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My dad definitely sounds like the girls on karaoke on sat 馃槀鉂わ笍 #strokeawareness

The Open - NO LIMITS League came down to the last shot! Primetime wins their first TripleDouble Championship, 73-70!!! A shoutout goes to team captain, @primetime415 , see what paying on time gets you?! Lol! The Most Valuable Player: @sfchampions Kareem Gilbeaux who came thru with 22pts, 10rebs & 5asts to lead Primetime to victory! Thanks for a great season! 鉂わ笍@tripledoublesports #tds #open #NoLimits #basketball #strokeawareness #tdsoracleexperience #strokesurvivor

The Champions of the Company League was the #4 seeded Hometown Heroes!!! The Most Valuable Player is Antwan Capla!!! A special thank you goes out to the staff of Palega Gym! Couldn鈥檛 have run as smoothly as it did without you guys! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 鉂わ笍 @tripledoublesports #tds #company #league #palega #strokesurvivor #strokeawareness #tdsoracleexperience

Come join us Fridays, 10:15 am-1 pm for socialization, rehab and coffee!! Visitors are very welcome. Edmonds community centre, room 202. We are meeting tomorrow, dec 14! #stroke #strokesurvivor #srabc #strokerecovery #poststroke #strokevancouver #strokeawareness #strokeburnaby #communityhealth #rehab #westcoast #pnwrehab

It鈥檚 still not pretty, but when I鈥檓 wearing the brace it looks a bit better. Still working on balance and gait and.... lots left to do. Thanks as always Mike for opening up your studio @novi_ckd for some extra therapy time for me. #success #today #tryagain #nevergiveup #neverquit #strokeawareness #strokelife #braininjury #strokerecovery #iwillwalkagain #strokesurvivor #stroke #strokesurvivorsneverquit

Fight Stroke Campaign wrap up:聽As we prepare to celebrate the festive season, we want to say a special thank聽you for all your help to聽fight stroke in 2018. The fight stroke community advocacy program has doubled in size and there is now a fight stroke army in each state and territory who have met with or are getting ready to meet with their local MP. The community fought hard in the lead up to the Tasmanian, South Australian and Victorian elections this year, and received election commitments in each state. Highlights included: 路聽聽Federally we received 1.5 Million to fund Living Guidelines for the clinical treatment of stroke, $1 Million for聽The Return to Life, Return to Work research package聽聽and we received $170,000 for the National Action Plan for Heart and Stroke. 路聽聽In Tasmania we received $440,000 to run StOP stroke outreach program and for a targeted F.A.S.T. community education program. 路聽 Telestroke pilots were rolled out in SA, NSW and WA, with Telestroke now fully operational across Vic. 路 聽Stroke Foundation Chief Executive Officer Sharon McGowan and our team met with Federal, State and Territory Health Ministers to talk about stroke, its prevention, treatment and support. 路聽聽The Stroke Ambulance turned one year old and has attended and assessed more than 460 people with around half of those having suffered a stroke or a TIA. 路聽聽The Tim Glendinning Memorial Fund for Young Adult Stroke and Gavin Paul Bennier Research Fund were launched totalling $750,000 for young stroke research, thanks to the generosity of the Glendinning and Bennier families. 路 聽People all over Australia joined Stride for Stroke and raised over $175,000 for StrokeLine and My Stroke Journey resource 鈥 amazing! All this and with your help we broke the record for media mentions with more than 5000 news stories on TV, radio, print and online raising vital awareness of stroke in the community. We thank you for helping make this happen! #fightstroke#stroke #strokeprevention #strokeambulance #beatstroke #savelives #research #youngstroke #strokesupport #strokecaredivide #strokekids #strokerecovery #strokeawareness #stroketreatment#peoplepower

2 amazing friends taught my kids to ski...and love it!! It was amazing watching!! Learning to put your skis like french fries or pizzas. Taking them on the magic carpet ride. Going down the bunny slope. Not crashing into the building! Everything was amazing!! I am so thankful!! Both kids did amazing!! And when they said how well Lucas did with his balance and strength, I could have cried!! He tries so incredibly hard!!

