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The plan of my life is enjoy the ride ❣️🚲 Tip newyorkino: A partir de 15USD puedes rentar una bici para conocer todo Central Park, les prometo vale mucho la pena. 🍂 • • • • • • • • • • • • #travelogue #ilovetravel #travelphotography #travellife #travelblogger #travelblog #forahappymoment #bcctravel #traveltips #travelandlife #womeninbiz #womenwhowork #girlbosslife #hersuccess #femaleentrepreneur #femalepreneur #femalebusinessowner #womenwhodo #newyork #newyorklike #centralpark #centralparknyc

Welcome to my IG ! I’m a mommy , girlfriend , full time employee & entrepreneur. I wear many hats but I love helping #girlbosses use their social media to build their brands & businesses while also empowering women to become the best version of themselves. For more about my services & empowerment, click the link in my bio 💕 Oh & Black Friday promo will be announced this week 💃🏿

Sunday deliveries🌿 #KILKEAdesign #KILKEAfloral

Open your mind in knowing that there are other people in the world that are just as beautiful as you AND that it’s okay to compliment each and every one. (Not just on physical beauty but mental as well with a well rounded mind) ❤️ __________ #selfloveinspo #womensupportwomen #happinessquotes #selfimprovement #whowhatwearing #womenhelpingwomen #womeninspiringwomen #womencommunity #lovewomen #womeninbiz #selfloveclub #womanwithstyle #discoverunder5k #blackblogger #discoverunder20k #selfloveblogger #selflovequotes #instaquotes #womenempowered #aboutalook #selflovecoach

New hair, who dis? 😂😂

📣 Attention fellow nail biters.. . This is my Sunday pamper set up 💃 if you told me last year that Id be painting my own nails and calling it pamper time, Id have laughed in your face.. . I hated my nails!! If you bite your nails get yourself an at home gel nails kit. Once you get passed spreading the nail varnish all over your fingers the first few times (thats just how inexperienced I was & how short my nails were 😂) - this actually helps to grow out your nails. . Youll no longer want to bite them cause they look too damn PRETTY! And do them again as soon as they start chipping and falling off - before you start biting.. . 🔁 Repeat the process a few times & trust me you will be far less tempted to bite your nails off - I now love putting a new colour on and watching them grow out, just so I can try a different one. Yeah, its borderline weird. But it saves money on salon manicures and gives me some ME time. . Do you guys have any other tried & tested ways? 🤔 . #nailbiting #nailpainting #nailsathome #nailkit #remedies #sundaypampering #metime #selfcareSunday #autumnal #neutralnails #neonails #neonail #gelnails #homebusinesssuccess #homebusinessopportunity #luxuryhaircare #healthyhairrevolution #crueltyfreebeauty #healthyhairjourney #veganhaircare #nontoxicbeauty #crueltyfreeproducts #personaldevelopment #lookforward #ownbusiness #buildyourself #bizopp #womeninbiz

Ladies, WINE & WRAP is your night out! Sip delicious lemon wines with your bff’s while you wrap your Christmas gifts December 6, 7 or 8. With our co-hosts @cospringsmoms, we invite you to this holiday gathering in our Palmer Lake winery. Click Get Tickets in the box above👆for all the WINE & WRAP details and to buy tickets

Happy Sunday lovelies #swipe left , hope am not so late today, was stressed out with the family weekend. May we all ve a well planned and accomplished week ahead. The year is not gone yet, we wld all meet our targets🙏🏽, do not be pressured put in ur best Nd leave the rest, surprisingly you will see all falling into place and clicking up🙌🏼😍. Beautiful mix match dress 👗 @zomzycouture 😍 fascinator @precycraftsworld 👢 @zara 👛my ward rope😊. : #naijafashion #femaleentrepreneur #lagosfashion #partyjollof #asoebibella #naijastartups #hustlersquare #naijabrandchick #thestartupfairy #mumpreneur #fempreneur #africanprint #womeninbiz #madeinnigeria #wearnigerian

