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Celebrate not just a diverse queer community, but how each of those queer voices is able to speak to as diverse of a set of topics. Be intelligent. Be passionate. Be thotty. Be real. Favorite #Ptown memory: Celebrating the 10th and final issue of @hellomr at #StudiobyHBO with favorite thot @fransquishco, @ryanfitzgibbon, and phenomenal voices @cheemobile and @gayrodcon

A quick light test shot with photographer, @erik_carter #thetenthmagazine #calicod #studiobyhbo #andreapompilio

Hai long weekend. 💅🏻 #studiobyhbo

Lily • @milylars • HBO Photo Call • 08.14.2018 • #studiobyhbo

Cameron • @cameronal • HBO Photo Call • 08.14.2018 • #studiobyhbo

Was it all a dream??? We’ve officially closed the #studiobyhbo for the summer and it’s time to dream the next dream up with @thegatheryofficial

NEW EP. We talk about “safe spaces” and whether they actually exist with CEO of Thottery @zachstaff, live from the #StudiobyHBO in Provincetown. Tune in on Apple Podcasts. 💕 (Also NEW ORLEANS, if you like our live shows, we are coming to you Sept 1, 6pm at @aceneworleans, open to the public, taking donations for Transgender Legal)

Matthew & Leigton • @lgbt_history • HBO Photo Call • 08.14.2018 • #studiobyhbo

I’m very conscious of the fact that I dont fit into a porn category. I’m lanky, awkward, too tall to be a twink (and too brown too), not enough hair to be an otter, not enough weight to be a bear, etc, etc. And where not falling under a gay ideal of structural hotness can do some crazy things to the psyche, it’s nice to have photographer friends who make you feel pretty every once in a while. ☺️ thanks @emilcohen for snapping this pic of me in Full Trade Costume. #studiobyhbo (edit: I realize this post makes it seem like I’m fishing for compliments, and the only reason for that is because I am.)

My greatest gift in life has been the friendships I’ve made, and no more so than my co captain @luigitadininyc / at the end of our most ambitious creation yet #studiobyhbo by @thegatheryofficial was an expression of our love for our community and the place we became #stavrosandsusan #ptown

Hello Mr. • @hellomr • HBO Photo Call • 08.14.18 • #studiobyhbo

Fran • @fransquishco • HBO Photo Call • 08.14.18 • #studiobyhbo

Thats a wrap! We were so honored to have been a part of the #StudiobyHBO summer experience in Provincetown that celebrated the #LGBTQ + community with workshops, events, art exhibits, screenings, and more dedicated to the celebration of diversity! 🏳️‍🌈 💙🌈 #HBO #provincetown #POPsocial

Ryan • @ryanfitzgibbon • HBO Photo Call • 08.14.18 • #studiobyhbo

Spending two weeks in Provincetown working on five events for @hbo has been a wild and life-giving ride. Being here has cost me busted nails, a phone screen, a lost earring, and perhaps my liver, but I would do it all again in a second. Thanks to the purveyors of fabulous hospitality at #studiobyhbo, @luigitadininyc and @darlingnickyb for believing in queer talent so hard and investing in my work while uplifting so many other marginalized voices. (Please stalk the hashtag to see everything they created for the community here). Thank you queens of production @erifink and @kariinaajadee. Shout out to my No. 1 collaborators at @hellomr and @intomore, and to the ineffable list of talent to grace us with your brains: @travon, @ryanfitzgibbon, @cheemobile, @lgbt_history, @gayrodcon, @trishbendix, @zachstafford, and @dennisearlii. Oh, and thank you to @thebeff my longtime Internet friend and newfound besty for taking this cute pic of me on the dunes. Until next time, P-town!

Season finally sail and enchanted lighthouse photoshoot with the @thegatheryofficial boys as today is the last day of all the amazing work they have done with / for #studiobyhbo here in ptown. We are so proud of them for elevating the lgbt conversation, providing a space for interaction and bringing major acts to town like @kimpetras 💃⛵️😘

Roll the credits, cause that’s a wrap! Last night officially concluded the @hellomr event series at the #StudiobyHBO in P-Town. It’s a bittersweet ending of the Hello Mr. story, bookended by two historic gay havens. I never imagined when I first named it back in 2011, from my Castro apartment in San Francisco, that I would be signing off after ten incredible issues in (arguably) the gayest place on earth, Provincetown, MA. 🏳️‍🌈 Thank you to @HBO and the team at @thegatheryofficial (@luigitadininyc and @darlingnickyb, @thebeff and countless more) for hosting us and for continuing to create the magic you do. And thanks @fransquishco, @travon, @LGBT_History, @cheemobile, and @gayrodcon for sharing your stories and your all around brilliance. To everyone watching, remember that your story has the power to change someone’s life, so keep writing and documenting them for as long as telling them serves you! As for me, you’ll just have to stay tuned while I figure out my next act. 😏🎬