They鈥檝e been sent to work as they鈥檝e caused too much havoc at home. Here they are learning the ropes.. #elfonashelf #elfontheshelf #FAST #stroke #strokeawareness #actfast

They鈥檝e been sent to work as they鈥檝e caused too much havoc at home. Here they are learning the ropes.. #elfonashelf #elfontheshelf #FAST #stroke #strokeawareness #actfast

Carotid Endarterectomy (3 of 4) 鈻笍 And heres a close up of the removed plaque! And no, I didnt take the picture with it on my jeans! 鈻笍 The main factor that contributes to developing this plaque is high cholesterol, which is caused by a poor diet. What happens is blood normally flows up the common carotid artery and then has to go into either the internal or external carotid. When it gets to this split in the artery, it first hits the wall and then continues to flow. This can irritate the artery and a process called atherosclerosis begins, where inflammation and cholesterol deposit at the site of trauma and the plaque forms as a result. 鈻笍 As the plaque continues to grow, it will narrow the inside of the artery, causing less blood to get through. Also, it can be a location for small blood clots to form. These can then break off and flow into the vessels in the head and block an artery, causing a stroke. Removal of the plaque greatly reduces the risk of this happening. In patients with less than 70% narrowing, medicine (a statin along with aspirin and Plavix) maybe better than surgery. These medicines lower cholesterol levels and prevent platelets from clumping together to form blood clots. But the best thing is to prevent the plaque from forming in the first place, with a good diet, good blood pressure, and not smoking. 鈻笍 #neurosurgery #stroke #strokesurvivor #strokeawareness #surgery #anatomy #pathology #hospital #pathology #vascular #medstudent #brainsurgery #medschool #transformationtuesday #humanbody #lifesaving

One month and one week post stroke. We attended a Young Couples Stroke Recovery Group this week. Humbling, inspiring, eye opening and true to its title...supportive. We never expected to go from girlfriend and boyfriend to survivor and caregiver...no one expects it...no one way to do it...except with patience...kindness...and a forgiving heart. #strokeawareness #strokerecoverylife #partnership #strongertogether #learningfrommistakes #onestepatatime #hopeful #teamwork #vegangirlfriend

Who are the next BEST Superheroes? There are superheroes among us and we want to hear about them! Do you know a survivor, caregiver or community supporter who is putting the power in personal empowerment? Soaring to new heights? Doing cool things? Bringing superhero-size support to the brain injury community? Nominate your superhero for the BEST Superhero of the Month for some superhero team recognition. http://brainenergysupportteam.org/superhero-of-the-month/ #TBITalk #superheroes #superhero #BESTSuperherooftheMonth #community #empowerment #braininjury #TBI #ABI #stroke #PCS #concussion #braininjuryawareness #strokeawareness #caregivers #caregiving

Quien me conoce sabe que me encanta estrenar y este a帽o el tema de los modelitos para el gym se me ha ido de las manos 馃槄. Pero es que as铆 me motivo m谩s!!!! @gymsharkwomen @gymshark . Se va acercando foto del antes y despu茅s anual 馃拑馃徎馃拑馃徎馃拑馃徎. . Quien ha entrenado hoy??? 馃檵馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忦煓嬸煆烩嶁檧锔忦煓嬸煆烩嶁檧锔. . . . . #schlaganfall #stroke #strokeawareness #strokesurvivorsneverquit #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger #pwrprogram #pwr #kelseywellspwr #kelseywells #pwrbabes #isquemiacerebral #fitspo #motivation #fit #fitness #bbg #bbgcommunity #health #girlswholift #womenwholift #lifting #strokesurvivor #acv #avc #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #pwrbabes #progressnotperfection

Oh my precious heart. Look at that amazing smile. Right now I鈥檓 remembering the slow and systematic process by which his brain learned how to do that again after his stroke at seven months. I miss our beautiful son. What a gift to have been able to know him and be his mommy. #strokeawareness #pediatricstrokeawareness #pediatricstrokewarrior #cysticencephalomalacia #grief