Sundays are for self care and refocusing 💕 . With only a few weeks left until the new year, are you where you want to be? If you’ve fallen off track, how can you make the most of the time you have left? In life everything isn’t always going to go according to plan. We just have to relax, recalibrate and come up with a new plan to make things right. . Hope you all have a productive Sunday 💕 . 📸 : @leerachel . __________________________________________ #workspacegoals #femaleentrepreneur #womeninbiz #desksituation #deskgoals #bossbabes #tablesituation #succulent #sundaysareforplanning #manifesting #theuniversehasyourback #manifestyourdreams #youaremagic #youarepowerful #positiveintentions #manifestyourlife #highvibelife #meditatedaily #peacefulwarrior #plannerlovers #planningtime #onmytable #flatlaystyle #fromabove #mybeautifulmess #mywhitetable #flatlaystudio #coffeelover #coffeelife #passionfruttblog @preview.app

Available on request 😍 Size:36-41 Swipe left to see available colours.... Price:18,500 • • • • #onlinestore #shoes #bags #mompreneur #nigerianwedding #womenfashion #mules #shoesale #womeninbiz #fashionista #naijastartups #ibrandyourbiz #shopmyhf #buyoriginal

We all have dreams, but only few make their dreams a reality. Are you hustling this weekend or still have your head in the clouds struggling to make them a reality? Let’s get moving and change your life now. Not tomorrow ☁️ today ☀️

Spent the weekend sprucing up my own website! It needed some TLC lol Check it out! Link in bio 📱💻

This is wishing a wonderful woman a happy birthday. She is a great example of a lover of God , whenever i think of her 1 John 4:12 comes to mind. No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.  Thank you ma for being a blessing. As a representative of Christ we look up to you and in the fashion industry we celebrate you. Here is to many more years of fulfilling the plan of the Father and blessing lives in good health. May you continually be blessed for your labor of love

Negative self talk: we’re ALL guilty! But let’s break that cycle NOW! Instead of telling yourself how bad you suck or how you can’t do something, encourage yourself and tell yourself how great of a job you ARE doing! I know this is something that I’ll be incorporating into my daily miracle morning and intentions practice. How will you make this a priority this week? #selfcaresunday

היסטרי!!!ככה התליונים האלה צועקים לנו! פרטים בפרטי💌 . . . . . . . . . #likeforlikes #ladypreneur #jewelryaddict #uniquejewelry #followforfollowback # #girlboss #flashesofdelight #communityovercompetition #makersmovement #bosslady #theimperfectboss #womeninbiz #nothingisordinary #brandylist

Beautiful inside and out. I’m sitting on the runway headed home to Houston after a 5 day transformational retreat. Biggest takeaway for the week... there is so much beauty waiting for us on the other side of transformation. If you are feeling stuck, uncertain, not enough...whatever the thoughts, they are there hiding feelings, usually from past experiences that simply need to be acknowledged and released. Don’t let your fear keep you in the hallway, open the door and walk through the threshold...abundant love awaits. Wendy Lee LeadHERship Revolution 💗 . #inspirationalwords #inspirationalwomen #inspirationalquote #womenempowerment #womenempoweringwomen #leadhershiprevolution #womenleaders #leadership #retreats #mindsetcoach #womeninbusiness #womeninspiringwomen #bossmom #womenpreneur #bossbabes #bosslady #femalebusinessowner #womenwhowork #womeninbiz #divinefeminine #lawofattraction #energyhealing #careerwoman #careergoals #careercoach #careerchange #transformation #selfdevelopment

Packing for holidays might be favorite

Be the very best version of you. Mind. Body. Soul Physical. Mental. Emotional

Youre lying quite still a giant asleep. Iron that dwelt your beauty runs deep #ClevelandHills

For those of you that know me, I’m not a huuuuge kid person. I just can’t connect to them and I don’t know why! But there is one trait that I admire in 99% of children—resilience. . At the airport this morning, I saw this little boy trying to push his suitcase. It seemed pretty heavy, and he kept attempting to lift it. After a while, he decided he couldn’t muster up the strength. He looked at the suitcase for a while, and then started to push it. It wasn’t one with 4 wheels, so it would only move if he pushed it a certain way. It took him several more tries (his gym shoes were slippery on the linoleum, so he even fell a few times 😭), but he finally figured out the right angle to get that suitcase to move. . Oftentimes, we try really, really hard at things that don’t seem to produce results. I think that entire time we are just exhausting all the potential options in order to finally arrive at the answer. Sometimes it just takes a few more tries to get it right, or to think of a brilliant solution. . So just remember that when things don’t seem to be going your way, stay confident in your abilities and think of your inner resilient kid.

