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💛 HOW TO DUTCH BRAID 💛 ⭐️ STEP 1: From the top of the head take 3 strands of hair ⭐️ STEP 2: (Optional, can start with next step also)starting with the top strand of hair, bring it under the middle strand and cross under. Then bring the bottom strand under the current middle strand. ⭐️ STEP 3: To make the braid a French Dutch braid, starting with the top strand, take some hair (around an inch to give a thick look and feel) from the top and add onto top strand and as you did in step 1, bring UNDER the current middle strand. ⭐️ STEP 4: Same rules applies as above for next step of bringing in bottom strand. Collect some hair and add to bottom strand, put UNDER current middle strand. ⭐️ STEP 5: repeat alll the way down. When you run out of hair, use step 1. #yugalahair #hairtutorial

✨ DUTCH CROWN BRAID ✨ 💛 Emotional link: holding it all together . There are pins and hair ties keep this looking all beautiful. We do that with so many different things in our lives so the world thinks we got it “all together”. Truth is you don’t know what anyone is hiding or personally going through away from the scope of social media. Always a good reminder to know we choose to share positives and negatives. It’s ok not to share the bad but also to have an understanding that just because someone doesn’t share that side it doesn’t mean they aren’t experiencing hardships. . #yugalahair #realtalk #emotional #hairstyle #haircut #haircolor #hairstylist #hairstyles #longhair #eyes #blonde #instahair #hairdo #hairfashion #thoughtfullink #lips #thoughtful #updo #hairofinstagram #inspired #hairoftheday #emotions #brunette #inspired #watford #braid #stylist #stylish #haircolour #londonhair. @beyondtheponytail @behindthechair_com @hudabeauty @makeupyfy @hairs

Thoughtful style ... 💛 #worldmentalhealthday2018 . Emotional link: flow of emotion (relates to flow of curls) . My “Thoughtful Style” concept of linking hair to emotion began because of my own relationship with mental health. Today on World mental health day I think it’s important to acknowledge the issue. . We live in a world that can sometimes make us feel stumped in our emotions, theres more pressure than ever to feel like you are someone and achieving something. It’s not cool to be known as the person who deals with negative emotions. I’ve learnt that acknowledging and dealing with the emotions no matter how long it takes can only be a good thing. . We learn to know ourselves and learn to love ourselves, guard for the future to become strong and through experience be able to help so many others around us. You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to discover who you are, embracing flaws and letting your emotions flow and help you evolve. And that is truly beautiful ♥️ #yugalahair

Hair prep, I used @heatherchapmanhair hair prep technique for this and the prep look alone I was like 😍 perfect volume, minimal frizz and perfect base for the up do. #yugalahair

Happy Sunday! Hope you have all had a great weekend!! How gorgeous is this braid from @alexandralee1016 . I was like 😍😍 when I first saw it! #yugalahair

Curls for days. 💛 #yugalahair

HEY CURLS 👋🏽😄 #yugalahair

How cute is this?! 😄 . . #yugalahair

Thoughtful style...💛 Style: here’s a more detailed look of the style from Monday. A view of the other side, with added flowers and front view. . Thoughtful link: Coming together. To create the low bun for this style I braided 4 fishtail braids and pinned them strategically to create a beautiful up-do. It made me think about how when we celebrate a wedding we celebrate the coming together of two families, in the company of friends and well wishers. And it’s a whole collection of beauty and celebration! Just like this style 😉 . It’s also this beauties birthday today @yasomati.priya - HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 #yugalahair

These pictures don’t show the gorgeousness of this style. But she had an updo with twists and fish tail braids at the bottom. . I learnt the style from @heatherchapmanhair online learning which took me through every step making creating this style so easy and stress-free! #yugalahair

Thoughtful style...💛 Thoughtful meaning: Both side shots of this style, because it’s always best to capture all sides to get the full picture in every situation. . One thing I’ve learnt over and over again is that there is never one side to every story, there’s always the other side to. There’s that famous quote, there’s two sides to the story and then there’s the truth. That perspective can really help to grow and learn - we all have something to gain from every experience 🌟 #yugalahair #thoughtfulquotes