My trifecta travel fail (flight/rental car/hotel struggles) yesterday made me extra appreciate for my awesome 20 Min chat with writer & comedian @travon at #Studiobyhbo 😁yesterday. I loved learning of his pivot from likely NBA 🏀 player to comedy 🎙writer. I think stand up is one of the hardest and most interesting art forms, so I loved learning how he’s mastered the craft, all of the levers a comedian can pull, how to polish a joke over time, and how to read laughter. His #1 tip was to listen to comedy (not watch) to hear timing, response and more. Perhaps one day I’ll give it a try 🤷🏽‍♂️ @ryanfitzgibbon and @fransquishco (along with @hellomr )hosted a delicious salon w Travon about representation of minorities in stories> #lgbt #ptown #comedy

Hello my Coco Puffs. Come see me host trivia Sunday in #provincetown at #studiobyhbo at 6p. Then come to my show at The Pilgrim House at 10p

About last night Thank you @jewdygold, @MatteoLane, @Travon and @cameronesposito for an amazing New Queer Comedy panel in PTOWN. #StudioByHBO

BOTTOMS UP 🔝🍋🍺 #totolatotale #mybestprofile #oztôzuni #studiobyhbo #ptown #provincetown #dearkaren #season2 #çacestlamérique #çacestlamitié #pourmarquerlecoup #roadtrip #bodypaint

Ptown! We have one more night of programming tonight at 5pm at 331 Commercial St. Join me for a live interview with @hbo writer and Twitter-extraordinaire @travon. Slide thruuuu #studiobyhbo

The one, the only @fransquishco #studiobyhbo

Studio at Sea #studiobyhbo

yesterday was fun from what i remember 🧜🏽‍♀️ thanks for having us @hbo & @thegatheryofficial! #studiobyhbo

One of the queeroes of my summer, straight outta Bulgaria and into my providential #ptown family, the magnificent Ms. Zhelev-Blando. She raised lotsa 💵💵 for @helpingourwomen today at #DragBrunch. #Provincetown #StudioByHBO

Kathie Lee and Hoda, but gay. #StudiobyHBO

@troymichie and I minutes before we conquered Ptown. (Ptown just hasnt figured that out yet.) I look like a silvery Frenchy pro-abort skater and Troy looks like a cool-cat trumpeter relaxing in 1940s Miami or Cuba. Together that makes us... artists! Thanks again to @queerart and #studiobyhbo in Ptown. Wish I was still up there...

good night & good luck ✨ #fagbash #studiobyhbo

ON WEDNESDAYS WE WEAR MAKE-UP💄 #oztôzuni #ptown #provincetown #dearkaren #season2 #studiobyhbo #çacestlamitié #çacestlamérique #roadtrip #pourmarquerlecoup #totolatotale @hbostudio @lachrissette @will.zed @vinfromparis @leilin7 @martinrbourne

Come visit the @hellomr x @hbo pop-up in P-Town this week! #StudiobyHBO

had a $15 credit at a local gift shop and this was the only thing that fit me #studiobyhbo

#StudioByHBO newest employee, Chad from SoCal. He’s stoked to join our team 🤘🏻

I really just stockpile images for myself. Just got on the gram and started seeing all of these Insecure posts and remembered that about a month ago @thetenthzine flew us out to Provincetown to watch the 1st episode of season 3. It was so good that bae took a rare picture with me. LOL one day ima just do a camera roll dump on IG.

A quick light test shot with one highly focused prolific photographer, @erik_carter #thetenthmagazine #calicod #studiobyhbo #andreapompilio

It’s a pop-up in #Provincetown celebrating creativity and diversity. @iamcoltonbradford takes us to the Studio by HBO at 12:30 on @nbc10boston to see what the buzz is all about! • • #capecod #hbo #hbopopup #coltonbradford #creativity #diversity #studio #studiobyhbo #studiobyhboptown

#stavrosandsusan reunited and it feels so good for the #studiobyhbo final run

Shoutout to @thetenthzine fam! 💓 Because of them we were in the building getting a premiere screening of @insecurehbo a few weeks ago in P-Town. 👀 Def looking forward to watching the rest of the season. The whole experience was everything. Connecting with other incredibly dynamic souls was very refreshing. 🙏🏿 From yoga with the divine @jsunlew.ig to listening to @mooredarnell @picassomoore @thetenthzine + @simplyinadaze read each other’s personal works + being serenaded by @ellewinston ... it was the epitome of Namaxé (Namaste + Axé). ✨ And of course shoutout to @issarae #veryblack self. 🖤 Love and blessings to you + the Insecure fam. 💌 We are forever appreciative of you rocking our tee last season and for being yourself. 🌹 Enjoy the show everyone! 😘 We look forward to the convo afterrrrrrrr... #VeryInsecure #CaliCod #StudioByHBO Photos: @the14_40

HAIL A CAB 📸 by @darlingnickyb #provincetown #studiobyhbo #thirstyburlington #ptown

Gypsies, tramps and Mme. Thirsty Burlington #studiobyhbo #thirstyburlington 📸 @thebeff

Thrilled to be joining @hellomr & @HBO for readings from @lgbt_history and legend @cheemobile in Provincetown this Wed! I’ll be speaking w my fave @fransquishco. Free! Hope to see you there! #StudiobyHBO

Provincetown! On Wednesday at 5pm, 331 Commercial St, @hellomr is working with @HBO to create a special live edition of our magazine, featuring sexy goddesses @lgbt_history, @gayrodcon, and @cheemobile! Its free, so come get wet. 💦 #StudiobyHBO

Welcome to my summer home 💙 #studiobyhbo

This bitch. @cameronal gonna miss you! #StudiobyHBO it’s a wrap.