Changing the acne game w/Zit Glitz! After 8 mo of development we’re ready to introduce a fun way to heal acne! If you’re interested please add yourself to our mailing list on our site! Link in bio. Available at retail Q1 2019!! @magicandmanifest #magicandmanifest #facestickers #zitglitz #beautystickers #acnestickers #glittery #womeninbusiness #womeninbiz #womeninbusiness #beautysecret #PATENTED wholesale magic@magicandmanifest.com PRESS heather@magicandmanifest.com #teenacne #acnetreatment #acneproblems #beautybuyer #beautybuyers #acnecare #backacne #facejewels image unknown.


Thank you so much for the feature @hbeonlinemag 😍👩‍💼 Click the link in the bio to read my interview! Here’s a clip: “If you were to tell the 15 year-old version of me, working at the local Coffee Bean, that I would be running my own business by the age of 25, I would have thought you were crazy.” #entrepreneur #hbeonlinemag #humblebeginnings

Sunday vibes!

This is often overlooked when it comes to hormone balance and health in general. . I meet with women who are doing everything right in my clinical practice daily. They are eating well, exercising daily, and taking the best supplements, but they are stuck. . So often it is because although they are choosing healthy practices, they are also stressed. . No, stress is not just about car accidents, awful bosses, or the loss of a loved one. Although all of that seriously sucks. It can be so much more subtle than that. . Us ladies are acutely sensitive to environmental stressors. Our hormones respond by shifting into survival mode and out of reproduction mode. And maybe you think that is good because you dont want to have a baby. . Its not. . If youre in your fertile years then you want to be ovulating. Without it, you can expect PMS to be a permanent resident in your life. 😬 . Here are some of the subtle ways we tell our body that our environment is NOT safe: . >Skipping meals or going too long without eating. . >Copious amounts of caffeine or 🍸 alcohol. . >Overtraining or participating in stressful exercise when your life is bananas 🍌 stressful. . >Late nights, early morning or anything that disrupts sleep. . >Hanging out with jerks. Seriously, if your friend is a jerk and makes you feel bad then they are not your friend. . >Not drinking enough water 💦 ...a subtle adrenal sabotage. . >Obsessing about your food, your relationships, or anything that gets you racing thoughts and repeating terrible mantras. . If youre struggling with symptoms of hormone imbalance be sure to check in on what your habits are telling your body about your environment. . Looking for more support? The online womens hormone conference classes are free to watch until 11:59pm PST. Link ⬆ in my profile (@drjolenebrighten) to get all the diet, supplement & lifestyle tips to start optimizing your hormones today. . Tag a friend & get in on this before the binge watch weekend is done! #drjolenebrighten #pbcsawareness #womensupportingwomen

There’s hope 😃🦎👑 #maleallies #weshouldallbefeminists

Be hopeful every day and keep hope alive with everything you do!

Sold these today to a returning customer. Contact me for more colours available on my website #handknitted #handmadehour #fingerlessgloves #wool #winterwarmers #womeninbiz #smallbusiness #winter #crafthour

A little self care Sunday with my girl ✌🏻

All the colourful cards were more popular than Christmas Cards today! 🎉 People still have birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations!

Its Sunday 🌠🥂

Are you focusing on income-generating activity as a business owner? 🤩🤑 Actually getting clients and growing your client pipeline, not endless “busy work”?😐 - It’s one of the key things I love, love to help all the amazing women I work with by strategically building their personal brand using LinkedIn. Apply for a free call via the link in bio if you’d like support getting premium clients on the platform. - Love this feedback from my awesome client, @nicolesbarrett 💃🏽💫😍👇🏾 : - “I was able to create a plan that focused on income-generating activities and taking relevant action. Since then, I’ve used LinkedIn to connect with my ideal clients and have closed contracts as a result!!! I’m forever grateful to Marielle.”

