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Surround yourself with beautiful things, like flowers and art. Surround yourself with beautiful hearts. #mantra #thebestofkeveryday

Sebastian has been at the cello doctor all week and it’s been such a strange feeling living without him. Though, it’s given me a lot of time to reflect on my journey as a musician, and where I want to go with it. I’m thankful for the time I had away, forcing me to live outside of my world of music, but I am so excited to get back into the game. This time though, with a newer and improved Sebastian. What are you excited for this week? #thebestofkeveryday

Being a visionary is easy. Seeing your vision through, however, is one of the most difficult things you can do. It’s slow, and sometimes painful, and more often than not. the world tells you it’s impossible. But see your vision through, you’ll thank yourself when you’re looking back from the other side. 💫 #thebestofkeveryday #liveyourvision

*Incoming latte shot* • Starting my Monday morning right with my newfound love for latte’s(not PSL) and some reflecting on my weekend. • This weekend I decided I would dedicate my entire Sunday to showing myself love, in every form. I pampered myself, cleaned my space, lit candles and ate good food. I also decided that I was going to spend the latter part of the evening doing some practicing. Not my usual, pick apart my playing trying to make it “perfect”, but a calm, meditative and POSITIVE practice. So much of our lives is consumed by picking apart our mistakes and trying to make what we do “perfect”, knowing full well that perfection doesn’t exist. I took the time in my practice session last night, to praise myself for all the good things I accomplished...something I am really really bad at(anyone else?), and you know what? I had the most PRODUCTIVE, relaxing and positive practice session I think I’ve ever had. And I walked away feeling so proud of myself. I think I’m opening a new chapter of myself, and I’m really excited about it. What’re your weekend reflections? #reflectmonday #thebestofkeveryday

I walked into a local vintage resale shop recently, and found these stunning, Chanel inspired clip on earrings. I loved them so much but decided I would put one on a chain to make a statement necklace. There’s something so magical about it. #details#thebestofkeveryday

I am completely in my element with this fall weather. • I’ve been a little quiet on here lately, and I think I just needed some time to get myself together a bit. There is a tendency for social media to feel like everyone has their life together, but I think most of us are as lost as the next person. I don’t ever want to make anyone believe that I’m something I’m not. I always want to be real and honest with you all. I’m a mess more often than not, and I’m ok with that. #realshit #thebestofkeveryday

Wild and free. #thebestofkeveryday .

Waiting for the weekend like I wait for the bus; impatiently. #classicalbae #thebestofkeveryday

For my 5th birthday, my mom baked me vanilla cupcakes with lavender frosting. I couldn’t believe she could make me cupcakes with my favorite color as frosting. They were so beautiful. • Just a fond memory🔮 #thebestofkeveryday

In bed sick today, but it’s giving me time to sit and plan for the future. And even though my body is feeling like trash I am so encouraged about what’s to come. Hard work does pay off, ladies and gents. ✌🏽 #gratitude #thebestofkeveryday • P.S got a little creative with this look. Tell me what you think about it!

Swaying into the weekend with so much positivity. What’re your weekend plans? I intend to practice hard, work a little, and be lazy all the time in between. #thebestofkeveryday

Though they seem far away, I’m still reaching for the stars. ✨ #makeithappen #thebestofkeveryday

These are a few of my favorite things... #thebestofkeveryday

So much music, so little time. Actually, there is time, you just have to make it happen. Stop complaining. 💋 #thebestofkeveryday #happysaturday

Walking into the weekend like....🌾🌾 #weekendwarrior #thebestofkeveryday

At home with TheBestofK. 🏡 #thebestofkeveryday

Wow, August. I’m so into you lookin’ like this. Happy August! #thebestofkeveryday

Contemplating how I should really cut back my coffee intake, but also have zero intentions to actually so. ☕️ #thebestofkeveryday

Cool Monday morning walks. #thebestofkeveryday

Having my own Abbey Road moment. #thebestofkeveryday

I love the scent of old books. There’s something so comforting about it. If someone created a perfume in the sent of “musty old books” I’d be the first in line to buy it. Weird, right? 📚 #thebestofkeveryday

I’m feeling so hopeful for the future today. For my future, and for yours. #hopeful #thebestofkeveryday

Keep ya chin up, darlin’. • Currently super obsessed with #WestWorld. I seriously can’t get enough of the show....and the Theme Song!Anyone else watch? #thebestofkeveryday

Relaxing afternoons at home with Sebastian the Cello. • Finally been getting in some good practice lately. I used to blame my busy schedule for not getting in enough practice, but I finally realized it wasn’t my schedule...it was me. I was the reason I wasn’t practicing enough. Constant comparison and letting in all those negative “I’m-not-good-enough” thoughts. That was my problem. I was stopping myself before I even started. But I’m not going to stand in my own way anymore. Here’s to learning more about ourselves and changing for the better🥂 #thebestofkeveryday