When your friend @krishyyd asks you to whip up a quick and beautiful style ♥️ . Curls with a couple of twists - was perfect for her whole look 💛 . And it only took about 10 minutes 🌟 . #yugalahair

Thoughtful style 💛 Style: low bun with jasmine flowers Thoughtful link: celebrating (decoration of hair) the things that weigh you down (low bun) . I’ve had conversations with some friends recently about things that weigh me down in life - I get bad social anxiety and it takes me a few days to get my mind over it. One thing I’ve learnt from sharing is that there is so much to learn and grow from when we share and really try and work on these things. The things that weigh us down can be our blessings that can only make you stronger 💪🏽 #yugalahair #thoughtful

Mother of the groom! A low bun with #jasmine wrapped around and some back combing on top. A simple but super elegant look! When someone is so sweet and loving like her it makes doing their hair even more rewarding ♥️ always grateful to be trusted 💛 #yugalahair . . . . . . #hairdos #brunette #hairtip #lowbun #londonhair #londonstylist #ukhair #boho #versatilehair #asianhair #stylingitout #styles #beyondtheponytail #hair #updostyles #updohairstyles #indianwedding #hudabeauty #volumehair #braids #londonhairdresser #watfordhair #hairacademytv #northlondonhair #weddinghairstyle #weddinghairinspo #weddinghairideas

Fish tail for dayssssa 🐠 . Thoughtful style: long journey (represented by length) and description below represented by the overlapping, crossing and coming together of hair. . Life can feel like such a long journey, there are so many ups and down, ins and out. There’s so much to love and there’s so much to learn. There’s so much to give and there’s so much to share. We all got each other along the way, our path cross and we create memories and lessons for one another ♥️ . How are you doing on your journey? . #yugalahair

I recreated this look from a few videos I’ve seen in Instagram over the past few weeks. So simple to do and everyone thinks you got a pro to do it 😉⠀ .⠀ I got so many compliments on this the day I did it, the image doesn’t show you enough detail but it stayed all day - I danced, ate, ran around and it didn’t shift. ⠀ .⠀ I think I feel a tutorial coming up! ⠀ .⠀ #yugalahair #hairdos #brunette #hairtip #dutchbraid #londonhair #londonstylist #ukhair #boho #versatilehair #makeityourown #stylingitout #styles #beyondtheponytail #hair #updostyles #updohairstyles #lookinggoodtoday #hudabeauty #volumehair #volumehairstyle #braids #londonhairdresser #watfordhair #hairacademytv #northlondonhair #weddinghairstyle #weddinghairinspo #weddinghairideas

#realbride I spent the last 4 days in #Belgium attending a friends wedding and had the honour of doing the #brides hair. . I’m still learning and teaching myself as I go so was quite nervous to do things but was so happy with how this turned out . This was just before I finished off the front and put her veil on for her ♥️ #yugalahair

#realbride style: bun and pinch and pull Thoughtful representation: the things that we don’t see that hold us together (65 bobby pins hold this look together, you can’t see them but it gave her style so much strength) . We can’t always physically see the things that keep us together, for example when you bind dough the water is the main element that binds it together but it can’t be seen. . And those hidden elements can help create so much strength, community and bonding ♥️ #yugalahair

Big full beautiful braids ♥️ . #yugalahair

OH HEY MONDAY HAIR 👋🏽 . Thoughtful style...♥️ Dutch hammock braid (I made this name up) . Emotional representation: fanning your emotions. I personally really struggle with handling my emotions, but today on my way to work I came to realise that’s ok. As long as I fan them and encourage myself to acknowledge and work on them and try not to wallow, I can use it to help me become a stronger person. . We’re all human beings trying to deal with so many ups and downs, let’s encourage helping ourselves and maybe then we can help others too 😄 . That hammock I mention, that creates our safety net. You’re safe, it’s ok ☺️ #yugalahair