More ham @queerart opening at #studiobyhbo with @mamajude99 and @rozzzafly and the birthday imp, Lor Holmes.

Make your own crown - reign bedazzled over the scorpion tail of the world. #provincetown #studiobyhbo #dirtylooks #fagbash #ptown

Really love my new Gran Fury t-shirt from @adamsnest in Ptown, with dear friend @thejulietolentino and Lola Flash locking lips: #readmylips “Kissing Doesn’t Kill, Greed and Indifference Do”. Wore it proudly at last night’s @queerart opening: “After Mentorship: Geoff Chadsey and Troy Michie” #studiobyhbo #silenceequalsdeath . . 📷 by @frank_lord_iv

Quick catch-up with the amazing Ann DeSaussure Davidson, the woman who made me staff at Time Inc 12 years ago. #studiobyhbo #ptown @queerart opening last night.

Thank you, @luigitadininyc and @thegatheryofficial for all that you do. Thank you, @hbo, for the invite and continuing support. @queerart had a blast in Ptown this summer! Don’t miss “After Mentorship: Geoff Chadsey and Troy Michie” at #studiobyhbo now through August 19.

So excited to reveal my big project details! The Gathery in Brooklyn commissioned 700 sets of custom bike streamers for a summer-long event put on by The Studio by @HBO in Provincetown. The bike streamers are on display at their newest pop-up shop, and are being distributed as custom swag gifts to Talent and guests. Thank you @thegatheryofficial for this amazing opportunity! And thank you to all of you who helped with this effort. I could never have done this on my own. ❤️ #studiobyhbo #provincetown #ptown #bikestreamers #handmadeisbetter #happyweekend

@queerart “After Mentorship” exhibition opening with @chads67 and @troymichie - a great conversation about some truly awesome art with these two charmers. At #studiobyhbo in @provincetowncapecod - through August 19.

After seeing n reading Miss @picassomoore & @thetenthzine post I started thinking bout our beach house crew @the14_40 . Only had a few pics because the tenth thought I was only meant to work and shouldnt be milking the system. Whateves! No photos of @andreverdunjones @erik_carter @stephentowns @conclaveent & of course wannabewintour #studiobyhbo #ptown #summer #camp #beach #love #crew #toilet #teeth #brush #calicod @jimmyrodges

Day 2 with @hbo at the #StudiobyHBO recording another ep with @intomore and the ineffable godmother of the lesbian mafia @trishbendix. 💕

Feeding the thots gets taxing, but @dennisearlii knows how to recover. So happy to have @gayslutswhoread at the #StudioByHBO. #Provincetown #Food4Thot #ptown #swoon

thx @hbo for having us i am filled with tequila and lobster rolls g’nite #studiobyhbo

Missing these ladies in #ptown. #provincetown #studiobyhbo 📸 by @milylars

PROVINCETOWN! I’m here for two weeks working with @hbo to make some cute queer things for y’all. TOMORROW at 5pm and Thursday at 11am I’ll be doing a show with @gayslutswhoread and @intomore at the #StudiobyHBO (331 Commercial St.) with the bbs @zachstaff and @trishbendix of @grindr fame. It’s free!! Let’s be bad. I need help promoting this, so please tag your Ptown and Boston queers.

PROVINCETOWN! We are doing a live show with @hbo TOMORROW at 5pm and Thursday at 11am, at the #StudiobyHBO (331 Commercial St.) Joining us will be @zachstaff and @trishbendix of @grindr/@intomore. We’re gonna get rowdy. Pls tag your Ptown and Boston-adjacent thots.

Provincetown Series: Summer Retreat #islandboy #ptown #williamsworld #williamsworld#studiobyhbo #thestudio

Missing my #studiobyhbo angels and our darling Susanly palace already

Provincetown: It is that marvelous convergence of land and water; Mediterranean light...artists and people like me...who come to visit but just a few times a year #ptown #williamsworld #studiobyhbo #islandboy

Quick! Do something! #studiobyhbo @kariinaajadee @milylars

Had the best time exploring Provincetown and making new friends for the week. What a beautiful place to visit! All thanks to the good work of #studiobyhbo

Hitting sketches with spray paint. This aint in it but the show opens this week in Provincetown, with stellar @troymichie , courtesy of @queerart and @hbo and @thegatheryofficial : Friday, August 10 6-8PM at #studiobyhbo

A huge congratulations to Pamela Sneed and Heather Lynn Johnson is in order for their gorgeous joint exhibition in P-Town! These two artists were paired through the Queer|Art|Mentorship program two years ago, it’s incredible thing to watch their relationship develop and mature. * See Pamela and Heather’s Queer|Art show, “After Mentorship”, at The Studio in Ptown, open till August 9th! Presented by @hbo and @thegatheryofficial #studiobyhbo

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