox any toxins you’re holding in (heavy metals, BPA (commonly found in plastic), PCB (found in building materials- hello NYC), alcohol, salt, etc.) Sweating also helps promote healthier hair & skin, improve your immune system, lower stress hormones, decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s, protect the heart, boost sex drive & more! So, a good workout isn’t just about “getting in shape” or “ burning something off”- it’s SO much more for your health! #soulgifted

Craving a good SWEAT💦 yesterday was one of those days where I ate everything in sight (thanks stress). We’re talking like snacks on snacks every 10 min...know what I mean?? So a cardio sesh was much needed💁🏻‍♀️ Are you a stress eater?? #soulgifted

My Saturdays are looking a little yellow these days and I am perfectly fine with that 💛💛💛💛 I have found myself looking forward to Saturday mornings because of @soulcycle 💛 🚴🏻‍♀️ It’s either 45 minutes or an hour of dedicated time to myself! I can get my body moving and also work on my soul👏🏻💪🏻💛 Do yourself a favor and take time this weekend for yourself! Whether it’s a class, meditation, walk, or whatever....take of yourself before you take care of others 💛 🌻Happy Saturday🌻

I found my soul today 💛💛💛💛 It seems like I have been wanting to try a @soulcycle class for forever! But I kept coming up with reasons why I shouldn’t 😔 Finally I took the plunge and I bought my first three classes with today being my first one! I have never felt more included and comfortable in a class like this one 💛 It really is a community and I am excited to be a part of it! Here is to taking more chances and breaking out of my comfort zone! 💛

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