Another day and another distraction organised by my wife. I normally work out at home now, but with a guest pass for me and Leo to do some training at the gym, clearly Leo is worn out. #Running #runninggoals #runningthisrace #runningforacure #runningchallenge #Stroke #strokerecovery #strokeawareness #strokeprevention #strokeassociation #Ultramarathon #ultramarathontraining #ultramarathonrunner

This is a good model for what parts of the brain control what Follow @strokeawarness for more #stroke #help #strokeawareness #medical #quotes #brain

A recent study conducted by a team of students from the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine revealed that 40% of respondents did not know the number to dial for an emergency ambulance in Singapore. Someone suffering from stroke requires immediate medical attention. Call 995 for an emergency ambulance. Paramedics in the ambulance are able to provide first aid and notify the appropriate hospitals to standby. Spot Stroke. Act F.A.S.T. Call 995. #spotstroke #stroke #stroke995 #strokeawareness #strokeemergency #actFAST #fastdiscovery #stroketeam

I had such a pleasant surprise when a friend came into town unexpectedly! Lunch was like the good old days and she even made me take the stairs! #friendgoals #girlfriends

Please have a read, donate if you can and share. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/carl-malpass?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Yimbyprojectpage&utm_content=carl-malpass&utm_campaign=projectpage-share-owner&utm_term=WD77y2pxe

Yesterday, I was welcomed at Kogan for Lunch & Learn series, sharing my stroke experiences in the (very cool) Melbourne office. Thank you Kogan team for helping to raise the awareness of stroke through my story and generously supporting the Stroke Foundation. Paul @strokefdn #strokeawareness #giving #kogan

Community Rotation Done 鉁 #strokeawareness

Rather than spend money on cards and stamps I choose to donate to charity at Christmas. This year I have funded a place for the homeless @crisis_uk and given to @thestrokeassociation for personal reasons. Please consider doing the same 馃檹. Happy Christmas 馃巹 #crisisatchristmas #endhomelessness #strokeawareness

With spending more money on research and preventive methods, we can save billions of dollars annually! #rescuebrains #strokeprevention #strokeawareness #research #sciencesaveslives

Looking for a unique gift for your loved ones this holiday season? Give the gift of Wellness with Physio2U! This year we are selling gift cards that will empower the lives of your friends and family while giving back to an organization that supports wellness within the BC Lower Mainland communities. 10% of all gift card proceeds will go directly to Stroke Recovery Association of British Columbia, who help people recover from stroke and reclaim their lives. Call us today at 778-846-7695 to Give Wellness & Give Back! . #physio #physiotherapy #physio2u #inhomephysio #inhomephysiotherapy #mobilephysio #mobilephysiotherapy #physiocanhelp #empoweringlives #strokerecovery #strokerecoveryassociationofbc #wellness #givewellness #giveback #healthandwellness #seniorshealth #strokeawareness #vancitybuzz #giftidea #giftideas #giftgiving #tistheseason

As a kid growing up I remember being embarrassed by my dad鈥檚 鈥渆nthusiasm鈥 for healthy eating. . If you were ever fortunate enough to bring up the subject of nutrition with dad, you were certain to get an earful about the benefits of superfoods, chia, mushrooms, aloe...way before anyone ever heard of these things! . And as if it wasn鈥檛 鈥渂ad鈥 enough that we weren鈥檛 allowed to have sweetened cereal and sugary drinks in the house, . He continued his quest outside the house. He would quiz the waiters at restaurants about what was 鈥渁dded鈥 to the food and if he didn鈥檛 like their answer he would ask to talk to the chef. . Any MSG? Anything Artificial? Where did the fish come from? Grass fed beef? . Sometimes he would even ask to check out the kitchen, just to make extra sure there were no shenanigan鈥檚 going on! . He would alter the menu and substitute until he was sure he was getting exactly what he wanted. He was SUPER kind and very polite about his wishes and he always had that smile on his face, but he wanted it like he wanted it! . And MOST of the time while this was going on, I remember wanting to slither off my chair silently and hide under the table! . We had a little talk about this this morning, just me and dad. I let him know I would be following in his footsteps and following MY dream of helping people become healthier and happier!! The smile never left his face and he kept saying 鈥済ood, good!鈥 . I guess the apple didn鈥檛 fall very far from the tree! I know he鈥檚 proud of what I am doing and I鈥檓 SO glad he showed me the way! Thank you Daddy! 鉂わ笍