Can’t believe I was just here yesterday. This trip has inspired me to really start going after the life I want. Not the life I feel obligated to live. #livelifebeautifully #thebestofkeveryday

Back in my brick clad, fast paced, Windy City. Excited to get back to working on my dream. #thebestofkeveryday

I don’t just wear statement pieces, I am the statement. #thebestofkeveryday

While you all are living for the weekend, I’m living for my trip to Tulum, 10 days from now! I am sooo excited for this adventure. I’ve worked really hard to make this trip a reality, and now it’s actually happening. Even though this will be a vacation, I am definitely going to bring you all along for the ride! Happy weekend ✌🏼 #thebestofkeveryday .

The path I walk down is one that comes with so many obstacles. I am a young female, classical cellist and a woman of color. They said that the fine arts are for the wealthy; for people who don’t look like me. Well guess what, I’ve made it for me. And for every other man, woman or child who has been told the same. I’ve chosen a difficult path, one that I’ve taken up with pride, so that I can help change the minds of those who have said “you don’t fit the part”. #bethechange #thebestofkeveryday

There’s nothing like finishing up teaching at 8pm, walking outside and it still being light out. I am living for these summer nights. #thebestofkeveryday

Starting my Monday off with some good intentions. I’ve been really bad about consistent practice lately, and it’s starting to show in my playing. So, today marks the start of my daily practice. I find practicing is sort of like working out, once you really get going, you don’t want to stop, but it takes some effort and willpower to get up and do it everyday-even if you love it. What are you kickstarting today? #thebestofkeveryday

Some days I feel like a complete failure. Where I just want to get through the day so I can sleep and not feel so disappointed in myself. However, today is not one of those days. Today I am proud of myself for all the things I have accomplished and fought for, and all the things I will continue to accomplish. Today, I am proud of myself for staying true to who I am. #thebestofkeveryday

Find your knowledge.

The only thing I want in life, is to eat good food with people I love, laugh as much as possible and make good music. #thebestofkeveryday

Sometimes life becomes a tangled mess and all you can do is take your time with things, and know when it’s time to walk away. #thebestofkeveryday

You know it’s a good day when: A. It’s the weekend B. You’ve had your coffee C. You’re wearing a shirt with Bach on it D. All the above #thebestofkeveryday

How can I be what you want, if what you want isn’t me, but the me in your imagination? #thebestofkeveryday

I’ve got my floral and my tassels, am I ready for Coachella yet? #thebestofkeveryday #coachella2018 #weekendvibes

When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be Minnie Mouse. Now, I just want to grow up to be more me. #thebestofkeveryday

Walking into Wednesday like I own it. #thebestofkeveryday

Trying to lead a balanced and productive life can sometimes get overwhelming. So I’m just going to jump on here and remind myself, and anyone who’s listening, that’s it’s ok to get overwhelmed, and feel like you don’t have a grasp on life. So many people on social media make it seem like having it all together is easy, but it’s really not. And that’s ok, because we are all in the same boat, in one way or another. #thebestofkeveryday

Just sitting here waiting for the weekend to start, like... #thebestofkeveryday #INCstyle #lespecs

Don’t give up on finding your passion. If you hate what you do, then you aren’t really living a fulfilling life; don’t just settle because it’s easy. Don’t give up on yourself. #thebestofkeveryday #PDBAE •PC📸: @ashoneilphoto

My face anytime I see octaves pop up in my music. 😰 Had a nice lounge around the house, kind of Tuesday. How was your day? #thebestofkeveryday

Hey spring, I see you. I’m so ready to put my winter boots and coats away, and exchange them for floral dresses and straw hats. #thebestofkeveryday

Have a few extra hours to myself this morning, so I’m soaking it with a little me time to get me through this humpday . #thebestofkeveryday

I always aim to be the most stylish cello teacher Monday has ever seen. #thebestofkeveryday

You don’t know sweater weather until you’ve experienced winter in the midwest. Your closet will be stacked to the ceiling in wool and cashmere #thebestofkeveryday . . . . . . . #sweaterweather #sweaters #winterfashion #winterwonderland #chicagowinter #mondaymood #closetgoals #style #fashion #chicago #midwest #midwestblogger #midwestwinter #daily #chicago #chicagoblogger #bloggerbabe #bloggerstyle #chicagoigers #igerschicago #winterstyle

It’s audition recording day 2 for me. And it’s not been a super successful one. So now I’m eating warm cinnamon rolls and dreaming about summer. And that’s ok. That’s real life. #thebestofkeveryday

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