💎ShE.O. Inspirations💎 Attention All Business Owners, Potential Business Owners, Struggling Entrepreneurs, Successful Entrepreneurs, & Those currently being Inspired to take the leap into the life of an Entrepreneur......You WILL face adversity along the way. Things will get hard, unbearable, overpowering, be super slow, time consuming, great at times and bad other times. Know THIS! As you find YOUR niche within YOUR brand things will change. The KEY to the success of your brand, product, or service is YOUR belief in YOUR brand, product, or service. There’s no effective way to promote anything that YOU don’t believe in YOURSELF. Start with this post picture and go from there. Transform your mind before you can transform your business! . ✨Follow @dollhousebeauti for more Beauti & Entrepreneurial Inspirations✨ . . womanentrepreneur #entrepreneur #femaleentrepreneur #womeninbusiness #womeninbiz #motivation #businesswoman #entrepreneurquotes #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneursofinstagram #womenempowerment #entrepreneurial #creativeentrepreneur #beingboss #entrepreneurship #girlboss #follow #entrepreneurmindset #successtips #entrepreneurlifestyle #bossbabe #businesstips #successfulwomen #smallbusiness #solopreneur #youngentrepreneur #savvybusinessowner #womenentrepreneur #womenempoweringwomen #bhfyp

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|| ShenQi ~ medicine for the mind, body & soul || ✨💫So exciting!! 💥⚡️I have re-branded and developed ShenQi Natural Medicine & Fertility. At ShenQi (it’s not that hard to say- Shen chee, as in “cheese”) we have expanded to include two lovely practitioners into my fold ————- Meet Karen Saunders ~ I hand selected and have trained Karen for the last 4 months to work with me. She is an incredibly talented, insightful and skilled practitioner. As a women-specific naturopath, Karens mission is to assist women in healing their own bodies . From Karen: My specific areas of expertise are digestive health and microbiome medicine, menstrual and hormonal imbalances, as well as anxiety and stress management. I have arrived here due to my own health and psychological issues – always striving, driven by feelings of ‘never feeling enough’, which led to burn out, anxiety and autoimmune disease. I have navigated this myself and I have dedicated many years of my life understanding the most effective ways to feel good again – I want the same for you! . As Women today, we face many unique and complex health challenges. Addressing all aspects of your wellbeing is vital to achieve long lasting health . As a functional medicine practitioner here at ShenQi, It is my job to get to the root cause of what is keeping you sick. I want you to thrive, be vibrantly happy to live your life with purpose and connection. I can help with the following: ~ Digestive problems: SIBO, IBD, constipation and diarrohea bloating, food intolerances ~ Nutrition: How to use Food as Medicine ~ Fatigue:Thyroid issues, insomnia and adrenal fatigue ~ Hormonal imbalance: PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, weight gain ~ Mood: Feelings of low mood, anxiety or overwhelm ~ Skin issues: Acne, inflammatory conditions such a eczema and psoriasis ~ Immune system dysregulation such as autoimmune conditions, asthma, acute illnesses ~ Reproductive health and optimising fertility ~ Sexual health and education ~ Mind/Body medicine: Yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) and mindfulness ~ Detoxification: Environment, and whole body detoxification ————— Karen is available Tues-Thurs. Book via link ⬆️

Days aren’t always blue skies and rainbows. CURIOUS... As I think about growing my own business, as a business owner and entrepreneur: • what does success look like for you? • when you think about getting to that success, what keeps you up at night? • are there issues that persistently get in the way of achieving success? #sundaymood

Cosy lazy Sundays 💖 for a little sofa / bedtime browsing head to the link on our bio - 20% off using NEWCOLLECTION18 🛍 Photo credit @fashionablykay #lazysunday #cosy #winteriscoming #chunkyknits #bedday #sofaday #cosysunday #fashion #startup #womeninbiz #brand #fashion #style #instastyle #fashiongram #londonlifestyle

Sunday. . I post this at least once a year. Such a beautiful artist. . Most of his work is not well represented in photographs as they are better experienced. . Which I think says even more. . Untitled (Perfect Lovers), Félix González-Torres ( American, 1957 - 1996 ) #felixgonzalestorres