What do I miss? Pulling my shirt down on both sides, playing with my dog, cleaning (surprisingly), driving... but most importantly I miss doing my hair. I took pride in doing my hair, I curled it everyday. I hate that it has to be put in a bun everyday. I see fun hair tutorials and just wish I could do something with my hair. I think my mom and sister are getting tired of me asking to do my hair the specific way I want it. We took family pictures only a couple months before my stroke and my hair looks fire馃敟 everyday I wish I could do my hair like that but mom and my sister try and that all that matters. And I鈥檓 very happy I have a reliable hairdresser that I trust. . . . . . . #strokerehab #diffstrokes4difffolks #strokeawareness #strokegamestrong #miniaussie #madden #australianshepherd #yeg #shitheadmadden

Breathe! How I love you! This oil opens up airways and helps you to take a full breath! I love putting this in my hands, rubbing them together then cupping my hands around my mouth and breathing deeply. 馃挩 This is also great when anxious feelings take over and you feel like you can鈥檛 breathe because the weight of the world is sitting on your shoulders. Often during my stroke recovery I felt completely overwhelmed. Questions like, 鈥渉ow could this have happened to me?鈥 And 鈥淲ill I ever feel normal again?鈥 Or 鈥渨ill I ever walk a straight line again?鈥 These questions were crushing at times when I knew my life would forever be changed by this one experience. 馃枑馃徎 Raise your hand if you know how I felt? I am so grateful for the extra support these oils gave me during my recovery. I want to share them with all stroke survivors! #strokerecovery #survivor #essentialoils #strongwomen #holistichealth #recoverysecrets #strokerehab #strokeawareness #strokesurvivors #anxiety #neverbethesame

We should not wait to starting a healthy diet! #strokeawareness #strokeprevention #healthybodyhealthymind

Os sigo contando un poco de como fui llevando en 2015 las consecuencias de mi #isquemiacerebral . Yo siempre he sido un poco voluntos (tomo decisiones espont谩neas). Me puse a mirar vuelos para ir a Londres, @happymessy_me y @ruth.soria.rs estaban all铆 as铆 que fue la excusa perfecta para visitarlas. Compr茅 los billetes con una amiga, pero al final ella volaba desde espa帽a y no desde Alemania. . Y ah铆 volvieron mis inseguridades, como voy a volar sola y a una ciudad que no es la m铆a... pero al final lo hice y me lo pas茅 en grande, mi cara de felicidad lo dice todo en esta foto. . En esta 茅poca empec茅 a darme cuenta de que sola estaba bien, no necesitaba a ning煤n hombre. Y de que mi ex me hab铆a frenado m谩s de lo que me hab铆a ayudado. . As铆 que confiad en vosotros mismos, sacad la fuerza incluso cuando no la teng谩is. . #abrazos . . . . #schlaganfall #stroke #strokesurvivor #strokeawareness #strokesurvivorsneverquit #acv #avc #rehabilitation #motivation #rehabilitacion #fisioterapia #inspiration #bestrong #neverquit #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger #anastrokesurvivor

Passed another hip screening with flying colors 鉁 thank you to @shrinershospitals for the amazing care and the most efficient doctor鈥檚 appointment/x-rays ever. Oh, and the new doll 馃 #inandoutin45min #cerebralpalsy #CPWarrior #strokeawareness #PrayTherapyChiroRepeat

Be the one to help the person cross the road it doesn鈥檛 matter who it is be the one to help #stroke #strokeawareness #medical #help #quotes #lifestyle #kindness