Hair tip video! I stories a tip a few weeks ago about the power of the pinch and pull! Watch how you can make your braid go from flat to boom 💥 in less than a minute 😄. Comment below and let me know any other videos you would like to see 👀 . Also this is my first hair video. Bare with me, I have a background in video yet I found this quite nerve racking to do 🙈🙄 hence it isn’t the best! . To help your braid stay you can use texture spray/hairspray or after you’ve finished your pulling hairspray it to keep flyaways down and if you need bobby pins too 😄 . #yugalahair #hairvideos

Hair Crushhh...♥️ . Earlier this years Met Gala look for Amanda Seyfried was one of my favourite looks, big waves and the crown tops it off perfectly! 👑 . Hair by @cwoodhair . #yugalahair #hairinsporation

Messy bun is SO underrated. You can whip you hair up and jooj it around (it’s not a word but more of a sound) and wa-la make any look, chic, causal and effortless.⠀ .⠀ I think my hair goes into a bun at least once a day!⠀ .⠀ #yugalahair

Thoughtful style... ♥️⠀ Style: The underrated top bun!⠀ .⠀ Emotional link: bringing it all together. So nice when it feels like everything’s coming together no? It doesn’t need to be perfect (messy bun) but it doesn’t always need to me. As the saying goes, things can be imperfectly perfect! #yugalahair

It’s the one part of you that you can’t hide. ⠀ .⠀ I try and take care of my hair by minimal use of heat and using natural oils such as 100% organic argan oil to help with frizz and keeping it soft 🧡⠀ .⠀ How do you take care of your hair? #yugalahair

Over on the other side of the French twist! It’s like a 2 in 1, you have detail on one side and a sweep of simplicity and elegance shining through on the other! Classic but beautiful look! ⠀ .⠀ What’s your favourite style?⠀ .⠀ #yugalahair

Thoughtful Style...🌿 Simple pony tail with hair band cover up. 🧡 Thoughtful meaning: never underestimating the power of #simplicity 🧡 I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently, simplicity of life, ideals and way of living can be so underestimated, simplicity can be so powerful! The way the world throws things at you can sometimes make you feel like@you’re never achieving enough, but I always think we should champion ourselves for the simple things. 🧡 For example driving is normal and simple to many of us do but if we really think about it it’s really a big deal, by #driving we put ourselves in a space of responsibility for ourselves, for others driving and walking around us and the people that we have in the car! 🧡 #yugalahair

🦋 Hair Crush 🦋 This look by @tamaraholdenhair 😍😍😍 Crushing goals!! I love boho, waves, braids all mixed together - simple, elegant and suitable for any occasion 😄 #yugalahair

This style can look good from ALL angles! They like little bubbles being held together...aww! 💦 < closest thing to bubbles in my emoticons! #yugalahair

Thoughtful Styles...🌑 This style is reminiscent of my school days and I’ve seen it all over Instagram modernised so this is my take on it. It can really #boho style with textured pullouts, sleek with tidy ties and control. . Emotional link: grouping things together. It’s nice to organise and gain perspective of all the areas we have going on in our lives, they overlap so often on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and put perspective on things and see where we can help ourselves and where things tie and join together 🧡

🦋 Thoughtful Styles 🦋 Style: Double bun up-do Representation: you + me 🧡 It’s so empowering to be able to achieve and do things on on your own but it’s also so powerful to support others, work together and have friends along for your journey 💙 🧡 #yugalahair

I love the detail of a fish braid 😍 They are so simple yet textured and detailed. . I get asked often how I do braids and they are so simple that I’ll be doing a How-to series on them 😄 . #yugalahair

Saturdays look from a different view. I’ll be posting more about the detail of the bun and accessories soon. . These pictures highlight the beauty of how the hair being bought into the twist create a wonderful texture for the overall look and how flattering the style is from all angles ☺️ 💙 #yugalahair

🌼 French Twisted Rope braid 🌼 I joined @heatherchapmanhair online course for styling and this is the first style I learnt! . I love the twists, the texture, the look. Everything. This style is so perfect for so many different occasions 💐 . #yugalahair

The full look from yesterday’s close up of curls! Engagement ready 💍💁🏽‍♀️ . #yugalahair #yugalamesh

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