Thank you @ru_business for having me guest speak today! . The story of when my brother told me that my studio was on fire never gets old . . I love sharing my story and encouraging others to believe in theirs🙌🏽

Who started their Christmas shopping this weekend? Don’t forget we’ve got a fantastic offer currently running! Buy one pair and get a second half price with code TREATME. A gift for your friend, and a gift for yourself 😉 we won’t tell 🤭

Keep it Classy and eat responsively the best chocolates. Hustle and heart set you apart! Everyone gets hooked ⚓️ on COCOAMODA CHOCOLATES 🍫! Wake, pray and slay! Order online at www.cocoamoda.com #cococamodachocolates #gourmet #chocolates #cocoamodaonline #bestchocolateever #buildinganempire #teamchefken #cocoamodastrong #foodnetwork #foodporn #texasmonthly #texasbucketlist #wacowinery #goldilocks #locallyowned #cocoamod #texasgirl #womeninbiz #girlbosslife #bosswoman #bossbabetribe #femaleEntrepreneurs #womenwhowork #jacquelinewilkinson #chocolatelovers #wacotexas #waco #BestofWaco

Stay cool 😎 ... Repost @theleaguewomen

Listened to a fantastic #podcast this week about parenting, work and the importance of self care. This morning, the Little Man is upstairs with Dad while I blast out a 45-min @onepeloton ride. Personal time and exercise in one go!

This is the type of support every small business needs 🙏🏼 #bardigang #moneymoves

Have you ever wondered why you just can’t seem to break through your income platteau? Or lose those ten pounds? Or why you seem to date the same type of guy over and over again? . . You can blame all of that on your subconscious brain. Your subconscious mind is replaying a belief you have about making money, losing weight, or dating that you have. And if you want to break those old limiting patterns for good you need to change the belief you hold in your subconscious mind. Easier said than done of course. . . When I am in a state of positive emotion (like, for example, after a really great workout) I feel like I’m more in control of my subconscious brain and can command it to do certain things with ease. . . When I really want to command that my subconscious mind accepts or rejects something I get myself into a really powerful, high vibration state and I walk up to the “subconscious me”, grab her by the throat and command that she accept this new empowering belief. . . My subconscious mind is, I’m assuming, afraid of me in these moments and just goes “ok! Fine! Whatever you want I’ll believe”. . . Violent? Perfaps. Effective? Yes. . . If you find yourself repeating the same payers over and over again you need to look at the stories your subconscious mind thinks are true. . . Interested in learning more about the subconscious mind and how to change your beliefs? Head over to the link in my bio and request access to my private Facebook group. I’ll be doing a free training on the subconscious mind on Saturday!

Learning to Unlearn . . The other day I was listening to a speaking engagement by Lisa Nichols and she said that we are often told to continually learn, but sometimes what is needed is to unlearn. I thought that was powerful. . . In my feminine embodiment journey is SOFT we learn how to empty ourselves of all we think we know in order to receive and integrate the teachings and a new way of being. . . Shedding the old to welcome the new. How does this happen? This might sound like a contradiction; I believe that as we adopt a new habit, when we listen to the same teaching repeatedly without making comments about it in our head we start unlearning. . . I have to think my SOFT sister Tasha for this realization. . . In the mist of learning and unlearning there is decision that is being made. The moment a decision is made to take a new path is when the unlearning and learning is given the possibility to be made. . . #SOFTlessons #Feminineintegration #SOFTstudent

What a cool client. An Oil man from Alberta Canada! He brought me an interesting challenge and I accepted gladly! #handcuffstattoo #testtattoo #testdrivetattoo #gracelovejoy

@chelsieannlee doesnt think half-assing anything should be an option ❌ Learn why Chelsie, the CEO and Co-Founder of @shipi_inc thinks you should give 110% of yourself to everything you do in her thisGirl interview on our website. [link in bio] 👈 #thisgirlcanruntheworld #wereonourway #ChelsieLee #ChelsieAnnLee #Shipsi #ShipsiInc #NowCommerce #Ecommerce #EmpoweringRetail

Talk about the road behind; how getting lost is not a waste of time ~ Jack Johnson

-Why did you go? -I had to leave.

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