A stroke happens when blood stops flowing to any part of your brain, damaging brain cells. The effects of a stroke depend on the part of the brain that was damaged and the amount of damage done. Stroke is a medical emergency. If you or someone with you is experiencing these signs, call 911 or your local emergency number immediately. Know what to do, and act F.A.S.T. Swipe 馃憟 for signs of stroke. #Thepowertosavelives #stroke #strokesurvivor #strokerevovery #glenrobertson #alexandriaontario #northglengarry #glenrobertsonfirstaid #northglengarryfirstaid #alexandriaontariofirstaid #medicalemergency #firstaid #sergelamarreaquaticsfirstaid #formationsergelamarre #montreal #ottawa #hawkesbury #strokeawareness #knowthesigns

Last October I published my book. The Stroke of an Artist, A Journey of a Fitness Trainer and a Stroke Survivor. The recovery journey of my client Gary. He wanted his story shared to help bring hope and encouragement to other survivors. The book was dedicated to Gary and his Never give up mindset. Here are the chapter subjects in the book. In December of 2017, this book was listed in the National Stroke Association website strokesmart.org Its wonderful and its exactly what Gary, the stroke survivor in my book, wanted .....his story shared to help others.... Im happy I am able to play my part in helping in stroke recovery. Please share this post to help his inspired recovery journey reach others it can help. Book available in Audio, Kindle & Paperback. wwe.tracyspersonaltraining.com www.tracymarkley.com www.audible.com. & Amazon #strokeawareness #strokerecovery #dontgiveup #tracymarkley #tracyspersonaltraining #changinglives #hope #strokes #newpathways #neurofitness #neuroplasticity #personaltrainer #personaltraining #fitnessaddict #rehab #thestrokeofanartist #strokerecoverywhatnow #stroke #recovery #audiobooks #audiblebooks #bookworm #readingisfun #exercise #physicaltherapy #strokewarriors #book #exercise My blog http://tracys-healthy-365.blogspot.com/?m=1 The chapters in the book :)

Such a great turnout at this evening鈥檚 Networking for Health Care event! I was the 馃崁 Winner of the incredible basket! Thank you @jodi_townsaz and Encompass Health care of Scottsdale! . . . .

鉂わ笍 Acara ini, WAJIB Dihadiri 鉂わ笍 Kami akan membahas bagaimana agar *tubuh yang bersifat basa secara mind body and soul* akan membantu meningkatkan dan menjaga kesehatan setiap individu. Kali ini sharing dari orang orang yang telah melewati tantangan kesehatan *STROKE* dan bagaimana cara menghadapi serta menanganinya 馃槏 * STRIKE OUT THE STROKE* Sabtu, 15 Desember 2018 Pukul 13.00 - 15.00 WIB OMNI Hospital Pulomas Jl Pulomas Barat VI No 20 Jakarta Timur Ruang Auditorium Lantai 7 HTM : Rp 50,000,- Semoga program Natural Health ini bisa membantu dan menjaga kehidupan kita lebih baik dan serasi dengan alam. Salam Sehat, CoRdeLia 081213313910 Note: mohon bantu infokan kepada sahabat dan kerabat juga ya 馃檹 #stroke #strokesurvivor #strokerecovery #strokeawareness #naturalhealing #naturalhealth #naturallife

Do you know anyone who has survived a stroke? Every Tuesday at @anytimefitnesspeoriail from 12-1 stroke survivors can work with one of the coaches at no charge. Pictured here is my guy Spence. Spence has been coming since day one and is seeing results from consistently showing up and putting in the work. During our first session we talked about what his goals are and then do exercises to work towards those goals. He doesn鈥檛 make excuses. If you or anyone you know has suffered a stroke feel free to reach out to me. Our coaches at Anytime Fitness North Peoria have the training necessary to work with any skill level to help you reach your goal. #anytimefitness #strongerthanastroke #unitedstrokealliance #neverbeenstronger

馃挜 FLASH SALE馃挜 I only have 2 of each of these! Wonder how to begin? It鈥檚 time to start! It鈥檚 simple and you will LOVE it! These kits are perfect starter kits! These kits start you out with the top 8-10 oils. Each kit come with tons of personal education from me and and individual wellness consultations. Plus you gain access to our secret team resources/community. The first four people to jump on this deal will get a special package from me after joining our community. Text me at +17609756078 or email me at tridoterratoday@gmail.com. Can鈥檛 wait to work with you. #healthandwellneas #happiness #holistichealth #holistichealing #strokeawareness #stroke #strokerehab #strokesurvivors #strokesurvivor #essentialoils #flashsale

Vitamin K plays a key role in helping the blood clot and preventing excessive bleeding. It is not typically used as a dietary supplement and counteracts the effects of many anticoagulants, particularly warfarin. In fact, it is used as an antidote for warfarin (Coumadin) overdose. When taking warfarin, it is important to watch your diet for vitamin K intake. So here are the top 4 foods that contain high levels of vitamin K and can fluctuate your INR (international normalized ratio), which is a lab test routinely done to measure your blood clotting ability. 鈦 鈦 1. Cooked kale contains 443% daily values (DV) per serving in half a cup. In 100 grams of cooked kale, there鈥檚 817 mcg of vitamin K, which is 681% of your daily value of this supplement. 鈦 鈦 2. Cooked mustard greens. Half a cup of cooked mustard greens contains 415 mcg vitmin K, which is 346% of DV, and 100 grams has 494% DV. 鈦 鈦 3. Raw Swiss chard. 332% DV in 1 leaf, which contains 398 mcg vitamin K and 692% DV in 100 grams. 鈦 鈦 4. Cooked collard greens contains 322% DV in half a cup and 339% DV in 100 grams. 鈦 鈦 Conclusion: remember to talk to your pharmacist and healthcare provider about these foods so that you are.placed.on your optimum dose. Do you know what other foods are higher in vitamin K?

The biggest thing a person can do to help a stroke survivor is to let them know that you care and are there to help during their therapy #strokeawareness #care #love #help #medicine #911 #thankful

Always remember this #stroke #strokeawareness #help #medical

We are almost there! Next week we鈥檒l be crowning this seasons champion! In the meantime, here are the Players of the Game that brought us to where we are today: . 1)A 2pt game for the first three quarters then Squad Up turned on the afterburners! Team captain, Nick Wong, led his team to a win with 31pts, 8rebs & 5asts! Kevin Ho held down the inside for Squad Up by going for a double-double, 13pts & 10rebs! A special thanks goes out to Torrent Lee and the rest of the POS family! FINAL SCORE: #4U POS Place (65), #1U Squad Up (80) . 2)The Bay Area Jams used a huge third quarter (27-10) to defeat the young Guap team! Lloyd Aguirre (18pts) and Georgio Reed (15pts) combined to score 33pts! They withstood a ferocious comeback attempt by Adonis, Maynard & Co.! Outscoring the Jams 15-4 in the final quarter but they just ran out of time! FINAL SCORE: #3L Guap (56), #2L Bay Area Jams (63) . 3)Another close game! Bangarang used 17pts from Jon Reyes and Brandon Mamaradlo鈥檚 15pts, 10rebs & 5asts to narrowly beat Threat Matrix! Josh Chan and Justin Williams did all they could but it wasn鈥檛 enough! Their Cinderella story ends here. Hope to see you guys next season! FINAL SCORE: #8L Threat Matrix (57), #4L Bangarang (62) . 4)This was supposed to be the game of the day, but the SF Warriors were spent from playing in a tourney this weekend and only had 4 players show up for the game!? The Overcooks took full advantage! Jeremy Lee鈥檚 27pts paced the Overcooks. Their 18-3pters and 109pts were TDS records! FINAL SCORE: #3U Overcooks (109), #2U SF Warriors (44) . @tripledoublesports #tds #basketball #tdsoracleexperience #strokesurvivor #strokeawareness #asian

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